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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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tollis report people who shouldn't be able to get guns and expand background checks for private sales. republicans of the campaign trail have railed against the president's plan. >> president obama is going to abuse the power. >> when i'm president the orders are gone. >> the proposal to ramp up the mental healthcare to better enforce current law and focus on the background checks, that will require millions in funding which must be secured by congress. the president made an emotional plea. president obama: for every family that never imagined the loved one would be taken from their lives with a bullet from a gun -- every time i think about those
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kids it gets me mad. reporter: in washington, diane gallagher. leon: the president insists today's actions are not a plan to take away guns or infringe on the second amendment. alison: well, leon, despite the president's assurances, many gun owners and the n.r.a. say the plan announced today is right for abuse. brad bell continues the team coverage. joins us with a look at the debate from all sides today. brad? brad: we are at montgomery county police headquarters. an hour ago the chief wrapped up a press conference in support of the president's actions and recalled how one of the officers a few years back got out of the patrol car at a traffic stop and was shot in the neck by a young man who had a gun he illegally purchased. the chief says the president is doing the right thing. we sample over opinions today and not -- other opinions today and not everyone agrees. at the maryland small arms in
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upper marlboro, president obama's effort to stem gun violence with executive orders is under fire. >> they say it is a step. what is the final step they are trying to achieve? if the legislature is not willing to pass the laws for whatever reason i'm not sure it is correct to do it by executive order. >> this gun owner says the focus ought to be more on criminals. >> it's revolving door. they don't keep them in jail. that is a problem to the system. brad: even at the gun shoppe and range there is little argument with the president's effort to eliminate a gun buyer's ability to avoid background check at gun show or anywhere else. montgomery county police chief tom manger has become outspoken advocate for what he calls common sense gun laws. tonight he is applauding the president's action. >> we have to reduce the number of homicides in the
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cities and the towns. we have got to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and out of the hands of folks with mental illness. brad: the chief wants it to be made mandatory for the gun owners to report if the guns are sold, lost or stolen. a while ago we got a statement e-mailed from governor terry mcauliffe of virginia saying that if a single life is saved by the president's actions, then it would be worth it. in gaithersburg, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. while the president opponents are focused on changes to background checks a substantial part of the order focuses on the mental health reform. scott thuman will examine that side of the story at 5:30. leon: service members are dead and others wounded in afghanistan today.
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helicopter sent to help the injured couldn't take off because of unspecified mechanical issue. army spokesman in afghanistan called the earlier report that the chopper was shot down incorrect. alison: back at home, a woman is greyly injured tonight after a ride-on bus hit her as she crossed the street. this happened on the morning rush at old georgetown road in battery lane in bethesda. kevin lewis joins us with what he has found out about it. kevin: like many crashes this happened fast. the bus driver focused to get personals to downtown bethesda while the woman trying to cross the busy five-lane road. tonight the bus driver is beside himself and the woman is barely alive. >> the rush hour halted near downtown bethesda. police say a ride-on bus turning left to old georgetown road hit a woman walking in or near the crosswalk.
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the eyewitnesses ran to the firehouse across the street for help. she was found not breathing and unconscious. the crash investigators spent hours snapping photos and spray painting the street. the core question is who had the right of way? >> they are trying to figure out exactly where she was on the roadway. was she in a crosswalk or not in a crosswalk? were the lights functioning correctly. was the indicators functioning correctly? kevin: despite the safety features walkers like eloise don't like crossing the road. >> i'm an active pedestrian. i see careless driving and careless pedestrians every day. kevin: tonight the woman not yet named remains in celt call condition. a source telling us she is clinging to life. >> i was unaware that the vehicle, pedestrian. you figure that is not going to typically end well for the
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pedestrian. kevin: this crash hand 22 minutes after sunrise around 7:50 this morning. without a cloud up in the sky today some bystanders suggested that the sun's glare may have effectively blinded the bus driver. tonight the police have not i.r.s.ed citations. live in bethesda, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you. a rough commute for thousands in part because of the riders. metro riders were slowed due to collapsed rail on the green line. there were several switch problems. marc had half-hour delays. leon: wind chills are below zero but we have light at the end of the tunnel. but don't put away the coats and the star ofs and the gloves yet. we have a a look at what to expect tonight and tomorrow. doug? doug: we have the chris call
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clear skies outside. we don't have the gusty winds. the winds are light to calm. that is good news. it will make it so you feel the fact that the center of the high pressure, the coldest air with the system is here tonight. let's give you a look. 32 at the reagan national airport. live look from the camera in the belle haven country club in alexandria. winds are barely a factor. northwesterly three miles per hour. 29 in hagerstown. 32 in winchester and leesburg. 32 in annapolis. by tomorrow morning, clear skies and the calm wind conditions we will wake up to temperatures east and south of town mostly in the teens. warmer along the tidal rivers and along the bay. 21 at the naval air station. 18 in can springs. outlook tomorrow, sunshine. more thursday. friday a warmup. there is a lot more to tell about the story as the rain will enter in the picture. i will have that for you in a few minutes. alison: see you then. a prince george's county firefighter has bumps and bruises after falling through
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the roof of a house as the firefighters tried to extinguish a house fire this afternoon. they searched the home for someone believed to be inside. that search came up empty. leon: the d.c. counsel wants residents to fight back on crime by installing curt cameras. they are willing to pay to put the cameras in. we will look at how the program will work. >> i am at one of the intersections that the metro police department has surveillance cameras that it uses to investigate crime. the city offer rebate for the residents, businesses and the churches that want to install cameras on the property. they will advocate half a million dollars for the rebates up to $400 for
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residents. $750 for businesses. and places of worship. the measure introduced by charles allen from the capitol hill neighborhood. >> cathy lanier calls this a force multiplier. 20 to 25% of the video they share with the public asking for help come from the private home and businesses. this will get people off the street. >> the security system benefits us because we will see who is perpetrating the crime. >> this stops the stereotype and the stigma that it's the population. >> this is back here live. there are questions about big brother watching you and controversy from ward eight. anacostia councilmember rudy may complained for some people rebates are okay. they can get the money back.
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but for poor people they don't have expendable $2060 or $500 to pay out and wait for government to give money back to them. that is part of the story. we'll have more when we come back to you. north, east, west, south on east capitol street washington. [laughter] back to you. alison: somewhere in d.c. earlier today they were briefly on the verge of allowing marijuana legalzation at nightclubs but it only a few minutes. a we have vote extended the ban after two changed the vote of the urging of the mayor muriel bowser. leon: coming up here at 5:00 -- >> are you okay? leon: this is video you just have to see.
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a police officer's unbelievable discovery after a carjacker speeds away with a child in the backseat of a car. alison: plus, we will tell you about the newest twist in the affluenza saga that now has ethan couch's mother on the move. >> face off over the future of mel's rink. i'm stephen tschida. i'll have more. leon: a plane skids off the for the girl scout meeting...
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leon: spokane international airport in washington state back open after a united airlines jet slid off an icy taxi way this morning. the denver-bound flight had just left the gate when the front wheels slid off the pavement to a snow bank. no one was hurt, no damage to the plane. airport closed down for several hours until the icy conditions there and the weather improved. alison: new development in the fight between a grieving father and montgomery county leaders over a backyard ice rink. stephen tschida is live in poolesville with the offer and the father said he rejected this offer. right? stephen: that is right. that is definitely right. i'll tell you one thing.
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there is one issue that is not in question. that is the popularity of mel's rink. we have been out here throughout the afternoon. people stopping by as you can see to get on the faux ice to play hockey. one group, though, this rink is not popular with. those are the powerful people in montgomery county. it's popular with kids. >> it's really fun. stephen: but not with county officials. >> fen more people walk in the room. each one is an expert in their field. stephen: we found them fresh with face-off from the county reps. they met to work out a compromise to keep mel's rink open. it's fine if kahn has friends to skate but not if he lets others on the rink. >> who do you personally invite out? what five or ten or 15 people do you personally invite and leave the other hundred kids out that came? stephen: he spent thousands of dollars to build the rink and named it mel's rink in tribute to his late daughter who loved
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hockey. the goal is to open it up to kids to learn to skate and love hockey. >> it's like they could pick something more important to, you know, look into. stephen: but the land is zoned for agricultural use. the county informed him it wants the rink moved. kahn says no. with no agreement, kahn fears mel's rink may be on thin ice. >> probably going to be closed. stephen: in the e-mail from the montgomery county rep he pointed out that there also have been complaints. not visible people but some in this area who are not happy about this rink. so others are not so thrilled about this facility. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: thank you. starting to feel more like hockey, skiing weather outside. which by the way is the good news for the skiing industry around here. check out this video. this is liberty mountain resort in pennsylvania. workers out there earlier
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today were finally able to use the snow makers to get ready for the skiers and the snow boarders. with the drop in temperatures, it's set to open up now on thursday. folks have been waiting quite a while for that, too. alison: absolutely. man, it is really chilly out there. doug: the best news is the winds are fairly light at the moment. all that allows is the clear sky and the temperatures to plummet tonight. i say the winds are light now. i have a suspicion there might be a breeze along the shores of the potomac. georgetown harbor, people enjoying the cold snap. steve: they love it. let me tell you. this is great. not as windy as it was earlier this morning. you can see the skies are crystal clear. look at the kennedy center behind me. this morning many of us woke up to temperatures in the teens at all three local major airports. the wind chill factor made it feel like the single digits. we will see the single digit
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temperatures right now. closer to the shore. it's breezy out here. but it is beginning to improve. moving through the coming days we will see a warming trend. just in time for the upcoming weekend. more on what to expect for this week and the big redskins football game. we head to a warm cozy studio. doug: the folk here are happy. natural snow and cold air to make new snow. live look. people are enjoying 19 degrees right now. the last time we had a sunset at 5:00 was november 9. we have had sun sets in the 4:30 half hour. it will continue to lengthen
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here to the first day of summer. look at the times. sunset is at 5:00 p.m. end of the month is 5:28. end of february 6:00 p.m. and so forth. upper 20 to low 30's across the board. clear skies tonight. it will be nine degrees tomorrow morning. through the metro area, german town in the morning. 16 in ashburn. 17 in aspen hills. 19 degrees is the expected wake-up low in dale city. 20 in brentwood neighborhood of washington. on surface the massive area of the high pressure started out in the eastern slopes, rockies.
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moving eastward all week. move all shore. we warm up tomorrow and thursday and friday. then a warm front will come in and bring the clouds back and a chance of showers. north of the board a blast to make it push southward. we will feel it tuesday, wednesday, thursday. 19 tomorrow. then for the next seven days we have two possibilities of rain. the first is friday. 47% chance.
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a 40% chance of rain in the game. then the colder air will build again. only 38 for a high on tuesday. alison: i don't think the redskins fans care about the rain. leon: it doesn't matter. they could play that game on the north pole or surface of the sun. it doesn't matter. alison: still to come, new twists in the case of the so-called "affluenza" teen. still ahead why the teen's mother is on the move as he hires a new attorney to fight extradition. leon: first, the latest on the standoff between the armed protesters and the federal government
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alison: authorities are delivered a strong message to the armed protesters that have taken over the wildlife refuge in oregon. the group called citizens for constitutional freedom say they are in it for the long haul and they want president obama to grant clemency to two local ranchers accused of setting fire on local land. the group including militia members took over on friday. the local sheriff now is speaking out. >> time to leave the community. go home to the families and end this peacefully. >> the ranchers are accused of arson surrendered to police today. they do not con dome the standoff. >> a wild night in mexico.
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new information of how the "affluenza" teen spent the last days on the run before being captured. today his mother appeared before a judge in california. brandi hitt has the latest from los angeles. iz reporter: tanya couch agreeing to be hauled back to texas. her son ethan met with a lawyer here at the mexico city detention center after fighting deportation. new details are surfacing about the duo life on the run. workers at the strip club harem tell abc news before ethan's capture last month the teen was drinking and racking up a $1,000 bill with lap dancers. when he couldn't pay the bouncers took ethan back to his apartment where his mother paid the tab. >> i don't think anything will change until something gets ethan's attention. reporter: kevin mcconnell's son was injured in the 2013 drunk driverring crash where
5:26 pm
ethan was convicted of killing four people and sentenced to probation. the lawyers arguing the teen didn't know right from wrong. investigators say mother and son then fled to mexico when the video surfaced possibly showing ethan violating probation at a drunken party. >> what were you thinking, tanya? reporter: tanya couch now faces up to ten years in prison if convicted of helping her son flee. investigators have 30 days to transfer tanya couch back to texas. deputies say it will probably happen by the end of the week. in los angeles, brandi hitt, abc7 news. leon: still ahead at 5:00 -- >> are you okay? come here. come here. come here. leon: just unbelievable. a car stolen with a 3-year-old little girl in the backseat. the moment she was found safe. and what led up to the amazing reunion. alison: plus, fighting back. the legal battle he is now waging two years after his son was denied mental healthcare
5:27 pm
just before attacking the virginia state senator and committing suicide. >> mental health is a big part of the president's push for more gun control today. a lot of push back on capitol hill. we will take a look at the developing controversy coming we will take a look at the developing controversy coming up afte the new year means a house full of new devices. and that can slow your internet down. so you should get verizon fios - quick. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for $79.99 a month online, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus with a 2 year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. hurry, this offer ends soon. so go online or call now. get out of the past.
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president obama: from every family that never imagined
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their loved one would be taken from their lives by a bullet with a gun. every time i think about the kids it gets me mad. alison: president obama fighting back tears as he unveiled a plan he hope will save lives by restricting access to guns. key to the changes trying to keep guns out of the hands of people with health problems. >> for years there are lists of people who had been involuntarily committed to mental health constitution or unif it to stand trial because of the mental instability.
5:31 pm
>> maybe we could stop one act. scott: one way he will do that is addressing men talent health. to increase access to care and health provider, court and state officials who are reluctant to share records because of privacy law are free to do so. >> the concern is we not be broad in the reporting. there are concerns about the data sharing. even though providing not only a name or diagnosis is no
5:32 pm
longer considered a hipa violation it could be deterrent for people seeking health. the devil is in details. >> they say it could further stigmatize mental health and some say the president has gone too far. >> does hipaa need to be updated on several fronts? yes, it does. but it's not the president position to do that. it's congress' job to change the statute. >> for those in congress who rush to blame mental illness for mass shootings here is your chance to support the efforts and put your money where your mouth is. >> the most also wants the social security -- also wants the social security to share its information from the data base that will chronicle 75,000 people a year who receive the disability benefits due to their mental health crisis.
5:33 pm
live on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. alison: okay. thank you. among those who have seen the world turned upside down by gun violence is chris hurst the boyfriend of reporter alison parker. she and her photographer ward were killed in a live tv interview last year. how hurst is responding to the president's plan at "abc7 news at 6:00". leon: virginia state senator creigh deeds filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the 2013 death of his son. the $6 million steamings that gus deeds was -- million suit alleges that gus deeds was denied care before he attacked his father and killed himself. it names the state, rockbridge area community services board and the mental health worker who saw deeds the day before the attack. creigh deeds helped pass reform to the mental health system. >> checking the other top stories now a woman suffers light threatening injuries after being hit by a bus in
5:34 pm
bethesda. the woman was crossing old georgetown road when she was hit by a bus. the woman's name has not been released. leon: the d.c. council unanimously approved a bill to create rebate for people and businesses installing security cameras. the supporters say the cameras are a way deter crime and help catch those who do break the law. alison: montgomery county wants to lay down rules for backyard ice rink. the owner of the facility says the county is asking for too much. they say it's zoned for agriculture and they want the rink moved. leon: the prince george's county police are investigating the death of a man inside a car in greenbelt. i was found in the parking lot last night in the 6600 block of hanover parkway. police say a man who says he
5:35 pm
was robbed alerted them of a situation. body has been identified as 22-year-old anthony covacohey. alison: a former howard county school employee is accused of stealing nearly $9,000 from elementary school. police charged blackman-green with 16,000 of theft and criminal summons saying she took money that had been collected for the field trip and book sales and the fundraisers. the theft took place between november 2014 and october 2015. her court appearance is set for march tenth. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a woman saying she is turning off social media for a year. why she is making the change. >> are you okay? come here. come here. come here. alison: next, the video you
5:36 pm
have to see. a little girl trapped in a stolen car. how a police officer found her alive next on "abc7 news at 5:00". >> the powerball jackpot continues to grow. coming up, h
5:37 pm
steve: i'm steve rudin live at georgetown harbor. a chilly evening. the winds are beginning to die down a little bit. let's talk about the upcoming weekend. a lot going on. we are looking at temperatures that are around 53 degrees on saturday. nice mix of sun and clouds. but sunday we have the showers in the forecast. we are going to look for the temperatures on sunday around 'degrees. with the redskins football game you want to bundle up. temperatures upper 40's to low 50's but it will be damp out there.
5:38 pm
we will be in the 40's for next three. the 50's for the weekend. next week we start monday and tuesday in the 40's and next week we will fall to 30's. stay with us. you're
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leon: took more than a coat of paint. the submarine will return to the water since it struck a buoy in november. the impact caused $1 million in damage to $2 million sub. that is when you need the guy with the good hands from allstate. alison: this story will tul at your heart. terrifying moment leads to a happy ending in new mexico after a 3-year-old girl is found safe five hours after a carjacking. take a look at this. >> sweetheart, are you okay? come here. come here. come here. i know. come here. alison: caroline was found up harmed early sunday morning. she was just sitting there on a curb in a parking lot. her mom had been refilling the water jugs next to car when a man jumped in and drove off. the girl was buckled up inside the car. police found the car ditched a few miles away and that set
5:41 pm
off a frantic hours' long search across the city. >> the happy ending is there. the cherry on top is to get this guy in handcuffs. someone knows who this guy is. he has talked to someone. he got freaked out. someone the recognize him. come forward. help us catch the guy. alison: this is the surveillance picture they are distributing to the public. they are combing over the car for any possible clues. leon: boy. i hope they -- i know. i'm not alone. i hope they find that guy. alison: a lot of people will be looking. leon: absolutely. coming up next at 5:00 -- kellye: i'm kellye lynn in northwest. in tonight's spotlight on education. changes to the d.c. school's lottery. i will tell you what you need to know coming up. alison: also ahead tonight. meet the woman who wants to give up social media for an entire year. her plan and the reason behind it. this price can't be right...
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. gianant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. leon: in year. people trying to establish better patterns to improve their lives going forward. alison: one woman is doing
5:45 pm
this by swearing off all form of social media for a year. suzanne kennedy has more in the newsroom why it's not as easy as it sounds. leon: i'm pulling for her. suzanne: okay. it might not be easy. for many of us it's an addiction but maybe a huge part of the daily lives. this woman is looking to change that. darla bunting is about starting6 going cold turkey. >> i knew i had to make a drastic change and social media was what i had to give up. suzanne: she is schooling herself how to give up a bad habit. >> walking to the bus stop, you pull out the phone. on the met met, you pull out your -- on the metro you pull out the phone. it's a crutch for us. suzanne: last month she made a promise that january 1 she would shut it down, disconnect so she could reconnect. >> you don't realize how much control it has over you until
5:46 pm
you eliminate it and you are forced to what will i do with all the free time now? suzanne: she estimates she spent five hours a day on the different social media sites. she is not antisocial media but thinks it's a problem if you spend too much time on it. so many of us depend on it to stay in touch with the friends and be informed. could we give it up for 12 months? >> it's hard. >> i cannot give it up. >> darla is determined to make it. she has even put up reminders to keep herself in check. >> i look forward to a new way of life. our devices can really control us. to a certain extent. so, i look forward to having more face-to-face conversations with people. suzanne: my professional facebook page is one of two i have. of course, what did i do today but i posted on the social media about her adventure. we will track how she does on this. i'll check in with her every
5:47 pm
single month through this entire year, to learn about her successes and failures and what she thinks about the challenge she is facing. life in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: interesting. all right. alison: probably be very relaxed. leon: think so? she might have more friends. she can talk to somebody. face to face. alison: build relationships. leon: exactly. old school stuff. alison: we talk about this five years ago quitting social media it wouldn't have been as big of a deal probably. but times are different now. leon: right. we understand the irony here at abc7. what do we do? we turn to social media. could you do it? could you cut yourself off cold turkey? we pose the question on twitter. most of you responded, two-third in fact said no you couldn't do it. there is time to vote in the poll. check it out. alison: change your life. leon: for the better. i think. alison: i know. well, we know we are not
5:48 pm
supposed to check these things on the roads when we drive. that is for sure. jamie sullivan is on the traffic watch to see how things are moving. jamie: that includes no texting and driving. a lot of people do that. it's not a good habit. a good one to break as the new year's resolution. you see delays now. it's bumper-to-bumper on the inner and the outer loop that is seeing the delay. move to the maps to talk about how slow we are. i am going to stay focused on northwest d.c. and then a little further heading to maryland. so we have slowing on 66. nine miles per hour is what you just saw outside. traveling right now on 66. we are seeing heavy volume leaving the city to get closer to fairfax. you still have question to get closer to centreville. heading outbound to the dulles airport. no big issues right now. we have one problem. this is a gas main break that is closing down seven lost road between arthur andersen
5:49 pm
boulevard and towson avenue. use persimmon tree. that is because of a gas main break. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: thanks. alison: get a check of the weather. any chance for a little warmer weather out there, doug? doug: lower 40's tomorrow. upper 40's thursday and friday. something to look forward to. live at the national harbor in the capital wheel. you can look closely to make out a tiny orange glow above the southwestern horizon. this time of the year the sun will set in the southwest. not in the west. southwest. sun you will see in the days will get longer and closer to summer, it will set in the west. sets in the west/northwest in the summertime. all kind of things to look around the horizon on the clear days like this one. 32 at the reagan national airport. winds are light at 3 miles per hour. temperatures around freezing downtown and at the reagan national. even else dropped in the 20's.
5:50 pm
fredericksburg at 26. 28 in winchester. 29 in hagerstown. 30 in baltimore. forecast for overnight hours is clear and calm and dry and cold. 9 to 21. the range of air temperatures. the winds are calm enough we don't expect the wind chill to drop feels like temperature any lower than that. through the day tomorrow. we have another day filled with sunshine. temperatures are 42 in the afternoon. that is average for early january. for the next seven days check it out to take you through tuesday next week. increasing chances of the clouds and the showers. a morning sprinkle saturday. otherwise sunshine and 53. cloudy. 50 degrees on sunday. 40% chance of rain. sunshine. push of the cold air by beginning. especially the middle of next week. back to you. leon: okay. thank you. more and more you talk the people about the game coming up don't you get the sense that people are feeling like the skins have a chance? erin: they are. there is a buzz in the air. people get jerseys out.
5:51 pm
they are fired up about it. redskins will host the packers sunday afternoon at fedex field. it will be kirk cousins versus aaron rodgers. you have to like that quarterback matchup. despite the critics at the beginning of the season cousins have proved himself as a legit starting q.b. he has overcome his interception habit and might even be a top five quarterback in the nfl right now. for rodgers, his resume speaks for himself. sure-fire hall of famer. which got us thinking? which quarterback would you rather have? 63% of the vote are for captain kirk. yes! we got funny responses. tony says -- erin: ouch! the redskins' secondary is
5:52 pm
banged up after jarrett and phillips suffered scary injuries on sunday. in response the team signed kerry williams today to help out against the packers on sunday. the redskins can only hope that williams fits in as well as this guy, corner back will blackman has this season. he is unheralded veteran who turned out to be one of the great stories on the team. he was cut by the seahawks a week before the season started and has come up big for the skins this season. we also found out that will is not the only rock star in his family. look at his 5-year-old son rider. he is a model. adorable. i love his hair. he earned $3,000 for the print modeling gig. so will tells us the money will go to the college fund. at this rate, he may have college paid for by the time he is 10 years old. he is so cute. alison: really. especially great family. we had them on the show yesterday. leon: in any case, kid enjoy the hair while you've got it. i can tell you that. alison: earning the money with the air.
5:53 pm
leon: all right. from hair to one of the favorite heiresses. three weeks after we had to say so long to the local legend and buddy of ours glen harris the d.c. council is ready to do the same. glen retired from the newschannel8 sports talk last month after 25 years on the air here. now d.c. council is introducing a resolution to honor glen for his contributions to the community. that is dating back to before newschannel8 was on the air. >> glenn harris is a legend. i don't know how else to say it. since i have been here, and i go back 30 some years. glenn has always been on the sports beat. certainly channel 8. i think i watched him every night. he made a show. good lord! who has me on their show. leon: now the council is going to present him with the honor on february 5. he will be there to accept the well-deserved honor. he better there. i talked to him before the set and he didn't realize what was going on.
5:54 pm
surprised him. alison: goodness. leon: congratulations. erin: honor to work with him. he has done so much for sports in d.c. leon: he has. alison: great news. awesome. yeah. all right, buddy. know where you will be february 5. all right. love you, man. all right. love you, man. all right. back after
5:55 pm
wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios.
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alison: this is time for the parents to apply to the charter school year. there are changes you need to know about. in the spotlight on education kellye lynn will fill us in. kellye: kelly can't believe his 3-year-old daughter will soon be ready for preschool. >> she is in daycare right now but she will be starting prek next year. >> 95% of the public charter schools in the district and
5:58 pm
the traditional public school system participate in the common lottery. >> the executive director of the cat peretty says the lottery is not first come first served. all applications are treated equally and she recommends parents learn , apply and enroll. >> think about what is important to your family. >> this year there are a few new schools. >> there is a new high school and three new charter schools. >> another change. only one round of the lottery opposed to two last year. the application deadline for the high school students is february 1. pre-k through 8th grade is march 1. lottery results offered april 1, with the enrollment
5:59 pm
deadline on may 2. >> this is a place i will start my search to find more information. in-depth information. >> that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". but not at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- more on president obama's gun control plan. president obama: we are the only advanced country on earth that sees this kind of mass violence. erupt with this frequency. alison: the president takes action and gets emotional about gun control. a look at the plan and the opposition. >> plus, uncovered in old town, a big piece of history where you probably wouldn't expect it. >> a rebate for something that could help sol ever crimes in the district. why thed council will be paying some residents and business owners. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side.
6:00 pm
president obama: every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. leon: emotional president obama outlines why he used an executive order to institute his gun control plan. alison: his move is legal. maureen: but not everyone is pleased with it. senior political reporter scott thuman has details. >> the president vowed he would act in the final year even if he had to do so alone. he wasn't going to wait for what he said is a reluctant congress to act on gun control. he did it today. he says he has legal authority for but ones that might need approval from congress. >> i am not looking to score oints. >> using the executive action he took gun control in his own hands to take it out of the hands of criminals. primarily labeling anyone in the business of selling firearms at a gun show or o


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