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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 6, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," controversial and tearful. >> the president's executive order bypassing congress, demanding changes in gun sales. his emotional announcement while surrounded by survivors of gun violence. political fight. donald trump's attacks on bill and hillary clinton ramping up even more while hillary's challenger bernie sanders makes a major campaign promise. facing justice. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen appears before a judge while details emerge about their trip to mexico. did mother and son go to a strip club? and later, tonight's powerball jackpot, your chance to win $450 million as tickets sell rapidly. does the quick pick really give you a better chance? it's wednesday january 6th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." that really is the defining question of the day. quick pick or your own numbers? yes. >> i don't know. i feel like you do quick pick. >> just because it's easy and it's quick. but we'll find out whether or not it brings you better odds of winning $450 million. >> so much riding on it. but good morning to all of you. i'm keena whitt orth. i'm in for reena ninan. >> it's also a really big day around here. it is the 24th anniversary of "world news now." so we're going to party like we're 24. >> oh, those were the days. those were the days. >> we're sharing your favorite moments all morning long brian has his skrillex beats going on in his head. ♪ he's got those moves going. sadly i dance like a true white
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guy too. >> no. >> sorry. but i can swim. let's get started with the news of this half hour. president obama's controversial executive action on gun control. >> he really made a passionate call for a national sense of urgency. the president actually broke into tears as he bypassed congress to push his gun safety agenda that he says will make it harder for criminals to get their hands on guns. >> but critics call his action executive overreach. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: the president making headlines for more than his controversial move. but his tears as well. >> and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun,
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every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> reporter: those children the victims of sandy hook. and behind the president families of victims from countless shooting rampages. he remembers them all and the daily carnage as well. >> and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> when a tear was coming down his face and -- what did you think when you saw that? >> i thought that was authentic. i think he's met his fair share of survivors like us. >> reporter: but his tears drawing fire too. mr. obama taking executive action on his own, narrowing the loophole that allows weapons to be bought without a background check at gun shows and online. hiring more agents to conduct background checks. and asking congress for $500 million to provide better access to mental health services. but opponents were equally determined. the national rifle association issued a statement saying "the proposals won not have prevented any of the horrific events he mentioned."
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and gop presidential candidates were denouncing the president's actions. >> president obama's executive actions limiting gun rights will restrict our law-abiding citizens. >> these orders today i believe are not worth the paper they are written on. >> if there's an issue related to federal gun laws he ought to go to congress and try to forge consensus to make it happen. he doesn't have this power. >> reporter: one of the country's most intractable issues for which there are no easy answers. pierre thomas, abc news, at the white house. also now this morning there is a new 18-minute gap mystery involving the terror couple who carried out the san bernardino attacks. investigators know almost everything about that shooting, when it began, when the terrorist couple were killed in that shootout with police, but there's this period the fbi cannot account for and it wants the public health. what were syed farook and tashfeen malik during those 18 minutes. >> they want to make sure if they made contact with anyone we don't already know about that we're able to fully investigate
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those matters. >> so authorities believe that grap may be when the couple ditched their computer's hard drive. alleged accomplice enrique marquez jr. is in court for an arraignment. overnight north korea claiming it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb this morning. the first indication was a seismic event about five miles from north korea's nuclear test site. then an anchorwoman a35erd on tv confirming the test on state television saying there were no negative effects on the environment. she sadded nor edadded north ko sovereign right to protect itself from warmongers like the u.s. donald trump taking on both hillary and bill clinton but also ted cruz, who's nipping at his heels. and then nipping at hillary's heels, bernie sanders with a big speech on banks. abc's brandi hitt with the line-up. >> reporter: donald trump doubling down and targeting both
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clintons. from this interview with msnbc -- >> hillary called me sexist. when she said that, i said, well, your husband's campaigning, it's open season. >> reporter: asking if there's a difference between bill clinton and bill cosby's sex scandal. >> you'd almost have to ask bill clinton that problem, that question. it would be a very interesting question to someday ask him. there's certainly is a lot of very strong charges against him and that's pretty bad stuff. >> reporter: the form yes president is now out campaigning for his wife while she hits the trail hard in iowa, giving this response to msnbc's "hardball." >> we should not reward people who use inflammatory rhetoric. >> thank you. >> reporter: meantime her, democratic opponent bernie sanders is drawing large crowds as he vows to break up the nation's biggest banks. >> it's going to be a white house which is prepared to take on the greed of wall street, of corporate america. >> reporter: both marco rubio and ted cruz are also in iowa with trump now taking aim at
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cruz's canadian birth to an american mother, telling the "washington post" it's a very precarious issue. >> i tweeted out a response to donald trump's rizing questions about my natural-born citizenship. it was a link to fonzie jumping the shark. and i think i'm going to let my response stick with that tweet. >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. and one more political note for you. an announcement from the republican south carolina governor nicki haley will deliver the gop's response after president obama's state of the union address next tuesday. hailey made waves when she called for the confederate flag to be removed from the state house grounds after the massacre at mother emmanuel church in charleston. a chicago-area christian college now wants to fire a head scarf-wearing professor. laurisia hawkins made headlines last month when she started wearing the hijab to show solidarity with muslims. she got into troubling with her employer was when she declared that christians and muslims
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worship the same god. wheaton college says that is not within its line of view. a u.s. marine is accused of road rage killing on new year's eve. sarah mussquackner was a university of north texas student acting as the designated driver for friends after a party. police say that shots were fired at her car and marine corporal eric jamal johnson is responsible. johnson was arrested at his military base in arizona. we're going to turn our attention to the weather, extreme weather in the west. the first major el nino storm of the season has slammed california with record rains. flooding roads, stranding motorists. inundating buildings as well and turning back yards into raging rivers. up to 3 1/2 inches of rain predicted to fall across the coastal and valley areas of southern california through saturday. with 5 inches falling in the mountain areas. not good at all. and in san diego the torrential rains were too much for the roof of this marriott hotel. collapsing the ceiling and flooding the lobby. fortunately no injuries reported
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in this one and the o'worst may still be yet ahead. more storms threaten the west coast in the hours ahead. we turn to paul williams at accuweather. paul, good morning. >> thank you, kayna, kepd ndis. n nino inspired storms. this jet stream will keep it very much wet throughout the southern california area. the moisture surge and that strong jet, that combination is going to bring a serious and significant amount of misery for the west coast in the form of flash flooding around the los angeles area, as far north as san francisco, and over toward the east we'll have the warm mild air running to the rescue. high pressure moves out, warm air moves in. kendis, kayna. >> paul, thank you. 2015 pretty good year for amazon. the online retail giant says customers ordered more than 23 million items on cyber monday from byes selling on amazon. that is 40% more than the previous year. amazon also says it shipped more than a billion itemsa as part of
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its fulfillment by amazon service. i'm so responsible for like 60% of that. >> are you? i'm sure. yeah. me as well. late at night. totally sober working on amazon. today is a very special day here for all of us, as you know. it is the anniversary of this very show you're watching right now. >> i think that's so cool. so how old is "world news now," you might ask. kendis is leaving already. >> oh, no, no. >> okay. sorry. if the show is a person it's old enough to survive. it's old enough to vote. my hat doesn't fit in the screen or on my head. >> wow. or if it was a taylor swift song you'd be singing you're feeling 24. >> she's going to have one of those, you know it. just shove it down.
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by the way, we asked you to celebrate, all of you insomniacs out there. we wanted you to share your favorite memories on social media. we dug up an oldie but a goodie. nearly 20 years ago. >> the tickle me elmo was a thing on the anchor desk. >> what is going on with elmo? >> elmo. please. >> i didn't know elmo did that. >> okay. this is "world news now." >> so elmo's still doing that. by the way, in honor of this big day we're asking you on social media a simple question. so cute. why are you watching us? >> why? >> don't get us wrong. we appreciate every single viewer. and both of you know who you are. but it's the middle of the night. so like really dudes, tell us on
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the 20 or so militia members occupying a federal compound in oregon say they will not leave until there is a plan for local control of federal lands. there's no visible law enforcement presence near the remote spot. but the local sheriff says steps are being taken behind the scenes to resolve the situation, also saying that the occupiers will eventually face justice. there's a new development in the case of the so-called affluenza teenager who was detained in mexico. the mexican lawyer for 18-year-old ethan couch has visited with his client but has refused to tell the media whether couch will be returning to the u.s. for trial. couch and his mother were
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apprehended in mexico last week after he violated his probation in a drunk drunk driving crash that killed four people. >> couch's mother meanwhile has already been deported to the u.s. and appeared for an extradition hearing in los angeles yesterday. >> tonya couch has agreed to be sent from california to texas to faes a criminal charge of hindering apprehension. abc's matt gutman is on the case. >> reporter: when ethan couch visited this mexican strip club last month, sources tell abc news he brought someone with him. his mother. staff at the harem strip club say the 18-year-old affluenza teen proceeded to order beer after beer. and when his mother left, he stayed for lap dances in the vip room, ultimately racking up a $1,000 bill. when he couldn't pay it, sources say a waiter brought him to this resort, where his mother also didn't have the catch. he left his rolex as collateral. he's now in this mexican
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detention center. his lawyer meeting him for the first time. >> everything's okay. >> reporter: his mother whisked to the u.s. in a los angeles courtroom waiving her right to fight extradition to texas. politely answering the judge's questions. >> yes, i do. >> our biggest concern is this has become less about the law and whether she broke the law and more about retribution. >> reporter: tonya's attorney says her client has broken no texas law. >> it's been a hard fall for the suburban mom. she hasn't been allowed to change her clothes since she was taken from mexico on wednesday. and her attorney tells me he will likely remain in texas because she won't be able to make that million-dollar bail. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. coming up in our next half hour, on the run, the brazen thief wanted across five states for stealing thousands in jewelry. tying up her victims at gunpoint and sporting a different look while she cases the stores ahead of time. but first, hacking the jackpot. you can't really do that.
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but there are some things you should know about obsessing that massive powerful payday. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ luck be a lady tonight ♪ luck be a lady tonight i'd love to meet that lady tonight because there's certainly a lot of luck involved with the lottery. filter. but is it better to go with -- >> i know. >> -- your numbers or try your hand with the quick picks? >> i'd just like you to assume it is a lady winning. i'm all about. >> frank said it. >> i know, he did. how much might you come away with if you take the cash option? these questions and more now handled by abc's nick watt. >> reporter: a $2 ticket gets you in the game but which snubs well, 26 has been drawn 266
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times. 55 has been drawn just 95 times. but that does that mean 55 is due for a little more love? only 30% of you pick your own numbers anyway. 7 0% buy quick picks. and either way your odds of winning are the same. pennsylvania is the winningest state. 17 jackpot tickets sold since 2002. if you win and take if all at once after tax we're talking maybe $165 million cash. that's 825 condos in boca or 8 lear jet 85s. thank you. and i'm in the game. you may never see me again but chances are you will because the odds of this ticket winning are 1 in 292 million. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> i still want to play powerball, though. >> still want to play powerball. we have our powerball ticket. he went out to buy his towicket. take a look. >> i have an excuse for this. >> what is it?
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rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. ♪ okay. topping the mix here this morning, there has been a study. trying to figure out something all rich people -- most rich medium have in common and it goes back to a pastime. a man interviewed 1,200 rich people and he said the wealthiest people the world over read. they self-educate by reading. we have a stack of books here. >> it's not playing powerball. >> it's not playing powerball. they self-educate. actually, what i took away from it really is that they educate themselves after college. they go to college but they never stop their learning. >> like bill gates who never went to college and just kept reading. >> just reading and then we'll be smart. >> so it's simple as that. >> i liked it. also they don't watch a ton of tv, especially reality tv. >> only about an hour of tv a
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day. less than an hour. >> so we know there's only one queen bey. beyonce. of course. but there's one woman trying to challenge that. take a look at this cringe-worthy video from national geographic. this is sarah mapeli. and she has about 1,000 bees on her person. she's stopless during this. and she says she does this to try to help others conquer fears. she says they tingle a little bit, it's a little painful but it's sort of a performance art to help people go through this. they call her the bee queen, not to be confused with queen bey, of course. >> there's no way. i got stung by a bee last year in the neck, by the way. that's insane. >> she could call you a wimp. >> probably. now i think to probably the best video you've seen in a really long time.
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thank you for wearing the anniversary hat back there. if you're a dog owner, you know exactly what these people are going through. when they come home, their couch totally torn apar. that's bad enough, right? then what? their husky is stuck inside the couch with its head sticking out. apparently had chased a mouse in through the couch and tore it apart and then got stuck. by the way, the husky is just fine in all of this. it's one thing to lose your couch, but it's another thing to have your dog -- >> they still have a mouse problem. real quickly there's been this ongoing debate on how to wear pants, how dog wear pants. you have this debate that's been going on -- >> not a debate pf neither of those work. >> muddy mutts, a canadian dog clothing company, has come up with this, the definitive excuse. it's both, a little bit of both. a four-legged pair for your dog. the only other debate that's ongoing is is that yellow and
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ongoing is is that yellow and white or blue and
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get fios. this morning on "world news now" -- el nino storms hitting the west. from the torrential downpours to snow and ice, causing an airline accident. the watches and warnings in the hours ahead. and breaking news, concern worldwide after north korea claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb this morning. the uproar and reaction coming in. and new this half hour, dangers of sleep deprivation. >> the medical research just this morning about insomnia. whose health is most in danger because they're not getting enough sleep? and later, in "the skinny," baby battle. bristol palin's newborn daughter born over the holidays. the little girl in the middle of a big custody dispute already on this wednesday january 6th. >> announcer: frombc


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