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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 8, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. an emergency landing overnight. this woman cuffed and carried off a united flight. passengers jump into action after she attacked a flight attendant and fellow flier. the terrifying scene at more than 20,000 feet. donald trump holding a massive rally in bernie sanders' backyard. thousands lining up for hours to see the front-runner. protesters interrupted the fiery billionaire. >> get him out of here. don't give him his coat. keep his coat. >> as trump launches a new attack on hillary a clinton. double punch of arctic air. that storm in the west dumping 30 inches of snow. now temperatures set to plunge across the country. windchills 30 below zero and the nfl bracing for one of its coldest games ever. and powerball mania taking over the country. people waiting for hours to buy tickets.
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>> right there, right there. there's a winner. there's a winner. >> hoping to beat the odds and win the biggest jackpot ever. this morning what you need to know before you jump into that office pool. ♪ we hit the jackpot because amy is back. >> yay. >> incredible trip. >> it was the trip of a lifetime. i encourage everyone to see iceland at one point in your life. you don't feel like you're on this planet. >> it was really spectacular. great job. >> thank you very much. >> we are glad you're back. >> i know you were concerned. we all were. >> don't go any closer. >> you know the good news is you can still hit that jackpot, yeah we have powerball fever. we've got our own lottery machine here this morning and important tips to protect you co-workers in your office pool in case you do strike it rich. that's ahead. >> that's one aspect of the story. we begin with that breaking news overnight. united airlines flight diverted
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after that passenger got completely out of control forcing the plane to land in detroit where she was carried off by police. our aviation correspondent david kerley has all the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. anxious moments. a scream and then a scuffle on board this jetliner which was forced to make that emergency landing. >> [ bleep ] you. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: hog tied escorted off a united airlines flight after attacking a flight attendant leading to an emergency landing. >> do you need any other assistance besides just police at the gate. >> reporter: it had 69 passengers and 4 crew members and took off from new york headed to chicago but 30 minutes into the flight the female passenger asks if she could get off the plane. when a flight attendant says no. passengers say the woman erupted. >> she attacked the flight attendant and some guy used his neck tie to tie her wrists or
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her ankles. >> she scratched my face. >> reporter: the woman attacked another passenger. that's when three others jump into action able to subdue her as the pilots divert to detroit where they're met by police. >> went right to the back of the plane. put her in handcuffs and picked her up and pulled her off. >> passengers seemed relieved to have it all over. 4as of a couple of hours ago she was still in custody in detroit. there is a report that she did scream she was bipolar at one point. the flight did continue on to chicago. robin. >> hope she gets the help she needs. all right, david thank you. now to major terror arrests overnight. federal authorities taking two refugees into custody on terror charges. one in texas, the other in california. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick claiming the arrest may have prevented a catastrophic terror related event. and save countless lives. abc senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has the latest and joins us from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: overnight the fbi making two more isis-related
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arrests with suspects taken down in sacramento and houston. while there's no evidence yet the men were plotting an attack inside the u.s. authorities are deeply concerned about their association with isis and the potential for future threats. both suspects are iraqi refugees and political leaders in texas immediately raised concerns about the administration's efforts to bring in more refugees including thousands from syria. the men are among at least seven suspects here at home accused of ties to isis in less than a month including a maryland man who was allegedly given more than $8,000 from an overseas operative for a u.s.-based attack. the terror concern is so high the senior administration officials including the fbi director are expected to meet with tech leaders in silicon valley today to discuss encryption the isis use of social media to recruit right here at home. robin. >> very important meeting today, all right, pierre. >> top national secure threat. the race for president right now and one of the biggest crowds yet for donald trump in a
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pretty surprising place, the liberal hometown of bernie sanders. look at those lines in burlington vermont, to see trump's latest attacks on the clintons and a lot more. abc's jon karl there for all the action. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. burlington is one of the most liberal cities in america. this is the place that first elected bernie sanders as its socialist mayor three decades ago but for a little while last night it almost looked like trump territory. >> wow. what a beautiful group of people. >> reporter: rallying the faithful in vermont last night he tried out a new call. >> who's going to pay for the wall. >> all: mexico. >> who's going to pay for the wall? >> all: mexico. >> i've never done that before. >> reporter: but in bernie sanders' backyard -- >> get him out. take him out. >> reporter: he was repeatedly interrupted by protesters who infiltrated the rally. >> get them out of here. don't give him his coat.
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keep his coat. >> reporter: while protesters aimed their fire at trump he targeted the democratic front-runner. >> i have my mind set on hillary. i do have my mind set. >> reporter: trump indeed has had his mind on hillary and her husband, former president bill clinton. >> our human rights. >> reporter: new trump campaign ad shows clinton with disgraced congressman anthony weiner and bill cosby and bill clinton with monica lewinsky. on the campaign trail in iowa bill clinton ignored the attack. >> if he wins the republican nomination we'll have plenty of o talk about it if hillary wins. >> reporter: back in vermont the trump speck that wall in full force hundreds lining up for hours to see the gop front-runner. it doesn't start for another four hours but there's already a line of people here as far as the eye can see. many here were die-hard supporters coming to see trump for the first time others were still on the fence. >> i've never actually heard much of him other than you're fired. >> reporter: a new controversy brewing in maine where the
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state's governor paul lepage, a chris christie supporter said this about drug traffickers in his state. >> these are guys by the name d-money, smoothy, shifty then yshifty. >> then added this. >> half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave. >> reporter: governor lepage's comments sparked a firestorm of criticism overnight. hillary clinton saying quote, lepage's racist rants sadly distract from efforts to address one of our nation's most pressing problems but, george no response yet from christie. >> let's bring in matthew dowd right now. matthew, you see donald trump up in bur ling tongue vermont. it's actually a pretty shrewd move. >> i think it's a really shrewd move. bernie sanders and donald trump both are fishing from a similar pond which is independent voters who are working class whites. that's very similar set of voters. i think the fascinating thing the two anti-establishment outsider candidates the most are drawing the biggest crowds in
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this race. it's almost as if the visiting team which is the outsiders are drawing more fans than the home team which is the establishment in this nomination process. but i think fundamentally, george what we have to figure out with the phenomenon of donald trump and bernie sanders is can they translate rallies into results? >> we first have the first votes in about three weeks. that attack on bill clinton linking him to bill cosby, anthony weiner clinton not responding but could that blunt the democrats's hope to make this war on women an issue in the general election? >> well i think it does two things. first i think it helps donald trump in the republican primary because the republicans don't like bill clinton or hillary clinton so i think it helps him there. but i think the second thing it does more than a scandal it reinforces that these are the candidates of the past. that hillary clinton is the candidate of the past and as you know, george in any election people want to vote future and not the past and if they can do that the republicans can do that to the clintons then they're going to be a leg up in the general election next year. >> matthew dowd thanks very
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much. a lot more on "this week" including our guest marco rubio. >> we'll be watching. the candidates keeping their eye on wall street after the worst start to the year ever. linsey davis is at the new york stock exchange with the latest. good morning linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a tough one here on wall street yesterday dropping more than 400 points during the day and closing down more than 2% and the dow was actually down more than 5% since the beginning of the year largely due to china. global unrest and falling oil prices are causing a ripple effect in u.s. markets, but some good news from china this morning after a 7% drop yesterday that halted chinese markets after just 14 minutes of trading, chinese markets closed up today and perhaps that'll give some calm to jittery investors around the globe. futures are up robin. >> all right, linsey thank you. here now more on this is liz
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claman anchor of "countdown to the closing bell" on fox. you wanted to address china. they did away with the so-called circuit breakers that actually helped. >> you know it's so fascinating to see that china is going through very sharp growing pains trying to be a communist nation but at the same time trying to be a capitalist nation with their measures and have so-called circuit breakers put into place and would trigger and shut down the markets if there was a precipitous fall. twice this week the circuit breakers shut everything down to give a pause but guess what it worked in the complete opposite direction. it incited panic and the markets started to fall so this is -- this is a bizarre behavior and too much heavy-handed interinvestigation on behalf of the chinese. >> a little bit of panic here, especially when it comes to american 401(k)s. the average american 401(k) has dropped $4500. what's your advice. >> well the advice is don't open your envelopes for this month. it's been an ugly first opening as you just heard. it's the worst opening for the
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dow for the year that we've ever seen. so what you want to do is just sit tight for the moment and not worry. now, why should people think that what happens in china affects us? it's not like vegas, what stays in vegas, it's now affecting us as a global market. any companying that have a u.s. standing but global footprint like the starbucks of the year the young brands they love kentucky fried chicken in china, big chinese exposure and you may very well own those stocks so these are still good companies going through a slight blip in a tough time. >> fox business network has the next republican debate coming up on thursday. you think the focus will shift from terrorism to the economy. >> absolutely believe it does. how could it not? people vote their wallets in the end. >> great to see you, liz. >> good to see you. >> you can see the fox business network, the next republican debate coming up on thursday. george. >> thanks robin. we turn to tonya couch, the mother of the affluenza teen back in texas this morning in court to face charges that she helped her son skip probation
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and hide out in mexico. abc's matt gutman has been on the case from the start and joins us now with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right, tonya couch will be arraigned this morning charged with helping son flee to mexico becoming america's most wanted mom. now, texas authorities taking a special interest in her setting bond at a million dollars, the sheriff even escorting her to jail himself. first time he's done that in 15 years. this morning, tonya couch is in this texas jail flown from los angeles to texas aboard this boeing 787 dreamliner and escorted like a celebrity suspect on a special staircase off the plane and into a sheriff's van waiting right on the tarmac. the suburban mom with a red ringlets wearing a jacket over her handcuffs. >> she was very quiet, very reserved. she was respectful. >> reporter: brought to the jail by the sheriff himself. >> her attitude was cooperative. surprisingly she was very appreciative. >> expected to be arraigned this morning on the charge of hindering the apprehension of
7:13 am
her son, ethan couch known as the affluenza teen who needed guilty in 2013 to killing four people in a drunk driving crash. the pair took off from texas in early december in tonya's truck bound for mexico. staying at this resort and partying at this strip joint where staffers tell abc news ethan racked up a $1,000 tab one night he couldn't pay. authorities finally catching up with him on this street on december 28th. but this morning ethan is still in mexico fighting deportation back to texas. he's wanted for violating his probation. now, tonya's lawyer insists her client violated no laws and tells me there's no way tonya can make that million dollar bails. she calls it excessive and will fight to get it lowered. now that she's divorced from ethan's father the affluenza mom isn't so affluent. >> matt gutman thanks very much. amy is back with the other top stories. an thatting on a police officer
7:14 am
in philadelphia. >> the police commissioner is calling it one of the scariest things he's seen. a police officer ambushed at a busy intersection. police say the man walked right up to officer jesse hartnick's patrol car hitting him three times. it is amazing the officer survived. he managed to shoot back and that suspect is now in custody. president obama is defending his executive actions on gun control during a town hall meeting in virginia. he denied any suggestion of a conspiracy against gun owners' rights and said he's willing to meet with the nra. >> i've said this repeatedly i'm happy to meet with them and talk to them but the conversation has to be based on facts and truth and what we're proposing, not some you know imaginary fiction in which obama is trying to take away your guns. >> the president said he will not support any congressional candidate who opposes gun reform.
7:15 am
one of america's most powerful air to ground weapons has ended up in cuba by mistake. "the wall street journal" reports an inactive hellfire missile was shipped to europe for training purposes then disappeared until showing up in cuba raising concerns that the cubans may have shared that technology with russia or north korea. and finally, when is the last time you went bowling? why am i asking? for this guy it's been a while. take a look. he did not realize his own strength and he took down whoo the ceiling panels. his friends laugh as we are having and i hope you are having at home as well. yeah that redefines gutter ball. is that a ceiling ball? that would be a ceiling ball. >> that guy is awful. slippery fingers. >> never seen anything like that. >> did he get a strike. >> thank you, amy. good to have you back. now to powerball mania. gripping the nation. people lining up for hours to buy tickets for a chance to win that $700 million jackpot and it
7:16 am
could go even higher before tomorrow night's drawing. now, abc's t.j. holmes he stopped buying tickets long enough to join us here in the studio. >> i got to get back. this right here guys is what dreams are made of. now, this isn't the actual powerball machine they're going too use for the drawing. it's down in florida and keep a good log of who breathes on the thing and who even is in the same room with it and they might want to add some more security because a $1 billion jackpot is right around the corner. >> get ready, everybody. >> reporter: the biggest jackpot ever. now at $700 million and counting. >> right there. right there. there's a winner. >> reporter: no probably not a winner. still, these people aren't deterred by the odds. weighing over two hours in crazy long lines in prim nevada. >> a lot of people. just everybody's got a dream and hopes. >> well worth the wait if we win. >> next. >> reporter: we've now gone 18
7:17 am
drawings since someone hit a jackpot ensuring thatst's numbers will be historymaking. >> we're in uncharted territory. this is a world record jackpot. we're at levels we've never seen before and we're going to be carefully monitoring sales tomorrow to see just how people react. >> reporter: and why such a long run with no winner? well because the game has changed. let me explain. you still have to match five white balls and one red ball to win the jackpot but in october the number of white balls in the drum went up from 59 to 69 but the number of red balls went down from 35 to 26. get it? well, all youuyou really need to know changes resulted in your jackpot chances from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million. guy, before the drawing on wednesday they were selling tickets at a rate of 500,000 every single hour. so we got this big jackpot, 700 million. it could get to a billion certainly by next week but probably go up by saturday. >> a lot of people have office
7:18 am
pools and you'll give us the dos and don'ts. >> this "gma" family could break up real fast if we win the lottery. some stuff you need to know >> that's okay. you won't be coming back. thanks, t.j. rob and, boy, this bitter blast across the midwest. watch out for the football game in minnesota. >> nfl football. nfc wild card happening in minnesota. where they're playing outdoors because they're still building the new dome. it'll be minus 2 around game time. windchills at minus 20. high noon central time. you can imagine how cold the air mass is sunday. windchills that will be well below zero tuesday, a second blast and this will slide into the northeast as we go through wednesday and thursday. get ready next week.
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good morningnd welcome to neschannel 8. i'm melanie hatings.... and t-g-i-f everyoyone e ... es it is friday! janary 8h. let's gget started witth the forecast. d jacqui itit's a coming up on "gma" the chilling new 911 call released in that father/daughter murder
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mystery. >> what do you mean he's in bad shape. >> he's bleeding all over and i may have killed him. >> what the father says really happened moments before that deadly fight with his son-in-law. all that lotto fever. t.j.k with a lot 6 advice on how to deal with your office pool. to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. ♪ hot blooded, check it and see...♪ ♪ got a fever of 103...♪ feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut?
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>> happy friday morning. we want to get an update ongoing the weather from jacqui jeras. >> reporter: we're going to see the patchy fog, businessal and mist through the middle of the morning. dryer mid day and chance of showers by the drive home. temperature-wise, hooking for highs in middle 40s. just a little bit above average.
7:27 am
much warmers move in for the weekend. best chance of rain overall is going to be saturday night into early undermorning. dryer in the afternoon but breezy. temperatures reach 60 then begin to plummet in late afternoon hours and much cooler temperatures and maybe a few flurries for middle of next week. >> reporter: we are dealing with damp, foggy conditions four a lot of commuters. brack ice in some areas. extra caution out there headed into the district. northbound, 395 we're tied up with crash cleanup. as you pass duke street and seminary. you'll see brake lights and a lot of commuters. interstate 66, no accidents to report. you can see the dense fog headed into the gainsville. along the capital beltway, a few delays, outer loop in prince georges county near 95. >> thank you. to some top stories. police are investigating a new threat at wood ridge high school, in a facebook message posted late last night the
7:28 am
school system said the threatening message written on a wall at the school threatened violence on a specific date next week. police are working to see if this is credible. fans are getting ready for the playoffs and fed exfield this week, the redskins will take on the packers. metro will be taking some changes stopping work on the metro lines. trains will run every 15 minutes during daytime hours on sunday. and you can get more news traffic and weather updates on good morning on news channel 8.
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♪ who will run the world girls ♪ ♪ who will run the world girls ♪ welcome back everyone to "gma" on this friday morning. big headline about beyonce. i'll allow lara to tell you more in "pop news." >> thank you, robin. >> there's not a lot to tell. but the little bit, everyone will be happy. >> it's yours. >> it is yours. >> thanks robin. >> looking forward to that. right now donald trump attacking hillary and bill clinton at a massive rally in vermont overnight. thousands of supporters showing up. a lot of protesters as well. donald trump reached out to them or at least spoke out about them last night. also this morning, white house responding to that petition fm fans of netflix hit "making a murderer." more than 130,000 people demanding a presidential pardon. the white house says the president can't do it. says the two men are state prisoners. he has no jurisdiction. we love when t.j. hangs out
7:31 am
with us standing by with a lot more on that powerball jackpot. what you need to know before getting in that office pool. >> that is coming up. we begin with new details in the case of that north carolina woman and her ex-fbi agent father charged with murdering her husband. this morning we're hearing the 911 call for the first time learning more about what officers found at the scene. abc's linzie janis here with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. the dramatic 911 recording was released by authorities overnight and in it we hear the former fbi agent for the first time explain why he killed his son-in-law with a baseball bat. >> my daughter's husband, my son-in-law got in a fight with my daughter. i intervened and i think he's in bad shape. >> reporter: calm and collected. that's former fbi agent tom martens telling a 911 dispatcher he may have beaten his son-in-law to death. >> what do you mean he's in bad shape. >> he's bleeding all over and i may have killed him. >> reporter: in this newly
7:32 am
released 911 call for the first time we hear martens' direct account of what happened to 39-year-old jason corbett on the night of august 2nd. >> what happened? >> i hit him in the head with a baseball bat. he was choking my daughter. he said i'm going to kill her. >> reporter: when officers arrived on the scene martens told them he was woken up by an argument between corbett and his 31-year-old daughter molly martens corbett. >> okay. >> you can hear her sobbing in the background. then following the dispatcher's request to try cpr on her husband. >> i'm certified. i just can't think. one, two, three, four. >> reporter: corbett was pronounced dead at the scene. the father and daughter now charged with second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter say it was self-defense. but in a search warrant just obtained by abc news the officer writes that the struggle described by tom martens was not consistent with the evidence at the scene. while the criminal case is just
7:33 am
beginning, martens corbett is contesting a judge's decision over the two children from a prior marriage. they believe molly had a violent temper and had been physical with the kids even. >> i was in shock. i was devastated. >> reporter: she was an un unwitting part of a bizarre love triangle. >> evil followed me straight to joseph's -- >> molly martens corbett says she deserves custody of those children because she raised them for the last eight years. her and her father plan to plead not guilty. >> thanks very much. george now to a deadly love triangle and the woman caught in the middle of it all speaking out and ryan smith is here with her story. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: the murder of dr. joseph sonnier stunned everyone including his girlfriendry sheshl shetina. they found he was an haven't victim of a disturbing scheme in
7:34 am
a case of jealousy and obsession spinning out of control. >> i was in shock. i was devastated. >> reporter: she was an un unwitting part of a bizarre love triangle. >> evil followed me straight to joseph's door. >> reporter: and this morning richelle shetina girlfriend of wealthy prominent texas doctor dr. joseph sonnier found stabbed and shot to death in his upscale lubbock home is speaking emotionally toxclusive exclusively to abc. her ex-boyfriend. dr. michael dixon. >> there ugliness from him to me. >> reporter: it's a tale of jealousy, obsession and revenge. dixon prosecutors say was in love with shetina, desperate to split up her relationship and hired his friend ex-con dave shepherd to kill sonnier. it's a claim dixon's lawyers investigatevigorously deny. >> mike dixon never wanted that
7:35 am
to happen. >> reporter: days afterwards shepherd confesses. >> i check his pulse in his neck. he's dead. >> reporter: implicating his buddy. >> he wanted him hurt and then it gradually developed into having him killed. >> reporter: shepard saying dixon paid him three bars of silver and a box of cubans for the hit. the monk of his funeral dixon arrested charged with capital murder. shetina says she'll never forget that phone call. >> my knees literally collapsed and i just kind of sank to the floor. and i cried and i screamed. >> reporter: last november dixon is found guilty on two counts of capital murder. his attorneys still maintain his innocence. but shetina says this case provides an important lesson. >> there are real sociopaths and psychopaths that walk amongst us. >> reporter: now dixon's lawyers and his son tell us that shepard acted alone. their client never ordered the
7:36 am
hit. his lawyers are appealing this verdict and as for his buddy shepard he is in prison for life. for the first time his daughters are also speaking out exclusively to us not only do they fully support the victim's family but they actually tell us how they had to apologize for what their father did and some of them are teenagers. >> there's so much to the story, ryan. you'll have the full hour. >> full hour on this -- we really talk to the children. see what happens to the victims of crime and the family tass are all involved. >> all right. thank you so much. ryan. you will see that tonight on "20/20." coming up ikea under fire facing a lawsuit after deadly accidents involving their furniture. a reporter with the latest. are they doing enough to make sure their products are safe. mysterious cause of natalie cole's death has been revealed. we'll have what her family is saying about it now. when you're on vacation, it's time to play. so at hilton we say play hooky from your regular monday. and while you're at it play hooky from the ordinary. the uninspired.
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when you make a pb&j with smucker's,'s the difference between ordinary everyday and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. because with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. 7:40. back now with the dangers of falling furniture. it is something that happens more often than you might think in homes with young children.
7:41 am
and now ikea is facing a new wrongful death suit because of it. abc's clayton sandell has the details. >> reporter: it's the hidden danger in countless american homes. furniture tipping and falling on children. in two wrongful death lawsuits one filed days ago and another in may of last year the family of camden ellis and kearney collis both 2 say they were crushed by falling ikea dressers. the lawsuits claim ikea knew the furniture lacked counterbalancing weight causing the dresser to be top heavy and front heavy something ikea denies. the federal government says it's not just ikea falling furniture and tvs send a child to the hospital every 24 minutes and every two weeks one is killed. >> i went to wake him from his nap at dinnertime and found him under his dresser.
7:42 am
>> last summer the cpsc and ikea announced 27 million chest and dressers were potentially unsafe if unsecured. instead of a recall they launched their secure it program giving away free anchor kits. we put this together and these are the brackets they say you must use in order to anchor it to the wall but it's voluntary and if you don't do it this is what can happen. ikea says it won't comment on the pending litigation but that they are committed to product safety and educating our customers about the need to properly secure chests of drawers to the wall. >> the anchor kits are not enough. the first thing they need to do is design in safety. >> the two families hoping to keep furniture billed as modern and inexpensive and deadly. >> some stunning tape. absolutely. all right, thank you, clayton. coming up a big pregnancy breakthrough. the woman who gave birth to her
7:43 am
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7:47 am
♪ anybody boughten -- boughten? >> bought a powerball ticket. >> i got mine. >> i'll wait till the last minute too. >> that will increase your odds? >> yeah, it will. there is a record powerball jackpot we're talking about. certainly no one will complain if they win $700 million, right. it could cause problems especially if -- notice we didn't talk about an office pool here. t.j. is back to tell us what we need to know if we're part of one. what is that t.j.? >> i love you guys, you, george lara robach rob. you've embraced me like family but let me introduce you to the family breaker-upper. if we had to political $700 million, all bets are off. there's not a good chance you will win your office pool but you better be ready just in case. the lottery office pool seems like good clean fun until you
7:48 am
actually win. and the fighting begins. this group of california co-workers barely had time to celebrate their $315 million prize when they were sued by four co-workers who claimed they had oral agreements to be part of the office pool. then this construction worker in new jersey he was in charge of buying the lottery tickets for his work pool but without telling anyone claimed a $38 million jackpot as his alone. he was sued and lost. confusion, lack of clarity, miscommunication and greed can come into play when hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake. i went to the office of home polish where 15 of the interior designers are in the powerball pool. or is it 16? are you in the pool. >> i thought i was in the pool. >> you don't know if the boss is in the pool. >> we don't know. we have it written down. >> reporter: had did the most unprepared pool. i've ever seen. the group has just gone in together on 77 powerball tickets with no plan of what they'd do
7:49 am
if they actually won. >> we'll work it out. >> but it's not all bad. this real estate office in florida hit it big and even though the new girl had no money for a ticket they still cut her in. >> the fact that we got to share in an experience most never have in a lifetime winning a powerball, we grew closer. >> reporter: now they're all really good really rich friends and ready to get even richer. >> i feel 100% confident that in this group of lottery tickets we will hit the 700 million. >> reporter: all right. let me give you an example how quickly this could go sideways. there are six of us here. if i say i'm going to pool our tickets, everybody gives me cash but, robach who is a friend i don't have any cash. >> can you spot me. >> we win. what do we do with her now? >> cut her out. >> oh! >> spotting her it's cool but you'll be in court saying judge, she didn't give us the cash. that's what happened. >> then the lawyers -- >> you had an oral contract. you said you could spot her.
7:50 am
>> you say you do but -- >> a deal is a deal. >> if we split the jackpot six ways it's one thing, if we split it five ways we get 15 million more if she's out. >> we love you so much. >> tips. lottery lawyer said get a copy of the ticket to everyone in the group. get all the players' names on it e-mail it around. an easy way to do it. if you win sign the back of the ticket and keep a copy of it. >> everybody has to sign it. >> everybody needs to sign it but keep quiet. you want to tell everybody -- >> i love how we're treating it like it's real. >> it could work. >> a minute to win it. >> this has been my whole week george. don't kill it for me. >> this is your new beat. >> i'll stick with scratch-offs. in our next hour we have "aladdin" and the cast of "the lion king," epic face-off live. thanks, t.j. ess joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof
7:51 am
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7:54 am
lucky shot. ♪ mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm mmmmm ♪ welcome back to "gma." near flagstaff, they've seen 30 inches of snow in seven day, more than the last five januarys combined. can you believe that? all right. pulses of these pacific storms get nothing some snow across the midwest. maybe chicago gets a
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by activia. feeling good starts from the inside.
7:56 am
>> happy friday morning. we want to get an update ongoing with meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> reporter: we're going to see the patchy fog, drizzle and mist through the middle of the morning. dryer mid day and chance of showers by the drive home. temperature-wise, looking for highs in middle 40s. just a little bit above average. much warmer conditions move in for the weekend. best chance of rain overall is going to be saturday night into early sunday morning. dryer in the afternoon, but breezy. temperatures reach 60, then begin to plummet in late afternoon hours and much cooler temperatures, and maybe a few flurries for middle of next week. >> reporter: on the friday morning commute, heads up for folks in howard county. we have a closure on interstate 70 near beltway national pike, no such closures on the interstates here. a live look at i270, foggy conditions and a damp ride for this friday morning. volume is lighter than usual. no accident activity to report
7:57 am
between german town road and the 270 spur. headed into the district southeast southwest freeway tied up. no major delays here at south capital street as we clear the crash on the suitland parkway. capital beltway moving nicely through tie simple's corner. back to you. >> thanks. top stories, police in tacoma park are warning about a surge in carjacking along the border in field goal mcaround washington dc. the police chief is warning people to be aware of surroundings and report all suspicious behavior. the morning the district department of transportation will discuss mayor muriel bowser's proposed vision zero initiative, a plan that looks to end serious and fatal traffic accidents. under the proposal, certain ticket fines would rise significantly driving 25 miles over the speed limit could cost $1,000. it's a $300 fine right now. the proposal will be discussed
7:58 am
at 11:00 a.m. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. have a terrific friday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and an astonishing praegs breakthrough. a grandmother the surrogate to her own grandchild. dr. jen ashton brakes down the case. breast-feeding battle. alyssa milano and wendy williams clashing on camera about whether you should do it in public. >> i don't need to see that. >> why? >> because i just don't want to. >> so many divided right now. we'll weigh in. and the mysterious cause of natalie cole's death what her family is saying now about the superstar's last days. and live in times square "the lion king" versus "aladdin".." their sing-off at an airport went viral. now they're going head-to-head live with an epic twist.
8:01 am
it's a whole new world of acuna matata. get ready for the song showdown here as we say -- >> all: good morning america. >> i got to tell you, folks, we've heard music through the halls. it's the musical stars from "the lion king" and "aladdin." more joining us live for a musical and magical, magical morning. >> it will be magical. a lot probably did see this summer. that moment we just showed. there it was at the airport. two casts going head-to-head right there at the airport. a little bit of a sing-off and they're going to do it here live in times square in just a little bit. >> "west side story." everybody wins including us because both shows have such great music singing all morning. then we'll switch gears. of you are weighing in on a breast-feeding battle that is
8:02 am
booming between alyssa milano and wendy williams. we want to know wha think. go to our website, on yahoo! and weigh in. we'll have that coming up. >> it was really when they -- they went at it pretty good. >> both very strong opinions on either side. i would imagine that a lot of you do as well. >> a lot of people do right. all right. so let's get over there. we have this morning also superstar tyler perry. he will be joining us. he has done it all. he's a father too now. he'll be joining us live. we cannot wait to talk with mr. tyler perry. >> looking forward to that. now the morning rundown from amy. >> the big story this morning, the two men with suspected ties to isis have been arrested in california and texas. a 23-year-old iraqi man in custody in sacramento came to the u.s. as a syrian refugee and is accused of traveling back to syria to fight with terrorist organizations and then lying about it to immigration officials and a suspect arrested in houston is accused of supporting isis even getting trained on machine guns and then lying about it during his
8:03 am
interview for american citizenship. well those arrests come as some of the top members of president obama's national security team meet with ceos in silicon valley today. they will meet with executives at apple, facebook twitter and others to discuss how to stop terrorists from recruiting online with encrypted messages. there are new details about the paris terror attacks. prosecutors in belgium now say an apartment in brussels likely served as the attacker's bomb factory. police found bombmaking equipment and a fingerprint they say belongs to the ringleader of the plot. wall street has important economic news to digest this morning. the monthly jobs report is expected to show that a healthy 200,000 jobs were created last month. overnight there was encouraging news from asia where stocks rebounded following thursday's big losses. and this morning, natalie cole's family confirming the singer died of heart failure brought on by a rare lung disease. cole was diagnosed with the condition shortly after a kidney transplant in 2009.
8:04 am
her funeral is monday in los angeles. and police across the country are trying to crack down on the growing black market for baby formula. they say formula has become a prime target for thieves like this man who took it from store shelves, repackaged it and then resold it to unsuspecting parents. just last month police in utah confiscated more than 400 cans of stolen formula. a value between $8,000 and $10,000. finally, if you win the lottery on saturday do you think that you could keep it a secret from your spouse for three weeks? well that is exactly what a guy in missouri did. robert bowlen won 2 million in the state lottery back on december 3rd. he kept it a secret from his wife from everyone so he could surprise her on christmas morning. the happy couple have three kids and two grandkids. no word on how they plan on spending all that money. he did collect it on december 29th so i'm sure they have some -- good gifts come in small
8:05 am
boxes or in envelopes. either way. >> either way. >> at least he didn't keep it from her forever. >> i was going to say. >> at first we're like, whoa, where is this going. >> i started reading that story. it's so amazing. >> ali would like the surprise. she might be annoyed at me too. >> you didn't tell me. >> thank you, amy. now to a headline grabbing a lot of attention. a 54-year-old woman who gave birth to her granddaughter acting as a surrogate for her daughter. kayna whitworth has the story for us. >> reporter: three generations of women, brought together by the ultimate labor of love. >> she gave us the best gift ever. >> reporter: after years of infertility and miscarriages kelly mckiss sock was des freight to become a mother. that's when her own mom stepped in volunteering as a surrogate. >> this opportunity came up. it was something that god presented to us and we took it and we ran. >> reporter: at 54 with two children of her own all grown up tracey thompson says this
8:06 am
pregnancy was no easy feat. >> it was difficult. i wasn't 20 years old and pregnant. the therapy i had to go through wasn't a piece of cake. >> reporter: but following many heartaches for kelly, finally a miracle. doctors at the medical center of plano performing a c-section tuesday afternoon. >> something i will never forget. it was amazing. >> reporter: baby kelsey entering the world. the little bundle of joy named after two women who carried her in their heart for so long. kayna whitworth, abc news new york. >> amy's face she's just beaming like many of us are. let's bring in abc's chief's women's health correspondent dr. jennifer ashton. >> i'm almost crying. >> not the first time this happened but very very happy for them. from a medical standpoint, jen, what does it take 54 years old having gone through menopause to carry a child. >> not too different from a younger woman that goes through the ivf treatment.
8:07 am
she needs estrogen and progesterone. she needs a donor egg so in this case she used her daughter's egg and needs to be in good health. no medical issues and i spoke to the chief of infertility at usc. for women 55 and under, as long as there's no medical problems they do pretty well. >> they do because i wanted to talk more about that. how difficult could it be at this point? >> well look pregnancy is as i say often an athletic event so for the mom they do need to be in good shape. it is a high risk pregnancy. the mom does face increased risk ofmpsia, c-section and from the limited data we have babies tend to do pretty well. just an example of how the specialty of ob/gyn can be such a happy field. it's a great story. >> probably not a dry eye in the operating room. >> i guarantee you not. >> it has been a very busy week for you. >> yes, it has. here we go. >> she's going to be back on twitter for you throughout the morning. you can tweet her @drjashton or
8:08 am
go to "gma's" facebook page. next with lara. >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." two superstars clashing over breast-feeding in public. who is right, who is wrong? we want to you weigh in. material perry, the superstar actor, writer director and dad is with us live. we'll talk to him. then it's quite the musical morning both behind camera and in front, eddie george will open up about going from football star to broadway star and we've got this awesome sing-off between "aladdin" and "the lion king" all coming up in times square. hi, eddie. ooh. i like the bedazzled football. stay with us. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint.
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8:13 am
we welcome you back to "gma." a topic dividing a lot of people this morning. breast-feeding in public. actress alyssa milano and wendy williams clashing over it on wendy's show. abc's juju chang is here with all of that. good morning, juju. >> reporter: good morning, robin. let's face it wendy williams is known for being highly opinionated and her legions of fans love her precisely because of that. especially if she goes toe to toe on a hot button issue like breast-feeding in public. >> i don't need to see that. >> why? >> because i just don't want to.
8:14 am
>> reporter: is it okay to breast-feed in public? talk show host wendy williams doesn't think so. williams suddenly at odds this week with her own guest, alyssa milano on her own program "the wendy williams show." milano, mom to elizabella and son milo 4 is a devoted breast-feeder. frequently posting lactating photos on social media. >> what i would do is go to the car. >> you would go feed your baby in the car? >> yes. >> reporter: for four minutes the two tangled over the issue along simmering flash point among men and women. >> pictures of my breast-feeding journey since she was a baby and some you see more than that one. >> no i haven't -- i have a stack in my office. >> reporter: even though 49 states have passed laws allowing breast-feeding in public wendy's opinion it's not proper to do so in public is not uncommon. even among moms. but milano doesn't let it end there. she asks why is it okay to show miley cyrus wearing this but
8:15 am
it's not okay to see a woman nursing? >> i don't know why i feel this way. i just feel you know -- i'm a mom also but, you know breast-feeding is only a particular amount of time. the rest of your life your breaths are a sexual thing and i just -- >> yeah but they weren't -- biological they're not made for sexual things. that's what we've done to them. you're lucky the baby is not here. i'd whip them out right here and feed them on your show. >> she felt that breasts are a sexual thing. they are but they're also a can't they be both? >> alyssa milano getting right to it. our midwife expert says there's a generation divide often whose sensibilities might be offended. back and forth their love for each other after their heated conversation. wendy saying, i loved our conversation. >> it's okay to disagree. >> yeah. >> i mean -- >> it's so personal. >> rob. >> taking your cue. >> there's no winning. >> i would love to hear from
8:16 am
you. i would love to hear what men think on this. i think we women were sort of talking about it but what do men think? do they feel embarrassed or shoes when they see it or -- >> i take the cue from the person who's breast-feeding. >> we have no idea what it's like to be a mother so it's impossible for us to be in your shoes so do what you need to do. >> this is why we love you two. thank you. >> you're a great moderator, lara. how you set the table. >> not only are we asking you guys we asked you at home is it okay to breast-feed in public. 62% of you said yes and 38% of you said no. >> there you have it. >> thank you, juju. amy back welcome back from iceland. we loved watching. we love learning so much about what is happening up there. but you had a lot of different things to talk about. you had to stay warm. >> yep. >> you had to stay safe. you couldn't fall into that sinkhole. >> that was the most important thing, george. >> you had to learn how to pronounce the names of those glaciers. >> it was a little tough. an understatement. i had a lot of help from many so
8:17 am
of our icelandic friends before i went ahead with those very -- i mean there are so many cons consonants consonants. i got help. take a look. >> all right. arnie, give me that pronouncer one more time. >> the glacier we're going to. >> yes. >> breioamerkurjokull. >> breioamerkurjokull. >> breioamerkurjokull. >> oh, my god, i'm never going to get it. >> breioo. >> amerkur. >> jokull. >> i'm not saying it perfectly right. >> breioamerkurjokull. >> easy. >> that was right before he climbed down that massive ice tunnel. he was such a good sport. breioamerkurjokull. >> you got it. >> you dit. >> eventually -- >> break it into little words. >> i said it a million times. by the way, that drone footage. how incredible was that, per
8:18 am
perspective perspective. we want to thank dgi. their expertise flying the drones brought it home to everybody watching and also something i wanted to share with you on our way to these massive beautiful glaciers we got a treat. look at this. icelandic horses i called them -- look at those cute ponies and was quickly correctly saying they aren't ponies. they're horses and so sweet and so friendly. and majestic right. they just came right up to us. there are farms all throughout iceland with these horses and just such a sight to take in. >> they are gorgeous. >> by the way, look how it's sunset. it's sunset for five hours straight. the skies are sweeping and beautiful. >> that's whey remember, the sun was always -- it was always light out, right? >> dark so right -- >> i knew it was something. >> a lot of vodka involved. >> what do you got? >> those images incredible to illustrate global warming. you did a great job. speaking of not being able to pronounce, mumble like -- ventura county. i got that one, ventura. huge waves.
8:19 am
still have big surf that will be rolling in for the next few hours. another storm coming in not today, thankfully a bit of a break but tomorrow significant rain from san francisco back to san diego. snows this morning in denver and salt lake city and severe weather across parts of the southeast. good morngnd welcom to neschannel 8. i'm melanie hastigs..... and t-g-ii-f everyone ... yes it is friday! january 8h. let's get sarted with the foecast. and jacqui it's >> all right. let's get it over to robin in the social square. >> oh i'm having a good time because i'm with my good friend tyler perry. pretty much owning cable tv with two hit shows on the oprah
8:20 am
winfrey network. "love thigh neighbor" and sneak peek at a new episode. >> david, sometimes we have to punish the people we love simply because we love them. believe me if i punish her, there will be no love involved whatsoever. >> i don't need to hear that. >> i need to hear you promise me that she will punished for this. >> i will not argue this with you. >> i'm telling you, welcome, material perry, here. >> thank you. >> good to have you back here. >> you look great. >> thank you. >> fantastic. >> you looking good. we'll talk about that. you don't have a dad bod. >> come on. i'm holding dad bod in right now. >> congratulations, tyler. i know how hard you work on the programs and to see how well received they are. why do you think they speak -- they resonate with so many. >> i've got the best audience in the world. mine is a lot like country music audience so faithful. they've been right there and premiered last tuesday to over 3 million viewers on network that's only four years old,
8:21 am
almost four years old. it's pretty incredible. >> but you also in "new york" magazine there was backlash and you addressed that and said you were kind of surprised that some people take offense to some of the characters especially in your flips. >> yeah. i was pretty taken aback for one is that i think everybody has a right to tell their story no matter who you are no matter where you come from and there's this section of our culture that decides who should speak and who shouldn't speak and who should have the right to tell their story and who shouldn't and i think everybody in this country should have the right to tell their story and be seen and be represented in television fairly so that's what my point of view. i write about the people that i. i write about the people i've seen growing up and these are real human beings. most of them don't have ph.d.s but their stories are still valuable and important. >> i think that's what touches with people. when you watch your work it's like you all -- everybody can see a little bit -- yes, exactly like that. it just hits home like that. you do your own writing, directing, all of that. i mean how are you able to do
8:22 am
all of that? >> i compartmentalize. when i sit down to write like i'll write 91 episodes myself. >> 91? >> 91. i have no writer's room. i sit and do it all myself and compartmental lyze and direct for a few weeks and write for a few weeks so it works well throughout the year. >> busy because, you know you have a beautiful 1-year-old son. i just saw the pictures. oh you should see his hair and all that. how has fatherhood changed you. >> in every way. every cliche is true and this kid is my healer because i look at myself in his eyes and everything that i'm finding about growing up and the things that went wrong in my life i get an opportunity to do them right for him so he's my healer. >> that's beautiful to say it like that. >> you're looking good. i know you've been posting pictures -- you said you're 18 pound as way. you said that before the holidays. >> i'm 24 pounds away now. i couldn't hold out but i'll get there. >> but i love how oprah is
8:23 am
saying this should be the year of our best bodies. >> i didn't get that way -- why are you doing this but talking to her about it i get it. the passion of just who she is and where she's come from and all that she's been through. she has something to say and i think that every person that joins her is going to really go on that journey and get there. i'll tell you right now she's doing awesome. honest. yeah and if i can't get these 23 pounds -- >> you'll hear. >> hey, what do i need to get on this weight watchers with you. >> last thing i want to talk to you about, this project i'm excited about. passion which is a live tv event that will be palm sunday in your hometown of new orleans, the last hours of jesus christ. can you tell people more about what this will be about. >> i'm so tremendously excited about and for fox doing it and i saw clips of one done in europe. unreal to see people of faith walking down the street holing this cross and speaking the message of what the life of christ was about and it is about love and compassion for
8:24 am
everyone. so to be a part of that and then finding out it was in my hometown of new orleans i had to be a part of it. >> iconic spots as madea would say. >> hallelujah. praise the lordt. with a "t." >> continued success in all you do. "the haves and have-nots" airs tuesday nights. >> with a "t." >> and "love thy neighbors" on ownt. lara. >> tyler, congratulations on the baby. coverage greats. always love having him. love getting into "pop news" and last night's season premiere of "lip sync battle." channing tatum took on his wife with an epic performance of "run the world" and the dance moves and the costume w "magic mike" had a secret
8:25 am
weapon. beyonce showed up. surprising the crowd, that's not fair to do to your own wife. i mean channing, that is not right. needless to say channing executed a flawless performance and took home the gold. >> pretty great. >> we want to say beyonce is a very busy girl. you heard us tease it robin kind enough to let me share it with you in "pop news." pepsi confirmed last night beyonce will be performing at the super bowl again. she never lets us down. she'll join coldplay on stage for the halftime show on february 7th. and there's a connection there. you may remember beyonce recently collaborated with her dear friend chris martin and coldplay on their album "a head full of dreams" which just came out. >> a great show. >> still little buzzy rumors about bruno mars. that would be a threesome. no kidding. we'll take just those two and be fantastic. a little funny for you on this friday. a cat with excellent feline
8:26 am
reflexes but not so great eyesight. see that thing dangling. >> ah. >> seems to be a little problem with depth perception. >> here comes a friend. >> yeah, he's trying to tell him, dude you're nowhere close to it. >> he's shadow boxing. >> getting ready -- directing it to come down. >> look at him. >> ain't happening, little fella. anyway, i wanted to share that with you. also wanted to say i'm heading off to l.a. to the golden globes we'll have our usual great coverage we always get a fabulous spot. kelly hagan, our producer extraordinaire gets us a great spot. every star, all the fashion more coming up on "gma." >> glam it up.
8:27 am
>> happy friday morning. we want to get an update ongoing the weather from jacqui jeras. >> reporter: we're going to see the patchy fog, drizzle and mist through the middle of the morning. dryer mid day and chance of showers by the drive home. temperature-wise, looking for highs in middle 40s. just a little bit above average. much warmer conditions move in for the weekend. best chance of rain overall is going to be saturday night into early sunday morning. dryer in the afternoon, but breezy. temperatures reach 60, then begin to plummet in late afternoon hours and much cooler temperatures, and maybe a few flurries for middle of next week. >> reporter: on the friday morning ride we definitely have that fog out there and it is damp for the ride but friday most of the capital beltway, we do see inner loop delays from the springfield delays past gallows road. headed into tyson's a good pace on the inner loop and outer
8:28 am
loops, especially into mongomery county, todays on the outer loop from 95 but not as heavy as usual. prince georges county, this is what you'll find at branch avenue on the way to the wilson street bridge but we have an accident in the local lanes through oxon hill. wack to you. >> anchor: thank you. top stories, this morning, the district department of transportation will discuss mayor muriel bowser's proposed vision zero -- excuse me. vision zero initiative to end serious and fatal traffic accidents. on to the proposal a ticket for spieding more than 25 miles per hour could cost $1,000. it is a $300 phone now. the mayor has not approved every ticket price. fans are getting ready for the playoffs at fed-ex field this weekend where the read skins will take on the packers that mean some adjustments on metro trains. normal weekend service
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ if i were a jolly blacksmith i would do all kind of locksmith stuff. i would hit the thing with the other thing ♪ ♪ till i made a different thing ♪ ♪ if i were a jolly blacksmith ♪ >> this is way too difficult. >> maybe try something easier. >> something super easy. ♪ if i were a "gma" anchor i would sit right here ♪ ♪ i could sit around like robin does and end here ♪ ♪ i would blah blah blah then i'd blah blah blah some more ♪ ♪ if i could just be like lara or amy i'd do that for sure ♪ >> oh. bravo. bravo. >> thank you. we blah blah blah all day long. >> they made me say those words. >> you didn't feel that
8:31 am
yourself. >> timothy, king richard on "galavant" performing that original "if i were a "gma" anchor." karen david places isabella on "galavant," as well. all right, so timothy, season two just premiered. you got picked up for the next season. >> thank you very much. we are overjoyed we get to do this again. >> what can we expect? >> well for richard personally he's now a king without a kingdom. he's lost his crown which we will find out this sunday when you watch and so for him it's all about this crisis of what's a king without subjects. >> sad songs we can expect. >> sad songs. >> karen, you play isabella princess of valencia. i hear in this week's episode an evil wedding planner poisons you. >> yes. yeah. he puts a spell on the tiara and it gets on my head and all of a sudden you see a very different isabella for season two. the feisty princess is still there but she's very heartbroken because of that medieval amulet skype connection. it happens during those times.
8:32 am
>> tell me about it. >> she got thege and thinks ss galavant has dumped her? when i watch at home i'm laughing hysterically. how do you get through scenes wiwithout cracking up? o or do you? >> no we don't. >> i mess up takes. >> especially with this one. my shoulders are going up and down and i'm paralyzed because i'm trying to hold it in. >> if you ever don't know sing blah blah blah and it sounds funny. timothy omundson and karen, thank you so much. two more episodes of "galavant" air at 8 p.m. 7:00 central on abc sunday. >> they are ready to go "the lion king" and "aladdin." now we've shown you that sing-off that happened at the airport last summer. they're ready to do it live. first i want to talk to adam jacobs from "aladdin." not only from "aladdin" but lion liebel. the only one that played both
8:33 am
roles. >> i played simba a few years ago and starring with "aladdin" on broadway. >> tell us about the sing-off. it went crazily viral. >> we were on the way to perform at this conference and stuck at the airport for six hours delayed. to pass the time we just started doing what we love to do and the audience got into it and, you know, it's been fantastic. but i should tell you, you know it looks like we're having this battle but the truth is there is no competition between us. we got nothing but love for each other here. you know although -- ? i'm not sure. >> color coordination. i should tell you, though we really enjoy being with each other and given the opportunity we would love to sing the songs from each other's show if ever given that chance. >> well you guys have the show. whenever you want it. >> we would love to sing a song from the show. ♪ >> oh, yeah. ♪
8:34 am
>> yes, genie. ♪ arabian nights like arabian days ♪ ♪ more often than not are hotter than hot in a lot of good ways ♪ ♪ >> except for the last two months this was completely un unrehearsed. ♪ hakuna matata what a wonderful phrase ain't no passing craze ♪ ♪ it means no worries for the rest of your days ♪ ♪ it's our problem free philosophy hakuna matata ♪
8:35 am
♪ oh my wah wah wah ♪ ♪ 40 thieves had a thousand tales well master you're in luck because up your leave you got it ♪ ♪ that's the power in your -- some heavy ammunition in your past ♪ ♪ ♪ you got some punch, pizza saar all you got to do is rub that lamp ♪ ♪ and i'll say mister aladdin sir have a wish or two or three i'm on the job you ain't never had a friend like me ♪ ♪ i can show you the world ♪
8:36 am
shining shimmering splendid ♪ ♪ tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide ♪ ♪ he's holding back he's hiding ♪ ♪ but what i can't decide ♪ ♪ won't he be the king i know he is the king i see inside ♪ ♪ a whole new world ♪ ♪ a new fantastic point of view ♪ ♪ no one to tell a soul or where to go ♪ ♪ or say we're always dreaming ♪ ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ ♪ a whole new world ♪ ♪ a dazzling place i never knew ♪ ♪ but when i'm way up here it's crystal clear ♪
8:37 am
♪ certainty ♪ ♪ i'm in a whole new world with you ♪ ♪ on the path unwinding ♪ ♪ in the circle the circle of life ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, guy, so much. that was so fantastic. "aladdin," "lion king" on stage right now. "aladdin" at the new amsterdam theatre. "lion king" at the menskoff theater. >> oh. ♪ it would be ♪ ♪ and in my dreams i still can taste it ♪ ♪ i wouldn't change a single thing ♪
8:38 am
♪ it was an awful kiss kind of a total miss ♪ ♪ clumsy and forced way too much teeth messy and wet ♪ >> get in there, right? ♪ it was a kiss i won't forget ♪ >> so it was good? >> no. [ cheers and applause ] karen, thank you, i think. let's take a look at some of the broadway themed towns we have forecast for you. across the country, broadway virginia, 41 degrees, dance bay, north carolina, 58. kinger maryland 42 and, of course, new york new york where broadway lives. hey, speaking of entertainment the golden enen globes in l.a. temperatures 61 degrees. should be dry. all right. that's a quick check.
8:39 am
>> this weathercast brought to you by uncle ben's rice. some lucky folks getting in from the cold. lara back over to you. >> thank you very much. rob, and what a great musical morning. now to another exciting event on the road to the super bowl espn has revealed their pick for the 2015 nfl kid correspondent and our aditi roy has details. >> reporter: she's a superstar in the making. >> she's into the end zone. >> reporter: and a die-hard 49ers football fan at just 11 years old marlo mostly is already making major plays both on and off the field. >> i love football. >> reporter: now she's hoping to inspire other kids to stay just as active.
8:40 am
>> it doesn't have to be a sport. it can be hula hooping, dancing or even jumping rope. >> reporter: she's among thousands of young football fans entered to win the nfl super bowl contest pledging to be active for 60 minutes every day hoping to score an adventure at the super bowl. she think she's one of three finalists but doesn't know she's about to win big. >> thank you. >> reporter: we tag along with her and her family to the 49ers levi's stadium in style. >> i can't believe i'm here. >> reporter: we have a surprise for marlo, an unexpected visitor. super bowl legend roger craig. >> what the heck. what! >> yes, i am. you're the winner. >> oh my god. >> reporter: named nfl kid correspondent getting 9 rolling of a lifetime as "gma's" special super bowl correspondent ready for her big debut. >> reporting from the home of super bowl 50 i'm marla moseley.
8:41 am
good morning america. >> she's a natural. great choice espn. the big nfl wild card game between the chiefs and texans is on espn tomorrow 4:20 p.m. eastern. coming up football star turned broadway star eddie george is with us live. yep. the man can do it all.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
everybody strike that heisman pose. for the next act in "gma the musical." nfl legend eddie george tackling broadway. you heard me. as fast talking lawyer billy flynn in "chicago," we'll talk to him in just a moment but first abc's lz granderson is taking us behind the scenes. can't wait to talk to you. >> eddie george. >> he's gone from hard-hitting moves on the football field. >> touchdown. >> reporter: to dancing light on his feet. former nfl icon eddie george is gearing up for his debut as billy flynn in "chicago" joining usher, billy ray cyrus and patrick swayze. >> i need to go through your resume. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> we know that you just got done teaching your first class at your alma mater ohio state university. >> uh-huh. >> then i walk over to talk to you for this interview and there's a billboard of you, you don't have your cleats on.
8:45 am
>> right, right. >> you're on freakin' broadway. how does that happen. >> honestly i'm blown away. it was definitely ten years in the making. it was through the arts that i was able to really find my voice after playing the game of football. ♪ i don't care about expensive things ♪ >> reporter: the former heisman trophy winner says his time on the turf has prepared him for this totally different spotlight. >> trusting your team. trusting everybody around you that they're going to be in the right place at the right time and that they're going to support you. >> reporter: he even tried to teach me some moves. >> five six, seven. ♪ give them the old razzle-dazzle ♪ ♪ oh ♪ ♪ oh ♪ >> but those high notes. ♪ oh ♪ >> i think your job is safe. >> reporter: for "good morning america," lz granderson abc news, new york. >> you're doing all right, lz. hey, eddie, it is so -- i'm so happy for you. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> explain how this happened.
8:46 am
>> when i left the game of football ten years ago in 2005 i was, you know in a transition where i wanted to find my next passion and i was able to do that and find peace within -- within the arts. got with my acting coaches in nashville, tennessee and maria, hello, watching probably right now and i got a role kept doing other plays, i did "top dog underdog." i did "othello." "julius caesar" and said if i'm going to do broadway i'd love to do "chicago" and auditioned for it so here we are. six-story billboard in times square just outside the window. >> exactly. >> it's amazing when you put something that you want to do out there in the universe to see how it will support you and manifest itself. >> very proud of you because we were just talking about how difficult it is period to make the transition from professional athlete to anything in the
8:47 am
world. >> you know i had a conversation last night actually about this very thing because you spend so much of your life focused on being a football player and really honing that craft and when that's over what's next? you really have to start from the beginning of a profession whether it's as an investment adviser or broker or entrepreneur or actor and really understand the roots of it. that's why i got into acting. i really started with reading scripts and, you know bedtime stories to my children i mean that's how you start and just kind of grew from there and i've really enjoyed it. >> didn't you do some opera? >> no no no no. no my wife is the singer in the family. >> oh okay. >> but i've learned by osmosis through her. that's why i kind of embraced the whole singing bit but i did "othello" in nashville, tennessee. >> shakespeare. >> shakespeare piece so that was pretty exciting and i said my next gig i would love to do something on broadway and here i
8:48 am
am. it's been an amazing journey to jump on this train because it's the longest running american musical in broadway history and these people they -- it's highly professional yeah. >> with the names as we see that have been a part of it and now eddie george is a part of it. thank you, deadly shootinguyou, eddie. you can see him at the ambassador theater starting this monday january 11th. about seven weeks you'll be there. >> seven weeks. check it out? see my face in the audience. our winner of our ultimate tailgating ch for the girl scout
8:49 am
meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lan victory lane. my giant.
8:50 am
♪rock guitar♪ we're back now with our ultimate tailgate challenge. we're just moments away reveal revealing -- we're a little competitive over here. >> i see. >> the competition was fierce and you can see the scoreboard. we had a three-way tie and we're doing a little rewriting.
8:51 am
i liked your dish amy. >> even though i had no idea how to prepare it thank you. >> rob, yours, as well. >> and lara you have the nachos. >> yes. >> strong contender. and we know that michael had his texas chili, that's a little different. no beans in that and then george you brought it all home. you brought it on home. okay so eddie george can you help me? >> don't pull a steve harvey here. >> here you go. >> so you at home you at home have voted and the winner is -- [ drum roll ] >> -- michael. >> i never. >> michael couldn't be here on the set. but you know you were a strong runner-up. >> thank you. michael, great job. it was delicious. george i loved yours too. >> i liked mine too but -- >> i know. >> delicious. >> have the winning --
8:52 am
>> you'll love this. >> let's do this. >> it was chuck -- >> chuck, it's chunky -- >> yeah. also no beans >> that's right. >> and we know the reason for that. yes, but, lara you were the runner-up. >> thank you, robin. >> we're shipping -- michael is a little busy so we'll ship the trophy to him so he'll have a great weekend. have a great day. winning dish at on yahoo! and alma mater, alabama/clemson. see it monday on espn. come on back. >> yay! [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by ford. we go further so you can. >> what a fun musical magical last half hour. >> yes. >> and the magic began this week, brand-new son for our beloved friend mara schiavocampo and her husband tommy. their little boy cruz everyone is doing great. congratulations, mara and your entire family. >> he came out fast. >> he did, ten minutes. almost uber driver delivered him. >> how about a big thanks to everyone here. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you.
8:56 am
>> have a great weekend, everyone. >> happy friday morning. we want to get an update on. the weather from jacqui jeras. >> reporter: we're going to see the patchy fog, drizzle and mist through the middle of the morning. dryer mid day and chance of showers by the drive home. temperature-wise, looking for highs in middle 40s. just a little bit above average.
8:57 am
much warmer conditions move in for the weekend. best chance of rain overall is going to be saturday night into early sunday morning. dryer in the afternoon, but breezy. temperatures reach 60, then begin to plummet in late afternoon hours and much cooler temperatures, and maybe a few flurries for middle of next week. >> reporter: we've had a few challengages with the fog and tampness. the good news, light volumes, interstate 95, northbound lanes moving at posted speed for the most part all the way to the capital beltway. once you pass the beltway northbound 395 you're moving at a good pace through landmark toward pentagon city a few delays toward the 14th street bridge. still dealing with foggy conditions. capital beltway through lanham outer loop delays to the -- book
8:58 am
to you melanie. >> anchor: thank you. now top stories. police are investigating a new threat at wood bridge high school. in a facebook message the system says the message written on a wall at the school threatened violence on a specific date next week. it says the school system can working with police to see if this is credible. and starting tonight, the volunteer patrol group guardian angels will patrol the red line in response to recent violence in metro. some of the members will dress casually, you can recog
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, actor, director writer and producer, tyler perry. plus we continue our "new year new you" series with dr. ian smith and the cleanse. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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