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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 12, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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this morning on "world news now," neck and neck. from bernie sanders and hillary clinton exchanging words to donald trump going after ted cruz. new challenges for both parties in iowa and new hampshire. caught on camera, the violent take-down of mexico's el chapo. new video showing the gun battle. new details about the drug lord's capture. >> and flu this half hour, drama on the streets. >> a police officer's dashcam capturing the scene of a man clinging to the hood of a car before it hits a squad car. the pictures and the explanation. >> and later on in "the skinny," awkward first dates "the bachelor" last night. our senior analyst is here with us with his insight and the exclusive kiss count on this tuesday, january 12th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." and good morning, everyone on this tuesday. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. very excited about "the bachelor" and to get the details on the kiss count because i just turned it on for like a half an hour. yeah, the kiss count was very, very busy might have broken last night during that half hour period. >> you love your bachelor, don't you? >> yes our analyst is there getting everything prepped. we do want to talk about people who -- talk about what's being billed as the first major event of the 2016 political year. that happened last night in des moines, iowa. >> the brown and black presidential forum at drake university hosted by our sister station fusion had the three democratic candidates appearing on stage separately all answering questions about education, criminal justice, health and the economy. t the discussion eventually focused on the race itself. >> anybody can win. i mean, this is -- who would have thought donald trump would be leading in national polls.
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i mean for those of you ever thought about running for president, take heart. i mean -- >> it could be that the inevitable candidate for the democratic nomination may not be so inevitable today. >> oh. them be fighting words. >> fighting words from vermont senator bernie sanders. sounding increasingly optimistic. that optimism apparently well placed. >> yeah, hillary clinton is increasingly fighting to hold on to her lead in iowa where she and sanders are now actually in a statistical tie and in new hampshire, of course, she's fallen behind sanders by four points. abc's bazi kanani with more. >> reporter: hillary clinton under pressure in iowa now going directly after surging democratic competitor bernie sanders. >> there's no way if you do the arithmetic how to pay for what he has proposed without raising taxes on the middle class. >> reporter: just three weeks before the first caucus, the latest poll shows sanders in a
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statistical tie with clinton in iowa and in new hampshire, the second state to vote sanders now holds a slight lead. >> i feel really good where we are but i'm not taking anything for granted. >> reporter: sanders says clinton he's attacks are proof she's nervous. >> that is not surprising when you have a clinton campaign that is now in trouble and now understands that they can lose. >> reporter: on the republican side, another front-runner is facing the heat. donald trump turns to retail politics for the first time. >> sorry, folks, to bother you. >> reporter: campaigning at a local diner in new hampshire, trump admits it's not his style. >> the reason the other people do the small diners is because they can't get anybody to show up. >> reporter: ted cruz is right at his heels while trump hits hard against cruz for being born in canada, questioning whether he can legally be president, cruz is predicting a victory. >> we will win the general election in november, 2016, and beat hillary clinton.
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>> reporter: that birther issue for cruz is not going away anytime soon. the republican governor has -- of iowa has now chiped in saying it is a fair question. reena, kendis. >> some 19 days till the caucuses get under way in iowa. tonight president obama delivers his final state of the union address and he promises it will be different. in this youtube video, the president explains he won't just recall his past success and outline goals for the year ahead. instead he will focus on the big things that all americans need to do to make the country great. also, for the first time, the speech will unfold on snapchat. >> make the country great but not great again. >> great again. the key. want to make sure you get the phrases right. an attack by isis killed at least 18 people at a mall in baghdad. the terror group says attackers targeted an area where many shiite muslims were known to gather and isis warned that a worse attack is yet to come.
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at least four officers were killed in the assault which lasted nearly two hours. >> we're getting our first look at one of the world's most wanted men now back in custody in mexico. notorious drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman is awaiting extradition to the u.s. the release of this new mugshot comes as we get a closer look at the raid that led to his recapture. abc's matt gutman has the latest from mexico. >> reporter: it's almost 5:00 a.m. mexican marines closing in on el chapo. the moment the safehouse door busts open, that gunfire. inside this squad of bodyguards. one marine hit in the arm. another marine butting the pin on a grenade, tossing it inside. the explosion shakes the house. the marines move in through the smoke, climb the stairs, search the top floors. the shootout killing five of el chapo's men, but no sign of the narco. it was a hollywood handshake that helped lead to the raid. that image documenting oscar
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winner sean penn's clandestine interview with the drug lord for "rolling stone" magazine. mexican soap opera star kate del castillo making the introduction. authorities reportedly tracking their every move as they arrived together in mexico, even taking these surveillance images obtained by a mexican paper. the two stars apparently taking this plane to el chapo's jungle hideout. the kingpin hoping del castillo would make a bio-pic about his life, starting with this video. [ speaking foreign language ] el chapo telling penn he's unrepentant about being a drug lord. he says there's no other way to survive. penn telling reporters he has nothing to hide. that safehouse showing battle scars. the marines ransacking it, searching for the narco. and right through here is this trapdoor. this is the secret passageway and doorway that leads to the tunnel down there. authorities finally tracking him down in a stolen car, then taking this picture as proof. el chapo is now in a super max
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prison that's been fortified so he doesn't escape again as he awaits extradition to the u.s. but officials are telling us that could take over a year. matt gutman abc news, los mochis, mexico. >> one influential government tack force finalized new breast cancer screening guidelines. it recommends that women between ages 50 and 74 get mammograms every other year and the task force says women between 40 and 49 should make the decision based on how they view the benefits and harms. as always, you've got to consult your doctor. >> so this might seem like an obvious, but consuming sugary drinks leads to big bellies. yeah there are people who worked on a study on this. this is what a new study says. there may not be any weight gain associated but just more belly fat. that fat is the most dangerous because it wraps around internal organs and raises the risk of heart attack and stroke. a daily sugary drink resulted in an average of 30% more fat over six years. >> we're not going to discuss what a daily sugary cupcake will do.
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>> man, you might as well give up at that point but diet soda's not that bad an apparently. the ringling brothers circus will retire its elephants in may, a year earlier than planned. 11 animals are on tour right now but so many cities and counties have passed anti-circus laws out of concern for mistreatment that the company found it couldn't arrange tours for their traveling circuses to 115 cities. the elephants will now join 29 others at a conservation center in florida. okay. so you can make art out of anything you know, and brian owens is proof of that. he makes portraits out of salt. including this one of actor morgan freeman. >> wow, look at that. >> look at that. he uses a playing card and a small brush to direct the salt around and create areas of light and dark. >> that is fantastic. brian says that he takes lots of pictures as he works and compares them side by side with the original and he chose morgan freeman because he's one of his
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favorite actors and also because he has so many recognizable features like his freckles and hair. that's prim esive. >> very nice job there, young man. coming up in "the skinny," the awkward first date on "the bachelor" last night. our senior analyst is here to put it all in perspective. >> also in "the skinny," celebrity tributes for the unforgettable david bowie. from former performers to close friends. >> and the mother of the affluenza teen, her complaints about jail and when she'll be released after today's forecast map. just 4 degrees today in minneapolis and speaking of which, today's rush limbaugh's birthday. >> what does that have to do with minneapolis? >> absolutely nothing. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by resolve. ow" weather, brought to you by resolve. ♪ (ugh.) ♪ does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it resolve it.
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>> two suburban detroit police officers became part of the action themselves as they responded to a domestic violence call. take a look. their cruiser rammed by a car with a half-dressed man hanging onto the hood. just a typical day if the suburbs there. he flew off the hood upon impact. apparently it was a fight between two brothers that had spilled out into the street. >> the officer inquires as to why would you drive down the street with a person on the hood of your car endangering him and he responds simply, i just wanted to scare him. >> okay. >> it's got to be the older sibling behind the wheel and the younger one on the hood. >> probably something along those lines. get this though. the driver tried to blame the police officers for the fender-bender. one brother is facing domestic violence charges the other with reckless driving charges. >> there are new developments in the so-called affluenza teen.
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ethan couch's mom tonya in a texas court yesterday. her bond sharply reduced. >> last night she posted bond and is set to be released today but must wear a monitoring device. abc's lauren lyster is following the new developments. >> reporter: tonya couch appearing in court, a judge sharply reducing her bond from $1 million to $75,000. >> frankly, judge, i just don't believe everything that happened today that it should be a million dollars. >> reporter: she's charged with hindering the apprehension of a if he lon, her 18-year-old son ethan couch known as the afrlz teen. he pleaded guilty in 2013 to killing four people at a drunk driving crash. the mother/son pair took off from texas in early december in tonya's truck bound for mexico, staying at this resort and partying at this strip joint where staffers tell abc news, ethan racked up a $1,000 tab he couldn't pay. authorities finally catching up with them on this street. tonya was brought back to texas last week. the sheriff himself hauling her
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to lockup and accompanying her to court. >> she expressed a slight bit of displeasure about her accommodations and i explained to her that this was a jail, not a resort. >> reporter: her lawyer objecting to the special treatment. >> i don't think he's had any contact with anyone who's been arrested ever. >> reporter: ethan couch remains in a mexico city detention facility. he's been fighting deportation back to texas for violating his probation. and monday, mothers against drunk driving launched a petition demanding ethan couch's case be moved from juvenile to adult court. believing this is part of doing everything possible to hold him accountable. lauren lyster abc news, los angeles. reena, kendis. >> thank you so much. coming up, the surprising engagement announcement for a pair no strangers to marriage. >> reporter: and things kick into high gear on "the bachelor." our analyst weighs in next on the "skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our tt2wút2núqt"
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it all down, our very own senior bachelor analyst, jack sheehan. welcome back. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> i didn't think i was going to make it back but here we go. reena, you weren't here last week and kendis said, hopefully, ben could improve on the kiss count. >> he was a little slow. >> well, let's say this. he improved on the kiss count. roll that beautiful bachelor footage. 21 women started this episode. we started bachelor high. there's ben. this is a group date. ten women. they did some corny competitions. science stuff. this was a little weak to be quite honest. they shot some hoops. it was big-time brick city. you get the idea. the whole thing ended up on the track. mandi wins a foot race. she's the homecoming queen. she gets a crown. big deal. more importantly, jo jo who was also on the date gets the rose. moving along, the one-on-one date, kevin hart and ice cube
3:49 am
were brought in. >> what? >> for a little assistance on planning the date. they wound up in a hot tub in a hot tub store. this is caila and ben. they also had, they also had some one-on-one time a bit later, a private concert, a nice date. two very nice people. caila gets the rose. then one of the more bizarre dates in bachelor history, this is at what they call the love lab. and ben was smelling the women. >> what? >> no, come on. >> smelling the women. an olfactory medley of women. >> smem -- smelling them? >> he called one of them flowery. one of them had a fruit aroma. very sweet. one was more sour. speaking of sour, this is olivia here on the bed. >> oh. >> i think olivia thinks she's got this thing all wrapped up already. frankly, the analyst thinks she's irritating. she's annoying. she's got this huge mouth. it's unbelievable. i mean, this one's got to go.
3:50 am
hopefully she's out of there pretty soon. >> but ben liked it. >> then they had a rose ceremony. >> yes. >> so everything went pretty smoothly until one of the laurens, we've been weeding them out, lb. >> many laurens. >> lb decided that she was out of here. >> on her own. >> she walked out. she is gone. >> what was the straw that broke -- >> she just wasn't cut out for it. so so much for that. there were no roses last night for samantha who had the sour smell so she's taking her sour smell home. >> mandi the homecoming queen who won the foot race, forget it, she's gone. >> she's gone? >> she's gone and jackie, we never knew her anyway. she's out of here. kiss count, kendis. >> let's do it. >> kiss count. roll it. roll it. >> oh, no. >> the kiss count stops at seven. >> wow. >> i'll tell you right now. >> lucky seven. >> he was scoring touchdowns like alabama and clemson were last night. >> nice.
3:51 am
>> 17 women remain in this competition. the analyst is out. >> isn't it too early? okay. all right. too early for touchdowns in the season. >> seven kisses and then boom. >> speaking of touchdowns for some people, quick headline. >> yeah quick headline from the "skinny" now apparently off the mark. another bachelor. billionaire ruppert murdoch. >> and the lucky lady former model jeri hall. the announcement appears in the times of london this morning which is one of the many publications owned by murdoch. the 9-year-old executive chairman of news corp. >> this will be his fourth marriage. and 59-year-old hall's second. her first husband, of course, mick jagger. >> we've learned an interesting tidbit about patriots quarterback tom brady. >> yes he's never done something that millions of americans look to for survival. drink a cup of coffee. he said so on a boston radio show yesterday. sure it's believable he wouldn't need it now, but never throughout his life? that's what everyone is having a hard time believing. > he doesn't need caffeine.
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♪ a career really spanning six decades. unbelievable when you think about that. incredible 28 studio albums and influence beyond any measure. this is the final farewell from the incomparable david bowie. >> it's the last song on the album "black star" released just days ago. it's called "i can't give erything away." it's proof that he was truly an artist to the very end, not letting the public know of his 18-month long battle with cancer until he passed on sunday and
3:56 am
putting every ounce of his soul into his music. >> he leaves behind his wife of 23 years, former super model i man. here they are as they announced their engagement in london in 1991. they do have a daughter together, lexie. she's 15 years bowie also leaves behind a son from a previous marriage to filmmaker duncan jones who is 44 years old. >> among the many tributes is one from yoko own know the wife of the late john lennon who was a collaborator and friend of bowie's posting to social media her memories of david stepping in after john's murder and looking out for her son shawn as a father figure. >> speaking of the beatles paul mccartney here they are back in 1985 at the live aid concert in london. they look so young there. mccartney shared his thoughts on bowie's passing. i'm going to quote it here for you. "i will always remember the great laughs we had through the years. his star will shine in the sky forever." >> and besides his music, fans remembered all the little things that made david bowie so
3:57 am
enigmatic like this mugshot from 1976 known as one of the coolest mugshot inside history. >> it really was. >> he was arrested at ross chester, a new york hotel for marijuana possession. >> someone else arrested with bowie in that incident, iggy pop, the godfather of punk rock and one of the many influential artists who was influenced by bowie. they collaborated together with iggy cowriting the song "tonight" from bowie's 1984 album of the same name. >> bowie's performance of that song with tina turner, the lyrics holding even deeper meaning now. ♪ ♪ i will love you till i reach the end ♪ >> and there are many fans who are paying tribute all over the world with memorials popping up everywhere. a testament to the many lives of david bowie. >> they say this album was in many ways a gift to all of his fans.
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making news in america this morning, democratic rivalry. hillary clinton, bernie sanders on stage throwing jabs at each other overnight as donald trump makes a late night appearance. wicked weather. bitter cold well below zero in some areas right now plus people in parts of the northeast getting their first taste of snow. medicine recall. a children's cough syrup pulled from store shelves. the manufacturing mistake that could lead to an overdose. national champions. alabama/clemson, the classic game in the desert coming down to the final minutes. well good tours morning. we begin with breaking news out of


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