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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 13, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now" -- making history on capitol hill. >> president obama's final state of the union address. his accomplishments, his hopes for the future, and failures of the past. last night's message and new reaction overnight. we are live on capitol hill. military tension in iran. the ten american sailors detained after their boat ran into trouble. the breaking developments overnight from the persian gulf. moving to california. big news for football fans in los angeles as the st. louis rams are returning west. but how soon? and the challenges as yet another team may join them. and later, the state of the union audience, caught in the act of being themselves and not necessarily paying attention to the president's every word. that's in "the mix" on this wednesday january 13th.
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>> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." and we do say good wednesday morning to you, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. well, he said it was going to be a shorter state of the union. >> yeah. >> it's almost an hour. that's not short in my book. >> well, it's short compared to bill clinton's one that would run two hours. but yeah, they did keep the applause lines down and he did keep the policy initiatives -- >> and some funny moments, kendis. i thought he had some funny lines and there were some funny unintended moments we're going to talk about later this half hour. >> it was an interesting night. kind of a sad night for many people to see the president go out. >> his eighth and final state of the union address. >> yeah. and that's where we're going to get started right now because in a lot of ways he sounded less legislative and with a to-do list and more shall we say like valedictory farewell. the president, he did outline an ambitious future for america but warned it cannot happen in our current culture of divisive politics. >> and abc's bazi kanani joins
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us from capitol hill. bazi, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, reena. good morning, kendis. the president did briefly lay out his legislative goals for the year ahead but his message was mostly focused not so much on lawmakers in the chie chambe at voters in the audience at home. >> the president of the united states! >> reporter: making his way up the house chamber aisle for his last state of the union address, president obama called for more civility in politics. >> how can we make our politics reflect what's best in us and not what's worst? >> reporter: flanked by his vice president and for the first time by new house speaker paul ryan, president obama focused his message on the future, saying the country must figure out how to adjust to a changing economy, to tackle climate change and to fight terrorism. >> if this congress is serious about winning this war and wants to send a message to our troops and the world, authorize the use of military force against isil.
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take a vote. >> reporter: but republicans challenged the president. >> the president's record has often fallen far short of his soaring words. >> reporter: gop response from south carolina governor nikki haley also included a swipe at donald trump. >> it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> reporter: it was among the points of agreement. the president also referencing the heated rhetoric in the campaign for his successor. >> we need to reject any politics, any politics that targets people because of race or religion. this is not a matter of political correctness. >> reporter: the president joked that he would keep his speech short because there were presidential candidates in the audience eager to get back to iowa. later today the president departs for his post-state of the union tour, including stops in nebraska and louisiana. reena, kendis? >> yeah, i thought that was a really funny moment when the president said that. you know, it is a big moment for people like governor nikki haley giving the response.
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bill clinton did it. we know senator marco rubio did it. how did nikki haley do? she's been talked about as being a potential vp candidate. >> reporter: well, the reaction to her address depends on which side of the republican divide you ask. speaker ryan, other republican leaders are commending her for her performance. on the other hand, donald trump supporters and several republican pundits are not so happy about her speech. they didn't like that veiled dig at trump. ann coulter, for example, tweeted that trump should deport her. pretty harsh. >> all right. thank you. thank you, bazi kanani there on capitol hill. >> and stay with abc news as we get more reaction to last night's address. we'll bring you some of the lighter moments, as i mentioned, later this half hour. but we want to get to our other major story this morning. a confrontation between the u.s. and iran in the persian gulf. ten u.s. sailors and their two small boats were detained by iran when one of the boats became disabled and drifted into iranian waters. now, iran held them overnight
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but promised to release them at daylight, which is already here. the sailors were on a training mission traveling south from kuwait to bahrain when the incident took place. staying in that general region, we're getting some new details. that deadly isis bombing in turkey. eight german visitors were among the victims in an assault on istanbul's tourist district. it's the first time isis has targeted turkey's vital tourist intsds industry. the state department condemned the attack and said the u.s. is committed to working with turkey against isis. well, the fbi investigating a major security lapse. a u.s. intelligence official is confirming that online personal accounts linked directly to the director of national intelligence james clapper have been hacked. this comes just months after reports someone was hacking cia director john brennan's personal e-mail. a teenage hacker claims responsibility for both the attacks. a conservative watchdog group has scored another victory over hillary clinton. the state department has yielded
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to a lawsuit by judicial watch and they will review 29,000 pages of e-mails from top clinton adviser huma abedin. batches of those e-mails will be released every month until april of 2017. judicial watch is looking to see if abedin's e-mails include information that clinton might have withheld by using a private server. >> speaking of hillary clinton, she's fallen behind on the campaign trail as well. new hampshire has always been strong for bernie sanders but now a new poll showing he's pulling ahead in iowa as well. with less than three weeks before voters there meet to caucus. and it is crunch time for the republicans also. here's abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: on the campaign trail hillary clinton with a reality check. >> we're getting into that period before the caucus that i kind of call the let's get real period. >> reporter: the presumed democratic front-runner is fighting to stay on top. according to a new poll, senator bernie sanders has a slighteaead
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in iowa for the first time. >> could be that the inevitable candidate for the democratic nomination may not be so inevitable today. >> reporter: another clinton making her way around new hampshire, home of the first primary. chelsea making her first solo campaign stop. >> senator sanders wants to dismantle obamacare, dismantle the chip program. >> reporter: also in the granite state, republican hopeful ted cruz facing off against protesters not once -- >> sir. who are you? >> reporter: but twice. >> hey, hey, this is not your stage. >> reporter: cruz lags far behind donald trump in new hampshire. they're in a dead heat in iowa, where trump campaigned. >> iowa. i love iowa. >> reporter: trump sending a warning to rivals on television too ahead of the next gop primetime debate thursday, saying if anyone attacks he'll hit back five times harder. reena and kendis. >> lauren, thank you so much. interstate 74 west of cincinnati is open again after a chain reaction pileup at the
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indiana-ohio line. it involved about 40 vehicles in a half-mile stretch of the highway. snow and blustery winds created blinding conditions. there were actually two pile-ups both in the westbound lanes. altogether nine injuries were reported, none life-threatening. the storm system is bringing snow and arctic cold to the northeast. here's paul williams at accuweather. hey there, paul. >> thanks, reena, kendis. that same alberta clipper is now moving very steadily toward the northeast but still will drop a little of its magic so to speak throughout portions of maine specifically with the heaviest of snow hitting bangor and at the very least light accumulation throughout portland and reaching down toward the boston area. but that's not all. it's the chill in the air that's really going to overtake the northeast and the ohio valley region. we're looking at the wind chill factor to hover in the teens and below zero most areas with that stiff wind coming across the great lakes. kendis? reena? >> our thanks to paul williams there at accuweather. this is big news. nfl football is coming back to
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los angeles. the st. louis rams, who left 21 years ago, moving back this summer. and the san diego charge years, they may relocation as well. the oakland raiders, however, are staying in the bay area. they can only move to l.a. if the chargers do not. st. louis leaders say they are bitterly disappointed the nfl ignored the loyalty of fans there. >> relocation is a painful process. it's painful for the fans, for communities, for the teams, for the league in general. stability is something we've taken a great deal of pride in. >> okay. so the rams and chargers will each have to pay a hefty relocation fee to the nfl. a reported more than half a billion dollars. but it's not definite the chargers will move up there yet. it may depend on whether san diego builds a new stadium. the rams will open their new stadium in inglewood in 2019. where they're going to play until that point is still not decided. >> isn't it incredible it's been two decades since l.a. has had a
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team? >> yeah. and you've been following this nonstop. of course with reena -- sports with reena. what's your analysis on why it's beneficial for the rams to move there, you know, given the sort of offense and defense they have? >> well, you know, they were once in l.a. they're just coming home. >> they're just returning. >> they're just coming home. that's my analysis. you thought you were going to get me on that. almost did. the powerball jackpot just keeps growing ahead of tonight's drawing. now it stands at $1.5 billion. and the crew here is upset that i didn't go in on the pool. i said don't go in the pool, buy yourself your own ticket. >> the pool is popular. you've got to do it. >> it's going to cause disruption on the floor, i think. if one person wins and -- anyway. that's my take. >> by the way, that kind of cash has a large number of canadians crossing the border to buy tickets. there's good reason for that. for everyone to play. our friends at 538 blog saying they're really experts on stats, they're saying that 97% chance of at least one winner this time around. >> just one. >> 97% chance. and why it's beneficial for the
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canadians really quickly is they don't have to pay as much tax as we do. >> oh. >> on winnings. >> all right. so maybe i should go in with a canadian, is that what you're saying? not our crew? >> be a canadian. yes, exactly. coming up in "the mix," the vivid yellow dress the first lady wore to the state of the union address. how much it cost and can you buy one? >> look forward to hearing that. and also looking for bargains while shopping for groceries online. the big business of delivering fresh food to your door. which service is best for you? and new details about el chapo's takedown and hideout in mexico and sean penn's "rolling stone" article. >> and don't forget, folks, find us on facebook, we love hearing from you. also on twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." (ugh.) ♪ does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it, resolve it. our formula with a special conditioning ingredient, softens your carpet with every use.
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fire crews in east oakland, california working to free a worker trapped in a sewer line. officials say there was not enough shoring around the opening when the plumber went down into the hole. the cave-in buried him to his chest. we're going to turn now to that stunning video from inside the takedown of el chapo. of course the notorious drug lord responsible for a quarter of the drugs coming to the u.s. >> and his meeting with sean penn revealing much about the kingpin. abc's matt gutman in mexico with more on that and how el chapo was caught. >> reporter: the beginning of the end for el chapo. last october mexican marines wearing body cameras descending in helicopters on his mountain hideout.
3:16 am
just a day after joaquin el chapo guzman mugged for the camera with sean penn. in this video you see the marines burst in this hut. there's a twin bed, wi-fi, even his colorful silk shirts were there. but no el chapo. for three months the marines circles, tracking penn and soap opera star kate del castillo and their negotiations for this video. an el chapo testimonial published on "rolling stone's" website saying the drug war will never end. but for el chapo it did end with a bang. mexican marines firing, lobbing grenades. [ explosion ] this is where some of the most ferocious of the fighting took place. in the narco's bedroom. interesting assortment of things on the couch including bandages and some syringes right here and a little bit of marijuana. >> reporter: and on his bed. >> that is kate del castillo's show. >> reporter: it would take five more hours for the marines to catch him. >> this is the secret passageway and doorway that leads to the tunnel down there. >> he had to crawl under that to get over there.
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>> reporter: and he's in even more spare accommodations in jail. his new prison mug shot showing his hair and mustache shaven off. matt gutman, abc news, mexico city. well, coming up in our next half hour, the myth of the munchies. researchers actually looking at the correlation between marijuana users and good health. >> oh, come on. what about the funions? >> including weight loss, by the way. the surprising evidence ahead. but first, ordering your groceries online. the convenience can't be beat. but what are you really paying for it? see which services do best in our test run. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ i'm gonna pop some tags ♪ only got $20 in my pocket ♪ i'm hunting rook looking for a come-up ♪ ♪ this is awesome i'm just so glad that there's the radio edit.
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>> oh. i had to think of that. i sure hope the radio edit kicked in. >> this is awesome. yes. >> well, if you don't actually like going to the store to buy the things you need then you're living in the right age. >> yes. there are more options than ever, especially when it comes to ordering your groceries online. but we wanted to see how the prices actually stack up. abc's rebecca jarvis tries it out. >> reporter: it's breakfast time at my house, and the deliveries are coming in. >> thank you. >> reporter: to see how different online grocery services stack up we placed orders for the exact same breakfast items from four different companies at the exact same time. peapod, fresh direct, amazon fresh, the market leaders, and startup instacart. consumer savings expert lisa lee freeman with me to break down our buys. >> you can really compare prices with these sites. >> you can very easily find out who's got the left deals. >> reporter: check it out. on this particular day we find four different prices for the same box of cheerios.
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amazon fresh, $3.54. peapod, $4.79. instacart, $5.49. and fresh direct, $5.99. a difference of more than $2 between the lowest and highest price. and for these paper towels, a difference of nearly $4 between the lowest and highest price. on our particular shopping day the prices on most of our choices at amazon fresh were generally the lowest and fresh direct's generally the highest. fresh direct told us, "our focus is on high-quality fresh food and solutions and we offer approximately 500 grocery deals per week." but with online grocery shopping you pay for more than just the cost of the items. >> with amazon you're going to pay a $299 annual membership fee. now, that includes your prime. but you've really got to think about whether you're going to use the service enough to make it worthwhile. >> reporter: while the other services don't require a membership like amazon, they do charge delivery fees.
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lisa also points out with online services you may not be able to get the in-store sale price. instacart charged us $4.49 for this loaf of bread, but when we checked in the store the price was $2.99. instacart told us retailers may choose to offer some promotions only in store and other promotions only on instacart. >> it's going to be different for everyone's shopping list. >> reporter: freeman says to save money compare prices to your local grocery store and try a free trial of the service. that's what we did with amazon fresh. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> rebecca, you lost me at 299 membership fee. >> i'm wondering if you get a discount if you have amazon prime. but i mean -- >> 299? >> that's your biggest workout every day, isn't it, though, when you're lifting all your groceries? >> oh, yes. you know those canned tomatoes, they help with those biceps. >> that's looking like spam. >> spam? >> yeah. >> do you like spam? >> who doesn't like spam? >> you can come over for dinner.
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this has been medifacts for delsym®. ♪ okay. so the state of the union was last night. want to play a little game of caption contest. >> okay. >> some images was going on last night. nancy pelosi here. >> who knew she had an apple watch, huh? >> i think she's waiting for her order to come in. >> he was paul ryan's guest. >> little 4-year-old. he was very cute. this kid is tired of applauding. bernie sanders is, well -- >> taking out the chinese menu. >> yeah. >> takeout. >> and then there was this guy on his ipad who was playing words with friends, no doubt. you have some various people who are on their devices throughout the speech. it was a shorter speech. it was about an hour.
3:26 am
that woman, whose flower just overtook her entire dress, was checking out her nails. saw a little side eye there. >> don't you think this could be an indication that the state of the union is on too late at night for a large percentage of people in congress? it should be like at 5:00, an early bird special in florida. >> the state of the union is strong but it's boring is what they're saying. >> but you know someone who was not boring and looked pretty stunning in my book, michelle obama. everybody wanted to know, who made that dress. we found out overnight it was narciso rodriguez. this is called a marigold dress. it is a yellow-orange wool crepe dress. and everybody -- i think she really captivated the twitter world. one comedian said that first lady michelle obama looked like a delicious piece of orange starburst. >> yeah, she does. and i know it's against the president's policy right now, but she brought the guns out. >> oh. it took me a second there. a little bit slow on that one. you know, she wore narciso
3:27 am
rodriguez the 2008 election night. that was also the designer who did the dress that night too. but stunning. >> stunning dress indeed. young men are always trying to impress the ladies somehow, and this toddler here, he also was trying to impress the ladies. so he decided to get his swoll on there at the gym. you've got to find out why. take a listen. >> stronger so i can -- >> so you can what? >> show -- so i can be her best friend. so that she won't have to be rude to me all day. a lot stronger -- >> he's trying to be big and strong in order to be best friends with an older girl, brody is saying. brody lee smith. it's what we all try to do, brody. keep trying. see if it works. >> oh, brody, you are too cute. steph curry, he's got this warm-up routine. take a look. we said don't try it. here's a kid who ended up trying it. >> it's got to be the shoes. >> he has it.
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come on,
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this morning on "world news now" -- sailors detained. the ten americans on navy patrol boats taken into custody by iran. the breaking developments overnight. historic address. president obama looks to the future as he makes his last state of the union address. his message to the next president and both parties in congress. we're live on capitol hill. and new this half hour, can pot help you lose weight? >> the latest research into marijuana users and the munchies. does getting high necessarily lead to pigging out? and later in "the skinny," drama in the skies. khloe kardashian's flight to new york to appear on "gma." did her emergency landing turn into reality tv? it's wednesday january 13th. >> announcer: from abc news,


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