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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 15, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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twitter for giving isis a voice, the lawsuit indicates twitter also allowed isis to raise money and attract recruits. at the time of the attack in jordan, the lawsuit says isis had about 70,000 accounts and was post agaverage of 0 tweets per minute. >> the city of chicago reversed itself and released video showing another police shooting. once again, it is a white police officer, a black teenage victim. it's not certain the video helps answer key questions. alex perez reports. >> reporter: that newly released surveillance footage shows two officers chasing 17-year-old cedrick chatman. an officer darts in the middle of the street and opens fire. chatman, already running out of the frame, but another camera captures the scene. chatman, a carjacking suspect, is struck twice. an officer later can be seen handcuffing the teen and stepping on him. chatman died from his injuries. chatman's family filing a wrongful death lawsuit. >> it's less than ten seconds and he's lying on the street, mortally wounded. >> reporter: in a statement, an attorney for the officers, kevin
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fry and lou toth, calls the shooting "justified." and argues officer fry opened fire after chatman pointed a "dark object" at them. a black iphone box was recovered on chatman, but no weapon. >> we've had enough. our voices are going to be heard. our young people are going to be on the street. and we want justice. >> reporter: and prosecutors did review the case but determined criminal charges against the officers were not warrant bpd alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> parts of the northeast are bracing for a nor'easter this weekend and some have already gotten a taste of what may come. lake-effect snow made for a treacherous commute around watertown new york last night, my first tv market where visibility was down to less than a quarter of a mile at times. >> let's look at today's forecast. mild with rain in much of the northeast. the coldest air of the season freezes midwest. mountain snow in the rockies and
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cascades. up to 3 inches of rain in the carolinas. >> it is 20s in our good old place in great falls, montana and minneapolis, as well. 30s in denver and chicago. 40s and 50s in new york city, atlanta and seattle. 60s and 70s in phoenix, dallas and miami and looking outside the window, it may not seem like harvesttime but in northern new york and new england, it's time to gather grapes for ice wine. >> it's running a little late this year. the temperature has to be below 17 degrees. it's been a little too warm this month. last month the sub freezing temperature concentrates the sugar for this dessert wine. >> the ventnors describe it as like pears or honey, but we'll have to wait till the summer before it's ready to be served chilled we assume. >> ice wine is actually sweeter than normal wine. 38% sugar versus the usual 22% for white wine. it's also more expensive. >> correct me if i'm wrong, i
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think the alcohol is also higher. alcohol content in it is also higher. >> i don't know why we don't have it on set this morning. actually i do know why now. >> we don't need that sugar high. coming up in the "insomniac theater," a comedy. >> a woman's finger cut off growing back thanks to futuristic medicine. >> lan later, remembering celine deion's husband and her mentor who transformed her from a teenager with dreams to a pop music icon. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. sage for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate can never increase
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94% of fatal accidents caused by human error. it's a big issue for moms and dads who have to do drop off for kids all the time. >> if you have chrysler denying allegations it encourages dealer to to talsly report sales. one of the deal recent which operates in florida and illinois, nepalton says fiat chrysler used strong arm tactics on dealers to make its sales seem better than they are actually are. automaker reported sales increases for 69 consecutive months. now even vegans can drive cutting edge trendy automobiles. the tes las says the interior of its crossover is synthetic leather. the all black choice used to be the only choice for strict vegetarians. >> whew. >> i'm going to sleep better tonight. >> sounds like something straight out of a science
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fiction movie. patients growing your skin, muscles and even bones. >> kind of interesting. thanks to innovations in stem cell research an athlete in south florida used pig cells to get back into the game. christie kruger from our miami station with the story. >> reporter: 22-year-old caila ogle has been playing softball as long as she can remember. but the university senior thought her days as a center fielder were over after her middle finger on her throwing hand got caught in a door. >> there was just blood going down my hand. blood was just all over my shirt. i looked down, there was blood all over the floor and my finger was on the floor. >> reporter: she can smile about it now. instead of losing part of her finger, dr. david helped her grow a new one. the amazing medical break through all begins with pigs. >> as you can see, it's very thin. >> yeah, it's like paper. >> reporter: this is a cell
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therapy made from a pig's bladder. he attached the material to caila's finger where it acted as a sort of scaffolding stimulating human cells to reproduce. >> whether that tissue is an abdominal wound, a fingertip, bone, muscle, this allows us and the patient to regrow their own tissue. >> reporter: it took her three months to grow a brand-new finger and now with rehab, she's actually back to normal. not only did she grow a new finger, she grew a brand-new nail, as well. this powder also made from pig cells was applied every day. >> we would just hope to get some length on the fingertip because she's an athlete just so she can grip the ball and actually bat. i told her that she should expect she won't have any nail growth and to our surprised, she even had her complete nail grow back. >> today, kayla is back in the game, thankful for this amazing
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medical miracle. >> i just thought it was going to be this whole life changing thing where i would look different and be sun conscious about it all the time. now with i have a nail and i look normal and it's not this bad. >> this therapy is also used to hepburn patients, diabetic wounds and even cancer patients. for abc news, i'm christie kruger. >> enjoy your breakfast. back in a moment.
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♪ my heart will go on and on it really was a modern day fairy tale story. the mentor who transformed a teenage celine dion into a music legend and eventually married her. >> deion mourning the death of her husband and love of her life. singer and manager renee angel little. we're up "up all nightline" with abc's juju chang. >> millions of people in the world who don't have time to say good-bye and you know what, i'm amazed how fortunate we are. >> reporter: her voice providing the sound track to love, my heart will go on from the "titanic." ♪ my heart will go on about. >> but he was celine dion's real life epic romance. he passed away at the age of 73
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after a long bout with throat cancer. they met she was just 12 years old, he a music manager plucking her from poverty. together they built her career and eventually a relationship. they married in 1994 and had three children together. >> i went backstage in vegas with the family back income 2011. then rene had already dealt with his first bout of throat cancer. as she told deborah roberts, the disease would soon return. >> he sat down and said i have cancer again. my heart started to beat faster about you my body shut off. it took a toll on me. >> reporter: that toll and her willingness to bear it a true testament to their incredible love. >> he's got a feeding tube i have to feed him three times a day. unfortunately i had to say listen i can't be half here and half over there, please allow me to stay home. but she says rene himself
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encouraged her to go back to the stage. >> sometimes and i think i'm used to it, downtown feel what you need to feel. just do it. >> go on stage. >> i did because i love him. and i did, and it was very hard. we complete each other. we're one. and now those iconic ballads like "because you love me" will undoubtedly take on new meaning for the singer, poignant and bittersweet laced with the memory of the love that inspired them juju chang nbc news, new york. ♪ >> what an incredible love story. you think about their three children, too. i loved how she started the interview saying they've had time to prepare for this and say good-bye which is something she admitted a lot of people don't really get. >> no doubt this is still a really, really tough morning in her household. it was a controversial relationship when it started out, but ended up beautifully.
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. it is time for "insomniac theater." two new movies opening today. >> we start with the 13 hours". the secret soldiers of benghazi. it's based on the account of the surviving members of that special forces operation. it stars a bucked up john krazynski helping to defend a pair of american installations from overnight attacks on september 11th, 2012. >> the u.s. ambassador at risk. >> the ambassador is in his safe haven. you're not the first responders. you're the last resort. you will wait. >> none of you have to go. we are the only help they have.
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>> 13 hours getting a splat on rotten tomatoes, just a 57% approval rating. minnow la darche ez of "the new york times" writes the movie is 45 minutes of setup and eternity of relentless combat. writes this frib beauty to the defenders of the u.s. outpost shows michael bey can make a film about human beings. >> next up a much, much lighter offer from director tim story. ride along 2," kevin hart, ice cube back lead the sequel to the blockbuster in which ben heads to miami with his soon to be brother-in-law james played by ice cube to bring down a drug lord as ben's wedding day approaches. senator what you got for me? >> i tried to get into this and it fried my computer. it's like it's got aicid for blood. >> aliens. >> uh-huh. >> i've never seen a device lock this tight. someone encrypt this had to a
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level we can't crack. >> hackers. >> freelance hackers. we should make a hacker a fraccer. >> do you ever listen to the [ expletive ] that fly out your mouth? >> no. >> so the critics overwhelmingly hate what they're hearing and seeing giving it a major splat ride along 2 getting only 15% right now on rotten tomatoes. joshua wa rothkopf writes eddie murphy please come back and show these clowns how it's done. the a.p.'s sandy cohen writing if you thought the first one was fun, take another spin. it won't disappoint you. >> so "13 hours"? >> maybe with the volume down so you can look at john kra skin zin can i and the guns. >> remember to follow us on facebook at have a great weekend.
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this morning on "world news now," political punches on the republican stage. >> last night's republican debate and the nasty smackdowns between donald trump and ted cruz. the intensity on stage just weeks before the iowa caucuses. stay tuned for our extensive coverage. jackpot drama. the mysteries and hoax after the record powerball drawing. who is splitting the $1.6 billion prize. health alert. the frightening disease spread by mosquitos. the warnings going out to pregnant travelers from the cdc. >> and oscar outrage. the nominations and the controversy over who was left off the list. does hollywood face a diversity issue? it's friday, january 15th. >> announcer: from


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