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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 17, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly tornadoes. twisters tear through florida's west coast. homes and businesses gone in a flash. this condo complex -- right in the path. people there in shock as they wake up this morning. prisoners freed. five americans, trapped behind bars for years in iran, finally on their way home, including this "washington post" reporter. family members elated. >> i'm proud of saeed for having stood up for his faith as a christian. >> was the surprise release tied to that landmark nuclear deal? and the escalating feud. between donald trump and ted cruz, now holding nothing back. trump got booed during this attack. [ crowd boos ] >> excuse me, excuse me, he didn't report his bank loans, say whatever you want.
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he didn't report bank loans. that's okay. >> meanwhile, the democrats get ready for their big debate tonight. with the polls tightening, does hillary clinton have to sharpen her attack? and caught on camera. nascar racing legend tony stewart goes after a fan in the stands. all, as the star is facing a wrongful death lawsuit over this. so, what fueled the new fight? good morning. paula is off today. we're very happy to have the extraordinary cecilia vega at the desk. >> i told him to say that. >> and cecilia, as you well know, as one of our chief campaign reporters, things keep getting hotter out there on the trail. what donald trump told our george stephanopoulos in a sit-down interview. his war of words with ted cruz now at a whole new level. we start here with the breaking news out of florida, the deadly tornadoes. take a look at this, the radar
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lighting up at the very moment the twisters hit. ripping apart homes and businesses on the ground. meteorologist indra petersons has more on this. >> reporte good morning, cecilia. we already have reports of four tornadoes out there. they occurred through the overnight hours. the west coast of florida suffering after an outbreak of tornadoes. >> hazard, 70 mile-an-hour wind gusts. source, radar indicated. >> reporter: four reportedly touching down in a 25-mile radius. homes destroyed by at least 80 mile per hour winds. firefighters rummage through the wreckage and report multiple rescues in siesta key. >> we got the house here, we noticed there were two victims. the first victim was easily removed with the ladder. the second victim was trapped in her bedroom. >> reporter: both victims were rescued just suffering minor injuries. according to florida power and light, there are nearly 90,000 power outages in the area.
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roofs ripped off multiple homes. cars covered by leftover debris. you can see that squall line is still out there this morning. we'll have to continue to monitor this. very strong winds, in addition to that tornado threat, naples had a wind gust of 80 miles per hour. you can see that slight risk still in the region this morning. we'll continue to monitor the squall line to see whether or not it will still be extended. it will make its up the coastline. that same system on the backside of it, you'll be looking at the threat for snow. flurries in places like d.c., even new york city. but remember, we need to go back down to the south, where we had that heavy rain yesterday in florida. meaning flooding. >> okay, thanks. let's get to our other big story this morning, the campaign trail kicking into overdrive, the friendship between donald trump and ted cruz is officially
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over, that heated battle hotter than ever. but now, the democrats are just a few hours away from a face-off of their own in a big debate tonight. abc's mary bruce right there in south carolina covering it all. mary, good morning. >> reporter: hi, cecilia, good morning. well, just days ago they seemed to be friend but now with iowa caucuses two weeks away and trump and cruz neck and neck in the early states, the republican front-runners are locked in an all-out slugfest. donald trump and ted cruz are going to the mat in a war of words in front of the campaign and on twitter. trump is slamming cruz in a barrage of tweets, now calling him a hypocrite. also posting this photo, asking, is this the new york that ted cruz is talking about and demeaning? and he blasted him for not disclosing a loan from goldman sachs. >> he didn't want the voters to know that he's totally
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controlled by citi bank and by goldman sachs. >> reporter: cruz fired back. >> i think in terms of a commander-in-chief, we ought to have someone who's not springing out of bed to tweet. >> reporter: south carolina, where both front-runners appeared at a tea party convention, trump's attacks did not go over all. >> excuse me, he didn't bank loans. >> reporter: on the democratic side, the mood was a little more lighthearted. as the candidates geared up for tonight's debate. >> i'm certainly pleased to share this podium with my distinguished opponents. >> reporter: but the pleasantries are not expected to last long. >> we agree on a lot but we do have differences. i'm sure we'll explore those more at the debate. >> reporter: with the democratic race tightening, the candidates have been sharpening their attacks. >> under a sanders' administration,
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every democratic party in the united states of america will get the resources it needs. >> reporter: now, the stakes for the democratic debate here tonight are huge. clinton and sanders have butted heads in the past. be with temperatures rising out on the campaign trail and their poll numbers narrowing, everybody will be watching to see how negative they go, dan. let's get back to the complete evaporation of the trump/cruz. check out what trump said in this interview with abc chief anchor george stephanopoulos. >> he's doubled down on this issue of new york values. he lumped you in yesterday with hillary clinton, andrew cuomo, and bill de blasio and he said he apologizes to the millions let down by liberal politics. >> the truth is he's a nasty guy. he was nice to me. but he's a nasty guy, nobody
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likes him, nobody in congress likes him. he's a very -- he's got a edge that's not good. you can't make deals with people like that. it's not a good thing for the country. very nasty guy. >> okay, and george is here now. george, you and i -- >> the topic sentence. >> i'm sure there was more. we sat on in these very chairs on a sunday morning after some eye-popping comment from donald trump. i've asked the question, has he gone too far? i'm going to ask it again, because he got booed at that tea party event. so, i'm wondering, is there a real risk for him in attacking cruz repeatedly? >> no question there's a risk. you're right, in south carolina. as we have seen, every time that donald trump tangles with someone so far, he's come out the winner. whether, you know, whether it's jeb bush or ben carson, all of these attacks somehow seem to stick. now, we'll see if the attacks that donald trump has started now stick as well.
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cruz is giving no quarter. he'll come back at donald trump. it's going the play out in iowa. >> cruz definitely not low energy. the democratic side, big debate tonight, the polls are getting tighter, does hillary clinton have to sharper her edge with bernie sanders? >> she's been doing it all week long, she's done it on health care, on guns and on electability. and she'll keep it up. she knows she's in a real fight. right now, sanders fighting right back as well, talking about hillary clinton's ties to wall street. the same thing happening now. now, some people, clinton allies said she waited too long to take on bernie sanders. now is the time. she's doing it at a time where it looked like bernie sanders has pulled ahead in iowa. although it's very close. he's ahead in new hampshire. she still holds on a national
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lead. >> george, thank you. i want to remind everyone, george has a big show this morning, he'll be speaking with hillary clinton and of course you can see much more with his exclusive interview with donald trump, that's later this morning on "this week" right here on abc. cecilia. but we do now turn to that stunning turn of developments in u.s./iran relations. five american prisoners released, soon to be on their way home to freedom. that prisoner swap followed by a landmark nuclear deal sealed. and economic sanctions against tehran lifted. abc chief white house correspondent jonathan karl is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. three of these americans were held longer than those taken hostage in 1979. their release this morning comes just as that nuclear deal goes into effect, freeing up hundreds -- tens of billions of dollars for the iranian government. finally free, ending months of anguish for five americans trapped behind bars in iran.
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>> we have received confirmation that five americans who had been unjustly detained in iran have been released from custody. >> reporter: one of the released american journalist jason rezaian, the 39-year-old detained for 18 months, was charged with espionage in a closed-door trial. >> there's so much to write about it. >> reporter: the washington post tehran bureau chief was detained in 2014. just six weeks after discussing life in iran. >> having certain beverages with my buddies. >> reporter: rezaian, an iranian american, was working in the country with his wife, a fellow reporter. >> i love it. i love it and i hate it. you know, it's home. >> reporter: also released pastor saeed abedini. a father of two who was imprisoned for over three years, accused of threatening iran's national security.
8:11 am
>> i told my kids, daddy's released from prison. you're going to see him soon. they were bugging me, when, when, how soon? >> reporter: and amir hekmati detained the longest, the former u.s. marine was arrested four years ago while he was visiting his grandmother in iran. they all spent time in iran's notorious evin prison. where they were allegedly subjected to beatings, solitary confinement and psychological abuse. >> they should be on their way home to their families before long. >> reporter: prisoners were freed in exchange for seven iranians who were in u.s. custody. the release comes the same day president obama signed an executive order lifting sanctions on iran. but the administration denies the deal was connected in any way to the nuclear deal negotiated in july. indeed the white house insists the release of these american prisoners is entirely unrelated to that nuclear deal. the tens of billions of dollars that iran government gets access to right now as the sanctions
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are lifted. but, dan, cecilia, officials do say the diplomacy that led to that nuclear deal did help pave way for the dip lo masy to exchange these prisoners. >> the timing is certainly a coincidence. those people are going to have quite a story when they come home. >> absolutely. >> jon, thank you. lots of other news this morning. let's get it over to dr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. by the way, jon karl will be back later to do "pop news." so, don't touch that dial. >> looking forward to it. we begin in virginia, where two men are in federal custody facing terror-related charges. the takedown occurred on friday at the richmond airport, where he was about to catch a flight to syria. officials said he's been trying to join isis for months and in contact with jihadi members overseas. fbi officials gathered information from the second man in custody. and still no sign of those 12 marines missing off the coast
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of hawaii after an apparent mid-air collision. new video shows marines and coast guard officials battling high winds and 30-foot waves as they conduct that search. debris strewn off of oahu. and we're now learning more about an american missionary who was among the nearly 30 people killed in that terror attack in the african nation of burkina michael james was killed when islamic militants stormed a luxury hotel and cafe in the nation's capital. he leaves behind four children, two of them whom were adopted in burkina faso. and more heartbreak for singer celine dion. her brother lost his battle with cancer after her husband died of the same disease. daniel dion died saturday. celine dion got the news as she was preparing for her husband's
8:14 am
funeral this coming friday. and now to some wild nfl playoff action. the packers versus the arizona cardinals. check this out, with seconds to play, aaron rodgers' hail mary pass, it's caught for the touchdown. six points and the extra point. sending that game into overtime. but that celebration was short-lived. sorry, packers fans, arizona scored on the first drive in overtime. as dan reminded me, the new england patriots won their game against the chiefs in new england. and finally, one more for you, it's about a boy, the most die-hard seattle seahawks fan. he's been bullied for years. pulling for the seahawks because he lives in south carolina. carolina panthers are fan favorites. listen. >> they were calling me -- go seahawks, that made me feel kind of sad.
8:15 am
i said, i don't care if you don't like the seahawks. >> wait his mother heard this story, she put together a facebook posting asking for some backup from seahawks fans. linebacker saw the posting and they sent him a parcel full of gear and today, four tickets for the game in south carolina. >> those seahawks fans come out in force. >> who you taking by the way? >> seahawks. >> there's a strong statement from cecilia. >> i did cover the super bowl last year. so. >> stick to campaign coverage. what ron's telling you. a very different kind of sports story this morning, look at this video of embattled nascar driver tony stewart who charged into the stands to confront an apparent heckler. these images come as stewart is facing a wrongful death lawsuit.
8:16 am
abc's phillip mena has the story. >> reporter: racing fans at the annual chili bowl nationals in oklahoma expect action on the dirt track, but this morning, new video has surfaced of a fiery crash in the stands. within nascar champion tony stewart storming into the crowd friday night after this fan -- >> i don't like you and i never have. >> reporter: -- shouted insults at the championship driver, stewart quickly fired back. >> no, i'm not. >> i think you are. >> reporter: the video blowing up at his critic is heating up online. >> i think one of the skills to be a public figure is to develop a thick skin and ignore this kind of criticism. tony's never been that kind of guy. >> reporter: his temper has landed him in trouble in the past. in 2014, he was fined $25,000 after backing into fellow driver brad keselowski's car. the three-time sprint cup
8:17 am
champion is also facing a wrongful death lawsuit, accused of intentionally riding down kevin ward jr. in 2014, killing the 20-year-old driver. >> i know in my heart that it was 100% an accident. >> because the negative attention surrounding the lawsuit it may have been a good decision for tony to ignore that. >> reporter: officials say no charges are expected against stewart in this incident. but the man he was arguing with an off-duty tulsa county sheriff's deputy is under investigation. that deputy's boss saying his officers are held to a higher standard. so far, to word from tony stewart about this incident. this upcoming racing season will be stewart's last. he plans to retire at the end of the year. >> all right, phillip, thank you. quite some video. indra is back with the weather. please tell me that's not an actual temperature on the wall behind you.
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>> you remember december, laughing how nice it was. someone should have knock on wood, because, yes, that's an actual temperature. this is what it felt like during the day. highs there into the single digits. you can see the windchills this morning, numbers at 28 below in these morning hours. that mean ten minutes outside. unfortunately, this is all going to be continuing. only spreading into the east. so places, like chicago, you'll be 20 below in through tomorrow. all of the way to the eastern seaboard. we'll be talking about single digits and even below zero. boston will be 1 below by the time we get through tuesday morning. you put the cold air right over the lakes. you'll be talking about lake-effect snow, we're firing it up again, one to two feet lake-effect snow out there. it's not just winter on the east coast, but back out to the west, el nino is back.
8:19 am
high wind warnings. a very strong system developing out there. so high surf and heavy amounts of rain, 2 to 4 inches in some of those hot spots >> so the lesson learned, knock on wood, and maybe it wouldn't have been cold. >> it's your fault. >> i'm relying on your guys. okay, you guys, you're not going to be handle the cuteness that we are about to unveil. all i got to say, roll the tape,
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guys, this is the adorable baby panda cub making his big debut before thousands of fans at the national zoo. i can't take it. >> okay, that's ridiculous. we saw these impossibly adorable images, and we thought this is a story for sara haines. she accepted the assignment. >> we all have beat. some cover politics and others cover cute and cud did. take a look at sweet bei bei and just settle into the adorable. bei bei oh bei. zoo goers going nuts over the debut of the 5-month-old giant panda cub. lining up the smithsonian zoo to catch the fluff ball in person. the shy baby bear spending most of his day snoozing away, but making a few public appearances with a little help from his handlers.
8:21 am
bei bei was born back in august, weighing less than 5 ounces. now, a whole lot bigger and a whole lot cuter. bei bei is carrying on a family tradition, his older sister famous for the sneeze heard around the world, made her first appearance at the same zoo back in 2014. the smithsonian is one of four in the u.s. lucky enough to house the eng danger bears. for those of us not likely enough to see bei bei in person, we still watch him on this panda cam 24 hours a day. you can watch bei bei. we have our ron claiborne cam. so, if you'd like to tune in and see what goes on with this cute and cuddly man named ron, you can tune in. >> can we adopt him? >> i love this sweater. i love this sweater.
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yes, that ice adorable. that's great. >> 24 hours a day, folks. >> my office is right next to yours. i know what's that like. thank you sara. we'll switch gears a murder in paradise, one that's reverberating through our abc made to move. but now he's taking osteo bi-flex, and noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. the feeling originates in this area... spreads throughout the body... to here, inducing hilariously high levels of embarrassment in his son. he knows it's working by that look of abject humiliation on his son's face. you were made to dance, phil. so dance. shows improved joint comfort in just 7 days. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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>> abc 7 news, this is a good morning washington update. we are watching for snow today. we go throughout the morning, first day, governments and showers moving in. most of us are just above freezing.
8:28 am
some good news their credit area of low pressure off the coast of florida. that pushes out into the atlantic, but throws some moisture our way. y you get ada quick dusting, a quick coding. tough to stick around this area right here, culpeper, manassas, that is the spot i am more concerned about because temperatures are little colder to start this morning. we hang on to that chance is no of snow showers until about 3:00 p.m.
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welcome back to "good morning america" on a sunday morning. happening right now -- people in florida reeling after deadly tornadoes ripped through the western part of the state. four twisters reportedly touching down in, at least one person killed. against of thousands of people without power this morning. and also right now, federal help is on the way to residents in flint, michigan. the public health crisis there reaching desperate levels after lead was found in the water when flint changed water sources to save money. fema now delivering clean water, test kits and supplies to the residents there. also, a manhunt under way right here in new york city for two bank robbers dubbed bonnie and the clyde.
8:31 am
they recently pulled off a daring bank robbery, but the duo forced to abandon their loot about a hundred yards from the bank after a red dye pack hidden with that cash exploded. >> quite a story. coming up this morning on the show the new twists in the case of the taco bell executive who was caught on camera as you can see right here, drunk, attacking an uber driver. why the man throwing the punches is now the one suing. ron will have that story coming up in a few minutes. but first here, a tragedy within our own abc news family this morning. >> a talented producer from our chicago station was murdered while on vacation in belize, right now, the urgent hunt to find her killer. and make an arrest. abc's marci gonzalez is here with the latest. >> reporter: this happened in a place anne swaney visited before where she felt comfortable being alone, a trip of relaxation and yoga coming to a heartbreaking still unexplained end. in this tranquil tropical oasis, a horrifying murder mystery.
8:32 am
this morning, police in belize, trying to figure out who killed anne swaney. from our abc station in chicago, found dead in this river friday near the farm in belize where she was vacationing. >> aep spent a couple days last year. a very vivid outdoors person. loves to ride. >> reporter: police say on thursday, she volunteered to stay behind from a horseback riding excursion because there weren't enough horses for everyone. when they returned, they reportedly found her yoga mat and other belongings but found no sign of her. >> at about 3:00 we realized she wasn't around. >> reporter: after hours of searching police finally found her body the next day. >> during our search we discovered the body of anne apparently dead floating in the mopan river. >> reporter: the autopsy report showing the cause of death was
8:33 am
manual strangulation. with blunt force injuries to the head and neck. friends and family stunned by the tragic loss. >> chicago has lost an amazing person. she was the first person to check in and see how you were doing and encouraged you to continue to do better. >> reporter: this morning, police are questioning a man they call a person of interest who claims he was just fishing nearby. >> we have one person in and he will be ger intated vigorously of course to see how best he can assist us in this investigation. >> reporter: and police tell us they're still searching for a second man wanted for questioning, adding, they're putting all of their resources into figuring out who killed this beloved woman, co-workers said was always smiling. and motivated everyone she worked with to be better. >> she sounds like an extraordinary person. we want to send our condolences to members of her family and members of our abc affiliate.
8:34 am
let's take another look at our weather forecast. >> i'm going to take you right out to miami, that line of severe weather is still making its way in through the region. take a look at the camera shaking and notice the clouds. you don't need a weather camera when you see them, that's associated with severe weather. this line of storms is heading in your direction. remember, this is the same system that's already spawned four tornadoes, definitely stay aware if you're in the region today. otherwise, straight out to the west, completely different picture. it's el nino, here we go again. more weather making its way into the region. but this guy is strengthening, surf, californians we love this, but this is dangerous surf.
8:35 am
>> that report was brought to you by walgreens. definitely dangerous situation out towards florida. >> all right, indra, thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- why this drunk uber rider, a taco bell executive, who attacked his driver is now suing the man behind the wheel. >> lot of people scratching their heads this morning. i'm not sure i can handle this hotness, that's what you get when you combine a soccer star and a supermodel. it's all ahead in "pop news." sara got that one, lucky. all ahead in "pop news." sara got that one, lucky. r medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill.
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back now with a new twist to a story you might remember. this video gone viral of an uber driver attacked by a drunk taco bell executive. >> so hard to watch. but a lawsuit has been launched. not what you might think, though. ron is here with more. >> this is going to strike a lot of people as very bizarre. in that video, a drunken passenger is seen punching and beating that uber driver. that driver sued the passenger. but now the passenger is suing the driver he allegedly attacked.
8:40 am
this now-infamous video now viewed more than 2 million times on youtube is now at the center of a lawsuit in california. back in november. benjamin golden is filing a lawsuit against caban, despite making this tearful apology on kcbs just days after the alleged attack. >> i have been trying not to read what's being said. i'm not that person. >> reporter: golden's already been sued by caban for unspecified damages. he's also been charged with assault and battery and pleaded not guilty. >> i didn't expect it to get violent, to be honest. >> reporter: golden is now claiming the driver illegally videotaped the altercation and is now seeking $5 million in damages for severe emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, fear, pain and suffering and the loss of his job. >> i think the driver is going
8:41 am
to be okay with respect to the videotape. the audio tape however will present some challenges. >> reporter: at no time did mr. golden consent to be video recorded or viewed by anyone else. caban's lawyer telling abc news the lawsuit in his words bogus. at the heart of this impending legal battle is a california law that prohibits recording someone's conversation without their consent. the passenger said he didn't give his consent to be recorded. the uber driver's lawyer said that law only applies to audio recordings not videos. >> still, though, the suing -- oh, gosh. >> i want to know if i'm being recorded in a uber car. >> that's going to be part of the legal argument. >> ron, thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- more ron claiborne. it's crunch time for college. bound high schoolers. our weekend download.
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♪ it's that time of year when high school seniors are sending out those final college applications and juniors wondering if they should start the process. in our weekend download, we have tips on navigating the application process. joining me is an executive from college advising. >> seniors will be happy to know
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that there's finally there's not much to do. they should be making that senioritis hasn't gotten the best of them. make sure each application is complete. even though you have proof that something was sent, it doesn't mean it made its way into your pile. start thinking about your lists and priorities, because decisions are going to come out in march and april. >> what about juniors in high school? is it too early? >> by no means. juniors actually have the most going on this time of year. they should know when they're taking the standardized test. are you doing the a.c.t.? perhaps the new s.a.t.? you should also be trying to figure out what your list is going to look like, start building it. it's by no means set, it's fluid. it will inform where you visit. >> probably not too early for sophomores and even ninth
8:47 am
graders to start thinking about that. thank you very much. sara haines, what you got. >> we're getting ready for some "pop news." it wasn't a joke. we might have jon karl coming up, a cameo. stay tuned to see. you don't want to tell people jon karl is definitely sitting in for "pop news." >> we'll be right back. before george. >> we'll be right back. keep it here. on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose
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♪ ♪ "good morning america" is connected by blackberry priv. all right, that techno produces a response. we know exactly what's coming. "pop news" with sara haines, what you got? >> it just got better because i got me some jon karl. [ cheers and applause ] >> what is your official title
8:52 am
here at abc? >> i think at least until now chief white house correspondent. >> i hope you enjoyed your long run. okay, excitement building this morning for the return of "the x-files." david duchovny and gillian anderson are back on fox for a six-episode event series and the latest sneak peek that agent mulder and scully will have their hands full. >> they police us. they spy on us. they tell us that makes us safer. are you ready for this? >> i don't know if there's a choice. >> now, there's talk more seasons could be on the way if the actors can work out the scheduling. it's hard to believe it's been 13 years since that show went on the air. >> people are still obsess with the show. >> and still obsess with her. you were thinking that? >> absolutely. >> jon -- >> the exact same comments analysis on "this week." "oh my god, george, absolutely."
8:53 am
>> thank you. you can smile a little more. and the countdown is on for the oscars. the nominees were just announced on thursday. and we're getting the first look at the first promotional trailer starring chris rock. >> chris rock counts down the top three reasons to watch the oscars. >> presenter cleavage. check out who died this year. i might curse. >> the oscars live oscar sunday february 28th. >> rock has done this gig once before. hosting the oscars in 2005. i'm a fan, can't wait for it. jon karl, what about you? okay, and get a fire extinguisher ready the new cover of "gq" is smoking. let's see, where are we? you got cristiano ronaldo with his six-pack posing with supermodel alessandra ambrosio. also, no slouch. you better take this. >> you were selling it so well. i mean, i have a feeling this
8:54 am
story isn't going to be covered later this morning on "this week." yes, this couple is hot. in the interview, cristiano says he's open to a future move to an american team. they're looking so hot, as jon karl said, get out your fire extinguisher. some of the best stuff i have -- >> i never thought i'd see the day. >> i'm here to plug "this week." >> is that what you came for? >> we got bernie sanders, hillary clinton and donald trump on "this week." no ronaldo. >> jon, you go and -- >> bye, jon. >> we'll see you later. >> jon karl, thank you. >> jon karl is a friend. and speaking of friends, matthew perry is showing us he always has "friends" on his mind. you might remember this classic episode where monica and rachel lose their apartment to joey and chandler. perry was on the bbc show and proves he still knows all the answers to those trivia
8:55 am
questions. >> according to chandler, what phenomenon scares the bejesus out of him? >> oh,. that's michael flatley's "lord of the dance." >> that is correct. well done. >> now that's pretty impressive. >> or he really has a thing for michael flatley. >> or that he likes reruns like the rest of us. >> now, i can't promise any more jon karl appearances here at "pop news." >> i have been making some phone calls. i believe next week you're going to have martha raddatz. >> this just in, george is doing "pop news" next week. >> i can't even catch my breath. >> it's getting hot in here for so many reasons. >> sara, all the best. that was an epic "pop news."
8:56 am
also, before we go, thank you to cecilia vega for joining us this weekend. always a pleasure having you. you are as you commanded me to say extraordinary. >> i got it in writing and now it's on tape. thank you. >> this is a good morning washington update. 850 is now we are watching for snow today. toyou can see it is starting build in. .ot more than a few flakes
8:57 am
we will see a bit more of that light snow shower activity. this is a big change from how this was tracking yesterday. we could get a quick dusting or coaching. roadways will not be an issue. check out these temperatures. we get a better chance of picking up on some dusting on the roadways, so keep that in mind. move out by 3:00 p.m. and we will see much more cold air move in for tomorrow. >> detectives are investigating a bomb threat that a forced evacuation of the arlington county police station last night. nothing suspicious was found that they are looking for the source of the call. today will be another big day at the national zoo. the panda made his debut yesterday. visitors waited an hour or longer to get a closer look at the 25 pound panda cub. e is open froms
8:58 am
9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day. expect a long wait especially over the next couple of days, since it is a holiday weekend. that is it for this update on abc seven. thank you for watching. for more local news and weather coverage around the clock, go to good morning washington on news channel 8 and have a wonderful weekend.
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