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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 27, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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in morning on "world news now," sitting it out. >> donald trump saying he will not be participating in tomorrow's debate. the last before the first votes of the presidential election, but can he really resist? oo break is news from oregon. the standoff with militia men and the fer government turning deadly overnight. one of the leaders of the group killed. others arrested. the latest just ahead. on the edge, the california town teeter anning on a cliff and the residents forced out but some refusing to leave their homes even though they could fall into the ocean at any moment. >> and super commercials. the other people watch the super bowl. if you're not into football, then maybe this year's crop of ads will work for you. but will they be fun? we'll follow the tear jerker trend of last year. it's wednesday, january 27th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". >> hey, everyone. good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. >> do we remember last year's super bowl ads. >> i don't remember it being a tear jerker but i also fell asleep the first quarter. >> of the super bowl? >> when you're working a shift sometimes you fall asleep at inopportune moments. >> like just before the end of the fourth quarter of last year's super bowl. >> i there i woke up for that. >> we look forward to the super bowl ads this year. hopefully they go more fun than last year. >> fingersed crossed. >> it was not a fun night at news corp. fox head quarters. >> yeah. >> roger ailes and murdoch probably had a lot of fun conversations. >> would have been a good reality show. >> like what's happening behind the scenes? >> yes. >> it was supposed to be a big debate and it's now official. donald trump says he will definitely not take part in tomorrow night's debate on fox.
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>> trump's main problem? he says is fox news anchor megyn kelly who will be one of the debate moderators. trump says kelly is a "third rate reporter and says he'll hold his own event to raise money for wounded veterans." >> in the meantime, a new poll shows donald trump in the lead nationally among republicans with 37%. ted cruz with 21% and marco rubio with 11% but on the democratic side, the numbers are much closer. we're going to get the very latest on all of this right now. abc's brandi hitt on the case. >> ladies and gentlemen, plelea welcome the next president of the united states, donald trump. >> i an bombshell from donald trump just days before the iowa caucuses. >> let's see how much money fox is going to make on the debate without me. okay? >> trump's campaign now confirming he is bailing out of thursday's republican debate in iowa with the return of moderator megyn kelly who sparred with trump back in august.
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>> your twitter account has several disprarnlging comments about women's looks. >> senator ted cruz saying the front-runner dropping out of the debate shows a lack of respect for voters and he issued this challenge. >> if he's unwilling to on the debate stage with the other candidates, then i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me anytime between now and the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: still, the republican front-runner continues to pull in conservative endorse ps including arizona's famous tough talking sheriff joe arpaio even as his opponents attack. >> you don't think he's a christian. >> i don't know what he is. >> on the democratic side, both bernie sanders and hillary clinton's campaigns are energized. and also concerned about voter turnout next monday. >> we will win here in iowa if the voter turnout is high.
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>> if you go to the caucus on monday night and stand up for me there, i will work my heart out for you as your president. >> brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. we want to get to breaking news from oregon where there's been a deadly confrontation between armed militants and the fbi. gunfire erupted during a traffic stop outside the wildlife refuge where the militants had been localed up. killed in a hail of bullets was spokesman robert lavoy finicum. eight people were arrested including the leader of the standoff ammon bundy. each will face a federal conspiracy charge. >> the fbi says it has broken up a terror plot in wisconsin which targeted a ma sonic temple. propers say sam ay mohamed hamz hoped to show that nobody can play with muslims as well as spark more attacks. the arrest was a result of an
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undercover investigation which began last september. police in seattle this morning say two people are dead and at least three others wounded by gunfire, all of this taking place late last night at a homeless camp known as the jungle. the police chief believes the shooting was not random and that there are two persons of interest in the case. six cleveland police officers have been fired and six others suspended for their role in a police chase and shooting which left two unarmed people dead. officers fired a total of 137 shots during the incident backing in 2012. both occupants of the car were killed. the police union blast the decision calling it politically motivate the and insane. >> it's a terrible situation. it's a tragic situation. but we responded, we responded to the felonies that were being committed and don't let anybody tell you any differently. >> the chase began when officers standing outside the police head quarters mistook the sound of a beatup chevrolet malibu
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backfiring as a gunshot. now, to southern california where the reward for information about those escapees has now grown to $200,000. the three men all believed to be dangerous were awaiting trial for various violent felonies one of them even being compared to a famous movie killer. with more, ears abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: investigators taking to the roof trying to piece together how three alleged violent criminals became escape artists to see when they formed an alliance. the fugitives accused of violent crimes from murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and torture. nay jiri is accused of mutilating his victim's genitals. one calling him, diabolical, cunning, comparing him to the cannibalistic movie villain hannibal lecter. >> reporter: when you are accused of torture and genital mutilation, people are terrified you are on the run. >> sure, i can understand and i
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feel the same nervousness. i'm hoping that it's not a violent end. >> reporter: just a short time ago, an authorities told us that the sheriff is very concerned about the length of time that these inmates were unaccounted for. they are reviewing the body count process and already making changes. kayna whitworth, abc news, santa anna, california. >> the founder of bikram joe ga will have to pay a massive penalty in a sexual harassment suit. a los angeles jury hit him with nearly $6.5 million in punitive damage to his former legal advisor. a day earlier the same jirl awarded her nearly a million dollars. however, the centric yoga guru testified he's nearly bankrupt now. so-called affluenza teen ethan couch could be back before week's end. he has decided to drop his appeal against deportation from mexico. he and his mother fled to mexico after video surfaced that appeared to show him at a party
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where people were drinking which would be a violation of his probation of a drunk driving accident that left four dead. >> the american pastor released by iran recently is now back home. sayid abedini arrived. his wife and children planned to meet him there but instead they've reunited in the midwest. he was jailed in iran for nearly four years presumably for preaching christianity. >> a decision on hospitality for the iranian president during a visit to rome is being ruled by ridiculous as the local press. italians afraid of offending the strict muslim decided to cover up the nude separate to yous. the iranian president is on a tour in europe to boost economic ties. the move has local politicians rolling on both sides of the aisle. italy chose not to serve wine because alcohol is, of course, forbidden for muslims. what happened to when in rome,
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kendis? >> that would be the theory. as you look at that statue, there's not a lot to cover up. >> oh. kendis. >> i'm just saying. >> all right. >> but yeah. they did -- he did get a tour of one museum but yeah, they had to cover it up. see how the french deal with him in a few days. >> maybe they found out the most important bits. >> bits. >> coming up "the mix," two babies do very different things. one praying, the other bull fighting. > first over the edge as their homes edge closer to falling into ocean, some residents in this california town are refusing to leave. >> partial more teams than just the broncos and panthers. the ad weasles are bulging out all the stops. remember to find us on facebook at and twitter as abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." provides relief for four hours,
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okay. so as you watch this time lapse video of the blizzard moving in and covering the national mall in washington, you may be struck but how many people were out in the park during the snow days. nothing else in the nation's capital seemed to be moving but this morning the federal government reopens albeit three hours late. the city schools also reopened today but most in northern
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virginia will not. >> air travel seems to getting back to normal today. so far only 30 flights have been canceled compared to more than 700 yesterday and 1300 or 13,000 since the blizzard started. >> you know what's fascinating me i found the best story was tuesday morning in the senate, guess who showed up? >> the janitors? >> no, only women. in the entire senate. >> in the entire senate. >> only the women showed up. it was so fascinating me. from every level, from the senators to the pages, to -- it was actually senator lisa murkowski, she made a statement saying that you know, look around. the only people presiding officers are female, parliament therrian female, floor manager female, pages female. >> where was everybody else. >> the men were clearly at home with their feet up. >> as one would be. i think they were shoveling. > i don't think so because the whole city is paralyzed. unable to get to work. i don't think ong everyone is shoveling exactly.
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>> that's true. well nothing ever happens. >> kudos to the women of the senate. >> bravo. >> all around from every level. just the females showed up. >> what bills were passed? >> no bills were passed. the men didn't show up. >> okay. now we know. now that you've spoken your speech. >> i feel good about that one. >> when you're the guy on the set, all you have to do is be like you are so correct. oh, my god yes. >> you're not going to with inthat fight today. smart move, kendis. we turn now to the crisis unfolding on the pacific coastline in california into yeah, a coastal wall outside of san francisco is collapsing, threatening hundreds of homes and the families who are in them. neal karlinksky is there with the latest for us. >> reporter: el nino's fury ripping apart a chunk of the coastline. a drone video catches a huge slab falling away. police have yellow tagged an entire apartment building telling residents to get out while they still can. did you sleep with one eye open?
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>> yeah, alert. time to go. >> reporter: take a look at this. this bluff in the city of pacifica battered by rough surf and pounding rains, leaving homes and businesses in danger of falling. just imagine if this was your balcony. underneath here, and the entire coastline continues to fall away with no end in sight. this home's patio is poking out with little support. pictures from before show the dramatic difference. despite the threat, some residents refusing to leave. >> you guys will have to physically drag me out. >> reporter: despite efforts to shore up the bluff, the people here know the danger is far from over. neal karlinsky, abc, pacifica, california. >> god, it's so scary. also the home values for these people who invested so much and now to see your house falling into the ocean. >> those are million dollar condos and apartments teet
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areaing right there. i hope they have insurance to cover all of that. officials have worked to preserve the delicate sandstone bluffs. >> putting boulders up. i don't know if that's enough. >> we'll see. coming up in our next half hour, big news from kanye west. the rapper is set to debut his latest album which is called swish in one of the most public of all venues coinciding with fashion week. >> first downing down to super bowl 50 on the field. there will be peyton manning versus cam newton but off the field, how about amy schumer versus steven tyler? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now
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>> marsha, what happened? >> peter hit me in the knows with a football. i can't go to the dance like this. >> well, i'm sure it was an accident sweetheart. >> an eye for an eye. that's what dad always says. >> i never said that, honey. >> shut up. teach her a lesson. >> marsha, eat a snickers. >> why? >> you get a little hostile when you're hungry. better? >> better. >> marsha, marsha, marsha. >> jan, this isn't about you. >> it never is. >> it's really hard to manuel anything topping that one. that was my favorite commercial from last year's super bowl. >> just wait. madison avenue is charging full steam ahead for super bowl 50 after all. abc's chris connelly gives us a sneak peek of some of this year's hottest commercials. >> from date nights and websites, to bud lights. >> will you get the middle of my back. >> there is no middle. >> candy bars and fancy cars
3:20 am
plus movie stars with picachou and tyler, too. the ads slated for super bowl 50 shape up to be another elite group and they'd better be with 30-sec spots on the telecast said to be going for as much as $5 million, major impact is a must have. >> there are very few places advertisers can go to get a lot of people in one shot. and the super bowl is it. last year, the super bowl had a record 114 million viewers. that sort of opportunity simply doesn't exist in this day and age. >> reporter: steven tyler walking this way for skittles. website creator square space nabbing key and peel. >> starring in the incomparable liam neeson. >> liam neeson representing for lg electronics. abu wambach sings the mini-cooper praise is. amy schumer and seth rogen are beer bottle buddies and t.j.
3:21 am
miller will have his modesty on tap. >> it's going to be the greatest super bowl commercial of all time. do you understand? >> while they're different shots by amateurs clips are competing for doorry toe is is 30-second slot eager to get your attention the way budweiserer's lost puppy did at super bowl xlix last year. oh soent go away. chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> i like that one. >> yeah, it was a really really good one. here's the deal. viewership is probably going to be way up this year for the super bowl. the afc championship game this past sunday had 53 million viewers. second largest audience on record. completely. so it bodes well for the actual big game itself. >> apparently for commercials cbs will get $5 million for 30 seconds worth of ad time. the first super bowl 1966, it was about $310,000. >> even that seemed expensive. i asked them we should do a comr
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this has been medifacts for delsym®. we're going to start "the mix" with a little bit of controversy that is brewing overseas in spain because this bull fighter francisco rivera ordonez, he put up this picture. can you see what's in his left arm there? >> is that really a baby. >> that is really a baby. his 5-month-old daughter is in his left arm. when he posted to instagram, a lot of people were like what the hell. >> we're sure she wasn't photo shooped. >> this is him during a practice run bull fighting there. >> oh, my gosh. >> so a lot of people were upset by this and commenting about this. but francisco then posting another photo showing this is a family tradition. he's a fifth generation bull fighter and that's him on the left with his dad doing it. he says it's perfectly safe.
3:26 am
it's not during a real bull fighting match or whatever. but just for a practice run. >> i bet you anything mama was out for day when this was taken. put money on that one. you know crabs, i feel bad for them crabs, lobsters you throw hem into the pot. they don't get a chance to fight back really. >> they taste so good really. >> in brazil, one crab fought back. this is an actual knife and it's a restaurant in brazil that shows this knife wielding, yeah, exactly. going to head into the shower any second now. >> oh, man. you got to give him props. >> the people who saw this photo were equipping apparently he was protecting himself from the dangers of brazil and drug violence remains a problem. that's what some people are saying. > we took it to that level. >> people very amused by all this saying he's stabbing fish and stealing pearls because he's always high on that seaweed. >> all right. the things that they come up with for that crab. i hope the crab did survive.
3:27 am
this was really cute. a lot of families have their tradition of they put their kids to bed and prayed with their kids at night. so does this south carolina family. very cute here. these parents rush their kid to bed sunday night because they wanted to see the end of the carolina panthers game. >> yes? >> and then they starred hearing noises from the baby monitor. >> okay. >> and thank you all my babies and all my babies and santa claus. >> their 2-year-old daughter praying. >> that's precious. >> it is. >> see, kids like routine. like you brush your teeth. you say your prayers. you read a storybook. you go to bed. you take them out of that. >> you wet your bed. >> what a beautiful family and what a sweet, sweet baby shoo very cute. and luckily for them, the panthers are making it to the super bowl. >> see, maybe she prayed for them. made it work.
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>> that's
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this morning on "world news now," breaking news. the militia standoff in oregon turning deadly. the group's spokesperson killed as the fbi moves in arresting the leaders of the movement. the full report straight ahead. >> setting the stage or not. donald trump definitively pulling out of the final debate before the iowa caucus. the reason? a fox news anchor, how she responded overnight. >> and new this half hour, growing concerns over the zika virus. >> the federal government issuing guidelines for pregnant women and the meeting last night with president obama in the situation room. it was a major event that has soon come to one of america's biggest concert venues. kanye west is reportedly set to premiere what he calls the best album of all time. full details ahead in "the skinny," it is wednesday, january 27th.


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