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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  ABC  February 1, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EST

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district of columbia were not predominantly black they would have similar laws and others who feel insecure with a lot of people in the city predominated by young black youth to give them the same open carry like in virginia. does race and socioeconomic background play a role why you don't have this in the district? >> you have economical issues, however you have a lot of politicians and political -- >> armstrong: does race play a roll role. >> i would say it is a possibility. >> one financial where with all to get through a process. district of columbia is second most expensive concealed carry in the nation. someone who has no training is looking upwards 500-$600.
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>> armstrong: new york, $11,000? >> yes. it is almost like a unicorn in new york city. >> armstrong: you said there were three. >> second barrier is affordable time. people need to take off time to get training. because the time restraint might be 16, 18, 24 hours of training, therefore they might not be able to take off work. third thing is background. so if any underprivileged youth were involved in any law enforcement issusues, negative y in the path that would hinder them in being able to carry a firearm late ner life. >> armstrong: did you know in the district of columbia, there are aspects of stand your ground
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law? do you think many are aware of that? >> no. >> armstng: also when we come back, we are going to make you comfortable with these weapons, they are not your enemies, they can be your best friend if operated and trained in a proper reectful way they can save lives and protect yourown. i am armstrong
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>> armstrong: welcome back to "rightside" forum, crazy but true, washington area has several different gun laws. we have experts here to talk about it. you challenged me during the break, virginia is not unusual. there are 42 other states that have open carry. >> as an example, open carry, in virginia, pennsylvania, open carry -- >> armstrong: maine, montana. >> in fact, constitutional carry states six like vermont. you need nothing, no permit to conceal or openly carry. >> armstrong: let's come back to the district of columbia and stand your ground.
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talk aut that. people think it is florida and texas, you are wrong. >> self-defense in the classes, metropolitan police department sanctioned me to teach for concealed carry specifically in d.c. nono duty to retreat in the district. that is a stand your ground law. >> armstrong: let me say this for the rare that are able to conceal and carry in the district if you are on the street and see commission of a crime, you have the option to use your weapon and use deadly force to protect your fellow citizen. >> yes. >> district of columbia, no duty to retreat, you can defend a third person. that is your right in self-defense and situational
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awareness in district of columbia. >> armstrong: brian, should we encourage people to arm themselves, obviously the leadership in washington, d.c. doesn't like the conceal and khairi abaza -- carry, f fough it tooth and nail. d.c. police chief on "60 minutes," in the comssion of the crime, normally the killings happens in eight minutes, first advi to run, secondly defend yourself and overpower the assailant if you can. she was stunned she was gven this kind of advice. what does it tell us? >> she is intelligence enough
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and knows law enforcement, you have the option to run, f first line of defense, take cover. if you can't run, you have to defend yourself and whatever way is possible, if you have to use a chair, you have to use some other object. if you are not carrying a concealed weapon, you might have a situation. >> armstrong: everybody y on th set has been approved to conceal and carry. i want to make you comfortable. as far as we are concerned, this is probably the safest place i washington, d.c. right now, i must say. help us and our viewers watching this who are stunned, they remember david gregory, meet the press, this is no david gregory. talk about these weapons and why are these weans legal particularly in the district of
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columbia, virginia, and maryland, what is it about these weapons we all have in common? >> capacity of ammunition they are able to hold is the first aspect, handguns without high cacity magazines are illegal in maryland, d.c. and virginia. in virginia, they do carry some high capacities. >> in virginia no restriction. >> armstrong: shocks me, this gun, i could not believe that this gun is legal. >> this hi considered a handgun. >> >> armstrong: this is considered a handgun. we are on tv. how is it this gun is legal? >> barrel size, 16 inches and capacity magazines it can hold. able to handle capacity of 30 rounds, less than 10 rounds
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makes it legal. >> armstrong: some wou think it is a semiautomatic, it is not. >> it is not. might have that look, nostalgia. >> armstrong: this gun is so sexy. it is so -- itakes me oh when i feel it. it is so appealing. it really turns me on, this gun, why? >> i couldn't say. >> armstrong: i feel so comfortable. >> i look at it as a defense mechanism. if this place went crazy it would be o of my first weapons. >> armstrong: it is very interesting in the times we live in, more and more people are rethinking their positions and feelings about guns, why? what is happening to our society? >> people looking to protect themselves, protect their families, with the mass
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shootings, it is becoming the way of the world. today the onl line of defense, knife won't help you, gun will. what do you think? >> i think times have changed. people have become, they are desiring to actually be empowered with self-defense. people work hard to build their families, they go to work, they get educated, and to be robbed of their freedom is, is pair mount to their empowering themselves. >> armstrong: when we come back, you are going to like this next segment, we are going to walk you through how do you become legal in d.c. maryland, virginia to have a firearm, also the process of concealed and carry? this is responsible gun show,
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trainer, certied in the distri. we'll beack.
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> armstrong: let's get into e restrictions and the process. >> in the district of columbia, as an example, it is restricted for magazine capacity or
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magazine for semiautomatic firearm would be 10 rounds. depends on the firearm on what the maximum capacity of the firearm. as the district is sometimes convoluted, depends on the firearm that you are actually concealing. example, if your magazine is seven rounds, that capacity for at firearm, start with the firearm, seven plus one in the chamber, that is eight. multiplied twice. that is the maximum for that firearm you can carry which is 16. >> armstrong: what happens someone watching this show today, owning gun, what is the process, what is the best way to train to get comfortable with the firearm? >> in maryland, best way is to first register yourself with a course, take the 40 hour course with training and handling.
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>> armstrong: that is 40 hours. >> yes h. go to a gun range and shoot. >> armstrong: which one of these guns do you recommend to start with? >> revolver, easiest to shoot to fire and accuracy, easy to and has no recoil. >> armstrong: what about caring for that gun, they are dangerous. they can be harmful. we read how children use their parent's gun goes off, goes off and k k a dead. >> in maryland, you have to have your firearm locked at all times especially if you have a child the house under the age of 16. it becomes a misdemeanor crime under the age of 16. store the firearm in a locked box, any time you are cleaning
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the weapon clear of anyone else but yourself all the utensils are in t room so you don't have to leave the room at any time. >> armstrong: it is shocking to me somebody that has grown up with guns, if i go three weeks or a month without firing a gun, it is critical i am constantly at the fire range taking lessons, shooting, reminding myself of the responsibility. so easy to get rusty. >> it is a perishable skill. you need to practice. >> armstrong: how often? >> i recommend practice at least once a month. if you could afford going to the range then you need to be responsible. with semiautomatics, ar-15, with your revolvers, with your shotguns, you need to be proficient. that is my suggest. arm arm you talked about about
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afaffordability. someone wants to be legal and learn the firearms, how expensive is it? >> varies greatly based on the person's training. come to find out if someone has no experience whatsoever, in the district of columbia, they need to take a 16 hour firearm's course, they need to take a two hour firearm course, specifically live fire at a range and above and beyond that, they need to have two hours of self-defense and situational awareness. so we can come up to 18, up to 20 hours minimum of training depending on the class and instruion the person's knowledge. that is just a minimum. on top of that, they need to actually go through the process of registering their fifirearm
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getting fingerprinted, paying administrative fees. can become expensive. >> armstrong: ienthrough the process, learning not just when to shoot a gun equally important and when not to shoot a gun. it is easy when firing at targets, you can sort of get lost even i do well, that is not the reality of it. nobody is shoototing back at yo. every situtuation is different, sometitimes you have to know yo can't shoot because you may kill innocent people. it is important you get this training, important you are responsible. you also understand that gun is very dangerous. it may save lives, it certainly will eliminate lives. i thihink we have a vignette, im armstrong willia
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♪ >> my name is david jack founder of an jack media. >> armstrong: last but not least, you need to train on the gun you need to carry, driving an suv is not like driving a honda. talk about that quickly. >> so importt. you need to be proficient with the firearm you y are carrying, whether or not you wear glasses,
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night sight, whether or not there is a safety on the firearm. whether or not there is a long triggered squeeze. varies greatly. maybe you have arthritis, a limp, maybe you have to use your weak hand. it varies on what situation at all times. >> armstrong: i can't thank you all so much for this gun ownership responsibility show and what you guys do in your lives preparing people for something that is so critical, carrying a gun, you can eliminate. thank you for listening, thank you for joining us, i am armstrong williams. have a good day. [captioning provided by u.s. captioning company]
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good morning. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm reena ninan. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning. it's decision day in iowa as the presidential candidates face their first test in this election season. the iowa caucuses. the latest polls show tight races with trump in the lead and sanders and clinton in a statistical tie. full coverage ahead. in syria, a suicide attack has killed at least 50 people as peace takes may be forward in geneva. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. in california, all three of those escaped inmates are behind bars this morning. one surrendered on friday and the other two were captured on saturday. now, authorities trying to determine who may have helped them. and what was that is mystery fireball in the sky? dashcam video out of ohio shows
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what appears to be a meteor streaking across the heavens on saturday evening. seen as far as away as the washington, d.c. area. those are some of our top stories on this monday, february 1st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. we begin this half hour with decision day in iowa. we've waited awhile for this. >> we have. the day is upon us. thousands of iowans will caucus today in the first election test for this year's candidates. candidates on both sides have shifted into high gear cramming in as many last minute events and rallies as they can. >> on democratic side is, the newest poll from the des moines register" has clinton three points ahead of bernie sanders. that's a statistical tie. cecilia vega kicks off coverage with the democrats. >> reporter: hillary clinton is fired you.
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>> please, come out and caucus, don't worry about the weather. >> reporter: bringing in reinforcements for the final push. >> please join me in welcoming, i hope, our next president, my mom. >> reporter: not just chelsea. the entire family, center stage this weekend. >> thank you, bill. thank you, chelsea. people need to feel the deck is -- the game is not rigged against them. the deck is not stacked. >> reporter: feeling the love. >> go as far as their hard work and talent and ambition will take them. >> reporter: and packing in the crowds. clinton traveling more than 300 miles in iowa. bernie sanders, clocking in nearly 200. sanders is confident. >> love you, too. >> reporter: on the stump, a message of unity. ♪ this land is your land this land is my land ♪ >> reporter: but in the final hours, the vermont senator still on the attack. accusing clinton of smearing him. >> dismantle health care? i've spent my life fighting for universal health care for every man, woman and child.
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>> reporter: and clinton, still on the defensive over the bomb shell revelation that she had 22 e-mails on her private server, now deemed top secret. clinton on "this week" hinting it's a dirty trick. >> i just have to point out that the timing and some of the leaks that have led up to it are concerning. and i just want this matter resolved. >> reporter: and hillary clinton's team so concerned about voter turnout, they held a dry run, a caucus rehearsal on friday. 2,000 volunteers showed up. volunteers are sending handwritten notes to voters trying to get them to caucus for her. bernie sanders knocked on more than 75,000 doors this weekend alone. every detail counts when the race is this tight. cecilia vega, council bluffs, iowa. on the republican side, donald trump has surged ahead of senator ted cruz with marco hubio in distant third place.
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the whole trump family has been working overtime to close the billionaire mogul's biggest deal of all with wife melania at his side and daughter ivanka starring in a how to caucus video and trump pushing as hard as he can. >> you're feeling horrible. the doctor says you cannot leave. it will be the end of you if you leave bed. you cannot leave. you will not be able to make it. get out of bed and caucus. okay. >> i love you. >> well, trump has also predicted many senators would soon endorse him rather than their texas colleague, senator ted cruz. our live coverage from iowa continues in our next half hour and on "good morning america" with george and robin in des moines. look for more coverage from iowa on world news tonight and all night long. >> the other stories this morning including the arrest of two college students in the abduction and murder of a 13-year-old girl. investigators said david eisenhauer and the victim were
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acquainted before her disappearance last wednesday. he's charged with kidnapping the girl and killing her. the other student allegedly helped dispose of the body. >> members of the two rival motorcycle gangs in denver are blaming each other for a deadly shooting this week. one of the gangs is made up mostly of police and military. one of the club members fired a gun during the melee on saturday but it was in self-defense. a rival of the mongols was killed. >> in philadelphia, we may learn new details about that deadly amtrak crash in may. a report out today is expected to explain why the train streaked into a sharp curve at double the speed limit. it's the first significant development since investigators determined that excessive speed was a key factor in the crash. eight people died in that crash and more than 200 others were injured. five restaurant coworkers have ever been killed in a house fire near detroit. the victims all believed to be in their 20s were found in the basement of the home. the home is in


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