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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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condominiums just next to that red car. 7:00 a.m., police respond to the sound of gunshots. they arrive and find 26-year-old neshante davis. she is on the ground next to her car. she is dead. at first police don't realize there is a second victim. then they open up the car door. and inside they found 2-year-old chloe davis-green, neshante davis' little daughter. she, too, shot multiple times. she was pronounced a little while later at a hospital. we can show you some of their pictures from facebook. we are told that the little girl was the center of her mother's life. in this community, the reaction is overwhelming. people upset, cannot imagine how something like this could happen. as you said, police looking for the suspect at this point in time. they came to the scene this morning, made some angry pronouncements about this crime. among those speaking out, prince george's county state's
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attorney. >> this is absolutely unacceptable in any civilized community that a child should be killed in this way. brad: we are staying on this story. when we come back at 5:00, we'll have more about what was going on in miss davis' life. she actually had just won a paternity claim against a man. police say they have some leads in this case but they have not named any suspects. we'll be back at 5:00 with more. in fort washington, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: it just hurts hearing that news. thank you. brad mentioned that neshante davis was a teacher at bradbury heights elementary school. today her colleagues called for an end in the violence in prince george's county. kevin lewis now picks up the team coverage and joining us live from the school in highlight -- capitol heights. kevin? kevin: she thought second grade here. this was her first year on the job. today the principal sent home
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a one-page letter to notify parents of miss davis' tragic fate. it referred to the 26-year-old as a "beloved teacher" that became a favorite of staff and students alike. counselors were on hand here today providing emotional support. following the 1:50 dismissal we saw children walking home with tears in their eyes. the women you are about to hear from would often run into miss davis at school p.t.a. meetings. >> a very nice lady. like most school teachers just sad. this is a really sad situation. you see someone one day and then they are teaching our kids, doing a great job and the next day they are gone. >> i have seen her. she commented on something, she said she liked the color of my hair. asked he how i got the color and i told her. i thought she was somebody's mother. i didn't know she worked here. kevin: for school staff member, they are too
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distraught to speak publicly this evening. if you join us at 5:00, we'll introduce you to miss davis' bishop and tell you what he had to say. live in capitol heights, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. now to a developing story out of blacksburg where nicole lovell's mother spoke to the media two hours ago. there have been new charges against the two students charged in the teenager's death. suzanne kennedy has the latest on the investigation. what a heart-breaking story for the mom to have to speak out the reporters about. suzanne: absolutely. she barely spoke for three minutes before she had to step away from the press conference podium and allow her church's minister to finish her statement. tammy stood there holding her daughter's stuffed animal and said how her daughter survived liver transplant, non-hodgkin
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's lymphoma before she was a teenager. now they say she was stabbed to death. she was the younger of four. her mother talked about how the young girl loved life. >> chloe had a passion for pandas, music, dancing. she dreamed of being on "american idol" some day. her favorite color was blue. nicole is very loveable person. nicole touched many people throughout her short life. michelle: 18-year-old david eisenhauer of columbia and 19-year-old natalie keepers of laurel remain held without bond this afternoon. a new charge is being filed against keeper. she is charged with accessory both before and after the fact. those are two separate charges. eisenhauer is charged with first-degree murder. it's believed eisenhauer met
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his alleged victim through social media. but no further information is being released on a possible motive. the alleged killers will be in court for a hearing. on march 28. lovell's funeral will be held on thursday. live in the satellite center, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. a busy day for d.c. council as the members considered measures on security cameras, firefighter retirement and marijuana in businesses and nightclubs. d.c. bureau chief sam ford joining us live outside the wilson building with a look at the latest debate on pot in the city. they had a lot on their plate today, sam. sam: indeed. the d.c. council essentially today kept alive the hope of marijuana supporters that they may be able to have pot parties and private establishments in the city. as d.c. passed the marijuana law legally, it can only be grown at home for private consumption at home. a bill that prohibited the expansion of marijuana use
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almost expired last month. mayor muriel bowser concerned how congress might react urged councilmembers to extend the prohibition and they did on an emergency basis. yet today, councilmember mcduffy withdrew his bill to make the ban permanent. he says he will reintroduce a measure in two weeks. pro marijuana activates hope the bill will be more to their liking. >> it's success for us. we have seen a permanent ban tabled, taken off the agenda. that is a success. we thought, we were facing a total ban permanently, no way to reverse it. it means the council is still looking at the issue, they are deliberating. activists should be somewhat pleased. sam: late this afternoon, the council passed a bill to establish a task force to look for ways to make it possible for people in d.c. to
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communally use marijuana. that task force will be reporting back. before the permanent ban expires. but a task force. we vehicle more on what the task force will be doing coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. four hours northwest of d.c., some hope today for an early spring. >> there is no shadow to be cast. an early spring is my forecast! michelle: punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow this morning. the nation's most accelerated furry forecaster was pulled out of his burrows just before 7:30 this morning. we're asking on the wjla facebook page if you trust phil's forecast. let's share some of your comments later in this hour. jonathan: he was really saying put me back. michelle: snacks. i want snacks. of course we truck our own celebrated forecaster, doug
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hill. jonathan: we don't have to hold him up out of his burrow. it does seem like a soggy few days. doug: phil has 45% accuracy rate. so i have my work cut out to get into that range. i will tell you i think we have a 100% probability of rain tomorrow and it could be heavy. lets get started a look outside live at the national harbor. capitol wheel. sunshine getting through. comfortable around the area with the late an temperatures. 51 at reagan national. 45 in frederick. 50 degrees in manassas. 47 in annapolis. we get through the overnight hours everyone will stay above freezing. it means we'll melt. whatever snow is around continue the melting process overnight. tomorrow we will accelerate the melt as we head in the 60's. a quick closeup look at the western zone for the overnight. even those areas with plenty of snow cover. we will drop to lower 40's by early morning. rain is beginning to spread over areas west of the
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appalachians in response to a big storm center. a major blizzard over the northern plains. look at the three areas in red boxes. those are all tornado watches. violent night ahead. for us, by the time it arrives tomorrow afternoon, we will get heavy rain. we may get thunderstorms. we don't expect anything severe in our area. more to talk about what the that system, weekend, the next seven days with a better than 45% accuracy rate in a few minute. jonathan: thanks. bill cosby was back in a courtroom this afternoon. his attorneys want the criminal case against him thrown out. andrea constand is one of several women that say bill cosby gave her drugs and sexual assaulted her. elizabeth hur takes us inside the courtroom. reporter: bill cosby entering court without answering questions from reporters is hope to walk out of court free of sexual assault charges against him. testifying for the defense is former district attorney bruce caster. explaining he did not believe there was a strong criminal case against the comedian in
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2004, citing red flags in the case. including the fact that the accuser in the case first contacted police a year after the alleged assault. so caster confirmed a deal was made, an oral agreement that said cosby wouldn't be charged if he testified in a civil suit. but the current d.a. maintains because the deal was not in writing and not approved by a judge that agreement is not binding. lawyer gloria allred in court in california for another civil case involving cosby calls the defense's argument nonsense. >> i find it a bit ironic that mr. cosby would seek to exclude evidence that he in fact gave quaaludes to women when that was his testimony. does he want to exclude the truth? reporter: it was last december, just days before the statute of limitation was set to expire he was charged with
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sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand at his own. the charges stem from his own deposition. cosby admitted he had a number of affairs, got quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with and gave constand pills at his home. >> of the dozen of women accusing cosby of the sexual assault this is the only criminal case against him and cosby denied all the allegations. i'm elizabeth hur, for abc7 news. jonathan: some breaking news from wall street right now where the markets just wrapped up another rough day of trading. the dow closing 295 points down. for the record, january saw the roughest start for the markets in history with the average investor losing 6% of their entire portfolio. michelle: the mystery about what happened to am track train headed from our area to new york is solved. jonathan: we'll have that answer for you. plus, some places now are
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spraying. we'll take a look at the mosquitoes that could be carrying the zika virus and how you can protect yourself. that is coming up. michelle: scary moments on the way to school. michelle: scary moments on the way to school. how a bus ended up
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jonathan: take a look at this. we are about to fly over a plane that is underwater. you see it there? they are not supposed to fly that way. investigation is underway what caused a small plane to crash in miami. it's clear as day in the shallow water. not far from the slore. this is hallover beach. two people were rescued from the crash. they are in good condition off the coast of florida. the f.a.a. and the ntsb will investigate the cause of the crash. both people in the plane got out safely. michelle: new information today about am track train hit by something near philadelphia. we told you about this yesterday about the train that was heading from d.c. to new york when something cracked a window. amtrak confirms that a rock hit the train but right now they are not sure if someone threw it or not. 201 passengers were on the train. no one was hurt. jonathan: it was a scare on board of a montgomery county school bus this morning. icy conditions sent the bus to a guardrail and right off the road. two students were on board at the time. luckily nobody was hurt.
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john gonzalez has a closer look at the slippery start to the school day. john: we have been able to get closer here to give you an idea of what happened. walking down avery road, we had to take it easy. it's slick. black ice is playing a factor here. that is what police believe. the school bus is now hooked on to the wrecker. it will be towed here in moments. but we understand. just from seeing the road here, how much snow is in the area. it's all starting to melt. that is quickly freezing in some low-lying areas. well, we understand that just before 7:30 this morning, this school bus carrying two students was headed to rockville high school. it lost control. the driver lost control. hit a guardrail. and then went off the road and got stuck in a bank there. now the students were not injured. so as we give you a closer shot you can see how icy the road is under the bus.
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they have called in another wrecker. the problem is the bus ended up on top of a guardrail. you can see right here the trickle of water from the snow that is melting in some low-lying spots. the overpasses. that water is freezing quickly. that looks like it caused the accident this morning. back to you. michelle: all right. a lot of slick roads and water out there because of the melting. check in with jamie sullivan for a look at what is happening out there. looks like the road work. jamie: this water is because of a water main break. not because of the snow melting. this is in the area of wilson boulevard between rosslyn and the courthouse neighborhood. i want to talk about what this is. this a water main break. the crews are here. they just started this work about an hour ago. let's focus on on the stretch that is blocked. this means that the road is
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closed. wilson boulevard since it's one way. if you travel to quinn street, that's where it's blocked. the best option is an alternate. it's one way. you can't take clarendon boulevard. you can head south to 16th street and work your way closer to roads and hook back up. this is going to be in the area from rosslyn continuing closer toward courthouse or clarendon. let's move to the map. 395, we have closures that will be put in place between edsall and the 14th street bridge. it's until tomorrow morning. they have inspecting to be doing. this is a typical afternoon drive for us. slowing in all the normal spots. aside from what i mentioned on wilson boulevard. back to you. michelle: thank you. republican lawmakers in virginia blocked two bill to expand access for kindergarten for all children in the commonwealth. it would require communities that don't already have access to full-day kindergarten for all children to lay out a budget and plan to make it happen. the house sub committee on
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education rejected the bills this morning in a 5-4 vote. the education department is outlining the steps public schools can take using existing federal money to re-evaluate current tests and develop better quality ones. that takes less time. the action follows president obama's call to capstan dardized testing at 2% of classroom time. jonathan: college student trying to make extra cash may get toss it out of college for something he did. jack worth posted the dorm room on air b&b. his little dorm room. they average short-term rentals for out-of-towners. officials at emerson found out and fined him $150. now there is a petition on to let him stay in
4:20 pm
school. all of this done social media. first rents the room and now using social immediate >> to stay in school. michelle: i wonder if he had takers or if they just found the ad. doug: it's settled. early spring is coming. we're all good. as soon as he said that it started to melt outside. all good. michelle: like magic. jonathan: you love that rodent. doug: let's get started here. view from northern montgomery county. 44 degrees there. that was the snow cover. watch my right-hand side. you can see the area more starting to melt off. temperatures in the 60's with heavy rain tomorrow. gusty winds. more melting indeed. some of the biggest piles to take a while for that stuff to go away. 51 in the capital now. uper 40's to 50's in metro. cooler northwest. heading through the evening
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hours, see the temperatures drop a little bit but not that much. warmer air to the south and the southwest. louisville is 67 degrees. 75 in knoxville, tennessee. this is push of warm air ahead of a complex storm center that is producing heavy snow and the blizzard conditions on the eastern side of the storm. you are seeing the fringes of it now. so heavy are the storms that one, two, three tornado watches are in effect from new orleans up to southern section of illinois. fortunately for us the severe weather will lose the punch by the time the line gets here tomorrow. we have showers and thunderstorms and the gusty winds through the day tomorrow. winds could gust up to 25 miles per hour. heaviest rain will come through in the afternoon and the evening. in our area we will get out of
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the picture later tomorrow night and back on track for sunshine in the day on thursday. every time we run the model we get different models. half to an inch. one half to one inch is what we expect from the rain and the thunder. there is no chance we'll be wrong. 100% chance. cooler on friday. showers next week. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the snow may be melting but winter not giving up yet. we'll show you some of the places that are buried right now. michelle: be careful where you fly your drone. new low-tech solution for what some see as a high-tech problem. next.
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michelle: "7 on your side" in health matters today. we are learning more about the zika virus after the world health organization declared an international emergency. the mosquito borne illness is rapidly spreading, concerning are joining in the u.s. joining us now to talk about more about the insect infecting people is dr. michael ralph from the university of maryland. thank you for joining us. dr. ralph, we know 25 countries and territories are seeing this mosquito.
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why are we suddenly seeing this in the western hemisphere? doctor: we have known about this particular zika virus since 1947 when it first showed up in the eastern hemisphere. it is now in africa, it's in asia and indonesia. recently it's hopscotched to the western hemisphere, brazil. there are 25 countries now on this side that are having serious outbreaks. brazil for example has a very high incidence of the zika right now. it's firmly established and a major point of concern. michelle: locally there hasn't been transmitted cases here in the u.s. the cases in the u.s. have all been the result of folks traveling to places in central america or the caribbean. should we be concerned about that mosquito making its way to the u.s. homeland? dr. raupp: the mosquito is
4:27 pm
already here. it has been here for a very, very long time, michelle. in fact, if you can pull up the distribution map -- i can't see you -- but we have a distribution map. it's concentrated along the southern tier of the gulf. recently we found that there is a breeding population of yellow fever mosquitoes right here in washington, d.c. this confirms historical records. this is a relatively widespread mosquito that has been in the united states for centuries. michelle: and how can folks protect themselves? we hear about using bug spray. are there certain ingredients we should look for on the label? dr. raupp: absolutely. the number one thing right now is i think for women, young women that are either pregnant or could become pregnant they should visit the c.d.c. website, look at the travel advisories. for people that are traveling to the 25 countries where zika
4:28 pm
is roaring right now, they should certainly use personal protection. there are a great variety of mosquito repellents very, very effective products on the market. some containing deet, or an active ingredient that is not deet. there are botanically based products. there are also lines of clothing people can rare to repel mosquitoes. pretreated. when i go to the tropical rain forest i wear these and it works great. when the mosquito season starts in the united states, when we see the mosquitoes particularly yellow fever mosquitoes and the asian tiger mosquitoes in may, june, july, that is the time that mosquito should use mosquito repellents outdoors. michelle: great information, dr. raupp. thank you for joining us today. >> it is a pleasure.
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this is a bad one. keep an eye on this one. michelle: want to take it serious. thank you very much. jonathan: thanks. coming up for us next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- were laws broken leading to toxic tap water in michigan? the new weapon in the flint water crisis and the investigation happening right now. >> an armed robber is on a spree in d.c. i'm stephen tschida. in a moment i'll tell you why d.c. police and business owners w
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: a one-man robbery rampage has d.c. police at work and business owners on edge. police think it's the same guy that has hit six businesses in the past few weeks. stephen tschida has the latest on the case. reporter: armed robber is on a spree in d.c. i'm stephen tschida. in a moment i'll tell you -- >> surveillance video captures robbery after robbery. it started january 12. when he held up a woman at this dunkin' donuts. >> the dude walked in from that door. he walked in, to the register. stephen: this is the 1100 block. heart of downtown d.c. this is why the police and the business owners want this guy caught. he struck here on a work day late afternoon. when this block is bustling.
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>> i think it's crazy. it's really scary, actually. she was by herself. stephen: january 12 the 300 block of 40th street northeast. the same day, the dunkin' donuts at 19th. here m street northwest. january 26, the 3900 block of minnesota avenue northeast. january 31, the 4200 block, and few minutes later the 4300 block of nanny helen burrows. on january 31, that el, the 300 block of 40th street northeast. >> i hope they catch him. did they catch him? stephen: not yet. despite the clear images in the surveillance video. so far the suspect is believed to have used a gun or mere threats to obtain cash. >> he hit it and he will keep doing it. hopefully he will get caught. >> no one has gotten hurt so far but there is concern it could change if this crime spree continues.
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stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thanks. the storm watch 7 weather team monitoring the potential for rain this evening. doug hill has a look at the time line. doug this looks like any rain in the local area will happen around the area. 50 in leesburg and manassas. 51 in fredericksburg. 49 at andrews air force base. it will develop to the overnight hours. well above freezing. we will get to the day tomorrow and we will deal with the front approaching nashville. the area from southern illinois all the way south to new orleans is under a tornado watch. right now. because the active part of the eastern part of the system where the warm air is. with that, heavy rain coming our way. future cast shows tomorrow at 11:00, focusing on the western
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zone on the i-81 corridor. maryland to rut kersville, and it will shift to the late afternoon. so by 5:00, it will be out of the picture by 8:00 or 8:30. the rain and the isolated thunderstorms tomorrow. breezy, clearing and temperatures in the 50's in the morning falling in the day. chilly, partly cloudy. pleasant february weather. more showers in the forecast next week. that is the latest from the weather center. michelle? michelle: doug, thank you. new development in the water crisis in flint, michigan. the group of the agencies investigating what happened is expanding. alison: today federal prosecutors announced that the f.b.i. is joining the team of
4:36 pm
agencies investigating what happened to the water in flint and whether it's safe to drink. the city switched the source from detroit water system to the flint river two years ago. a move designed to save money. but it wasn't treated properly so lead ended up in water and in people's homes. four people lost their job so far, including flint's public works director. two others are suspended in the investigation. so right now the e.p.a. as well as michigan's attorney general the state auditor general, the civil rights commission are investigating what happened here and what went wrong. the u.s. house of representative oversight committee is scheduled to hold a hearing tomorrow. we'll keep you posted on the developments. jonathan: thanks.
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if an idea by the top army and marine corps general goes forward, women would have to register for the draft. they made the proposal because combat jobs are now open to women. they told the senate armed services committee it will take three years before the combat posts are fully integrated. so far political leaders have been reluctant to endorse the draft requirement. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we're getting a glimpse of the super bowl ads. check out what we can show you before the game. jonathan: but first -- >> i hope to have enough oxygen to cry and run at the same time. what the ballroom dancer who lost a leg in the boston
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michelle: in the u.s. the f.a.a. says pilots reported about 100 drone sightings a month. it's not known if the eagles will be an option in our area. jonathan: the boston marathon bombing survivor who vowed
4:41 pm
last week to run the race again has begun training. adrian haslett lost a leg in 2013 in the bombing. she said it took time to learn how to use the leg but now she is ready to train for the race. she will be the first of the bombing survivor amputees to do so. a way to give back. say thank you to everybody but for those who don't have a leg because of insurance and on the waiting list for limbs for life. jonathan: she is raising money for limbs for life, a group providing prosthetics for a lifetime for amputees that cannot afford them. the boston marathon is april 18. we wish her the best of luck. michelle: what an inspiration for people who say i can't. i can't run a marathon. i'm not in shape. look at her. jonathan: she was a ballroom dancer prior to the bombing. lost the leg. went back to ballroom dancing and now running the race.
4:42 pm
inspiration. ball of fire she is. michelle: absolutely. we wish her the best as she trains for the really difficult course. jonathan: i don't know why anyone would want to do it but good for her. there you go. michelle: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- campers, rise and shine. a look at what some of you think about the groundhog's prediction of spring. >> we have heard complaints before. neighbors in douglas park empty handed when it comes t
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we have a developing story in arlington, virginia, where crews are trying to repair a water main break. this is causing issues for the everything rush. part of wilson boulevard are not cut off. you can see how they are losing quinn street for diversionary lane for traffic. we'll have more on what caused this and the fallout. richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: back with an update on a story you saw on abc7. a community saying the mailboxes are still empty. michelle: is the snow all that
4:46 pm
is to blame? amy aubert joins us now with the details. amy in amy: -- amy? immigration and naturalization service -- amy: the snowstorm has made this worse. some say they have not gotten mail since before the snowfall. some got mail but it's not consistent. it's not just arlington. others say it's the first day they got mail since january 21. >> the concern this morning when we get a little bit of mail the where is the rest of the mail? amy: we take a deeper look at what is done to fix it at 5:00. jonathan: thank you. michelle: hopefully the groundhog is correct and the weather won't cause problems for mail carriers or the rest of us for that matter. punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow and so warmer days
4:47 pm
ahead. jonathan: and we trust it because it's perfect science. do you trust the rodent? michelle: great sense of humor. you can join the conversation on the facebook page. jonathan: all right. of course, phil isn't the only furball making predictions around here. eileen is in potomac circle where potomac phil made his predictions. >> potomac phil did not see his shadow. an early spring. we are all excited at the dupont circle. the dupont festival hosting the groundhog celebration, fifth year in a row. adam, the founder. great predictions! >> it was an incredible morning. it is hard to get a prediction out of a taxidermy groundhog but he shows up every time and
4:48 pm
he nailed it. michelle: this is all well and good to tell people spring is on the way. heavy snow and winds forced nebraska department of roads to close about 100 miles of the interstate 80 near lincoln today. most of the state is seeing blizzard conditions and it's also impacting iowa and kansas. jonathan: that is a storm that brought snow as far south as el paso, texas. the flurry mixed with high wind to create serious visibility issues for drivers.
4:49 pm
nice to see it's others instead of us. michelle: nice to be the only one feeling the pain. most parents are excited when toddlers take the first step. but walking is just the beginning. he is snowboarding, raising the bar. just 14 months old. baby sloan can hit the slopes with her parents. they taught her how to balance on a board pulling her around the house. then pulling her on the snow in the backyard. next up the olympics. why not? jonathan: funny part of the video, she is not watching where she is going. she is checking out her parents. am i doing it right? adorable. steve: really good balance. michelle: imagine how many times she fell down before she could get it right.
4:50 pm
steve: who cares what the groundhog saw? i'm ready to go for spring. most people are over it. jonathan: done with winter. michelle: intolerant. steve: some people said they could take six more peeks. i don't know. the doppler radar. it will change through the day tomorrow. 35 to 44 for overnight low. showers develop after midnight. look for patchy fog. my mic fell off my jacket. this is live television, everyone. i'll talk to jamie while i try to find it. jamie: you go ahead and dig
4:51 pm
that out. yea! steve: it's a miracle. here it is. all right. live television, everyone. 64 degrees for a high. flooding to occur early on. we'll see near record high temperatures. take you out for the next seven days and focus on the upcoming weekend. saturday and sunday, highs on saturday. upper 40's around 50 degrees on sunday. a fully miced jamie sullivan red deto -- ready to go. jamie: watch, something will happen to me. mine is secure. this is wilson boulevard in arlington. the stretch that is closed because of this water main break between quinn street and rhodes. move to the map. wilson from quinn street to rhodes. but clarendon boulevard is one way in the opposite direction so it's not an easy
4:52 pm
work-around. pull out a little bit. 16 street down here runs parallel. that is the best option. i want to talk about the slowing. typical on the northwest stretch from virginia to maryland. if you travel on 395. leaving the city right now. bumper to bumper which is typical. but tonight is the h.o.v. lane will close. starting at 9:30 until 4:30 a.m. jonathan: thank you. coming up new at 5:00 -- local special needs athletes getting ready for their bowles. the sport is bocce ball. it's a big deal in montgomery county and maryland. scott abraham has the story in a half hour at "abc7 news at
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5:00". michellein the last ten minutes we learned that lady gaga will sing the national anthem at the weekend's super bowl. less than a week to go, you know, the highly anticipate and the expensive commercials are leaking out. anheuser-busch released some today. shock top playing up how the bill is unfiltered and the orange mascot. >> you look like you're on a cleanse that doesn't work. >> do you realize your sunglasses move when you talk? >> it's my thing. >> terrifying. they cost $5 million for 30 seconds. at 5:00 we will show you another ad featuring helen mirren. jonathan: i look forward to them. you can't leave to go get something. you have to watch the whole deal. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- kellye: i'm kellye lynn in southeast. improving employment opportunity for people
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alison: in today's spotlight on education, one of the major challenges for people who are disabled is finding employment. leon: kellye lynn shows us how a new program is addressing the problem by offering jobs to adults with special needs at local catholic schools. >> we have three choices. kellye: there is something special about tuesday and wednesdays at st. peters school on capitol hill. it's the day alex comes. >> alex does a lot of bulletin board work. he sorts papers for us. he makes copies. he makes sure that kids have the papers back in a timely manner. >> 24-year-old alex peligrino is a teacher's aide that got the opportunity through teacher together program. kellye: a job teaching together founder mary's sister marita dreamed about. she has special needs and wanted to work with children. when younger sister mary became a teacher she found a way to give adults with
4:58 pm
cognitive challenges the opportunity that her sister wanted. >> it really allows the children to witness and appreciate the diverse talents that people bring. and it's just been a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved. kellye: here you go, alex. when alex isn't working his part-time job here, he is holding down another position at a local grocery store. for him the better job is obvious. >> this one. >> why? >> because it's my favorite. kellye: and alex is a favorite at st. peter. >> it makes our whole class and the whole school more accepting of anyone's differences really. i think we all embrace each other. it's a more loving environment, i think. >> the most important thing he does is enlighten all of us. even like every single day. kellye: in southeast, kellye lynn, abc7 news. leon: tonight -- >> this is absolutely unacceptable in any civilized community. leon: as an entire community comes to grips with the shooting of her mother and 2-year-old daughter, court
4:59 pm
records point to a potential motive. >> she touched many people throughout her short life. leon: a key detail about a murder committed by two virginia tech students. plus, heavy rain about to mix with the snow melt and the threat of flooding is rising. and -- >> i love winning. yes, i love winning. leon: a super bowl of sorts for a leisurely past time that is a passion for special brand of local athletes. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: first tonight an unspeakable crime. a mother and her little girl gunned down in front of their home. alison: abc7 learned the mother was also a teacher in prince george's county. we have team coverage tonight. kevin lewis will have reaction from bradbury heights elementary school in a moment. but we begin be the maryland bureau chief brad bell at the crime scene in fort washington. brad? brad: a crime that has horrified the community. tonight, police continue to hunt for a person who could
5:00 pm
point a gun at a mother and her toddler. and pull the trigger again and again. this is neshante davis's facebook page. her 2-year-old daughter chloe's picture front and center. a relative says the little girl was the center of davis' life. >> beautiful, beautiful mom. would do anything for anybody. >> this morning at 7:00 a.m., mother and daughter head out for the day. as normal. from their townhouse on palmer road. then neighbors hear screams and gunshots. neshante davis is found dead in the parking lot. little chloe strapped if her car seat. both are shot multiple times. with a killer on the loose, this relative wants the identity hidden. >> a big family. everyone loved everyone. brad: from public records we learn davis recently won a paternity suit in $600 a month in court-order child


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