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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 3, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," did donald trump admit a mistake. >> the billionaire now in new hampshire looks back at his iowa loss. hihis new comments and the rac heating up for the democrats. >> mid-air explosion. a blast so powerful, it blew a hole into the side of an airline jet. the pilot says it was a bomb. but was it terrorism? health alert about the zika virus. the american woman infected not from a mosquito but through sex. our medical editor is here with the warningses. >> and later our special correspondent at the super bowl covering the broncos and the panthers like a pro. she's only 11 years old. it's wednesday, february 3rd. >> announcer:ing from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to you on this wednesday in february.
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i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin with a battle for the white house now moving on to new hampshire. >> oh,qy yeah. only six days away from the nation's next primary contest. now donald trump of course, is admitting he made mistakes back in the hawkeye state taking a more conciliatory tone after his loss to ted cruz. it's your voice, your vote. marci gonzalez on the ground in manchester, new hampshire. >> back on the trail fueled by iowa inspired optimism. >> what an incredible incredible evening we had last night. >> reporter: ted cruz celebrating a big win in the caucuses and beating donald trump. >> had i known we could have finished number two, maybe i would have spent more time there. >> reporter: trump now admitting skipping the last republican debate in iowa may have hurt him. >> i think it could is have ever been the debate. i think some people were disappointed i didn't go in the debate. >> reporter: on trump's heels marco rubio talking with voters
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in new hampshire. >> are you ready for a nap? so am i. >> reporter: after his strong third place finish. >> in iowa, we were largely written off and came on strong. >> reporter: and campaign confidence for both democratic candidates despite the party's closest caucus finish ever, just a fraction of a point, clinton proudly declaring victory. >> i feel really great being back in new hampshire after winning in iowa and having a chance to come here. >> reporter: bernie sanders with a double digit lead in the polls here in his backyard calling this a political revolution and refusing to concede. >> that was last night and the political revolution continues next tuesday here in new hampshire. >> reporter: and one candidate not here is ben carson who took yesterday off. ted cruz apologized to him for mistakenly saying that carson had dropped out of the race. kendis and reena? >> marci, thank you so much.
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after new hampshire, there's a south carolina primary and ted cruz is not wasting time. he was there last night spinning his victory in iowa as the second coming of ronald reagan. he drove home to supporters his main platform tenet that he is a true conservative. cruz will join fellow republicans this saturday night for the next gop debate hosted by abc news. our coverage begins at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central. >> the issue of hillary clinton's e-mails continues to dog her campaign. now the state department confirms that then senator john kerry sent clinton at least one e-mail from his private account that has now been classified as secret. the message referenced india, afghanistan, and pakistan. and was classified for containing information about foreign governments and u.s. foreign relations. the state department adding that the private account is no longer active. the secretary of defense is asking congress for more money to fight isis. ash carter proposes a 50%
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increase in spending on the war against the islamic terror group to $7.5 billion. carter also wants to spend more money to deter russia, quadrupling what the pentagon spends on its troops and training in europe. the final budget decision will be up to congress. another confrontation between north and south korea. this time over a rocket launch. the south warning of harsh consequences if the north goes ahead with the launch which it claims will put a satellite into orbit later this month. south korea says it's a test of ballistic missile technology expressly fbden by the united nations and the u.s. agrees. >> it was a terrifying experience for airline peaks in africa. an explosion moments after takeoff force agemergency landing. but was it a terror attack or a mechanical problem? abc's david kerley has more. >> these are the terrifying moments after passengers reported a loud bang and smoke shortly after takeoff. the cabin of the airbus a-321
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depressurized. some of the 74 passengers moving to the back of the jetliner as the plane descends to make an emergency landing. on the ground, those passengers see the floor to ceiling hole in the fuselage. from the outside, signs of what appear to be the markings of an explosion, the peeled back metal, streaks of soot. >> which would suggest quite definitively this was ray bomb of some kind. probably something about a hand grenade size that would have made this hole inside of the plane. >> two passengers reportedly hurt. the airline flying from mo deshoe to djibouti. even the pilot thinks it was a bomb. un, expert thinks there should have ever been more interior damage. if it was a bomb, experts say it may have ever been an attempt to defeat security systems and bring down a jetliner. david kerley, abc news, washington. new details in the search for the remains of those marines killed in a helicopter crash off hawaii last month. investigators say elements of dna have ever been discovered. family members of those identified have ever been fold
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but the marines corps is not releasing any other information. 1 marines died in a crash in what investigators said was a collision but it wasn't yet known if there was a collision. we are learning new details about the death of that teenager allegedly murdered by a virginia tech student. an autopsy revealed nicole lovell was stabbed to death on the day she is disappeared. david eisenhauer has been charged. police say another freshman already charged with hiding the body was more deeply involved than previously thought. natalie keepers will face the more serious charge of being an accessory before the fact of first degree murder. a conviction could mean life in prison. the denver broncos moved quickly to not let a players run-in with the law distract from super bowl preparations. ryan murphy is a rookie member on the team's practice squad. he was questioned by police and released in a prostitution ring
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at a motel 6. afterward, he was sent home by the broncos but his status with the organization hasn't changed. that said his brother and a suspected prostitute were cited. bill cosby will likely be back in a pennsylvania court today as his attorneys resume their effort to have his sex crime charges thrown out. a former district attorney testified yesterday that he made an or agreement not to prosecute cosby in connection with claims made by a woman over a decade ago. the current d.a. says that deal is not binding because it wasn't in writing. a judge with is expected to rule today whether the case against cosby can move forward. a utility company in southern california has been slapped with criminal charges for failing to report a natural gas leak. the leak in a neighborhood of los angeles has been gushing nonstop from an underground storage an facility since before halloween. so-called gas has paid more than $50 million to try to cap the leak and relocate more than 4400
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families. the cause of the so cal leak is still under investigationing. >> to some weather now. there were tornados in the deep south as part of the severe storm system in the nation's midsection. in mississippi a twister damaged homes, toppled trees and knocked out power. later, several tornados were reported in western alabama. among structures damaged, the federal prison in aliceville. only minor injuries were reported however. and the same storm system brought another blizzard to the plains. nearly a foot of snow fell in some areas and winds reaching 45 miles an hour, major highways closed partly because visibility near zero. hundreds of flights were delays or cancelled. accuweather's paul williams shows us the let in the hours ahead. good morning. >> thanks, kendis. that blizzard causing problems was road closures from minneapolis down towards omaha. snow accumulation measured in feet, not just inches. and overnight icing happening underneath all of that snow. the icing that's happening on the roads complicating matters.
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so we expect widespread ravel delays. minneapolis down towards des moines covering i-80, i-35. then that same storm system will then cause problems because of the wet weather throughout the ohio valley region. kendis? >> thank you so much, paul. chipotle faces more legal challenges following a series of food bourn illness outbreaks. the company has been the subject of a criminal investigation since last month. executives reveal heavy been served with mother subpoena covering a much broader range of questions. alleys at the restaurants were down 44% in the final quarter of last year. mcdonald's serving up food for thought. for the next two weeks, the fast food giant will be featuring books as a prize in happy meals. the petite paper backs are specially sized to fit into the meals and there are four titles including the classic "paddington" and the three others with valentine's day themes. they expect to distribute more than 17 million of the books,
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not toys. >> that's great. so the next two weeks, huh. >> yes. >> okay. i'll be taking them to mcdonald's three out of seven days. >> they'll be egging your house later after that. we want our toys back. before we let go of the food thing, you have to check out an item that's beenade for 20 years. but it's it's now becoming a viral hit apparently. rainbow bagels. >> here's how they make them at a place called the bagel store in brooklyn. they layer and cut the dough which is already in an array of different colors. then they are twisted and baked. >> and, of course, you've got to the top them with fun assty cream crease. it is costs nearly 4 bucks each. that's a good deal. look how much color and food dye it takes. apparently it will be worth every single penny into they do look like play doh. >> does it taste like a caking? >> apparently it tastes lining a cake. >> it drives me nuts as we do
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these food segments we don't get to eat them. >> all those carbs though. >> i'm okay with carbs this early in the morning. >> buzz kill. it looks good i guess. >> they have the carbs early in the morning, right? >> that's the key. >> we'll have to try that one. coming up "the mix," the american olympic athlete who will be setting herself apart because of what she'll be wearing. > also ahead, all the attention an 11-year-old special correspondent is getting as she covers the super bowl. >> and the health alert after an alarming new discovery about the zika virus. our medical editor joining us. and remember to find us on facebook and twitter @abcwnn. maybe we'll eat one of those bagels and post the picture. you're watching "world news now." but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body... ...which makes your heart, well, mega-happy.
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the cdc sounding a new alarm over mixing pregnancy and alcohol. a new report estimates more than 3 million american women are sexually active not using contraception and yet drinking which they say raises the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome by could lead to a lifetime of disabilities. an stipulated 40,000 babies each year are affected by the syndrome. >> the cdc expected to issue new guidelines now that a person in the u.s. has got the zika virus through sex. the unidentified person had sex with someone who had returned from venezuela and fallen ill with the mosquito bourn virus. they say it's really rare but not unheard of for the virus to be transmitted through sex.
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and here to talk with us about this latest development and the broader concern about the zika virus is abc's medical editor dan childs. this whole sexual transmission notion, has this ever handed before and what does it mean? >> this is a case we just heard about today. and what's interesting is that this is kind of a big surprise. obviously, the vast majority of zika cases that have ever been seen thus far have ever been transmitted through mosquitos. however this is a sexual transmission. now, there was one case report back in 2008 that the suggested that zika might be able to be transmitted sexualally. a man went to senegal, came back ho t to colorado and his wife got sick even though the mosquito doesn't live there. but what we've seen here is this is something they're taking very seriously as a new mode of transmission. and what will be really interesting to see is whether the u.s. health agencies start to make recommendations based on this. perhaps telling traveler who are coming back, male travelers that
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if their partner is pregnant or at risk of being pregnant, for them to use barrier contraception for a while until after the threat of infection has passed. >> dan, when i was pregnant with my first child, i accidentally you ate cuss tad that had raw egg. i couldn't sleep for like a week i was so worried it affected my child. when you compare zeke caging to something like that, what are the real dangers and how significant is this? >> you know, it's interesting because the real dangers of zika for the average person, you're going to get a little sick. you're going to have a rash. you're going to have a headache. we've also heard that four out of five people who are actually infected with zeke cag never show symptoms whatsoever. >> wow. >> but if you're a pregnant woman, there does appear to be this chance that of this terrible birth detect basically it's about the worst thing that can happen and that's the thing sticking in everyone's heads. the idea that this is perhaps
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associated with this viral illness and something like this might be able to be happen. and this is the big reason that everyone's very scared about this. >> really quickly, a lot of people will be traveling especially for the olympics there summer. what do you do if you're a traveller? >> well, it all comes down to practicing safe travel habits. you know, we've heard from the health agency so far that if you're pregnant or if you're expecting to become pregnant, you might want to reconsider this trip if you're going to an area that's affected like brazil. even if not, let's say you're going on that trip anyway it, makes sense to practice safe mosquito hygiene. wear long sleeves, use that bug pray and try not to get bitten. now of course, with the news from today, it seems to make sense that if you're a man and coming back home, think about using barrier contraception for a little while until you're sure you're in the clear. >> abc's dan childs. coming up in our next half hour, showdown at the super bowl. the two quarterbacks and how they're gearing up for the biggest game of their lives.
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the fresh young cam newton versus the veteran peyton manning in what could be his last game into but first, the little reporter at the big game asking peyton manning, peyton, cam and the rest of the super bowl stars those hard-hitting questions. you're watching "world news now."
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okay. so we've had training camp, of course, the preseason 17 weeks of course, of the regular season, the playoffs. and now we have finally arrived at the super bowl. >> just a few days away. now media hype is reaching a fever pitch. but there's one reporter in the thick of it who is really keeping her cool. here's abc's matt gutman. >> what she lacks in statue she compliments with towering enthusiasm. >> this new correspondent chosen from the nfl from house ever
3:21 am
thousands of contestants for a week at the super bowl in san jose. >> you're the winner. >> oh, my god. >> let's go talk to some of the player ooze. >> you got to eat your vegetables. >> mingling with the gridiron gladiators from the broncos and the panthers. the receiver on the pop warner team asking probing questions of her idols. >> what do you mean by your last rodeo. i don't know what that means. what do you think it meant? >> that you're probably going to retire. >> no, you totally missed the point. i am going to go participate in rodeos . >> how do you train to be a great quarterback. >> just like you train to be great in anything else. you have to put your mind to it. >> reporter: yes, hard work but moseley is not averse to a little play also. >> what do you think? >> great. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> cute. >> cool. and she's part of this program nfl play 60 to combat obesity. >> cam is a big part of that program as well. but some hard-hitting questions from that young lady there. >> tough, i'm telling you.
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all night... or all day. and now it's time for "the mix." hard to believe this, but this will be the first time that we have an olympics where we have a woman in the olympics who is muslim wearing a hijab. take a look. very first time. she pursued fencing when she was 13, she saw some sounds doing it and she decided to continue doing it all through her time as a student at duke university. he graduated and felt there weren't enough minorities competing in the olympics. now she's going to be in rio. and you know what? when he she's not fencing, she's actually started her own online clothing which is about modest fashion forward designs. but pretty cool, huh. >> yeah, she's already being fashion forward at the olympics. first american athlete that's
3:26 am
muslim. >> curious to see how it goes forler. did you happen to take a look at times square just a little before midnight? there was an interesting scene on 15 billboards for three straight minutes, this was what was plastered on there. this little cat video there. the cat just kind of drinking milk. . it's all from this filmmaker who's done different things like this over the years. it will play on these 15 billboards every night through february 29th. >> something tells me dan harris was behind this, he's such a cat lover. >> he is a cat guy but so's brian. >> our producer here. >> yeah. okay. >> all right. fascinating. >> we've got to show you this video. you don't believe it. a snow machine. you see this? it's a rapid fire portable snowball machine. >> cheating. > but it's using a leaf blower. do you see that sign there? you can swap out snowball magazines there on the side. >> so there's no beating that
3:27 am
thing. look at that. >> i think it's genius. >> it is pretty genius. >> it's a leaf blower. it's a leaf blower durned rapid fire snowball machine. >> you can't win that snowball fight. you can only try. >> got to bring the big guns out when the heavy snow comes. >> i guess so. take a look at this photo from wales. there was a competition in the uk. >> for the best teeth. >> for the best made me smile selfie sort of social media competition. david is there with his 3-year-old son. they took this photo. and the horse photo bombed them. >> but he really did that in his lips puckered out like that. >> smiled like that. that's great. so they won the competition, about 2,000 pounds, roughly about $3,000 u.s. or so. but then the owner that have horse saw it and wrote in and said i didn't give you permission to use my horse in this. >> maybe because it looks like he has gum disease in this photo. >> you know whether or not -- >> he could use a little
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this morning on "world news now," double trouble. the storm system sending tornadoes across the south and a punishing blizzard to the north. the dangerous conditions and today's warnings from accuweather. >> new hampshire momentum. can donald trump rebound and will bernie sanders walk away with the big victory? the political lessons learned in iowa. and new this half hour, a message from a man who hid millions of dollars in treasure. >> after a treasure hunter disappeared some warnings and some encouragement from the guy behind all the excitement. >> later on in "the skinny," speaking out, halle berry who made academy award history speaks her mind about the oscars. the oscars, hollywood and diversity. it's wednesday, february 3rd. >> announcer: from abc news,


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