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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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warmerover head than at the surface -- warmer overhead than the surface. the heaviest rains will pass south and east of the metro area and we will eventually see clearing as the frontal zone continues to push eastward. more active thunderstorm activity through the carolinas expected for the next few hours. then things will settle down a bit through the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. we'll check the updated weekend forecast for you as well in a couple of minutes. jonathan: thanks. stay with abc7 and doug hill even when you are away from our tv set. we are providing updates on all the platforms, online and on the apps. only thing you need is a phone, tablet and a wireless connection. michelle: new developments this afternoon in the murder of a mother and her daughter. neshante davis was a teacher and her child chloe was just 2 years old. jonathan: maryland bureau chief brad bell broke on twiter that the child's father is now under arrest. brad is outside prince george's county police headquarters where we just got
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a first look at this guy. brad: we learned he would be charged this morning. but a little while ago we saw the perp walk. they call it that. we want to show you the video. the young man, i believe he is 25 years old. he is in police custody coming out of police headquarters. he has been under questioning in here on and off since mid-afternoon yesterday. we understand that he made a confession. a confession that he killed his own child, 2-year-old chloe davis-green and that child's mother, neshante davis. she was 26 years old. happening yesterday morning at 7:00 a.m. just as miss davis and her child were heading out for the day. miss davis a second grade teacher. it appears as though daron boswell-johnson, the man we showed you in the walk there, waited in ambush so that he could pull the trigger. at least that is what is going to be alleged. we will have much more on this coming up at 5:00.
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we don't know the motive in this case. but what we have reported and what we have seen in online court records is that mr. boswell-johnson was determined through a paternity test last fall to be little chloe's father. and in december he was ordered to pay $600 in child support. at 5:00, we are expecting to hear from the chief of police and the state attorney in prince george's county. we will bring you that live. at police headquarters, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, brad. thanks. just after brad broke the news, prince george's county acting police chief was on the sister station newschannel8 news talk discussing the case and domestic violence in the county. you can see that exclusive interview online at we have got breaking news now from suitland. police there are investigating a murder. our stephen tschida is joining us live from the 2500 block of darel drive. what did police find there? stephen: they still are on the scene. they got the call here to the park green apartments at 1:00, 1:15 this afternoon.
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the investigation appears to be focused on one of the units. one of the apartments here at the complex. all we have learned from investigators is that they are looking into what appears to be a fatal shooting. >> we are still working to determine the motive and a suspect in the case. stephen: young guy, older guy? >> he was an adult male. stephen: shot multiple times? >> at this stage, until an autopsy is completed we won't know exactly how many times he was shot. but he was suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. stephen: now investigators also are asking anyone who was here at the park green apartments at 1:00, 1:15 today who may have seen something to please contact them in their effort to track down the suspect. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: now more breaking news this afternoon. alexandria police make a second arrest in connection with a december murder. eduardo elmendarez found dead two months ago.
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19-year-old castro from fairfax is charged with murder and behind bars without bond. new developments in the murder of a 13-year-old. we are talking about nicole lovell. there will be no bond for a virginia tech student accused of helping to cover up the crime. alison starling is live following the developments at the live desk. alison: lawyers for natalie keepers withdrew the bond request ahead of today's now canceled court appearance. keepers is charged with helping fellow tech student david eisenhauer dispose of lovell's body in north carolina. prosecutors have also charged keepers with being an accessory before the fact as well as after. eisenhauer is charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping. so investigators say that lovell snuck out of her home to meet eisenhauer last week. there is still no word on a motive. however, police say eisenhauer stabbed lovell several times. both suspects are scheduled to
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be back in court in march. lovell's funeral is tomorrow in blacksburg. visitation will begin in just about an hour. jonathan: thank you. the deadly amtrak derailment last may highlighted the need for technology called "positive train control" or p.t.c. it automatically slows a train speeding based on g.p.s. and where the train is on the rail system. if it's coming up to a curve, it will slow it down. it was supposed to be installed on all residents by this -- installed on all railroads this year. but now it's being delayed until 2018. only a handful of railways say they will be ready by the deadline. that is key because amtrak uses a lot of the tracks. cxs, southern, canadian national will need until 2020 to get it up and running. michelle: amtrak will soon allow test on some trains. passengers can bring a small cat or small dog on trip that are seven hours or shorter.
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advance revvations -- reservations are required. d.c. police have been releasing surveillance video to youtube of crimes like this, especially when they capture a good shot of the suspect or system-up with they want to talk to. you might remember this video of an assault with a chair from yesterday. bureau chief sam ford asked the police is the strategy working? sam: this is normal for the lunchtime crowd. last week in the 1100 block of h street northeast men with pistols ran in to rob the place and terrify workers and customers. one here running for the door. even though robbers were masked -- >> from a way that somebody walks to clothing to possible like a birthmark or a tattoo shown on a video, somebody knows who most of the people out there we like to highlight.
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sam: this is one of many surveillance video that police put on youtube, to apprehend the criminals. compared to last year homicides are up. robbery with a gun and assault with a gun also up. are if videos more than reality tv? at the police department they insist that they are. >> this is very successful and looks to be here for the long time. sam: some attract a lot of attention. this shooter here in a homicide was brazen and still at large. d.c. offers $25,000 reward to find and convict murder suspects as well as rewards for violent crimes like robbery. >> typically around the $10,000 range. for such as armed robberies and robberies of establishments. sam: m.p.d. calls at it partnership with the community. in northeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: how about this man?
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a maryland man thought he scored when he stumbled into a party with free beer and free food. now he faces criminal charges. here is the story. sean kovalick crashed a fundraiser and then posted it on his facebook. i was for fundraiser pasadena ron bateman who responded thanks for posting your suspension. to top it off, sean had outstanding bench warrant. he agreed to meet and the was arrested on the outstanding warrant. michelle: major oops there. jonathan: social media works well. michelle: for sure. bad news for students in d.c. some schools will soon try to extend the school year. jonathan: it turns out the teachers weren't included in the planning. kellye lynn putting the spotlight on education. you spoke with the chancellor of d.c. schools. there seems to be a miscommunication here. kellye: absolutely! today, the chancellor and mayor muriel bowserer with hoar to unveil the new plan. the goal they say is to close
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the achievement gap. 10 elementary school and middle schools mostly in ward seven and eight will extend the academic year from the current 180 days to 200 starting next school year. >> there is clear evidence that providing students with more instructional time and more educational opportunities, more time for enrichment, particularly students who are the neediest, that that leads to improved outcomes. >> implementing the plan will cost $500,000 per school. that is $5 million in total. many of the students and the teachers are supportive of this. we talked to the president of the d.c. teachers union and she is not happy at all. she said she didn't learn about the proposal until this morning. coming up new at 5:00, i will tell you what she would like to see happen before the school year is extended. reporting live in southeast,
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kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. thanks. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the focus of a serial podcast is now back in court. michelle: plus, is d.c. really going to pay someone to stay out of trouble? who would be eligible if the plan became law and the reaction coming up. jonathan: still ahead -- growing fears of the zika virus spreading. the world health organization this week declaring an emergency for the first time since the ebola outbreak. we hear from a leading doctor in the united states. doug: we're still in storm watch in the weather center tracking rain, flood watches and warnings 689 once question get through that, more weather to talk about that. coming up at "abc7 news at
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michelle: 16 years after he was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend in baltimore, saeed is back in court today and attempting to get a new trial a year after his case was reexamined through the wildly popular podcast serial. his last request for a new trial was denied in 2012. jonathan: we are waiting for a judge to rule whether to proceed with a criminal case against bill cosby. defense lawyers are trying to throw out a criminal proceeding against the comic. yesterday the former district
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attorney who declined to arrest cosby on sex crime charges a decade ago testified he granted cosby lifetime immunity. the newly elected district attorney said his predecessor had no authority to make the agreement? vote 2016 news, david trone fired two staffers and supervisors. he says he apologized to the rivals. trone the owner of the chain total wine is running in maryland's eighth district. michelle: the presidential level, two more are dropping out in the race for the republican nomination. senator rand paul and rick santorum are suspending their campaign. paul had been in the primetime debates until recently falling further in the polls. santorum who made a surprise run in iowa four years ago couldn't replicate that success this time. jonathan: d.c. city council is passing a crime bill to include paying people not to be criminals. paying them. while supporters say the
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approach worked in other cities around the country, critics maintain it's a classic example of rewarding bad behavior. our stephen tschida gauged the reaction on the street today. stephen: a legion of criminals stalk d.c. streets. the city council believes shelling out cash will diminish the ranks. >> it's a little absurd. >> stephen: someone's prior behavior suggests a life of crime must get a g.zd., job training and danger management coup selling. then they will get $7900 a -- $900 a month. >> people are struggling and need opportunities. i think the opportunity should come in money and education for sure. stephen: the program will cost $450,000 a year for roughly 200 participants. supports say it's far less costly than incarcerating
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criminals. >> this is working with community groups and people on the street and the organizations that know the folks. stephen: while crime is a concern of many in the city, some question this approach. >> i kind of think it's a good idea. but on the other hand, why are we rewarding the criminals. stephen: one person we haven't heard from on the legislation is mayor muriel bowser. when asked today she did not offer up her opinion. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: so as you can imagine this is a story sparking a lot of conversation on the facebook page. that is still open. you can weigh in. to give you an example of the responses -- jonathan: a great conversation that is happening on the facebook page. log in, chime in. do whatever you like. we share some of your thoughts with everyone else at home. thank you for participating, too.
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michelle: it started yesterday on wilson boulevard in arlington when a water main broke. crews are still out there today working on the line in the road. the ten metro bus routes divert and traffic turning off of the main artery. so, how bad are things 24 hours later? let's get a check from jamie sullivan. jamie: things are getting better in that area. so i am happy to report that. if you are traveling on wilson boulevard at quinn street they let the right lane get by. repairs are still underway but they are using a lot of the equipment and putting it on quinn street. that is the main reason why they went ahead and opened up wilson boulevard. leaving the rosslyn area to clarendon, still with wilson. jeff goldberg is in mobile track 7. it's a wet one out there. jeff, i can tell by the windows. how is it going? jeff: it's definitely rainy and gloomy out here. nasty rush hour headed home. but nothing terribly out of the ordinary. we take a look at what we are seeing ahead of us. red brake lights on 395 south
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by duke street. not out of the ordinary, of course. it is rush hour. but traffic moving relatively smoothly as we take a look behind us. we can see that traffic is moving. nothing really to show or to see in terms of any weather related accident. we hope it stays that way. people are definitely driving slowly. taking heed about concerns and the weather. certainly good news that things are moving relatively smoothly despite the rush hour, that is expected on this time of day on a wednesday. back to you. jamie: we have emergency roadwork that went into place on the inner loop of the beltway. so this is right near the chevy chase/bethesda avenue near connecticut avenue. this gives you an idea of the backup. single digits. the slowing starting near 270. so again, this gives you a good idea from georgetown continuing on the inner loop to bethesda. you will see bumper-to-bumper traffic.
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look right now near connecticut avenue. you can see barely moving. if you zoom in on the camera there are a few flashing lights pushing everyone to the side because it has two of the lanes blocked. as we move back to the maps, keep in mind some areas with the flooding. washington boulevard between 395 and also right near the g.w. parkway. then on the inner loop. so again, it's mainly some of the lanes where we have standing water. back to you. jonathan: thank you. nasa is learning more about saturn and the rings. the cassini space craft sent this back. recent study showed that it doesn't have much to do with how reflective the rings are. why is this important? well, the new information could shed light on determining the age of the rings and then the planet. michelle: fascinating stuff. we are looking at rain. a lot of folks want to know
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when will it move out? doug: it's in the process of moving out in the metro area. it's almost finished with it. in the east/southeast it will linger longer. let's talk about the flood watches. they are widespread. the dark green counties. with the exception of southern maryland. they have better drains there in the potomac and the bay. everybody else is subject to effect of the rain heavy at it times and the snow melt. more important to us are the bright green areas. frederick county, carroll county to montgomery county, loudoun county. westward into clark county, parts of frederick county, virginia, active flood warnings. not the entire area under the flood warning. but creeks and the streams and small rivers are overflowing the banks and will continue. the main stem, potomac and rappahannock and the others may have an issue as the levels slowly rise but it's not an immediate threat. we give you a look at the conditions in virginia and during the day. it's really not a pleasant
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picture the entire day around the area. temperature is 48 degrees. through the day the rain came in and was heavy at times. it helped melt things off a bit. you notice the temperatures never warmed up as much as we thought. we were in an island of chilly air in the metro. warmer in other directions. we have the rain. heaviest rain southern maryland. the back edge, everything continues to move east. st. mary's county across the northern to the middle of the tappahannock. that is the heaviest now. this is part of a system that caused tornado yesterday across 'bama and mississippi. now the system moving to the east. what is interesting is this line of showers and thunderstorms is 800 miles long. so in sections it has an impact on the air traffic. they have to find ways to find weak spots to shoot the gap through the line. some of the storms are high enough they can't fly over them. airport delays and travel delays up and down the east coast for the next several hours is a possibility. future cast gets everything out of here in a hurry
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locally. lingers clouds and rain overnight. tomorrow is sunshine through the clouds. but then we have clouds move back in tomorrow night and friday. we get through the overnight hours we look for point thursday to friday. chance of light snow well southeast and east of the district. that is due to a disturbance. moving along the cold front we turn chilly next week. colder next week. by tuesday part of the area, maybe to wednesday morning might be a little light rain or snow. michelle: no. dusting? doug: just a four-letter word. michelle: all right. thank you, doug. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a doctor breaks down the zika virus. who is most at risk? how it is spread coming up. jonathan: also still ahead, he escaped from prison serving time for murder. putting an entire new york town on lockdown. for weeks! now he is behind bars, how much time has been added to the sentence.
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jonathan: the zika virus continues to spread across the americas and caribbean. cases popped up here and across the u.s. but no mosquitoes in the state has been found with the zika virus. michelle: this is a scary virus in that it could be connected to some serious birth defects. diane cho spoke to one of the
4:26 pm
nation's top doctors, dr. anthony fausti about zika. diane: at the national institute of health, they are partnering with research and working for vaccine. but it continues to spread. a patient in texas got the virus after having sex with someone who traveled to venezuela, one of the infected countries and was infected. the doctors say virus itself is mild and one out of five will show symptoms but this is a big concern for pregnant women because it could be connected to a birth defect that causes the babies to be born with abnormally small heads. the c.d.c. is recommending that preg innocent women consider postponing travel to infected countries. we have more at 5:00. in bethesda, diane cho.
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jonathan: thanks. olympic organizers insist the 20167 games in rio de janeiro this august will not be affected by the outbreak of the zika virus in brazil. but they warn the athletes and the visitors to smother themselves in mosquito repellant to minimize the risk. they will follow the guidelines issue by the international and the local authorities but they stress this has not so far included an all-out travel ban. michelle: a top concern for so many. for continuing coverage of zika stay with abc7. for more information log on to the website search "zika." jonathan: coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- president obama visiting the mosque in maryland. his efforts to promote religious tolerance in campaign year with accusation of racism and bigotry. that is coming up. michelle: the flint water crisis reaching washington. congress grills officials at all levels.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: first trip in the weather with doug. if you went outside today not only was it mild, you had to dodge the raindrops but a lot of the snow is gone. doug: never got below freezing so the melting was overnight. the rain helped. it won't go below freezing tonight either.
4:31 pm
melt, melt, melt. because of that, we have this. flood watches and warning. look at the dark green areas. flood watches in effect for late tonight. the lighter green are more specific creeks and streams. and drainage areas that are kind of scattered north and west of the area. no coincidence they are related to the areas that got the heaviest snow fall here. the rain is moving quickly. but we deal with the effects afterwards. an inch in leesburg. half inch in washington. the air is bringing warmer air to the surface. it has been warmer overhead and warmer around us. we did not hit 64 as we forecast. sorry. and i made fun of phil for only having a 45% accuracy rate. my bad. but any case, the rain will end and the temperatures will fall a little bit tonight.
4:32 pm
but tomorrow before the cold air moves in. this is doppler radar. rain will move out quickly here. a few heavier elements east of manassas and a few more south. everything is pushing ahead. we have a couple more hours to go. the heaviest amounts will stay south and east of the washington area. tomorrow, maybe 50's by mid-morning. breezy and cooler during the day. early friday morning south and east of town, storm goes by. we will hit 46. look at the rest, more melting. until we get to tuesday and wednesday when it turns colder and light snowshowers by next tuesday. that is the latest. jonathan: thank you, doug. michelle: you don't have to be in front of the tv to get updates from doug in the stormwatch7 weather team. download the app. it's available on the apple's itune store and google play. it's just one way to ensure you don't get surprised by whatever weather we see. president obama called for religious tolerance in a visit to a mosque in baltimore today. alison starling is in the abc7 newsroom with the president's
4:33 pm
message. alison: this was a first. this was obama's first visit to a mosque as president. he smoke at the islamic society of baltimore. one of the largest and the most influential muslim communities in the mid-atlantic. president obama's land mark speech highlight contribution of the muslims to american society. it also rebutted what he is calling inexcusable political rhetoric. anti-muslim bias is on the rise following terrorist attack in paris and california. he said it must be tackled head on. >> if we are serious about freedom of religion and i'm speaking now to my fellow christians who remain the majority in this country, we have to understand that attack on one face is attack on all of our face. alison: before the speech he had a closed door round table with 12 muslim-american leaders including students, activists, quran scholars and
4:34 pm
doctors as well. jonathan: thank you. d.c. police identified the man one of their own that shot and killed a man out on the street monday morning. they say the 36-year-old peter john who had a b.b. gun was shot and killed in northeast. police say that the officer in this case is white. mr. john is black. in monday's news conference, chief lanier says the officer was not wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting. at least three people now in custody afte a wild police chase on the beltway overnight. fairfax county police say it started with a traffic violation in springfield. the driver took off and led officers through fairfax county out on to the beltway and across the wilson bridge to d.c. the chase finally ended in anacostia near 34th and b street southeast. it was all thanks to the help of the u.s. park police. michelle: tonight the public will have a chance to view and ask questions about the redevelopment of the but saturday point. representatives of the d.c. united will attend the -- attend.
4:35 pm
it starts at 7:00 at the city offices at 1100fourth street in southwest washington. a warning now about a possible rabid fox in mcclain. a woman was attacked by a fox in the 1400 block of laburnum street. animal controls officers couldn't find the animal. officials want you to keep a close eye on the pets and children and if you see an animal appearing to have rabies symptoms including being overly agressive call animal control right away. in the war on terror, the u.s. is looking for ways to intensify the air campaign against isis. one process is extending an airfield in northern iraq. territory held by the kurds, one of the strongest presence fighting isis. what is special about the field? according to the pentagon it doesn't exist. cnn crews that got too close were immediately turned away.
4:36 pm
satellite pictures of the runway were published and tipping off crews in the area. jonathan: one of the two convicted murders who broke out of a new york prison last year apologized in his sentencing hearing today. david sweat received three and a half to seven years in prison for charges related to the escape but he is already serving a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for a murder conviction. well, congress held its first hearing on the flint michigan water crisis today. members pressing state and local officials for answers. how does this happen? all the while expressing anger over who was not present, including the city's former emergency manager who is so far declining to testify. elizabeth hur reports. >> the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. reporter: frustration boiling over in d.c. >> this is not a third world country. >> it's absolutely fundamentally and totally wrong. reporter: not just inside the congressional hearing but also outside. >> we want a new water system.
4:37 pm
reporter: with dozens of residents made the trip, including walters, among the first to raise concerns in flint. >> now my home is known as ground zero. reporter: now pleading for help from congress. >> my home used to be a place of comfort and safety for my family. that was taken from us. reporter: since flint switched water supplies in 2014 to save money the city's water has been come tated with toxic -- contaminated with toxic levels of lead, leaving thousands exposed. with the federal and the environmental officials blaming each other. at least three class action lawsuits have been filed. f.b.i. investigation launched. the mayor proposed replacing all the city lead pipe leading to residents homes. >> we can't get the governor of michigan at this hearing, that is a shame. >> some lawmakers are angry. governor rick snyder didn't testify and the former emergency manager he appointed ignored a subpoena from congress. as the hearing was going on, the for did announce he wants to spend $30 million to help the affected residents and pay
4:38 pm
their water bills. in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for abc7 news. michelle: wells fargo will pay $1.2 billion to settle allegations it fraudulently certified loans in connection with the government insurance program. the lawsuit alleged wells fargo recklessly underwrote loans backed by f.h.a. insurance from at least 2001 to 2010. other big banks include bank of america, and j.p. more chan chase have settled similar suits in the last few years. jonathan: home depot right now is building within. the do-it heft yourself is going on a major hiring spree. they plan to add workers as spring is approaching and many of us may have projects to get out there and get done. it's also a sign that the housing market is expected to keep building momentum this year. one company spokesman said that spring is home depot's christmastime. michelle: still ahead -- the nba's most valuable
4:39 pm
player. and reigning champ steph curry is in town with the warriors. what he is saying about his new buddy from virginia. you know him. the 11-year-old who could some day dethrone him. jonathan: that kid is awesome. but first, yes, that is a big spider. a new species of spider. why you shouldn't worry about it. he is not all that cute either.
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jonathan: if you suffer from arachnaphobia, you won't like this. what you see on the screen is a spider. a big one. we'll put this up full so you can hate them, love them, whatever you want to do. a new species of spider. the cristomaster. it's related to the daddy long legs. the bodies are small. not even a quarter inch. but the legs, huge! even though they are scary, they are harmless. found in oregon mountains. to worry here. we thought it was cool to share it with you. michelle: wanted to gross you out as well. if you miss your chance for a 15-minute puppy break, here is the chance to see cuteness in
4:43 pm
action. uber teamed up to promote the puppy bowl. from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon the ride share rushed to deliver puppies to offices in d.c. and rosslyn. 15-minute of puppy play time cost $30. the money raised goes to local animal shelters. good cause there. as you can see, we had a few of the puppies in the abc7 studios on "good morning washington." some of them hopefully found a new home. jonathan: you could adopt them if you loved them. that one looked like the cutest thing. michelle: so sweet. still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- who is looking at your w2 form? it has everybody an identity thief could want. we will let you know where some have been mailed were open before delivery. jonathan: a gray rainy day is all coming to a close. but the flooding threat is not quite over yet. here is a picture of the beltway at connecticut avenue in maryland. you can see the backup. red roads and snow on the right. not much left, though. which areas are still at risk
4:44 pm
for flooding? we'll look at the weekend
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leon: hello there. leon harris in the newsroom. we are standing by for press conference from prince george east county police of the mother and a daughter. and see a political battle shaping up in all of all places tattoo parlors in new england. what you are seeing here is not quite it but we have new video of the national zoo baby panda for you. you will love it. we have it tonight at 5:00. jonathan, michelle, back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks. a big one coming to town. michelle: steph curry has a special bond with noah cutler. we know him as the 11-year-old kid that beat you in "horse." jonathan: he put you at "horse" robert burton. robert: i thought well were
4:48 pm
putting that if the town. hottest ticket in town. steph curry tomming to the verizon to play wizardses. we have our own 11-year-old noah cutler. a couple of weeks ago i played the guy in a game of "horse." he beat me two out of three times. we get it. we all know it. the warriors contacted us at abc7 to get the information on the little guy. they pull him out to san francisco. while in san francisco, he had a little time to hang out with his idol, steph curry. they didn't play "horse" there there but he had fun with him. we caught up with steph curry this morning. this is what steph had to say about the interaction. steph: he was obviously well advanced and being able to handle the ball and remember the move i did to imitate it. he did it on the spot when he came out to our game at oracle. it was fun. >> he may be coming for your
4:49 pm
job in ten years. steph: probably. i got to keep working on my game and check what i got. robert: the hat you see steph curry wearing right now will be in the next issue of "gq." the hottest ticket in town in the d.m.v. steph curry tomming to see the wizards at verizon. if they beat the warriors tonight what it would do for the team's confidence. back to you in the studio. jonathan: if noah can beat you at "horse" i guess steph curry could probably beat you, too. robert: i think so. i would never challenge him, though. jonathan: he is nothing but the league m.v.p. robert, thank you. "7 on your side" with a tax season warning. double check your w2. when they come and they are sealed up nice and tight? make sure it's sealed up and no numbers are poking out and it has been open. michelle: there are reports that some sent home have been opened already and there is a treasure trove of personal information inside. cheryl conner is in annapolis
4:50 pm
with the disturbing fine. cheryl: a red flag alert in annapolis starting at the mailbox. >> our w2 had been split on the side to revail my social security number. cheryl: all the information to steal someone's identity is on the w2. colleen bunker, a busy mother, filed a police report last night and agreed to sound the alarm for other possible victims. >> one of the sides had been opened. so that you could see into the contents of the mail. >> bunker showed us her w2. three sides are per -- prefer rated -- perforated. >> we were on woods drive around 11:00 this morning and we spotted the mail lady. she tells us that is a new and an earlier time for the mail to be delivered. police don't know if the early time allowed for someone to
4:51 pm
come along and collect information or if the envelopes were ripped before they went to mailboxes. >> they could use it when applying for a credit card, opening different accounts. cell phone to cable account. cheryl: there is a warning to check your mail. bunker filed an alert with the three credit agencies and stayed up late for uncle sam to make sure someone else didn't beat her to it. >> i did my taxes last night and filed them. cheryl: in annapolis, cheryl conner, abc7 news. michelle: started her taxes and filed it already. awesome. all right. well, it's still raining outside. jonathan: we are always looking ahead to the weekend. we start that process on monday. now steve joins us to let us know what the weather will look like this weekend. steve: it's without -- it's wet out here right now but it will improve in time for the upcoming weekend. the roadways behind me are wet. if you expect anyone to arrive on time, you might expect them to be late.
4:52 pm
we have a flood watch in effect for most of the areas. the brighter green, loudoun and frederick county and western montgomery county. that would be a flood warning due to the heavier rains we had earlier this afternoon. look at the doppler radar. by seasoned it will be around 50 degrees. outdoor activities to run or hang outside, it should be nice. seven days will show the nice weather around monday. by tuesday. looking at a chance for a few snowshowers. highs that will be in the upper 30's. and will stay in the upper 30's as they move in the middle of next week. cooler air on the way next week. meantime, we will enjoy what we have right now. at least know big snowstorms
4:53 pm
are on the horizon. get a check on this evening's rush hour commute. it will be a busy and a slow one. jamie: it already started. then when you add in emergency roadwork that is the ways map. on the inner loop of the capital beltway. take a look. they sent this picture to us. this shows you the work being done. it's blocking a couple of lanes. on the inner loop of the beltway. this is in the chevy chase at bethesda and connecticut avenue. because of this, the backup we are seeing, you can see we drop down in the single digits in some areas. this is a big backup. we are still bumper to bump eapproaching the work. you get into silver spring and you get a break. move to the maps. i want to focus in on the water main repairs. wilson boulevard is open at quinn street. one leap gets by. you don't have to detour this
4:54 pm
afternoon. flooding in the area on washington between the g.w. parkway and 395. pike a live oak outside to show you how heavy this traffic is. michelle: next? up, the cost of healthcare can be a lot. even at the stand-alone e.r.'s. the difference between those and urgent care clinics that
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
john: break a wrist, cut yourself opening up a can of soup or you just don't feel well? we have a warning about the big bill that may result from your visit. have you seen the free-standing emergency room on it? they're convenient and have the name of your favorite hospital. but in report from "readers
4:58 pm
digest satis many visitors end up with a big surprise because they can cost as much as the hospital e.r. without the specialists and the high-tech equipment. if it's a minor cut, bruise, fever look for independent urgent care. that could end up several hundred dollars cheaper. from the doesn't that stink file a bigger e.r. surprise, going to an in-network emergency room but getting hit with out-of-network rate. doesn't that stink? "readers digest' says make sure those treating you are in the insurance company network. if you have a few minute and it's not critical ask some critical questions. if it's an emergency by all means seek emergency care and go to the e.r. nearest to you. but if minutes aren't critical, take a second to think about where you really should go so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight -- >> a shock to the conscience. leon: new develop in the a crime that stunned even the local police. a suspect started talking. the zika virus and sex.
4:59 pm
america's go-to expert in infectious disease assesses a new troubling development. the school year is about to get a lot longer at several area schools. we are not talking about snow days either. the national zoo's biggest star checks another major milestone off his list. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: first, we are on storm watch after a day of rain and more melting snow. this could all add up to flooding. leon: that is right. chief meteorologist doug hill is standing by in the stormwatch7 weather center with a look at the potential of the mess moving in here. doug? doug: we still have the flood watch in effect until later tonight. and flash flood warning -- or flood warning in effect in a few areas. show you the map full screen to show you the area in the light green are the flood warning or creek. streams. localized runoff areas where the flooding is currently underway or about to be underway. the darker green areas much larger areas under flood watch. this until later tonight because of the rain and the snow melt. a little less than an inch in
5:00 pm
clarksburg so far. three-quarter in leesburg. half an inch capital beltway. the numbers are getting higher temperature wise in the past few hours but generally a cool rainy day. temperatures are only dropping a degree or two. may actually rise in a few spots this evening. as the back edge of the cold front gets closer and closer to metro washington. heavy rain south of the metro area. that will continue eastward. as you look farther south through southeastern and carolina that will extend through georgia. that is the most active part of the storm system. that, too, will move off the east coast tonight. gradually we will see things come around for us as the rain ends. we might see a touch of clearing. wide range of temperatures overnight. 39 to 53 degrees. we look ahead to weekend in a few minutes. back to you. leon: you got it. thank thy the worst of the rain is over but it could make for a messy commute. jeff goldberg on the road in mobil


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