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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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flooding risk. leon: that is right. it's a risk that won't go away when the rain stops either. chief meteorologist doug hill monitoring it for us. how does it look? doug: it looks okay. there are a few areas we are concerned about. the good news is the rain ended in the city and points west. start with a live look at national harbor. the sun has been down for 30 minutes. you can see clearing on the western horizon. this is a view from national harbor. the rain moves east. it's changing a little bit here. get to the watches and the warnings. everything in dark green are the jurisdictions under flood watches until tonight. bright green area are more concern. those are localized areas under flood warnings, which means flooding is occurring or about to occur. this is mainly over areas of the streams and the creeks. and low-lying areas. not widespread. but certainly to the north and west with the heaviest snowfall was. we will continue to monitor those conditions. overall things will improve overnight. temperatures have come up a few degrees. chilly all day. 55 in the capital.
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as far as the rain, doppler shows moving east. heaviest rain shows in red and orange and yellow. that stretches south and east all the way to georgia. violent storms, tornado, port stewart, georgia touched down not long ago. mess there. we are just on the fringes of it. clearing skies later tonight. that is the forecast overnight. big rain in temperatures as the rain ends and turn west. we look ahead for the rest of the week and the weekend in a couple of minutes. maureen: thank you, doug. the storm watch weather team is on your side in svere weather. mobile track 7 is out on the local roadways tonights looking for high water or flooding. if we find any trouble spots we will let you know about them immediately. leon: police say they have a confession in the brutal murder of a woman and her 2-year-old daughter outside the fort washington home. the man charged is the child's father. prince george's county police updated the investigation moments ago. maryland pure row chief brad bell is live at police headquarters with details that he broke earlier today. brad, fill us in.
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brad: well, leon, police concluded the press conference here as you said 30 minutes ago. we learned new details. i want to get to video we took two hours ago. this was the first opportunity to see the suspect in this case. his name is daron boswell-johnson. 25 years old. the man accused of murdering 26-year-old davis and her child 2-year-old chloe davis-green. now what we just learned is a little bit more about the motive in this case. we had been reporting that mr. boswell-johnson had been proven to be the father of chloe davis-green in a paternity test. he had been ordered to pay child support by a court. he has, according to court documents admitted to police he went to that house yesterday morning, 7:00 in fort washington, that he lay in wait for the mother and the child to come out for the day.
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confronted them. he said he didn't want to pay the child support anymore. then opened fire. police saying that he has confessed. we learned that, in fact, today he returned to the scene with detectives to sort of walk them through what he is alleged to have done and what his version of events is. actually even help them find the alleged murder weapon. now as we said, press conference just concluded. we heard strong words from the chief of police as well as the state's attorney here in prince george's county saying that this domestic violence has just got to stop. >> this is another tragic case of domestic violence. a father killing a child. as the father of a daughter, it's incomprehensible to me. it's cold. it's callous. brad: cold and callous. mr. boswell-johnson has now been transferred here from police headquarters down to the prince george's county detention center. we expect that he will have a bond review hearing tomorrow. at 1:00 in the afternoon.
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but you heard at the top of the newscast there. police say this case is closed. prince george's county police headquarters brad bell. abc7 news. leon: staying in the county. right now an investigation is underway to find out who shot and killed a man in suitland. shooting happened this afternoon on darel drive. the police say the hand there was pronounced dead at the scene if an apparent gunshot wound. police have not named any suspects but they say they do not believe it was a random attack. maureen: breaking news in the district tonight. regarding politics. former d.c. mayor vincent gray who lost his re-election bid amidst an investigation into his campaign is returning to politics. d.c. bureau chief sam ford joins us on the phone. sam, just what are the mayor's plans? sam: well, as we understand it here, maureen, the former mayor gray is about to re-enter the political fray. we have learned he will appear on a radio show tomorrow and announce he is running for the
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d.c. council in the 2016 election. there are two democratic parties incumbents he could challenge. annette alexander of ward seven or at-large incumbent vincent orange. it seems the alexander challenge is easier citywide. gray was defeated in the april 2014 democratic primary by mayor muriel bowser who went on to become elected mayor. gray was under a legal cloud for alleged corruption by his 2010 campaign and the number of accusations by the former u.s. attorney ron mac hin who found a number of gray's associates who pleaded guilty. in december new attorney channing phillips said no charges would be filed against gray, freeing the former mayor up from the cloud of corruption. now he is going to announce that he will be running for the d.c. could believe. again, there are two democratic party seats open.
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he will tell us tomorrow which of the two incumbent he is will be challenging. maureen: thank you, sam. sam ford reporting. leon: chuck hagel is pushing for tax relief and bipartisanship cooperation as he begin his second year in office. >> we did not let the bitter and the rankous politics that wide to the nation divide our state. we put the people we serve first. leon: hogan was careful in this year's "state of the state" address to credit democrats for helping him make small tax cuts in the past year. the speech last year was panned being too partisan. this year he received a warmer reception. but the critics said the speech lacked details. maureen: coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- who is running the new ad campaign blasting virginia's governor over a bipartisan gun deal? leon: the plan to extend the school year for thousands of d.c. students. and who is already opposing that plan. maureen: president obama's message as he makes the first strip to a mosque -- trip to
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maureen: breaking news in the cosbys can hearing. a judge refused to throw out the sex assault case against the comedian. the ruling made despite a former district attorney's claim he granted cosby immunity a decade ago.
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the current prosecutor used information from the deposition to charge cosby. the case will now move to a preliminary hearing to see if prosecutors have enough evidence to prove cosby assaulted his accuser. leon: it was a historic trip for president obama. that took nearly eight years to happen. for the first time in his presidency, president obama visited a mosque in the u.s. speaking at a mosque near baltimore the president asked americans to stop blaming all muslims for the action of a few. president obama: groups like isil are desperate for legitimacy. they try to portray themselves as religious leaders speaking for islam. i refuse to give them legitimacy. never give them the legitimacy. leon: he urged vigilance of the islamic community rooting out those such as al-qaeda and isis seeking to pervert their faith. maureen: the primary field is thinning out after the iowa caucus. senator rand paul and former
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senator rick santorum are suspending the campaigns after both performed poorly in iowa. paul says le is focusing on hisnate re-election came pain -- senate re-election campaign in kentucky and santorum is expected to endorse a candidate tonight. leon: overseas, united nations peace talk aimed to end syria bloody civil war broken down. talks paused after two days. fighting intensified there as the talks were underway. little progress was made. the ton hopes to resume the talks later this month. maureen: next at 6:00 -- biting criticism of virginia's governor. who is blasting his deal with republicans over virginia's gun laws? leon: plus, the rain is easing off but the flooding risk remains. chief meteorologist doug hill is back with what you need to know. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports the wizards are hosting the warriors. why john wall says it might not be a home game. more like a road game. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like
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that's real estatate, redefine. maureen: d.c. public schools are about to undergo a drastic change with thousands of students inching closer to year-round attendance. dcps says it is extending the
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calendar by 20 days at ten schools. nine of those schools are in ward seven and eight. east of the anacostia river. that leaves students just three weeks for summer vacation. >> there is very clear evidence that providing students with more instructional time, more educational opportunities, more time for enrichment, particularly students who are the neediest, that that leads to improved outcomes. maureen: d.c.'s teachers union is criticizing the plan. the union says teachers first found out about it when the school system announced it. they want collaboration between school officials and teachers for a plan to move forward. leon: there is a backlash growing against virginia governor terry mcauliffe over his gun control deal with republicans. the backlash includes a searing add campaign. jeff goldberg explains who is behind it. jeff: it's direct and
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aggressive and comparing terry mcauliffe to the n.r.a. executive director. it has tweets to urge the governor to ditch the gun deal with the g.o.p. work of every town usa, the antigun group backed by former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. >> it's hard hitting and needs to be. jeff: andy parker is the father of alison parker the tv reporter shot and killed on live tv with camera man adam ward. >> i suspect the governor probably didn't anticipate the kind of pushback he is getting. we are not going away. we are not going to change our mind. >> last week in richmond, governor mcauliffe joined republican and the democratic leaders announcing the agreement which reverses attorney general mark herring decision to end reciprocity for concealed carry permit for gun owners in 25 states with standards considered weaker than virginia. among other changes the new
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deal requires state police to attend gun shows to provide background checks for private sellers who choose to screen buyers. monday, governor mcauliffe defending the legislation and saying this about every town and supports like andy and barbara parker. >> they have been on their payroll and i understand what they are arguing about. at the end of the day i have to do what is in the best interest of virginia. that makes virginia safer. jeff: the gun deal is already moving through the legislature in virginia but the pushback continues. including a press conference tomorrow at the capitol from gun control advocates. in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. maureen: the electric chair could return to virginia. virginia lawmakers are debating legislation that would force death row inmates to die by electric chair if the drugs were execution are unavailable. there has been a nationwide shortage in the drug in part because of the opposition to the death penalty. tennessee already has a similar law in place. leon: a traffic alert for you
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tonight as the evening commute in arlington could be affected for the second straight evening. crews are repairing a water main on wilson boulevard between north quinn and north rhodes street. that is right in front of ben's chili bowl. the water main broke yesterday afternoon and it's worse than they thought it was. the right northbound lane is blocked. you are urged to avoid the area if you need to go north on wilson boulevard. maureen: there was a lot of water around here today. coming out of the skies, coming out of the ground. leon: for sure. everywhere. doug: the good news is it moved and it behaved. the front moved like we expected. it is out of the immediate metro area. southeastern suburbs have rains but it will improve quickly tonight. leon: it could still be out of here completely. doug: in a lot of areas. the big piles in the parking lots are there. six of it is six to eight feet tall. that takes a while. most people's yards will be snow-free before long indeed. look at flood update. flood threat is this. the flood watch remains in effect in jurisdiction in dark green. that is running through later tonight. specific whether i the areas in the lighter green. these are the areas where
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floods occur or flooding is imminent. there are smaller areas, smaller scale. creeks and the streams, low-lying areas. small rivers. nontidal rivers. we will creep an -- we will keep an eyion. number wise 53 is the hy. that happened just a little while ago. 41 in the morveing low. 49 and 25 are the average high and low. temperatures this hour are warmer. 56 in fredericksburg. still 73 in virginia beach. they were close to 80 this afternoon. the warm temperatures surrounded us all day. we had a wedge of cold air between the mountains to the west and the atlantic coast. at times today philadelphia was 20 degrees warmer than washington. the area of yellow and red are
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the areas of heaviest rain. thunderstorms. tornado touched down. you have seen video at fort stewart georgia. it's moving off the coast. i will miss the area. northern neck, the middle pennsylvania, southern extreme southeastern delmarba could get heavy downpours. -- metro in the clear. the computer models pick up the crossing the cold front around 1:00 or 2:00 in morning. there is some suggesting overnight there could be brief area of showers. that should be it. awaken to sunshine. partly sunny skies. 50 degrees in the morning. the same mid-day. cooler winds will drop temperatures in the mid-40's in the afternoon hours. we will turn breezy and cooler. friday morning a system south of the area. enough cold area in play 2:00, 2:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 or friday morning there could be snowflakes southeast of the city, southeast as well. clearing out in the day. breezy. the weekend is great. 47 on saturday. 51 in the sun on sunday.
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turning colder next week. there is another system to bring maybe light snowshowers to the area on tuesday. but that is a long ways off. we will keep an eye on that. steve rudin will talk more about it at 11:00. leon: would you believe it if i told you the hottest ticket in the entire nba right here downtown d.c.? maureen: yes. i know where it is. leon: you know why. maureen: verizon center. leon: robert burton is there. the wizards getting ready to take on the warriors tonight. hey, robert. robert: what's up, guys? the wizard are hosting the warriors tonight but i see a lot of blew and gold at the phone booth. look at this guy right here. draymond green will likely have a good night. he is an all-star. [
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealer. robert: hello. welcome to the verizon center where the wizards host the warrior, possibly the hottest ticket in town. steph curry and the warriors are here. steph curry, the raping m.v.p. the warriors, the reigning defending world champs. i'll step out of the way. take a look at the other side of the floor. you have guys warming up. draymon green is an all-star. raymond sessions, jarrett dudley. this is supposed to be a home game for the wizards. but i will tell you what. i see a lot of blue and gold here tonight. that makes sense because steph curry is here. we caught up with steph
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earlier today. he talks about the game. i he says they have to take care of business against the wizards. >> steph: end of the road trip. we have to take care of our business and play the game we want to play. they are hot, they shoot well and defend well. they are going to compete. >> the way we have been playing every game is a road game. we haven't been giving credit to our fans. they have been supporting us all year. we're playing like you know what at home. you can see why they would be upset. that is something we have to get better at. we feel like we are at home and comfortable. we have a game to shoot. road game. be like that. robert: just a side note the wizard are not doing well at home. 10-15 at verizon on the season. switching gears to high school football. our scott abraham went all over the d.m.v. possibly every school he could. high school, football players made it official today. signing on the dotted line.
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letting everyone know where they will play college football next season. scott has the story. just go to if you want to see the full wrap on that. the programming note. newschannel8, g.w. will be hosting steph curry's alma mater. davidson. that is at 7:00 on newschannel8. that is a wrap here from the verizon center. back to you in the studio. leon: all right. maureen: thank you, robert. we have got to catch up with you and give us good news. doug: quick look at the doppler radar. rain moving out of the area. heaviest rain and the storms misthe area. we will see the clearing tonight. tonight at 11:00, steve rudin will talk about the falling temperatures and have an update to the weekend forecast as well. leon: all right. maureen: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir is next. with the latest attacks of donald trump. accusing ted cruz of using dirty tricks to steal iowa. senator cruz fighting back tonight.
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tonight, donald trump's new charge. arguing ted cruz stole iowa with dirty tricks. up will hear from trump right here. plus, ted cruz going off on trump. >> he's losing it. >> all just three days before the big republican debate. plus, hillary clinton tonight, arguing she's now on bernie sanders' home turf, hoping new hampshire surprises her again. also breaking, a major storm hitting from florida to maine at this hour. at least six confirmed or the nay domes now. blizzard conditions and blinding rain. breaking news involving the zika outbreak. florida tonight declaring a health emergency. and in dallas, growing concern after person to person transmission after sex. the horror on board. the passenger pulled from a jet in midair after an explosion. the other passengers witnessing it


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