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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 4, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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from rising waters outside nashville and atlanta. >> the will to live kept her hanging on. >> reporter: there were even tornadoes near columbia, south carolina, and this, near savannah. in the midwest, they're still digging out, finally reopening interstate 80 in nebraska. more than 200 miles were closed. this is what's left of the football coach's office here at the high school. the tornado ripped this roof clear off. and pulled out this air conditioner from this spot here. the national weather service now says the tornado that hit here was an ef-1 that traveled nearly three miles. steve osunsami, abc news, alamo, tennessee. not all avalanches are natural disasters. this one in southwestern colorado's back country was intentionally set off to prevent an accident later. san juan mountains are popular with skiers who sometimes trigger avalanches. a snowmobiler was buried in a slide 100 miles away.
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it's better to have a controlled avalanche like this. >> julian sa a sang inside ecuador's embassy in london appears to be near its end. he will himself up to authorities tomorrow if a u.n. panel rules against his claims in a case that he's brought against both britain and sweden. he took refuge in that embassy three years ago to avoid extradition to sweden where he faces sexual assault charges. >> we already did the serious political news. we started the half hour. now for a lighter moment from the campaign trail. >> this is hard to watch. jeb bush has a town hall today at a middle school cafeteria in derry, new hampshire. no matter what happens there, it cannot be any worse than this event in hanover, yesterday. >> i think the next president needs to be quieter but sends a signal we're prepared to act in the national security interests of this country to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap.
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[ applause ] >> oh, boy. winning the voters, no one said it would be eds. you got to cue the clapping? >> oh, my goodness. poor jeb. poor jeb. wow. >> by the way, his twitter feed didn't mention the please clap reference. >> oh, my goodness. >> on his twitter feed. >> i bet it doesn't. trump is going to have a field day with that whenever he gets around to it. >> i think you're right. if he wasn't aware of that, we just flagged it to the campaign there unfortunately. we like the slow clap around here. when you come back, we always give you the slow clap. >> i never ask for it. that's the difference. >> you automatically get a slow clap which is what they're doing. >> wow, jeb, whoo. coming up, thank you. coming up, some other performances but not all worthy of applause. >> they say it's one of the hardest songs to sing, but will the star spangled banner be super at the big game this year? plus a little later. >> tina trinh with a valentine's
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of dozens of american boats are ledding from havana cuba, to key west right now. they sayed out of cuba yesterday in what was called the largest american regatta since the u.s. and cuba restored relations. the boats brought almost 500 americans to cuba, most for the first time ever. they are expected in key west on saturday. some ominous new developments in the spread of the zika virus here in the u.s. cases reported for the first time in georgia and florida. they're declaring health emergencies in four counties. >> the red cross is also sending out a new warning this morning. dr. richard besser has more from brazil.
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he. >>. >> reporter: the zik ca epidemic continues to spread. florida now the first state that has the risky mosquito to declare a health emergency because of nine cases in four counties. just 24 hours after an alert about a new danger posed by travelers returning to the u.s. from infected areas. the latest case of zika in dallas was transmitted sexually, after a person infected with the virus traveled from venezuela to texas and passed the virus onto their partner. the risk from zika still primarily for pregnant women. at potential risk for babies with brain deformities. but now doctors seeing a rare, but alarming neurological complication in the general population. that may be linked to zika. guillain barre syndrome, a type of progressi ivive paralysis. in brazil, the olympic committee reassuring athletes they will be safe. but today, one of the world's most prominent ethicists is calling for brazil to cancel the olympics. i don't know that it's up to doing the olympics and epidemic control at the same time. >> this new case of sexual transmission has raised questions how bet to present the
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infection. the british recommend that any man who has been to a country where it is transmitting use a condom for 28 days if his partner is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. 28 days is also how long the red cross recommends people defer donating blood. dr. richard besser, abc news, brazil. >> one of the things they're worried about in florida is the fact these mosquitoes could bite someone infected and go on to transfer it and that's how quickly it could spread 0 other people. they've talked about genetically modifying mosquitos. it's just scary sort of situation. some communities are wondering what do you need them at all. what if you were to wipe out the population. the conversation is what that would do. >> the scary part too, is we're still learning about this virus, the way it's transmied and just the effects of it. so much more to learn and scary situation. >> yeah. >> coming up, valentine's day. it's's only ten days away. we've got great gift ideas that
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are way cooler than those usual jewelry and chocolates. >> gifts your sweetheart will love. stay with us.
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sun flowers and chocolates are nice. if you're looking for something more creative this valentine's day, turn to the tech world. there are lots of new apps and gadgets to show someone your
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love. here is tech contributor tina trinh. welcome. >> happy almost valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day. >> thanks. i have some ideas here for a digital upgrade to your valentine's day gifts this year. and i'm going to start off with a fun app called paper. it's really great because it lets you create a digital scrapbook of your relationship. and you can upload doodles and drawings that you have of your artistically inclined. you can upload photos and work with their templates and create a fun time line of your relationship and basically send it all to via e-mail or social media to your loved one and share it. it's a really nice personal touch. >> i wonder how to do that because have you all these pictures on your phone. >> they make it super easy. next up are these pillows from snap box. you can upload photos from facebook and instagram and make it into a pillow. >> cool. >> it's a nice fun gift. you know? and it's personal. they're super soft and durable.
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and they have a special going on for valentine's day for 25% off and free shipping. > we'll take that. >> right? >> so these look like books. right? >> yeah. >> but they're actually phone chargers. i don't know why in tech gift guide you get chargers as a gift guide but check this out. >> wow. >> the opposite of typical phone chargers. they're not ugly. >> they're not. i would have a second use for them when my husband's sleeping and i want to read in bed shoo they're portable lights. these are sold at the museum of modern art. they're so pretty. >> it is pretty beautiful. >> the spines come off. so the charging ports are right in the middle of the spines right here. >> i see. >> you can get four times more charge for your phone. >> very cool. >> when you're on the go and you have a portable light. >> and a light, too. wow, that's genius. >> so next up are jewelry. you can never fail with jewelry for valentine's day. >> i was admiring your bracelet
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here. >> thanks. this is from wise wear. it's basically a connected bracelet. it's smart jewelry. so it connects to your phone and whenever you get incoming texts or e-mails, calendar reminders, you get a vibration through the bracelets. they come in three different styles. really nice presentation, too. but the other cool thing about them is if you're ever in danger, you can tap three times and it will send a distress signal to your emergency contact. >> wow. that's great especially if you're hiking or doing something out with the kids. >> really great idea for you know, the girlfriend or wife in your life who is stylish and connected. >> cool. and then these are smart watches from vector. 30-day battery life which is what really sets them part from other watches. and you can see right here, same idea here. incoming notifications. calls from your loved one. you get all of that on your wrist. you get a little bit of news.
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you can control your music. it's a super smart watch. >> very cool. >> 30-day battery life. you can't beat that. and then last but not least, i have customized macaroons and chocolate bars. >> who doesn't love a good macaroon. >> from a company called swallow my words. they're great. you can get a box of nine of these custom printed macaroons for only under $25. around $25. >> that's great. >> so a really great deal here and a really nice way to make your sweets for your sweet personalized. >> i like that, like the modern day smartie or something. what do they call those, conversational hearts, that's what they are. >> exactly. happy valentine's day. >> great gift ideas. who needs roses when you can have tech ideas, huh. >> that's what i'm saying. > tina trinh, thank you so very much. for a list of all the minutes head to
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. ♪ osei can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes >> remember that? >> ouch. >> one of the worst versions of the star spangled banner ever. that is comedienne roseanne barr before a padres game in 1990. >> i guess nobody auditioned her before. >> she was big back then. 12450e did whatever she waned. >> it was a tough song to sing. >> and to hear. >> lady gaga will be doing it on sunday at the super bowl. >> part of a long tradition that has tripped up some of the best performers in the past. we're up "up all nightline" with abc's juju chang. ♪ applause. >> reporter: she got plenty of
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applause as a pop star. ♪ >> reporter: but lately lady gaga has been showing the world a very different side. ♪ >> wowing the academy awards last year matterfully performing a sound of music" medley ♪ ♪ climb every mountain snee and teaming up with tony bennett to record an album letting her fans know anything goes ♪ >> now she's taking on america's anthem and its biggest game singing the star spangled banner at the super bowl. ♪ and the rocket's red glare >> the stakes are high. it was 25 years ago whitney houston belted out what many still consider to be the best pregame performance. ♪ and the home of the brave >> securing her place as a legend. but plenty of singers have
2:57 am
fallen flat. at super bowl xlv, christina aguilera forgot the words. ♪ what so proudly we watched >> steven tyler deliver this had rendition before the 2012 afc championship. ♪ ♪ land of the free >> and who can forget rosanne barr's performance ♪ ♪ the twilight's last gleaming >> something tells us lady gaga is on the edge of football glory. ♪ >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> you can actually bet on how long it's going to take lady gaga to sing that national anthem on sunday? >> really. what are the betts going for. >> 2:20. do you think she'll take longer than that or not? the over. why not milk it, right? good call. >> how come you guys aren't betting on my performance with the star spangled banner?
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>> that was beautiful. >>
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this morning on "world news now," round two in new hampshire. >> both sides of the presidential race getting personal. clinton and sanders taking the stage overnight pushing each other over a political label while ted cruz faces heat over what others are calling a disgraceful tactic. >> and cruz's main detractor donald trump pulling no punches but having some problems with his private jet. engine trouble while making a detour from the jan nit state. >> emotions run high on capitol hill. flint water crisis and the search for answers. the heartbreaking testimony in gront of front of congress. committee members fewer yoes over the no shows. and qb cuties. the supposed science explaining why quarterbacks are so good looking. plenty of football fans not buying it. the debate rages on. that's


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