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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 4, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the criminal case against bill cosby moves forward. his defense failing to have a judge dismiss the charges. their courtroom argument just ahead. the numbers game. sanders putting the pressure on clinton in new hampshire last night and leading her in the latest polls, while the republican race gets ugly with more attacks and apologies. and new this half hour, making off like madoff. >> the dramatic portrayal of america's most notorious con artist shining a light on the possible ponzi schemes happening right now. >> and still furious after all these years, vin diesel's big reveal. the blockbuster franchise shifting into third gear and in it for the long hall. but after 20 years, will they need an oil change? that's in "the skinny" on this be thursday, february 4th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm phillip mena. the political race keeps on heating up. a couple of republicans dropping out of the race, narrowing it and there's a lot going on. >> we are going to find out later today, abc will winnow down exactly who will be in the debates coming this saturday. so we'll have a lot to look forward to. >> we want to start this half hour with bill cosby. the legendary comedian and his legal team will appeal a judge's decision to allow a sexual assault case against cosby to move forward. >> it wasn't the only bad news they received in a pennsylvania courtroom yesterday. we get the details from christie ileto of our station in philadelphia. >> reporter: bill cosby kept quiet only waving to fans outside the courthouse after nearly two days of testimony and argues, judge steven o'neil denied a defense motion to throw out a sexual assault against the 78-year-old comedian.
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>> how are you doing? what's your reaction? >> reporter: he's accused of assaulting andrea constand in 2004. cosby claims it was consensual. his attorneys argue that a 2005 verbal promise not to prosecute by then district attorney bruce castor prevents the case from moved forward and that the current d.a., kevin steele is biased and used "cosby as a political football in the fall to get elected." and that "cosby isn't asking for special treatment. he's asking for a prosecutor who abides by the rules." steele shot down the accusations saying, "this is a blatant attempt to pick your prosecutor. you don't get to do that." the judge ruled to keep steele on the case saying he found no professional misconduct. >> you raped her. >> reporter: crowds flanking the court sidewalk, reacteded to the judge's decision. >> i just don't believe it at all. >> it shouldn't have ever been brought up years later since it happened years ago. it should have ever been brought up when it happened. >> reporter: a preliminary
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hearing is set for march 8th and that's when it will be decided whether there is enough to move forward with a trial. christie ileto, norristown, pennsylvania. turning now to the race for the white house and the two democratic candidates trading barbs last night in derry, new hampshire. yesterday bernie sanders was asked by a reporter whether he thought hillary clinton was a true progressive, to which he replayed, "some days, yes." it was a point on which the two sparred last night during atown haul meeting on cnn. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. >> i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who's a progressive because under the definition that was flying around on twitter and statements by the campaign, barack obama would not be a progressive, joe biden would not be a
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progressive. jeanne shaheen would not be a progressive. even the late great senator paul wellstone would not be a progressive. >> clinton did say she's proud of the campaign both she and sanders are running describing their differences as contrasting on issues while the republicans she sayses are only contrasting on insults. >> the war of words among the republican candidates appears to getting increasingly biting. donald trump attacking texas senator ted cruz over what he calls dirty tricks to steal the iowa caucus through a campaign of misinformation. abc's tom llamas is in new hampshire. >> reporter: donald trump accusing senator ted cruz of using dirty tricks to win the iowa caucuses. the accusation coming after team cruz spread word on caucus day that dr. ben carson might be dropping out. >> he insulted ben carson by doing what he did to ben carson. that was a disgrace. >> reporter: on the day of the caucuses, the cruz campaign sending supporters this e-mail, stating the press's reporting
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that "carson is taking time off" after iowa and "making a big announcement next week." it goes on to say, "please inform any carson caucus-goers of this news and urge them to caucus for ted cruz." >> what he did is unthinkable. he said the man has just left the race and he said it during the caucus. >> reporter: carson saying the cruz move cost him votes, describing what happened when his wife, candy, showed up at a caucus location. >> my wife went to a caucus and the cruz representative had spoken and told people that i was, in fact, not going to be continuing. and she obviously disabused him of that notion. >> reporter: cruz has now apologized to carson, but stands by his campaign's actions. will you fire or suspend anyone in your campaign for putting out misinformation? >> no, we're not going to scapegoat anybody. and i would note that the news story that our team passed on was true and accurate. cnn reported it, and, in fact, ben did go to florida instead of new hampshire or south carolina, and so --
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>> reporter: is it a dirty trick to confuse voters? >> is it a dirty trick to pass on your news stories? you're in the business. would you think it was a dirty trick if i was forwarding an abc story? or is it just a dirty trick to pass on cnn's story? >> reporter: then, just moments after cruz said that, cnn, live on the air, saying cruz was trying to, quote, throw them under the bus. >> here are the facts. dr. carson's staff told us that he would return home to florida to quote unquote take a breath from the campaign before resuming his activities on the campaign trail. >> reporter: cnn saying they never reported anything about a special announcement. trump now calling for an investigation. >> well, listen, it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or if you like, yet another trumpertantrum. >> reporter: the carson campaign tells me that dr. carson does accept senator cruz's apology. carson implied staffers should be fired only if cruz doesn't approve of what they did. tom llamas, abc news, nashua,
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new hampshire. >> there are reports of two more tornadoes in the southeast. the latest in southeast georgia. damaging some buildings and vehicles at an army base. no injuries were reported. it was the eighth tornado in the southeast this week. the administration building at a federal minimum security prison for women in alabama was damaged. brazil's president says the zika virus has gone from a distant nightmare to a real threat against the brazilian people. the government in brazil scrambling to start developing a vaccine. but until one is ready, the presidt says preventing mosquitoes from breeding is the best defense. the virus has caused thousands of babies in brazil to be born with unusually small heads. despite those efforts being made against the virus, there are growing calls for the olympics to be canceled. medical ethicist arthur kaplan says it would be irresponsible for brazil to host the summer games in the middle of a public health emergency. had the olympic committee tells abc news, it's keeping a close
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eye on the situation. very scary, especially for women. it's an unfair advantage for people who come in and i think it puts more stress on women in particular even if you're not pregnant, you know, but i -- i don't know. i wonder if they'll really consider. >> a bode move to cancel the games. >> it would be very bold. probably the first ever. >> first we've heard of that. that other sporting event that everyone seems to be talking about, the super bowl, starting to come into sharper focus now that we're edging toward the weekend. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton is getting plenty of attention for his wardrobe. >> he's not offering any bulletin board materials to the broncos saying he respects denver quarterback pay the and manning and every other person with the manning last name. manning had a light moment yesterday revealing a conversation he had a couple years ago with his doctor. >> i said doc, i didn't ask you if i'm going to have a hip replacement. i didn't need to know that right here at age 37. but thanks for sharing. i look forward to that day when i'm 52 and have a hip replacement. >> manning also said he's not
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sure if he will face more surgery on his neck. he missed the 2011 season after a series of spinal fusion surgeries. and he turns 40 years old next month. so the when he says 52, that's only 12 years away. he's been playing for 18 years. tell you what, if he has a good game on sunday and they win, they won't be talking about any of this again. all of a sudden, it will be peyton manning is great again. >> do you think if he has a good day on sunday night that he stays in the game? >> i don't actually. i think if he wins he'll ride off into the sunset a winner. i think if at the loses though, then i think he might be pushed to come back. me and peyton aren't boys. i don't know. i'm not sure. that's just my guess. >> coming up, steven avery's supporters latest violent threats. >> in "the skinny" the ballad of larry and bernie. the king of cringe set to play the presidential hopeful, but sanders doing some acting himself. >> but first as the nation reveals the bernie madoff scheme that left so many in financial
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no, parking spaces are not that hard to find in l.a. this lexus ended up on the roof after a collision on the road by the house. both the car and the house suffered extensive damage. the driver was also injured, as well. the all clear has been given in the city of manitowoc,
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wisconsin following a bomb threat. police say the threat was phoned in by a man who made reference to "getting justice for steven," believed to be the convicted murderer of the subject of the netflix documentary making a murderer". the series suggests the theory that local deputies planted evidence. no device was found. bernie madoff is back in the headlines because of a tv mini series. that debuted last night. he'll spend the rest of his life behind bars for running the biggest financial swindle in u.s. history. >> one crime fighter says there are other ponzi scams going on right now one even bigger than madoff's. here's abc's brian ross. >> reporter: bernard madoff is in this federal prison in north carolina. prisoner number 61727054, who once controlled billions of dollars, now works as a commissary delivery boy for less than a dollar an hour. >> bernie! bernie! >> reporter: but as portrayed by richard dreyfuss in the abc movie, madoff is considered a genius by his fellow criminals, for pulling off the biggest
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financial crime in american history. his former cellmate, j.d. winfield, in for bank robbery, is speaking publicly for the first time. >> i think he was glad to be caught. i think it was just, you know, tearing him up inside, what was going on. i think he was glad for it to come to a close. >> reporter: the movie also depicts how the one person who figured it all out, figured it out, harry markopolos -- >> i'm accusing him of running a ponzi scheme. >> reporter: -- was ignored by the s.e.c. for years. was it that obvious, that easy to figure out this was a ponzi scheme? >> it took about five minutes to know, for sure, that it was a ponzi scheme. >> reporter: markopolos, now running a private fraud detection business, told abc news there are more like madoff. >> there are still more today. i'm working at three multibillion-dollar ponzi schemes today. >> reporter: including one, that markopolos says, could prove to be bigger than bernie madoff's. since the madoff scandal, and the sec says it has made reforms and cracked down on 61 other alleged ponzi schemes and now
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when harry calls, the s.e.c. listens. >> so glad to hear that they're now listening to him. it's frustrating for people like us who aren't in the financial world. you always hear it's too big to fail or people coming forward talking about things and not really being heard by the higherups in the financial market, whether it's knowingly or unknowingly. >> "madoff" the movie airing on abc. part 2 is today. watched a little bit of that last night. i forgot a lot of the details of this. i forgot he was the chairman of nasdaq and you know, $17 billion that he took from investors and not one trade. just incredible. richard dreyfuss doing a great job. >> he was really good. blythe danner, as well who plays ruth madoff. the mini series is based on brian ross's book about the madoffs. fascinating take. >> that's what i'll be doing tonight, watching part 2. >> very good. when we come back, bernie
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sanders as a comedic actor. yes. we'll show you. >> and j.lo as we've never seen her before. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news n
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♪ skinny, so skinny topping "the skinny" this morning, more fast and furious coming at you. franchise producer and star vin diesel with the big reveal on instagram.
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>> diesel giving a few clues along with a series of images in a car with a skate board. then finally releasing dates for three more movies from 2017 to 2021. ten films in 20 years overall. >> that first "fast and furious" hit made it to the big screen in 2001. >> the action centered around illegal street racing and heists. and it made $3.9 billion worldwide. very popular, isn't it. >> very successful. >> comedian larry david got raves for his hilarious impersonization of bernie sanders on "saturday night live." you remember this. >> i don't have a super pac, you don't even have a backpack. i carry my stuff around loose in my arms like a professor, you know, between classes. i own one pair of underwear. that's it. >> nailed it. oh, it was really funny. but it was pretty good. >> he's great. i love it every time. i could watch that all day long.
3:50 am
>> did you know bernie sanders once performed in a low budget comedy? >> did not. >> in "my ex-girlfriend's wedding reception," he plays a rabbi who tends to go off the rails while delivering the blessing. >> here's proof. >> just one quick thought. by the way, that free agency, free agency crap, that really gets me. $2 million here, they spend $12 million there. what's so free about that free agency? i can't take that anymore. okay. >> hey, bernie. if the presidential thing doesn't work out, you know, maybe acting could be plan b. >> yeah. incidentally, larry david did a great job on that too, will host "snl" this saturday. a lot of people jumping for joy with that and hopefully, there will be more bernie sanders impersonations on the way. >> so good. >> there will be a lot of disappointed people if he doesn't. >> stars of the music world will gather in l.a. for the
3:51 am
grammys. but the cast of broadway's hottest show will be performing live from new york. "hamilton," the hip-hop interpretation of the founding of america on grammy night, the performance will be broadcast live from the show's own broadway theater. >> "hamilton" is up for a grammy and its cast album had the highest debut sales in half a century. it's nearly impossible to get a ticket, too. the show plans a chicago run for the fall. and the national tour begins in san francisco next spring. the grammys will be on monday, february 15th. >> i know you're a big fan. >> the only time i've bumped show tunes in my life. >> we know jennifer lopez as a glamorous singer and actor. a stunner on the red carpet. remember her at the golden globes? she's also a beauty on stage including her new show in las vegas. but when j.lo is out of the spotlight, she looks like this. >> yep, that's jenny from the block in a fuzzy bathrobe. no makeup. that's her long time boyfriend casper smart. he shot this dub smash video. love all the expressions on her face.
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well, finally this half hour, gwyneth paltrow famously described her separation from husband chris martin as consciously uncoupling and now she calls their relationship coparenting. >> paltrow is opening up to glamour magazine saying she now loves martin like a brother. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: gwyneth paltrow and chris martin making a conscious decision to put family first. the actress and entrepreneur now sharing how they successfully coparent. after their conscious uncoupling. >> for chris and gwyneth,
3:56 am
conscious uncoupling was about being conscientious of their circumstances, of the kids of what they were going through. and they've practiced what they've preached with that term. >> reporter: paltrow recently opening up to glamour magazine saying if you can't stay married, wouldn't the idea will they spend holidays together, weekends. occasionally they'll sleep over at each other's houses. >> the cold played front man and actress remaining a strong family unit with their kids. paltrow telling glamour" we're not living together but he's more than welcome to be with us whenever he wants and vice versa. i sleep in his house in malibu a lot with the kids. we're still very much a family even though we don't have a romantic relationship. he's like my brother. the biggest concern mom paltrow has these days about her children? following in their parents' footsteps. they're natural so i feel like my mother whenever i said i wanted to be an actress, she said, oh, no, don't. paltrow creating her own
3:57 am
definition of family. >> she said we really didn't have a personal example of what it was like to stay friends. so she's kind of just creating this path as she goes along. >> linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> it's a good point. if your parents are divorced it's a difficult path to kind of make it work. the fact they're trying to be a family, i applaud that. >> raising children after divorce extremely difficult and can be challenging. they figured out something that works for them. so good for them. >> i don't know. i don't know if i would stay in my ex's house though, would you? >> again, that's -- >> that's putting your kids first in a big way. >> that's the whole point of this. they are absolutely doing all this for the children. you're right. it's going to be hard to explain to the new girlfriend or the new boyfriend. >> mommy might be down at the hotel. but i'll come back for breakfast. don't you worry. >> worked for them.
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making news in america this morning, democrats clash. bernie sanders and hillary clinton battling in new hampshire. a late night town hall. taxes, health care, religion, a wide range of questions from voters and a new line of attack. plus, drama on the gop campaign trail. donald trump's plane making an emergency landing with the billionaire on board. the awkward moment for jeb bush and two more republicans dropping out. armed and dangerous, a man holding a woman hostage a split-second decision by police officers. their dramatic ending. gorgeous on the gridiron, tom brady, cam newton, the list goes on and on. finally the question answered, just why are quarterbacks so doggone handsome?


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