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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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southeastern maryland. the eastern shore, delaware, new jersey, all the way up the coast for a coastal storm that is just now in the process of beginning. the advisory quicks in at midnight through 10:00 a.m. possibility of a couple of inches of snow on the grassy area here. the most snow might wind up like in atlantic city, along the coast. closer to the storm system. the radar right now a little rain. the storm system is in the development stages. rain will continue to push up northeast tonight. we're way above freezing. get to the latest night time hours and the storm center trying to form right here, that starts kicking to the northeast and develops and deepens, it will pull in colder air aloft. any rain we see will change to snow. because the track is offshore we think chance of accumulating snow, grassy areas, rooftops will be in the areas that shaded south/southeast. we will keep a close eye on that. temperatures are critical. way above freezing. colder air to drop near
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freezing. metro area not a lot to worry about. just a touch of light snow. we will give you more on what to expect and what lies beyond in the weekend in a couple of minutes. michelle: thank you. stay connected tonight and through the weekend. even when you can't watch us here on abc7. doug and the storm watch 7 weather team post updates on all platforms including the app available on the itunes store and google play. jonathan: a developing story. the number of countries where zika is found is growing. d.c. has the first three cases. michelle: one of the patients, a pregnant woman. brianne carter has new information tonight on these cases in our area. brianne: in the last hour, abc7 news has learned there has been three confirmed cases in d.c. as you mentioned including one pregnant woman. we understand in speaking with a spokesperson for the d.c. department of health one case was discovered in 2015. the other two in 2016. in each of the cases they involve people who traveled outside the u.s.
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the two people who traveled here in 2016 visited south america and central america. the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention now issuing travel advisories for 28 countries and territories. warning pregnant women to avoid travel to the areas if possible. the d.c. department of health say they are working with the c.d.c. to monitor and track cases as well. coming up tonight at 5:00, what people traveling here to d.c. and the d.c. residents are saying. plus, what you can do to try to help protect yourself if you are traveling abroad. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. we have a lot of information on zika, how it spread, who is most at risk and where it's spreading. log on to wjla and search zika. overnight a shootout in anacostia left four wounded including two teens but it could have been worse. jonathan: a lot of the bullets flying around were going into apartments. stephen tschida on the scene. you found one of the bullets just missed a baby's crib.
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stephen: by inches. a resident said it reminded her of desert storm. the bullets came so fast and for so long. >> there was blood in the hallway and blood here. stephen: all from gusher of bullets. two men and a juvenile boy and girl hit as well. >> she was like i got shot in my leg. wow! >> residents say the bullets came fast. >> it was like boom, boom. then it was a lot of shots. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. stephen: people outside or nearby say more than one person opened fire. >> we just started running and ducking. stephen: sprayed the whole area with bullets. >> it was thunderous. it took the whole building. stephen: residents who lived here for years said they had never heard or seen anything like it. the shots even took out a power line overhead.
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the bullets ripped through the windows, one came over her son's crib. >> through the window, over the crib, through the wall. stephen: lindzy was on the other side of the wall. had she stood up a second sooner -- >> i probably would have got shot. yep. stephen: four people shot and injured. they are trying to determine a motive and track down whoever was pulling the trigger. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. something spilled in the potomac forcing evacuations along the banks. a sheen was seen on the surface. so what was it? northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is along the potomac in arlington. so, jeff, any idea what it was? jeff: a lot of questions what it was. i am getting word in the newsroom that the waterways
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are reopened. that is good news. if you look at the orange boon. we are by reagan airport, gravelly point and roaches run if you know the area. the boon contain the spill. you can see the thin layer of some sort of petroleum that is on the river. if we look further in this way at one of the entry points to the river, we have seen officials that have been different departments that have been here on the river all day collecting information. obviously this situation has been a source of concern. now it has drawn a major response, park police, alexandria fire and d.c. department of energy and environment all on scene all day. d.c. noticed rainbow type sheen. it's snow melt off particles from the big blizzard. the sheen has been spotted as far south as eight miles south of alexandria. the question is if it's in any
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way connected to the spill we are looking at here. officials say it could be a few hundred gallons of the spill or up to 5,000 to 10,000 gallons. we'll have more on the cause in a minute. it's believed to be mineral oil, which we are told does not have a serious or acute impact on the environment or create a public health risk. >> it's nonrecoverable. it's so thin. it dissipated so it is difficult to pick up. as it moving farther down the water body it will continue to break apart. jeff: the coast guard has taken over the investigation. we are talking about the cause. where did it come from? it's still unknown. dominion power is vig lousily looking -- vigorously looking into whether the spill is somewhat result of operations at a nearby facility, maybe in arlington. dominion saying they are vigorously looking into the
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possibility as to whether or not they might be responsible. a lot of questions to be answered. good news as one of the waterways recently opened up on the potomac river. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. president obama urgedded local and national lawmakers to lead with faith and not fear. the president delivering his last annual sermon at the annual prayer breakfast in the district this morning and warned of the core rose i impact of fear in public life. this comes after making his first visit as president to american mosque. in keeping with the tradition of the annual gathering, the president did not directly mention anything to do with the political scene. well, they were plotting to use a drone to drop drugs, cigarette, even a phone on the prison ground in cumberland. but two of the three planners of the idea reached a plea deal. keith russell from silver spring worked his deal out. but specifics are not made public yet. the other two were arrested in the truck outside the prison
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with the contraband and the remote control mini copter. we have to wait to hear what the stunt will cost them in regard to time. so around the commonwealth this afternoon, senators now struck down a bill that would have forced drug companies to reveal how much they spend marketing high price drugs. they said the bill wasn't ready yet but they agreed to look at it again next year. they said more transparency with the drug prices deter the price gouging. but the drug maker says it singles out the pharmaceutical companies for rising health costs. >> family and friends are gathered in blacksburg to mourn the loss of 13-year-old nicole lovell, who authorities say was killed at the hand of two virginia tech students. one of the students was in court today. suzanne kennedy live in the satellite center with developing details. suzanne: we have more information in the case today.
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prosecutors are saying they planned the kidnapping and the killing of nicole lovell. they say 18-year-old david eisenhauer and 19-year-old natalie keepers met at a fast food restaurant to map out the murder. they bought cleaning supplies at one wal-mart and a shovel at a different wal-mart. after slitting the 13-year-old's throat, the teen's body was dumped in the trunk of a lexus. ultimately the alleged killers would dispose of the young girl two hours from virginia tech campus in remote area of north carolina, near a farm owned by eisenhauer's family. the freshman suspect and her parents testified at the hearing today saying keepers started cutting herself when she was in eighth grade and suffered from anxiety issues. ultimately the judge ruled she will not be let out. she will be held out bond. in the meantime, the funeral and the burial for lovell is taking place right now at a blacksburg funeral home. live in the satellite center, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks very much.
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this brings up the topic of social media. it's so dangerous out there. things change so quickly. it's hard to keep track of the app or what social media does when it relates to our children. alison starling joining with us the apps that parents are warned to keep an eye out for. alison: that is right. parents should get out a pen and paper and write these things down the names to remember them. every year the site comes out with a blacklist of apps and breaks them down in category, dating app, anonymous apps and apps to use with caution. jonathan: start with this one. this is popular. dating apps. what is happening there? alison: one is tinder, and blender, app called down. they're on the list but we want to talk specifically about omegle. a video chatting app to connect users to strangers. one of the big problems with that, there is a fake web cam software. so it can deceive teens who think they are actually talking to other teens.
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according to predators can use the app to find victims. in fact, omegle's website will say that to use it with caution. jonathan: something we have seen the bullying that has gone on with the high schoolers the anonymous apps. go through the anonymous apps now. alison: a number of these. one to look out for askfm, whisper, yik yak. that site says it allows the teens to cyber bully anyone anonymously. you may have heard of yik yak before because it's been banned on many school campuses in the united states. jonathan: they can bully teens that are close to them proximity wise. they know it is happening. talk about the kik, this app that relates to the blacksburg case. they thought it was anonymous and it wasn't. alison: it's directly connected to the death of the
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teen. it's wildly popular with teens, younger teens, preteens 1, 2 and into years old. a huge problem with predators because they can contact your child and send unsolicited text and begin sexting with them. the minimum age is 13 and even then there is no verifycation from them. we tried to contact the acts and not heard back. kik since lovell's death added extra information to parents guide and encourage parents to read the information. jonathan: we covered a lot of ground. we put information on the website at if you are a parent this stuff moves at the speed of thought. keep up with it. thank you. we will follow the case closely. stay with abc7. subscribe to the breaking alerts by heading to and enter in your phone number. it's a way to ensure you get all the breaking news straight from the newsroom. as it happens.
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michelle? michigan thank -- michelle: thak you. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00", why apple has been ordered to pay half a billion dollars in fines. also violent crimes in maryland related to domestic issues. has the state wondering what it can do to prevent the next attack. jonathan: plus, a fox is on the loose in northern virginia. one person has been attacked by the guy. we have pictures of the critter. where it has last been spotted. we'll tell you that. michelle: still ahead at 4:30, former d.c. mayor vincent gray is back in the game. we hear from him and which councilmember he is targeting.
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jonathan: a dramatic court appearance from the father who is charged with murdering his daughter and their mother. michelle: maryland bureau chief brad bell was in the courtroom. what can you tell us? brad: you know, this was a scheduled bond review hearing. they usually last a few seconds and a judge makes a determination if bond is set. in this case, mr. daron boswell-johnson will be held without bond.
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we got a look at him yesterday when police moved him from the interview room to the detention center in the so-called "perp walk." in court today it was extraordinary. judge allowed six members of mr. boswell-johnson's family to get up and speak. several of his brothers, some of them having encouraging words telling him to keep his head up, promising they will hire a good attorney for him. another brother speaking out saying you messed up. that brother apologizing to the victims' family. the victims 26-year-old neshante davis and a little girl, 2-year-old chloe davis-green who was determined to be mr. boswell-johnson's daughter as well. they were murdered tuesday morning. police telling us that boswell-johnson has admitted it. this case stirring range all across this county. the state's attorney telling us that she has never gotten so many phone calls from people demanding justice. the state's attorney telling
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us that she hopes rage can be turned into a positive thing and it becomes a tipping point in the community so the community mo longer accepts domestic violence as something that just happens. >> we can no longer remain silent. it's our business. we were taught for many years to mind our business as neighbors. this is our business. so when you hear the activity next door to you, pick up the phone and call. brad: we talk about the rage. we saw the rage outside the courthouse. when we come back at 5:00, we will share with you the video of the confrontation between people all about this case. upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. today we have a phone bank for anyone in need. no matter where you are. a former victim of domestic violence, social service organization that counsel victim and representative from the state's attorney office will be here to answer your questions. the lines open at 4:30.
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the number you see on the screen 703-236-9220. jonathan: "7 on your side" consumer alert. takata is alerting 12 auto makers that more recent air bag models made after 2008 are at risk of exploding. so far, about 24 million older vehicles have been impacted in the united states. it also comes as air bag maker continental is recalling 5 million vehicles they put bags in. the company says moisture can get inside the air bag control computers causing corrosion. michelle: a jury found apple must pay more than $620 million to a company called fernetics. the fight over a patent started three years ago when the company aused apple of ripping off the apps with the imessage feature and facetime. apple since revised how ime sedging and facetime work. jonathan: authorities are on the alert for this guy here. he has been on the attack.
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michelle: there are reports that at least three attacks happen in the last few days. john gonzalez has the latest on the search for the animal, where it has been seen as an attack victim speaks out. john: we have been talking to the residents in the mcclain neighborhood and they tell me they see foxes here all the time. this week many of the folks have seen a fox that appeared to be injured with bloody paws, blood on the nose and what appears to be a laceration on its back leg. this fox has attacked at least one person in this area. we can tell you we just spoke to a woman who was attacked here tuesday morning, right in the front yard. she made eye contact be the fox and then it linked at her twice. he -- she got a chance after she was bit on the leg to take photos. she showed us her leg. look at the bite. she was rushed to the emergency room and animal control was called immediately. a man and a woman walking an
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hour later with a baby stroller were also attacked. this woman who we talk to on camera says she believes it's definitely the same rampaging fox. >> i was cleared it was injured by an animal or a car and i think it felt threatened by my presence and startled. we made eye contact the second time and it made contact and i took it off again. i started to go to the front of the house rather than this entrance. started to walk off. toward the trees. i was still being slow. i didn't want to fall. john: there was a similar incident on monday. two people were attacked by a fox near curtis trail three miles down the road. most of the fox here in northern virginia are knock term which is why this -- nocturnal which is why this is concerning. the fox has not been found. jonathan: get a check on the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is here with details. jamie: a big problem, jonathan, on the outer loop of
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the beltway. all lanes are blocked. that is due to an accident in virginia at route 50. the issue with this is that we have all lanes blocked with the crash. but the backup. go ahead and move to the ways map. the community reporting a complete standstill. if you head south toward route 50. i just want to talk about how big this is. so this delay, you can see, single digits popping up here. as we move further north this starts near the toll road. this is a five-mile backup that we are seeing. go ahead and take a lei look to show you how thick the traffic is. bumper-to-bumper. so the biggest issue right now is the outer loop of the capital beltway leaving maryland, heading south. getting closer toward 66 and route 50. that is where all lanes are blocked. again, we will keep you updated. best to avoid this. tough one to avoid. because it is on the capital beltway. michelle? michelle: thank you. the national zoo has released new video.
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this is bei bei. the panda cub going outside for the first time. the mother was right by his side. bei bei almost immediately took interest in the trees, starting to climb. get off the ground. jonathan: bears climbing trees? michelle: breaking. jonathan: interesting. let's talk about the weather situation. one day away from the weekend. a lot going on. doug: a storm, west of boston will get six or eight inches. get started. the headlines first. the areas in purple represent the counties in maryland, virginia, delaware and new jersey. farther up the coast under the winter weather advisories. not winter storm warnings. the snow amounts will be light. it's significant to point out that call university, st. mary's the northern neck of virginia included this. the best chance for measure rabble snow for a sizable
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impact will be across the by a. that is the way we see it. temperatures are plenty warm, well in the 40's. even though we expect overnight when the storm center crank cranks up a bit. i will pull in colder air. we will see the temperatures drop. once the rain starts and changes to snow the falling snow will cool the air more. even saying that, i still think the ground is warm enough most of the metro area, most everywhere should only have snow accumulating on grassy areas and rooftops. anything more is closer to where the rate of fall is heavier and faster. even there maybe up to two or three inches of snow is a possibility. pull the view out. the storm system is developing south of hatteris. circulation center will show up on the radar. but we are on the western fringe as it goes offshore. i don't think the metro has any impact. but farther south and east you go maybe interesting time early in the morning.
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as far as the snow fall accumulation, couple inches on the shore. four inches jersey shore. here, west of the by a. tenth of inches in most places. quick look at the seven-day. mid-40's tomorrow after becoming partly sunny. breezy. another storm system with the potential to produce more in way of snow. potential. could come our way monday, monday night, through the day tuesday. we have more of that in the next few days. question for you. we will answer this little bit. when was the last tame washington recorded above normal snowfall in the three consecutive winters? winters of 1889-1892. 1919-1922. 1977-1980. it will surprise you that i was only around for one of the time period. answer coming up. michelle: thank you. jonathan: still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- students may be looking ahead to spring break. in montgomery county there is
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controversy. who sent a letter about younger drinking ages abroad? we have that story coming up. michelle: a new report on the pentagon on the f-35 fighter jets. the new warning about further investment and how far over budget is the program? that is still ahead at
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jennifer: i'm jennifer donelan. the fighting back crime investigator. we are at a critical moment in television. we are talking about domestic violence. we have the case in prince george's county where we had the young woman killed and her 2-year-old daughter was killed by the child's father. he admitted to that. so right now sitting in with me is your resources. these are advocates for domestic violence. we are covering maryland, d.c. and virginia. if you're in a situation and you have questions, you don't know who to talk to. they are right here. we have a phone number for you. 703-236-9220. we are covering the entire district of columbia, maryland, virginia area. right now i'm joined with the executive director of the bethesda house in northern virginia. you were talking to me that domestic violence is the leading cause of homicide in fairfax county. >> it is. we did a study, i'm part of it and what we found is 68% of the victims calling needing services had a history of
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strangulation. i really, really want the public to be aware of this. strangulation is huge. it's so dangerous. a lot of times the victims dismiss it because there are no marks or bruises and they don't get checked out. days later it can lead to death. so i really want to drive that home, this is a huge deal. jennifer: perfect. i hope people take advantage of this. we have the legal representation here. the assistant state attorney office with the montgomery county of maryland. so they are here. they can answer questions about protection orders, questions about custody, anything that you need to talk about. if it is someone you know that you are worried about, call. 703-236-9220. we'll send it back to you in the studio. michelle: we know this is a sensitive topic. difficult conversation to have. this is all anonymous, right? jennifer: it's all anonymous. we won't be able to hear the phone calls. great point to make. you can speak to the people. you will be speaking to them in private. ask away. take advantage of the 90 minutes of television. we are here.
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jonathan: james just to get safety starts with the first conversation. gen it does. speak up. michelle: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the issue of underage drinking back in the spotlight. this is around a planned spring break trip where seniors are heading and the controversy document that is being circulated next. former d.c. mayor vincent gray is running for office this year. we will tell you for what after this. i'm sam
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jonathan: heading to r.f.k. stadium. that is not dirt. it's snow. melting off two weeks after the snowfall. and it has a lot more to go. talk about the weather situation. the piles with what we got will melt off in a few weeks. doug: give you the setup for the question. because of the blizzard 2016 this is the third consecutive winter washington had three years in a row of above average snowfall. so the question is before the past three winters when is the last stretch of three winters we had above average snow? 18879-1992, 1919-1922, the near of the knickerbocker storm. 1977-1980. jonathan: i'm going to the middle. michelle: i say b as well.
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doug: sorry about that. it's -- sorry. it was 1977-1980. jonathan: i had a feeling. doug: sure you did. that's it. have fun here. it doesn't happen that often. 40 years almost since we had a time stretch like that. we are getting a little snow in some areas and maybe more in the monday-tuesday time frame. a winter weather advisory. not a winter storm watch or blizzard warning, an advisory for rain changing to snow. temperatures are doing to be marginal. iffy. a couple thousand feet in the air where the precipitation is made it will be cold enough for the rain to change snow on the ground. it may in many areas stay above freezing. likely melt. chance of a little impact, calvert, st. mary's, better to impact the schools on the new jersey and more. temperatures in the 40's in most spots. we'll wait tonight for the storm center to crank up. the winds come in north and the colder air. winds speed increase.
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it becomes gusty overnight. because of that, we see change over the mix. storm track is developing south of the outer banks. as a result it will be a process. maybe far western zones could be 29. 37 in downtown washington. breezy, mix, changing to snow. especially south and the east of the metro area. beyond that, improving weather tomorrow. quite breezy and 47 with sunshine. 47 on saturday. 51 on sunday. monday, tuesday another chance may be measurable snow. then colder. enough for now. back to you. michelle: thank you, doug. less than a year after d.u.i. crash claimed the lives at thomas wootton high school in montgomery county a new debate is stirring about spring break and the legal drinking age. this comes as parents of a group of seniors at the school are organizing a trip to mexico. jeanette reyes looks at the document at the center of the controversy. and why the principal is speaking out. jeanette: a growing controversy going well beyond
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classrooms here at wootton high school. the acting principal is outraged about upcoming senior trip she considers irresponsible and concerning. students will be heading to mexico for the annual spring break trip organized by parents. in the trip, legal agreement states that the drinking age in mexico is 18. kimberly kimberly bolden says in a letter sent to parents tuesday, "our community has suffered tremendous losses and i'm disappointed that anyone would imply that drinking by our students who are not yet of legal drinking age is acceptable, even if it may be allowed in a different country." take a listen to how some students are reacting to this. >> if there is a supervisor there, they should like do it all together and make sure that they know what is happening. >> what happens in mexico will happen in mexico because it doesn't have an impact on the school. it's not a school trip. jeanette: in documents contained by us, one of the organizers for trip is tracy
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saltsman, wife of a man who was convicted of allowing underage drinking in his home after a crash that year that killed two high school students. we tried to reach out to her with no success but she tells the "washington post" she does not condone underage drinking and was simply including mexico's drinking age so parents are fully aware. reporting in rockville, i'm jeanette reyes, abc7 news. jonathan: in politics, d.c. has been known to graph wait toward a comeback story. we love them. stepping in the spotlight now is former mayor vincent gray. no criminal charges after came after investigation in the 2010 campaign. now he wants to get back in the game. bureau chief sam ford has effort to try to get a seat for the city council. that is what he has his eye on. sam? sam: almost as soon as the feds announce that they were
4:39 pm
dropping the investigation in him, he wanted to return to the city council. he wants back inside the d.c. government and he is running for ward seven council seat currently held by yvette alexander. gray left office after primary election defeat learned two mo anthsgo from the u.s. attorney corruption investigation in 2010 mayoral campaign was over. even though a list of gray's associates pleaded guilty, gray himself was not being indicted. gray today said alexander has not done a good job of constituent service. there were questions if this is payback for mayor muriel bowser who trounced vincent gray in the primary after it appeared that gray would be indicted. gray today. >> in no way i would do this to seek retribution. too much to be done in the city. >> one ward seven voter today. >> as far as i'm concerned they need someone besides
4:40 pm
yvette alexander and someone besides vincent gray to be running for this ward. sam: he could have run in ward seven or citywide. many people thought it would have been easier for him to run here. although he says that he figured either contest would be difficult and he does not expect an easy race against yvette alexander. reporting live from northeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. back to you. michelle: thank you. want to go to the breaking news now from waldorf. kevin lewis is on the scene of the officer-involved shooting. kevin what else do we know about the situation? we know the person shot is expected to survive. kevin: we just arrived. the officers are holding a metal detector, looking for
4:41 pm
shell casings. we have chopper 7 overhead today. after 2:00, an on duty k9 officer in charles county saw the suspect trying to open the driver's side of an about -- occupied vehicle. the officer got out and tried to talk to the suspect and the suspect put up a hoodie and started to walk away and did not obey the orders to raise his hands and stop. at that point police tell us that the officer saw the suspect reach down to his waist for an object. that is when the k9 officer fired at least one shot, hitting the suspect in the leg. crucial point to pass along with the police came to the suspect. they did find a semi-automatic handgun on the individual. we will have the latest coming up at 5:00. for now, live in waldorf, kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. coming up for us -- >> worst case scenario is having to fire. jonathan: the defective circuit breakers that could be installed in millions of homes
4:42 pm
across the company. the company to look out for and how you can make sure that the home is safe. we have that co
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jonathan: over budget, years behind and now the f-35 may never fly in combat.
4:45 pm
a pentagon report want different model for each branch of the military until it is deemed fit for combat. the price tag so far reached $400 billion for 2,500 planes. that is twice the initial estimate. lockheed martin the manufacturer points out the plane built for the marine corps met minimum combat requirements in july. well, electric panels installed in millions of homes over three decades could be defective. the fraudulent danger in your home and how to prevent a fire. michelle: reminder the domestic violence phone bank is open now. answering your calls and questions. call now. 703-236-9220.
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michelle: the circuit breaker in your electric panel are supposed to stop fires not start them. jonathan: but many of defective ones are in homes icross the country -- across the country.
4:49 pm
we see what we need to look out for. reporter: this is what happens when too much electric current is fed to a defective circuit breaker. in slow smokes, sparks, flame, heat, everything necessary to start a fire. >> shut it off downstairs. reporter: until recently it was attached to the electric panel, on the second floor of my house. this is the electrician i hired. i recorded him with the my cell phone. as soon as he identified the panel he told me it needed to be replaced. >> what makes them bad? >> sometimes breakers don't trip when the circuit, when the circuit is overloaded. reporter: federal pacific electric panels installed in homes from the mid-1950's to 1980's. they found that there was testing fraud claiming that the circuit breakers met
4:50 pm
underwriter laboratory standards when they knew they were edefective. there was an investigation but the agency failed to issue a recall saying it didn't have the money to do so. federal pacific has been out of business for many years and electricians nationwide have been dealing with the problem ever since. >> the worst face scenario is having a fire. reporter: electrician bob smith says the federal pacific panels and breakers are a fire hazard. >> not all of the breakers are bad. some of them will do their job. but it's just that one, if you have that one. it can be the instance between fire or not. reporter: i wanted to know how dangerous my panel really was. so once steve removed it -- >> we test circuit breakers for a living. >> we took it to panel solution group. my panel failed the test over and over and over again. >> it actually threw quite a few sparks and it wasn't able to carry the higher current. that would be indicative of a fault.
4:51 pm
reporter: a fault he says could have led to a fire. chillingly they found previous burn marks inside my panel wall. jonathan: that is something you never think about. that is scary. michelle: exactly. something in your house that you want to check on to see if you have one of those. jonathan: absolutely. michelle: weather is getting interesting. we have a lot ahead. steve: a lot of chance for snow early on tomorrow morning, and then next week. looking at the old town alexandria. this is from the tornado factory. the temperature now is 49 degrees. cloudy skies. dry out there and it will remain dry as they move through the rush hour commute. show you what is going on with the winter weather alerts. we have a winter weather advisory that is now in effect. it does go into effect for midnight hours through 10:00 arm morning. southern maryland, calvert and st. mary's county. if you have travel plans to dellmara tomorrow there could be nottennial for snow --
4:52 pm
potential for measurable snow. cloudy and breezy and a light mix will develop but contain to soren maryland with winds at the northwest to 5-10 miles per hour. for tomorrow we will get this out of here early on. middle 40's for the daytime highs. upper 40's by saturday. sunday we should crack 50-degree mark with the partly cloudy skies. a good weekend ahead. take you to the next seven days. question marks popping up tuesday next week. will it be snow or anything to worry about. we will keep you updated here. but first, talk about the rush hour commute. with jamie sullivan. jamie: two big problems. start off in maryland. 270 northbound. take a look. complete standstill is what is reporting. this is everyone reporting how heavy traffic is. this is 370. you can see here. heading north on 270 past 370 is where we have the delay.
4:53 pm
so getting into gaithersburg you can see bumper-to-bumper traffic. a solid stretch. look at shady grove road to show you. oh, they pulled out the camera. here we go. a wider view for you. you can see really everyone getting in the bumper-to-bumper traffic. with a crash five cars involved, only one lane getting by. moving to the map, the other issue on the capital beltway. good news, all lanes are blocked. in the express lanes. michelle: next on abc7 news -- jonathan: could you buy a condo for $90,000 in d.c.? we'll show you the logan circle home for sale. but there is a catch. michelle: ahead on fifer -- the nation's largest employer is -- ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> jonathan: tonight, as zika spreads so do fears of contracting it. we hear from a mother ready
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
jonathan: in the market for a place to live? think you can buy a condo in d.c. for $90,000 in diane cho shows us but there is a catch. diane: with the price tag over $93,000 for two-bedroom in the u street corridor. you might consider that a steal. according to the real estate agent who listed the property, so did hundreds of others. >> there were some people skeptical of why the price was so low. some people were just so excited about it. diane: what many didn't realize is that the unit is in a co-op building so you don't actually buy the unit. you get to share stock in a corporation made up of the people that live in the building that entitles you to use the space. >> d.c. common are less common than new york. most people in new york are familiar with the co-op structures. in d.c. you see pockets of them.
4:58 pm
diane: on top of that it's limited co-op building so there are income restriction on who can buy it and they cap the appreciation an owner can receive when they go to sell at 3% per year non-compounding. >> they are never going to make a substantial amount of money overall. if you look at the long-term and see what properties are selling for in the area. diane: but for a one bedroom in area you could easily pay $400,000 to $600,000. >> the benefit, though, even though you are not making a lot of money when you sell is you are getting a much below market rate for what in a sense as a renter your mortgage. even if you were to sell in a year the savings on the monthly paint might be $12,000. in some sense it's still a good deal. diane: the application process is now closed and because it's in a co-op building the board members will decide which buyer they will select for the unit. in northwest d.c., diane cho, abc7 news. leon: tonight, zika fears hit the d.c. area. the new cases here including a
4:59 pm
pregnant woman. a family says a final goodbye to nicole lovell as new details emerge about the girl and the suspects. what is that in the water? two parks closed as a strange substance is spotted in the potomac river. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. alison: that breaking news is out of waldorf tonight where police are investigating a shooting involving one of their own. kevin lewis live on the scene with the latest. kevin, what can you tell us? kevin: hi, alison. police just opened the roadway here and cleared the scene. in the last 60 seconds, i can show you where the suspect was shot and fell to the ground. if yo see right where the white car with the blinker is passing right now, that is where the suspect fell in grass. news chopper 7 was overhead just after 2:00 when this shooting occurred.
5:00 pm
according to charles county sheriff office what happened was there was an on duty k9 officer that saw an adult male trying to open the driver's side door of an occupied vehicle. when the police officer tried to speak with that guy he put on a hoodie and he started walking in the opposite direction. the police officer ordered the man who stop and put his hands up. the suspect did not do so. at that point we are told that the suspect reached for an object around his waist and belt strap. that is when the officer pulled out his service weapon and fired one shot in the suspect's leg. the police put out an all alert on the radio dispatch. officers converged on the scene. they streeted the suspect until paramedics arrived. we are told that the suspect is expected to be okay. we just wrapped up an interview with the police office spokesperson. this is what she had to say. >> initially the officer was


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