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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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now. leon: up fiction at 6:00, tracking the chance for wintery weather overnight. we are seeing the strucks pretrialing roadway in virginia and getting them ready in maryland and district as well. michelle: because of concern of a commuter mess. this is two weeks a talking about january 20. the everything chute was a disaster. doug hill monitoring this from the weather center. which area are at risk? doug: as the best chance to have any adverse conditions overnight in the morning south and east of the city. however, the national weather service in the past 30 minutes expanded to preexisting winter weather advisory to the west and the north. now charles county, prince george's the district and anne arundel county, north of baltimore included expecting rain to develop. colder temperatures overnight mixing with snow. could get an inch or two in the morning. it would mean problems. for the moment we are fine.
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mid-to-upper 40's. it will be a transition through the evening hours. as the moisture pulls in later tonight and changes to snow with the colder air arriving. a question of how much is left in air before the whole kit and kaboodle gets out in the morning. the possibility exist there is accumulation in overnight hours, inch or two many metro and the eastern superbs. the highest impact is eastern shore. we have more about the timing and the impact coming up in a couple of moments. michelle: thank you. good morning washington team is on the road before the sun to check for problem areas at 4:25. leon: tonight we have new evidence of the zika virus spreading across the america. d.c. department of health confirms three cases of the virus in the district. even though someone traveled to south or central america. the d.c.d. confirmed transition of the virus in 30 nations in that part of the world and it has many travelers rethinking the plans.
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especially those who hope to have children soon. cheryl conner has more on that part of the story. cheryl: escaping the cold to a warm spot right now. it's just what the doctor olderred. -- doctor ordered. but it's enough to get travelers to change plans, especially they want to get pregnant. >> the joy of the first time mom marian baxter getting owen to smile. from anne arundel county her eyes are on him and her sghts on get-away with her husband. >> we are not going south of the border. with rethinking about number two. >> her mom a grandmother of four is doing her part to keep kids close. >> they don't drink, they don't smoke. why take a chance somewhere to have a handy chap child? >> it could cause birth defect to the brain if it spreads from pregnant woman to unborn baby according to the c.d.c. rosy, best connection travel in annapolis has had other
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pregnant clients pay in full and then cancel a trip. >> we got a statement from her physician she advises against traveling and i sent it to the airline and she will be getting all of her money back. >> she gets daily updates from insurance companies, cruise lines, airlines and tour operators. >> some of the cruise lines will give a credit or money back if somebody is thinking of about getting pregnant. >> for baxter, she is used to making sacrifices for her 6-month-old son. >> i would never forgive myself if i did something and had a child who had to pay consequences. >> the travel agents believe the zika virus will impact the spring and the summer vacation. we heard that the companies continue to change how they respond. some are more lenient than others. reporting live, cheryl conner, abc7 news.
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leon: spain reported first case in europe. we have had two in virginia. to get you up to date on the rapidly developing story online. use keyword "zika." michelle: we want to update the news from waldorf. police cleared the scene of officer-involved shooting that started when an officer saw a man in a hood grab a car door at an intersection. when the officer approached the man things escalated. the man ran and grabbed for what police describe as a possible gun in his waistband. the officer shot the man in the leg. the man is expected to survive. leon: anger is boiling over for the murder of a mother and her 2-year-old child. deputies had to break up the scene outside the prince george's county courthouse. between a woman and a relative of daron boswell-johnson. he was inside facing a judge after confessing to killing
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neshante davis and their daughter chloe in fort washington. the reason is he had been ordered to pay child support. angela alsobrooks said her phone won't stop ringing for those demanding justice. >> this violence affects every aspect of the community. we have to stamp it out. leon: "7 on your side" tonight covering the story at fighting back against domestic violence. the help center open. if you are concerned about this call right now. 703-236-9220. help center will be open until 6:30. make the call. michelle: one year after joshua star re-signed as the school superintendent in -- resigned as the school superintendent, a replacement has been chosen. they will announce the pick in the hour. ritchie marlboro road is on top of the story with what we
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know so far about the pick. rich -- richard reeve is on the top of the story with what we know so far. >> this is a big day. whoever the superintendent is he will walk through the door. the guy with the inside track on the job is a gentleman named jack smith according to the "washington post." he is the interim state school superintendent. 20,000 in the school district. the achievement gap where nigh nowherety students are allegedly not -- minority students are not doing as well. that is a big issue. a little twist given that this is a conditional vote tonight. it has to be approved by the state school superintendent. i just told you that person, the interim state school superintendent is one of the candidates here. we are trying to find out how that will work out.
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again in any case the vote is expected to take place in a half hour. live in rockville, richard reeve, abc7 news. leon: coming up frustration over what is called a $200 million boondoggle on h street. how the city is reacting to questions about when the streetcar will open. michelle: plus, what prompted an emergency response on the potomac river? not far from reagan national airport. leon: chilling details in the case of two college students accused of killing a virginia teenager. why police say the murder was planned. is to pride choicessve the that offer you the best pric,s
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>> welcome back. family and friends turned out today to say goodbye to 13-year-old nicole lovell whose death led to murder charges against two virginia tech students. today prosecutors said david eisenhauer and natalie keepers carefully planned lovell's kidnapping and killing. thigh claim the defendants bought cleaning supplies and a shovel before eisenhauer lured lovell from her home in order to kill her. they also claim eisenhauer and keepers dutched the girl's body in north carolina -- dumped the girl's body in north carolina 80 miles south of blacksburg. leon: attorney for the next baltimore police officer scheduled to stand trial in the death of gray davis -- the death of freddie gray are asking a judge to throw out a charge against edward nero. they say the prosecutors
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haven't outlined evidence of a crime. they want to exclude bystander video and knife found on gray. nero's trial scheduled for february 22. michelle: authorities are trying to determine the source of a mysterious substance found floating on the potomac river. it was first reported as a sheen near reagan airport. the material is thought to be petroleum-based but the source is still a mystery. gravelly point and roaches run were closed for some time today. leon: up next at 6: -- >> hold on, please. >> streetcar that isn't even carrying passengers. when will it finally open? response from the city. adding to the frustration ahead. michelle: we are bracing for possible snow for tomorrow morning's commute. who gets what? when? in doug hill's full forecast coming up. leon: sad news to break as we
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go to break. 2016 claimed another music icon. word coming in that maurice white founder of earth, wind and fire died. one of the most songs "september." sold millions of albums and more than 40 million youtube hit. the cause of death hasn't been released. he was 74.
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michelle: "7 on your side" tonight fighting back against domestic violence. if you are someone you love is a victim of domestic violence or you fear they may be, there is help available. call 703-236-9220. our help center is open until 6:30. leon: virginia's republican party says it will drop a controversial pledge out of the presidential primary ballot. signing a pledge voters would have affirmed they are republican. donald trump's campaign objected to that saying the penal would drive away people who might not normally vote in g.o.p. contest like democrats.
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virginia's primary is march 1. it appears that dr. ben carson is shaking up his presidential campaign again. the "washington post" and other media outlets are reporting that carson will cut more than 50 staff positions. other staffers will take pay cut and they may give up chartered jets in favor of commercial flights. he finished fourth in the iowa caucuses. michelle: at home, former d.c. mayor vincent gray is returning to politics. >> i have spent my life working to serve people. this is an opportunity to continue the public service. michelle: gray announced he will seek to unseat ward seven councilmember yvette alexander. gray left off the last year after losing a re-election bid. his term as mayor was haunted by a federal investigation into his campaign. that investigation yielded several convictions but no criminal charges against gray himself. well, frustration is mounting in the eighth street corridor over the streetcar program. so far, $200 million has been
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spent and 100 of the drivers ticketed. and towed for a line that hasn't even opened yet. d.c. bureau chief sam fords can city leaders for an update. sam: for more than two years the riderless streetcars have been testing up and down the two-mile track on eighth and benning road northeast. when will they start running for passengers? >> they will be running when they pass safety approvals. [laughter] >> while the mayor and her audience found it humorous, people around h street -- >> what is the holdup on that? what is going on? >> i have never rode it to know. all i see is it comes through when it comes through. >> we can see a delivery truck here blocking the track. for a lot of folks here it seems the more trains that come up and down the street stopping for no one the more unpopular they become.
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>> they need to get rid of it. it's a waste. >> i they first said it would open in 2013. but it is generating a lot of revenue for d.c. two tow trucks are assigned because parked cars are blocking the path. linda butler managed to catch the tow truck. she had taken her mother to the credit union who doesn't like the streetcar either. sam ford, abc7 news. >> boy, that may not be popular when it start running. michelle: the other word is unpopular is the "s" word, snow. doug: unless you're a kid and then i'm the favorite guy on the block. this is not a clear-cut situation. there is chance we have snow in the morning. giveous that time in the morning -- give yourself extra time in the morning. it's the kind of system that maybe a couple inches at most. 58 degrees the high today.
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that is sweet. 48 the morning low. 45 and 29 are the averages here. the temperatures will fall overnight. what we have seen in the past hour and a half or so is the national weather service expanded the winter weather advisory west and north. it includes d.c. all the maryland counties the pennsylvania line and eastern shore and delaware. in the area for midnight to 10:00 a.m. the run time of the advisory there could be a couple of inches of snow. temperatures are key. 48 in reagan national. farther west above 40 degree mark. once the storm center is over the outer banks and once it comes to develop and get stronger it will draw in the colder temperatures in 30's. that may be enough to get us close to 33, 32 degrees in spots. when the snowfalls and it could stick on grassry area. radar. the storm system here once it
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gets a spin and the development to it, we may expect the precipitation to push farther back forth west to metro area. if you live in hagerstown don't expect to see anything. area far north and west. d.c., east, southeast. heavier shower ace dros middle pennsylvania. it's a waiting game for time. the future cast suggests when we get to the 3:30 time period in the morning we stop it. there will be snow, d.c. metro area east. you get far enough to the east coast to be rain. the colder air should change that to a little snow. and pile up. through new jersey that is the area locally that get the most. new england, boston area could pick up four or five or six inches of snow. this is just one computer modellal version. the farther east you go, the heavier the snow chances will be. rush hour in morning we don't need any snow. so if there is snow falling
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even if it's only accumulated on the grassy areas snow falling in washington in morning or the evening rush is not a good combination. 45 tomorrow to become partly sunny and breezy. warmer, pleasant over the weekend. monday-tuesday, the computer models are at it again to subject another east coast storm could develop. where it develops will determine if it is rain or snow. too early to call that. steve rudin will have his hands full tonight talking about those possibilities at 11:00. michelle, leon, robert. michelle: special guests at the white house. robert: yes. leon: the video. they had fun. robert: you got to see this. president obama had a good time in the warriors' visit to the white house. bounce back night for caps. they have the stars back. we will preview caps-islanders after the break.
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announcer: and now, the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: start with hockey. bounce back night for caps. they lost two straight, a bad loss to panthers on tuesday. tonight they host islanders. good news is the goalie holtsby is back after having the night off because of the all-star game. ovechkin is back. he was suspended a game for not par participating in the
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all-star game. >> we had time to rest. now a better schedule for us here to play more and get in rhythm. easier to improve that way. >> i had a stumble but it is two games. it's not the end of the world. we believe in the troupe we can refocus and get back on track. leon: tiger woods in 1997, phoenix open. a hole in one. i takes a robot to recreate that moment. ace on the 16th hole. leon: where is the fist bump. robert: can't do that. there is the beer. what a mess. leon: class act. robert: memories. if you didn't catch it last night steph curry put on a show. this is the play of the night. curry getting a steal. makes a ridiculous three. he does a jump man move. today, president obama welcomed the warriors to the white house to honor the reigning nba champs and the
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president had fun with curry. president obama: for those of you who watched the game against the wizards last night, he was, to use slang, he was clowning. [laughter] all jumping up and down. robert: got it. final note. nascar driver tony stewart will miss the daytona 500 with a broken vertebrae. no timetable for his return to action. leon: yeah. got him. robert: yeah. doug: talk about the winter weather advisory. south and east. moving in as rain to snow overnight. maybe an inch or two in metro area, maybe enough to cause problems with rush hour. steve rudin has the latest when he sees you tonight at 11:00. michelle: thank you.
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tonight, just two days until the big republican debate here, the new poll at this hour in new hampshire. is there a shakeup coming? donald trump, ted cruz and, tonight, we're one-on-one with marco rubio, now the target of incoming fire. also breaking, the zika virus. the health emergency in the u.s. now widening. the spraying here at home. the troubling transmission. as we ask, is the u.s. ready? chilling new details tonight. the 13-year-old girl, murdered. and this evening, the college students and their alleged plot revealed. carefully planned and why they went to walmart. the hostage drama in the parking lot. the gunman taking 408d of a mother. officers forced to make a split-second decision. and, the smirk. the former drug company ceo, who raised the price of a


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