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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 5, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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only after congress held up his confirmation. >> there's a sad note to tell you about. veteran bmx biker and x games star david mira has died. he was one of the most decorated x games athletes ever winning medals over a 15-year span. his stunts on a bike were legendary. police say he died from apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. he was only 41 years old. >> there's evidence officials insures michigan new about a spike in lead la much sooner. it may have ever been linked to the contamination of the city's water supply. e-mails obtained by the ap say state agencies and high ranking members of his administration knew about it ten months earlier. >> we'll turn our focus to the weather now. it could be a difficult travel day for many trying to get to washington, d.c. to new england. >> delayed fights on this
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national weather person's day. i didn't know there was such a day. here's justin povick at accuweather. happy day, justin. >> reporter: thanks and good morning to you. we're following the poe essential for significant snow again on this friday. boston to portland, the potential for up to 6 inches of snow. new york city out toward long island looking at the potential for a couple to several inches, as well. again, howling winds are going to create some minor if not some major travel delays as low pressure continues to work its way to the north and the east. reena, kendis? back to you. >> i knew it was going to be cold so i wore my lumberjack shirt. >> i thought we were having a picnic later. >> you were planning for a picnicking? >> just laid out there. >> dig the crew out of their cars today. >> good job. >> justin thank you. lots of animals made predictions about big events, super bowls and world cups come to mind. this might be one of the best. >> so the folks at the zoo in
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myrtle beach, south carolina put a helmet for the broncos and panthers on two remote control cars. then they drove them around in the enclosure with a female tiger named tibet. >> whichever car she ran down first was her super bowl pick. guess what she picked? >> i'm going with the panthers. >> she sure did. the cats stick together. >> yeah? so that's the winner. the panthers thanks to tibet. >> what's her record? i'm not putting any money down till i know her past record. >> back up. we'll see what she says. >> whatever tibet says is fine. coming up, a '50s flash back. a zombie movie from insomniac movie. the reviews are in. >> an alert for parents of kids who get too much screen time. the warnings from doctors. >> the remodeled plagues playboy. you're watching "world news
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♪ i remember, how the stars ♪ >> earth wind & fire founder maurice white, singing his band's classic song "september." we learned yesterday white has passed away. >> white and his band sold more than 90 million albums and inducketted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame in 2000. >> he suffered from parken son disease. he was 74 years old. >> the lesson in downtown chicago was on civil disobedience. more than a thousand teaches blocked streets protesting cuts in school budgets and pension skrikss >> mid semester layoffs are expected. 16 demonstrators were wraest arrested. earlier this week, the teacher's union rejected the city's contract offer.
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>> with all the technology we have at our fingertips today, it's a wonder how had we have time for anything else. >> in some ways we're lucky we didn't have smartphones and social media growing bup parenting is a whole new ball game that many of us still need help with. >> it all started with one question, what new phone to get my daughter. as a physician, delaney russton be used to diagnosing problems and solving them. as a plom to teens tessa and chase she struggled with a dilemma facing many americans. how much technology is too much for her kids. >> i was struggling with how to get my kids not on screens all the time. >> she explores her own family's key sire for careen fim. >> what would you do if you had a smartphone phone now. >> it would be cool and look busy in situations. >> and how it can affect young minds. >> you can't have the conversations that would lead to the development of emppathy and
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a sense of self. >> studies indicate there seems to be a release of dope ma min if you carry around a smartphone, you're always pulling out and glancing at it because you want the release of the chemical. >> kids spend an average of 6.5 hours on screens not including screen time for homework. parents frustrated by the teen's selfie culture. >> i haven't seen her taking a real photo of anything but herself. >> to kids spending too much time playing video games. >> whether he i tried to stop him from playing the games, he turns into another person. >> cusston found the best way to manage her own family's screen use was having boundaries which includes a family contract that they designed together. >> we don't have cell phones in our bedrooms at night, not at the dining room table and also when we're in the car. >> reporter: but it isn't always easy. >> i wish i had unlimited access but i recognize and understand
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that the rules are there for legitimate reasons. >> it's still a struggle at times but now it feels like we're a group doing this together. >> it's just something else to think about we're worried about like violent cartoons growing up in our generation. now there's so much more with social media you've got to focus on. >> that's why you're the parent and i'm not. coming up, behind playboy's bold move. >> the sexy magazine covering up. will it prove to be ricky for the iconic publication. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ >> sexy music. >> talk about scoring. it is one of the most iconic publications in american history and now "playboy" is taking a huge chance by getting rid of the thing that made them legendary. >> no more nudies. is that what people call it. >> i guess, skin. abc's nick watt is giving us a look inside at the big change and we're up "up all nightline"". >> reporter: playboy is the most famous nudie mag on our planet. hidden in grandpa's closet and cousin billy's high school
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locker and news stands. >> the rabbit head logo is among the three most recognized in the world. >> reporter: along with nike, swoosh and apple's apple but playboy is with this weekend's revolutionary relaunch, it's a nudie mag. >> the buck stops in my office if it fails. >> no more. how can that work? what will that look like? well, here's the cover girl. >> have your parents seen this. >> no, but my dad as the first one to be like you better [ expletive ] do "playboy" because he really wanted me to be in it. >> what? >> why. >> because he -- it's historical. >> more in just a minute but first. >> hef's on board with this. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: okay. this 62-year-old magazine is still owned by the now 89-year-old man. >> what's with the? >> he is a man at his leisure. >> why go nonnude. >> we realized our website in the august of 2014 as a safer
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nonnude experience and it exploded. >> track sky rocked. >> reporter: and bigger than business, there's philosophy. >> being a brand that challenges the norm norms has always been a part of playboy and being na nudity doesn't challenge the norms anymore, it doesn't make much sense to stick with that. >> the girl next door is taking selfies and taking pictures down her shirt. >> pamela nailed it. this is what a nonnude playboy shoot looks liking in 16. sarah mcdaniel, instagram star. famous for flawed beauty. those different colored eyes and this is her cover. >> the first person to even be on playboy was marilyn monroe. to me it's a huge honor. >> what does playboy mean to you? >> playboy to me means freedom for women like feminism and expressing yourself and no holding back. >> reporter: it doesn't mean nudie ladies in a magazines? >> i guess it did but now the revamp and everything now, i
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feel like it's a completely different thing and it's more about the women rather than just baring it all. >> reporter: the idea is you can now read playboy on a train, leave it on your coffee table without blushing. > i would say that was probably one of the hardest parts of the whole process is finding out where the line was and then walking up to it. because we need to be -- we still have to be who we are. we have to be playboy with the edge and the sexiness. and how sexy can we get? it's a question we ask each other every day. i can't wait for people to see this. >> reporter: i'm nick watt for "nightline" in beverly hills, california. >> i'm glad you and playboy have the same philosophy. >> which is? >> how sexy can i get? >> is that right? i guess now we'll actually have to read it for the articles. no more playboy. nudes and no more scramble tv that was my advice growing up. >> scramble tv, huh? who knew. >> you had to know the work that it took. you know what i'm talking about.
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♪ all right. in the case the super bowl isn't enough for you this weekend, there's always the movie theater. >> let's check out what's hitting the box office this weekend. starting with pride and prejudice and zombies. yeah, you heard that correctly. it's a retelling of jane austen's classic novel with a slight twist. this film sees elizabeth bennett and mr. darcy uniting in the name of love and in the slaying of the undead. >> he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live. >> you're quite rude. >> and jesus cried out with a loud voice. >> no, don't.
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don' don't. >> not surprisingly, this is not looking like a classic. the village voice says it fails from a to zrks neither good austan nor a good zombie flick. lindsay burglar of the "associated press" says it might have ever been better suited to a television adaptation. >> that's a little bit rough. turning to "hail, caesar!" directed by the coen brothers features an "a" list catch that includes george clooney, jonah hill, scarlett johanssen. already, dealing with angry director, mannix's problem made worse by his prima done nan star played by george clooney. >> now, you listen to me buster.
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the studio have ever been good to you. if i ever hear you bad mouthing mr. skank again, it will be the last thing you say before i have you arrested for col including in your own abduction. >> oh, boy, critics hailing "hail, caesar!" with andrew pulver of the guard offian saying it its a lot of fun and beautifully crafted and michael norden of city pages says they may not make them like they used to but at least they still make them like this. >> wow. i guess they like it. >> all hail "hail, caesar!" >> we'll check it out after the super bowl. better things this weekend. >> you're a big super bowl fan. >> the halftime show at least. >> super bowl. >> let's go. >> quickly. quickly.
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this morning on "world news now," defensive democrats. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton's most heated debate yet. all eyes on new hampshire with sanders and trump leading the polls. silent treatment. the drug exec accused of corporate greed refuses to answer questions on capitol hill. his social media comments stirring up anger. >> luxury lost. bernie madoff's wife ruth on a strict budget. even her prized possessions on the block. her stark new reality. >> and later football and food. while millions of fans look forward to chowing down on some wings this sunday, we thought we would mix it up this year with some good old fashioned barbecue, something for denver and for carolina fans on this friday, february 5th. >> announcer:


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