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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 5, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," defensive democrats. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton's most heated debate yet. all eyes on new hampshire with sanders and trump leading the polls. silent treatment. the drug exec accused of corporate greed refuses to answer questions on capitol hill. his social media comments stirring up anger. >> luxury lost. bernie madoff's wife ruth on a strict budget. even her prized possessions on the block. her stark new reality. >> and later football and food. while millions of fans look forward to chowing down on some wings this sunday, we thought we would mix it up this year with some good old fashioned barbecue, something for denver and for carolina fans on this friday, february 5th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." . >> we do say good morning on this friday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. good to have you back. >> it is good to be. >> you were a little under the weather into just in case i got a bout of the sickness again, know was on stand by here with the bucket in case i needed to. >> look at that garbage, humongous garbage. you went on the shoot, we should tell our folks at shoot last weekend in the everglades chasing pythons. >> in the everglades. and i never knew that they actually poop on peoe once they're scared. so i got back and days later after getting back from that, i got a little sick. a couple of times. >> needless to say, guess who pooped on kendis and guess why he got sick. >> man, there are a lot of people pooping on each other on the debate stage. >> a lot of fireworks i would
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say. >> yeah, there's a lot of that. >> between bernie sanders and lkt. >> in their first one-on-one debate, they sparred on everything from wall street and health care to isis and the death penalty. >> clinton's numbers are slipping in new hampshire while sanders is growing. theity the latest poll has sanders with more than double the support of hillary clinton. 61% topher 30%. it's your voice, your vote. abc's marci gonzalez is in new hampshire with the latest. >> reporter: facing off. >> let's talk about the issues that divide us. >> okay, let us talk about issues. >> reporter: the two the democratic presidential candidates in their last debate before tuesday's new hampshire primary. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. >> lkt trying to build support
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here in bernie sanders's backyard where he's now polling ahead by more than 30 points. >> senator sanders and i share very big progressive goals. >> reporter: in the republican race, donald trump still front-runner. the latest poll showing bio in second. false claims by cruz's team that dr. ben carson planned to suspend his campaign. >> please inform any carson caucusgoers of this news and urge them to caucus for ted instead. >> trump accusing cruz of fraud and now cruz with a new line of attack against trump with this ad featuring former president jimmy carter. >> i think i would choose trump. reason is trump has proven already that he's completely malleable. >> trump brushing it off saying carter has good taste. trump had his busiest day on the trail yet saying despite the polls he has to fight for a win here. kendis and reena. >> thanks so much. donald trump will be center stage along with six of his
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competitors at tomorrow night's gop debate in new hampshire starting at 8:00 an eastern, 7:00 central on abc. >> the latest in the fight against the zika virus. it is spreading across this country with more than 50 cases confirmed. at least 12 of those cases are in florida where the state of emergency has been expanded to a fifth county. as we get word at least two people in brazil contracted the mosquito borne virus through blood frans transfusions. the governor says the state is preparing like it would for a hurricane. >> while all the cases in florida are ravel related, the mosquito that causes the zika virus is common in florida. >> governor walker asking the cdc for a thousand kits to test for zika antibodies in pregnant women who may be at risk and florida is especially vulnerable because of its warm climate year round mosquitoes and influx of tourists.
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>> the former drug company exec best known for jacking up prices tried a new strategy on capitol hill yesterday, keeping his mouth shut. but martin shkreli wasn'ten successful. after the hearing, he managed to insult members of congress on twitter. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: the bad boy of the pharmaceutical world arrived on capitol hill armed with his silence. >> no comment? >> reporter: and this smirk. >> he's not going to be answering any questions. >> you said you want to berate lawmakers. this is your opportunities. >> reporter: for nearly an hour, he grinned, doodled and twiddled his thumbs as lawmakers grilled him about that drug price hike. >> do you think you've done anything wrong? >> on the advice of council, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. >> reporter: he refused to answer. >> i intend to use the advice of my counsel, not yours. >> reporter: iraqing lawmakers. >> i know you're smiling but i'm very serious, sir. >> some of what you saw was nervous energy by an individual
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who very much would like to explain what happened. >> reporter: but moments later, celly tweeted this, hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. >> and despite his silence here, celly also spoke with his followers in a video chat telling them the hearing was pathetic. mary bruce, abc news, the capitol. >> there's a stunning new twist in the murder of a 13-year-old girl in blacksburg, virginia. prosecutors say one of the students charged with the alleged abduction abfatal stabbing of 13-year-old nicole lovell admitted to planning the murder saying she was "excited to be part of something secretive and special." investigators believe the other suspect had an inappropriate relationship with lovell who was planning to expose their relationship. >> we're getting new details this morning about an incident involving cleveland browns quarterback johnny manzielry which led to him being investigated for assault. a report by fort worth police indicates manziel's ex-girlfrien claimed he truck
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struck her several times last friday during an argument. colleen crowley also said he appeared to be on drugs. the following day crowley ran 0 to a neighbor's home to get away. that neighbor calling 11. >> i heard her screaming so i came out to the balcony and she said her boyfriend had beat her up. she didn't want me to call. >> you does she need an ambulance. >> he tells tmz he never struck crowley. police in both fort worth and dallas have not charged him with a crime. nfl is investigating this incident. the nfl is also instituting a so-called rooney rule for women. commissioner roger goodell says from now on, teams will be required to interview women for executive positions. the rule was created to make sure minorities are considered for head coaching positions. two women have ever been hired as assistant coaches and the season saw the league's first female official.
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this is such a great move. >> we have good news from the sports world really. at the white house yesterday, president obama welcomed the nba champion golden state warriors. >> he praised the team for their "small ball nuclear lineup" and said they were beautiful to watch. what was he doinging there? the president apparently was imitating warriors star steph curry's jumping up and down on the court there. >> he does do that. the team presented the president with number 44 jersey as the nation's 44th president, of course. coach steve kerr was there, noted that the president would be a free agent at the end of the year. >> they're all loving it. >> do you think he uses that in the situation room? >> i'm sure he gets some game going. >> iran nuclear deal reached? >> not quite. coming up "the mix," can the five--second rule for food. we are separating fact from fiction. >> speaking of food, if you love barbecue, you'll love the indulge gent meety fans we're south carolinaing up later in
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now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. you're looking at a dramatic rescue operation in washington state. a homeless was hoisted to safety after being trapped on a cliff for two days. he slid to the edge of the cliff just a few feet from going over and falling to the river below.
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fortunately a worker heard him shouting for help. despite having to cope with day kaz of bitter cold, he is expected to be okay. police are investigating a grizzly scene at a home in chicago. six people found dead including a child. they have not yet determined how they decide but say it could have ever been a murder-suicide but a relative who lived in the house described the family as happy and normal. there were 51 homicides in chicago last month, prompting a call for the governor of illinois to declare a state of emergency. >> 51 in one month. there's another huge air bag recall to tell you about involving the controllers for air bags in about five million vehicles. they were made by a german company that can deploy without reason or fail to inflate at all. it involves older vehicles made by honda, fiat, chrysler, mercedes, volkswagen and volvo. it's not related to much larger takata air bag recall. now that abc mini series
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"madoff" has concluded many want to know how things currently stand with the family. >> the riches they stole still being recovered of course. a lot of people wondering where exactly has his wife been hiding? abc's brian ross has the story. >> reporter: the final auction of bernie and ruth madoff's jaw-dropping jewelry collection is under way online. everything the madoffs owned. >> $550,000. >> reporter: yachts, homes in new york, florida, and the riviera have been sold off to benefit the victims. and this week, a new milestone announced. >> we've recovered about $11 billion. >> reporter: of the $17 billion investors originally gave madoff. to the outrage of some of his victims, the government allowed ruth madoff to keep $2.5 million. but her life is a far cry from what it once was. ostracized by friends, she now rents a one-bedroom apartment in connecticut near her grandchildren. seen in this new video at the grocery store. no limo, no domestic staff to help her.
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to make sure the madoffs don't have some hidden cash over's, ruth madoff is now required to file regular expense reports and so far no sign of any hidden madoff money. >> it is sad. so many people wonder did she know. blythe danner said she really believes she didn't know. that she fell in love with him when she was 16 and thinks he rose his way to the top of the financial world but she believes she wasn't aware of it. >> it really was a family tragedy at the end of the day. both of their sons who decided to get their dad prosecuted in the end both are no longer with us, one committing suicide, the other dying of cancer. >> it's a hosh horrible story. >> all around. coming up in our next half hour, do we really care about commercials? well, when it comes to the super bowl, we love them. we really love them. knowing that 70% of viewers care more about the ads than the games. i would be one of them.
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companies are on a blitz. >> but first, dueling dishes. as the panthers and broncos prepare for battle, we're leading into the "insomniac kitchen" to see who wins the food fight, denver or carolina. >> super bowl is so meat. biased against vegetarians. >> more importantly, who wore the shirt better.
3:17 am
yeah, that's what we like to call a fun fact full screen. >> we love fun. >> a little business talk here. well, hi. i wonder what -- i bet you're wondering why we're here. rather than come up with a clever excuse, we'll be honest. we're doing a segment about barbecue and kendis has food poisoning and reena is a
3:18 am
vegetarian. >> we are ready for super bowl sunday. food is big part of the day. we've sent abc's tina trinh out for this installment of "insomniac kitchen." >> reporter: hey, you may know who you're rooting for this sunday, but the real battle happens in the kitchen. i'm here with tyson ho, owner and proprietor of the arrogant swine. what are we making today? >> today we're going to support the panthers by making a south carolina spare ribs. >> nice. and for the other side? >> and for the big ebola empire. >> the other guys. >> we will deng to offer a colorado green chili. >> okay. >> two asians going to show you how to make barbecue. let's do it. >> so we have the single largest rack of ribs you can buy. this is specially sourced and harvested magic dust here. >> what's in there? a little bit of cayenne, a
3:19 am
little bit of salt, pepper. >> cayenne, paprika, smurf berries, hobbit dust. >> you're getting too technical for me. >> this is our wood powered smoker. >> nice and warm. >> we will stick these ribs in here. what we do to transform this interesting piece of meat into a carolina piece of meat is our carolina barbecue sauce which is made out of mustard. we use peaches in here. make a caramel sauce and toss it in there. and then the secret ingredient imported straight from south carolina is pure distilled unadulterated. >> now we're going to make the opposing team's dish or enemy's dish. >> we're going to smoke this pork butt. to season that, we have molasses. >> oh, yeah, get in there. >> just like before, we will cover it with the magic dust. we will also be smoking a chili. we have ha ban knows, jamaican
3:20 am
green pepper, cilantro, garlic, cumen and fennel. >> so this is our pork butt that's been in the smoker for 12 hours. >> now it's nice and tender. over here in this pot is our chili. we smoked for a little bit and put it in the blender. to make the sandwich, we need a nice big chunk up the middle and top with our chili. and then it wouldn't be a and which without a fried egg on it. >> da da da da da da. carolina versus denver. first taste is carolina. mm. so tender. and so juicy. and then we have the denver broncos green chili pulled pork sandwich with a fried egg on top. i like both. but i kind of like this a little bit better. i never thought i would go over
3:21 am
to the broncos. >> we still win. >> all right. go panthers. >> all right. >> better get busy on that. get in there. >> i think i need this. >> you're going to need that. >> i think tin nap wore it better. she had the rolled up sleeves. that's a good look. here we go. >> how is that? >> oh, my god. >> how is that going? >> this is amazing. > you don't know what you're missing. > really? >> i'll tell you what. i feel bad i don't have pork butt today. >> oh, my goodness. this is good. >> you had to go there, didn't you? >> pork butt. pretty good? >> this is amazing. we want to say thanks to tyson h ore, arrogant swine. prediction, panthers will cover the spread just like this green chili sauce. >> based on what you're eating? >> oh, yeah. >> it came to me just now. >> i will hope for quality
3:22 am
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biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth. and now it's time for "the mix." apparently the crew really loved -- this is all we have left. we need it for the segment. we're talking about the five-second rule. according to science, the rule is correct. it's a real, real thing. >> the rule if we drop this. >> if we drop this which has a great mustard or some sort of sauce here and you drop it on the ground, the five--second rule holds true. apparently food that has some sort of liquid or very, very moist end up picking up significant more bacteria than if it was like a chip or nachos or if there's a cheese on there. apparently if it's on the ground for 30 seconds according to discovery science channel, it picks up ten times the bacteria than those snapped up in three seconds. >> it's okay to do it quickly,
3:26 am
five seconds. >> pork butt fell on ground, didn't stop him. >> continuing the super bowl theme, really cute video from these kids in north carolina. take a listen really quickly ♪ >> they are cheering on the panthers all the way to the super bowl. and we're going to cheer them on, as well while we polka. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ business news from tokyo stuff you saw on koppel's show ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal every anchor guy and gal do the world news polka. great combo. ♪ that's the world news polka
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this morning on "world news now," political fight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face to face in a heated debate. the tangle on stage as donald trump campaigns for a new hampshire victory. vicious virus. the health warnings spreading as zika poses a bigger threat to the u.s. the latest infections from the mosquito born illness. >> new this half hour, an air traffic control distracted. >> safety in the skies in question after a new report ror exposes air traffic controllers distracted by their cell phones. >> and later coldplay's show at the super bowl. the band drops hints about their performance with beyonce. that's on this friday, february 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."


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