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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the cause, however, remains unknown. their feathers shiny from the oily water. their walk a big slow. the canada geese for the victims of an oil spill on their home turf? we are always sad when we see something happen where it is going to be bad for the animals. >> 18 geese total have been impacted by the spill, the source of which is concentrated in roaches run by reagan airport. report of the oily rainbow type sheen on the potomac river surfaced wednesday. the spill stretching five to six miles south by the wilson bridge. the u.s. coast guard and the environmental agencies from virginia, d.c., maryland coordinating the clean-up including oil booms and soaking materials in the water at gravelly point near the airport. >> i can't characterize the nature of the oil in the water. >> the big question, how did this happen is unanswered. dominion power experienced incident at the crystal city facility two weeks ago but today in a statement they said this -- we have no evidence to indicate the sheen is from a
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recent mineral oil spill at a dominion substation. we recovered 90% of the mineral oil as well as 200 tons of dirt around the site. >> i can't rule in or out any source at this point. as the investigation continues we will attempt to determine if there are responsible parties involved. jeff: the geese are now in the hands of the wildlife officials on the way to delaware for rehabilitation. >> it's unfortunate that maybe the water is not as pristine as it once was. jeff: no word on how much oil spilled. officials say it will be determined upon further study. the word how long the clean-up will take. but the coast guard saying with confidence today that this spill has presented no public health risk. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: thank you, jeff. new hospital is coming to prince george's county. thanks to an infusion of cash from the state. maryland governor larry hogan today announced a $15 million
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sub mental budget to allow the current prince george's county hospital center to stay open until a replacement is built. he promised $55 million to fund hospital in years coming with $160 million to build the fa -- facility. >> it has been a long sad story about the prince george's hospital system. this we believe is a tremendous solution to decades of problems there. leon: the new hospital will be built on vacant land on fedex field run by the university of maryland medical center. ground breaking expected in the next year. maureen: tonight mourners remember a prince george's county teacher an her child murdered outside their home on tuesday. family and friends are gathering right now for a vigil for 26-year-old neshante davis and her 2-year-old daughter chloe. the vigil is at the bradbury heights high school in capitol heights. the child's father 25-year-old daron boswell-johnson
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confessed to the killings. >> d.c. police say they cracked cases on 19 robberies. as kevin lewis reports the crime stretched across the district. >> these are not easy dice make. they are extremely difficult. it takes a lot of work by detectives. kevin: d.c. top cop is boasting after the detectives cracked 19 robbery cases that spannedded all seven police districts. officers nabbed 13 alleged criminals. all men. more than half are juveniles. >> what is significant about the closures what we have been saying all along. we have a small number of people that commit a lot of crime. kevin: chief cathy lanier says 54-year-old michael williams held up six businesses including this dunkin' dunkin' near the g.w. campus. 30-year-old derwin smith jr. allegedly held up the virgin mobile store on rhode island avenue northeast. police say 22-year-old ronald mcclude robbed two t-mobile stores, both around noontime. and then there is antoine gilmore who allegedly stood up
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this parking attendant in an underground garage near thomas circle. >> i was sitting on a chair and he came to the door and showed me the big gun. asked me for money. >> we have very good video we put out to the public. >> chief lanier underscores in many cases surveillance video coupled with citizen tips help detectives get this clan of alleged criminals off the street. in northwest, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. maureen: the national unemployment rate is now at the lowes point in eight year -- lowest point in eight years. the jobless rate dropped to 4.9% last month the first time under 5% since february 2008. but people are still concern concerned. president obama: there is still anxiety and concern about the general direction of the economy. maureen: job growth was slower than expected last month and falling oil prices continue to
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hurt the energy sector. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- new video from the crane collapse in new york city. see how one person was rescued when a crane fell on top of the car. >> coming up, a fairfax woman pregnant leaves for vacation tomorrow in argentina. a country that borders brazil. hotbed for the zika virus. how she plans to stay safe. maureen: plus how did a man get a bomb on a commercial airliner? investigators think they know. >> the sunshine arrives just in time for the weekend. but stand by. rain or snow, that is possible early next week.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: a massive construction crane fell in new york city today killing one person and injuring three others. tmz got video showing res curers getting a person out of -- rescuers getting a person out of their car after a crane fell on top of it. i shut down three blocks in the tribeca neighborhood. the mayor called for a temporary halt of all crane operations in the city. maureen: in the war on terror fighting back on the web. twitter suspended 125,000 accounts linked to terrorism. the social media network not just using technology to identify potential terror account. the own employees are interpreting and reading
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posts. other social media companies are trying to combat the spread of isis message online. authorities say a suicide bomber was the only person killed in an explosion on a plane over somalia. the airs but a-321 made emergency landing in mogadishu on tuesday. it appears military grade t.n.t. was hidden in a laptop computer. the bomber was sucked out of the side of the plane after the explosion and two passengers suffered minor injuries. leon: most of the republican presidential candidates are campaigning in new england today despite a big storm that socked the region. matter of fact, donald trump canceled his own scheduled appearance today because he is snowed in, in new york. other candidates were out there meeting voters. polls show trump has a big lead in new hampshire with marco rubio, tet cruz, john kasich and jeb bush in a tight race for second place. just a reminder for you, you can see the next republican debate on abc7. it comes your way at 8:00 p.m.
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tomorrow night. maureen: still ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- what you need to know about the zika virus to help prevent it from spreading. leon: what is ahead for the weekend weather? doug is back with a look at the forecast for you. plus more talk of snow? that is in the forecast. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports a special honor for a football coach. and randy wittman make
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appointments available now. is to provide choicese the that offer youto help you the best pric,s quality and selection. you can save 30% or more. wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too. leon: back with new developments on the zika virus outbreak. two new cases reported in nebraska. that makes more than 50 cases in 14 states and the district. as zika becomes a bigger problem in the u.s., c.d.c. is issuing new recommendations for those traveling from infected areas. men with pregnant partners are asking to use protection during sex and they suggest pregnant women who don't have symptoms still be tested for two to 12 weeks. one fairfax woman we met who is pregnant still plans to
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travel to south america. cheryl conner caught up with her to talk about why this woman made the decision to still go. cheryl: she is teaching her 15-month-old son vietnamese and english. she is a worldly traveler and this weekend he and his parents will land in argentina. it looks like a family of three. but another boy is due this summer. >> it came that we solidified our plans to go to argentina. before any of that news came about. cheryl: the news that the zika virus has been transmitted in several countries including argentina's neighbor brazil. she asked her doctor was okay. >> she was fine comfortable knowing i'll pack long sleeve t-shirts. cheryl: she showed us the repellant that she will spray on top of her clothes.
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her immediate family changed the itinerary to head south. the chief medical editor who is just back from brazil says that the tough part about the zika virus is the symptoms are similar to other disease's. >> there may not be more reports out of argentina doesn't make me feel comfortable. cheryl: she says her husband is nervous but didn't want to get caught up in the concern considering cases of the zika virus are now reported in the u.s. when she returns home she will do a followup story with us after meeting with her doctor. in fairfax, cheryl conner, abc7 news. leon: we have everything you need to know on the website about the zika virus and guidelines for travel and prevention for you as well. maureen: leon, a man wounded in an officer-involved shooting in charles county yesterday is now facing charges. 23-year-old anthony taylor has
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been charged with assault and possession of a handgun. officer says he saute lor trying to get in a vehicle stopped at a traffic light. they lar ran, the -- taylor ran and the officer shot him in the leg when he refused to shot. taylor was carrying a pistol stolen in a burglary in pennsylvania. two d.c. emergency technician firefighters have been reassigned and ordered to under go more training after they missed a gunshot wound on a person they were treating. the person survived after the gunshot was detected by doctors at a hospital. the fire department released a statement saying in part -- leon: hours after she was born, her mother left her on the side of the road. wrapped up in a dirty towel. well, that baby is now a grown woman. she is living in alexandria. tonight at 11:00, she has
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quite a story to share. she is willing to do so. baby jane doe made headlines in 1973. police searched for her birth mother. the public was able to see the baby recovering at a local hospital. because of the publicity the family was urged to keep the story a secret, which they did for years. but tonight at 11:00, "7 on your side" kimberly suiters digs in the decades old police case, hospital records and what inspired the woman who was the abandoned baby to come speak out now. maureen: it should be quite a story. leon: can't wait to see it. maureen: goodness. what is going on? a little wet stuff? doug: maybe, monday, tuesday. look forward to saturday and sunday first. monday and tuesday will take care of itself. not a major storm but maybe mess, rain and snow on monday. i'll explain at the wall. maureen: stay calm. doug: absolutely. the weekend is coming. leon: say that noter -- say that no matter what. doug: beautiful day.
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the sun came out. skies cleared up to turn into a pleasant afternoon. the record high on the day in 1991 was 7. the record low in 1918 was two below. typical winter's day. we will get in the weekend. high pressure will take over. a lot of sunshine. comfortable temperatures. above average saturday and sunday. we're in 30's to 40. 40 at reagan national. 33 in hagerstown. 37 in manassas and leesburg. 35 in martinsburg. 37 in andrews. 40 in annapolis. the winds still a factor. we had much gustier winds in the day. the winds will slowly diminish. it will get chilly. a local map will give us a local zone wake-up temperatures that range to mid-to-upper 20's. 30 degrees in brentwood and the city. 28 in waldorf. 26 by morning in german town. satellite and radar shows the
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similar pulling out. in the next couple of hours the snow will end. shorter than that in boston. pull out to sea. high pressure with a lot of sunshine. sunday night a storm system will move out the to see. this will be a huge storm to move out to sea period. one of the storms moving north we'd all be in a world of hurt. that is not going to happen. it will move out of the way. however, he said with air of anticipation in his voice, come monday another storm system. there is the other one that is going bye-bye. monday we get a system forming up that will cause surface low to develop off the coast. here is the rub. how far north or south or how far close to the coast or off the coast it forms will determine whether we get a large volume, medium volume or small volume of precipitation and it will determine the kind it will be, rain/snow mix. right now we are leaning toward the mix of rain/snow with no significant accumulation in the area.
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my measurable snow we think is west of i-81 and farther west in higher terrain and the colder temperature areas. we will check on it all weekend long. in the meantime, saturday and sunday look great. 47 with sunshine tomorrow. 50 degrees on sunday. monday we put in 40% probability of rain and/or snow developing late in day. high of 44. rain or snow mix and probably changing to snow before it ends on tuesday. 38. then turning breezy. noticeable colder we head through the end of next week. that is the latest. maureen: thank you. leon: good deal. winter has work to do. robert wizards get the coach back tonight. randy wittman back on the sideline for the wizards. good to have him back. deserving coach gets a huge treat. high school coach that is. how a loudoun county football coach caught a trip to the super bowl.
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by by your local toyota dealer. robert: the wizard's have been missing a big part of their squad. randy wittman hasn't been on the sideline. he missed the last twogying the sudden lost of his older brother rick wittman. he got news early saturday morning after the houston game. they missed him. losing to o.k.c. monday and tomorrowed wednesday by steph
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curry and the warriors. it withman with his family. erin hawksworth has more. erin: wizards host the sixers tonight. tip-off at 7:00. this is an emotional game. head coach randy wittman's first game back since his older brother passed away last week. the two were very close. on the flip side, this is an opportunity for the wizards to snap a losing streak. they did lose two straight games. but those were against two good teams. for the sixers this is the first time the wizards played them this season. they were very good against philadelphia last season. hopefully they will continue the trend come tonight. we will have highlights at 11:00. robert: thank you. super bowl 50 this sunday but a high school coach is celebrating already. loudoun's county michael bernet named the don shula high school coach of the year. he was nominated by the redskins. he was one of the three high
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school football coaches selected as a finalist. he will receive $25,000 -- not shula. bernet. $25,000. $15,000 of which will go to the school football program. he gets to walk the red carpet at the fifth annual nfl honors. >> i'm just honored and grateful to stand here and represent the unbelievable hours and the commitments that not only the coaches but their wives and the families make. it's humbling and an honor. they will be the torchbearers in the future. robert: in a final note johnny manziel's agent left. he is being investigated for allegedly hitting his ex-girlfriend. leon: his father said he doesn't believe he will hit 24 if he doesn't turn it around quickly. bad situation there. good situation here. did you know you is to give
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this man a round of applause. today is national weathercasters day and also national go red day bringing attention to the toll heart disease makes on women. the american heart association is asking everyone to wear red and donate help to fund research. heart disease and stroke kill a woman every 80 seconds. vast majority are preventable. maureen: doug is wearing red for heart day. nice. doug: that was nice. nice to all the people that made comments, facebook and twitter about the national weather person day. very good. our weather team is grateful for that. check out the weekend. beautiful forecast. a lot of sunshine. 47 tomorrow. 50 degrees sunday. monday, tuesday, rain and/or snow. steve will work on that with the newest models tonight to give you update on potential for monday and tuesday. leon: what do you get on weathercasters day? doug: nothing yet. maureen: "world news tonight" with
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tonight, the deadly crane accident. crashing down in new york city. a construction crane plunging onto a busy street, killing a man. the race to save victims trapped in crushed cars. breaking news in new hampshire. the new polls on the eve of abc's big republican debate tomorrow night. is there a shift in the race? the deadly winter storm this friday. drivers losing control on ice. hundreds of crashes. a foot of snow in some places. and tonight, the new storm we're tracking for the weekend. the major new concern. the zika virus now turning deadly. and the new warning tonight about the disease and sexual contact. a health emergency declared in parts of the u.s. and tonight, investigators now asking, was it a bomb hidden in a laptop that ripped a hole into that jet? a passenger blown from the plane. and tonight, with the pe


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