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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tonight. maureen: chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking the storm and the snow totals. doug: we are looking for rain in area. once the storm takes shape tonight and tomorrow off the midatlantic coast. then we will get a transition to snow. winter storm warning posted tonight and in the evening. areas in pink. north and east of maryland northern maryland, the metro washington area points west under the winter weather advisory. less snow and impact. temperatures above freezing. they stay above freezing in the everything. low to mid-40's. 43 at reagan national. on the radar here comes the rain. we will have the period of rain. this isn't the storm that is raining or snowing every minute. it will come in batches. period of rain and snow later on. the first batch of rain, there is more batches to come. as i said overnight the storm center off the coast will spin a bit it will drag in the colder air from the north to see transition from rain to
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snow. a lot will depend on the surface temperature and where the system forms up around here. the end result is one to three inches across the metro. points east and west. three to six. heavier amounts farther north toward the pennsylvania border. in advance city is getting ready. sam ford is downtown. what are folks going preparing for it there, sam? sam: i'm uptown. we are at ddot salt dome in northeast washington. where the city workers are in a holding mode and waiting for snow. since noon the northeast salt dome, city workers are filling up the truck to head out and treat the roads. or the third snow event in as many weeks. some 200 city trucks deployed along the highways and the bridges.
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city officials determine it won't be a repeat of january 20. an evening rush hour snow caught everybody off-guard. >> we are not going to let it happen to us again. we are out there, deploy and ready to go. city deployed for a new storm. remnants of the last one are all over the place. at annie's ace hardware where they may have bought too much ice melt in the blizzard, the sign says the snow products are nonreturnable. >> i'm hoping in the small storm we'll clear it up. >> maybe you will have another one after that. >> that >> for the grocery store, nothing like the last snowfall. not a lot of shoppers. >> i stay ready. i don't have to get ready. >> ready as i will ever be. >> same for the city. in the blizzard d.c. spent $12 million on the snow removal according to the mayor's press office. as of this time the focus is on the commute tomorrow morning. >> we'll do everything we can. we need commuters to do what they can as well.
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be responsible for your commute. >> they are expecting the heaviest snowfall and work from tomorrow morning to late tomorrow morning. the trucks will be busy. sam ford abc7 news. maureen: thank you. remember as we track the winter storm the storm watch weather team is available wherever you are. download the storm watch weather app. leon: we have the breaking news from prince george's county where an elementary school aid is arrested. facing a dozen count of child pornography charges. alison: roz plater is following the story. what can you tell us about this? roz: police say he has
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admitted the involvement but they are just beginning to investigate the stunning case. 22-year-old deonte carraway facing multiple count of making the child porn and child ception abuse. the universities say that he re videos. some were shot during the school day. right now the children believe there are ten victims that are ages 9 to 13. it appears that he was working alone. >> we believe he was acting
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alone but if you have concerned we need to hear that too. roz a relative saw the images and went to the police. police want to hear from anyone with information. mons thank you. we have more information about the oily substance. coast guard says it is fuel oil. it will give the coast guard a better idea of the source of the oil. it's affected wildlife. one goose has died from the spill. leon: george washington university is no longer accepting donation to the body donor program. they are acknowledging remanges have been misidentified or can't be identified. mike carter-conneen reports a g.w. journalism student helped bring the problems to life.
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>> i extend my deepest and my most insere apologies. mike: in the video statement he explains they could not positive identify certain remains in the school body donor program that uses 30-40 cadavers later returned to the donor family. >> we learned the management of 2 body donor program was not consistent with the standards that the donors and the families deserve and expect. >> g.w. sophomore says the statement came a couple of weeks after she started to ask questions. prompted by anonymous tip to the school newspaper. >> we made multiple requests and they asked to us sit on it. >> it was not until last week the university started to notify the next of skin. >> there was a mixup in the cadaver department. mike: following the wishes of
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colleen's grandmother the body was donated last spring. >> i'm in shock. >> the dean of the school of medicine says the individual who had responsibility for managing the body donor program is no longer employed by the university. >> the anatomy program continues. >> they are questioning the accuracy of the tests and say there is no closure. >> waiting to do a service for her. once the ashes were returned. maureen: coming up at 6:00 presidential candidates seizing a last chance to woo new hampshire voters. leon: president obama's new push to fight the spread of the zika virus.
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>> a government audit shows a contractor may have been overpaid.
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maureen: the money would fund
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emergency response in the u.s. and overseas. the zika virus is mainly spread by mosquitoes. the zika infection in pregnant women is linked to abnormally small heads in the babies. the c.d.c. says 50 americans returned to the u.s. infected with the vice. leon: the last dash for votes is underway in new hampshire it felt polls opened there for the first primary in the presidential race. the latest poll shows bernie sanders and donald trump set for easy victories. the real action is second place. ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich looking for a strong showing in new hampshire. coming up here ahead at 6:00 -- a new green war. the new orders from the pentagon to commanders to help combat climate change. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. find out how long peyton manning slept after the big super bowl win. why is cam newton being ♪
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[mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. leon: a government oversight found delivery delays to move
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cars for military families. maureen: the department of defense says millions of the tax dollars were possibly wasted in the process. investigator joce sterman is here to explain. joce: we knew there were a lot of cars that were delivered weeks and months late but now we know how many. 27,283 to be exact. audit shows the military should have docked the company in charge $30 ady for each car late but they didn't. so they overpaid by nearly $5 million. that is just the beginning. >> moving back and forth across the ocean. nothing new to military families. they put the faith and the cars in the hands of the contractor. >> the kicker is she said we vent lost your car. we just don't know where it is. joce: as the i-team told you in a series of 2014 report the military contractor international auto logistics
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experienced serious problems. >> it shouldn't require investigative reporter and the united states senator to bring this to transcome attention. >> but it wasn't until the i-team alerted virginia senator warner that action was taken. after we exposed the backlog he depanded answer from the military agency that overseas the contract -- oversees the contract. but the military wasn't much of a watchdog. failing to ensure proper oversight claiming $1anded over to i.a.l. in what the inspector general called potentially improper payment. >> we have to be better shepherd of taxpayers' dollars. this makes me angry. >> also angry to learn the company was not docked money each time it showed up late. they were given $5 million in overpayments for 27000 cars
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delivered after the required time. >> shouldn't they be paying attention and docking the company as they went. >> did not sent out demand letter to get back the money it overpaid. >> we are told the process is ongoing and will continue until the money is gathered back. transcome maintained no improper payments were made. they emphasize good news. on-time delivery rates are back up to 95%. joce sterman, abc7 news. leon: nice work. climate change is a factor in most operations of the pentagon. new directive is instructing the branches of the military to incorporate the climate change to the plans and the operations going forward to include testing of the missiles to war planning. directive mirrors president obamas concern that global warming is a national security threat. rough night for the passengers on board a cruise ship headed for florida from new jersey. check this out.
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the storm rocked the royal caribbean anthem of the seas for 12 hours. toppled off the walls and it toppled tables and chairs for the floors. some of the passengers describe the ordeal of horrendous. the ship is expected to arrive in port canaveral tonight. yuck. maureen: not happy. once more snow is in the headlines. doug: little for the metro area. farther north is an interesting pattern. it will cause descriptions. let's get started to tell another winter story. you have two big headlines. one is highlighted in pink. a winter storm warning in effect through tomorrow. for north and northeast of the metro washington area. much larger region is highlighted in purple. or median periwinkle.
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large area from one to three in that area. we are talking difference from the immeasurable and more of a nuisance. they are having the snow fall in the rush hour. we will have a fresh update at 11:00. at the meantime, the highs and lows close to average. 46 and 30 are the average high and low. to temperatures are holding in the lower 40's around the area. cooler with the cold breeze off the severn river and 39. everybody else in lower 40'sment fair amount of rain is not hitting the ground. it's dry. it's not reaching the ground. we get through the everything. we will see the rain to continue to see a feature here. the area in the blue is snow. you see a spin in the atmosphere.
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upper level area of low pressure to move eastward tonight. it will cause redevelopment of the coastal low overnight and tomorrow morning. as a result based on the latest model guidance and the timing, this is the end result. by the time the snow will taper off tomorrow afternoon and evening, three to six inches of snow under the warning. pocket of two with six inches. baltimore east/northeast ward. tart west and southwest is one to three. the temperatures will be warmer. so fair amount of snow will melt and staying on grassy areas here. if you're south the middle peninsula, stafford through fredericksburg and behind through north central virginia. very little of anything. temperatures will be warmer and any snow that falls will melt on contact. or be plain old fashioned rain. future cast, area in green tonight.
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solid area of rain. colder air and the higher elevation to the north. we will see the transition overnight to sunrise. the storm will develop off the coast and turn the winds north and bring in cold air. it will continue. not continuously. period of the snow late morning and the afternoon. pocket of the heavy snow. maybe a band of heavier snow in time for tomorrow evening rush hour. then it will clear out. everything improves skywise. temperatures check this out. breezy. highs in the 20's on sunday valentine's day whe up suburban temperature in single digits. a blast of air in the arctic after the smoe and the rain we'll see tomorrow. maureen: thank you, doug. if you are thinking of buying jewelry for the valentine's gift watch abc7 news at 11:00. "7 on your side" goes undercover to find real value of a diamond.
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that horace holmes found could surprise you. you will want to watch this report before you buy tiny stones. we put diamonds to the test tonight at 11:00. leon: you know who could use diamond shopping advice? john elway and peyton manning and the broncos. you know they have the rings. erin: they will be beautiful. coming up feigned out why peyton manning didn't get -- find out why peyton didn't get much sleep and if any. do you agree how cam handled the press conference last
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erin: hopefully super bowl winning quarterback peyton manning has slept by now after admitting adrenaline and budweiser kept him up all night. by now manning has been asked numerous times whether he plans to retire after earning his second super bowl ring last night. but for now we have to wait for an official decision. this is manning on "good morning america" today. >> there is a lot of adrenaline after winning the game like that. it has been a unique season. it's just been great to be part of the journey with great teammates. it's easy to stay up and not be tired. erin: on the flip side, cam
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newton caught criticism today for being rather brief during a post super bowl press conference where he abruptly walked out which prompted us to tweet the poll. we want to hear from you. some fans have a problem with the way newton handled his press conference. do you? pretty close. almost a 50/50 split. do you have a super bowl favor? come join us when we break it down. it's at 7:00. our final d.u.i. show of the season. leon: i can't believe he wants to talk about it. would rather be there. erin: i know. it has to be hard for him. that is for sure. maureen: get the latest on the snow and the cold. doug: steve will have the latest at 11:00. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. with the first primary of this year's election
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kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats as americans as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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tonight, breaking news here. a blizzard hits with the showdown in new hampshire just hours away now. abc's powerhouse political team out in force tonight. one-on-one with donald trump. can he close the deal here? one-on-one with marco rubio, after taking fire. >> did you fight from your own legislation? repeating his lines on stage. >> there it is. >> what he says now. and hillary clinton in a fierce battle with bernie sanders. the blizzard warnings across several states tonight. the bus flipping. dozens hurt. we're tracking two major storms at this hour. the cruise ship on its way back to the u.s. hit by hurricane-force winds. gusts more than 100 miles an hour. the zika virus. and tonight, the cdc moving to its highest level of alert in response to the outbreak.


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