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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 9, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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olympic gold medals, are taking all necessary precautions in regard to the zika virus. for 33-year-old u.s. sprinter deedee trotter, there's no question at all. >> i don't care what kind of viruses and stuff come out, we're going to finish this one out. >> reporter: rising concern about the zika virus prompted the white house to ask congress for $1.8 billion to help deal with the threat. linsey davis, abc news, new york. the president of a fraternity at core any university will be in court this morning to face attempted rape antoine other charges. wolfgang balinger was arrested for an incident a week ago. a student accused her of abusing her in his roop at cy epsilon. he has been jailed since turning himself in on thursday. his chapter now suspended. >> strong winds and dry conditions raising the wildfire threat from kansas to central texas. gusts up to 50 miles an hour fueled several fires around oklahoma city. smoky conditions caused several
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accidents on interstate 44 before authorities shutdown the westbound lanes. wind gusts are expected to reach 30 miles an hour today. and blowing snow and icy conditions caused this tour bus accident on i-95 in connecticut. the dangerous weather part of a major winter storm battering coastal new england on monday. the accident injured more than 30 people. threw of them critically. the bus was traveling from new york city to the mohegan sun ca sin though. >> here's one indication how popular drones are these days. the faa says there are now more registered drone operators in the u.s. than registered planes. there are now about 325,000 drone owners. that's about 5,000 more than the number of registered aircraft. the drone registration program was launched just before christmas to track operators who break the rules. >> jet lag is one of the worst things about making a long trip. now researchers have found a new way to fight it.
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a study done at stanford university says sleeping amid short flashes of light the night before your trip can help you speed up the process of adjusting to a different time zone. that so-called light therapy is a way of speeding up the brain's adjustment to time changes. >> what are you saying? sleep with the disco ball. >> pretty much. it's not hot flashes you're having. it's just you're getting used to jet lag. >> i don't know about that one. >> me either. >> he hollywood stars who attended the oscars nominee luncheon would probably jet lagged. they gathered at the beverly hilton hotel. >> there was plenty you have discussion about diversity. and some news. a control of teenagers involved in the winning films will roll on the screen during acceptance speeches. >> producers say it's a way of allowing the winners to say
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what's in their heart as opposed to just naming people. the oscars will be handed out on sunday, february 28th right here. >> a little bit of diversity there. there's a yellow guy in the middle. >> the girl with the red hair. >> there is. and the second is up in the stands. so it was a little bit of color at the oscars. >> coming up, turning a beauty pageant blund into memorable advertising. the huge hit from steve harvey. >> i love him. he's a funny guy. >> the spectacular celebration of the chinese new year. elaborate fireworks through people get to see. >> and cyber bullies attacking students in elementary. and the live in it to win in it in great falls down to two people. living in a truck. >> you've been obsessed with this pain. the leading cough liquid only provides relief for four hours,
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. scientists in india are investigating whether a man was killed by a meetite. he was in the area where the object struck. fragments are being analyzed to determine whether it was a meteorite. the tragedy is rare because the rocks burn up in the earth's atmosphere or fall into a ocean. the last death believed to be caused by a meteorite believed to have happened in 1825. >> wow. >> so unlucky for that man. >> guess it was his time. experts say there were a record number of shark attacks worldwide. they put the number of unprovoked attacks at 98 with 59 of them taking place here in the u.s. the previous record was 88 attacks. that happened in the year 2000. the number of attacks is expected to continue growing as human and shark populations climb. you.
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>> i'm still laughing about your tie saying my grandma -- oh, my goodness, boy. serious subject. about cyberbullying which i'm not going to do to you. kids and parents having a more tough time worrying about it. it's a big deal. >> trying to stop bullying can be like a disease andew technology is helping to prevent the spread of the hurtful behavior. abc's megan hughes has the story. >> reporter: at shipley elementary school in harper's ferry, west virginia, these third graders already have stories about being cyberbullied. >> i was kind of sad because he was calling me stupid. i was a little like depressed after that. >> you want to bully back but you know it's not the right thing. >> reporter: high school senior and teen paj jint winner lexie helps student resist that urge. >> step one. >> say nothing else. >> step two. >> don't retaliate.
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>> experts say children bullied often become bullies themselves. lexie has been a target. >> people who cyberbully anonymously are cowards and that's all they are. >> some do it for power, some think it's funny. >> dr. susan bartell says children are still developing impulse control and their parents need to get involved. >> your child who is the bully, even if they're doing did for childhood reasons that later in life will be meaningless can have a police record. >> what if your child is the cyberbully? one study found more than 80% of young people think it's easier to get away with bullying online than in person like at school. >> i wanted to create this filter system that would monitor so parents would feel a little relief knowing and trusting that their kid could use these social media platforms and text messages. >> reporter: michele joel shows us one of several tech solutions for parents.
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her software my social sitter uses algorithms to filter. when a teen types a negative message, it gets blocked. parents get notified. >> if you love your kids, keep up with the technology. >> diana gibson hasn't gotten supervising software yet but says all parents need to police their children's cyberlives. >> it's real. you know, kids will put things on twitter and they can get in a lot of trouble for it. >> reporter: megan hughes, abc news, harper's ferry, west virginia. >> this is why i'm grateful there was no social media when i was in high school. it's so devastating when you're at that age specially. >> coming up, firing up the new year. >> the breathtaking light show in china and its dedicated artist braving the cold and the heat. . the beautiful and risky display. you're watching "world news now." the beautiful and risky di. you're watching "world news now." [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about.
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the new year is always a time to celebrate. of course, in china with nearly 1.5 billion people you know the celebration has to be a big one. >> when it comes to one of the country's most beautiful fireworks displays, you might be surprised to find out just how they pull it off. here's abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: in this remote corner of china, the night skylights up with a remarkable and unique kind of fireworks. few people in the world will
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ever get the chance to see them. these breathtaking and extreme pyrotechnic displays that welcome in the lunar new year are known as dash ukwa made by brave black smigs hurling molten iron against a wall causing sparks to rain down. it is one of the black smith smig who's puts on the main attraction. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: how long does it take you to learn how to do that? >> reporter: first they melt the metal at 2900 degree heat. >> the warmest place in the
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entire show. during the performance, the men are only protected by a sheep skin vest and a wide brim hat. >> do you feel it's dangerous for him to just throw this burning metal up in the sky like that? do you ever get worried about it? >> reporter: that fire and the centuries old tradition still illuminate the entire town. >> is this the most beautiful kind of fireworks in the world? >> reporter: i'm bob woodruff in china. incredible. huh? only bob could sort of describe it that way and show it to us. >> it's an art, it's unique and it is the most beautiful pire works out there.
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♪ after his epic fail at the miss universe pageant, the phrase "you're hired" must be music to steve harvey's ears. so when he popped up during that super bowl ad, you saw it, it was nice to see that he made it
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out of the scandal and to the other side. >> not only that, he's now having fun with the flub proving it's not whether you win or lose. well, okay, apparently that does matter. >> reporter: leave it to steve harvey. >> listen, folks, i have to an pol jazz. >> reporter: to turn a big blunder. >> i have to apologize miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> reporter: into big laughs. >> verizon got it wrong. yes, not me. >> reporter: the t-mobile super bowl add poking fun at his december hosting mishap when he announced wrong winner at the miss universe panel gent. >> it was a tough thing that happened but after awhile you got to start smiling about this. i liked te mobile and love the concept. nice little big at myself. >> reporter: we were right there going behind the scenes with the comedian he shot his big ad for the big game. >> whoa, whoa, listen, folks, i
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have to apologize. those were last year's numbers it says it right here on the card. i'm not taking responsibility on this one. huh-uh, verizon got it wrong, yes, not me. >> reporter: after all the controversy, harvey now says he's finally able to laugh at it. >> when something major happens that's kind of negative in your life, you got to ride the storm out. whoever thought that this mishap with miss universe would turn into a super bowl commercial. >> yes, not me. >> a super bowl windfall is more like it. man, he's just rolling in the deep right now. >> i'm a huge fan of steve's. i think he's so funny. >> he's a good guy. >> he turned lemons into lemonade. >> yes, did he. >> he was really hurt by it though but he recovered. >> that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," the first primary of 2016. >> some new hampshire voters have already cast their ballots this morning with trump and sand issues leading the polls. will undecided voters are lead to any upsets today. >> dangerous conditions. powerful snowstorm from the midwest to the northeast. the terrible bus accident and the next round of snow coming today. >> vacation nightmare. the cruz ship passengers injured after a luxury liner sails into hurricane force winds and 30-foot seas. the complaints and apology. and later, peyton manning's next move an after winning the super bowl and celebrating at disneyland, will he make up his mind and retire? it's tuesday, february 9th.


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