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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 9, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the first primary of 2016. >> some new hampshire voters have already cast their ballots this morning with trump and sand issues leading the polls. will undecided voters are lead to any upsets today. >> dangerous conditions. powerful snowstorm from the midwest to the northeast. the terrible bus accident and the next round of snow coming today. >> vacation nightmare. the cruz ship passengers injured after a luxury liner sails into hurricane force winds and 30-foot seas. the complaints and apology. and later, peyton manning's next move an after winning the super bowl and celebrating at disneyland, will he make up his mind and retire? it's tuesday, february 9th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning on this busy tuesday. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. it is a busy tuesday morning. it is primary day finally some votes being cast in new hampshire overnight. >> and the early returns show a close race for the republicans and sanders leading clinton. latest statewide poll shows trump still enjoying a wide lead. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders leading hillary clinton by more than 25 points. abc's marci gonzalez joins us now from manchester, new hampshire, where it's fairly busy even at this early morning hour. marci, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and reena. later this morning some of the candidates will visit some of the polling sites. otherwise, today is sitting back, waiting to see if all of their chain efforts paid off. the first votes are in. >> got the results. >> reporter: after three small precincts in new hampshire cast their lots at midnight.
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>> donald trump 2, john r. kasich, we have three. on the democratic side, we have four votes cast for bernie sanders. none for hillary. >> reporter: with the rest of the granite state now just hours' waef from making their decision. >> i want this job because i love this country. >> reporter: the candidates worked into the night to win them over. >> this is sort of our final love fest. all right? because tomorrow you have to get out and you have to vote no matter what. >> reporter: donald trump still ahead by double digs in the polls leaving marco rubio and ted cruz. front-runner trump drawing huge crowds and borrowing i an message from democrat bernie sanders. >> >> it's a movement, folks. it's a movement. >> sanders with what he calls a revolution is ahead of lkt by 23 points in the latest poll. >> tomorrow the people of new hampshire will have the opportunity to say, that enough
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is enough. >> clinton though feeling confident. ♪ believe >> with bill and chelsea's help hoping for a repeat of the success she had he in new hampshire in 2008 >> i will get up every day and do all that i can to make a real difference for you, your families and our country. >> reporter: and while there are front-runners in the polls, the outcome could be much different with about 44% of voters here still undecided. kendis and reena. >> yeah. marci, i'm curious about these early voting locations. do we expect any surprises in the vote. >> reporter: you know, from what we hear this is not an indicator of what we'll see in the rest of the state. it's interesting to take a look at the early results. the three different polling places on the republican side actually had three different winners. overall when you add up the votes, it's a three-way tie in the republican race.
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and as you mentioned, on the democrat side, sanders is now ahead going into primary day. 17-9. >> 17-9. okay so let's go out on a limb here, a stretch here and say sanders might within new hampshire today. he's up 25 points well, as well. what would be next for hillary clinton at this point. >> reporter: it may not be a stretch. this is sanders backyard. he's leading in the polls. all up in the air depending on undecided voters. clinton has said she may have to take stock of her campaign. basically, there are reports sheep may think about reworking her strategy a little bit. they may add some more staffers and this he could end up putting more emphasis on fund-raising and also on their digital campaign efforts. kendis and reena? >> marci gonzales nailing it for news new hampshire. thank you so much. very cold in manchester there. >> stay with abc news as the votes come in from new
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hampshire. we'll have a wrap-up tomorrow morning on "world news now." >> new hampshire voters will most likely be spared by a one-two punch of winter storms. the first is clearing out overnight. second won't hit till after the polls are closed. the first storm hammered connecticut tipping a tour bus over, injuring several passengers. here's abc's phillip mena. >> reporter: connecticut firefighters going through that bus's windshield to reach the victims. >> mass casualty incident. tour bus rollover. >> reporter: the charter bus carrying dozens of passengers from new york city to a connecticut casino rolling over in low visibility on icy i-95. >> we had a little extricating to do. we had some guardrails that went through the bus. >> reporter: at least three critically injured. more than a foot of snow expected in parts of new england, with winds and waves pummeling the coast. those winds gusting above 60 miles an hour in nantucket. flooding beaches and submerging streets. meanwhile, a second system
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causing white-knuckle driving in the heartland. whiteout conditions in minnesota. tractor trailers off the road in iowa. emergency officials here are urging everyone to stay indoors as the coast braces for more snow. phillip mena, abc news, plymouth, massachusetts. >> lis lips are frozen there. the blustery weather is covering a wide region. >> we're talking from the upper midwest to new england. even florida will feel a chill today. accuweather's paul williams has the latest. good morning, good to see you. >> good to see you, as well. we have the jet stream high tailing its way down to the deep south opening the doorfor much colder weather and more snow showers throughout the atlantic, towards the d.c. area, as well as chicago around the great lakes and dipping around tennessee.
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low possible system, possible storm tracks. we'll continue to track with back end scat areaed showers. that strong jet will open the door for colder weather for the southeast and towards florida. northeast, a double dose of low pressure systems producing more snow. kendis, reena. >> paul, thank you. the white house is asking congress for 1.billion to fight the zika virus as the state of emergency expands in florida. the money would be used on a vaccine and other measures to protect women from the mosquito born isis. we're six months away from the summer games in brazil, home to one of the biggest zika outbreaks. u.s. public officials are advising athletes to get the facts from the cdc. but for some, there's no question. >> i don't care what kind of viruses, we're going to fish this one out. >> the cdc placed its command
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center on its highest level of alert. officials insist there's no need for panic. >> a big move by chipotle aimed at customer trust. the chain closed all restaurants across account country for four hours to hold a presentation. it was broadcast live to 1550,000 employees. they urged workers to stay home when they feel sick. chipotle is trying to recover from a string of outbreaks, including the norovirus. >> starbucks rolled out its special valentine's day drinks called the molten chocolate trio. specifically from left to rye here, they are molten hot chocolate. the molten frappuccino and the molt.chocolate latte. that last offering the latte is available hot or iced. at least one was impressed calling the trio one of the
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better things starbucks has introduced in years. >> it probably burns all your calories for a week. >> you've got to indulge. >> we've got to test those out. >> fat tuesday, the last day to party new orleans before the start of lent. >> the parades have ever been rolling through the streets of the big easy for weeks now. today the last few of them will take place. as usual ush, there will be plenty of bead tossing, celebrating in the french carry the. all the partying ends at at midnight begins with ash sense. >> you know, what i found fascinating was the pope came out and said you don't need to throw out your chocolate, your booze or your cars this year. >> really? >> he said you don't have to focus on that. instead sort of consider the
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activities of the heart this lenten season. and to treat each other i guess with kindness is what he's saying. > great. >> share the. >> here's what i was going to give up for length. >> you were going to give up -- >> no, i was going to give up so bright. don't be indifferent, have a conscious. you can boos booze it up and have a conscious. >> i'm not sure that was quite his slogan from the vatican. >> exactly. coming up in the mex," a look inside bence's diggs during the super bowl. wenned for $10,000 a night. patemaning's celebration at disneyland and the tough questions he playses. is it time to retire? >> the nightmare at sea. a cruise ship sailing into 30-foot seas.
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...that even in sunlight, doesn't look like hair color... it just looks like you. nice'n easy: color as real as you are. that surely was not how an army sky diver would think his jump would end yesterday morning. he got tangled in power lines near daytona, florida. firefighters used a ladder truck to untangle him and get him to the ground.
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the guy was not injured. can you imagine? just wild. >> quite scared, i'm sure. peeking of scary situations, one of the world's largest krus krus ships around yesterday after being rocked by hurricane force winds. >> gusts of more than 100 miles per hour. abc's steve osunsami has the latest. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, and instead, the thousands sailing royal caribbean from new jersey to the bahamas this weekend came away with these pictures, saying it looked like a hurricane. >> the amount that things were shifting around our room was a little frightening. >> reporter: families recorded the giant crashing waves on their cell phones. furniture went flying and glass shattered. the captain ordered 4,500 passengers and 1,600 crew members to stay in their rooms for hours. four people were hurt, but not badly. pete aloupis, still onboard blames the captain. >> i really resent the fact that he put 6,000 people's lives at
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risk, taking us into a storm that was predicted. >> reporter: as early as wednesday, the forecast was for 30-foot waves and near hurricane-force winds. in a statement, royal caribbean apologized to passengers and turned the ship back to new jersey. due to weather forecasted for the next few days. >> the cruise line is promising attentions a full refund and more, but their vacations are ruined. steve osunsami, abc news, port canaveral, l. >> a lot of people were looking on twitter and told their ship was sinking on twitter. can you imagine being on the boat and feeling like it was -- >> why would you sail with those sort off force winds in your path? >> that's a good question. >> i know it's the third largest ship in the world and it's a brand new one. so it has the latest technology. but still. >> the good news was they got to watch a super bowl. the television signals went out. >> that is the good news. the bad part is they were probably throwing up all of
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this. coming up, in our next half hour, the future of food shopping. 360 scans, pay as you go, smart boards with diet info. the interactive experience you would expect from the jettisoneds but the future is now. the tech innovations improves how you get your groceries. >> and peyton manning enjoying his bowl win but what might he do next if he hangs up cletes? could budweiser be be in the mix? you're watching "world news now."
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the sheriff then retired and the paper said two guards were fired ♪ >> a picture of the empire state building as we listen to the man in black sing about the sheriff. >> snow coming down. >> beautiful picture there, live
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one. >> we're not sure if the sheriff is retiring from the nfl, but peyton manning is dropping hints. >> as the star qb enjoys time at disneyland, we look back on his incredible career. we're "up all nightline" with abc's chris connelly. >> he's the oldest quarterback ever to lead his team to a super bowl victory. the underdog broncos beating cam newton's carolina panther. >> gets pass to fowler. >> reporter: but was manning's second super bowl victory his last rodeo or just the latest ride in the hall of fame career. >> i'll take time to reflect. i want to go his kiss my wife and my kids. i want to hug my family. i'm going to driching a lot of budweiser tonight. i promise you that. >> manning going. >> week after week, for 18 seasons with the indianapolis colts and then with the broncos. orchestrating the thrilling moments that have suspended the sports's popularity. like the colts super bowl xli
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win in the rain. off the field, a perennial pitch man. for apapa john's. top mastodon. >> do i really look like this. >> singing under his breath for ncaawide. >> i always tolold my father certain players are stars but there's a unique few that are a celebrities. >> even crossing over on "saturday night live." showing a true performers comic gifts. >> i'm not saying i have, you know what i mean. >> that cynical peyton a far cry from the boy who idolize his father archie manning. > who is your favorite player? >> growing up, i had my hero right in my house. >> peyton would dominate before becoming the number one overall pick of the 1998 nfl draft.
3:21 am
he beat teams with his arm and leg. >> meticulous presnap routine earned him the nickname of the sheriff putting up huge numbers even as his teams somehow felt short in the postseason. his body taking a beating. for what threatened to be a career-ending neck injury. >> the doctors and i have ever been in good constant communication. everything they're saying was everything looks good. that i'll be cleared and ready to go. >> now as he ponders his next move, his options abound. >> you could play one more season perhaps with the moving to los angeles and in desperate need of hollywood star power. and growing evidence over the tall takes. you could walk away into the arms of his family, pro football's preeminent passer going along for good. for "nightline," i'm chris
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megared. the difference is easy to absorb. time for "the mix." the oscars have the hash tag i apparently there was a lack of women in the super bowl ad. motto looks at the voices and dreggers and the stars of the ads and found that women had no voice in more than 60% of the commercials. >> even steven tyler with all that hair. >> even steven tyler. he didn't really count though. they looked at 25% of the commercials had no women at all compared to 5% that had no men. 41 of the commercials that contained women 56% didn't have a speaking role. >> wow. >> and of the directors, 50 of the directors out of 55 were male. the directors of the commercials. >> wow. >> good spot, we did see serena
3:26 am
williams and abby wambach and buddize wiser put out helen mirren and amy schumer but we need to up our game with women next year. >> speaking of the super bowl, we saw beyonce's amazing performance at the halftime show where she performed her new single "formation." proof stars are just like us. this is where beyonce spent saturday night. this beautiful house and with 270 views of san francisco bay. guess how she got this house? an airbnb. >> stop it. who's is this? >> some lucky person. it's $10,000 a night. >> a night? what do you get for that. >> five bedrooms. you get these beautiful views. >> uh-huh. >> orchard trees. a cooke.
3:27 am
privacy. >> fit for a queen. she deserves it. she nailed it. well, basketball. >> your expertise. >> my expertise. university of rochester intentionally missed a free throw. you've got to see this. it's down to a couple minutes. under five seconds left. the best thing to do is intentionally mis. this never really worked here. it did work. >> nice. >> it's incrediblebly difficult to do but these folks managed to make it happen. >> good job for the u of r. we love our panda. and from bay to bey, the national zoo in d.c., the 6-month-old panda bear went up a tree for the first time but got stucking. > who came to rescue it? >> mama panda bear came to rescue her to, get bei bei down. isn't that cute? >> mama's always coming
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this morning on "world news now," primary day in new hampshire. the last-minute campaigning and the very early votes already counted. we'll take you live to manchester. >> dire warnings about the zika virus. serious concerns from the cdc and safety questions for olympic athletes heading to south america. >> new this half hour, smarter shopping at the supermarket. > technology designed to speed up checkout and answer questions about the food you buy. a look at the stores of tomorrow today. >> and later in "the skinny," from group dates to getting serious "the bachelor." our senior analyst is here with his exclusive kiss count. it's tuesday, february 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i


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