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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 9, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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this morning on "world news now," primary day in new hampshire. the last-minute campaigning and the very early votes already counted. we'll take you live to manchester. >> dire warnings about the zika virus. serious concerns from the cdc and safety questions for olympic athletes heading to south america. >> new this half hour, smarter shopping at the supermarket. > technology designed to speed up checkout and answer questions about the food you buy. a look at the stores of tomorrow today. >> and later in "the skinny," from group dates to getting serious "the bachelor." our senior analyst is here with his exclusive kiss count. it's tuesday, february 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. it is a busy tuesday on this morning.
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i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin with the nation's second contest in the presidential campaign already under way. >> yeah. three tiny communities in new hampshire opened their polls at midnight, including dixville notch with just nine registered voters. the early returns have trump, kasich and cruz in a three-way tie. among the democrats, sanders is leading clinton by 28% in an election that could be an easy victory for the vermont senator. it is your voice, your vote. we're going to get started with abc's cecile yeah vega who is covering the democrats. >> hey, my friend. >> reporter: with hillary clinton in the fight of her life, her husband, bill, feeling the pressure, too. >> the hotter this election gets, the more i wish i were just a former president, and just for a few months, not the spouse of the next one. because -- you know, i have to be careful what i say. >> reporter: the former president taking on a new role in this campaign -- attack dog in chief, hitting bernie sanders. >> i mean, when you're making a
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revolution, you can't be too careful about the facts. >> reporter: clinton accusing some sanders' supporters of making offensive comments online to female hillary backers. >> to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often -- not to mention sexist -- to repeat. >> reporter: when i asked about those charges -- do you think the sanders campaign is playing dirty? after a long pause, finally an answer. >> no, i believe we ought to have the same rules for everybody. and if there is -- and i think we should be straightforward and transparent about all of this. >> reporter: bill clinton, not the only hillary surrogate on the offensive. former secretary of state madeleine albright playing the gender card. >> and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> reporter: sanders feeling confident. >> join with us in making that political revolution. thank you all very much. >> reporter: this is bernie sanders final campaign stop before the voting starts.
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a university crowd expected be in the thousands. this is exactly the group he needs to show up to push him to victory. cecilia vega, abc news, durham, new hampshire. >> you know what's so fascinating about new hampshire is the fact that 60% of the people usually come out and vote and they're overwhelmingly independent. they can show up to the polls and vote democrat or republican it's interesting to see how they vote. huge voing bloc so important. >> by the way, for the republicans, donald trump has held a strong lead in new hampshire. >> the undecided voters, what are they going to do? marci gonzalez is live in manchester. marci, what is trump saying about this important race? we've got to get his take on this. >> reporter: hi, guys. good morning. donald trump at his last event last night gave a speech similar to what we heard from him going into the iowa caucuses where he told people no matter what's going on in your life, how sick you are, the terrible situation you're dealing with, you have to get out to vote saying after
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coming in second in iowa here in new hampshire, he would be happy if he wins even by just one vote. >> yeah. he he was saying it doesn't matter if your wife is breaking up with you, cheating on you, get out and vote today. but there's been a back and forth going on with trump and jeb bush all today throughout the day yesterday on twitter. what's with the war of words? >> i mean, this has been going on really heating up over the past few days. it really kind of started at the debate on saturday night when the jeb was going after trump on eminent domain and trump went after bush and told him to be quiet. so they've been going back and forth sparring with insults and all kind of things since then. and then today on twitter, bush it seems for now at least, he said that trump is a loser, a liar and a whiner. >> high school president. >> abc's marci gonzalez live in manchester. marci, please clap now.
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>> stay with abc news all day and all evening as our political team covers the primary. look for our wrap-up from new hampshire tomorrow morning on "world news now."" >> as wild and contentious as the presidential campaign has been, we may need to brace ourselves for even more chaos. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg confirms to the "financial times" that he's considering a run for the president himself as an independent. the eighth richest man in america says the current campaign is an insult to the voters. >> be interesting to see if he runs. the last day of campaigning before the new hampshire primary took place during a powerful storm that battered all of new england. in connecticut, a tour bus skidded and crashed on i-95. more than 30 people were injured, three critically. the bus was traveling from new york city to mohegan sun casino. more than a foot of sno felt on some parts of new england.
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meanwhile, a second weather system in the upper plains triggered blizzard warnings in several states. whiteout conditions forced even tractor-trailers to pull off the roads in minnesota. several inches fell in wisconsin, as well. the storm is moving across the great lakes headed for new england and behind it, arctic air on the way to the east. in today's forecast, blustery across a wide area. more snow falls on the northeast. up to 7 inches expected, very cold with more snow in the upper midwest. the cold snap chills the southeast, too. but there's record warmth in the west. >> lucky l.a. in the '80s and phoenix, as well. 11 in minneapolis, 60s in both miami and seattle. 50s in new orleans for fat tuesday. >> some folks trying to escape the winter were in for something else. the cruise ship they were on damaged by hurricaneforce winds in the atlantic. it's heading backing to its home port in new jersey. but royal caribbean is under fire for allowing the ship to say despite warnings about a storm. the ship battered sunday by 40-foot waves and 76-mile-an-hour winds that sent furniture flying and forced 4500 passengers into their cabins for
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hours. royal caribbean decided not to continue to the bahamas citing concern for the comfort of guests and more bad weather. president obama is hoping to step up battle against the zika virus asking congress for $1.8 billion to use on vaccines and other measures aimed at protecting pregnant women from the mosquito born virus. as u.s. athletes decide whether to take part in the summer olympics in hard hit brazil, the cdc moved its operation center to the highest alert center. >> denver will salute the broncos today with a championship parade and a downtown town rally. the team arrived back home with the trophy yesterday. fans were at the airport to greet them and at their practice facility, as well where they arrived by bus. today thousands will line the parade route to salute the team who will also be honored at an event in denver's civic center park.
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>> it seems all but certain that seattle seahawks running back smaurn lynch is retiring. the guy known as beast mode has played nine seasons in the nfl. he's leaning the game ranked second among active players with 74 rushing touchdowns. he's is only 29 years old. there's no question his most famous quote came at super bowl media day last year. i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> my favorite quote. this is a first here on "world news now." we don't think we've ever done a story about a college level gymnast before. this is going viral so we may, as well. >> this is sef fina dejesus of ucla. her floor routine this past weekend against utah knocked them out and had teammates and fans dancing along with her. >> her final tumbling pass was incredible. we're not going to try to describe it here. the crowd was calling for a perfect ten. but she received a 9.925 from the judges. 9.925. good going. i think she deserved a 10
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though. >> what had have required her to get the perfect score. >> i hesitated for a second. what's the missing factor? it helped ucla defeat utah. coming up in "the skinny," the group date, the roses. and who is getting serious "the bachelor." our senior analyst is standing by. >> also ahead, challenges for michael jackson's daughter paris. the daily struggle she's faces and the help she's getting. > and smarter stores and speedier checkouts. we're revealing the secrets of the supermarket of tomorrow. you're watching "world news now." human coronavirus... hepati- >>c virus. there are a lot of different kinds of yucky germs. but not all disinfecting wipes... are approved to kill the same number of them.
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>> the canopy of a gas station near los angeles collapsing yesterday, trapping two cars that were there filling up. two maintenance workers were on the canopy when they noticed cracks in it. that's when it began to give way. one worker scrambled away, the other rode it down as it fell. he was slightly injured. the gas station is closed. >> we know being a teenager can be hard for anyone. but what if your dad was the late michael jackson, one of the most famous humans on the planet? trying to have a normal life can be very difficult. >> michael jackson's teenage daughter paris is the one having a tough time, and she's opening up about the pressures she's facing from fame, including a struggle with alcohol. abc's linsey davis with more. >> reporter: she's the king of pop's only daughter and paris jackson is fighting back against the pressures of fame. in a now deleted rant on instagram, the late michael jackson's 17-year-old daughter tells her more than 170,000
3:44 am
followers she's being attacked online. saying that she feels ridiculous expectations to respond to countless people she doesn't even know. ♪ leave me alone >> reporter: while her father aired his frustrations in his 1987 hit "leave me alone," paris is turning to social media, saying she faces similar pressures writing, he was ripped to shreds daily. i will not let that happen to me. >> paris jackson happens to be the daughter of possibly the most famous pop star who ever lived. so she's got more pressure than most celebrity kids. >> reporter: while it's unclear just what prompted her posts, the teenager also hints she's recently had to struggle with addiction, writing i'm expected to literally sit all day. i have aa meetings to go to. since her father's death in 2009 paris has spent time at a therapeutic boarding school in utah, recovering from an
3:45 am
attempted suicide in 2013. something her grandmother katherine jackson discussed with "60 minutes" australia. >> i guess she was suffering and we didn't know it. >> reporter: paris now seems to liken that time in her life to the weight of stardom writing, when i was 14, people were sending so much hate to the point where i was suicidal. adding while she's the only person in the public eye that she knows that responds to comments online, apparently that's not enough. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> people don't realize comments you make how hurtful they can be to someone, especially a teenager. >> people are on their couch sending comments on twitter and targeted to teenagers. that's tough. >> we wish her the best of luck. >> coming up, the night "the bachelor" got serious. our analyst breaks it all down for us. >> plus, kris jenner responds to her critics. "the skinny" up next. xt.
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♪ skinny, so skinny welcome back, skinny time on a tuesday morning. that means a critical review of last night's super dramatic episode of abc's "the bachelor." >> here with the details as usual, our senior "bachelor" analyst, jack sheehan himself. >> brought the bouquet this morning to reflect the fact that
3:48 am
"the bachelor" got serious last night. we didn't want to do the whole rget about that. i'm sitting here at the desk, let's do this. >> seriously. >> seriously, no doubt. first some housekeeping. episode started with a rose ceremony. jennifer, she's gone. then ben and the nine survivors went to the bahamas. kayla went on a one-on-one date with ben. they got the rose. group date, ben, the women and a bunch of pigs. >> a bunch of pigs? >> a bunch of pigs that we'll see in the water. there they are. >> real pigs. >> yes. our intern ebony just called it a really cool group date. so it must have ever been. they were hanging out with them, they're feeding them. the pigs were rather aggressive. jo jo i would say had the line of the night. she said, "it was like a bar in dallas. there were pigs everywhere." amanda on the group date gets the rose. that was leah looking concerned. leah then goes over to ben's room to visit.
3:49 am
she's trying to throw our girl lauren b. under the bus. >> no, she didn't. she's telling ben that lauren b. isn't the same person as she is in front of ben. you know, in front of the girls. she's a different person. you get the idea what i'm trying to say. ben's not having it. ben's like, she's being catty, she's not being genuine. ben's like, girl, you got to go. leah is shown the door. last chance desperate attempt. last chance saloon as they call it in british soccer. see you, leah. she is gone. the two-on-one date, this was the real showdown of the evening. olivia who everybody still hates and emily so somebody's going home. they had pretty poor weather. >> it's a hurricane. >> it was windy. you get the whole deal. not the best weather for talking on a private island. when it was all said and done, olivia was basically left behind. >> no. >> yeah. so basically the world has
3:50 am
mercifully been saved from olivia. she was about as upset, olivia was about as upset afterwards as cam newton was after the super bowl. >> that upset. >> that was upset. see you later. >> she was the anchorwoman, right? >> she was the anchorwoman, who knows. but anyway, thankfully olivia is gone. the rose ceremony, there was no cocktail party. ben said forget about that. he said he was emotionally, physically exhausted. he said he felt isolated. he felt alone. comes down to it, it's the end of the road for lauren h. we're down to only one lauren. we've thinned out the crowds of laurens, only one left. kiss count, kiss count also reflecting the seriousness of the episode last night. the kiss count stops at four, less than half. and they'll get at it again next week. there's six women left, caila,
3:51 am
amanda, emily, beckka, jo jo and our girl lauren b. >> all right. >> analyst out. >> senior analyst jack sheehan. thank you, sir, so much. >> we didn't get to hang out that long. thanks, jack. so we're going to turn now to some other "skinny" headlines. kris jenner mother to the kardashians and the world's best momager. >> she's taken a lot of heat over the years for how she put her family in the public eye. >> in the new issue of "harper's bazaar" magazine, she opens up about her fame and everything that comes with it including this photo shoot taken by bad boy photographer terry richardson poking fun at her kardashian lifestyle by posing as a ringleader of the circus. >> there was a much more serious moment when jenner was asked about her serious criticism she sold out her family for fame. put it up on the screen. she responded taking off her glasses and staring at the interviewer and saying no, i made and created a show that my family was all on board with and we were so excited because we got to work together. mama has spoken
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♪ okay. so whether you like it or not, grocery shopping is one of those things that simply just has to get done. and depending on the store, the process really could use some improvements. >> thankfully new technology could make the next trip down the aisle a little easier. here's abc's tina trinh. >> reporter: attention shoppers. the supermarket is about to get a hi-tech makeover. tech companies are working on ways to make your next trip down the afls even more convenient. check out interactive smart shelves that recognize when you point at an item and take it off the shelf. >> a bag of pasta, it will notice that it's the bag of pasta. it's going to show all the ingredients along with the allergens. it will tell you the origin.
3:56 am
>> behind the scenes motion sensing cameras are at work. in the checkout lane, the jade x 7 scanner from data logic uses multiple cameras to scan groceries from all angles making checkout foolproof. >> it doesn't matter what orientation i put on, i can even read items facing the bottom. i can take this barcode and face it down. we measure volume. in case i have a stacked item, it will identify it to the user. you can do this blindfolded. it doesn't matter where you put it on or how you put it on there. >> over at swedish company i tab, representatives are showing off the 2.0 version of conveyor belts. >> this is not any conveyor belt. a smart one, right? >> it's really smart. >> how does it work? >> it works by identifying the barcode. >> okay. >> by scanning it it, placing it down on this belt which includes a weighing system. >> that weighing system can't be fooled either.
3:57 am
>> reporter: right. >> which includes a weighing system. >> that system can't be fooled either. if i scan this. >> you can try it. right? >> but you put down that instead. >> i put that one, yeah. >> it doesn't go because it knows this isn't on the conveyor belt. >> if i remove this one -- >> there it goes. >> want to skip the checkout lane all together. a new app lets you scan bar codes as you shop, pay on your phone and go. it all adds up to a checkout that puts you in the virtual express lane. >> tina trinh, abc news, new york. >> i love my grocery store. i probably spend two or three times a week at the store. >> two or three times your paycheck probably at the store. >> look how our graphics department happened to have that photo ready. >> and i do think that's spam. >> it's actually pasta and canned tuna and canned tomatoes. >> i think it's spann spam. don't miss our updates on facebook, >> it's what's for breakfast. >> it's your favorite. >> it's what's for breakfast. >> it's your favorite. our updat facebook, >> it's what's for breakfast.
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>> it's your favwashington..
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a winter weather advisory is in effect as we watch out for another round of rain and snow.. good morning.. it's tuesday, february 9th. and the region is bracing for another blast of winter. a winter weather advisory is in effect in parts of virginia and maryland.. lets get right to eileen whelan good morning washington. toss to eileen winter weather advisory in effect for northern fauqier, loudoun, montgomery, prince george's, anne arundel, and counties north/west through midnight. 1-3" snow possible (likely on the lower end, in my opinion) today: cloudy with periods of light rain/snow. accumulations possible north. highs: 35-40 winds: ne -> nw 5-10 mph tonight: cloudy with a few lingering snow showers possible. refreezing likely on the roads. lows: 22-32 winds: w 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy and breezy. flurries


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