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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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one computer model shows another band of shower coming through after midnight. we'll see about that. otherwise freezing temperatures before dawn and slick spots. we are still preparing for the coldest air of the season this weekend. we will highlight the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. jonathan: thank you. stay with the stormwatch7 team on all the feeds. michelle: we are following a story out of prince george's county. this time yesterday we learned deonte carraway was arrested on child pornography charges. jonathan: he is actually accused of recording videos inside the school where he once volunteered. maryland bureau chief brad bell has court documents detailing the crimes that carraway is now charged with. brad? brad: the details absolutely gut-wrenching. impossible, really, to describe here. we have breaking news with regard to the case. it is an indication that there
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are fears that the number of the victims may eventually grow. that is the f.b.i. has now involved itself. they are offering their assistance to the prince george's county police. 1-800-call-f.b.i. is the hotline number for the potential videos. look at the mugshot again. 22-year-old deonte carraway. as you said, he was, in fact, a teacher's aide and then a volunteer at judge sylvania woods elementary school. he was in the school up until his arrest. but no longer as a paid employee. he was also directing a youth choir here in glenarden. those jobs putting him in direct contact with very young children. we talked about the charging documents. they allege he was in the school bathroom directing children in pairs in the production of explicit
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pornographic videos. he was also asking children to send him naked shots of themselves. the detectives now wondering how many victims there could be. >> we know at this point there are at least ten victims who range in age from 9 to 13 years old. our concern is that number could grow much higher. brad: now we were at judge sylvania woods elementary school today at dismissal time. we talked to some parents and we talked to some children. their comments were stunning. several of them telling us that they were not surprised, that they worried about this man and his proclivity, desire to always be with children. we'll have that aspect of the story when w come back at 5:00. in glenarden, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: all right, brad. thank you. police investigating this case were able to get some of it on the communication from the app calls kik. if the app sounds familiar, it's the same one
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investigators say was used in the case of nicole lovell's murder. jonathan: two virginia tech students were arrested in the case. today at 4:30 we will discuss the use of messaging apps and the risk related to children using them. today, nicole lovell is speaking out about his daughter's death. alison starling has that. alison: this is the first time that david lovell, nicole's father, has opened up about nicoles murder. he says his family tried to stop her from going down the wrong path. the father of murdered 13-year-old nicole lovell is opening up after learning details of his daughter's death. two virginia tech students, 18-year-old david eisenhauer and 19-year-old natalie keepers are behind bars accused of allegedly plotting to murder the 13-year-old for weeks. authorities say eisenhauer had an inappropriate relationship with her. communicating with her on
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social media. lovell's father telling dr. phil that her family tried to step in after finding out she was talking to older men online. >> my daughter in ohio had dug around in nicole's instagram account and kik and so on. she screen-shouted me a few of those. alison: abc news found the screen shot of her kik account showing around thanksgiving she was chatting with a guy named david. >> they have actually had some very vigorous and on-point discussions about her social media activity in november and december leading up to this. they had taken her phone away from her because they felt like she was having some inappropriate conversations. alison: one of lovell's friends telling abc news she referred to eisenhauer as her boyfriend. authorities say eisenhauer told them he saw her the night she disappeared, giving her a hug before going home. four days later police found
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the girl's body 80 miles from her home. two miles from eisenhauer's grandparents' home. >> i'd like to be in the same cell with him. i'm pretty sure i could get answers out of him. he took my little girl. alison: eisenhauer and keepers still behind bars, neither have entered a plea. both will be in court at the end of march. we will be back at 4:30 with more on this. jonathan: thank you. turn the attention to politics and the race for the white house. they are voting in new hampshire. the very first primary. last night, the winner from the first district is john kasich took three of the five republican votes. donald trump got the other two. bernie sanders got all four democratic votes and hillary clinton got zero. scott thuman is in new hampshire and what should we look for tonight as they add up the rest of the state?
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scott: we're not done after nine votes, jonathan? yeah. look, it will be interesting tonight. what you have in new hampshire is kind of a setup for the possibility of surprises. keep in mind they are expecting very high turnout. possibly more than 500,000 voters. and independents are so strong here in new hampshire. you have more registered independent voters than you do republicans or democratic. and they have the ability once they show up at the precinct to choose which ballot they want and who they are going to vote for. the polling has been done extensively for a long time in new hampshire. but that doesn't necessarily mean we know exactly what is going to happen. there is always the opportunity to be a little surprised here in new hampshire. jonathan? jonathan: big thing for the republican is who is in second place. trump is out in front in double digits. right now it look like rubio had it locked until the debate with the robotic responses he is taking heat for. how is it playing out?
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who looks like they will step up to be the second-place finisher? scott: look, you can hear everyone from ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich and jeb bush. they have all mentioned they are on the fringe. they could come up with a second or a third-place finish tonight and that would mean we'd finally see one of the governors have a good night. marco rubio can't be happy with the performance in the last couple of days. he loves to blame the media and saying it's only the madia doing this. the first person to go after him was chris christie. then jeb bush, donald trump piling on. they are saying he is a robot candidate. we have seen a lot of tension as a result of that. jonathan: it's nice to look over your shoulder and see sunshine as opposed to a snowstorm so people can get out and vote. scott: it's nice. we will take it. they are tough people. they will make it to the polls despite they had a snowstorm. it's 19 degrees in manchester. chilly. but a long night with plenty of voting ahead. jonathan: a lot of enthusiasm
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behind it. thank you for that. keep it here on abc7. we will check back with scott in new hampshire throughout the night as the votes come in. michelle: it's a rare case of a double vote on the same piece of legislation in maryland. it surrounds an attempt to override a veto by governor larry hogan when it comes to voting right for convicts. the vote was successful thanks to craigsucker -- craig zucker. he first voted as a member of the house. but then he was appointed to the senate. so thanks to a vote the bill moved on to the senate, where he voted today once again according to his office. in the war on terror now, the wife of a dead isis leader is facing charges in the murder of an american citizen. kayla mueller was killed last february after spending years as a isis isis. bahar is charged with supporting the terror group. the department of justice says she was aware of the sexual
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abuse and the mistreatment that happened in her home. bahar is in custody in iraq. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00, an amazing rescue caught on camera in fairfax. just how teams in the air were able to spot those below and make the rescue. michelle: incredible. plan to close d.c. general once and for all. what mayor bowser wants to do with the shelter that was once home to rudd missing for two years. >> this is trying to marauding teens. in the district. >> why was class canceled today? i'm kevin lewis.
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michelle: a trinity, washington, university student was hospitalled. today the dean of the school is speaking out and stephen tschida has the plea to stop the violence. stephen: this was on michigan avenue at 6:30 at night. the victim a student on her way to class when a group of teenage girls in school uniforms attacked her. the assault so vicious the young woman was hospitalized.
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the president of trinity washington was outraged over the incident and other assaults on teenagers in metro and across the city. she put the anger to good use and she reached out to principal of area middle school rapid high school and says the response from the principals surprised her. >> every single school principal can tell a tale of some of their students being harassed and victimized by some of the groups of teenagers who seem to have nothing better to do than harass, intimidate and assault other people. stephen: in early march the principals and the president of trinity expect to get together here and brainstorm about ways to try to curtail or corral the marauding teenagers. afar as the group that assaulted the teenage woman, nothing new there.
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jonathan: a teenager can thank first responders from being pulled from lake barcroft. leon harris has the video of the rescue. leon: this is cool stuff. this is all caught on camera. this was just caught by any camera. this is video from the crew of fairfax 1 using the thermal imaging and the night investigating equipment to spot a 17-year-old girl in the water in lake barcroft. she was treading water. her head was barely above the surface. you can see here the officer on the ground trying to find this woman in the dark where she had been reported missing. cops scrambledded on all fronts to get in the area and find her. the teen was pulled out of the water by the officer guided by the guys in the chopper from fairfax 1. according to the fairfax 1 crew page this rescue just one of 84 mission for the police department chopper unit so far this year. that is an amazing way to start off the year. this one has a happy ending.
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back to you in the studio. michelle: thank you so much. covering metro this afternoon and the year is off to a really bad start when it comes to ridership so far. the total ridership is down 5% for the fiscal year compared to 2015. metro has not seen rail ridership levels this low since 2004. weekend ridership is down 10% so far. jonathan: they are not riding the rails. maybe they're driving. let's get a check of the traffic. you are breaking news to start things off. >> absolutely. i do have to report we have an accident involving a school bus into a yard this afternoon. let's go ahead and go to the live pictures. this is randolph road. accident is westbound on randolph road at connecticut avenue. the police activity is blocking the far right lane. you want to stay left to get around it. it will cause a sizable backup for folks coming through the weeden area. the bus has landed on the front yard.
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no word if any children are on the bus or anyone was hurt. i'm sure we will have more information about the accident as the afternoon continues. for folks elsewhere, we have reported flashing traffic signals. if you are traveling to 16th street. this is close to military road. not affecting traveling here. but don't forget to treat all flashing lights and a four-way stop. elsewhere for folks around the district, 395 picking up the volume in southbound direction. if you are traveling to seminary or duke street, you can see where you are slowing down to alexandria. back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks. this winter storm is just as we expected. a nuance and not more. michelle: west of the beltway, some did stick to the ground. some of the snow did. some schools were closed today. kevin lewis is in frederick, maryland. a big difference from morning. the streets are looking a whole lot better. kevin: yeah. absolutely, michelle and
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jonathan. it's pretty seamless in frederick county. there are a few things. the snowfall was light today. additionally, ground temperatures were above freezing in many spots. meaning the snow that hit the pavement essentially melted on the spot. frederick countyfire rescue and the sheriff's office both tell me the call volume has been extremely light. the fire captain saying it was a rainy day. at 7:00, frederick county school superintendent canceled classes, citing stick roads and poor visibility for buses. in other words, 41,000 children had their sixth snow day of the school year. after tackling last month's historic storm, frederick county 100 crews enjoyed a calmer day. mostly spreading salt. opposed to clearing mounds of snow.
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>> it look like it could be a smaller event than what they were calling for. we have to be prepared. we wait until it started to snow earlier this morning. then we went out and started the plow and retreated as needed. kevin: before heading home for the evening, snowplows will continue to spread this stuff. the salt. to combat any slick spot on the roadways. temperatures are expected to dip in 20's tonight. we're live in frederick county. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: good thing is the temperatures are on our side. doug: easterly winds. kept saying earlier, and yesterday if the winds stay out of the east it won't be much because it will be too warm. one concern, overnight we may go in the 20's. wet grounds could have slick spots or a band of snow come through. tail end of the whole system. we'll see. any way, we still got off easy
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here. time lapse here. the h.d. camera there in germantown. 31 degrees. it's snowing. it snowed heavily. back and forth. quickly the slow bands moved out and brighted up. the temperatures never warmed up that much. but enough to be above freezing. we are in good shape now. through the evening hours most of the area will continue to see partly cloudy skies. only a few patches of light rain or snow to go until we get overnight. we'll show you that in the computer models. 39le in reagan national. 38 in fredericksburg. 38 in annapolis. by early tomorrow morning we are expecting the air temperatures to range in metro to upper 20's to 30, 31 degrees. a slick spot here or there. i don't think it's widespread.
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we can seein the past hour the patch of snow dissipated and moved eastward. still showers from the western shore of the chesapeake bay. the future cast if you watch overnight. around 3:30 in the morning a band of snow will go through. then the temperatures will be colder, falling to 32 or lower. it could be slick spots developing overnight from this band wi had the entire morning with the storm center. it will clear out after that. tomorrow maybe sun, cloudy and breezy. flurries and it will turn colder. we will turn colder incrementally. a system is coming through tomorrow and thursday. 31 for a high. 33 with the flurries on friday. that is the leading edge. check out the weekend. blustery with a few flurries. highs in low to mid-20's. wake up on valentine's day with a low of 10 degrees. another storm system is pass sunday to monday or tuesday. light rain/storm shower.
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the colder air mass of the winter headed here. michelle: thank you, doug. still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- organizing the mess you might have in your home? yeah. we all have those kind of bins. we have help ahead. just how much time the average american spends trying to find what they are looking for. it has to be somewhere, right? jonathan: exactly. the latest on the zika virus. the best bug sprays on the market for you. we have it ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00". now look at that. that is a live look from the french quarter. it's fat tuesday in new orleans. mardi gras season and in full swing. yee-haw. michelle: we have king cake in
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michelle: we spend so much time trying to find things we need. we have help for you. >> humans adore chaos because we seek to produce order in our lives. the number one and two best sellers on the self-help list be maria, a japanese organization guru. according to one estimate we spend 27020 hours rumalling
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through the clutter searching for the items we have misplaced i have hooks and places for things to be and still where is this and that? >> lisa struggles to keep up. >> overwhelming. >> get organized and then i forget. if you haven't used it in six months or a year get rid of it. >> don't overthink it. sort everything in keep, donate or a trash recycle pile. next, know what you use. >> turn your hangers around. >> design system with the whole family in mind. return parent couldn't get her
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kids to put away her laundry. >> they had bins. they could get clothes in the bin. it wasn't in the living room anymore. >> amy said one of the biggest pitfalls she encountered is one person sets up the organization system and the rest of the family doesn't follow along. so to avoid this, do it together. if you need more motivation a research study found declutterring the kitchen you could decrease how much you snack by up to 44%. michelle: still ahead at 4:00, spring is around the corner. we will spend more time outside. the best bug sprays on the market right now. >> i'm sam ford. in front of the d.c. homeless shelter. d.c. general. big news today about the future of this place. i have the story next. jonathan: but first, we are tracking the forecast and potential for a refreeze from the morning's rain and snow. doug has an update.
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announcer: from abc7 news, breaking news alert. jonathan: updating the breaking news we have been following for montgomery county where a cool bus ran off to the lawn on connecticut avenue. the driver was evaluated on the scene. he is expected to be okay. again, now we are getting updated information about who was on board the bus. nobody except the driver. that is good news.
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doug has the potential of a refreeze. temperatures are dropping. jonathan: as we get to the overnight hours we will see the temperatures from 20's to 30's. it could give us a slick spot or two and another possibility of the band of snowshower overnight could fake more for slick spots. down the river in alexandria. 37 degrees. we see patches of blue. no precipitation in the immediate area. temperatures remain well above freezing in the metro. look at cumberland and hagerstown. 32 and 31 there. so colder air coming in. we will keep an eye on things. 38 in ash burn. 34 in aspen hill. waldorf at 35. 39 in anacostia. and at gallaudet university. what happens in the evening hours the temperatures will make a drop. temperatures will drop between 267 and 32 in the -- 26 and 32 in overnight hours but that could coincide for what some
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models call for, a band of snow in the overnight hours to dom pli kate things briefly -- complicate things briefly. tomorrow sunshine. breezy. as we head in weekend it will get cold and colder with a blustery pattern. a lot of gusty winds, flurry. look at highs saturday and 20. low to mid-20's. wind chill in teens all day. steve rudin back to take more detailed look at the forecast coming up. michelle: d.c. mayor bowser wants to see d.c. general. sam ford has today's pledge. what is it, sam? sam: michelle we are outside of d.c. general family shelter that houses some 700 adults and their children and the
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mayor today unveiled a plan that would have the shelter close by the end of 2018. she presented a plan to replace them with smaller family shelter in seven of the eight wards. she presented sketches of them. most would be built from the ground up. none would house more than 50 families. each would have social workers and counselors on site. to make the homelessness rare, brief and not reoccurring. according to the mayor the plan will cost $5 million more a year but the city can afford it. >> people talk about ending homelessness but they don't want anything to change in most cases. most people do. they recognize we can't do the same thing and expect a different result. sam: there is no new family shelter in the d.c. ward two, downtown, but they are opening a shelter for women downtown that will house more than 200
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women. we will have more about that. the mayor's plan on "abc7 news at 5:00". also we will hear from some people who oppose it. reporting live in southeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: sam, thank you so much. breaking news just in to the newsroom. d.c. fire and e.m.s. confirms that the medical director has resigned. she has only been in position since june 2015. jonathan: a victory for virginia. highly coveted company decided to stay in arlingto governor terry mcauliffe taking part in a press event at oak power, the global player for cloud-based software. they will relocate from courthouse road to a bigger location a mile away at wilson boulevard. the state and the country are contributing $1 million each to support the move which is set for sometimes next year.
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>> this is personal to me. i know the owners very well. >> we made a decision to stay here. this feels like home. this is a terrific place for the employees. jonathan: d.c. made a push to get them to relocate across the river and they decided to stay in virginia. michelle: health matters alert now. president obama is asking congress for nearly $2 billion in emergency spending to combat zika outbreak. the request somes after the lawmakers on capitol hill urge white house to address spread of the virus. this is transmitted from mosquitoes and linked to serious birth defects. c.d.c. says 50 americans returned from traveling abroad infected with the zika virus. jonathan: researches say the best spray to combat zika contain 25% deet or 20% pica
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aeradon. id finds three products that are the most effective. sawyer fisherman's formula and the eight-hour off. read the labels. michelle: the app kik have come up in two high-profile cases. both cases raised concerns over messaging apps over where strangers can strike up a conversation with the kids. starl starl is back with this information on apps like kik. a lot of folks are just learning about this. alison: this is a topic that a lot of people are talking about and parents need to talk about. joining me is giselle the executive for the center for the alexandria children and here to talk about the apps. we are talking about kik
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because we heard about it in several news stories. i know you would tell us okay, this is just one. kik is not the problem. >> that's right. thank you for having me. kik is the focus but the core issue is child safety online and offline. we know one in ten children will be sexually abused before the 18th birthday. kik today. yesterday it was snapchat, instagram, facebook messenger, vine. all the mediums. what parents need to know is they have to ask the questions of their kids. and be proactive. any social app can be used as a tool for exploitation. jonathan: the technology is changing so quickly. alison: do parents need to keep up with the technology or is it something broader? >> i don't think that parents need to be technology experts but they need to be experts on their kids.
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ask them questions, ask them direct questions. has someone asked you to do online that you felt uncomfortable? present hypotheticals and talk through different scenarios. what would you do if somebody asked you to send them something or something made you uncomfortable? more importantly, most importantly, listen to them. michelle: is there something -- alison: is there something special parents can do? we heard from nicole lovell's father and they knew she was going too far online and they took her phone away at one point and they said they were trying to intervene. are there steps parents should take if they are concerned? >> it's heart-breaking to hear about the struggles that nicole's parents have had. absolutely. there is a shared burden. kids need to know what is okay and who they need to tell. but parents need to ask the
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questions. in fact i'm talking even more pradly about a community approach. >> a burden for even. we appreciate your insight. >> thank you. >> great interview. thank you. next on abc7 news -- the most famous pig searching for love this valentine's day. so she ready to move on after a big breakup with kermit? a local group having fun this
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is that if you are going -- jonathan: so if you are going through a big breakup, misery loves company. michelle: the most famous pig opened up about her valentine's day plans. >> one of the busiest women in hollywood.
4:42 pm
hosting her own late night tv show and ringing the opening bell on wall street. her personal life has been in the headlines with her long-time breakup. >> as you may have heard, kermit and i are no longer an item. >> i asked her what her friend scooter would suggest they do on valentine's day. >> i would think, you know, start out with -- >> nothing. >> flowers delivered. >> why? >> with a nice note. >> we're not together. >> maybe suggest a nice dinner! valentine's day is for lovers. leave me alone. >> i came to apologize. >> there is no hope for reconciliation. what does one do for valentine's day after a big breakup? >> you go out with somebody else. >> okay. >> you have somebody. >> no. >> thankfully she still has a few more days to find someone.
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michelle: that was kidd o'shea reporting. you can catch "the muppets" tonight and also -- jonathan: still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- 2015 was the year of the shark. record number of attacks. we'll let you know where the bulk of those happened. by the way, it's off the u.s. coastline. michelle: we will take you back to d.c. for an annual tradition. pancake race. kellye: i'm kellye lynn px?.
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kellye: a day out of school and in the workplace for devon who hopes to work in security.
4:47 pm
>> it's been great. i learned a lot about a day-to-day life of an average worker. kellye: he is spending the day at navy federal credit union in vienna. one of the 60 students participating in the job shadow program. the chamber of commerce started the program to make meaningful connections between business and the students in the community. >> that is the ability to help younger people get an understanding of what ill is like to come in a large corporation or a large organization. build on the knowledge and the experience. >> before they get the assignment they have to take a one-hour training course to teach them how to conduct themselves in a business environment. the one-day program offered at several schools received a blue ribbon award for community impact. this year more than 30 businesses opened doors to students like 16-year-old
4:48 pm
jacquelyn. her interest in education landed her at the training company learning r.x. it is interesting to have a different view. kellye: kel kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: 2015 was a record year for shark attacks. almost 100 worldwide. the previous record was 80 people in 2000. michelle: about a third were in florida, alone, according to the florida museum of natural history. which tracks shark attacks. six people were killed in shark bite incidents. jonathan: 59 attacks the u.s. beaches. australia had the second most. michelle: actor hugh jackman has another bout with skin cancer and he is warning fans to wear sun screen. the 47-year-old posted a photo on his facebook page showing a bandage over his nose saying
4:49 pm
an example of what happens when you don't use sun screen. he wrote it was the mildest form of cancer. he has been treated four times for skin cancer. there is a long list for food holidays. this is national bagel day and national pizza day. jonathan: day to get behind. michelle: bagels get a nice crunch on the outside because they are oiled first. pizza, three billion pies -- i know, you needed to know that fact -- are sold in the u.s. each year. jonathan: every time we show stuff like that on the news -- michelle: look at thesy -- jonathan: i know. i'm hungry. today is fat tuesday in mardi gras. it's also pancake day.
4:50 pm
this is a national cathedral. celebrating the paincake -- pancake day. amy aubert takes us to the pancake race. >> go! amy: the racers came ready to flip. >> whoo! >> this is a serious time. introspection of fat tuesday is a way to let it all out. >> cathedral typical for worship now home to fun rivalries. >> i don't know if anyone had a pancake race like this. >> sometimes this is roulette till the very end. this big winner is a 10-year-old ahead of the pack. >> i was really excited. i didn't think i would win that. >> the fifth grader won big. the top prize is golden skillet at the end of the races. >> i thought it would be
4:51 pm
harder than it was. i got the hang of it and it was easier. >> a day before lent begins. now all that is left is crumb, smiles and a new found skill pancake flipping. amy aubert, abc7 news. steve: we have wet pavement. and temperatures going below freezing. if you think it's cold today, just wait. clouds will stick around for the next several hours or so. moving in the jeff night hours more clouds. 37 in manassas. 37 in fredericksberg. 41 in charlottesville. we have a few snowshowers now. central montgomery county.
4:52 pm
the mayson-dixon line we have the snowshowers at the time. calling for 26 to 32 for overnight low. lingering snow. slick spots. tomorrow is a cold day but not super cold. out of the west at 10 to 15. valentine's day weekend. 28 on saturday. 26 on valentine's day. we are going to look for the nighttime lows to be around 8 to 12 degrees. come saturday night to early sunday morning. get a check on this afternoon's traffic. >> thank you. not so in love for the forecast. if you are traveling westbound, a sight to come across this. look at this. it's still seeing activity here that is blocking the right lane. it looks like they have a tow truck to get it out of the
4:53 pm
front yard. no one was on board the bus. everyone is safe. but it will be a long ride for folks. jonathan: coming up next is the olive oil you are buying really olive oil? there is a difference between that and the blend. and the label something you don't get ripped off. michelle: new at 5:00 -- "7 on your side" digs up a law that lets the government reach each and every old e-mail texted even private message you send. >> live look now in french quarter. it is jam-packed out there for fault tuesday. it is jam-packed out there for fault tuesday. mardi
4:54 pm
you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
4:55 pm
so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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john: do you buy olive oil for your health? it may not be real olive oil at all. business is booming at the olive oil shot like this one. >> they have shirts that say olive oil snob. sell family greek olive oil for shop earns looking for the real thing. >> want to try it? >> recent string of investigative reports. "60 minutes" to "forbes magazine" claims it's not the real thing. >> vast majority on the shelf is not real olive oil. you get what you pay for. >> report and several lawsuits claim many brands are blend of to live, sunflower and canola oil. he shared with me a dozen flavor of the true to live oil -- olive oil. imported from the olive grove from crete. how do you know you get the
4:58 pm
real thing? the smaller the producer, the better. >> the smaller producer has no incentive to adultrate the oil to save a few bucks per bottle and destroy the brand. john: recent investigation said watch for terms "imported from" that moves it flu multiple countries. if if it's the cheapest on the shelf you risk a bitter flavored blend. after a few tastes they decided to pay more. >> thank you. john: what about the law? there is no specific federal standards defining extra virgin olive oil. you have to be diligent so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight, a new shocking detail in a local pornography case. >> this machine is always -- this man after a kid. leon: warning about an app linked to the case. >> alert from the weather team tonight. first, refreeze and dangerous
4:59 pm
ly low temps on the horizon. >> this is the most intimate and personal information you could have about someone. leon: "7 on your side" diggings up a law to let the government read every old text, me sail and private message you -- message and private e-mail you send. leon: in the last two hours the f.b.i. joined the investigation into the prince george's county teacher's aide accused of making pornography with children as young as 5 years old. we are joined now from glenarden with new information in the investigation. brad bell, what have we learned? brad: yeah, you mentioned part of it. the f.b.i. has now set up a hotline. 1-800-call-f.b.i. they want to hear from parents.
5:00 pm
this afternoon we showed the parents the mugshot of the man and many of us telling us they are not surprised to hear about the allegations. as school dismiss at judge sylvania woods elementary school, parents and children tell us they are not surprised by the charges against deonte carraway. >> if i say to my wife, that man is not going to end up good. this man is always around kids. >> the students speaking with parent permission say some youngsters felt uncomfortable around the 22-year-old carraway. >> he showed kids his photos. >> the allegations spelled out in charging documents reviewed by abc7. carraway allegedly directing children as young as 9 in pairs in explicit pornographic video up to a minute long. the alleged crime taking place in school bathrooms at sylvania woods


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