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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 10, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," political surprises in new hampshire. >> donald trump walks away with the republican primary victory. and democrat bernie sanders easily defeats lkt. the record turnout and the surprises from voters live from manchester. >> and what's next for the republicans? with john kasich taking second place and jeb bush's political spending, can anyone emerge as a major competitor to donald trump? >> and later "the mix," you never know what you'll see in a new hampshire polling place. what was a 600-pound pig doing here anyway? >> it's wednesday, february 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." it is wednesday, a busy one. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin with the commanding victories in the new hampshire
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primary. donald trump and bernie sanders trouncing their party rivals. >> yeah, trump ran away with the republican race followed by a surprise second-place finish by ohio governor john kasich. the fight for third place, well, it is still at this hour too close to call. >> and on the democratic side, an overwhelming show of support for bernie sanders beating hillary clinton by a huge margin. our conch begins with abc's mars a gonzales in manchester. morning to you. >> good morning. no surprises with those first-place finishers. the front-runners in the polls ended up winning the primary and winning big. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: a huge victory for donald trump. >> we're not going to forget you. it you started it. remember, you started it. >> reporter: and a long anticipated win. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> reporter: for bernie sanders. >> we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to
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washington, from maine to california. >> reporter: hillary clinton who won here in 2008 conceding but still confident. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >> john kasich now projected by abc to come in second on the republican side. >> there's magic in the air with this campaign. >> reporter: with ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio in a close battle for third. >> i did not do well on saturday night so listen to this. that will never happen again. >> reporter: two-thirds of voters in abc exit polls calling recent debates an important factor in their decision. >> made up my mind this morning at coffee. >> reporter: it came down to those undecided voters and a big turnout at the polls. one precinct staying open late with the last minute line of traffic to get in two miles long. >> and with the gop candidates now focused on south carolina,
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chris christie says he's going home to decide whether he'll stay in the race. kendis and reena. >> so many decisions that need to be made. we've heard hillary clinton possibly changing hessages. what's ahead for the candidates in south carolina? >> reporter: yeah, the gop candidates heading straight to south carolina. they have multiple events already planned for today with just ten days to go before the primary there. >> and marci, we saw those images that were pretty shocking of the traffic januarys. and i guess there was record turnout or a lot of undecideds that had a role in this decision yesterday. >> reporter: yeah, this was a really interesting race here. now the officials still haven't confirmed that it was record turnout but they said that it's shaping up to be that way. they think that this is going to go down in the record books but not making it official yet. you saw those big lines of traffic that actually had them keeping the polls open later
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than specced. there was just so much excitement about this race. lines out of the doors at some of these polling places. some of the voters said they didn't make up their minds about who they were going to vote for until they got into the booth. >> so fascinating new hampshire politics. we love if. marci gonzalez with a front row seat there in manchester. thank you. >> thanks. as jeb bush put it, new hampshire voters have essentially reset the race. >> that's a good way of putting it. we'll have to wait for the dust to set to see who is still standing. abc's political director rick klein explains what happens next and what's going on. morning to you, rick. >> reena and kendis, shock waves outs of new hampshire. the democratic party moving left to go with bernie sanders. the republican party going right to deliver donald trump his first primary victory. a stunning series of events for two of the unlikeliest characters in this 2016 cast. in addition to that, the republican party adding john kasich a surprise second-place
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finish. and now hillary clinton in the toughest shape so far of her campaign dealt a staggering blow, a blowout victory to someone she was never supposed to be competitive with. chris christie going home to reassess his candidacy. big changes on the democratic and republican side. no end in sight for either battle. reena and kendis. >> our thanks to rick in new hampshire. stay with us for mor coverage from new hampshire including more reaction from the republicans after a stunning night. that's later in this half hour. well, another major story this morning. a new terror warning from intelligence officials. they now say isis will attempt direct attacks on the u.s. sometime this year. national interrogation director james clapper testified before a senate panel calling isis the country's top terror threat. he also said china, russia and north korea will continue to be cyberthreats. >> two months after the deadly attacks in san bernardino, the fbi still hasn't been able to be crack an important clue. james comey testifying before congress admitting one of the phones used by the killers
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remains inaccessible. the two attackers shot and killed 14 people. >> san bernardino very important investigation to us. we still have one of those killer's phones we ha not been able to open. it's been over two months now. we're still working on it. >> incredible. comey says it's a big problem when law enforcement arped with a search warrant cannot open a phone even when a judge says there's probably cause to have it opened. in germany, investigators are trying to figure out what caused two commuter trains to collide. the two the train engineers were thought to be among the dead. one person still missing in the wreckage. the two black boxes have ever been recovered and are now being analyzed for clues. this video taken by the turkish coast guard. a helicopter crew member is lowered into the mediterranean sea before swimming to rescue a migrant clinging to the only part of the sunken boat that was still bob water.
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the pair were hoisted up to the chopper. it's believed more than 20 other refugees were killed as that boat went down. a u.s. senator is asking federal transportation officials to look into the royal caribbean cruise that many of the thousands of passengers on board are calling a nightmare. the ship is scheduled to arrive at a port in new jersey later on tonight. its captain has been in touch with passengers as abc's linsey davis reports. >> reporter: new passenger accounts tonight about these terrifying hours at sea. >> it's probably the biggest scare that i've had so far in my life. >> reporter: shara strand tells us she was so fearful for her life sunday night, she called her mother, just in case she didn't survive. >> i just wanted to call and say that i loved her. >> reporter: this royal caribbean cruise ship is on its way back to new jersey after hurricane-force winds, over 100 miles per hour, and 30-foot waves prevented it from making it to its final destination of the bahamas. cell phone video captures flying furniture and shattered glass, as the ship moved right into a
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rough storm off the carolina coast. the captain tells the cruise director in a video, he didn't realize the magnitude of the storm ahead of time. >> the whole thing was not bigger than this and it was up here and it just exploded. >> yes, this storm did explode. it had rapid intensification. but that was forecast. this captain should have known what he was sailing into. >> reporter: because of more bad weather, the ship isn't expected to return back here until wednesday night. linsey davis, abc news, bayonne, new jersey. >> well, we're used to seeing demolition videos going smoothly but in houston, texas, a demolition has been caught on camera going very, very wrong. this video shows the demolition of a parking garage. the excavator gets way too close to the building. the rubble falls right on top of the machine. unbelievably, the witnesses say that the operator of that machine was not hurt. terrifying. >> very fortunate. the government should issue more stringent rules for how rechargeable batteries are
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shipped on planes due to fire danger according to the head of the ntsb. he says the lithium ion batteries should be separated from other flammable cargo and the number of batteries in a single pallet or container should be limited, as well. it's suspected such a battery sparked fire destroyed an asiana airlines cargo plane in 2011. gas prices are expected to plunge to a level not seen in years. analysts say drivers in michigan, indiana, ohio, illinois and missouri would see 99 cent gas as early as next week and right now, nearly 90% of americans paid less than $2 a gallon. a huge surplus at refineries in the west and midwest is the reason prices are going to a new low. welcome, welcome. >> yeah. we're okay with it. gas for less than a happy meal. >> i never thought of it that way. >> i haven't gotten a happy meal. >> it is. >> parents may want to think twice before purchasing another happy meal after seeing these
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images. >> yeah, lak chiropractor posted images of her on her facebook that she claims it's a happy meal she bought six years ago. fries a little bit shriveled. but those fries and the chicken nuggets didn't have the slightest trace of mold or decomposition. >> okay. so these i thinks have not been confirmed. love daal says it's part after experiment to prove how unhealthy the chemicals in our foodeally are. >> they have lasting power. >> of course, mcdonald's said that this is a quote from them "in the right environment our burgers fries and other items could decompose. the reason is may not decompose comes down to a simple matter of simple science. you need to have vernon conditions specifically moisture is what they're saying and bacteria mold may not grow unless there's decome significance. >> so you need to have moisture in order for it to decompose. >> that's their take on it. >> i don't know that helps me make it more and tising.
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> you was thinking of buying a happy meal because they get books. just for the week i think, this week and last week. >> just buy the news books. >> coming up "in the mix" an election night tantrum from a toddler upset about his mom's vote. >> with donald trump winning new hampshire, what's next for number two, john kasich and the rest? we'll get an inside look. >> and later love and money. the tough decisions couples who are falling in love face when it's time to marry and merge those finances. >> but you don't have to marry us to find us on facebook, or twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." human coronavirus... hepati- >>c virus. there are a lot of different kinds of yucky germs. but not all disinfecting wipes... are approved to kill the same number of them. lysol wipes are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox.
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returning to our top story, frustrated voters from both parties handed revolutionary landslide victories to donald trump and bernie sanders in new hampshire. and in a reshuffling of the gop deck did, john kasich finished in a distant second place. and as of this hour, ted cruz, jeb bush, marco rubio have maintained a tight three-way race for third place. too close to call. true to form, new hampshire voters refused to be predictable. >> yes, that has been consistent. the primary elections took the wind right out of some candidates' sales. it's your voice, your vote with abc's arlette sands joining us now from manchester, new hampshire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as donald trump would say, it was a huge victory for him here
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in new hampshire. he beat his rivals by double digits just one week after losing the iowa caucuses to ted cruz. what may be more interesting is how the rest of the republican race shook out. john kasich placed second here and following him jeb bush, marco rubio and ted cruz all bunched up within one point of each other. the biggest disappointment of the night came from rubio who was riding on a high when he came here to new hampshire after placing third in iowa. but our news debate, he stumbled in that on saturday night. in his concession speech he said that was to plain for his loss here in iowa. the primary may breathe new life into the campaign of jeb bush who bet big here in new hampshire. his campaign and super pac spent nearly $30 million in campaign advertisements the most of any gop candidate in the state. they all head to south carolina where the battle is expected to be more intense. the establishment feels so splintered they're trying to
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find an alternative candidated to ted cruz and donald trump. kendis and reena. >> arlette, thank you so much. chris christie saying he's going to take a little time off. his wife was a little emotional. the kids were emotional. they invest so much of everything into this and it's always sad to see, but it winnows down. nevada fascinating. beyond south carolina. hillary clinton expected to do well because a lot of latinos she's strong with la it inknows. bernie sanders a lot of people saying he's going to invest more and possibly do well. >> 11 days out from nevada and south carolina for the republicans. so a lot could change in this race. christie saying he's not necessarily suspending his campaign as yet. he's just going to take a breather and see exactly whether they're going to go forward. there's a debate for the republicans on saturday. the democrat have another one, as well. so a lot can happen. >> a lot can happen as marco rubio says, he knows his debate
3:18 am
performance really impacted new hampshire. >> and it did. it's been interesting. who would have thought a reality show star has won the new hampshire primary. >> there's hope for you, kendis. >> yes. >> that is true. coming up in our next half hour, protection against zika. the outbreak of the virus causing fears as cases keep popping up in the u.s. experts are now identifying the best mosquito repellents. >> first, couples that save together stay together. how to approach the awkward issue of finances with your spouse. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ be. >> b.i.g. >> you like notorious. >> so money is usually cried as
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one of the most divisive issues when it comes to relationships. couples rarely like to talk about it. >> you should. it's important. we know having a plan is one of the keys to savings and success. abc's rebecca jarvis shows us how couples can work together. >> reporter: brian and caila met 2 1/2 years. >> we met volunteering. we both love dogs. >> somebody who loves dogs, how can you not fall in love. >> reporter: and plan to get married this summer but talking about merging finances has been a challenge. >> for me, talking about money is very uncomfortable. >> reporter: according to "newsweek" poll, 47% of couples say they did not talk about financial issues prior to getting married. >> you're not just talking about money, you're talking about choices had. >> reporter: we brought in the author of "financial intimacy" to help this coup counsel plan their financial future together. >> caila. >> please come on in. welcome. >> reporter: her number one tip. >> sit down and map out, what
3:21 am
are your goals, what are my goals and what are our goals. >> reporter: her advice, be open about finances. list each person's assets, debts and expenses. have a transition plan. decide if you want to merge bank accounts who will play what financial roles like paying bills and managing investments. and keep the conversation going after you're married. >> you are intentionally having what i call money dates. >> reporter: she says planning your wedding is a starting point. >> that's a perfect entree into some of the more awkward pieces of the conversation about money. >> reporter: beginning a life together on the right financial footing. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. what's the best financial advice you ever received? >> invest in the lotto. >> invest in the lotto? >> it's a sure shot way of making millions. >> you've won how many times? >> i actually cashed in my ticks yesterday. i won ten bucks over the last
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of time now for "the mix." we were talking earlier this half hour how campaigns can be so emotional for families. that included the toddler who found out his mother was voting for bernie sanders instead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. you got to take a listen to this one. >> i want to show daddy. can you tell me? >> i want to vote for hillary clinton. >> oh. and mama didn't vote for hillary clinton? oh, okay. >> it's emotional because daddy did vote for hillary clinton apparently. and he didn't know the why mommy didn't vote for her, as well. >> and you know, the thing that's coming out of new hampshire is a lot of people are saying that hillary clinton doesn't have the youth vote. clearly she has youth support right there.
3:26 am
>> well, said, kendis. >> with this youngster. also out of new hampshire, an interesting scene yesterday. of course, as many people were voting, you had this at a voting booth. a 600-pound pig at a polling station there. 600-pound pig just wandered off from a farm and tried to get in. they wouldn't let him in. >> oh. >> and then this pig started chasing the police. >> wow. >> there could be many jokes there. about you. >> this could be a case of voter intimidation. >> it is sort of. that pig hasn't been seen since. >> oh. >> it escaped from a farm and they finally got him back into his pen. >> have lots around here, too. >> there are clearly. >> welcome addition. okay. honesty may be the best policy especially when you're dealing with your children. and your child is late for school. this dad took it to the next level in saratoga springs,
3:27 am
patrick, his daughter isabela is 12 and sarah who is 7, sarah the little one took a note into school from dad that said sorry forced tardiness but isabela was lucky enough to see bruce springsteen and darned if he didn't play for 31/2 hours. he said this may not seem like a good excuse. but can youmamagine how many kids would be late if god were to library. >> so springsteen is close to godliness. so is sugar ray. you remember them? >> yeah. >> this was a popular class florida state san diego. where these new parents they do the weeks dance class at the studio to nice choreographed moves to sugar ray fly. >> what's the guy doing without the weeks in the middle. >> i think he's the instructor. he's been working on these moves ever since sugar ray was a thing. a good 30 years or so. this video is very popular. >> but the guy in the middle has it easy.
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there's no weeks in fr
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this morning on "world news now," new hampshire's frustrated voters choose donald trump. and bernie sanders, the first primary results of 2016 and what's next for a long list of candidates. >> including hillary clinton. sounding defeated by sanders. her message to her campaign as she focuses on south carolina. we have extended coverage. >> new details this half hour, growing concerns about the vicious zika virus. the olympic athletes having sewcond thoughts about competi in brazil and the best repellents to fight mosquitos. and late area, johnny depp's decision to take a new movie role. this is a character you may have trouble see. that's in "the skinny" on this wednesday, february 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."


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