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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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arctic cold front headed in our direction. in one hour we have a winter weather advisory from spotsylvania to the pennsylvania line. metro area and beyond. not for a lot of snow. maybe .3 of an inch of snow. a little bit. but the little bit will fall on the dry cold ground. intersection with the tire and the cars of the trucks on the road will form a quick glaze on urn treated roads. that is the concern for the safety. on the radar you see a band coming across. we track that. it will come in area after 7:30. 7:30 to 9:30. overnight the front will blast through the area, you will hear it. strong busty winds will develop. that is the story tomorrow. wind chill tomorrow the entire day will be somewhere around zero. that is the latest. back to you. alison: all right. remember to stay connected with the thank
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watching team through you can follow the -- you can stay connected through the abc7 center. leon: new developments in the investigation in the teacher's aide arrested of child pornography charges. the prince george's county police told abc7 news 14 children have now come forward with accusation against deonte carraway. they are not just coming from the school where he worked and volunteered. brad bell live in glenarden to explain. brad: the list of victims up to 14. it will get larger. police are now saying that abuse occurred at carraway's church by they are not yet naming them. they can add it to the list that includes private homes in glenarden. carraway lived in an apartment behind the convenience store. police allege abuse took place here in
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practice. it's amounted he abused children over there in the aquatic center. two blocks down in the sylvania woods elementary school. when you see it like this, you can understand why the case is tearing the fabric of the community. the 14 victims include children as young as 9. most students at sylvania woods elementary school. some in a youth choir at the glenarden municipal center. at least one at a church. at least all allegedly abused by deonte carraway or film by him being abusessed. >> they are deeply upset. troubled. scared. this is a real breach of trust. >> attorney tim maloney represents several victims and filed lawsuits on their behalf. he says they will likely be in therapy for some time to undo the damage done. though carraway is the one charged now, maloney blames
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suspended woods elementary school principal michelle williams seen in this clip from a youtube video. >> the principal had many warning signs. warning flags from parents and students andmo of all warning flags from the teachers themselves. that something wasn't right here. the principal took no action. >> according to the sources investigators have found e-mails in the principal's computer confirming concerns were raised about carraway. yet, he had unlimited access to children. williams has not responded to e-mailed requests for comment. >> i think the principal didn't want to rock the boat. from what we are hearing the principal had a friendly relationship with this young man and thought he was acting as an in-school babysitter. brad: we are being told that in the days and the weeks ahead you can expect to hear more victims and more lawsuits. brad bell, abc7 news. leon: not guilty is the verdict returned in the jury in the sexual
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against a traveling nurse in prince george's county. jared kline was accused of assaulting a patient at bowie health center in january 2014. kline still facing sex assault charges in the district for allege incident at three different hospitals there. the father and a stepmother accused of abusing a 7-year-old with zip ties and plastic wrap will go to trial in may. but a judgment report that would nicole williams have no contact with any minors and she and craig williams not see each other at all. the hearing will be held next week to determine the orders. alison: now to a developing story in southeast washington tonight where a man and a toddler are recovering after being shot. it happened after three men burst in a basher shoppe on eighth street between m and l streets. that is where brianne carter is live with the latest on the story. brianne: in the last half hour we talked to an employee here of the barbershop who says he has wor
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he was here when the shot rang out. that man and the 2-year-old son was sitting in a chair beyond the open sign in the barbershop. he said three masked men walked in to the doorway. that is when they opened fire. everyone in barbershop including a number of people waiting to get the haircut dropped to the floor once it happened. the man and the 2-year-old boy were struck. the barbershop employee says the man and the child have been in the shop before. the man was struck more than once but we believe the man and the boy are expected to be okay. we don't believe it is a random act, police in the area are concerned. >> i have been in the barbershop. that is while it's scary. i have kids of my own. what i was walking out and they were running in there or running out?
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are looking for a vehicle they believe to be connect told the three men they are looking for. the vehicle last seen heading down the street. white suv. they are asking who may have information to give them a call. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: a judge agreed to push back a retrial for the man convicted in the case of chandra alreadyevy. the new trial was set for next month. now it will begin may 23. leon: breaking developments today in an i-team investigation. federal government is launching a task force to investigate crumb rubber field. our investigatorer joce sterman first brought in and is back with the story. joce: this is a huge development in the debate about crumb rubber. it is used on athletic fields in 50 areas in the d.c. area. this news comes from the to
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federal study is now going to be done to look into crumb rubber. something that concerned health advocates have been calling for, for years. 'em alaska we told you in november. a college coach has been tracking the athletes who played on the crumb rubber field and then got cancer. the list totals more than 200 athletes. the e.p.a., c.d.c. and consumer product safety commission are joining forces. they will be doing research study to answer key record whether crumb is safe as the industry long claimed. they tell me today this effort is a significant step to get answers for parents they deserve them. they are working to end the uncertainty whether crumb is safe to play on. they hope to release preliminary status report by the end of the year. we will keep following this. joce sterman, abc7 news.
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leon: thank you. "7 on your side" to put your bed to the test. after hearing from an abc7 viewer who was concerned about a strong smell from a new mattress, we went out and bought some of our own. we measured the chemicals that come off the mattresses while you are sleeping. we took findings to the experts that say our testing shows the need for more studies to protect yacht >> we just don't know what the health risk might be for all the chemicals we are exposed to at the same time. leon: coming up tonight at 11:00 we break down chemicals to breathe in when you lay your head down the sleep. and the homework to do when you buy the next bed. alison: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- back to the blimp. what could be next for norad after a run-away blimp in maryland last year? >> plus -- >> time for people to say enough is enough. leon: new information on what the man accused of killing a lo
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before getting behind the wheel. >> researchers come up with a new way to detect lyme disease.
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doug: i don't think the snow is widespread. but we have untreated roads, dry and the temperatures in the 20's. light snow falls. the tires go over. friction will melt it and intan stainously it will freeze to glaze. people will go sideway in the ditches. leon: this time around it looks like the roads have been treated. doug: a lot of them have. it will blow through and the next event is a windy and a cold weekend. chance of snow ranging to rain monday and tuesday. let me get started and give you a look outside as i make it the 250, 300 feet to weather wall. i normally run over there. you don't usually hear me. leon: did you use snow stick to measure that? doug: just cloudy skies. the winds are calm.
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mid-february day. changes are coming here. an anticipation. we have 6:00, for the whole area, i-95 corridor to spotsylvania county, virginia. that will run until midnight tonight. temperatures are cold enough. they will drop in 20's for the next few hours. gallaudet on the campus is 30 degrees. 30 in college park. 28 at potomac. 28 in ashburn. we are seeing the temperatures drop in teens. pittsburgh is 19. state college at 18. so the push of cold air is rapidly spreading over lake erie and head southeast. over night tonight and in the day tomorrow and sunday. we have been watching the snow fall across the northern outer banks. coastal storm. that will get out of the way. the bands of know to continue to grow are developing ihead of the arctic cold front. they will be moving in a --
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nighttime hours. once the front get through it will change northwest to get gusty here. 15, 20, 30 miles per hour. future cast will take that area of snow. this is one of many commuter models. it doesn't mean it is right. but i think it is in ball pac. timing and location wise. by 7:30 tonight we have area of light snow and snowshowers advance from the west of the metro area over the top, around 79:00 tonight. quinnellly heading to the by a and beyond. -- quickly heading off to the bay before midnight. cold front will come through at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. snowfall total. nothing to get worked up about. .1, .3 of an inch. less than an inch. but the impact of the snow on cold ground we are concerned about. then we have a wind advisory in eff
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6:00 p.m. tomorrow. winds from the south/southeast. ahead of the front. you can see farther west. convergence from the west. everybody is popping northwest here. we will get through the overnight hours. by 9:00, we have sustained winds in 20's. we get through the day the winds gust at times over 30. possibly over 40 miles per hour. the winds will diminish sunday. remain cold. number wise don't be fooled. low to mid-20's but it will feel colder. monday good chance of snow. maybe accumulation before it mixes with the rain or the freezing rain monday night. rainy day with a lot of rain. look at that. 50 degrees on tuesday. 40's for the balance of next week. that is the latest. leon, alison? leon: you got it. now we are counting down to valentine'
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countdown started today. two days to go. alison: almost there. i knew you can't wait. leon: me and every other guy. the last weekday before the big day. today is busy day for florist out there. alison: our colleague horace holmes tagged along for the important deliveries. >> busy. >> yes, we are. >> we will be here all night. 200 day and over 200 tomorrow. >> isn't that nice? >> beautiful. >> it talked about the lavender rose. and talked about what it means. stand for enchantment. glory, majesty, elgaps and the characters. resemble me. love chris. i thought that was so special. >> chocolate is good. she loves it
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she has a special type. we have been married for several years so we don't do flowers for each other but we have special treat. >> how many years have you been doing this? >> 27. >> 27 years here? on the corner? >> yes. horace: just for valentine's day? >> no. i work every day. monday through friday. >> is she going to get everything she wants? >> everything. >> what does she want? >> love and affection. >> love and affection. okay. >> you are going to get love and affection? >> we. happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day. alison: love and affection. leon: i'm officially saying my prayers for this brother now. alison: you don't think it's going to work? no if that is all you getting? you ain't going to get. i not going to happen. alison: go on to the spirit of valentine's day. because prince george's county police are handing out more than just tickets today. this morning they handed out
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vista garden shopping center. in bowie. the cards came with a driver. safety tip ahead of the holiday. leon: no tickets. alison: very good. leon: all right. later coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- they served their country now they need a good home went will show you how to help out a few good horses. alison: now a look at what is coming up tonight on abc7 --
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alison: more than a week after oil started to show up in the potomac river, tonight we know where it came from. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg on the story from the beginning and he is live in arlington with a look at the culprit. what is the word? jeff: days after the spill was first spotted in the potomac river the coast guard coming to a dif fintive conclusion. -- definitive conclusion. >> all samples from the same source. jefford the domini
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where spill happen january 24. 95% of the 13.5 thousand gallops gallons cleaned up. tests weredy min five. >> we were -- were definitive. >> is we found traces that connected outside dominion. to the roaches run. jeff: concentrated from roaches run and gravelly point but stretched to the potomac by the wilson bridge. it had dra it mattic impact on the wildlife. killing 21 birds. mostly canada geese. with an additional 32 surviving after rehabilitation efforts in delaware. >> we have not had an opportunity to review the information that the coast guard developed. >> last week dominion said it had no evidence that it was connected to the spill at the substation. today is a different tone. >> we had no reason
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it is from our mineral oil. but if it is determined it's ours we'll take responsibility for it. leon: jeff goldberg reporting there. new information about the night that montgomery county officer leotta hote was struck and killed -- noah leotta was struck and killed. the case laid out against the driver is claiming that the suspect pounded bourbon and beers at a restaurant and got in his car. kevin lewis is live at the courthouse where a judge made a decision on a stiff bond. tell us about that. kevin: luis reluzco received $250,000 cash surety bond. he cannot cobble together $250,000 he will remain in jail while awaiting trial. ten weeks after killing noah leotta luis reluzco indicted. count one manslaughter by a motor vehicle. count two failure o
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max penalty ten years and $750,000 fine. >> i believe this is the case of an individual who displayed indifference for the lives and the safety of the drivers on the road. >> prosecutors say on the night of the crash reluzco spent three hours at the rockville hooters throwing back beers and shots of bourbon. blood draw revealed b.a.c. of .22, plus xanax in his system. after failing multiple sobriety tests police say he told them, "i can't do it. my balance won't let me. probably because i drank too much." you are over the limit. you don't drive drunk. that puts everybody at risk. my son is dead because of that. kevin: reluzco's defense attorney says he is beyond remorseful. >> he understands the gravity of his actions and awaits the penalty he must pay. >> he hasn't reached out to
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my way, shape or form to say he is sorry for destroying our lives or devastating my family. i haven't seen that. >> get this, prosecutors say reluzco has three prior cases of drunk driving. two in maryland and one in delaware. new at 2:00 i'll tell you the other people noah leotta's father says bears some responsebility in his son's death. leon: thank you. funeral mans set for the two harford county sheriff deputies shot and killed wednesday. visitation for senior deputy "new york daily glendale, arizona will be held monday -- deepty daley will be held monday. and mark logsdon will be held at thursday and friday. followed by the funeral at the harford community college saturday. alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" --
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free? left a path of destruction. find out what the military wants to do with the program now. >> first next -- >> coming up next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- we go on a ride-along with the fairfax county firefighters as the others brace for the bitter cold.
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doug: a winter weather advisory goes into effect at 6:00. in 30 minutes across the area. expectation is band of now isers ahead of the arctic cold front will pag over the blue ridge in the metro area. with can temperatures cold we could see glazing of the roadway surfaces. ahead of a powerful cold front stretching from cleveland to indianapolis. power through overnight. everybody is below freezing. temperatures will only get colder. will we get snowshowers? slickening of the roadways likely. 2:00 a.m. it goes under wind advisory with the winds increasing overnight. to 30 miles per
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we will look at the rest of the forecast coming up. leon: the road crews don't want to see repeat of what we saw three weeks ago on wednesday with a dusting of snow at rush hour. the d.c. deploying 200 trucks to pretreat roads. our photojournalist snapped this picture. jay korff knows the situation well. jay stuck on the dulles toll role for hours that january night. he picks up the team coverage from alexandria now. after spending his day seeing how the folks and emergency crews was getting ready. no repeat of three weeks ago. jay: that was misery inducing. >> know how to prepare. they are layering it up
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the fleece. if you are going to be outside, what you shouldn't, you have to layer up. they were kind enough to take us on a ride. >> in less than 60 minutes they responded to the three medical cars. a patient fell on cold pavem. >> the ground will suck the heat out of you. that makes it worse. we try to get him into a warm environment. >> back at the firehouse they show the snow chain. >> a strap that comes around. >> the ice commander suit for the water rescues. they say with the forecast calling for frigid cans and snow it may be a busy day and night. car crashes, shoveling injuries and hypothermia cases. >> if you don't have to be in the weather, you
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you are just putting yourself in a situation to get into trouble. >> governs, hats and zip the jacket up. everything is good. >> d.c. area residents are bracing. >> i have wood on the deck if the power goes out. >> ion with the guardian fire protection is spending the day winterizing the pipes for the area businesses so the bitter temperatures don't ruin someone's weekend. >> a lot of times the pipes get cold. they freeze and burst. here comes guardian. >> so the two key critical advice from the firefighters here at the station 11 is if you are going out, be prepared and know the limitations. live in the alexandria section of fairfax county, jay korff, abc7 news. leon: thanks, jay. once the weather does roll in, send us your picture and the videos of what you see. if you see it. send it. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- big breakthrough in the fight against lyme disease. what scientists at geo
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mason university discovered to help thousands of patients. alison: chicks with sticks. how a woman taking field hockey beyond a game. leon: new at 6:00, opening day for the d.c. streetcar. tell us. it's true. which d. agency putting an actual calendar date for when the passengers will finally be able to board the $200 million project.
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steve: i'm steve rudin. the weekend is here. we have a wind advisory 040 and 50 miles per hour. that will give us the wind chill factors to be at or below zero for the entire day on saturday. highs will only make it to 26 degrees. valentine's day, a lot going on that day. temperatures in the middle 20's. at least we warm it up a little bit on monday. to the middle 30
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by tuesday we are talking heavy rain with a daytime high temperature of 50. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this.
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leon: capitals launched p.e. and donated equipment to introduce the students to hockey as a $1.6 million investment toward the growth of the local youth hockey. caps will be using a portion of the funding to refurbish outdoor hockey rinks in maryland and virginia. alison: similar story. local woman received a huge honor from toyota and espnw and singledded out as everyday hero in nationwide search. christie lewis summers the founder of beyond sticks and hopes to teach young people to play beyond the game. >> push it out. >> like the girls that crissy now coaches in field hockey she started playing as a child in leesburg and it became a lifetime love. >> one of the reasons most girls pick up a stick or continue to play is that your friends do it. alison: she
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she played at college. after that she went to work. she wasn't fulfilled. >> what would you do if you couldn't get paid? i said i'd empower women through sports. >> so she started coaching but wanted to take at it step further. >> the big difference between us and other straight coaching programs we believe playing beyond the game. 99.2% of women put down the stick and do something elsewhere your lives. how can you take what they learn from the sport to apply that to be better people on and off the field? >> the program called beyond sticks focuses on the character development with the speakers and the life coaching in addition to learning how to win. she was named everyday hero from toyota and espnw. got $10,000 grant. summers is also a mom to a 1.5-year-old named jane and military wife. she is passionate about changing the way we talk about girls sports.
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successfully organization doing in a positive manner. be a thought leader in the youth sports industry. alison: so they are expanding and beyond sticks is beginning the first inner city program in a d.c. charter school at the end of march. she hopes to reach as many schools as possible to bring equal access to field hockey. and a positive sports experience for young women. trying to counteract some of the negative things you see in sports. parents fighting. coaches and issues like that. build up the positive. >> i love that. the way she thinks is perfect. great legacy to hand down to the young girls behind her. alison: definitely. leon: way to go. coming up -- >> the next system takes a lot of watching. computer models change every few hours. leon: he says it takes a lot of watching. you have to important how important it is. you met him last night on "abc7 news at 5:00". see wha
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"good morning washington" this morning. >> they serve their country in a position of honor. now they are ready for a new home. i am suzanne kennedy. i have the story coming
5:41 pm
i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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alison: we are keeping a close eye on developments out of ohio after a man walked in a restaurant and started swinging a machete. tonight he is dead. four other people recovering from the injuries. lisa from columbus with the latest. i understand you spoke to the suspect's roommate earlier today? >> that is right. now police are confirming that the suspect name is muhammad bari. he is 30 years old and originally from guinea. i did speak with his roommate earlier today. he said that they met last year at a temp agency. they bonded. they were both originally from guinea. i asked him if he was ral caddized, if he was radicalizing at all. he said he did not know. the only thing he knew, the oddest thing about him he was extremely private an
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stayed in his room. i want to show you the restaurant where it took place behind me. nazareth restaurant in northeast columbus. there are signs on the windows of the community. just basically saying we are with you after four beam were slashed there last night. three in the hospital. one critically. alison: thank you. leon: months after a run-away blimp put people on edge, nord wants to put it back in theiary. n -- back in the air. norad grounded the blimps after it crashed in the woods of pennsylvania. alison: can't forget that. leon: remember that? they serve in position of distinction in the army old guard. now they are taking on new
5:45 pm
>> two of 60 of the guards horses put up for adoption. suzanne kennedy shows us the two elite horses. and how they can be yours. >> the days are winding down for quincy and kennedy. as part of one of the army's most elite platoons. the two hoofed heroes have been caisson horses for the army old guard for a decade, participating if funerals and ceremonies at the arlington national cemetery. time for both to retire. they are being put up for adoption. quincy is an 11-year-old quarter horse with a big personality. >> we have tours in the barn. he will be the first horse with his head out of the stall looking for attention. he has a positive attitude. >> quincy has a condition with his front feet that make him lame and up able to pull the caisson so he can no longer stay with the platoon. nn
5:46 pm
standard bred looking for a new home. >> he is a little temperamental. a littlefy gidty with the soldiers -- a little fidgedy. >> she says it is an honor to call freedom her on. >> i don't have children. he is my child. gets spoil and he gets treats. not just from me but other people at the barn. >> the horses were put up for adoption two weeks ago. the application process is still open. got it there, buddy? the hope is they will have a new home by this summer. suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: got a new friend. more information on the adoption process available
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alison: really nice. great story. leon: way to go. all right. now the westminster kennel dug club show gets underway on monday. one of the many prestigious pups entering the show is a shebaenu tomi proven to be athletic, alert and life-saver. the dog smelled smoke in the bedroom in october and pounced horn until she woke up. so because of tomi, five people escaped the fire that destroyed an entire long island home. the family will move in the newly rebuilt home next month. alison: already a winner. leon: again. that is why we love dogs. alison: they save your life. like lassie. leon: a cat would look at you and go i think i smell smoke. i'm out of here. alison: good luck. leon: dog is like let's go. alison: jamie is a dog lover. jamie: and today i'm a traffic lover. we
5:48 pm
weather yet. with we dry. in the teens. traveling outbound 295 south from d.c. closer to national harbor. or heading northbound on kem worth avenue. in the teens and the 20's on the inner loop from tysons continuing north to the 270 spur. we had an earlier crash on 66. heading outbound bumper-to-bumper traffic approaching the beltway. you continue in the teens closer to fairfax. reaching manassas. allegany we are heavy as -- then to gainesville we are heavy as well. look to virginia. heading south. take a look. this is the pace you are traveling. stop rand go. people using route one. they may think there is a crash. no. just the friday evening congestion. this is 95 in virginia. we have the slowing. big crashes, i am happy to report nothing major going on. back to you. >> thank you. looking ahead to tonight at 6:00. new details in the search
5:49 pm
barbershop and shot a toddler and a father inside. plus, bizarre mystery in loudoun county convicted con man turned prosecution witness vanished. we talk to the woman who alerted police in this case. who is setting up a possible opening day for d.c. streetcar? finally? after a thousand years it is finally going to hope? allegedly. we'll have that for you at 6:00. alison: but first go ahead to see how things are looking in the weather department. jamie said it's slow out there. no snow yet. doug: not yet. we are seeing areas of snow getting closer but still a couple of hours before the metro area. ten till 6:00. at the top of the hour the winter weather advisory goes into effect. we show you from the pennsylvania line to the spotsylvania county. less than an inch. bond of snowshowers moving ahead of a cold front crossing the interstate 81 corridor. we will be in
5:50 pm
few hours. more snowshowers. heavier snowshowers on the southern shore of the lake ontario and lake erie. that is the leading edge of the arctic cold front itself. that will move in overnight. period of flurries and the snowshowers. we don't expect heavy accumulation. most areas will get one or .2 of an inch. the but flakes fall on coldpayment and if it is not pretreated we could have icy spots. the future cast says at 10:00 the band will swing through metro and off to the east. flurries now and then to follow it. the next big weather story after a couple of tenth of an inch of snow. strong wind advisory will go into effect. in the tan color, we have sustained winds from 20 to 30 miles per hour. wind chill over
5:51 pm
8:30 in the morning feel like a couple degrees below or above and feel like that all day long. the air temperatures in 20's. gusty winds. lighter winds on sunday for valentine's day. monday, president's day, cloudy and cold with the snow developing. maybe accumulation. right now we are leaning toward this stuff mixing with and changing to rain late monday night and tuesday. that is it for now. back to you. alison: big day on "good morning washington." robert: big day. i'm not kidding when i say this but he could work for "g.m.w." you will agree with me. yesterday at 5:00 our scott abraham introduced us to remarkable young man. freshman brendan frederick. the blind p.a. announcer for heritage high school. this morning he joined the "good morning washington" team and if you ask me, he fits right in here. >> i'm brendan frederick and i am the voice of your heritage pride!
5:52 pm
brendan frederick he was making his mark on the microphone. >> this is abc7's "good morning washington" with larry smith and autria godfrey. >> this morning he left his mark on "good morning washington." >> great to be here. >> his personality shining under the lights. >> i like to pump everybody else and get everybody's norm up. >> besides sports, brendan also loves the weather. >> eileen move on over. >> this next system, it takes a lot of watching because the computer models change every few hours. >> with a little help from the washington capitals we said thank you to brendan. >> we have a little surprise for you this morning. i want to bring in peter robinson from the washington capitals. >> scott called us and said the dream would be to i announce the washington capitals. >> it really is my dream. >> you are going to welcome the washington capitals on the ice in warmup. >> go
5:53 pm
have forever. scott abraham, abc7 sports. robert: nice. again, he will be on the mic saturday when the caps take on the new jersey devils. i told you. i told you. leon: awesome. >> golden voice. his dream will come true saturday. he will get to introduce the caps as they cam out on the ice. leon: we better have a camera there. robert: have to. amazing story. probably the best story i have seen in a long time. alison: he deserves it. awesome. thank you. leon: great stuff. all right. thanks. alison: well, still to come here tonight -- scientists say early detection is key to fight lyme disease? when we come back find out how local research ers may have figured out how to make it ha
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leon: he is also responsible for the sale of the world cup television rights. the ban comes a month after he was fired by fifa. alison: "7 on your side" in health matters now. it may not feel like it today but soon enough we are headed to spring. that will mean tick season. as amy aubert explains researchers at george mason university says they have a new tool in the fight against lyme disease. amy: it has been three years in the making. >> it make us feel proud. but also breaks your heart to hear about patients not diagnosed early on and got more symptoms and suffered. >> george mason university professor lance leotta says when it comes to lyme disease early detection is
5:58 pm
diagnosis. testing for lyme disease is not very accurate. >> now the team is able to test for the disease right after the tick bite. sometimes before any symptoms. right now he says they do it primarily through urine test. >> the problem is when you try to diagnose the disease early they have low biomarkers and it's tough to catch them. amy: the solution makes the biomarkers easier to detect. >> it is made up of billions of particles that look like this and they capture piece of the lyme bacteria. >> they conduct hundreds of tests each month and hope to get f.d.a. approved. they urge to consult with the doctor. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". "abc7 news at 6:00" starts with a winter weather alert. announcer: this is
5:59 pm
stormwatch7 weather winter alert. maureen: that winter weather alert comes as we break for what could be ill-timed snowfall. winter weather advisory in effect throughout the area and some fear repeat of condition a few weeks ago as you remember a trace of snow at the end of the everything rush caused fridaylock. leon: that was awful. the worst. find out about the timing of the snow coming in tonight. chief meteorologist doug hill tracking evening for us. doug: on the 20th of january it happened this time of the night. but it's not happening yet. i will be a few more hours before the snow gets here. the idea is the same. light snow could cause slick spots. the winter weather advisory in effect at 6:00. runs through midnight for the whole area. we are checking area of snow. several bands of snow ahead of the arctic cold front. report west, across the line to old field west virginia light snow hitting the ground.
6:00 pm
>> moving eastward. potent cold front. strong winds overhead. they will splash down to the ground and come blowing across the mountains after 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. that is why at 3:00, we have a wind advisory in effect. winds gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour. familiaring temperatures. it will be brutally cold and windy tomorrow. and staying cold to sunday. round out the outlook for the holiday weekend. storm system on mohammad. we talk about that in a few minute. leon: the hits keep coming. folks, anytime the weather threaten mobile track 7 hit the road to give you realtime look at the conditions. you see this is 270. going north near gaithersburg. bring any problems if we find anything out there on the


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