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tv   ABC7 News at 630  WJLA  February 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> from cold to snow, and the morning commute could be a mess. we are tracking a storm as it moves into our area. the other top story we are following -- the death of supreme court justice antonin scully a. the battle for the bench already brewing on capitol hill and the campaign trail. but first, paying respect -- the memorial taking place at the u.s. a prima the news at 6:30 starts now. we begin with a winter weather alert. devon, everyone wants to know when it is going to hit my area. devon: it's going to be as we go through the evening timeframe through about midnight. first come a live lookut
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cloudy skies but we have winter storm warnings in effect and a theer weather advisory in boston metro where we expect potential eyes to show up. ,t started out extremely cold single digits, 13 in washington and it felt even colder when you factor in the wind along with it. highs this afternoon got up to about 26 degrees. teens and 20's, falling back into that zone and that will create big problems because it becomes much less effective. this is the initial wave of snowfall. the snowe beginning of here tonight in the first zones to get some will be west of your. snow coming back before the transition of different times into the afternoon and goes into monday night before it all turns
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questions i'm already hearing from you -- does that mean we are getting delays or even closings coming in? we will fill it all in and give you the details just minutes away. facebook andust on people were asking what is going to happen to the roads. upcoming wintry mix could make for a nasty commute. we met up with crews today looking to stay ahead of the wintry weather and it was like they learned some lessons from last time the roads were not treated in time. reporter: they absolutely dead. all is quiet at vdot headquarters that it was wrestling throughout the day today. you can see just behind me over here that the trucks are geared up and ready to go. day preparinge for what they call a dangerous storm. >> we star
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about 11:00 when we started applying the brine application throughout northern virginia. reporter: his team has had threatened sunday morning applying brian head of the snow. he's is what worries him is the ice. >> with the snow coming income you can treat snow easier than ice. are mixing 75 tons of salt and sand to get on the roadway to add extra grip during the ice event. here just anyone who doesn't have to be on the roads to stay home. crews prepare ahead of time is a good sign. and somea few trucks liquid on the road. that is good for the drivers as well. reporter:
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people to drive only if absolutely necessary, saying their crews will be fully deployed at midnight. vdot says freezing temperatures are in the danger zone, making frostbite and easy possibility. goa lot of people like to out and sled. this is not a sledding event. reporter: vdot says about 2500 trucks just like this one will be deployed in the early morning hours. if you are out and see crews salting, they do ask you to stay back. we turn now to the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. here is what we know -- the medical examiner in texas says the supreme court justice died of a heart attack. meanwhile, lawmakers are arguing over who should aim the successor while the country absence willis affect the court's rulings.
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>> barack obama would ram down our throat a liberal justice for cap >> it is called delay, delay, delay. >> does that mean you are going to filibuster anyone president obama nominates? >> absolutely. this should be a decision for the people. x of course i would send them buddy, but the divisions are real, so let's wait. oforter: the sudden death and then scalia adding a bitter divide this election year. >> it is the job of the president of the united eights to appoint numbers to the supreme court and the senate confirms. ms. clinton: barack obama is president of the united states until january 20, 2017. that's a fact, whether the republicans like it or not. scalia served on the high court for three decades. he died in his sleep during a quail hunting trip.
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president obama has pledged action. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. reporter: but senate republicans threaten to block any candidates. includes list largely shree schrader vossen. the court will continue to deliberate. >> 18 months of 4-4 decisions. reporter: the court is set to address major issues like abortion and unions. it would mean any lower court ruling stands. flags outside the u.s. supreme court and capital building were flown at half staff in honor of justice scalia. throughout the day, steady stream of people brave the cold
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our nations highest court. have more now live from the steps of the supreme court. are people still there now? reporter: there are a few, but not as many as earlier today. and the news of his passing, flowers and candles have been left at the bottom of the steps to honor the late justice. throughout the day on sunday, tourist and those who live in the area came to pay their respects to justice and since glia. >> it gave me a greater appreciation for the court. dead at ahe was found ranch in texas on saturday morning. he said he had a chance to meet justice glia after he came to his office a couple of times. he was far to the right for me but still a good guy.
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president ronald reagan appointed the conservative justice in 1986. president obama has ordered flags to fly at half staff. >> he was a conservative for the court and it was important to have them. past, ifone else ginsberg died, i would probably still be here. they disagreed on a great many things. the bishop of arlington said his wisdom brought clarity and his witness to truth enabled us to speak to do the same. and justice john paul is a priest with
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diocese. ahead tonight, pope francis in mexico -- his message as he visited one of the poorest parts of that country. and smoke on the water -- not the deep purple tune, a weather ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico for your boat. see how much you could save.
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kimberly: pope francis is on his third day to his trip to mexico. he visited one of the poorest and most dangerous parts of the country. he arrived for a five-day visit and the pope urged the nation to combat drugs and corruption and violence. he said it with the devil, there is no dialogue. now to the war on terror -- the u.s. and allies conducted 27 airstrikes this weekend between -- on isis. attacks were carried out in nine different cities. it's a got isis tactical units
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strikes took out tactical units and destroy the tunnel and building used by the group. , we continue to follow the wintry weather headed our way. your complete forecast is coming up next. and did you see it -- a lot of people saw it this weekend -- the box office record for the opening of
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>> there's a bunch of sharks. wanting to escape the winter weather in florida, you might want to steer clear of some parts of the water. thousands of sharks are migrating
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popular beach towns. this is video off the coast of palm beach. iny usually arrive mid-january and stay until late march. the water is pretty chilly. of boston, take a look at the sea smoke forming there. it is actually steam, not smoke. it forms when the especially cold air moves over the relatively warmer water. wherefrom new hampshire they threw water out and it immediately crystallized. and if you use hot water for that, it's actually best. steam is actually invisible. the water vapor we associate with steam is just a steam cloud. kimberly: everybody wants to know when my neighborhood is going to get hit. devon: us take a live look outside.
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winter weather advisory's going to winter storm warnings the farther west. we are expecting possible icy issues going on in that is freezing rain. not a lot of the icing event. that is freezing rain, the rain coming down but it hits something below 32 degrees and freezes up to a sheet of ice on the roads. it's getting it to the point where the roads are having a problem with the pretreatment. it's tough to warm up the surface enough and we see first reports in washington way of high. resorts getting some first snow, but a wider view is moving -- this is the first wave of snow to be coming in. from about
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8:00 to near midnight, it starts with a cold air and the warmer air will come in change the precept, eventually all terrain moving. then anything wintry is washed away. in the way of timing snow, 930 -- 9:30 could be the leading edge of snow up to the midnight hour in washington and then, we should have a break and develop our next wave of snow in the morning. drys to 22, that's why the snow could be some slick spots. happen to be out after it begins, be careful. and heavier snow picking up before it starts and that forecast puts down about three or four inches of snow, which is right in line with our initial snow forecast.
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over the area. but then as we work through the afternoon and evening timeframe, and the shenandoah valley where the cold air gets locked in place, there could be the cooler air and icing that gets locked in place. a quarter inch of ice is possible. highs tomorrow, this is where the mix against. west.ore icing coming in into the we get late-night hours is the all terrain coming in. between andbreak in before tuesday rolls around, there could be/year spots that stick on the road tuesday morning. the road treatment and the effectiveness, it's light snow but even a main road to become slick with these temperatures. the main snow event be
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change over is midday tomorrow and the freezing rain is the issue going on west of here. do not get the complete transition to rain as we go into monday night. -- we won't wash everything away tuesday. the kids at home are going to love this -- even some possible delays. if we don't get enough rain before the main event on tuesday. kimberly: we will hold on to that little bit. marvel's profane superhero had a record box office opening for an r-rated film. involved in an estimated $135 million at the drastic box office, excepting "the matrix: reloaded." biggestl" became the the you are a opening ever, overtaking last
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's top film which made $85 million. it looks hilarious and very irreverent. >> coming up, we have highlights from a couple of local women's ask a ball teams and a slamdunk contests that didn't disappoi (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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announcer: and now, the toyota sports desk. >> maryland women's basketball has been very busy as of late. they just completed a stretch of four games in 10 games against big-time powerhouses. a were back in action and set off to a fast start. the terms led 25-5, closing
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and had 22as on fire at the break. gw posted dayton's first quarter. basket withs to the a nice scoop shop. they colonial them prove an impressive 21 and four with a win. nice work among ladies. some critics say this might have been the most competitive slamdunk contest ever. you can judge for yourself. hold, the magic mascot to the ball and watch it jump over and slam it in. that takes some talent. jordan goes up and over. look at the hang time. then he get some
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help along the baseline and catches it off the side of the basket. a tough angle on that. the crowd was absolutely loving it. but the winner was zach levine with the between the legs dunk. take another look. looks like he's loading on air. he wins for a second straight year but many thought gordon should have been the winner. until thedays pitchers and catchers report to spring training. after a disappointing season and they coulder now, build off their potential this spring. the lower expectations heading into spring training could serve them well. tom lavera said he thinks they will go far this season. >> i think they will wind up winning the division. i think they are the most talented
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good, young pitchers and i think strasburg is finally going to have the year everyone expect from him. the real wildcard is ryan zimmerman. the poor guy can't seem to stay healthy. i think the nationals will win. erin: coming up tonight, we have some great local sports torres. join us for sports sunday every week right here. and finally, chase elliott becomes the youngest driver to win po
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kimberly: we will see you bac
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here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it... woman: oh! hello! [ screams ] [ screams ] [ yelling ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now here he is, the host of our show... alfonso ribeiro! ♪


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