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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:35pm-12:06am EST

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coming up on abc seven sport sunday, during a for the second half of the nba season. we are joined by christy winters scott. she will break down the wizards and local college use. >> tensions in a week. , varro and jimmie johnson weigh in on the season. local-high school freshman. >> let's take a trip down memory lane from 15 years ago. sports sunday start now. buckle up sports fans, this is abc seven sports sunday. sportselcome to abc 7 sunday. he is robert burton, i am erin hawksworth. so glad you could be with us. >> for the neck cap hour, it is all sports. erin:
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toronto, kobe bryant final appearance. john wall making a third all-star. for the wizards, playing it cool during the intro. entrancent, a special for him. he was the last introduced. a final all-star game. he rolled around the rim, and in. all he can do is a smile at that one. wall was good in the first half, five for 7, 11 points at the break, 22 for the game. the west lead at the half. second quarter, they open up, drained a three. the west winds 196-173, setting and all-star game for a record points. robert: good buckets. let's welcome in the affable analyst -- basketball analysts.
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he is an all-star, but is it the recognition he deserves this season? he is putting up numbers in the points:, but is he better than what people are saying? >> he averaged 24 points in february, the last few games have been 11-6, though he's doing his job with guarding the line. when it comes down to respect across the league, i know this -- third all-star league, but there is something missing. this is a guy who has done it. he is sharing the basketball, not just going for his. leading assists in the league. i don't know what the missing piece is for him, but i don't know if you doing the full trust if you will in terms of respectability across the board. robert: i don't either. ronnie dangerfield, no respect at all. he commenced no respect. >>
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he can recognize that. you can't get caught up. you guys, kind of create that alarm in our players. he gets more recognition than the, that is not fair. he can't worry about that stuff. who determines that? you guys go out and play. those of the two things. you want recognition? be a winner and play your but off. robert: that is randy being randy. the wizards are not doing well as everybody would like them to do. so is randy on the hot seat? >> i don't think so. he has done his job. it is up to the players to execute and focus. they have been focusing on three point shots analytics and stuff, last year it was
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i think they just need more time to be mature. i think the second half of the season will be better. injuries, butof randy wittman is doing a good job for the wizards. robert: i think so too. you are coming from the penn state, ohio state game, let's talk about ohio state. a team that is very dear to you. it seems like ohio state had their number this year. in maryland this year had the big ten championship game against ohio state in overtime. last year ohio state was suffering with injuries, they did not have the depth as they went to maryland. state is back, they haven't for injured players , they aremaryland playing great, but ohio state
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balance inside and out. maryland in their first game played at five games in seven or eight today's, so factor in that, that is not an excuse, just stating a possible reason. in the second game, i spoke with the coat about those two wins, and he told me today that in the second game, ohio state played their best game of the season from top to bottom. this is a team that does not rebound well. maryland is with leading in that regard. when you have ohio state shoot the bell well against a defensive team like maryland, it is tough to stop them. offensive powerhouse. robert: to say the least. maryland is a team we want to see go all the way. there is this one team the uconn huskies. they are dominating an exit beat south carolina.
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have what it takes to get past yukon to actually win in this whole thing? >> i think so. wasink the uconn game, that one of the better games maryland played all season. was 20think that showed turnovers. you have that many against a -- but down the line, they played better in that contest. if they meet again in postseason, i think it could be a better story. .obert: let's switch to the men they are still rolling, but they did lose to wisconsin. how quickly can a bounceback? >> i think it depends on millis gimbal. slump. points, a slow once he gets back into the rut them -rh
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bit of extracurricular issue. i don't know what is going to happen with him, but i think he is playing great. been a greats piece for them in terms of having another score on the perimeter, someone taking the ball handling pressure out of his hands, and that will be more of a store. trimble needs to get out of the things he is in, maryland will be better. robert: i love it when you are in here. do, abc seven sports sunday, serious baseball blood. you will never guess who it is. and spring training around the corner, they weigh in on the next season.
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erin: welcome back to sports sunday, only four days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training in florida. after a disappointing season last year in the new manager with dusty baker, the nationals will look to build off of that potential this spring. the lower expectations heading into spring training could serve them well. washington has called this. espn reporters told me that will go far this season. >> yes, i do. i think they will wind up and winning this division. i think they are still the most talented team. they have some good young pitchers. i think the
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finally having the year everyone expected from him. the real wildcard is ryan perlman. he can't seem to stay healthy. if he is healthy, he is 25 home runs and horny rbis he did not have. -- 40 rbis he did not have. erin: one of the keys to winning the division is harper, the youngest unanimous m.v.p.. he becomes eligible for free agency after the 20 16 season. in a conversation with a fan, he said don't still may short when it comes to his future payday. we caught up with this man and asked him about the money that . rper could command >> he is a great player. he has great talent.
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i don't want him to put too much pressure on himself. i love his family, i love bryce, i don't want to see him put too much pressure on himself. robert: $500 million, no pressure. serious baseball blood was in the southeast. the daughter of the great jackie robinson is founder of breaking barriers, teaching young students about the obstacles their fathers faced. she took this youth baseball academy and taught the kids. she was a hit. daughter inbinson's the building right now. >> she is? robert: as royalty marched through, children were in offer. >> i am jackie robinson's granddaughter. >> timeshare in. [laughter] >> it is nice to touch a piece of your father, what is that like? >> it is very wonderful. i happy to find these
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thrilled by the fact that it is his daughter, not the real man. robert: the daughter of one of the most famous figures in sports, jackie robinson. >> what kind of feeling does it give you? robert: a very good -- >> >> a very good feeling that he was very apprehensive in this object. a great will, a great family component, and post-baseball career, kids don't look into that. robert: robinson is also in educational programming puzzles and for the mlb, and she does not need a fast and full of students to teach. >> what was most important to my father is that we have equal justice. the fact that i am doing something with my kids, my dad loved children, so doing something with kids -- i think he would be very proud of it. i know my mother is. it makes her feel good that we have been le
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to continue his legacy with young people. robert: that is good people right there. kimbrough.ri we will have those highlights. erin: in college park, legends were honored. this is part of black history month.
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erin: welcome back to sports sunday. maryland and the turks got off to a bad start. shatori
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the first nine points, and led 25-5. closing seconds of the first half, walker-kimbrough again. still good, ran for a third, three at the half. 27 for the game. maryland cruises to a 79, 70 win. in connection with black history month, the university of maryland honored the 50th anniversary of the historic texas western versus kentucky, 1966 national championship basketball game held in coalfield. this featured a majority of african-american players and was considered around breaking in starting five black players and defeating an all-white kentucky team. to capture that national championship. those who played in the game, they got emotional while talking about this historic moment. i justw my father, and
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trying to thank him for what he went through for me a long time ago. that is my special part that i can remember. had somethingy else in mind, but he kind of looked around the room and said, it is up to you. i looked at me, and bobby, and bobby said we arnot going to lose this game. i said, you know what, you are right. we are not going to lose. >> [indiscernible] know know what it means. a lot of my friends did. centuryars, half a still an impact of what this game meant, athletics. that is the honor. ton: congratulations again that squad. coming up, an
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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scott: welcome back to sports sunday. we have a story that really took on a life of its own. it is a great example of a young man living out his dream. his name is brandon fredericks at heritage high school. he is simple he known as the voice of the pride.
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school. scott: the section is not always reality. >> everybody who does not know who i am is about two. scott: 14-year-old brendan frederick was born blind. i had to realized change the way i was thinking. i was going to be. scott: senior guard number two, emily thompson. but certainly not silence. >> and now for your pride. scott: meet brendan. >> callan jason. football games, and more basketball and all that kind of stuff. scott: since the age of 10, he has been honing his craft, countless numbers on the mic. he is now more into the voice of the pride. >> everybody cherishes me for who i am. scott: teenage inspiration. >>
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doing the same thing regular people do. i am brandon, and i am the voice of your heritage pride. [laughter] [applause] scott: a voice you will soon be hearing again. friends, this story gets egg and better. on friday morning we gave a brendan a moment he will never forget. this is good morning washington with larry smith and autria godfrey friday morning. he left his mark on good morning washington. >> great to be here. scott: his personality shining under those bright lights. >> i looked upon everybody else and get the energy up. scott: besides sports, brendan also loves the weather. >> eileen whelan, move on over. computer models change every few hours.
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the washington capitals, we said thank you to brandon. surprise for you. i want to bring in peter robinson from the washington capitals. >> your journey would be to what announce the washington capitals. >> yes. >> you are going to welcome the washington capitals on the ice during their warm-up. scott: a lifelong memory he will have forever. i tell you what, i will never forget that moment. brady will be the guest announcer saturday when the capitals [mother] yeah but this neighborhood
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erin: welcome back to sports sunday, controversy at last night's slamdunk contest. this was my favorite. aaron gordon uses the magic mascots. look at that. creativity. look how long he is in the air. robert: the thing about it, this done, from zach levine, that should not have one. gordon should have taken it. erin: they were both good. robert: it is still not 1988 with the jordan -- erin: this was one of the best. robert: yeah, whatever. i give her being with us. we will see yo
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malcolm-jamal warner finally opens up about on-screen dad bill cosby. >> have you spoken to him? >> yeah, yeah. >> why he's refusing to take sides. lady gaga one on one. her touching tribute to david bowie. >> i would never be here without him. and from gaga to brie larson, the oscar class of 2016 plans to take mystery dish questions. >> this is nerve-racking. then a year after her cape catastrophe, madonna suffers a veil fail. only on "extra," adam levine bleach blond revealing his new secret weapon. >> how does that make you feel?


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