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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 16, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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centuries of exploitation and exclusion of the country's native population. some stunning it proof of corruption in mexico. authorities found luxury cells with cable tv, minifridges and aquariums. the facility had food stands and a bar. 49 people died when two rival fractions of a drug cartel battled for control of the prison. the director superintendent and a guard have ever been arrested on murder charges. so braz can give you a lift. australian police say they've made one of the biggest drug busts down under seizing meth amphetamine hidden in silicon bras. four people have ever been charged with importing the drug from china. >> if you do target the australian market, we
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prosecute you. >> this is definitely a bust however the seizure is thought to be only a small fraction of the meth flooding the australian market because the price has been dropping. this form is known as ice in australia and crystal meth here we're very familiar with this if you watched "breaking bad." >> okay so we think it is safe to say it's been a remarkable couple of days for a giant okay at the pass in the great northwest. his name is kong. >> he was set to be the king of his tank at the seattle aquarium on sunday, valentine's day. he's going to do something some sort of mating. but the aquarium canceled because its annual blind date event because kong was too big. apparently size matters. >> they thought kong might eat his potential mate. and just today, they put in a trash can filled with water and dumped
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so he's owl out there on his own? >> apparently joining weight watchers now because people think he's too big. it's heart breaking. what's the thing you swipe to the left and right? >> to the right. there's fat shaming even in. the aquarium. >> not cool. is there weight watchers for octopus. >> no, but it's good eating if we find it. coming up, what makes sef curry tick on and off the court. the night that belonged to taylor swift. the big moment from the grammy awards and the direction that the music business is headed. >> and the 20 golden retrievers rescued from an unthinkable location flown halfway around the globe after our forecast map. did you know there are some powerful storms on both coasts? justin bieber won a grammy last night. first time. >> what does that have to do with the weather? >> l.a. is looking sunny. >> okay.
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an unusual cargo arrived at the los angeles airport after a long flight. look at these cuties. 20 golden retrievers started out in istanbul, turkey. a woman who lives there reached out to a golden retriever rescue group here in the u.s. they arranged to bring the dogs back to the u.s. the rescuers footed the bill about $2500 per dog. >> they were once a status symb symbol. and they don't do the well with the, are. >> i didn't know that. golden retrievers are in such high demand here that there is a waiting list and the 20 dogs from turkey will be placed in foster homes till they can be matched with permanent homes. what a good cause. >> they'll be gone in minutes. >> they're so cute. with much of the nation in the grips of a deep freeze, ice is a major worry but not just
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>> we've seen a dramatic number of rescues can of people who have fallen through the ice noose potentially bone chilling water. what should you do in such an emergency? here's abc's matt gutman. >> take a look at this dramatic rescue caught on camera. firings rushing to save a 16-year-old after he plunged through an icy pond in missouri earlier this month. to demonstrate how to survive crashing through the ice, we traveled to the tun undra of indianapolis. >>. >> that whole team is just in charge of making sure i can get rescued. serious operation. >> the indiana state police and fire department giving me a life saving demonstration. my teacher? aka dr. popsicle. the world's most foremost expert on hypothermia and ice rescues. the first thing to know when you hit the water, have you time. then get control of your breathing and don't panic. two words, kick and pull. kick and pull.
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kick your legs and try and pull yourself along the ice. >> like swimming on top of the ice. >> with no special wet or dry suits, i take the plunge. >> i was just talking along and -- mind numbing cold. but i acclimate, adjust my breathing and then remember my instructions. i kick and pull my way to safety but as this is thermal imaging camera shows my toes and treatments were blue and cold. but that's just from the original exposure to the freezing water. my core is fine. i'm not hypothermnick. he gave me a nifty tool to help make it easier. >> these are called ice sticks. most people ho go ice fishing have this around their neck. >> easier indeed but same rules apply. kick and pull. >>
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>> matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. do you think matt gutman tells his wife before he does these? >> our hanks to matt for taking one for the people. >> they aid 33 degrees weather, have you about 15 minutes of survival and that's it. >> the hardest part would be not to panic. >> so true. coming up, music's big night in l.a. this year's grammy awards jam packed with awards and performances, also a long list of tributes. a complete wrap-up straight ahead.
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♪ come on and sing my song everybody all night long ♪ ♪ all night long all night long ♪ >> dancing by myself. >> this is like a wedding song that everybody should play. everybody up on the floor. >> it was one of the pivotal moments last night the tribute to lionel richie, the icon joined by "a" listers including john legend, luke bryan, meghan trainor and tyrese gibson for a rendition of his 1983 classic "all night long." >> still looks the same. he looks great. >>
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special moments at last night's grammy awards. it was a jam packed show also tributes. >> and the star power on the stage, as well. we're up "up all nightline" right now with chris connelly ♪ ♪ dance the night with you >> from adele's epic "all i am" to demi lovato's, well, "hello." ♪ is it me you're looking for >> from taylor swift "are we out of the woods yet" wonder to the multicultural wonders of this opener from the broadway musical is "hamilton." ♪ in new york you can be a newman ♪ >> by luck or design. the 50th annual and grammy awards came at a moment when music sits proudly at the head of the pop culture table. thanks to beyonce's "formation"
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halftime performance, and kanye west's an by every means possible roll out for his newest release the life of pablo sppt featuring a madison square garden fashion show and a yeezy tweet storm. much on the minds of those there. >> and when i wake up, i recognize you're looking at me. >> so many of them fans of the rapper kendrick lamar beloved from the streets to the oval office jumping off from his "all right" video and winning five grammys including best rap album. >> thinking out loud. >> ed sheeran won best song for what looms as a generation defining track "thinking out loud," and then the pop unicorn herself picking up album of the year for
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the entire night a showcase for superstars who thrived in the age of digital and streaming. >> adele is just a fascinating star. you know, you've got these deep and dark and sort of lonely songs and she's funny and she's a very, very likable character. >> and the good thing, too. late reports and tweets commenting on technical issues at the top of her performance. rihanna took to twitter to explain her last minute decision to cancel her grammy performance telling fans so sorry i wouldn't be there. a statement saying she had been put on vocal rest for an infection. you know what's not canceled, the daytime and nighttime drama between taylor and kanye. one long running show to which anyone can buy a ticket. one that figures to play itself out more in the days to come. >> keeping up with kanye west can be a full-time job especially when he's in
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♪ i love to hold you close i love to wake up next to you ♪ ♪ love the new song from zayn. there is no question that golden state warriors steph curry is an amazing player. >> but what you might not realize is that the nba's reigning
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norm. abc's jesse palmer had a chance for a little one-on-one. >> reporter: steph curry, dominating the nba all-star court sunday night. the point guard bringing home a victory for team west. do you think you're the best player in the nba? >> yes, by the way, that's my mentality by focus and motivation when i go out there. >> reporter: now with curry at the helm, the warriors are on track to break the nba record for regular season wins set by michael jordan and the chicago bulls. >> i don't know how many times you'll be in a position to chase a historical record like that and be a team that everybody remembers. go after it, but getting a championship would be more important. >> reporter: while his wife aisha is the one with the culinary chops, they don't call him chef curry for nothing. >> five ingredients. 15 minutes. i keep it simple.
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and let the family enjoy. and then you'll have that tomorrow and the next day and the next day. >> reporter: off the court, you'll find them rubbing shoulders with the obamas, the first lady posting this wildly viral dub smash with the couple on friday. ♪ >> reporter: curry even playing a round of golf with the president but admitting there's one thing that throws him off his game. >> the only thing that was a little intimidating was it was the secret service. we lost the match. i blamed it on the secret service. he's used to that kind of environment and i'm not. we need a rematch and call it square. >> reporter: jesse palmer, abc news, new york. >> he love he blamed the secret service. >> he's such an awesome guy. we do like him. >> that's the news for this half hour everyone, find us on facebook
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this morning on "world news now," dangerous storms across 17 states. >> i from tornadoes across the south to heavy snow and ice. from the midwest to the northeast, the powerful storm system is taking a new turn today. fighting words. donald trump takes aim at ted cruz and jeb bush. and his powerful political family. how former president george w. bush is fighting back. >> canine competition. the new breeds competing for attention at the westminster dog show. we'll go behind the scenes. >> and the big winners at last night's grammy awards. the surprising moments and the color full tribute to david bowie. it is tuesday, february 16th. ♪


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