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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 16, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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this morning on "world news now" is, political battle. former president george w. bush fights for his brother jeb while donald trump lashes out. how the campaign is intensifying for both parties. february fury from tornadoes in the south to a storm packing a powerful punch. today in the north, the travel dangers in the hours ahead. and new this half hour, an early and easy delivery for a surprised mom. >> just two pushes right there at home on the couch and a baby boy was born ten days early. wait till you hear the rest of this story. >> later in "the skinny," the music acted dazzled the grammy awards and the red carpet. and why adele was not too happy about her performance. >> it's tuesday, february 16th. ♪
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." and everybody, good morning on a busy tuesday. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. you like to belt out adele. >> a little "all i ask." the way i belt it out, it kind of sounded like the way adele sounded last night because -- >> technical difficulty. >> the tune was a little bit off. >> she drowned her sorrows in in and out burger. it was still a beautiful performance. we begin with the all out brawl in south carolina. a nasty war of words intensifying on the campaign trail. >> as the democrats battle over middle class and minority voters and former president bush stumps for his younger brother, donald trump is doubling down on his 9/11 comments. it's your voice, your vote. and abc's lana zak has the latest on the candidates starting with the republicans. >> reporter: the man known as bush 43 was on the campaign trail trying to make younger brother jeb bush 45. >> we need someone who can fix
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the problems that cause our anger and frustration and that's jeb bush. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and jeb needs the help. the south carolina republican primary on saturday could be his last stand against front-runner donald trump who owns a double digit lead in polls there. even so, trump has been on the warpath against the bushes. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. remember that. >> i've heard for years he kept the country safe after. what does it mean after? what about during 9/11? i was there. i lost a lot of friends killed in that building. >> reporter: trump unleashing an attack on senator ted cruz. >> i think ted's a very untable guy. i've never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. and he goes around saying he's a christian. >> reporter: cruz fired back. >> it's not a response simply to start yelling louder and louder, liar, liar, liar, whenever anyone points to the candidate's own record.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton was stumping for votes in nevada. >> i'm hoping to get your support in the caucus on saturday. >> reporter: she too got a helping hand from a presidential relative. >> america needs a leader who cannot just talk change but can make change. >> reporter: in michigan, a surging bernie sanders was met with huge lines and nearly 10,000 supporters. >> together we're going to create an economy that works for the working class and the middle class, not just the 1%. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: lana zak, abc news, washington. president obama could nominate a replacement for supreme court justice antonin scaly yea as soon as next week. the white house says the president's obligation to do so is "ironclad," and that he's already deep into the process. but the republicans control congress so the nominee has little chance of being confirmed. that could leave the position vacant for more than a year. >> to the extreme weather that is impacting the eastern half of the country. tornadoes struck the gulf coast. this one teari
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alexandria, louisiana. it for the roof off of a car wash and threw it into a pizza hut that was packed with lunchtime diners at the time. some of the debris lands on a car with the driver inside. amazingly, there were only minor injuries in that one. >> thousands of people are without power this morning after another twister touched down near the florida/alabama border. a guitar center employee says it came out of nowhere. the twister uprooted trees and knocked them on to cars and buildings. amazingly, only minor injuries, as well. >> that same storm system brought know and ice farther north last night making for a miserable commute. long distance travel was no better. hundreds of flights were canceled with more here's elizabeth hur. >> snow in d.c. and virginia quickly transforring the area from a winter wonderland to a travel nightmare. temporarily closing runways at reagan international and having a ripple effect at airports across the country.
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snow and ice wreaking havoc for drivers from iowa to illinois, indiana and pennsylvania. i-78 finally reopened after this massive and fatal pile-up over the weekend. a new storm is now moving across parts of the northern plains and south making its way north bringing heavy rain and warmer temperatures. a welcome relief for the millions of americans in the northeast and new england. speaking of relief, forecasters say temperatures are set to rise some 30 degrees in the next 24 hours from boston to d.c. meaning they'll be enjoying temperatures in the 50s by later today. kendis and reena? >> can't get there soon enough. >> yeah, exactly. that warmup she mentioned is part of the story. >> yeah, now there are some flooding concerns and downpours and powerful winds. accuweather's paul williams continues our coverage right now. good morning, paul. >> i appreciate that, kendis, reena.
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on a different personality. for example, tuesday, we're looking for widespread rain throughout the northeast but then this storm begins to move to the north. here's how it's going to change personality. we will have a warmup which will help bring us out of the cellular as far as the temperatures are concerned. we have strong winds coming off the atlantic. strong winds, 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds along the east coast from maine all the way down to richmond. that's the different personality. kendis, reena? >> quite a bit of personality in the weather today. in syria, hopes for a cease-fire set for next week dimmed after a series of air strikes on hospitals and a school. at least 50 people died in the attacks that included a pediatric hospital as well as a maternity ward. doctors without borders blamed syria and russia saying 40,000 people are now without medical care. last week the u.s., russia and other world leaders agreed to pause the fighting. smoke in the cockpit caused
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flight out of reagan national airport. 167 people were on board going to seattle. 16 minutes after takeoff, the plane was safely back on the ground at nearby dulles airport after the pilots reported smoke. all six crew members were treated at a hospital and released. no passengers were hurt and no word on the cause. president obama is in southern california this morning for a landmark summit he's hosting leaders of ten asian nations, the first time they have been invited to a stand alone meeting in the united states. they'll be talking about economic and security issues. chief among those china's assertion that it has rights to all of the south china sea. pope francis has wrapped up another busy day in mexico. the 79-year-old catholic leader looked exhausted when he returned to mexico city last night where he greeted the waiting crowds. earlier during a visit to
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chiapas, the pope spoke out centuries of exploitation and exclusion of the country's population. >> i hope he's okay. >> he had a slight limp here in the united states. it comes with a little bit of exhaustion. but he's tireless at 79. >> he is. i hope had he work in a nap for him. well, a rhode island mom delivered her third son at home but not exactly by choice. baby cameron arrived in the middle of the night ten days early as his mom tried to get comfortable on the recliner in the living room. the dad sleeping upstairs. when he showed up, dad immediately called 911 and an ambulance took mom and baby to the hospital. i had one feeling that felt like a normal contraction. and at the second push, i was holding my son. >> i heard her screaming and yelling that he's here. >> unbelievable. cameron seemed ready to get going. he cried right away and he was already breastfeeding in the ambu
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he may need that spunk to keep up with his two older brothers there. >> so the kid was born monday morning already breastfeeding and i believe by tomorrow, he'll be walking. > that's right. >> at this pace. >> and by next week we'll be talking about what college he's getting into. >> exactly. so the big annual toy fair here in new york wraps up today. one of the items featured is a real blast from the past. >> it's called the thingmaker 3-d printer from mattel. basically, it's a 3-d printer. it's controlled by an app. it's meant for children to design and print all kinds of stuff from action figures to jewelry and really whatever they can imagine. >> the original thing maker dates back to the early '60s. it was die cast molds you baked in the oven. this new one decidedly more hi-tech and probably a little safer. coming up in "the skinny" can, grammy acts and fashions to remember. and in the bonus round, the rose
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one causes the other. we turn our focus now to a growing concern in the skies. overseas, the bbc reporting there are growing demands to restrict the sale of lasers. >> it comes amid an investigation into that dangerous scare over the weekend that forced a virgin atlantic flight from london to new york to turn around. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: this virgin atlantic jet had just taken off for new york. >> we have a medical issue with one of the pilots after a laser incident after takeoff, and we're going to return to heathrow. >> reporter: the pilot, described as "unwell," was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> i think it's just really scary, whether it was by accident or on purpose. >> reporter: british pilots call this an attack, which are increasing at an alarming rate. more incidents here, too, of those powerful lasers being shined into cockpits. the faa says in 2014, there were an average of 11 cases a night. that nearly doubled last year to 21 incidents each evening. part of the problem? this doesn't happen enough. finding the person with the laser. in new york, police are out
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this is some of the busiest airspace in the country. three major airports with airliners lining up and landing all night. for pilots, even police, lasers bring the fear of temporary blindness, putting themselves and their aircraft at risk. david kerley, abc news, washington. okay. when we come back, music's big night in hollywood. >> yeah, we're all about the grammys, the awards, the tributes, the moments and, of course, the fashion. that's ahead in "the skinny."
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♪ skinny, so skinny well, time now for "the skinny" and the only headline this morning is last night's grammys. >> it was a big night in los angeles. 58th annual grammy awards. there were quite a few surprises and more than a few upsets. one of the biggest wins of the night, mark ronson beat out taylor swift to take home the record of the year award for his hit "uptown funk." the song also took home the award for best pop duo group performance. >> taylor swift did prevail taking home album of the year for "1989," making her the only female artist to win album of the year twice. she also won best pop music album and music video. sw
3:48 am
everywhere not to give up. >> during that speech -- should mention song of the year which is actually an award for best songwriter went to ed sheeran and amy wadge for "thinking out loud" sheeran said he never thought he would be handed an award by stevie wonder. >> and perhaps in a poke at songwriters best new artist winner meghan trainor could hardly get through her acceptance speech making sure she thanked record executive l.a. reed for looking her as an artist. >> taylor responding to kanye says there are people who will try to undercut your accomplishments or your fame and this is to them. so a subtle jab. >> we have an alert system ready when kanye tweets back. go doo, doo, doo. don't be alarmed if you hear that red light coming on. >> last night's grammys were jam packed with high octane performances. >> kicking it all with a rousing start, taylor swift. ♪
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>> i thought it was "the lion king" for a second but it's not. she apparently opened last night's show donning that sequinned jumpsuit for her performance of "out of the woods." >> adele's performance was less than perfect. look at this. while singing "all i ask" the piano mikes fell onto the piano strings. you can see she got a little fluxed about it. cbs called it a technical issue that was out of their control. adele tweeting among other things, because of it though, i'm treating myself to in and out. so maybe it was worth it. >> there you go. i like how she took a bad situation and made it positive. >> by eating. >> a little extra calories. ♪ fame
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>> she looks so much like david bowie there. >> lady gaga channeling the late great bowie with a medley of some of his famous hits. >> another tribute included a star-studded salute to the music of lionel richie and jackson browne frongt the eagles, remembering founding member glenn frey. >> noticeably absent last night rihanna reportedly is under doctor's orders to cancel her performance over a bout of bronchitis and warned while performing while sick could have permanently damaged her vocal cords. that is a reason to stay home. >> she tweeted an apology to fans, as well. >> apology accepted. any coverage of the awards wouldn't be complete without discussing the fashion. >> this is the deep part of our coverage. any fashion discussion must start with lady gaga and this david bowie inspired outfit. from head to toe, the 29-year-old channeled the superstar from the hair, the makeup to the sapphire and silver dress right down to those nearly impossible crimson platform heels.
3:51 am
>> i liked she chose her natural hair color for this. this is a more traditional look. >> she woke up like that. >> yep. if you want a more traditional look, here's super model chrissy teigen showing off her baby bump head to toe i'd with a beaded cape. number one accessory was eye candy john legend, her husband looking amazing in a tux with gold fleur-de-lis. >> stealing the red carpet spotlight was sierra in a barely there black halter neck wrap dress encrusted with white sequins leaving very little to the imagination. >> we don't know whose imagination came up with this. >> pink nightmare worn by florence welsh, lead of florence and the machine. the moon and star embellishments a gucci frock looks like it came straight out of the prairie. or maybe a 7th great home ec class. >> that is rough. >> very bedazzled. >> do you remember the old carroll burnett episode where she dragged the curtain off and made a dress?
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for better results, use finish jet-dry. ♪ skinny, so skinny >> the bell means "skinny" bonus round. let's get straight to it. you're already on camera. abc's "bachelor." >> surprises today. tell you what. we're back. >> yes. >> we're down to the final four in "the bachelor." in the bachelor." >> things are getting serious. >> episode last night was all in warsaw, indiana. it was ben's hometown. our girl lauren b. and jojo went on one-on-one dates. it's all good with them. things started not to go so well on the group date. >> oh. >> that was when we had becca, amanda and caila, they take the car, hang out with ben. there's only one rose on the whole thing. amanda got it. they worked a drive through. then they had this french fry kiss.
3:56 am
kind of like lady and the tramp. >> like a disney movie. >> they were hanging out at mcdonald's. eventually they got to a big street party right there in the downtown warsaw. amanda is one of the final four. it's all good for her. then there was a one-on-one date, emily the twin and ben, they went to ben's parents' house. something wasn't right about this from the get go. you just got the feeling that it wasn't going to end well. >> what happened? >> let's put it this way. you know it's not going to end well on "the bachelor" when you hear stuff like "i don't think i can see you being my wife." that's kind of straightforward. she said that. he went further. "i don't see that next step for us." >> there's still a chance. >> no, i don't think there's any chance for emily. emily is gone. so much for her. the rose ceremony, five women were still alive. lauren b. got the rose. jojo got the rose.
3:57 am
kayla got the last rose. you know what that means. no rose for becca. >> come on. >> tears all around. becca's making plans for "bachelor in paradise." >> he blindsided her. >> i don't know if it was a blind side or not. ben said he wanted to do it before the families got involved. so -- >> is he crying? >> it is what it is. he was a little worked up. but it is what it is. finally four, for the hometowns, amanda, our girl lauren b., jojo and caila. >> oh. >> and if the promos are anything -- if we know anything by that, someone's family is going rogue. think desiree's brother versus shawn. >> that will be crazy. so kiss count was not important this week? >> no, kiss count was not important this week. >> they just kissed good-bye. that was all she wrote.
3:58 am
it is what it is.
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weekend. but snow and icy conditions, are keeping thousands of school children at home. good morning washington. toss to eileen winter storm warning in effect for all counties west of i-95 through 10am. winter weather advisory in effect for d.c. and counties east of i-95 through 10am. flood watch in effect for the entire viewing area through 11pm. today: heavy rain through early afternoon. breezy and milder. highs: 46-54 winds: se -> w 10-15 g 25 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. some refreezing possible. lows: 27-34 winds: nw 5-10 mph


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