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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 19, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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fall. experts say this challenge will likely go nowhere. in an increasingly tight democratic race, the candidates are taking off their gloves. last night hillary clinton was booed at one point by the crowd when he she accused bernie sanders of not being a democrat till he decided to run for president and criticized sanders for his attacks on the two most recent democratic presidents. bernie sanders had harsh words of his own, questioning hillary clinton's admiration for the president saying she is simply pandering for black votes. the two candidates are locked in a dead heat ahead of tomorrow's caucuses in nevada and the primary in south carolina in a week. and a day. the suspect accused in last spring's washington, d.c. mansion murders will be in court today to face murder and other charges. police say 35-year-old daron wipt killed an executive, his wife, son and hou
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he was lynched to the crime found on dna on pizza crust. the stakes may get higher for the so-called affluenza teen today. a judge will decide whether to move his case to adult court. the transfer would happen when he turns 19 in april. the convicted drunk driver has been in a maximum security adult facility for nearly two weeks. the judge may decide to keep him there till his birthday when the penalties will become more severe. >> firefighters near kansas city are battling a huge brush fire. they believe it was sparked by a lawnmower. the high winds fanning it created a fire tornado. the fire is on prison property but it has closed a highway nearby. it has con souped about 1500 acres and is about 75% contained. no homes are threatened at this time. and that is not the case in eastern oklahoma where homes are as you can see there,
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are being burned. numerous homes were lost but they don't know how many. there are more than two dozen grass fires burning. the most in several years. the city of tulsa has been filled with smoke from the fires. firefighters are using helicopters to dump water on the flames and they say the aggressive effort seems to be working. in today's forecast, dangerous winds again threaten the great plains and midwest. downpours in the pacific northwest. another foot of mountain snow in california. up to washington state. snow and freezing rain in western new york. >> 30s in boston and new york. 50s in chicago. great falls and minneapolis. 60s in los angeles. and atlanta. and 70s nbc albuquerque and miami. two rare white tiger cubs are now calling australia home. the little cuties, look at them, just arrived 15 weeks old. arrived earlier this week from a zoo in japan. they don't have official names yet but are called red and yellow for now.
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yellow. it's hoped that the sisters will help attract tourists to dream world theme park. they were born white when their parents share the right combination of simple genes and that causes a lack after pigment in the fur. >> so it's a pretty good deal because australia zoo actually trades koalas to other zoos. >> apparently there are only 3200 tigers left in the wild. >> let's hope they're not that angry. >> simmer down. coming up in. the "insomniac theater," two new movies that might scare you. the reviews are coming in. >> we've heard of therapy pets before but how about a couple pythons to soothe your nerves. >> no, no. >> you don't do well with pythons. there's one woman fighting to keep her snakes alive. later the king of snapchat. deejay cally. how this hipmaker of hip-hop found success by spinning social media like nobody else. you're watching "world news now."
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a woman in iowa has a unique remedy to treat her anxiety and depression. snake therapy. darla mcginnis, a res debt of council bluffs has two ball pythons but in january she was forced to remove the snakes after a visit from animal control. so for now, she visits them at a friend's home in omaha, nebraska. mcginnis fighting to change the law. >> i have had anxiety problems my whole life. medication never helped and then i got zagen, and he helped. >> mcginnis appeared at a council meeting this week hoping to change the law. she's also collecting signatures to help her cause and she will consider moving if she cannot keep her pets. well, the pet seems to like her. >> whoa, that did not like that camera
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you saw the tongue going up. >> i can't get over those. >> you do have a phobia. what's not therapeutic is a noise that's been driving people crazy in one community west of portland oregon. >> officials have been ruling out what it's not. so what is it? abc's neal karlinksky now on deepening mystery. >> reporter: as mysteries go, there aren't many that can match this one for being just as annoying as it is unexplained. [ screeching ] that high pitched sound, wreaking havoc on forest grove, oregon, for weeks, mainly at night, even waking people up. >> it sounds like brakes to me. the cyclical, you know, screeching of, you need to change your brakes. >> reporter: local officials have ruled out a water valve, gas leak or wildlife. and the nearest train track is rarely used. >> want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? [ screeching ] >> guys, guys, guys! >> reporter: unlike "dumb and dumber," this sound isn't so funny to people who live here.
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the fire department doesn't know what it is either. >> welcome "the x-files" back on tv again, so, here we are. >> reporter: the truth is out there, and whatever it is, it sure is loud. and baffling. [ screeching ] neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> you know, yesterday our crew sort of figured it out. and our belief, i mean our crew thought it was something in the water system. >> that that's that loud out there in the winter. >> collect the water system. that's what the crew thinks. >> good luck folks in oregon. coming up, taking fame to a whole new level. >> he's got hit records and famous friends but where deejay khaled has struck gold is on social media. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ because all i do all i do is win, win, win no matter what ♪ >> when your hands go up and they stay there and it's just like -- go up. >> that's your favorite part. >> thanks. >> the winning hip-hop producer behind that anthem has built himself into an accomplished and formidable force inside the recording industry. >> what's really sending deejay cla led's fame through
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media. we're up "up all nightline" with t.j. homes. >> at 40 years old, he's become the unlikely king of snapchat with over 6 million followers. and "nightline" is along for the ride. many of his snapchat stories revolve life around here his miami mansion. >> the pathway most success. this relaxes me when i water my plants, when i see the flowers grow. whether he i talk to the order. lion. >> he's coined countless catch phrases. >> another one just know. >> reporter: his keys to success. >> right now i'm on abc "nightline." major key. this is big. >> his massive snapchat audience equalities to marketing gold. >> when more success comes, you got everybody coming, movie deals, tv shows, endorsements. >> reporter: he's already cashing in, recently debuting a line of merchandise called what
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else, we the best. earlier this month he signed an exclusive radio deal with apple music. chal led estimates 50% of his current fan base are newcomers from snapchat, the other half being long time fans of his music. his first hit was 2007's "we taking over." he has created hits with the kanye west, nicky min jaj and jay-z just to name a few. >> it confuses me when somebody says what does he do. my records are some of the biggest anthems ever. what you think they magically appear. >> ohm walked out to my record. >> how do you like my new entrance music. >> that day i said i made it. >> reporter: a major moment in his unique lig american story. born to palestinian parents in new orleans, he cherishes his heritage. >> i can't say that i followed complete perfect of the
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supposed to be doing it, but i know my heart is clean and i have a clean soul and god got me. >> is it upsetting to see some of the talk out there about possibly cutting off muslims coming to this country. >> that's just ignorance. i promote love and peace. i'm taking over as your principal for the day. school is like life. you will be efforted, pass it. >> reporter: he coins to spread that signature wisdom far and wide. shocking hundreds of middle schoolers with a surprise visit. >> and i want to let you all know i love y'all for real and i appreciate y'all having me here. >> reporter: before he left, you know he had to get that perfect snap. >> miami kill school make some noise. >> reporter: nor "nightline," i'm t.j. holmes in miami. >> i like that you will be tested. >> his instagram promoting the
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>> yeah, it's good music. time now for "insomniac theater" checking out two movies opening today, starting with a terrifying new horror flick. >> "the witch" we haves back magic and possession telling the tale of one family torn apart by a mysterious evil in the new england wilderness of the 1630s [ screaming ] >> she put a curse on me. >> why have you turned against me? >> i saw it. >> it the evil. >> it's not safe. no one can.
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>> the witch scoring 83% on rotten tomatoes. johanna writes the macabre to the core. it will have you seeking out a church as soon as you leave the theater. pretty good review. randy myers calls it reminiscent of edgar allan poe's hawthorne and the brothers grimm, the witch is the pure movie magic that sends chills up the spine. >> so it's a comedy, right? not quite? next up, we're leepg ahead from the witch 240 years into the 1870s. kiefer and donald sharing the stage as retired gun fighter who returns to his hometown in wyoming hoping to repair the relationship with his estranged father. but the town is in turmoil. the railroad is coming through and the criminal gang is terror rising ranchers who refuse to sell their land. >> well, well, well, i heard a lot about you. >> is you going to be a pr
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headed for an inevitable conclusion. >> if i was looking for trouble, you'd already know it. >> stay inside. >> you're going to try to push them off homesteads they've been living on all their lives. >> if we're still here. >> then i'd start looking for a black dress. >> forsaken is getting only a 50% rating on rotten tomatoes critics are mixed. joe laden in variety, refreshingly and unan bashedly sincere in its embrace of western convention and arch types. roger moore counters too stiff and steal to overcome its acres from cliches. a couple decent offerings out there. if not, there are some good movies from last week we can all check out. >> that's the in us for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at
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this morning on "world news now," a feud involving religion and politics. >> in the middle of it, pope francis who says donald trump's idea to build a wall along the mexican border is unchristian. trump's response and the global political firestorm. out of control, the helicopter that crashed into the water in vegas paradise. the boy badly injured and the onlookers rushing to help. spanning danger. american bridges as the a breaking point. the disasters that have happened at a warning about what could be next. and later, go ahead, throw etan trum. destroy anything you want in the name of anger. this business is a smash. it's friday, february


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