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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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♪ anchor: coming up, looking back at the legacy of late justice antonin scalia as thousand say goodbye today. ♪ , on a lot ofacting water, they could die in a few hours. anchor: residents concerned for the safety of pets. and one candidate already declaring victory, the latest on vote 2016, up next. ♪ at 6:00.bc 7 news anchor: good evening. thousands gathered to say good day -- to say goodbye to justice
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held at basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. he is being remembered for his devotion to his country and family. richard? reporter: what a moving service. thousands of people there, as many as 30,000. vice president biden, former vice president dick cheney, many other leaders there, and at some of the most moving moments coming from his son. ♪ reporter: a gathering of faith and remembrance, the national basilica. >> i thought it was beautiful. reporter: the funeral mass for justice antonin scalia, do thousands. -- drew thousands. >> i wish i had the faith that he had. reporter: a friend. >> he was for the constitution. reporter:
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including vice president biden and dick cheney. does not disappoint, the love of god has poured out into our hearts. reporter: his colleagues paid their respects. >> our heartfelt sympathy at the loss of your husband, your father, your grandfather and friend. reporter: the 79-year-old justice remembered for his love of god, country and family. love forft dad with a his country. reporter: his son, a priest from arlington, did an emotional homage to his father and his patriotism. >> there is no conflict between loving god and loving one god's -- loving one's country. he was the country's good servants, because he was for
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god first. reporter: thousands paying tribute. >> he is looking down on us. we are going to miss him. reporter: certainly there will be a sharp partisan battle to find a replacement for scalia on the high court, but for today, this is remembering an icon, a longtime serving supreme court justice. family ind a arlington, many of his children graduated from the area. we have been writing on social media how proud we are of the children, especially of paul delivering not for his father. another emotional goodbye this afternoon for a deputy killed in the line of duty. the funeral was
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mark logsdon, he and another deputy were killed after responding to a call last week at a restaurant. the suspect was killed in a shootout. right now, in spotsylvania, a shopping center evacuated after a bomb threat this afternoon. the state police were called to the sound center -- town center. the threat was made this afternoon around 1:30 p.m. police say that nothing was found and it has reopened. lots of people out and about today as we get a taste of spring. enjoy it now, this is likely the nicest weather we will have all week. ryan has a first look at the forecast. this is a beautiful shot of iwo jima there. ryan: beautiful weather for a saturday. we had dry conditions. this is nice, falling on a saturday. but weo
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temperatures in the 60's and 70's in many locations. many spots with highs in the 60's and it looked like maybe 70 north and west of washington. 67 in fredericksburg. the sun has set and temperatures are beginning to fall. annapolis. and air temperatures will fall into the 50's for the next several hours. some clouds earlier today, but we are clearing out right now. whether changes are coming in for the overnight. and we will have more cloud cover tomorrow and a chance of rain. 39-47 when you wake up in the morning. it will be cool in the suburbs. in the wind will be out of the south west. talking about when the rain arrives in a few minutes. can really -- anchor:
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flags about a local lake, toxins have reached dangerous levels. new tonight, we explain what is causing it and the danger it poses to pets. reporter: signs are posted all across the pond, but some neighbors worry that the warning is not enough. under a now frozen surface, neighbors say that is lake looks like this. >> we noticed near our house that the surface was starting to become this really red color, surprisingly, shockingly red. reporter: adam says his wife contacted officials. >> you can tell that something was wrong. no healthy body of water would be a pink color. reporter: after testing, officials found something was wrong. >> basically you have these. reporter: a senior scholar with the center of watershed and coastal studies, came out
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taking studies of the water and says that the high level of toxins found are deadly to pets. reporter: it is fact acting. >> if they jake this amount of water, -- drink this amount of water, they could die within 72 hours. reporter: it hits close to home. >> we need to make sure that he gets nowhere near it. reporter: results from earlier this month shall extremely high levels of toxins. signs are warning to stay away. >> for something like this to happen, for ourselves and for pets and kids, we are all concerned. reporter: experts that tested the water are planning a meet -- a meeting for later this week to discuss findings and the next step. new developments in the investigation into a house explosion in woodbridge. this
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the family living there just got out of the home when a fireball exploded in the basement. nobody was hurt. questions lingered, since neighbors say they have reported the smell of gas in the area for days leading up to the explosion. the state senator today held a town hall on the situation and he said that since the explosion, washington gas found 10 other leaks within a few blocks of the home and conducted emergency repairs. washington gas said that eight homes in the area will have to have gas lines replaced, that will take place this spring or summer. they are still investigating. coming up, the first really nice weekend in a long time, but there is one popular site you will not be able to enjoy in the beautiful weather. the problem and when to expect a fix, coming up. and the nevada caucus and south carolina
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right now. new tonight, there is already one winner in one of those races. and bracing for the very worst i'm of the strongest tropical -- very worst, the tropical -- the strongest tropical storm on whether hitting fiji
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. visitly: if you want to the washington monument this weekend, you might want to change plans. it will be closed until next week because of a damaged elevator control box. this is not a mechanical failure. the national park service will set a date for reopen after ev
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, the president looking to strengthen ties -- the secretary of commerce for virginia. the regional leaders will meet with diplomatic officials and business and health care officials. they say that they are exploring investment opportunities for greater economic success. still ahead, voters making their voices heard in nevada and south carolina. the candidate already claiming victory in one of those races. and taking a look outside, it was a beautiful saturday. ryan will be back with the possibility of rainy or snowy
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kimberly: they developments on the campaign trail.
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declared the winner in nevada. but the battle is on in south carolina. megan hughes has the very latest. reporter: from the ballot box to the caucuses, voters choosing who they want to nominate for president. >> i chose what that would be the best president. >> it came down to who you trust. >> this is a special report. >> hillary clinton, the winner of the caucuses in that key stay, the nevada caucuses. victory, aftera a bruising defeat in new hampshire. and hard for the bernie sanders campaign going into south carolina where hillary clinton has a big lead. and more controversy. >> this is a terrible story. reporter: donald trump retelling a story about an american general rounding up and executing muslims. >> he took 50 ble
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dipped them in pigs blood. reporter: marco rubio says donald trump appears to be saying whatever he wants. >> i hope people are offended by that. that is not what the united states is about. reporter: time will tell if voters agree. the battle to stay in the top three could save or sink several campaigns. --in south carolina, these whoever finishes outside the top 30 will be problematic. reporter: george bush planned to be in nevada tomorrow -- jeb bush land to be a nevada tomorrow. will that change? >> i don't think so. reporter: and setting sites on super tuesday. >> i brought the sunshine. reporter: they are expecting a record turnout in south carolina. hughes, abc news, columbia, south carolina. kimberly: the strongest tropical storm on
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-- fiji. the fiji broadcom corporation shows that an elderly man was killed when a roof fell in on him. wind gusts are expected to reach 180 miles per hour. this is the highest level. the prime minister has declared a state of emergency. this is the strongest tropical storm on record in that part of the world. dozens of people plunge 30 feet to the ground after a derailment in west virginia. about 100 skiers were left stranded on the list. they were safely evacuated. two people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries and police are investigating what caused the accident. orit a chair that fell, people did not have a bar down? but we have beautiful weather back here. ryan: it felt
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we will see changes, though. and dry conditions for today, they are going away. get ready for rain and get out those umbrellas. take a look at the screen. belle haven country club. this is the gorgeous sunrise. you will notice on the right-hand side, clouds coming in from the west. and we saw temperatures into the , andin many locations some places into the 70's. we made it to 61 at reagan national airport. beshould be where we should this time of the of. we will see temperatures remain mild for the next couple of hours, then we will cool off. we are now looking at temperatures in annapolis, the wind blowing.
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it is a pleasant evening and i wind hasbeen out of -- been out of the south all day. he can see from the bottom of the screen. and to the west, higher wind and they will push and overnight. when will be back tomorrow morning and we will have clouds. taking a look at temperatures, into the 60's and lower 60's across the district and beltway. 64 in montgomery county. of the east coast has plenty of good weather. we will see cloud cover go to the east and eventually this system over the midwest will come our way to the overnight. and it will bring us rainfall. the futurecast has dry conditions into tomorrow morning. around 10:00 mothering showers pushed in -- push in to the suburbs. this will be off and on got the afternoon. then they will go out in the evening and will we find for monday. -- we will
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fine for monday. falling into the 40's tonight. 45 tomorrow morning. and here are the next seven days. 50's for monday. and then a chance of rain. tuesday night, snowflakes. and then a better chance of snow on wednesday. trying out on thursday and drier conditions at the end of the week. kimberly: a lot of people out today at the georgetown waterfront. >> the perfect place. trying to establish some momentum at home. lift pastgetown
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>> now, the
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jolla, theywith la have been struggling did they have lost six of their last seven and fell behind early today. it was another low point this season. we pick it up in the first half. passing down low to markets derrickson -- marcus derrickson. they make it in. xavier would lead by 11 in the first half. georgetown comes back. we are tied at 33. but the musketeers completely dominated the second half. they work the ball around. he will lay it in. xavier up 20. they are now only 14 have a 14 the season. navy hosting army, this ago to double ot. driving, but kevin ferguson is there to put it back in. .7 s
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navy, 80-78. and work out in full swing down in florida, a fresh start under the new skipper, dusty baker. he has published so much during -- accomplished so much during his lifetime in baseball. we decided to reach out to the redskins coach joe did who had more than a decade between his two stints. >> i called him, he called me back. we stayed on the phone. [indiscernible] it was very helpful, i was trying to figure out who i could talk to directly. >> to legends teaming up. the
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tonight. this -- the caps at the verizon center tonight. and the wizards, they have won two in a row. they are playing their third game in three nights, they will be in miami. they have come out strong sense the all-star break, which is something that the head coach has emphasized. >> get rest. either we are going to take advantage of this, we are going to be well rested, come out and do what we wanted without having to worry about being tired, so so far we have done that. >> i love this. vince carter, do not throw him in the coffin just yet. he still has the touch. it look at that. are you kidding? it is insanity. nothing but nets for vince carter. the grizzlies go on to win, have a 109-104. and virginia
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kimberly: don't put him in the coffin just yet. >> 39 years old in sports years, you are older that point. i can say that because i am almost that age. kimberly:
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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kimberly: hope you got to enjoy this day. ryan: we will not have the mild weather tomorrow. we will have rain midmorning. get ready with the and bell is paid and we will have cooler 50's. and some sweat -- wet snowflakes later in the week. kimberly: back to reality. have a good night. [captioning performed by the na
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welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." breaking news on this showdown saturday. election battles on two fronts. hillary clinton with a much-needed win over bernie sanders in nevada after a tense neck-and-neck fight. but sanders trouncing her on the issue of trust. tonight, the long lines and the celebrations. showdown in south carolina. donald trump firing away until the very end. >> so, it's crunch time, folks. it's crunch time. >> ted cruz and marco rubio with their last-minute push. can they still catch trump? >> it's in god's hands and in the voters' hands. >> the first test for republican candidates in the south. the results coming in right now. >> what donald trump said just as justice scalia was being laid to rest.


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