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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  February 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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mberly: coming up, still a lot of questions about the deadly shooting spree in michigan. we are learning new information about the alleged gunman. neighbors on alert after a home invasion and sexual assault in fairfax county. new developments from the scene tonight. action promise to take after the gas leak and explosion in woodbridge. why neighbors are still concerned and the new problem repairs are causing. announcer: now, abc seven news at 6:30, on your side. good evening. the search for answers continues after a disturbing shooting spree in michigan. police say a man drove around kalamazoo and
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six people randomly shooting. thee learning more about accused gunman who officials say is an uber driver. police are looking to see if he was transporting customers before, between, or even during the shooting. retired: a 60-year-old teacher is seeking answer and police are finding a silver lining. -- very relieved we have someone in custody. , cityer: overnight gripped with fear after man opened fire at three different locations across a 13 mile span in kalamazoo, michigan. where at, a parking lot woman walking to her car was shot several times. the second, a few hours later at a car dealership -- a father and son killed. the third, outside a cracker barrel restaurant, the suspect taking the lives of nine and
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leaving a girl in critical condition. >> you don't expect something like this to happen, let alone here in kalamazoo. this is the most awful thing ever. suspect is an uber driver and was taken into custody hours after the final shooting. in a statement, the company says our hearts and prayers are with the families of the him's of this devastating crime. it is a crime not just heartbreaking, but baffling to police. >> it very unexpected. he's a quiet guy. cap to himself. reporter: also baffling because police say the suspect pass the background check and please confirmed he has no criminal history. he could be in court as early as tomorrow. a crime to tell you about in fairfax county. a man broke into a home, threatened a woman and textually -- sexually assaulted her.
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neighborhood. investigators are hoping someone could help identify the intruder. neighbors are on edge and police presence has been quite heavy. police tell us it happened on blankenship street, which is where we are just around the corner. at around 4:00 this afternoon, we notice a lot of police activity with officers on the could not confirm if it is related. neighbors say early on saturday, it was a different story. investigating. they had cameras out here and were taking pictures. police, aaccording to 51-year-old woman woke up to an intruder in her home. police say the suspect threatened and sexuall
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getting away. >> there are so many victims today. police are continuing their search for the intruder who is described as a hispanic man around 25 years old. those who lived here say they are shocked. >> the neighborhood is very good. mimi lane owns a salon around the corner and says typically this is a quiet area. >> i never saw anything bad. things happen everywhere. reporter: police are reminding everyone to lock your doors and windows before heading to bed and when you leave your home. it's a message these neighbors say they are not taking lightly. on the first floor and it really scares me right now. us ther: police tell victim was taken to a local hospital with nonlife
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i want to show you some of the video we shot out here earlier false top you can see a large police presence, around five lease cars out here. i spoke with an officer who said detectives have not notified him why they were out here but he has every reason to believe it is related to this case because officers spent the day canvassing the area and following leads. a 22-year-old man is behind bars, charged in the stabbing death of his own father. onice arrived to a home atwater drive at 3:00 on saturday morning and found a 44-year-old suffering from stab wounds. he later died at a nearby hospital. his son is being held without bond tonight. are tracking some scattered
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there. on the bright side, we stayed relatively warm. for the timeering of the year, 49 degrees is the average. we were well above that. a live look at national harbor shows we've got some fog surrounding the capital we'll everywhere. it is interesting to see that. the wet ground is a little warmer. about .3 inches of rain today. highs, still with the cloud cover in place. that's about eight degrees over the average high. 50's.into those compare that to other temperatures across the region, it's a little cooler. the last of some shower activity pushing through.
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point pushing things away. morning and a lot more sunshine coming our way. then comes the rain tuesday and wednesday. no winter he chance coming there as well and we will talk about our complete forecast just minutes away. kimberly: neighbors are speaking out one day after learning approximately 800 homes in woodbridge would need their natural gas pipes replaced. the revelation comes after a home explosion two weeks ago today. this project could take months to complete. imagine being those homeowners saying your gas line has a problem but you have to wait a few months. reporter: the
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neighborhood. shards of token glass on the front yard here. the basement window boarded up. natural gase the led to the explosion a few weeks back. if you walk across the front yard, signs of progress in the street. it might be hard to make out because the sun has fallen. have triedgas crews to address the faulty gas lines. he heard the superbowl sunday explosion. a natural gas leak in his neighbors home. >> how could this happen when we have had neighbors call beforehand? reporter: a state senator hosted a town hall where washington gas revealed it will replace gas this neighborhood which includes an elementary and middle school.
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are falling victim to corrosion. >> why did it take so long to find them? crews alreadyity dug up this man's driveway. ,> my gosh, i've got a gas leak something that could blow up like it did in that house there. agency isa stayed investigating whether washington gas was negligent in maintaining lines in this neighborhood and if it ignored learning science see on exactlyto did washington gas follow how this gotd missed. that's a big question still pending. washington gas has gone so far as to air a soil in some yards to remove any trapped natural gas. a spokesperson telling me by e-mail today that the company is co
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of communication. thisenator estimates project in total could take up to six months to complete. we know you will stay on it. beyonce boycott -- the new security concerns it could cause for her upcoming tour. and at vote 2016 -- the new controversy involving donald trump and the campaign events happening in our area this week. that is all coming
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you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? kimberly: new security concerns tonight amid concerns over the beyonce tour. tours depend on volunteer officers, but for police in miami and tampa, they are calling for a boycott, say
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anti-police message in her latest video. police unions are considering not showing up to the shows. beyonce has not yet commented. up, that campaign is about to heat up closer to home. the events you will want to know about in our area this week. and heaven is back with a potential of
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kimberly: now to the latest on vote 2016 -- the presidential candidates are back on the trail after voters in south carolina and nevada voted for their presidential picks. donald trump and hillary clinton were the big winners in last caucus, butary and donald trump
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after tweedy posted suggested 10 crews and marco rubio are ineligible to be president. former governor jeb dropped out yesterday after a disappointing finish in south carolina. we think we are going to do well in virginia. on "face the nation" john k-6 says-- he expects to do well in virginia. he will hold a town hall led toward mason university in fairfax and then it's to virginia commonwealth university for another town hall monday night. on the democratic side,'s -- on the democratic side, ernie sanders will hold a rally on arena. at the norfolk it is free and open to the public.
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the freeway. uponrly: it is a virginia turn for the campaign trail. -- devon: the only chance of seeing something is the onset we will get to. this is national harbor where it is foggy and dreary tonight. a little fog toward the capital we'll. what check on our real-time temperatures. -- that'scoming in the average high for this time of year. doppler radar shows we have another batch of showers coming in close to the mix and -- close to the mason-dixon line. , st.ntown to charleston mary's county, the last of the rain pushing out to the eastern shore. an area of low pressure has moved overhead and a warm front -- a warm front trailing a cold front
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the bigger picture over the next two days shows we have cloud cover to go away and then comes our first of two systems coming in, mainly just rain right now. closer to where you are, back overnight, we give you the exact same forecast with lows just a little chilly, into the 30's downtown. upper 40's and lower 50's coming in. right around 50 degrees to the washington metro. southwest, some lower 50's out there as well. a little cooler compared to the or lower 60's depending where you were saturday. tuesday, maybe a flake briefly and then it's all rain coming back into the forecast. the abc seven sky cast.
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part of the evening hours and right at dave rake come weser to see the clouds go away. at daybreak, and we see the clouds go away. look at the rainier days ahead for tuesday and wednesday. moderate showers wednesday evening, but overnight wednesday to thursday, and overnight warm temperature of 60. latest projections show only for the 40's for a better part of wednesday before that warmer air nudges in. it is where they have arena football. i do cover college basketball and it is almost march. almost time for march madness. a photo finish at the daytona 500. and the terps needed to win after their loss on thursday. sports is next.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealer. respectable need a win after their loss on thursday. they had a good chance hosting michigan. a huge block coming by delante. robert carter junior for the finish -- terps led by five at the break. ands up to trouble drives dishes two. who gets the finish. here is the thing -- michigan hung around late in the second. carter is there for the tip
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in, giving maryland a four-point lead. >> let's don't forget who we are and what we are about. a lot of coaches would love to be 23 and five. confidence. lot of we have to continue trusting the process and you just get better every day. >> they are very good team. >> the colonials in desperate need of a win and let it out. seven for seven from the field, finishing with 18 points. scoring 52 in the first half, columbia gets the win. 90-50 was the final. marilyn women had no problem today. that put maryland
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15. and enginehere roaring is like music to your ears is at daytona beach. pick this one up with 30 laps to go. dale earnhardt junior loses control in the scrum and off he goes. he bangs hard into the wall, thankfully he was ok. -- matt kinsey it has the lead. it is a race to the finish. check out the photo finish -- hamlin literally wins by four inches. check that out. that is the closest finish in daytona 500 history. , theing with baseball rangers held contest for fans if put down a deposit and
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rest of the cost for season tickets. byron anderson talk -- knocked one over the gate. took three tries. andge mason falls to umass american university beats holy cross in overtime. i'm struggling today. don't look at me like that. (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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kimberly: it certainly doesn't feel like february. devon: for the commute cast, 37 degrees. high.the rain your days
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wednesday. a cold forecast. thank you so much
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