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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  February 21, 2016 11:35pm-12:06am EST

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robert: coming up on "sports sunday," maryland battles michigan. joinsplus, kevin sheehan us in studio. and the gw basketball team is going international. their secret to success. robert: please stay off your phones for a little bit and pay attention because you might learn a little something. "sports sunday" starts now. announcer: buckle up, sports fans, this is abc 7 "sports sunday." erin: thank you for joining us. he is robert burton. i am erin hawksworth. robert: we start with college hoops, the ter
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after losing a couple in a row, and they had a chance today against michigan. maryland on the move, finding robert carter jr. with the finish. by five at the break. second half, melo trimble with the drive. stone, and diamond one. here is the thing, michigan hung around. marylandhe second, misses the three, but carter is there. and winop their skid 86-80 two. here is mark turgeon after the game. coach: the forget who we are and what we are about. a lot of coaches would love to be 23-5 and have the players that i have. >> we feel good about it.
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team getting better. times, but this is a really good win against a very good team. erin: the maryland women had no problem handling rutgers today. she kari walker-kimbrough had another big game, finishing with 29 points. terps win 73-56. from college to high school hoops, everybody was watching on the wcac final today. robert: four teams in action. scott abraham has more from american university. scott: we are down to the final four, the top high school boys basketball conference in america. all year long this has been fun to watch, but only two of the remaining teams will move on to the championship monday night. the first semi final, st. hn
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the threerd quarter, is good, the mustangs have the lead going into the fourth. the cadets unfazed. connecting on the corner. st. john's with the lead. a minute left in the game, the dagger. st. john's uses a strong fourth mcnamara, beat bishop 63-56. >> we started out hot, and i don't think we got back the energy until the fourth quarter. we were able to get the pace. scott: the second semi final, dematha against gonzaga. the eagles, the pretty finish. late in the quarter, the shot clock winding down, reggie gardner. dematah up after three. -- demath
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fourth quarter, and more of the same. dematha wins. i think we did a good job of sticking to the game plan. we shot the ball very well. it's important tomorrow night. scott: another impressive victory for dematha setting up a championship showdown against st. john's monday night, the opening tipoff at 8:00 at american university. erin: was the guy with a beard sleeping? switching gears, nascar, what a finish at the daytona 500. it was the closest finish in the 58 years of the great american race. 30 laps to go, dale earnhardt junior loses control in the scrum and off he goes. hard into the wall. he was ok. his day was done. the final lap come incredible
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denny hamlin knocks a matter of position. a race to the finish between martin truex and hamlin. who won? what do you think? a photo finish. hamlin wins by four ranges. erin: you almost cannot tell from the wide shot. robert: coming up, a local high school player defying the odds. erin: plus, kevin sheehan is the man and he
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kirk: my job was to play football the best i could come and whatever i did on the field will speak for itself and let the chips fall where they may. >> he told us he wants to be with the redskins and we want him to be our starting quarterback. erin: you heard it, bruce allen wants kirk cousins back into burgundy and gold. will they sign him long-term or slap the franchise tag on him? we welcome in espn 980's kevin sheehan. let's get your take on this. where will he end up? your starting be quarterback on opening day, that is the lock. erin: everyone can relax? kevin:
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him,won a deal, they want he wants to be here. it's just getting to the price. they could use the franchise tag this season, but there is zero chance you will not be with them. erin: they stop negotiating. does that pick up next week? kevin: the franchise tag may have until march 1. if he hits the open market, that would be the shocker of the year. that's not going to happen. the franchise tag will happen in the they will have until july 15 to work out a long-term deal. guy the redskins need, desean jackson. he is expensive, but at the same garcon andnd pierre jordan reed, that line up is ridiculous. what do you do with desean jackson? mcclellan on scott the show a couple weeks ago and we asked about bringing back garcon
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the cap . he said yes. i think you are right, they realize how lethal the offense can be with them. i think they are all coming back. it would not surprise me of one of the two restructures their own deal. roberterin: what about rg iii? i keep hearing rumblings about dallas. kevin: he is not coming back here, that is for sure. he has to find a spot where the coach believes in him, and therefore tailors the offense to him, like we saw here in 2012. if they do that, he has a shot. if he goes toy system where it is a pure dropback passing -- if he goes to a system where it is pure dropback passing, be a struggle. erin: how long before they cut ties? kevin: they have until right before free agency starts. robert: pot roa
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see staying in washington? kevin: i don't think he is back. i think that is a one-year deal. he played great, he was not consistent, but when he was healthy he played well. but i don't think he will be back. i think that is a reach to bring him back. it will be looking for interior linemen, for sure. erin: he underperformed a little bit. kevin: he did, he was inconsistent. erin: a subject near and dear to your heart, maryland with the big victory today. how would you assess the terrapins? kevin: they played well today offensively. michigan shot the lights out, buth kept them in the game, i thought the terps play their best offensive game in a wild. matchups are everything in the tournament. they have to get the right matchups. a bad matchup, they could go out early. i hate saying that because i want them to make a deep run. today was encour
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offensively. they have to get melo trimble back to shooting the ball well. robert: this is a kid who has so much talent, but does not have the killer inside of him. kevin: i think he does. we saw it last year at times. hurtnk if he is not gotten in the west virginia game where the had a chance to the sweet 16, he has a shot of that. i'm not sure he is completely healthy. maybe more than he has been, but he went gray stretch for about a month where he was not completely healthy. erin: how far could they go? kevin: they could win the whole thing. if they get the right matchups, they could when the whole thing. how much this year is very open. the tournament will be fun, it will be difficult to come up with a bracket this year. it is wide open. maryland is as good as anybody. they could beat anybody, but they could potentially lose. robert: do you see anybody stepping into maryland's way
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for them? kevin: the teams that will give them a difficult time are real physical teams, teams that are really tough, hard-nosed. west virginia comes to mind. they knock them out last year. a team that will pressure them, rough them up. that is not their best matchup. erin: what about the wizards, a big move with morris. what are you expecting from them? kevin: another team i'm hoping gets it together. erin: come on, wizards. kevin: i don't have a lot of confidence in my gut. something is missing. thatwas a team last year was a john wall injury away from the eastern conference final. this year they have not played as well. maybe morris will help, hopefully he does. a healthy bradley beal the rest of the year would be huge. they have a shot of making the playoffs. i don't want them to make the playoffs and be the eighth seed and face cleveland. get 7, 6, and then it is wide
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eastern conference? it's stacked. kevin: toronto was good, i think cleveland is in the finals. erin: what are your thoughts about morris? kevin: he can help. but it could go either way. you just hope that he is a good guy off the court. if he behaves come it's a good deal. robert: would you say this is a randy wittman problem? kevin: i would not. i think randy can coach in the players know he can coach. they all know that he can coach. right now, they have to be healthy. robert: so he is not on the hot seat. kevin: i don't think he is. out of thet that ordinary for people to be fired. randy is a good coach. he knows basketball. a have had more injuries this year than any team in the nba in terms of loss of man hours. they have to get healthy. erin: kevin sheehan with espn
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up next, george washington sow this afternoon.
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erin: welcome back. colonialsalle, the needing a victory to keep their tournament hopes alive, and they took it out on lasalle.
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from downtown, scoring 52 first-half points. the colonials win, 90-50 the final. headgeorge washington's coach arrived five years ago, he found it difficult to recruit from the top local names. he had to get creative and added international flavor, which has contributed to their success. >> d.c. really feels like buenos aires for me. star,for the colonials just into washington was easy. being from argentina, we have a lot of things here that remind me of home. erin: things like the washington monument. there is a similar icon in the in argentina.-- he is not the only international student on the team. kevin larson is from
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and another is from japan. >> we share that part of our lives. we cannot really see our families. >> even though i miss family and friends, they are my family. he kept getting better and better. and kevin,atricio soccer is their home country's main sport, but that was not an option. >> i have big feet. i could not find soccer shoes in my size. >> i started pulling soccer when i was 5. accident, broke some other guy's leg. i had to quit soccer and look for something different. erin: i love that he is laughing. that is lethal. the colonials
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that he chose basketball over soccer. still to come, the inspirational story of an autistic swimmer defying the odds. geico has sent me to old town, alexandria to ask folks some questions about the area. let's go. what common snack was first grown right here in virginia? grapes? peanuts! peanuts! fresh roasted peanuts! (man laughs) peanuts! did that surprise you? that was very surprising! you know what else might surprise you? geico is the number one auto insurer in the d.c. metropolitan area. call or click today to see how much you could save with geico.
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robert: we live in a hotbed for top-notch high school talent. they are making grades in the classroom and in the athletic arena, or in this case a swimming pool.
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it is just another day at the swimming pool for this churchill sophomore, sean. >> i love the water. swimming is great exercise for your whole body. diagnosed with autism at the age of three, he gravitated to the pool immediately. >> i know that he loves water. team: the churchill school is one of the best in the area. there are tryouts, cuts, and sean made this team on his own merits. >> we had over 40 kids try out. the fastest 32, and he was one of the best. scott: sean specializes in the sprint events. >> the freestyle. scott: refusing to let his disability hold him back. >>
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of my life. scott: inspiring many with every stroke and every breath. earlier this month we interview shoot to a high school announcera blind p.a. making a name for himself with his voice. his dream of announcing the washington capitals came true this weekend. >> please welcome to the ice! abrahamat 5:00, scott will bring you the next chapter in his amazing journey. is a popular young man in loudoun county. he has a true
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erin: welcome back to "sport sunday." nats pitchers and catchers working at spring training. off thestrasburg threw mound for the first time this spring training. scherzerined by max and the infamous jonathan papelbon. i'm headed to florida wednesday and will have live reports. robert: i'm not jealous come in case you were wondering. erin: i was not trying to rub it in. i was just saying, there might be a water shot this week. robert:
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♪ threw me into walls. you're going to pay for this, expletive. a battered nicole brown simpson detailing the physical, mental, and sexual abuse at the hands of o.j. and her fears he'd kill her. >> my sister documented years of abuse. >> nicole's sister tonya brown, her close friend kris jenner. then our grammy fashion breakdown. >> this was actually a present for valentine's day. >> skin is in on the grammy's red carpet and we're breaking down the fashion fight. mario and marco. >> i'm in south carolina with senator


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