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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> my truck went up in the air. and: torrential downpours, fast floods, making dramatic rescues. >> i just asked god to help me in parade. leon: severe weather traces a deadly path through the region. team coverage of the aftermath starts now. alison: a severe weather alert tonight, seven people have died in this storm system, four in virginia. we learned of an additional death. leon: governor terry has issued a statement from earth the -- issued a state of emergency. people were rescued from cars and basements, more than 10,000 ofhout power at the height the storm, thousands braving scary conditions to get home tonight. alison:
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including life-saving rescues and the latest forecast in just a moment. leon: we started in waverly virginia, where three people are about an hourwn south of richmond. three people including a toddler were found dead amid a mobile home. jay korff has a look at the destruction. is takingamage here your breath away and it's humbling. i'm literally standing in the middle of the street, both sides blocked by massive trees. we look down with our news light and there is debris, siding, a tremendous amount of trees. down the block, massive trees blocking this road. turning off to the left, this is about 50illiams' home, feet from where i'm standing. he and his nephew ran from that home during the storm, wanted to get into a vehicle to
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but they did not have time. that car is cracked open like a sardine can. the side of it is a quarter-mile away. quickly, over here, timothy says he and his nephew were in this .ar he said the storm was barreling towards him, he could see the tornado. three feet,e car slammed it down. he cannot believe he is alive. lastly, with the lights of the power company shining off in the distance, washers and dryers. -- awas once a laundry mat laundromat, a business. heart is sad my because of the families in the community that the storm has affected. jay: the small town of waverly, virginia, took a direct hit from the storm. a -y
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man, and two-year-old little boy were inside of a mobile home when the tornado sliced through sussex county. their bodies were found 300 yards from the home. >> it took the whole trailer away. and hisothy williams nephew were hunkered down in this car during the storm. he cannot believe he survived what happened next. >> it took us three feet off the ground, then dropped us straight down. jay: the twister also pounded temple ministries, a church on the main drag. >> the ceiling is gone, a window here is gone. the whole ac unit is gone. church members are grateful that bible study did not start until 7 p.m., so nobody was in the church at the time. >> torn. everything on main street is down, houses.
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then our ministry. it hurt the town. live in waverly, under this massive tree, a crushed vehicle. we will quickly turn and show you something that is very sobering. not confirmed, this is just from timothy williams who we spoke within the story, he said the foundation that you see in front of you, just the front railing on the front steps, this is where the three victims lived , and the power of the storm , sucked thelled mobile home off its foundation and flung it who knows where. authorities,the the victims were found about 300 yards away. virginia, jayy, korff, abc 7 news. incredible. the last tim
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1993. touchdown,, an f-4 destroying historic buildings and four people were killed. it took more than a decade for that city to rebuild. home, flooding was a big issue in northern virginia, cars partially submerged, with drivers afraid for their lives. jeff goldberg is live in springfield with the incredible rescues tonight. jeff? alison, alsotion, significant flooding in the parking garage of the franconia springfield metro station. earlier, water was everywhere, now we just have a muddy mess, one of the visible remnants of the impact of the storm. as this vehicle headed down cherokee avenue in alexandria, the creek waters were rising onto the road and into the car faster than expected. >>
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the hill car slid down and water was inside the car everywhere. she was terrified. >> i'm thinking i'm going to die. i just called god to help me in parade. to 911 led to a quick and successful water rescue ,two other vehicles also getting stuck. >> the cars are totaled. i'm just trying to get home safely. potomac yard in alexandria, the storm hitting with speed and fury. sheets of water were covering jefferson davis highway, drivers taking it slow. the rain was so fast and heavy, thelooded parker -- part of parking garage at the franconia springfield metro station, the water ankle-deep. transit police were directing drivers to safer exits.
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it's -- and its experience will not be forgotten. >> i feel nervous, but i'm safe. jeff: glad for her and the others. emergency crews worked fast in and at the garage sight of the rescue. rows were passable with ain an hour of the flooding. -- rows were passable within an hour of the flooding. county, wastgomery a wall collapsed that trapped in elderly person inside of a basement. richard reeve has the latest on the terrifying situation. richard: just amazing, and we learned in the past couple minutes this 86-year-old man went downstairs to his basement at 7:00 this evening to check on his sump pump. that is when things got very bad. he went down to check the sump
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wall collapsed on top of him with dirt, debris, concrete blocks, all over. a relative upstairs heard the disturbance and called 911. firefighters arrived, got him out, doug him out. he was ok. had some serious injuries, nothing life-threatening. was believe that the water filling up behind the concrete barrier. let's hear what the firefighter saw when they arrived. >> he was found right here, with his knees trapped by all the cinderblocks. with some of the soil on top. he was talking to us the whole time. he was very lucky that post held everything up. richard: that is a lot of weight we are talking about. >> it is a lot. richard:
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of the story, that one single post supported the basement ceiling. it was not nailed to the floor or the ceiling. if that had collapsed, it could have been much worse. the man is recovering at an area hospital. house we are being told is being get t condemned. alison: the threat for severe weather thankfully is over. what can we expect tomorrow? here is meteorologist steve rudin. much better tomorrow? steve: much better in terms of no severe weather, but earlier this evening, a lot of tornado funnel clouds were spotted across the mid-atlantic. closer to the d.c. metro, two funnel clouds, one west of stafford, one west of fredericksburg, triggering the the severehether -- weather in tornado warning for stopped we had three warnings in st. mary's county. all of that is over, all
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warnings and watches have canceled out. the strongest of the storm has lifted off to the north 80's to as the skies begin to partially clear.
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flooding shut down a lot of roadways tonight. we are tracking that.
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ceo is speaking out about his brewing battle with the fbi. the fbi wants them to break into iphone, but apple refused, saying it is a slippery slope. jonathan elias reports. jonathan: tim cook told abc news the u.s. government wants him to create software that would be the equivalent of cancer. he calls the issue complex, creating the software would put hundreds of millions of customers at risk and trample civil liberties. cook said the issue was not just privacy but public safety. position that a we would like to be in.
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position. to oppose your government on something does not feel good. and to oppose it on something where we are advocating civil liberties which they are supposed to protect, it is incredibly mind-boggling. jonathan: like apple, the fbi says this is an issue of public safety as well, filing a lawsuit against apple to help them get into the cell phone of the san bernardino shooter. way case could go all the to the supreme court. jonathan elias, back to you. leon: back now to stormwatch team coverage. eather struck just in time for the evening commute. this is video from colesville road, drivers stranded because of the high water. tom roussey continues live team coverage and mobile track 7. where are you and how does it look now? tom:
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ramp to the beltway from georgia avenue right now. let me show you what it's looking like on the beltway. free and clear at the moment, all the lanes are open, looking a lot better than it did earlier this evening during rush hour. planes butt, all the one were shut down near route 29. as you can imagine, since that areas often in bad shape even when all the lanes are open, it was a nightmare. that was probably the worst spot in the area, but there were. a lot of spots where they had trouble things to all this weather fortunately, things are getting better. parkway, not far from here, a short time ago montgomery county police had it shut down. an hour ago they had it open. we drove it and it's fine now. the beltway is doing fine. that is the front shot from mobile
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shot from behind. this is near the mormon temple and things are moving fine and looking good for the morning .ush hour as well roadways that were shut down are now open. my from montgomery county, on the beltway, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: we are in the clear? and we can now look forward to tomorrow and the weekend. it was rough out there in the early evening hours. st. mary's county had three separate tornado warnings over about 90 minutes, from three separate storms. we broke into programming, and you have to do it. a lot of people lost their lives in the storm, so it's very important we do that. let's talk about what's going on in terms of the weather right now. the weatherbug network, look at the wind gusts
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germantown, close to 70 miles per hour. manassas, rockville, children's hospital, wind gusts of 45 to 48. the high today was 65. if you were outside of the late afternoon, it actually felt humid. the average this time of year is 49, and we will back near the weekend, at least part of the weekend. 61 degrees right now, 61 degrees reagan national, so what's mild. 45 winchester, luray 54. are beginning to increase, eventually changing direction as the cold front moves through. that will bring in the cooler air, along with gusty wind tomorrow. 30's to trite and columbus, indianapolis, louisville, a good indication of what it will feel like here tomorrow night.
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lifted out. the other side of the storm they are dealing with snow, and a lot of it in detroit, chicago, indianapolis. fewcapital beltway, a sprinkles linger overnight, but not amounting to a lot. the temperatures will stay mild the next few hours. still have flood warnings in effect for the district, arlington, alexandria, parts of prince george's county, southern montgomery county, and fairfax, because of the runoff from the rain. rain has officially ended. 38 to 44 overnight, the winds beginning to increase. sunfuturecast, a mixture of and clouds, but i think the clouds will win out in the late morning and into the afternoon. cannot rule out a chance of an isolated shower. nothing like we had earlier today, looking at just a few showers here in there tomorrow. cooler air friday and saturday.
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partly sunny, breezy. the wind will increase out of the southwest, 10 to 20, could gust up to 35. some good news -- the 70 --seven-day outlook, sunday, 60 degrees, a nice mixture of sun and clouds. monday may throw in a shower or two, lower 60's. i have daffodils in front of my place already blooming. robert: already? steve: watch out for the weekend. alison: i did not know that you had a green thumb. steve: i don't, there's just one. leon: what's going on with you? robert: the wizards on the road against theulls, missing half their squad tonight. and we go to flori
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. nasty weather here, but it was beautiful in florida. that is where erin hawksworth is, and she spent some time with and in rendon -wi
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staying healthy for the season? not for balls the first day of spring training. erin: what about taylor swift, the shirt? ruin to the concert in the off-season. not a crush, just admiration. we went to the concert in the off-season. not a crush, just admiration. erin: we will be covering the nationals in spring training. is in: so basically he love with taylor swift, just will not admit it. the wizards on the road taking on the bowls. -- taking on the bulls. wiz drop another, 109-104. the capitals did not do
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canadiens. off theeischmann rebound, gets a past braden holtby, 3-0. a rare loss, the caps fall, losing 4-3. to richmond, gw trying to make it three straight wins, taking on the spiders. richmondshington beats 73-61. they will play vcu saturday. u mason beat vc and ht woodson cap shall their division title. -- captured their division title. leon: that means they played in the storm tonight. robert: exactly. leon: nothing will stop their show. alison: coming up, we will tell you what is on the menu for the post-oscars party.
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but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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leon: alison's mouth is watering. is the chef for the post-oscars governors ball. chefs will have to create 12,000
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salmon, kobesmoked beef, and a champagne bowl filled with raspberry sorbet. alison: ooh. sounds good. kidd o'shea will be there. i don't know if he gets to have the food, but he will be in los angeles for the academy awards sunday.
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lower 60's on monday. eileen whelan will be in bright and early with "good morning washington." leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: have a great night.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chef gordon ramsay from "underground" jurnee smollett-bell and music from wolfmother with cleto and the cletones. and now, no one objects -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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