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tv   World News Now  WJLA  February 25, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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supreme court. a democratic source tells abc news, president obama is considering nevada governor brian sandoval 0 replace the late justice antonin scalia. he is 52. the republican has served as nevada's governor for five years. prior to that, i was nevada's first hispanic federal judge. he was appointed by president george w. bush in 2005 and unanimously confirmed by the senate. sandoval is considered a centrist. he support supports abortion rights and impla memted a controversial part of the health care plan. floatinging a republican name could be an overture to gop senator who's refuse any hearings on the president's nominee. >> my hope and expectationing is that once there is an actual nominee, once this is no longer an abstraction, that those on the judiciary committee recognize that their job is to give this person a hearing.
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expected to make that pitch in person to top republicans. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and judiciary chairman chuck grassley both agreed to meet with the president in the coming weeks. >> all right. thank you. one of the senators who would be asked to vote on a supreme court nominee took a trip to africa last week and got up and close and personal with some of the animals. senator jeff flake of arizona and some others were squarely in the sights of a charging pack of elephants during a boat ride. a hippo show off some teeth. the purpose of flake's trip was to learn more about wildlife poaching. you can say that will t.y.'s trip to africa was a lot smoother than that. >> do you think they found t.j.? usually they run towards people. they ran the other way. >> they ran the other way. can you imagine? >> t.j.'s coming, run, run. >> you got to be chronicled on instagram escaped from
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he. >> so much fun. i felt like i was actually on a safari into good tv. a different type of adventure for a group of veterans who lost limbs. they're attending a winter sports camp in the heiseigh sie >> hitting the slopes all this week. skiing and snow boarding all part of a week lockling event to put together by a group called achieve tahoe. >> incredible. and when they get to the bottom of the run, they get on snowmobiles for the ride back up to the top. the whole thing is meant to challenge them to do things they normally wouldn't do. >> i couldn't do that. impressive. they have to get on a ski lift. we've had so many reports of ski lift problems lately, they're better off. >> impressive and inspiring. coming up, all the security before the academy awards and how the oscar winners are kept secret. >> the major makeover for facebook
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and when i know she's feeling like that, it makes me feel like we're both... when she enjoys it, we enjoy it even more. and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. have the number, number 2 train maybe? apple is digging in its heels in its standoff against the fbi's demand to help it break the iphone used by one of the san bernardino killers. >> abc's david muir sat down with apple ceo tim cooke who is saying that the issue is about much more than a single iphone. >> they have our deepest sympathy what they've been through, mo one should have to go through.
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fbi fully in this case. they came to us and asked us for all the information we had on this phone. and we gave everything that we had. but this case is not about one phone. this case is about the future. what is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world including the u.s. and you'd have to write that system in order to unlock that phone? >> yes. the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the softwarequiv lint of cancer. we think it's bad news to write. we would never write it. we have never written it. and that is what is at stake her. >> reporter: the fbi says it believes that syed farook used that phone to communicate with his wife, his accomplice. do you struggle with the possibility that there could be information o
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people who were involved in planning the attack? >> david, if we knew a way to get the information on the phone that we haven't already given, if we knew a way to do this, that would not expose hundreds of millions of other people to issues, we would obviously do it. >> reporter: i want to get to what the fbi director james comey said. he said it's about "14 people who were slaughtered and many more had their lives ruined." may we can't look the survivors in the eye and ourselves if we don't follow any possible lead out there. do do you understand where he's coming from? >> i do. this is an incredibly complex issue to place a backdoor if the iphone. we believe it puts hundreds of millions of customers at risk. we need to stand tall and stand tall on principle. there's p
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information about you on your phone than there is in your house. our smartphones are loaded with our intimate conversations can, our financial data, our health records. they're also loaded with the location of our kids in many cases. and so it's not just about privacy but it's also about public safety. >> but in your quiet moments, do you have any concern that you might be able to prevent a terrorist attack by breaking into that phone? >> david, some things are hard and some things are right. and some things are both. this is one of those things. >> and in this case, you believe there are some something that should never be created? >> correct. >> but tim cooke tells us they talked to the fbi early on giving them advice, he says on other ways to guest get information from that iphone to plug it in, to back it up to the i cloud. >> did they do that? >> unfortunately, in the days, the early days of the
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the county to reset the i cloud password. when that is done, the flown no long erg back up to the cloud. and so i wish stleld contacted us earlier so that that would not have been the case. >> how usual was that missed opportunity? >> very crucial. >> i'm curious, tim, did you ever think that you'd find yourself at the center of such a crucial national debate be? >> no. this is -- this is not a position that we would like to be in. it is a very uncomfortable position. to oppose your government on something doesn't feel good. and to oppose it on something where we are advocating for civil liberties, which they are supposed to protect, it is incredibly ironic. >> apple now has till friday to sond to the court's order the fbi in the san bernardino case.
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francisco. we should point out tim cooke did say he plans to fight this all the way to the supreme court if need be. >> it was fascinating with the poll numbers, a vast majority of america of americans support the fbi but support grew for apple among those who owned smart phones. so divided. >> but unifying, young and hold. republicans and democrats. coming up, a change, facebook is hoping you'll really like. >> maybe not just like but love like with the heart. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ tastes good ♪ i'm hooked on facebook ♪ i used to meet girls hanging out at the mall. ♪ but now i just wait for them to write on my wall ♪ >> famous sound there. >> anyone you know who's hooked on facebook knows all about the standardized way the giant condition lets us like someone. >> or poke someone on facebook. that's been the problem. you could only like something. now facebook is allowing all of us to show a much more broader range of emotion. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: facebook has long acknowledged the limitations of like. >> there are more sentiments that people want to express than
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>> reporter: so there are more ways to react. >> we have a tremendous problem. >> reporter: take that new "game of thrones" parody currently making the rounds. >> the greatest builder is me. and i would build the greatest wall you have ever seen. >> reporter: "winter is trumping." it was originally produced for the australian broadcasting corporation. well, instead of thumb's up, you can now give it a love or a wow or ha ha or even a sad or an angry. >> i don't think they like me very much. >> reporter: a feature that advertisers like chevy are already looking to exploit. >> start loving. >> reporter: so far, love is the most popular option. in general, that is. what's not to like about that? david wright, abc news, new york. interesting. i like the fact that they don't have a dislike button. >> i wish they did. there's so many comments. >> positive feelers out there. >> but there's so many things we would like to dislike that gets posted on our time line on our wall on
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you feel that energy that is going on in the room? it is not because it's friday eve. it's because we're now three days away from hollywood's biggest night as oscar preps kick into high gear. >> it's exciting. you know, behind the glitz and glam is a highly specialized process of tabulating those votes surrounded by security as abc's brandi hitt shows us. >> reporter: they are the best secret keepers in hollywood. martha ruiz and brian cull nen are set to carry those famous briefcases again. >> and the
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>> reporter: holding the names of this year's winners. >> has there ever been a mistake. >> no, there hasn't. >> reporter: for 82 years, plis waterhouse coopers has counted the oscar ballots. 6,261 sent out to voting members this year on paper and online. >> we control everything from the time they go out indicated with security codes and those come back to us. we then have those in an induce closed location. >> reporter: inside that secret undisclosed location security is tight. there's a specialized alarm system, locks and no internet access where a small team counts all 24 categories by hand. >> it's up to brian and i to then consolidate everything, counting that and recounseling that. we will stuff the envelope, close it, seal it with the red. >> those 24 inwith envelopes and a duplicate set are load flood two briefcases like this one, both locked in a vault till oscar
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cull nen enter their code and take their briefcase, each traveling a different route escorted by los angeles police. >> no matter what happens, at least one of us will get there. >> do you feel like 007? >> i an little bit. >> last year as a spoof, they even carried a third briefcase used by host neil patrick harris and backstage they only hand the envelope to the presenter just seconds before the announcement. >> is this the hardest secret to keep? >> it's a big important secret. reality is there's a secret we keep forever and that is who got second. >> brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> interesting. >> who gets a police escort? abc is the place to be oscar night. live live coverage starting at 7:00 on sunday, 4:00 p.m. pacific time of course, tune in to "world news now" next monday for a complete wrap-up. >> it's going to be a fun night. was this is bejork's outfit. >> yes, but
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this morning on "world news now," inside apple. >> the company's ceo speaking out about a terrorist's locked iphone, privacy and why apple will not offer a quick fix. our exclusive interview and response from the justice department. political demands. who is pushing donald trump to make public his tax returns? how mitt romney is getting involved and how trump is fighting back. powerful storms from the tornadoes that killed several people in the south to the heavy snowstorms that stopped travelers in their tracks. the latest from accuweather. and later inside the oscars from the dazzling stage to the fancy diggs, backstage. we're getting a look at the academy awards venue even before hollywood's biggest stars are there. it is thursday, february 25th.


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