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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 26, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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though it can't quiet the sounds. >> the noises that we would hear would be clanking metal, grinding jackhammering. >> well, the san jose america can i news reports in 2014, apple received permits for the buildings describing them as auto work and repair areas. another bit of information apple refuses to confirm or deny. more fallout from cheap gas prices. halliburton which provides oil field services is cutting another 5,000 jobs. the company has already laid off more than 18,000 workers since 2014. global oil prices have fallen 670% in the last two years. california drivers could be in for sticker shock. gas prices expected to increase by 30 cents a gallon. tomorrow. that's according to consumer group. it's partially because of a switchover from rint winter blend fuel to the more expensive summer blend. gas jumped earlier on the
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california gas prices are already among the highest in the nation. californians, i would take the bus or walk. >> it's going to cost so much to get your latte at the starbucks or the fancy coffee shop 30 cents is a huge jump. >> the term snowbird refers to someone who heads to warmer climates during the winter, then returns home when the weather warms up and this might be the ultimate snowbird story. >> the snowbird we're talking about arrived at a small cage, at an airport north of chicago. she's nadia, the cat. she disappears from the home of cherry and bruce stalker in wisconsin nearly two months ago. >> nadia was found nearly 1500 miles away in naples, fl. a woman found her, had her microchip checked and located the stalkers who are happy to have her back home. >> see those microchips really help, folks. got to get those microchips. i bet she didn't drive. >> i wonder how she did get there though. >> i bet
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prices going up. >> must have been quite a tornado. >> a sweet reunion. >> yeah. exactly. coming up, toys of tomorrow revealed today. our giz wiz shows us the best best toys at this year's toy fair. >> also ahead, the controversy at this year's academy awards. the african-american superstars in hollywood speaking out. >> and pope francis and his fondness for children. how he's reaching out to the youngest believers and how they're responding. that's after today's forecast. how is it 61 degrees in great falls? how is that possible? look at new york. >> how about new orleans, 61. ♪ your heart loves omega-3s. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed
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ot always as easy for me it's easy for me cause look at as it is her.him... aw... so we use k-y ultragel. it enhances my body's natural moisture so i can get into the swing of it a bit quicker. and when i know she's feeling like that, it makes me feel like we're both... when she enjoys it, we enjoy it even more. and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. updating our breaking story, a gunman's rampage in a smul community in kansas. police say
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people from his vehicle before entering the factory where he worked. a shooting spree left more than three dead and a dozen wound bpd police believe something triggered his attack but aren't saying wa his motive was. >> bill cosby has dropped a defamation lawsuit against supermodel beverly johnson who accused him of drugging her back in the $1980. his lawyer says he wants to focus on the criminal case against him in pennsylvania. she says the suit against johnson will be refiled before the statute of limitations runs out. >> turning to history being made at the vatican, pope francis has made no secret about his affection for children into now the pontiff is putting h his pe whe his heart is writing dear pope francis, the first children's book ever written by a pontiff. here's abc's jesse palmer. >> the book is made up of exchanges between the pope and kids from around the world. >> dear pope francis. >> reporter: sat down with not
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including juan pablo from argentina, natasha from kenya and william from chicago. >> dear pope francis, if you could one miracle, what would it be. >> reporter: the pope's answer, i would heal every child. the book may be for kids but it offers information to readers from all ages will find interesting. the pope says he cries often. he also reports that he loves to dance the tango and he's passionate about soccer. he met with his kid co-authors this week in rome where they presented him with gives from their homelands, maple syrup from canada. >> this is good. >> reporter: a soccer ball from the united states and get there, a pair of uggs, yes, ugg boots from australia. >> oh, thank you very much. >> reporter: seeing the pope see the kids was life altering and nerve racking. > a little bit scared. >> not scared. that's a lie. >> one moment i felt excited but then i felt
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probably my only time i'm going to meet him so i don't want to blow this. reporter: the experience enabling them not exactly to touch the hand of god but to tug at the heart of god's right-hand man. jesse palmer, abc news, new york. so sweet. apparently they asked for questions from kids ages 6 to 13, catholics and noncatholics and these were the quesz. >> they received about 259 questions from 26 countries in 14 different languages. very cool there. >> it's due out march 1st. >> i'm sure it will be a popular one. coming up, the best of the best. he always says that and he always delivers. from this year's north american international toy fair. >> our own giz wiz, dick debartolo checks out everything from build your own computers to edible bubbles. that's next.
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♪ because all i want to do is have some fun ♪ ♪ i got a feeling i'm not the only one ♪ so we can't stop thinking of all the fun we had at this year's north american international toy fair here in new york. >> perhaps no one had more fun than our
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♪ >> reporter: it's toy fair time again where kids of all ages gets to play around with the newest toys and gadgets from building your own computers to the world's smallest vacuum. it's great becausely a bagel for breakfast. i'm going to show you a couple of my favorites. >> going to get it. >> you know what, i was just playing my banana. i really was. take a look at this. they have one of the most fun things here at toy fair 2016. and john's going to tell us what we're doing here. so john, why does does my ba an na na play. >> what we're doing with maky maky is you're closing a circuit, flipping a switch. you ground your hand here and you do that. it is not just a banana piano. you can do anything
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keyboard on the internet, you can do with maky maky. >> after maky maky i decided to walky walky to megatraxes a cool new twist on the train set. >> what is this? >> megatrax is a whole new rail system with the idea we wanted to let kids create whatever they want and build it wherever they want. we've taken the idea of tracks stud sturdy and said we want them flexible and manipulated to create things in their wildest manuel nation. >> the amazing thing is on the way here, our cab driver drove pretty much exactly the same way. next it's off to another kind of transportation. >> the pocket drone. okay. this is really unique and steven here is going to tell us actually show us what this is and does. >> okay. so the pocket drone was created and meant pore portability. so thing that you can take with you on the go. it comes with a bag. be able to
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something easily be able to fit in your pocket for you to take anywhere. you went biking with your friends or picnic with your girlfriend. something you don't want to carry a nice big drone that has a 720 hd camera and your book bag. you want something you take right out of your pocket. hence we made the pocket drone. >> this is one of my favorite things here. just like that, i was off again. i needed a light lunch break and what could be lighter than edible bubbles. not bad. it's a turkey i think and stuffing. what was the flavor? >> tuitt i fruit i. >> okay. i was close. finally to end my day, i can't help but make a quick stop to hang with some old furry friends. >> every year we go by folkmani puppets. there's never anything new in puppets and that's why -- what are you talking about. >> oh, are you new
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>> yeah. what is on my head? is that -- oh, that is the world's cutest toupee. wow. who are you? >> i'm the brown bear cub. >> can you speak -- who is this guy? >> this is a french bulldog. >> french bull an dog. >> yeah. and that's my buddy the raccoon over there. >> well, you found trash. here i am. and just like trash, it's time to take it to the curb. see you next year toy fair. >> thank you, dick, for that inside look. just anyone can't roll up to the toy fair pop you've got to be a toy insider or media. >> i learned that you can make a banana an instrument. who knew. >> make it play like a piano. >> i'm not sure about the edible bubbles. i don't think i want my kids trying to eat the bubbles. >> i don't know that i can get on board with that one at all. >> i'm not so sure they're ornic either. >> this is the
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's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. live pictures from l.a.'s dolby theater where final touches are being put in place for sunday night's academy award ceremony under a growing cloud of racial controversy. >> and all eyes will be on host chris rock who's remained quiet about what we can expect from his performance on sunday. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: the buzz surrounding this year's oscars isn't just about who's walking the red carpet. it's also about who's not. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. >> we're not coming. not going. >> reporter: for a second year in a row, all 20 of the nominees in the acing categories are white resparking the twitter
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leading to protests and boycotts. >> what are they calling you. >> beast of no nation" idris elba was passed over for an oscar nod only to be nominated and win a screen actor's guild award on tnt. >> welcome to diverse tv. >> this is that watershed moment when the academy changes because they're being forced to change. >> reporter: the academy has now put forth new initiatives to double the number of women and minority voters by "20/20" and increase diversity on the academy's board of governors. >> it's a systemic bias that needs to be addressed across the industry. >> reporter: a new university of southern california study on diversity look ath 2014 and 2015 gives failing grades to every hollywood movie studio and most tvmakers. >> our study makes it really clear, hollywood is a straight white boy's club. >> reporter: all eyes are now on chris rock who told
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black women get paid less than everybody in hollywood. everybody's talking about jennifer lawrence, talk to gabrielle union. >> it is going to be an extremely memorable monologue simply because of that particular topic. >> reporter: in fact, an oscar producers says chris rock threw out his original monologue and completely rewritten it to include the diversity controversy. brandi hitt, abc news, hollywood. join us on sunday night at 7:00 eastern for everything oscars. 4:00 pacific, of course, here on abc and tune in and join us here at "world news now" next monday morning for a full wrap-up. >> you got your tux. >> i got it measured. i'll post a photo on my instagram. >> everyone's looking forward to that. >> we're all getting dressed up. >> glad you told me. get a dress. >> wait till you see jack's outfit really.
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breaking news on "rld news now." deadly gunfire in kansas. >> the heart stopping moments at a small town factory where several people are dead. new details overnight about the gunman, his assault rifle and the survivors. >> our other major headline, the verbal smackdown at last night's republican debate in houston. did marco rubio steal the show from donald trump? >> airline accident. new details about the jet that slammed into the runway seconds after takeoff. what investigators just revealed. and later, valuable lessons. the anchorwoman stepping from the news desk to the classroom to share vital stories from the past. an important black history month lesson on this friday, february 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is


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