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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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hard to watch, a man attacked in northwest. alison: the police hope the footage will lead to an arrest. roz plater has the investigation happening now. roz? roz: it bears warning that this video was so tough to watch. it all happened in front of this restaurant at about 11:30 p.m. thursday, all captured on surveillance video. the man the police are looking for is seen in this football jersey. it appears he first leaves the bar to make a phone call and then smoke. he goes back to the patio, where he appears to have a heated exchange with somebody outside range of the surveillance camera, paces, and walks away. he then follows the victim out of the bar and hits him from behind so hard that the victim falls to the pavement. he then violently
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on the ground, continuing to punch him in the head. somebody inside the bar comes out and tries to stop the beating, but they suspect pushes that person away and continues pummeling the victim. then the video cuts to the suspect dragging the victim by his clothing on the sidewalk him onto the street, then walking away. hoping thatre somebody recognizes the man responsible for this brutal beating. waspolice say the victim beaten unconscious, had multiple cuts and bruises. if you know the man in the video, d.c. police want to talk with you. roz plater, abc 7 news. alison: just awful. meanwhile, a person struck by a metro train at the height of rush hour today cause delays through the system. they were hit by a blue line train at l'enfant plaza. to thes were called scene, the person taken to the hospital in critical condition. leon: gunfire
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a barbershop. 25-year-old anthony chambers is charged with assault. othersy that he add two opened fire on the barbershop. a man and the child wounded. five people hurt after a five-car collision in fairfax county. three victims are in critical condition. one of the cars crossed a double line and hit the other head on, creating a chain reaction. no word on what caused the collision, but the police do not think alcohol was a factor. leon: fairfax county police are searching for a suspect and rape investigation. the suspect has been identified as edwin martinez, but may go by the name javier. the attack happened last week. if you know where he is, call the police. to stealaking cancer from an elderly woman, a disturbing arrest in washington
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macauley claimed to need money for cancer treatments. her husband would collect it from the victims. over five months, they took in over $82,000. they are facing theft and conspiracy charges. leon: 7 on your side with a consumer alert. may have's irs hack targeted over 700,000 taxpayer accounts. the good news is they do not get access to all of them. richard reeve has the latest. richard: they are talking about this here, but some good news, the investigation continues. they believe the criminal activity was involved. also, the number of victims continues to climb. more security breach headaches for the irs and taxpayers. >> three things we cannot avoid
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cyberattacks. richard: cyber thieves gained access to possibly three times the original estimate when the breach was discovered last may. >> they accessed a database outside the actual transcripts. richard: that is the irs' get transcript system that holds previous tax returns and others sensitive information. >> the vulnerability the bad guys went out there was out there for your and a half. they believe the motive is money, pure and simple. that wastely, the data taken could be used to file fraudulent tax returns. richard: the program, shut down in may, stored way too much unencrypted data. if the agency informs you that your formation has been
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monitoring immediately. >> have a watch put on your account. the irs is offering free credit monitoring and other services, but that is after the fact. this is a big wake-up call for the irs to ramp up security. live in northwest, richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: there is a warning from d.c. water tonight, criminals may be calling and asking for your information. has received five reports of fraudulent calls. they do not accept payments over the phone, do not make phone calls asking for financial information. d.c. police are looking into the source of the calls. power companies exceleon and pepco are moving closer to a merger. the d.c. council rejected the $6.8 billion
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were conditions that were met. if the conditions are met within two weeks, the merger goes through without another vote. if approved come the newly merged company would service 10 million people. leon: a different type of project opens tomorrow, when you can take your first ride on the d.c. streetcar. runs from union station to benning road northeast. supporters like the idea of a different mode of transportation, others call this a waste of money, with tens of millions of dollars over budget and extra traffic. each car holds up to 115 passengers. the big question now, will people ride it? we will find out this weekend. we will have live coverage of the opening. alison: will there be nice weather? good news in the outlook. steve rudin, how does it look? steve: finally, the wind is beginning
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between 6 to 12, still adding a little windchill factor. 23 is what it feels like in leesburg, 29 fredericksburg, feels like 25 at reagan national. the first half of the weekend, the temperatures below average this time of year after a cool start. 20's, lower 30's. bright sunshine, warming to about 40 at 11 a.m., approaching 45 to 50. if you want warmer temperatures and you want them to stick around for more than just one day, hang out for the seven day outlook. a lot of happy faces ahead, i guarantee it. ghing the value of security versus privacy, a new national poll shows that most people see privacy is the priority. aple and the fbi locked in
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unlocking a terrorist iphone. apple says that is a slippery slope and will not do it. according to our national poll, 61% chose privacy. 39% chose security. the battle between apple and the fbi could go all the way to the supreme court. alison: at this hour, a cease-fire is in effect in syria , brokered by the u.s. and russia. it marks the biggest international attempt to reduce violence in the country. isis and al qaeda are not included in the cease-fire. the official peace talks are ongoing. leon: new developments after yesterday's deadly workplace shooting in kansas. four people are dead, including the gunman. the night, new information about his past and where he got his weapons. jonathan elias is standing by with more. jonathan: the gunman's ex-girlfriend handed the guns to him. she has been criminally
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for providing weapons to a felon. sarah hopkins gave begun to cedric back in august. less than two hours before the shooting, he was served a restraining order. the police believe that is what triggered the violence at excel industries. the sheriff believes that he was shooting randomly. tonight, the identity of the victims, including a 30-year-old woman and two others. 14 people were wounded. the city's police chief ran into the gunfire, got into a shootout with the gun man, then shot and killed him. if not for that, the death toll would have been higher. jonathan elias. back to you. virginia northern community is outraged over a gun shop slated to open in arlington. nova armory is moving down the street from single-family hos and a daycare.
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county officials say that gun shops are only prohibited near schools, not daycares. nova armory plans to hold an open house to show residents what they offer. a former d.c. police officer sent to prison, darrell best admitted to sexually abusing a girl at d.c. headquarters and also admitted to an assault at a southeast church where he served as a minister. he should spend life behind bars, but agreed to a lighter sentence of 18 years to spare the victims the pain of going through a trial. this video is a montgomery county officer in the middle of a traffic stop stop he was hit a drunk driver. the officer is one of 50 montgomery county officers hit by a drunk driver in the last three years. the driver in the video was a repeat offender, sentenced to three years in prison.
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interlock alcohol devices be installed for all convicted drunk drivers. this sounds like a scandal from "house of cards," but it's real. accused of aaker scandal. alison: ted cruz and the infamous zodiac killer?
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here is one that sounds like an quote a house of cards" two lawmakers in michigan are accused of a plot. they allegedly were having an affair. here is where it gets more complicated. one is accused of ordering a staffer to e-mail his activists and lie to him saying that he had been caught with a male prostitute. the e-mail was intended to make the affair seem less believable.
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wednesday to surrender or face arrest. alison: ted cruz and a cold-blooded serial killer, what is the connection? ll found 10% of florida republicans are sure that ted cruz is the zodiac killer. 38% say they are not sure. the poll was done by left-leaning policy firm. apparently this all started with a tweet two years ago. leon: they must really not like him. big news on the campaign trail -- missouri governor -- new r chrisgoverno christie is endorsing donald trump for president, saying that he is the one person that hillary clinton is not what to go up against. had toing ahead to standing side-by-side, today, dona t
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endorsement from a former opponent in the gop race. this is theie: person who will go to washington, d.c., and turn the place around. we don't need anymore washington politicians. leon: trump defending his decision not to release his tax returns, and brushing off attacks from marco rubio. marco rubio: i don't know anything about bankruptcies. and continued on the trail today. dealingbio: what we are with here, my friends, is a con artist. leon: some political analysts say it is likely to little, too late. changes is way this if some of the attacks sink in. leon: days from super tuesday, on the democrat side, the focus is on south carolina.
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and bernie sanders busy campaigning ahead of tomorrow's democratic primary. hillary clinton is heavily southd to win in carolina tomorrow, pulling ahead by nearly 30 points. anything is possible. alison: super tuesday is just around the corner and abc 7 is your headquarters. tune in for live results as we learn them right here on abc 7 news at 11:00. steve: we have a cool day tomorrow, a warm day sunday. it is pothole season. today.ou got stung steve: sat there for an hour, the tow truck came on memorial bridge. heading towards arlington national cemetery. be careful. leon:
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know you? steve: i mentioned somebody's name and then they did. 43 degrees was the high today at reagan national, 50 the average this time of year. we will be above average as we move into the day sunday. breezy at reagan national, just a few clouds. the skies eventually clear overnight. it is cold right now, 32 leesburg, 30 manassas, 29 fredericksburg. at least the wind has started to ease, near 8 to 12 miles per hour. view, there is no super cold air, which is good news as we move into the beginning of march. the last week of february, two weeks from now we will spring ahead one hour when daylight savings time begins. from now. weekends
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the mid-atlantic. we stay that way overnight and for the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine sunday. monday, the warm weather trend keeps going, all the way to the middle of next week. the temperatures for the overnight, falling to near 23 to 30, mainly clear skies. tomorrow morning, going for a walk or exercising, the farmers market, bundle up early on. we will be in the 20's. rebounding into the 30's, then eventually near 45 to 50. the cool air overhead tomorrow will give way to a push of warm air sunday. the highs sunday will be near 60 degrees with lots of sunshine. thewind will stay out of southwest for at least monday, tuesday, even wednesday, a head of the cold front that will drop temperatures significantly thursday and friday of next week. tomorrow, looking good.
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degrees, partly cloudy. the wind out of the southwest at 6 to 12. the southwesterly wind is the key the next seven days. 62 leapigh sunday, near day, the last day of february. the first day of march, 62. the temperatures -- [laughter] steve: near 60 on wednesday. i don't know, every time i say leap day -- you celebrate leap dan a way that nobody else does. steve: a big party. leon: what do you have? robert: the was or its played played thee wizards sixers tonight. could they get a victory against one of the worst teams in the nba?
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: hockey, the capitals looking to bounce back after a loss to the canadiens. tonight, hosting the wild. alex
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, his 40th goal of the season. later, real fancy, between the legs. check that out. caps take the lead. they hold on for the win, 3-2. in philly, with the sixers. , you quarter, the board cannot do much when john wall is coming. he. the bucket -- when john wall is coming full speed. the bucket and the foul. wiz win 103-94. hasball, erin hawksworth been in vera, florida, getting to know new nationals manager dusty baker, and he is a hit with his player so far. harper. down with bryce erin: how has the
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different in spring turning so far? bryce: just getting to know everybody every single day little more. having a fun with everybody inside the clubhouse, coming together as a family, enjoying it as a family. robert: bowie state and virginia state, the drive and the finish. he had 17. virginia state would not be stopped. kevin williams, two of his 17. virginia state advances to the finals of the ciaa. and please join me and scott abraham for high school sports final starting on news channel 8 probably yet 11:30. alison: you have to go. . up next, a tennis match using dogs.
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leon: a rather unusual staff working a tennis match in brazil. were in charge of sprinting in getting the balls off the court. as
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they do not want to give the balls back. this is about promoting adoption. the shelter that sponsored this had a thousand dogs there. i'm sure they achieve that with some of these cuties. alison: that's a good idea. steve: gus is not into chasing balls. not the ballpark either anymore. just a soft sqe
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are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. alison: final look at the weather? steve: the first half of the week and will be on the cool side, 48 to 50 on saturday. warmer sunday,
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lower 60's monday and tuesday. a cold front thursday and friday. alison: now it looks like spring. leon: safe to watch the car, too. alison: have a great weekend.
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