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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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graham and virginia tech marvin harrington. he was supposed to go on industrial this year and will be in court on wednesday. we will have the announcement after the hearing and as we get more information. >> officer ashley guindon working her first full day on the police force as fate would have it, she was gunned down hours in the shift. >> the funeral will be held tomorrow. >> officer or harold hamm did appear in court today to face capital murder charges. we saw an affidavit that said hamilton did shoot his wife and police officers. at the police officer where ashley guindon worked the
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guindon's mother was here today. she is having trouble comprehending what has happened. >> 32-year-old ronald hamilton appeared via closed circuit tv in court and is charged with the capital murder in connection with the shooting death of his wife crystal and officer ashley guindon. killed her first day on the job. >> i met with ashley's mom. she seems to be all right. that is the only child. it's her life. she said she will never be the same. >> affidavit filed claims 911 came in from the hamilton woodbridge home and states when the officers arrived they found hamilton at the front door and he opened fire with a rifle. ashley guindon was killed. officer jesse
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mckeown was shot but survived. the wife's body was found in the bedroom. >> he should pursue the death penalty, yes. the young lady, yes. receive the death penalty. all means. >> tonight they will be a funeral procession from the funeral home to the church in wood bridge. >> reporting live. they are coming to grips with what happened this weekend. >> real. look at everything. leon: when we found out more about the plans we will pass
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>> to be the first to learn when breaking news happens, sign up for the text alerts at we will send update from the newsroom to the phone. >> a family dies in a terrible car crash. now bethesda residents want change. three members of the family were killed saturday men the vehicle collided with another. at the intersection of river and pile road. family teenage daughter survived but is in critical condition. >> i have to ask the state highway administration what price do they put on the lives. >> more than 500 people called a me -- signed a petition in 2008 calling for the highway administration to install traffic light at river road and pyle road. >> this time
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states will pick the party presidential nominee. donald trump rally in the commonwealth today, the black lives matter protest growing. suzanne kennedy is where hillary is campaigning tonight. suzanne: she just wrapped up a speech here on the campus of george mason university and spoke for 20 minutes to a thousand supporters. the first of two appearances. this takes place at a critical day at the polls. >> hillary clinton and donald trump counting down tuesday and getting just released poll. trump is ahead of the nearest competitor by 30 points and democrat hillary clinton tops bernie sa
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donald trump took aim at the competition. mr. trump: she should not be allowed to run. in florida where he comes from this guy couldn't be elected dogcatcher right now if he ran. >> i hate trump. everything wrong with the united states is represented by trump. >> at the rad ford rally, support for the front runner was strong. democrat doctorman is preparing to vote for hillary clinton tomorrow. >> i like her positions on women's issues, on environment, on the whole range. >> late this afternoon, the democratic front runner made an appearance at george mason university where hundreds waited in line all afternoon to hear her speak.
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great. we have to make america whole and work with everybody, bring people together. quite being divided. >> no one will wrap up the domination tomorrow. what happens at the polls will serve to further define the party's nominees. the polls open at 6:00 tomorrow morning. reporting live. suzanne kennedy. leon: we have special coverage planned tomorrow. scott thuman will host on the sister station abc7 news. we'll stream it online at the live updates and the result from virginia and the delegate rich state across the country tomorrow at 9:00. maureen: breaking news from southeast washington this is a short
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shooting where a teenager was hurt. police want to talk to you right away if you have information. coming up tonight on abc7 -- >> today's ceremony is truly unique. >> rare medal of honor ceremony. navy seal awarded the highest decoration. his story is next. >> still ahead the kids farm at the national zoo. shut down. bacteria that was found in the animal that had keepers watching closely. coming up. alison: red flags raised fairfax. maureen: millions spent on parcel of property. the watchdog asking questions about the relationship between the seller and county leaders. >> looking ahead to tomorrow. a mild sunny day but then big weather changes the rest of the week. you want to hear about that next on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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maureen: a knavery seal receives the highest honor. leon: edward byers awarded the medal of honor in a ceremony at the white house. he risked his life in 2012 to rescue dr. joseph who was held captive for four days by the
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hero but he says his daughter doesn't see it that way. >> my daughter knows i'm dadly. she would tell you the five nicknames she has more me and none of them are hero. maureen: only five other navy seals received the medal of honor. leon: congratulations. scott kelly orbiting the earth on the international space station for a year now and he comes back to earth tomorrow to end the joe southern above. he and -- end the sojourn above. it's part of the nasa goal to make sure they can handle the long trips like to mars. scott tellly returns to texas wednesday. he the record holder for the time spent in space. still ahead at 6:00 --
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coming -- chris paps. we have a $7 million deal between fairfax county and property owner that has us asking questions. what we found out about the relationship between the two. next. >> i'm robert burton. in sports, erin hawksworth will sit down with ryan zimmerman. if it seems like the wizards are playing better lately, they are. we break it down when "abc7 news at 6:00" continues.
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maureen: new developing with the erin andrews case today. he is took the stand and talked a about how she found out someone was recording her inside the nashville hotel room. >> you said they made a video of you on the internet. i said no there is not. i don't do that. maureen: she is suing her stalker michael barrett and the owner of the marriott at vanderbilt hotel for $75 million. leon: developing today, e. coli at the kids farm at the national zoo. that portion of the park is closed down until further
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notice. the animals are in quarantine and the zoo is stressing none of the animals or the employees are showing sign of illness. we are gathering more information and we will have an update at 11:00. in the meantime, a $7 million land purchased by fairfax county raising red flags and some call it a sweetheart deal. maureen: the relationship between the county leaders and the landowner has "7 on your side" asking questions. we have the excluse if story. what did you uncover? chris: the finances in fairfax county are tight. rereported that for a year. taxes increase and they need money for the credit rating. i may be cut. it didn't stop the supervisors from recently approving a $7 million land deal with the big-time contributor. >> the 1.4-acre land may belong to fairfax county. the supervisors say they want to revitalize the
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>> i thought this was the appearance of a sweetheart deal. >> this is owned by lannic. >> of the six board of supervisors four voted for the deal and two obtained. >> i didn't feel comfortable legally. >> he didn't feel comfortable with the price. in 2015 it was assessed at $4,000. the county will pay $7 million. >> this isn't the right time to spend $7 million. >> do you see how it voting for this can look bad? >> it may look bad. >> more than 40 grand, the
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political contributions from herrick herrick. >> she sees a fair market investment that could pay off in a few years. >> it is critical to revitalize older part of the county. >> we did reach out and the landowner for comment but did not receive one. they will decide tomorrow whether to raise taxes. they could see increase of 6%. leon: thank you. maureen: we had a chilly weekend but today is glorious. doug: leap day, the 289th of february. temperatures in the mid-60's. a nice day tomorrow. this is going to change wednesday. friday we have a chance of snow in the forecast. who wants to hear about that?
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doug: sorry. give you time lapse. 57 at the army navy country club in arlington. time lapse today. we had a cold front this morning and thus cloudiness. then we cleared out and gusty winds and dry air. the light will linger longer. 502 is the -- 52 is the morning low. the temperatures will slowly fall tonight. winds will diminish. we are still at 59 at reagan national. 52 in hagerstown and fredericksburg. we have coolest readings north and west of the metro. with the light winds and the clear skies 30's in the area. there is area that is developing to create snow. this number will move east.
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and gusty winds through the day on wednesday. a second service develops in the southwest to bring us rain and snow on friday morning. in the meantime, another warm day tomorrow. the future cast shows a lot of sunshine. some cloudiness increasing. here is the system over the high planes and the northern rockies now. that will swing in and give us the rain and gusty winds developing with a system on wednesday. this could be a small system. but potential for snow in some areas. the snow hasn't form and it is difficult to say more than that for now. but this time tomorrow we have a better idea. the clouds increase through the afternoon and the evening. beyond that we will see the cooler temperatures wednesday with the sunshine. falling teer
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partly cloudy and chilly on thursday. we have 60% chance of the snow and rain. chilly on saturday and sunday. the warming trend could be impressive by the middle and the end of next week. leon: the wizards look good. >> they beat the cavs sunday. leon: bad. >> there was a catch, though. robert: shouldn't be a problem for the wizards. lebron wasn't there. erin hawksworth goes one-on-one with the nats. sport
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leon: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by the toyota dealer. robert: we start with baseball. nationals place the final spring game today. the first real fan is wednesday. nats fan are hoping for healthier 2016 for zimmerman. the first baseman limited to 95 games last season due to injury. erin hawksworth sat down and asked about the progression of baseball in d.c. >> i think both the organization and the city as fans we have grown together. when we came down from montreal and mlb still owned us. they purchase a team and then we started to take the steps and drafted the guys for the
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farm team. now to the point that every year we expect to make the playoffs. which ten years ago you couldn't say that honestly. so it is exciting. robert: no pressure. big win for wizards on sunday. blowing out the cavs 113-99. there is a catch. lebron james didn't play. but since the all-star break good stuff. washington has won five out of the last seven. with john wall recording four double-deckers. they are only two spot back from the eighth spot for the playoffs in the east. tonight a good chance for easy win. they are hosting the 76ers who only have eight wins on the season. phillies okafur will not play tonight. in hockey caps traded liyk. the team captain ovechkin tweeted his goodbye saying i'll miss you. good luck. i'm going to miss you. d.c. united on the practice field today. they are
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tomorrow night at r.f.k. the second leg of the concacaf quarterfinals. united lost the first match of the series last week. it works on the aggregate scoring so united needs to win by two tomorrow night to advance. not just by one. leon: all right. we had the well wishes to brooks lyk. never had a better guy. a good person. maureen: what is the latest? doug: tonight windy min niche. good news. clear. and chilly. 36 to 42 degrees. for tomorrow, for super tuesday it looks good. sunshine in the morning. clouds with clouds and 63 for the high. rain in here. gusty winds on wednesday. tonight at 11:00, steve will have more. end of the mild temperatures and when do they come back? wi talk about the weekend and stuff for friday. leon: oh! maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. leon: better be good stuff.
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several breaking stories tonight. hours away now until super tuesday. the showdown and, tonight, donald trump and the staggering new poll. and the trump rally turning ugly today. the photographer thrown to the ground. plus, the new numbers tonight on hillary clinton. is there a path for bernie sanders? also breaking, the school shooting inside a cafeteria. the 14-year-old opening fire, then running from the scene. breaking down on the stand. erin andrews late today, testifying in the case of her stalker, and a famous hotel. making a statement. chris rock at the oscars. and leonardo dicaprio finally winning. what he quietly said backstage. and late word


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