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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 9, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," primaries, caucuses and political drama. >> the results from you four states coming in overnight with trump taking a commanding lead and one key race an upset for the democrats. live coverage and insight just moments away. >> breaking overnight, white house arrest. the former marine accused of shooting a pastor in idaho is busted in washington. the unusual circumstances. and speaking out a juror who served on the o.j. simpson case reveals new details 22 years late per" tough questions decades after the verdict. >> and later it's sweet, soothing and has a flavor like nothing else. doctors now know why chocolate is so good for your brain. it's wednesday, march 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> we do say good morning. it is a busy primaries. >> that took place in michigan. we'll start there with the results. some were calling a super tuesday. >> the big headline an upset win by bernie sanders in michigan, surprising even his own campaign. >> they were shocked by it. lake a look at the latest nones overnight. sanders winning by about 2 percentage points taking a majority of the state's delegates. the clinton campaign now reviewing what went wrong there and why all signs pointed to a big win for her in that state. this win likely to bolster the sanders campaign and help him raise more funds. it the other democratic primary in mississippi a clinton land side, 2 to 16%. >> on the republican side, a double win for trump in michigan and mississippi. ted cruz taking idaho. but taking a closer look
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michigan. john kasich with a very strong t here lace showing there. because donald trump prevailed despite fierce efforts to block his path. >> and bernie sanders is predicting more success after his stunning victory in michigan. abc's megan hughes has the latest from detroit. good morning, megan. >> reporter: reena, kendis. from the polls it looked like the front-runners were going to sweep these primaries. that's why this big win by bernie sanders here in the state of michigan really became the story of the night. a critical day in the race to the white house. and the biggest prize of the night, michigan. >> i think it's important for everybody to vote. >> i'm going to vote for the one that i really want and i think it will make a difference. >> i know definitely who i want and i know who i don't want. >> reporter: in the democratic race, abc news projects bernie sanders with pulling off an upset this has been a fak night in michigan and we look forward to going to illinois, ohio,
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missouri, and the other states that we will be competing she t ohio. >> i'm proud of the campaign that senator sanders and i are running. >> winning is winning. >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump may have benefited from independent voters in michigan. >> embrace it, we will win the election easily. >> reporter: ted cruz in north carolina taking aim. >> the kings and queens demand that of their subjects. but in america, no man is bob the law. >> reporter: marco rubio and john kasich holding events in their home states you have florida and ohio where both of their campaigns are betting big. >> if you vote for john kasich or ted cruz, are you voting for donald trump. i am the only one that can beat them in florida. >> reporter: ted cruz did take home one win, the state of idaho as he copies to make the case that he's the only one that can beat trump.
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this thing is far from over right now. there' what's next? >> reporter: the next big day to watch circle it on your calendar, march next tuesday. we've got five states and some big ones that are going to be up for grabs. so ohio, florida, illinois, a lot of them are winner take all on the republican side. that will be a big day for politics. >> megan, michigan loved mitt romney. mitt romney doesn't like trump. he still won the state. why is is so important even though it's not a winner-take-all state? >> reporter: michigan is it important for a number of reasons. you've got a huge number of delegates on the republican side and the democrat side. it's important that it's not winner take all for candidates like ted cruz, like john kasich who didn't win in michigan but did well. they're going to take home some delegates, as well. >> megan hughes live in detroit. thank you so much. stay with abc news as the results and reaction come in all morning along.
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what really drove voters to the polls last did, as well from the republican front-runner calling on his supporters to raise their right-hands and in a sort of pledge of allegiance to trump. critics say it's a reminder of the nazi salute. on "good morning america," trump was asked the tone of his tactics shoul but i mean, look, have a tremendous following. we want to make america great gwen. it's a strong following. i don't know about the hitler comparison. i hadn't heard that. but it's a terrible comparison. i'm not happy about that, certainly. >> the former head of the anti-defamation league said seeing an audience of thousands of people raising their hands in what looks like a hail litler salute was offensive, obnoxious and disgusting. >> focus overseas now and to an american dead after a series of attacks by palestinians in israel. vanderbilt university graduate student taylor force was killed in a stabbing
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port city of jaffa. force was a west point grad wha went. he was shot and killed by police. a dozen israelis were wounded in the attacks. vice president joe biden's trip to israel may have served as the trigger for the latest violence. as a result, israel is increasing security around him. during his visit, biden is expected to meet with the israeli prime minister as well as the palestinian president. the pentagon says u.s. air strikes targeted a top isis leader last beck in syria. an initial u.s. assessment says it is likely the leader omarr al show shani was killed along with 12 additional isis fighters. almost known as omarr the chechen he was considered the group's minister of war. if confirmed, his death would be a major victory for u.s. efforts against isis.
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agi'd hold pastor last weekend has been arrested at the oouver fence last night and a law fot source t news the suspect was tracked to washington on socialmedia. pastor kim remington regained consciousness yesterday. the motive for his shooting is unflown. >> five fbi agents are under investigation this morning in connection with the deadly shooting outside an oregon refuse future. propers say the shooting of la voile was justified. we get more from pierre thomas with the new video. >> put the laser right there. put the bullet through the head. >> reporter: this just released cell phone video shows the final moments of robert finicum's life. the chaos caught on tape. racing away from a checkpoint with four passengers. nearly running over an fbi agent -- >> hang on. >> reporter: and a police roadblock. finicum, part of a group that had taken over a federal
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fatally shot by oregon state troopers. that, too, caught on fbi justified. but two mystery shots that missed finicum fired right as he exited his truck have a team of fbi agents under scrutiny. >> go ahead, shoot me. >> reporter: you can clearly hear one of those shots hitting his truck, right here, as finicum jumps out of his vehicle. >> go ahead, shoot me. >> reporter: watch and listen again. >> go ahead, shoot me. >> reporter: local authorities believe they were fired by the fbi's elite hostage rescue team. if true, the agents apparently never reported those gunshots. so, did the agents mislead supervisors? authorities say finicum's reckless and dangerous actions led to his death but his family claims he was unjustly executed. now with questions about a football fbi cover-up, expect an explosion of conspiracy theories. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> home depot will pay at least 19.589 million dollars to
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breach. for 18 months of und to identity protectiones. data breach affected more than 50 million examiners who use payment cards on self-serve kiosks. >> this is an interesting heist. a brinks armored car service employee is accused of stealing nearly $200,000 all of it in quarters. that's 9800 pounds of quarters or almost.five tons. the federal are banking had stored the coins at brinks in birmingham, alabama. the fbi says this was not "a nickel and dime theft." the former employee has agreed to plead guilty and repay the money. >> did he really say that, it's not a nickel and dime. >> no. >> it was quarters. >> you may have seen our stories last week about astronaut scott kelly who landed in kazakhstan after a year in space. there's a reason the show is called "world ne
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>> we're going back to sca zack stan this capital how has its first mcdonald's. they were bundled up an up and ryaned up in droves t theirburgers and fry stooz is that a happy meal there too? it's central asia's first mcdonald's but more planned to come along. kazakhstan is set to have 15 more over the next three years. thank you. >> we plan to cover that region heavily in the next fewweeks. >> because of mcdonald's. >> we'll have more update from uzbekistan and kurdistan and all of the stans. we'll open a bureau there. >> tajikistan. >> i forgot not to be left out. >> you know, they do have really good macaroons at the mcdonald's in beijing. in china. it's totally different. mcdonald's in china is so different. it's for may. >> don't they serve beer at the ones in europe? >> i had i so.
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possibly? >> mcdonald's in greece. >> now we know. >> helwx," we've heard about artistal vegetables. now there's secrets of chocolat why it's so the good for your brain. we're in nor a treat. >> and flu details revealed about the o. j. simpson case 22 years after the verdict. the jurors who are speaking out. >> tell us what you think on facebook and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now" "world news now."
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back to our top story. bernie sanders defying the polls and the pundits to pull off a surprise victory in michigan. it's a big disappointment for hillary clinton but she scored big in mississippi crushing sanders in what was a landslide. on the republican side, donald trump overcame a barrage of attacks to decisively win in michigan and mississippi. ted cruz picked up idaho and he battled it out with john kasich for second places in michigan, marco rubio failed to win any states or dels. well, quick thinking sheriff's deputy in pennsylvania brings a scary situation to a peaceful end. take a look at the surveillance video. a masked gunman in the back seat i've taxi demanding money. check out the car in the back. that's the deputy who realizes something's not right. he flip on the lights
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on. the robber arrested. the driveras thinking more cops. it's been over 20 years since the start of the o.j. simpson trial. once again it has captivated the country with the help of the new tv series. >> now one of the jurors from the trial of the century is speaking about what the show gets right, right and wrong telling matt gutman man why he stands by the verdict. >> 22 years ago the o.j. simpson trial and audiences riveted. >> you must acquit. >> reporter: and five episodes in, o.j. back in the public conscious with the people versus o.j. simpson, already a record breaking hit on fx. >> absolutely 100% not guilty. >> who would have thought we'd still be talking about it 20 years later. >> reporter: it's a trip down memory lane for david al dana, one of the 1 jurors who
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nine-month trial acquitted o.j. >> they said we were three months. somebody lied. >> reporter: it was nine months. >> yeah. >> is that some sort of record? >> i think that is the record. >> reporter: al ca dan nan now a 54-year-old says he still stands by their verdict. city claims the evidence presented to the jurors wasn't enough to put put o.j. behind bars. >> reporter: 20 years later, do you stand by the zifths jury. >> oh, yeah. what we were given, do i think he did it, yeah, there's a shot he did do it. but on the other hand, the evidence didn't problem it. >> reporter: is there one thing that would have changed the verdict? >> if they had the weapon with his hand prints on it, something that just can't be dispughs. >> reporter: as for the mini series bringing the trial back to life, he says it's made for television. >> my first impression was did this stuff really happen? did some of this happen? did
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bickering, the behind the scenes part. other. w, >> reporter: just last week, what many thought was a new lead in the two decades old case fre >> the actual item is described as a knife. >> reporter: but sources telling us that just like all the other tips over the years, it wasn't the murder weapon after all. as for david, his life post trial has never been the same. >> lost friends. people that i knew wouldn't talk to me anymore. a few couple of fistfights. >> reporter: over o.j. >> and over the verdict? >> yeah. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> incredible. >> yeah. coming up in our next half hour, the dangers of texting while walking. pedestrian fatalities rising at an alarming rate as much of society remains distracted by our smart phones. why one mom says she'll never try doing both
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but first, more reason to love chocolate.ld new
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♪ chocolate rain. ♪ build a tent ♪ chocolate rain the okay. >> "purple rain." >> i've heard of "purple rain," never chocolate rain. whether it's in the form of rain, a bar or even a kiss or and chore man, chocolate can be hard to resist. >> a new study with findings will make you feel less guilty about indulging. could it be the key to increasing brain function. >> clayton sandell reports. >> reporter: okay, we all know, sometimes chocolate makes us act a little strange.
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>> wow, chocolate, half price. >> reporter: or augustus gloop. >> my chocolate! >> help! >> my beautiful chocolate!he everybody's favorite indulgence may be making us smarter, too, improving memory and concentrion. the researchers tell us, natural ingredients in chocolate called flavonols may work by increasing blood flow to the brain. feeling smarter already. other studies published in real science journals claim chocolate may be good for your heart, reduce strokes and help protect your skin. here at denver's chocolate crisis center, yes, there is such a thing, they only claim one health benefit. >> the one indisputable claim about chocolate is that it puts a smile on your face. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> you like chocolate, huh. >> no, i was just curious whether those were edibles in denver. >> you're a chocolate guy. wouldn't you say? >> oh, man. >> you love e
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every time. ball to take on anything. time now for "the mix," and the world did not end overnight. >> suppose odd? >> way back in the days you used to think a solar eclipse -- there was a spectacular solar eclipse. it was visible in southeast asia. that was realtime video of it. it was a time lapse by nasa. about 40 million people in the path of this solar eclipse. we're getting some amazing pictures of this. this was in indonesia, parts of bali saw it, parts of singapore, as well. >> very cool. >> i totally missed that. it was on my list of things to do. >> to check out. nasa live streamed it. >> you like your bars. >> yes. >> would you like a water bar? >> no. >> may
3:26 am
minneapolis. it's act uallolin and shah ni mat i some. >> it's just water, not vodka,i researchers, people creating public art and the design is that these design projects are rooted in place and purpose. this is the first one that will be permanently set up so you get free water and there's lots of art around. >> i'm sure whole foods will bottle up and it will charge you of.99 for it soon. >> this one is definitely free. apparently. >> very cool. we love steph curry around here. who doesn't? of course, you know he has a lot of success. whenever he has success, his teammate draymond green will pour some ice cold cups can of watered on him like there after he scored his
3:27 am
thor and he does little dance. so steph is a man oland school. >> one, two, three. go. >> oh. he took one for the team. >> so the kids got in the action and did their own impression of what draymond green does to him, pouring cups of water on him. he spoke to the kids and a good time was had by all. look at that, he packed the house. >> very cute. i love it when i see him with the kids. he dollars a lot of that. good like that. would you adopt a bunny rabbit from the spca? look at this. who doesn't love this dog sized bunny. the manager of the scottish spca in glasgow put out a press release and said this bunny from all over the world, there interest in this bunny to be adopted. an apparently we believe someone in switzerland actually adopted this huggable little thing. >> i love the shot of the bunny next to the
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now," your voiceyo vote. trump and a stunner for bernie sanders. bier challenge? >> also ahead, the hot button issues that sent voters to the polls last night. the mood of the electorate so revealing this morning. and new this half hour, the world cup of soccer. >> no, not that world cup. these soccer players are actually robots, and some of the competitors were actually on fire. >> and later a sneak peek at the new season of "game of thrones." fans want to know, is jon snow alive or dead? what does it all mean? that's in "the skinny" on this wednesday, march 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do say good wednesday morning to you. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. >> you know how big a night it was for bernie sanders


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