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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 10, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," democrats on the attack. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton going after each other. and republican front-runner donald trump last night's debate and the hot button issue that fired them up. primary politics. donald trump confident from a three-state win has a message for fellow republicans. get ready for a knockout. >> bad timing. the taxi robbery caught on camera with a sheriff's deputy right behind that cab. the taxi driver and the cop speaking out. and later flying in luxury. the coup who booked free rides on a high class private jet. how do they do it? and how can do, too. it's thursday, march 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> good morning. i'm kendis gibson. it is thursday. >> i'm reena ninan. a little under the weather, huh. >> a little under the weather. we're almost in the homestretch, almost at friday and almost be able to recover from this cold. let's get started with the democrats. another big night facing off for the second time this week hoping to gain momentum ahead of next week's key races. >> hillary clinton can, bernie sanders clashed again last night and face aid string of tough questions. but they stood ianed in their opposition to donald trump. highlights now from abc's bazi kanani. >> just days after their last debate and less than 24 hours after that stunning upset in michigan. >> which some people considered one of the major political upsets in modern american history. >> it was a very close race. i've won some, i've lost some. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off again, this time in miami less than a week before voters there head to the polls. >> i would not deport children. i do not want to deport family members either. >> i will not
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>> reporter: but sanders still trails clinton in delegates. her lead so commanding in all five states vote ong tuesday, she could lose by double digits and still win the nomination. >> bernie sanders is the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump. >> reporter: the candidates often clashed favoring substance over insults, but both taking shots at the republican front runner. >> is donald trump a racist? >> his rhetoric, his demagoguery, his trafficking in prejudice and paranoia has no place in our political system. >> we do not as donald trump and others have done, resort to racism and xenophobiaen an bigotry. >> reporter: things got a little heated clinton answering questions about her e-mail server. >> i am not worried about it and no democrat or american should be either. >> if you get indicted will you drop out. >> i'm not even answering that question. >> i'm going to focus
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families of this country. >> reporter: bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> so you heard the heated back and forth. there was something else that was heated going on during the debate. people were trying to figure out what color was bernie sanders' suit? take a look at it. what do you think? >> it's definitely brown into it definitely does look brown. that was a heated debate. look at that photo. >> it looks like a charcoal gray there into during the debate while all of this is going on, the campaign put out a, a tweet saying the suit the senator is wearing is blue. but then even they weren't sure. we checked with our abc producers and they said an sanders body man and other members of his staff are now saying it's a black suit. so far they actually have no idea if it's a brown, black, blue suit. >> uh-huh. that's interesting. >> the debate continues. >> the debate continues. that's the real debate from that last night. >> i prefer not to
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this world. >> what color is your suit? >> this is actually gray. >> it looks blue on television. it looks blue. >> it is blue. all right. let's get to the republicans now, and donald trump looking forward to next week's winner take all primaries. fresh from his three-state victory. trump addressed a packed house. this is in fayetteville, north carolina last night. 11,000 people inside and thousands more turned away. trump says he's going for a knockout. he's far ahead of marco rubio in florida but he's in a much tighter race against john kasich in ohio. he's now taking aim at kasich. >> you know, i mean, it's going to be amazing. and we as you know, we have ohio where you have an absentee governor. absentee. >> well, trump is vowing to be more presidential than anybody since abraham lincoln. last night he shouted down protester who interrupted him, ripped into his rivals and attacked the media
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canada's newly elected leader is in washington for a state visit. prime minister justin trudeau and his family arrived in the u.s. yesterday, climate change, isis and trade at the top of the agenda when he meets with president obama later today. look at that family. tonight he will be the guest of honor at a state dinner, the very first for a canadian leader in nearly 20 years. they call him the president obama of canada. kevin newman is in canada was saying that. >> he couldn't be any more adorable. a picture this week of him with the pandas was very cute. thousands of people are expected to pay their final respects to former first lady nancy reagan today. her casket arrived at the reagan library ahead of tomorrow's funeral. abc's lauren lyster is there. >> reporter: their procession bringing her body to its final resting place. but before she's buried, days of ceremonyious mourning beginning at this l.a. funeral home where family
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service. the casket carried out by members of mrs. reagan's secret service. a ploert kad transporting that casket to the reagan library in simi valley. fire departments saluting the here's all along the way a show of respect and a dignified entrance to mark her arrival. >> i will give you rest. >> nancy and ronald reagan spent more than five decades by each other's side. >> try and find a picture of the two of them together not holding hands. it's almost impossible. >> reporter: after more than one decade spent apart following his death, she will soon be reunited again. >> when her casket is lowered into the ground, she will be as close to them so they could hold hands. >> reporter: buried just inches from president reagan in this hillside tomb, plans long in the making. among the 1,000 invited guests who attend her private service friday, former president george w. bush and laura bush, hillary clinton
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obama. >> mrs. reagan was a woman of incredible strength and grace. >> >> reporter: some vips like paul ryan got a few private moments with her casket. now the public is getting its chance. the library expecting tens of thousands of people. lauren lyster, abc news, simi valley, california. >> there are questions this morning how a man wanted for attempted murder in idaho was able to board a plane to washington, d.c. kyle odom appeared in a washington courtroom yesterday after he was arrested for throwing items onto the white house lawn. he's accuses of shoot agi'd hold pastor outside his church. the tsa says it does not screen passengers for outstanding criminal warrants unless notified. the kansas factor where a shooting left four dead begins operations yesterday. employees returned under increased skrut there. february 25th, a worker opened fire killing three of his fellow employees and then killed by police.
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say an explosion that leveled a building was accidental. clean-up is under way after the powerful early morning blast. it housed two cafes and a grocery store but as many as three dozen other businesses were damaged. more now from abc's neal karlinksky. >> reporter: the blast was so powerful, a nearby business's surveillance camera captured the shock wave. immediately, seattle firefighters, who were already here checking on reports of a gas leak, were down. >> may day, may day, may day. battalion 6, i need a full response. i have firefighters missing. >> reporter: nine firefighters were caught in the blast at this local market. >> we've got two buildings that have been heavily damaged. >> reporter: the building, decimated by the powerful explosion. and surrounding businesses heavily damaged. >> at that moment, i was thrown on the ground and there was broken glass. >> reporter: again and again, we've seen the result. a gas leak, followed by a powerful explosion. like this house in new jersey. and firefighters, often the first ones onscene, even before gas lines can be safely se
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>> the firefighters had all of their personal protective equipment on, otherwise the injuries would have been more significant. >> reporter: the blast zone is massive. you can still see pieces of the building scattered up in the trees there. amazingly, the nine firefighters are out of the hospital with only minor sxwroirpz neal karlinksky, abc news, seattle. so the city of flint, michigan will stop sending out water bills till they can straighten out you the billing. residents have been paying for water they can't drink for two years. the state legislature authorized $30 million to assist them with their bills. the average customer will get a credit of about $600. there's a lead scare in new jersey's largest school district. water is shut off in 30 school buildings in newark after tests showed high lead level. investigators believe the contamination poses no serious health risks. no led has been found in the
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>> fans of corona extra, a recall of your favorite brew is under way. this one affects 12 and 18 packs of the bottles that may contain small particles of glass. the issue was discovered after routine quality checks at breweries where it is produces. according to its maker less than .1 of 1% of the bottles are impacted by this. and another very important consumer story. generic vi aggragg has now been approved by the fda. yeah. teva pharmaceuticals received that an probable to market the genericing in 25, 50 and if you want to really party, 100 milligram strengths. the company has already been selling generic vi aggragg in canada and europe. >> we're going to move to south florida before kendis can comment on the story. where you never know in south florida what you'll see on the side of the road. >> case in point. a group of five miniature horses that got loose
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turnpike yesterday. they saw a hole in a fence and they ran for it. >> so one of them celebrated freedom with a roll around in some leaves. look at that, the group of five was eventually brought under control by the florida highway patrol which helped get them back where they longed. >> wranged them in. coming up "the mix," the poof of an angry woman on a disney thrill ride going viral. we're finding out why she was not thrilled. >> also ahead, booking travel on a private jet for free. the couple who found a way to do it are sharing their secrets. >> the taxi driver robbed at gunpoint by his passenger. the driver and the deputy who saw it all are telling their stories to abc news. check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram, abcwmn. you're watching "world news now." >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an importa
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thnch is drone video. those ohio officer had just recaptured a suspect after he broke out of a county jail. the guy on the run had bad timing. boy, he did. local officers were on their second day of training with the drone when they used it for their search. locating the suspect was the first assignment using the drone so that they're pretty much batting a thousand now. >> success on the first try. >> never know who's watching. > new details about the taxi robbery in reading, pennsylvania, stopped by a sharp
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>> driving behind the cab, he saw something was wrong. now the deputy and the driver he rescued are speaking out. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: it's a terrifying armed robbery, caught on a cabbie's surveillance camera. watch. >> this is a robbery. give me all your money, man. give me everything you got. now. >> all right, all right. >> reporter: what is going through your mind through all of this? >> give him what he wants and get him out. i don't want to get hurt. there's a cop behind us. there's a cop behind us. >> what's the problem? let me see your hands. get out. >> reporter: while you're going through this, there's an officer right behind you. >> i spotted the lights, blinking behind me. >> get out. get out. >> this was my guardian angel. >> reporter: that guardian angel, deputy terry ely. he says, when the light turned green and the cab didn't move, he got out of the car. suspicious it was an escalating argument. and get this -- after the deputy arrested the passenger, cabbie ralph valletta went right back to what he's been doing for 25 years. driving his cab.
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pennsylvania. >> incredible the timing there. by the way, and the cab company just installed those surveillance cameras about a year and a half ago. >> good timing. > yeah, exactly. >> coming up in our next half hour, a medical new jersey in disguise. how a woman thought she had the flu when she was having a life-threatening heart attack. >> but first the coup who figured out how to fly around in a private jet for free. they're sharing their secrets. what everyone should know about saving big money on travel. you're windchill watching "world news now."
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♪ i want to fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ ♪ fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me ♪ >> okay. can i get you that shazam invention. >> flying anything other than coach can be very expensive. but if you're savvy enough, you can upgrade your air travel at minimum cost. >> we're talking about a luxury private jet for free. it's possible. t.j. holmes shows us how. >> reporter: forget long security lines or fighting for overhead space. flying 30,000 feet in the lap of luxury just got
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affordable at least for gilbert ott and lawyer la burns who scored a flight on this private jet for free. >> the look on our face definitely told the story. they knew we weren't regulars. >> the are travel bloggers found the plush trip from boston to washington, d.c. through the travel app jet smarter and used an online promotioning to earn points that that i had for it the entire flight. >> took a picture of our driver's license for safety and said okay, great, i'll send you an invoice. which said zero at the bottom. >> reporter: but jet smarter is one of their many secret weapons. >> my favorite thing are the deal sites. every day some sites are dedicated to spitting out the best flight deals. airfare watchdog, the flight and, of course, our side god save the their you can use these sites to save money on airfare by doing research. >> there are opportunities every week for a crazy cheap flight. >> reporter: and he says don't
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miles. >> earn miles for tweeting, liking something on facebook. renning a car. >> you can earn miles tweeting. >> yeah. some airlines want twitter followers they'll give you 500 miles. crazy but true. >> reporter: even though they aren't holding their breath for another private jet anytime soon, they say this summer, they'll be slumming it in business class, flying overseas just on their miles. >> a big stack of miles. we're going to tokyo, hong kong and vietnam. >> how much would a trip like that cost. >> the tickets alone would be $20,000. >> t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. >> you're my go-to guy when it comes to travel. >> i learned something. i follow flight deal every day and get some great hacker fares but we have an actual photo of you flying back from tampa. >> oh, yes. look at that. >> hello. wow. >> well, is that some krug in your glass? >> n
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flu liquid gel that is max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this. we are going to start the mix with a really heartwarming story. you have this young lady who was really raised by a man her entire life and she was givening him a gift there and it involved like a onesie and she had a letter on top. let's take the sound and you can see what else she decided to give him. >> i want you to know you're the most amazing man i've met. you raised me my whole life. wow, it's -- >> it's what in. >> we can't stand the suspense. >> it's a petition for adoption. >> what? >> isn't that nice? she gave him an application to adopt her. >> that's so sweet because he's done so much for her,
3:26 am
leia as a kid and taking her to some grudge concerts. it was a heartwarming moment. a lot of people sharing this. >> i see why. yeah. so disney world, i took the kids. it could can exhausting at the magic kingdom. one woman from buffalo ended up as the angry woman on a flash mountain ride. she's dubbed the angry splash plant lady. jordan alexander from syracuse. it's like this unhappy face at the happiest place on earth. walt disney world. it turns out that she was so ticked off because she was with her family, her parents, her husband. and her husband said he's too tired to go on the ride. why don't you take the kids. she was ticked off he didn't go. >> this was her close-up. >> the husband posted this. it's been viewed 2 million times. isn't that incredible? >> that's insane. i bet the internet has had fun with it. >> the mona lisa on splash mountain. >> ye
3:27 am
cool. >> and there she is. with john travolta. >> creepy. that's an actual photo though. >> that's a real photo. he showed up. >> so this is cute. there's this mailman who for years or for months rather, he's been going to this one particular house and always having trouble getting it into this mail slot and finally decided to just like videotape the little attack cat. every time he goes in there that's what happens. >> he switch pushes it back. like a defense mechanism. >> no, no. go back. >> very cute. >> it's very cute. >> very, very cute. >> i like that. >> you know, it doesn't take much to bring joy to the world. just the simple gestures can make a difference. >> watch the woman in the pink coat. she turns the street into a dance party. in brighten, england. look at her one, two step there. move it. >> try to block out the guy in the gold skin tight bodysuit.
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this morning on "world news now," political punch before next week's critical primaries, the democrats go face to face in a heated debate while donald trump says he's ready for a knockout. it's your voice, your vote. >> facing justice. the fugitive wanted for a string of murders in kansas and missouri. new questions about the manhunt and why the suspect should not have been in this country. and new this half hour, record travel for spring break. >> the busy airports, the biggest destinations and the disturbing discoveries by tsa agents. >> and later in "the skinny," beer blast. the most interesting man in the world known for his dos equis ads is really taking off. you could say his career is looking up. it's thursday, march 10th. >> announcer: from abc news,


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