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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 15, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," primary day. the polls opening shortly in five battleground states. will today's front-runners emerge as tomorrow's presidential nominees? >> terrorist take-down. an american man who joined isis surrenders in iraq. the anger from his family here in the u.s. faced with tough questions. >> and new this half hour, the business that could blossom into a $44 billion industry. >> the latest estimate about legalized marijuana sales and why the profits are going sky high. >> later from the joy to the heart break on last night's "bachelor" finale. our senior analyst is here with his insight and to remind us about his early prediction. humblebrag in "the skinny" on this tuesday, march 15th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." he's getting all ready. humblebrag. you see it, good morning on this busy tuesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. let's begin there half hour with another titanic day in the race for the white house. voters from both parties will be going to the polls today in missouri, illinois, florida, north carolina and ohio. >> the latest republican poll from ohio has donald trump tied with governor john kasich. in florida, trump is far ahead of senator marco rubio in rubio's home state. >> one of the main talking points among the candidates continues to be the violent incidents at trump's events. abc's tom llamas reports. >> reporter: donald trump casting his raucous rallies as kumbaya sessions. >> there's no violence. there's a love fest. these are love fests. >> some recent trump events seeming more like riots than rallies. in chicago, fistfights. in
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pepper spray. in north carolina, this trump supporter charged with assault after sucker punching a protester. now trump may pay his legal bills. at times the violence even startling trump himself. grabbing his podium when a protester rushed the stage in dayton, ohio. the secret service jumping into action. trump later tweeting the protester "has ties to isis." turns out that was a hoax. security visibly tighter as top trump supporter sarah palin defended him. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty punk ass little thuggery stuff that's been going on with these, quote unquote, protesters. >> trump's rivals now seizing on the chaos. >> this country's not about us tearing one another down or having fistfights at a campaign rally. that's not what america is. >> isn't it amazing how we can have that conversation without anyone getting violent, anyone insulting anybody? >> reporter: but the candidates
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now faced with a dilemma. having all pledged to support trump if he's the republican nominee. now i spoke to many trump supporters in the crowd you see just behind me. not a single one holds donald trump accountable for the violence at his rallies. one woman told me he can say anything and i will vote for him. another man told me there are instances where trump supporters should physically fight back against those protesters. tom llamas, abc news, ohio. >> in the democratic race, today's contest could move hillary clinton a big step forward toward the nomination or give bernie sanders another big boost. the latest polls in florida and ohio have her leading sanders. the contest in illinois where she's from originally is considered close. last night both sanders and clinton unloaded on donald trump for not doing enough to stop the violent incidents at his events. >> what he is really essentially saying is, go do it,
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go beat up people. >> someone who is vying to be president of the united states is using divisiveness, is stoking fear, is pointing fingers. >> clinton also said that she no longer trusts polls because doing accurate polling is difficult. for his part, bernie sanders says he can win, come-from-behind victories today if his supporters turn out in large enough numbers. and as the polls do close tonight in those five key states, abc news will bring you the results, look for updates all evening long and a wrap-up tomorrow morning on "world news now." breaking news from chicago. three police officers have been wounded while investigating a possible narcotic sale. one of the suspects fled, then turned and shot at the police. the man was killed. one of the officers is in serious to critical condition. all three are expected to survive. a fourth officer was not injured and a woman with the suspect is in custody. >> a man from virginia is being held in iraq this morning
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would be terrorist is caught after becoming lost. abc's brian ross is here with the images. >> reporter: a young american's apparent effort to fight for isis ended in humiliation, as he got lost on the battlefield in iraq and ended up captured. commanders of a kurdish group backed by the u.s. say the 26-year-d wrongway jihadist, seen in this video, meekly acknowledged his mistake and his citizenship. >> where are you from? >> united states. >> reporter: and in another battlefield security miscue, the kurds found him carrying a virginia driver's license and credit cards, identifying him as mohamad khweis of alexandria, virginia. outside that address in suburban washington, d.c. just 12 miles from the white house -- >> don't take a picture! >> reporter: two members of the khweis family became upset with reporters, and then turned the water hose on them, denying anyone in their family was part of isis. >> watch your mouth! what are you tal
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>> watch is your mouth! >> reporter: the young american captured on the battlefield, one of some 250 measures believed to be income iraq and syria with terror groups, will likely now be sent home to virginia in hand xwufs. cuffs. brian ross, abc news, new york. a teenager from north carolina accused of trying to help isis now faces the death penalty in a separate murder case. 19-year-old justin sullivan is charged with using his father's rifle to kill his 74-year-old neighbor as practice for a large scale terror attack. federal authorities believe the murder followed his conversion to islam after he started watching isis beheadings on the internet. there might be severe storms during today's primaries in the midwest. a tornado near dayton, ohio, yesterday damaged several buildings. 105-mile-an-hour winds tore off roofs from barns and homes. residents were leaving their shelters after a tornado warning when sirens went off again. no injuries were reported. louisiana officials are keeping
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a wary eye on the pearl river in the southeastern part of the state. the area to the north has gotten more than 17 inches of rain in just the past few days. flooding thousands of homes. it will be at least a week before the homeowners can return and assess the damage. now the crest is moving down the pearl river. there are major changes for struggling cosmetics giant avon. the company announced it is cutting 2500 jobs and moving its head quarters from new york city to britain. the 130-year-old company will retain research and development and other offices in the new york area. shares were up 4% in after hours trading. there's one industry that's definitely not struggling. it's homegrown. might be in your home right here in the u.s. the weed business is booming. it's booming so much, that the total trickledown impact of legal marijuana on america's economy could hit $44 billion by 2020. as for legal pot sales last year, they surpassed $5 billion.
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that's more than americans spent at taco bell and wendy's combined. >> that's a statistic. >> that is a statistic because you would think one led to the other. >> there you go. i hadn't thought of it that way. >> my brain. >> your brain keeps processing. and speaking of things that are really yummy, here's a little something for those of us with a sweet tooth. >> yes. just a couple weeks before easter, here's a new way to enjoy the cadbury cream eggs in the form of a burger. the bite sized delight is a deep fried cream egg covered in mascarpone and jelly sandwiches between two brioche buns and covered in white chocolate and raspberry sprinkles. it started out sounding gross and ended up sounding awesome. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> this is just repulsive. the burgers available at the studio kitchen restaurant at the k west hotel and spa in london for a limited time only.
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there. >> yeah. >> sounds great. >> coming up in "the skinny." >> i like it. >> >> stunning jaw dropping conclusion of "the bachelor." we have exclusive insight from our senior bachelor analyst. >> and also ahead, the cast of the broadway hit "hamilton" bringing their beat to the white house. how the president joined the fun that's in our bonus round. but first, the hulk hogan sex tape trial and the tough questions in court today. that's after today's forecast map. it is stormy in the midwest. there's a city council meeting tonight at 7:30 in great falls. >> love your great falls. in great falls. >> love your great falls. human conavirus... hepati- >>c virus. there are a lot of different kinds of yucky germs. but not all disinfecting wipes... are approved to kill the same number of them. lysol wipes are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox.
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who were injured when a wall collapsed on top of them. they were battling a blaze at a townhouse. all the residents were safely out of the building. but the firefighters themselves were trapped for a while after the wall collapsed. one had serious but nonlife-threatening injuries and three families were displaced. >> we move on now to hulk hogan suing gawker media for posting a video that he says was secretly filmed and posted without his permission. >> we're hearing from the man who first released the video. he faced questions about the news worthiness of a celebrity sex tape. abc's lana zak has the details. >> reporter: at the heart of the hulk hogan trial is a legitimate question on the limits of online tabloid journalism. >> you testified in the past in your deposition, you explained that you did not consider the impact of this post on mr. hogan prior to the time you published it. right? >> t
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>> reporter: on the stand, former gawker editor a.j. daulerio. >> a.j. delario is the guy who wrote the article. he's the guy who got the tape and the guy who came across as incredibly callus in the deposition that the plaintiff's presented. that is so important in this case. if these jurors hate him and hate gawker, they're in trouble. >> he was at times sarcastic and consistently unapologetic. >> not out loud laugher, but it is a smirk, yeah. >> because you don't think the first amendment is that serious, do you? >> it's very serious. >> reporter: and he may have handed the $100 million case to hogan on the stand admitting there was no news value in some of what he published. >> it didn't really matter whether or not it was a morbid and sensational prying into people's lives for its own sake. that didn't matter to you, did it? >> no. >> reporter: he didn't back down from his decision to publish the tape that hogan says was filmed without his consent. >> they played it for mo
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mons and it made so much damage, we had to live with it. >> reporter: hulk hogan is suing for $100 million. >> reporter: daulerio on the stand said he received a bonus of $2,000 after his post went viral. meanwhile, the site gawker is said to have increased in value by $15 million because of the increased web traffic. reena, kendis. >> interesting case to follow. thank you. coming up, last night's epic finee of "the bachelor." >> the happy ending for one woman and the cringe worthy moment for another. there's always one with the other one, right? our analyst breaks it all down. >> senior analyst. >> he might get a promotion after this one. "skinny" up next. this one. "skinny" up next.
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♪ skinny, so skinny >> welcome back. "skinny" time starting with last night's emotional heart wrenching season finale of abc's "the bachelor." >> bachelor ben began his journey to find love meeting 28 women including twins, last night. the field was down to two. and it was time for a final decision. >> who better to join us than senior bachelor analyst jack sheehan. welcome. >> we made it. it was dicey at times but it was rough, let me tell you right now. those two women we mentioned,
3:48 am
>> you were rooting for her. >> the whole thing took place in jamaica. let's start with jojo. their final date was at the waterfall. these two have a thing for water falls. they've been to a couple over the season. so along the way, jojo said i'm confident i'm going to be ben's wife. >> okay. >> that's when you start thinking, uh-oh. >> you're in trouble. >> yeah. now they get on the couch here. everyone's expressing things about sadness, confusion. nervousness, fear, probably some loathing along the way. aye yi yi. jojo gets to where the final proposal is going to be, and well, that was the time that ben had to say good-bye. >> no. too soon. >> oh, no. >> i didn't know if i could find love. i found it with you, but i found
3:49 am
it with somebody else more. >> i found it with somebody else more. >> ouch. >> is that a no? >> that's aka jojo you're not going to be my wife. cue the tears. time to put jojo in the limo. you know where that brings us. >> oh. >> our girl lauren b. uh-huh. ben had called her dad to ask permission. >> he really did? >> that's serious. >> so that was serious. >> uh-huh. >> and then they got back to basically the same place where the proposal was going to take place. let's hear how ben went about his business that time. >> my desire from here on out is live for you. commit to you. to love you, to hold you, kiss you a lot. lauren, i want to spend the rest of my life with you.
3:50 am
♪ >> oh, my god. >> lauren, will you marry me? >> yes. yes. >> well, there's the good news of the morning. >> you were rooting for her from the beginning. >> we were rooting for her. she was our girl lauren b. for a reason. there's the big neil lane rock. >> it was huge. >> it was. it was. it probably weighed about as much as lauren b. did collectively. so that was that. lauren b. said it was the happiest day of her whole life. so that's pretty good. >> why didn't he shave for that big day? >> well, might be asking why i didn't shave for this segment. but it's the middle of the night. what can i tell you. lauren b. said after the final
3:51 am
rose, a debrief, she's moving to denver pretty soon. all that they would really say about their wedding was that it was going to happen soon. they're just enjoying being engaged and stuff like that. let's hear what the analysts had to say about this way back in january. >> whoa. >> if the analyst had to make a prediction, he would say lauren b., the flight attendant to get the ring. analyst is out. >> analyst was not out on that one. i think the analyst nailed that one right here on national television. yes! yes, he did. and hey, we have not seen the last of jojo yet. yes, because jojo is the new bachelorette. >> wow. >> yeah. so you know what that means? more of jojo's weird brothers. more of jojo's mom chugging champagne. >> she was the one who chugged the champagne. >> she was the one who chugged the champagne. so that's that.
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k-y touch. ♪ skinny, so skinny >> thanks to the bachelor analyst, we've now got ourselves a bonus round. >> yes, and leading off the skinny part deux is the cast of "hamilton." the cast live at the white house. the heavy symbolism on hand here as the mostly black and latino broadway troupe performed songs about the nation's white founding fathers in front of the first black president. >> after the cast rocked out, the show's creator and star lynn manual miranda took to the rose garden for a little freestyle rapping. >> potus is holding up the signs i'm not done, it's the only office, i can't believe there. it's so much more intimidating than if it was square.
3:56 am
stop. i'm here with the president and yo, the mike drops. >> how good is that? you think that's going viral? that's going viral. >> that was awesome. i hadn't seen that yet. that was really good. president obama said he first laughed when miranda told him in 2009 that he was working on a musical about the life of somebody who truly embodies hip-hop, treasury secretary alexander hamilton. >> who's laughing now? >> how could you take that seriously. really? >> now the grammy winning show is sold out for eternity. unless you can afford a ticket. have you seen "hamilton" yet? >> i have not. a. >> dave: told me when it was off broadway, this is going to be huge and revolutionize broadway. she was right. >> i tried to get tickets. need a small mortgage in order to get a ticket. next a major payday for michael rd that sothree children.
3:57 am
the late king of pop's stake in the sony atv music catalog which is home to many songs including the beatles and bob dylan. >> how much did the jackson estate make in the deal? try $750 million, which means that in the five years since his passing, jackson has earned nearly $2 billion with a b, dollars. finally anne hathaway may be returning to her roots. >> she reportedly wants to make a third "princess diaries." according to "people" magazine. director gary marshall said he and hathaway want to shoot the third film right here in new york city. >> he also noted hathaway is very pregnant. we have to wait till she has the baby. the first "princess diaries" was a huge hit and actually launched her career. she was then 21. >> our senior moment was when our intern told us she was 7 when the first one came out. >> ebony said she was very excited on her seventh
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making news in america this morning, primary showdown. a crucial day in the presidential election. voters heading to the polls. the states to watch. can bernie sanders surprise again? and can anyone stop trump? we're live in ohio to break it all down. extreme weather. high winds and so much hail, it looks like snow. piling up on roads in the south where the slow-moving system is heading today. plus, possible snow in the northeast on the first day of spring. an american in custody on the battleground accused of fighting for isis. the moment he's captured and his family back in the u.s. getting feisty with reporters. and rhythm and beats. this is in the rose garden. president obama assisting in a freestyle rap.


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