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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 23, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the search for a terrorist. the man linked to isis who got away after the deadly attacks in brussels. the moments of fear, dozens dead and the tactics for police today. >> americans hospitalized, three mormon missionaries badly injured by the blast. why one of those victims says this was the terror attack number three. >> and new this half hour, in their own words. >> the survivors in shock remembering a terrifying ordeal they may never forget. what they saw and what they heard. and our other major story this morning, voters in three big western states cast ballots in primaries and caucuses. the one big state where donald trump and hillary clinton are claiming victory on this wednesday, march 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is
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>> good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. a major manhunt is under way right now across europe to find those suspected of being involved in the brussels terror attack. >> since the bomb blast, take a look at this image, people in the belgian capital have been writing messages in a square outside the brussels stock exchange, a city very much on high alert. >> we're going to begin with alex marquardt in brussels. >> reporter: terror striking in the heart of europe. belgium's main airport, a smokey war zone, the scity paralyzed. the attackers hit at the height of rush hour. those three men police believe walking into the busy airport. around 8:00 a.m., two blasts, suicide bombers in the departure hall outside the security check point. the terminal filled with smoke and the sound of screams.
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travelers lying on top of each other on the floor. this man holding a little girl. >> stay down. stay down. >> reporter: people huddled in fear, and then the questions. >> what it was? a truck or bus or terrorist. >> reporter: this man picked his small baby up off the floor before running to safety. the bomb so powerful that ceilings collapsed. the wounded treated amid the rubble. airport security scanning for victims. ordering people to evacuate, they rush out of the terminal. glass crunching under foot. outside smoke pouring out of shattered windows as people raced away. >> we saw a lot of people really badly injured with a lot of blood and we know that it was even worse inside but we could not see anything because of the smoke. >> reporter: at least ten dead here, more than 100 injured, including nine americans. mormon missionaries and an american air force lieutenant colonel traveling back home with his family.
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but the horror was still unfolding. 9:11 a.m., just an hour after the airport explosions, seven miles away another bomb goes off near the offices of the european union, this time in a packed metro car as it was leaving the station. in the dark tunnel, passengers climbed out of train cars, the terrified screams of a child. the path to safety down the dimly lit tracks. this man still clutching a bouquet of flowers. in other metro cars, people waited, confused. >> more panic set in. some people started running. some people started crying. some people stood still in disbelief and tried to make sense of whatever was going on. >> reporter: the car where the bomb went off, a twisted mass of metal. outside, more smoke, as the sidewalk becomes a makeshift triage center. first responders carrying some of the victims. others sitting dazed as
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at least 21 people dead, more than 100 wounded here, too. and at 4:19 p.m., eight hours after the terror began, isis claimed responsibility. brussels, a city gripped by fear and uncertainty. this is normally one of the busiest avenues in brussels. just outside the european commission, you can see those flags back there now flying at half-staff. this road should be full of cars. now at rush hour instead as you can see, it's eerily empty, shut down by police. the threat level here raised to the highest level. police now looking for this man, the third suspected bomber. police choppers in the air, residents told to stay inside, watching from windows as officers patrol rooftops. alex marquardt, abc news, brussels. >> and 24 hours after the attack, nerves are rattled and the city of brussels is confronted with all this grief. >> we're going to continue live coverage right now. abc's molly hunter live for us from brussels this morning.
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there's a growing memorial behind you, molly. >> reporter: good morning. there is. spontaneous flowers and candles, it's been growing all night as we wind toward the 24 hour mark since those deadly attacks. people will start coming. it is raining you can see. as the sun comes up, i imagine we'll see many more people coming to places like this to pay their respects. >> molly, talk to us a little bit about, you have been in and out of brussels. you've covered the refugees. tell us more about the situation right now, the mood in the capital. are people afraid to take public transportation? i know the airports are shut down. but what's your sense? >> reporter: we arrived late last night. the city is absolutely shut down. police have blocked off all the major streets. you really can't move very easily. we'll have to see if schools are planning to open up, public transportation will start kind of running again. but reena, that's exactly it. it v
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issue. belgian authorities say somewhere around 600 to 700 jihadis either in or out of syria or connected to an infrastructure here are active. whether those are people that have come recently along with those refugees we're not sure. but one thing is for sure, with abdel salem, the mastermind of the paris attacks hiding right here under the belgium jan authorities' noses, authorities have some serious catching up to do and some serious explaining to do because they clearly don't have the manpower. >> certainly don't. fugees, something a lot of t the people don't realize how ached they will be. >> thank you. three mormon missionaries from utah are among the nine americans who were hurt in the airport blasts. and they're all recovering from their wounds in the hospital. >> the parents of one young man said he had been treated for second degree burns and shrapnel injuries. abc's clayton sandell has more. >> reporter: those three mormon missionaries seriously hurt in the blast, richard norby, joseph
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empey and mason wells are fro tut off to see a fellow missionary also injured. fanny clain. joseph empey was able to call his parents from his hospital bed. >> you're okay? >> yeah, my right hand is also kind of badly burned. >> he was extremely close to the blast. words can't describe the joy and the relief that we felt to hear his voice. empey is 20. his injuries include second and third degree burns. norbi is 66 and attends this church in lehigh, utah. this is the third terror attack for mason wells. he was only a block away from the boston marathon bombing. wells was also in france last november when terrorists attacked paris. >> i just have to think that he was prepared in some way to go through this. >> reporter: the u.s. state department says ty
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killed in the attack but they are still trying to account for all u.s. citizens and government employees. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. the final rounds of march madness in are in less than two weeks. security in houston now going to be even tighter than planned. bomb-sniffing dogs will check out nrg stadium before the final four but the more than 100,000 fans are unlikely to notice other measures. officials say the city is experienced at hosting big events. >> we have to always be mindful that there is some entity or element out there that may try to do something to hurt a houstonian or someone in this country. >> houston police will be getting assistance from several federal agencies and the texas rangers. the super bowl will also be held at nrg stadium next winter. >> a senior official tells abc news that authorities in belgium have shared the names of the suspects brussels attackers with the u.s. there's no word on whether those names raised any red flags i
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but as abc's pierre thomas explains, law enforcement here in the u.s. is on high alert. >> reporter: right now the fbi continues surveillance on dozens of isis sympathizers thought most likely to act on short notice without command and control from the group. most targeting isis supporters radicalized online through social media. 24 hour surveillance often requiring dozens of agents. those receiving most scrutiny 24-hour surveillance often requiring dozens of agents. >> they may go and knock their door and shake the bushes to make sure they know they are being watched. >> reporter: and while officials in the u.s. don't believe there are sophisticated terror cells like those in europe, over the past two alone, at least 103 americans have been charged with trying to join isis or suspected of supporting the group in some way. of those identified, 82 are men, 16 women. half, 52 suspects ages 18 to 25. ten teenagers. just recently in san bernardo
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swore allegiance to isis before gunning down 14 people. authorities' worst fear, they were hiding in plain sight. as one of the killer's coworkers told our david muir. >> if somebody had asked you before yesterday if he was a friend. >> i believe so. >> reporter: so u.s. law enforcement officials are pouring over the recent intelligence looking for any sign of a threat at home. in some cases some of the suspects on the fbi's radar may have agents knocking on their doors to warn them they're being watched. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> our coverage from brussels continues later this half hour with the survivors telling us what happened in their own words. look for live coverage from belgium all morning long. the other big story we're following this morning is long lines at polling places all across the west. they're calling it super tuesday for the west. we just learned that bernie sanders has won the utah democratic caucuses. >> we also have returns from arizona. republicans in arizona giving a landslide win to donald trump who gets all of the state's 58
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>> and democrats in arizona giving the win to hillary clinton who also adds to her delegate lead over bernie sanders. we're going to return to our top story and as you mentioned, we're going to have the terror survivors describing their ordeal in their own words. >> and also ahead, airline travelers from europe to orlando feeling vulnerable after the brussels bombings. the latest questions about airline security here and abroad. and later in "the skinny," a major career move for sarah palin. and it's away from politics. that's after today's forecast maps. severe storms in texas and heavy snow in the midwest. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ returning now to our top story. these are some of the images we're getting out of brussels and belgium over the last 24 hours. air travelers around the world could face delays today as securities is tightened following the attacks. >> but the presecurity areas of many airports remain a soft target. abc's david kerley reports. >> reporter: part of a terminal at denver evacuated. a security scare. in orlando, the jet from brussels isolated when it landed all this the anxiety after the terrorist attacks. on motorcycles, armed patrol and four-legged bomb sniffers airports all across the u.s. responded to the brussels attacks with more police. but the bombings in a terminal just like these are leaving some travelers worried. >> we had a little bit of trepidation about traveling today. >> it's scary. it's very scary. >> rep
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shut down, the air space over brussels cleared as jets diverted and flights were cancelled. >> this is a completely unsecured area. always has been, right? >> completely unsecured. >> reporter: before the security checkpoints here in the u.s., terminals are considered soft targets with only some police presence. >> reporter: so is this a risk we have to live with? >> we have clearly entered a period of new normal where we have to be concerned about a much broader range of attacks. >> reporter: homeland security announced its security will be increased at tsa, but tsa is not responsible for the actual overall security at airports, only the checkpoints. interestingly, the head of tsa was in brussels landing around the time of the bomb blast and he was taken to a secure area. david kerley, abc news. reagan washington airport. >> i wonder if one of the most secured airports in the world ben gurion in tel aviv have a check well before you get to the airport where you've got to stop your car. sometimes they pull au side.
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cab, you're usually one of the first people they pull aside. tourists obviously they want to ask you lots of questions. when you get into the airports, a separate screening. i can't help but wonder if you're going to see that at airports across america well before you get to the airport. >> it gives you a sense of how secure that airport in tel aviv. you can carry liquids above three ounces through to a plane. they have a different measure and lines of security to make sure that things are safe there. it's going to be interesting to see how it changes the dynamic here as u.s. airports. the state department issuing a warning for many citizens who might be traveling not just in one country but all 28 that make up the eu. >> i cannot help but wonder, muhammad khweis, the man who was the american captured in iraq who was a former isis fighter, what exactly he might be telling intelligence sources at this moment about his time with isis. >> coming up, we'll switch gears. hulk hogan speaking on camera exclusively to abc news. >> and sarah palin returning to reality tv.
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>> like i said, we're switching gears. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. news n
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♪ skinny, so skinny so we begin with hulk hogan speaking out in an abc news exclusive interview. >> hogan, whose real name is terry bollea, was just awarded
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$140 million in his lawsuit against gawker. sobbing as the verdict was read and not ready to talk to media until knew. >> hogan sat down with abc's linzie janis and talked about what was like to deal with his adversaries and how it felt to be vindicated in court. >> i felt like i had like this monster on my shoulders no matter where i went, what are they thinking of me. this overwhelming thing that made me cower. when they read the verdict, it was so overwhelming when i knew that we had won and people believed me. it was just -- gosh, it was a moment. it was a moment. >> in the meantime, gawker publisher nick denton is also speaking out in a scathing review of the trial proceedings claiming it went "wildly off the rails." >> dentdon also says that he's confident that heal win in the end on appeal. you can see what hulk hogan has to say about that later on "good morning america." next sarah palin is gearing up to take on a familiar role in
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her career. starring in her own reality tv show. >> yeah, the former alaska governor is no stranger to the justice system. and she's just signed a deal for a new courtroom-based series. while it doesn't have a name yet, we do know that palin will be working with the same production company behind judge judy and judge joe brown. >> they say that palin's telegenic personality and common sense wisdom makes her the top pick for this project. she doesn't have a law degree, folks. but the nationally syndicated daytime show will premiere in the fall of 20817. >> i'm sure she knows some lawyers. that will help her expertise. and finally big news from the world of fashion, luxury designer giorgio armani going fur free. >> the brand pledged to go 100% fur free joining a coalition with the humane society of the u.s. working to end the fur trade. in its announcement, the armani group cited technological progress allowing the industry
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d flu liquid gel that is max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this. ♪ the attacks in brussels reminding americans how quickly a moment of relative routine can suddenly shift into unthinkable horror. >> and now as the investigation and manhunt is under way, the people hit hardest by these brutal acts of terror are left with no choice but to continue on in the face of such senseless violence. >> there was a massive explosion. >> stay down. stay down. >> big bang. everybody cried and came along here. we saw smoke, you know.
3:56 am
it a terrorist. >> the second i heard it, i mean i felt it. i can still feel it in my chest now, the first blast and debris and smoke. >> it was a nightmare. the worst nightmare you could imagine. >> we saw a lot of people really badly injured with a lot of blood and we know that it was even worse inside but we could not see anything because of the smoke. [ siren ] >> lights went out. the power went out on the train. everyone fell to the ground. it was clear to me at least that this was a terrorist attack. >> you just feel like a wave. explosion, you know, a wave goes through your body. >> we saw smashed windows and we didn't get any information. >> hundreds of people started running. i ran with them. there was no clue as to what was going on. >> everyone started screaming
3:57 am
people were crying. collectively we all manually forced open the door. and at that moment, i looked at, you know, the platform and thought probably it makes sense to get off. we just decided to go for it and get off the train and try and find safety. >> you there was really the sense of humanity that emerges in the sense of chaos to me shows these types of things don't defeat the human spirit. >> i think it's that image of the train they say that the explosives were far more greater than that was used in the paris attacks. so troubling that image to see it completely obliterated. >> you can understand why so many people were killed there. the signs in brussels, "i am brussels." don't miss our updates on facebook >> more news from abc coming up. updates on facebook >> more news from abc coming up.
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making news in america this morning, terror in brussels. a massive search under way right now. the mystery man in the hat and white coat moments before the airport explosion, the clues already surfacing from this photo. why one glove on both of these men? plus, caught in the chaos. >> there was a massive explosion. it was really like a whoosh. >> the american helping people from the mangled train. >> he was extremely close to the blast. >> and the man from utah who has now witnessed his third terror attack, boston, paris and brussels. >> we have live team coverage on the survival stories, the investigation and the security here at home.


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