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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 24, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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>> and traveling across the northern plains today may be kind of bad also because a spring blizzard is moving eastward after hammering the region. yesterday's snow fall set a record for that date. more from abc's clayton sandell. >> denver this morning is struggling to recover. the country's fifth pth busiest airport completely shut down most of wednesday by a raging snowstorm and blizzard stranding thousands. >> we just heard that our flight's canceled. >> reporter: long, long lines to rebook flights. >> thank your lucky stars you might not be sleeping in denver international airport tonight. >> reporter: on the roads to the airport and everywhere else, nobody else was moving either. hundreds of miles of major interstates closed in wyoming, colorado and kansas. whiteout conditions leaving big rigs jackknifed and cars stuck. the seesaw from spring back to winter conditions came quick. snowfall two inches an hour in gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour.
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temperature plummeted from the 60s thursday night into the thursday wednesday but our thermometer got buried in more than six inches of snow. all day police have been trying to rescue drivers stranded by the snow and now the national guard has been called in to help. the good news the system is now moving east. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> want to reach over and give him a little hot chocolate or hand warmers we have. >> fascinating seeing the thermometer there just get covered up by that snow. it's moving east right now. there is a foot of snow expected in green bay and traverse city. rain from lower michiganton new england, showers in the pacific northwest and severe weather and a threat of tornadoes in the deep south. >> 40s in minneapolis and boston. 50s in great falls and portland. 60s in dallas and new york. 70s in atlanta and los angeles. well, a tense day pore sounds in ft. myers, florida, after a black bear was spotted near their elementary school
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inside. the 260-pound bear walked the school grounds and even climbed up a tree. but animal control finally managed to get the bear down and tranquilize it as parents waited to pick up their kids. bear was tagged for tracking and taken to a preserve. so all is well. no word on whether that was a mama bear there to try to pick up kids. never mind. >> school. >> yeah. so it looks like the chickens are finally getting the last laugh at chick-fil-a. >> take a look at this billboard in in houston cows from. the display ended up dangling high bob the ground. no one seems to know how had he tipped over. some suggest it was the chickens getting their revenge. >> they went cow tipping. > a crew sent to save the cows, there's no word on whether the chicken managed to escape the lasso. >> i just think they were so
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moved. >> i get it. >> coming up, the wheels of tomorrow on display today. the automotive trends revving up as the a major car show. >> mooving because that's what quas say. >> also ahead, so-called instakids becoming fashionistas at an early age. would you want your kids to become label conscious at 6? and from the tango to the politics as the president visits argentina his comments and the criticism that he's facing this morning. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. the worst thing about toilet germs? they don't stay in the toilet. disinfect your bathroom with lysol bathroom trigger... ...lysol power foamer... ...and lysol toilet bowl cleaner. they kill 99.9% of germs including e. coli.
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airlines. this bolsters the theory the plane went down in the indian ocean when it disappeared in 2014. >> president obama wraps up his visit to argentina with a visit later today to patagonia. >> and the president and first lady were honored last night in buenos aires with a steak dinner. the visit has not been without controversy. mary bruce is traveling with the president. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. another international trip overshadowed by another devastating international crisis. president obama came herer to boost relations with the ju president but instead this trip has been adopted by the brussels attacks and questions whether the obama administration is doing enough to tackle the threat from isis. at a news conference, he insitsed defeating isis remains his top priority but he pushed back forcefully against calls many of them from the republican presidential candidates that his administration needs to shift strategy. >> we are approaching this in a
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and we're not going to do things that are counterproductive simply because it's political season. we're going to be steady. we're going to be resolute. and ultimately, we're going to be successful. >> despite the attacks, president obama has stayed the course here. he spent much of yesterday meeting with the argentina president and held a town hall with young people here and enjoyed a lavish state dinner. he's receive aid lot of pushback for doing so. many critics say he should have returned to washington to deal with the aftermath of the attacks in brussels, but the president says it was important that he didn't do that because he says the terrorists intended to disrupt american society and it was important to send a message that they will not have that kind of power. so instead today, the president will be traveling to patagonia with his family to enjoy some of this country's most beautiful sights before traveling back to the white house. >> i like that tango. >> oh, yeah. we didn't get to see it. take a look.
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this happened last night at the state dinner. initially this tango dancer tried to get the president to join in and he was like no, i'm good. finally he gave in. it was quite a dance. that's breaking the internet right now. >> yeah. >> and michelle obama right on the right side of your screen. that beautiful silver dress had her own partner so she was not without a dance partner. >> i think their form is pretty good. >> i like he's trying to keep her at a little bit of a distance. he gets it. >> she's not keeping at a distance, clearly. >> thank negotiation mr. president. >> she tweeted after this event, this is the most amazing experience and thanked the president as well as the argentinean president for allowing her to do that. >> our favorite video. congratulations, mr. president. you've gone viral. coming up, reena gets some style tips from a 6-year-old. >> boy, do i need them. and how social media is helping it kids become major trendsetters. you're watching "world news now."
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>> announcer: "world news now" contin
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you know kids in the digital age grow up very fast. in fact, so fast indeed that before they reach preschool, some are setting style trends. a growing army of small fry fashionistas with millions of instagram
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>> they're known as instakids and having a sweeping impact on the fabric of social media. >> what ald wear is this with my converse. so this is a yes. this is a yes. >> littlehaly talks style like an advanced fashionista. >> what i like about this is it could go with this. this is so nice. this is perfect. >> reporter: to say she's obsessed with fashion is an understatement. haley vasquez is an instagram model. her page hail's world has over 123,000 followers. >> this is dolce gabbana. >> wow. how does it feel to wear these super luxury high end designers when you're only 6? >> it's really fun. i like wearing cool clothes. because kids in my school say i love your outfit. >> reporr:
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many tiny trendsetters pages filled with children wearing an the latest fashions like 4-year-old ryan secret with his signature faux hawk smiling for 119,000 followers and 6-year-old gavin giving his best blue steel look to his over 200,000 followers. behind the kids are the parents, fueling heroine sta gram stardom. haley's mom says her first post was when haley was just three. >> first first picture was like it literally broke the internet. >> and that instagram fame catapulted haley onto the runway and for some kids, that can mean big money. >> for some parents it's just posting cute photos of their child but for others there's another goal. it's getting exposure. it's setting their kids up for modeling or angting careers. >> what do you say to critics that say you're just capitalizing on your daughter's good looks. >> for us this is a hobby. she just happens to get paid
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it. i feel like i built her up for the future. her confidence. she looks at herself and says i'm beautiful. >> what do you want people to know about your instagram account. >> i want them to know that i'm really fun and i love pictures, fashion shows. >> when you grope up, what do you want to be in. >> a fashion designer. just like carl. >> carl lagerfeld? is that who it is? >> yep. >> and we were there as haily sashayed down the runway in new york's fashion week joined by other pint sized prodigies taking the fashion world by storm. >> whether he people see haily's pictures what do you hope they walk away with. >> i would hope that people would just see her for who she is, an amazing person. >> and she is an amazing girl. she really is lovely. and has a better fashion sense than me. i think what was cut out of here, i wore jeans
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ves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. ♪ oh, i need someone to read me stories ♪ ♪ oh, someone to turn the page >> and it's just in. americans are still not able to read books and drive. but there are some other things that the latest models at the international auto show here in new york can do. >> and here with a look at all the latest automotive innovations is wabc's joe torrez. >> foreign or domestic, hard top or convertible, super economical or exotic. if you're in the market for a new set of wheels there's one place to be, the new york had automo
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plenty of cars you've never seen before. >> i think there are 26 all new models that are debuting there year across model lines. there's lots of new iron out there to check out. >> naturally, it's the high end performance cars that will get plenty of attention. but reality for most car driving new york area he commuters is something like this. the chevrolet sonic costs about $16,000. >> great fuel efficiency. great infotainment technologies, the addition of apple car play and a number of new safety features. we know new york traffic can get fussy. >> more luxurious interiors. they're making them nicer. even though it's an economy car, you won't be in an economy space on the interior. >> reporter: economy is not a word you would associate with many of the super cars at the show. some will set you back an arm and leg and maybe a pair of kidneys. that still might not be enough.
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porsche unveiled the box sister. price tag roughly $60,000. >> we don't like to talk price. we like to talk performance. this car 0 to 60 goes in four seconds. that gives you a kick. you can have that kick from $55,000 upwards. >> joe torrez, eyewitness news. >> interesting. >> do you want a car just like that. >> why not? as long as it has heated seats. oh, the old throwback. >> why do they have to make it seem like a scene out of sanford and son. >> i love sanford and son. >> it looks like a cuban car is what noel was saying. you look dressed up. >> i always bring my finest threads for you. >> even if we're driving a hoopty. >> that's me starring in driving miss lazy. >> oh. "driving miss lazy. >> oh. " >> oh.
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this morning on "world news now," the search for a terrorist. >> the manhunt for a suspected bomber in brussels as belgium observes a day of mourning today. we'll take you there live. stories of survival told by american who's made it out of the brussels attacks alive. the latest on who is unaccounted for and who is in the hospital. >> political feud. the new dispute between donald trump and at the time cruz and it has to do with their wives. their fight and latest polls. >> and later in the mix," let's call it a presidential tango. president obama and the first lady strut and sway turning a state dinner argentina into something viral overnight. it is thursday, march 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. it is thursday.


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