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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 24, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the search for a terrorist. >> the manhunt for a suspected bomber in brussels as belgium observes a day of mourning today. we'll take you there live. stories of survival told by american who's made it out of the brussels attacks alive. the latest on who is unaccounted for and who is in the hospital. >> political feud. the new dispute between donald trump and at the time cruz and it has to do with their wives. their fight and latest polls. >> and later in the mix," let's call it a presidential tango. president obama and the first lady strut and sway turning a state dinner argentina into something viral overnight. it is thursday, march 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. it is thursday.
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>> and i'm reena ninan. >> we're going to start overseas with the very latest coming in right now from brussels. officials there say the city's airport is going to stay closed until at least saturday. understandably after the attack. in the meantime, authorities are still working to find the suspect on the far right of that now well-known airport surveillance photo. >> and also today in brussels, paris terror suspect salah abdeslam appears in court. he was arrested last friday after months on the run. we get the latest on the current manhunt from abc's molly hunter in brussels. >> reporter: in the air and on the street, police in a manhunt for this runway terrorist trying to stop him before he strikes again. his name unknown but we know his companions. sources in belgium say the man on the left is the master bombmaker from brussels and paris, 24-year-old najim laachraoui. the man notice middle 29-year-old ibrahim
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both died in the airport. his younger he brother khalid also dead after carrying out the subway bombing. prosecutors reveal both brothers had extensive criminal records. but not tied to terrorism. however, last june, interpol sent out a worldwide alert for khalid back rou i wanted for terrorism and ibraheem had been deported warning belgian authorities he was a foreign fighter. >> they do train their people in the fundamentals of being a spy, of being a terrorist cell. >> reporter: this is the suspect's safehouse. a building in the suburbs. inside forensic investigators found a virtual bomb factory. pounds of explosives, the same kind used in the paris attacks along with detonators and more. the news shocking neighbors. >> you didn't know? >> no outside in a trash canon the street, investigators found one bo
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on it a last will talking about being in a rush and not knowing what to do. molly hunter, abc news, brussels. secretary of state john kerry expected to visit brussels tomorrow. the city is torn apart by the fear and grief. >> we're going to continue our coverage right now with abc's aaron katersky who is joining us live right now in brussels. the question on many people's minds, where does the manhunt stand at this hour? >> reporter: they're still looking for the third as yet unidentified airport suicide bomber. they thought he was going to be a suicide bomber because prosecutors here said he brought a suitcase full of explosives that did not go off as planned. it would have been the biggest of the three bombs at the airport, but the bottom squad was able to get there and help neutralize that explosion. so it didn't go off until it was more of a contained
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bomb squad. so as bad as these attacks were, they could have been worse. >> you spent a great deal of time when you're here in the u.s. covering the nypd and the police department. so many people pointing firks at brussels officials. how could they not know? it's so easy for us to blame. can you explain to us maybe the difference between how things are done with the nypd here versus what you're seeing on the ground and hearing from officials? >> reporter: it's been a consistent drum beat from american authorities ever since 9/11. the importance of information sharing. and that kind of talk among different law enforcement agencies as territorial as they can be, just doesn't exist here in belgium. brussels which is a small european capital, is carved up into multiple jurisdictions. each with hair own police agency. and they don't always talk to each other. you combine that with some of the europewide problems of information sharing and border control and
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those problems that help fuel the attacks in paris and that raise so many questions four months ago are still lingering and may have complicated some of the counter-terrorism efforts. it seems if things unfold the way they seem to have here, that the belgium attacks were planned under the noses of counter terrorism officials even as they were searching for suspects in the paris attacks. >> such a fascinating points about the different jurisdictions. thank you for explaining that to us. >> a lot of people are asking a lot of questions as to what went wrong. aaron, thank you joining us from brussels. look for more live reports in our next half hour. coming up, the american who are unaccounts for since the attacks. that's later this half hour. turning to politics now, the new feud between the top republican presidential candidates comes as the latest polls show donald trump with a commanding lead over his two challengers. among the democrats, hillary clinton is 12 points ahead of
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abc's kenneth moton is covering the campaign. >> republican ted cruz rallied in donald trump's territory taking on the billionaire in new york city. >> we reached a new low. it's one thing to try to attack another candidate. it's another thing to come after my wife. >> reporter: another nasty gop feud sparked whether he a pro-cruz group used a racy near nude image of trump's wife in an ad. trump threatened to spill the beans on cruz's wife. heidi cruz responded. >> most of the things he says have no basis in reality. we are not worried in the least. >> trump won big tuesday night. both men made controversial comments after the terrorist 0 attacks in brussels, pushing for surveillance of muslims in the u.s. on his latin american tour, president obama called out cruz. >> i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance. which
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senator cruz escaped for america. >> trump told bloomberg politics he wouldn't rule out using a nuclear weapon on isis. >> at a minimum i want them tony maybe we would use if. >> democrat hillary clinton who lost idaho and utah in a land slight to bernie sanders also railed against the republicans. >> slogans aren't a strategy. loose cannons tend to misfire. >> in a surprise move, former gop contender jeb bush endorsed ted cruz. the next big contest for both the republicans and democrats will happen in wisconsin in two weeks. reena and kendis. >> our thanks to kendis in washington. there is a potential bombshell and hush money case involving former house speaker dennis hastert. a man who says he was sexually abused by hastert could testify about his emotional trauma. the sister of another alleged victim also says she wants to speak in court.
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violating banking laws for paying for more than $3 million to ensure an alleged victim's silence. he's due back in court for sentencing next month. joe garagiola is being remembered as a decent baseball player who left his lasting mark on the world nearly 60 years of broadcasting. he played nine years in the majors winning a world series with the cardinals in 1946. after baseball, he went to the broadcast booth and stayed on tv well into his 80s. he retired about three years ago after a spell as an analyst for the diamondbacks. jair joe la died yesterday after being ill. he was 90 years old. >> speak of baseball, yankee slugger alex rodriguez set out his path to retirement. a-rod says he will leave baseball after next season when his $275 million contract with the yankees expires. he enters this season fourth on the all-time home run list
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and babe ruth. he will be 42 at the end of his contract. he says at that point, it will be time to go home and just be a dad. >> oh, the giant pandas are the most popular exhibit at the national zoo in washington. and it wouldn't do to have anything less than squeaky clean pandas for the public. >> yes. you need that. >> so zookeepers giving tee entee ena boubl bath taking advantage of the warm weather this week. >> the tweet from the zoo says the nontoxic bath was "foreign richment but he could have used a bigger tub clearly. >> you know who he's getting ready for? for easter panda. going to show up at the zoo on easter on the 28th. >> there's an easter panda. >> yeah. >> okay. >> by the way, tientien is the only doult male in the national zoo community. >> that's a good role to have. got the pick of the litter. better clean up. >> exactly. better be
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coming up in "the mix," the president and the first lady attempting to tango in argentina. trust us, you got to see it. >> you got see this one. from luxury living in new jersey to a jail cell. real husband joe giudice says bye to his family and hello to plimpb. >> we return to our top story. the terror attacks in brussels. stories of survival from americans who escaped the worst. you're watching "world news now." everyone loves the way dark clothes make them feel. and no one wants that feeling to fade. that's why there's woolite darks. it's free of harsh ingredients, keeping dark clothes looking like new for 30 washes so your love for dark clothes will never fade. woolite darks.
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♪ some images there. we're continuing our coverage of the aftermath of the brussels terror attack. an american couple previously thought to have been located actually still missing. > justin and stephanie schultz were last seen at brussels airport by their mother who had been visiting the couple in belgium. fortunately other americans in the attacks are reconnecting with loved ones. david muir is in brussels. >> ashley bruggeman still wearing the same clothes she had on when she fled the brussels airport.
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late today in new york, still gaetane pauwels from houston, texas, getting word that her 21-year-old stepson, gaetan, has been found. he woke up in a hotel lobby, turned triage center, with no memory of the subway attack. >> yes, it's over, it's like -- >> reporter: heroic stories of survival emerging. at the airport, american physician laura billiet, triaging the injured with the help of her friend, laura harper. >> with my pair of scissors that i found, i cut off so many pairs of pants to find, you know, just massive shrapnel wounds underneath them. >> reporter: former marist college and oakland university basketball player, sebastian bellin, going into surgery for his left leg, after the blast reportedly threw him 65 feet. >> his first words were, "dad," and then he paused, and then he said, "you have no idea what i saw around me. the carnage." >> more than 100 others wounded there. some 12 americans, including three mormon missionaries. richard norby, mason wells, and joseph empey. joseph's family grateful he's alive. >> we love him a lot. we're just excited to see him again. >> while so many others still search, new york city natives alexander and
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feared missing. they i don't know ifs their mother tuesday but the phone line went dead after the explosion. >> he lives for those scenarios. you think about those but you can never imagine that something like this would happen to your own daughter, your own family and it's horrible beyond imagination. >> reporter: and the first face of the confirmed dead here. adele ruiz on her way to new york to visit family. her husband and twin daughters at the airport to see her off. an hour later after that airport attack, the other explosions seven miles away on that crowded subway. we went to find the young american brian carole from washington, d.c. who pry pried open the door on that subway after the explosion. he told us he knew about the airport attack that morning and even debated whether or not to get on that subway. he did. >> as we were arriving to the platform, there was a massive
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explosion. we heard it. we felt it in the train. to me, immediately, i knew it was a terrorist attack. that's exactly what it felt like crazy to believe that i was just a few cars down and i'm very, very thankful and lucky to have gotten out alive. >> you and some of the other people on the train pried the door open. >> that's right. >> reporter: we went down into the subway before it closed early. armed guards making us open our coats before we could board. on the subway, brian shows us where he was standing just a couple of cars away from the bomb. brian telling me he's just grateful he and the others on that car had the instincts to pry that car door open so everyone could get out. david muir it, abc news, brussels. >> the survivors you're hearing about every single one saying the carnage was so incredible. they just could not imaginen what they saw. secretary of state john kerry will arrive in brussels to express formal condolences on behalf of the us.
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see that subway again for brian there. >> coming up in our next half hour, the security crunch back here at home in the wake of the attacks. the new warnings to travelers and what airports are doing to ensure safety. >> first, splitting time with the giudices. the reality tv family serving felony sentences but with joe now behind bars, could an even tougher punishment be on the horizon? you're watching "world news now."
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all right. going to move on now to some realtime behind bars for real husband of new jersey. >> just months after his celebrity wife was released from prison, joe giudice surrendered to authorities to take his turn. for more now, we're up "up all nightline" with abc's rebecca jarvis. >> we're in a situation now we just need to slowly climb out of it. and never look
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>> reporter: it's joe's turn to face the music. >> you never know how strong you are. until it's the only choice you have. >> reporter: just three months after his wife real ho"real hou of new jersey" star theresa giudice was released from prison, he's collect inside for a 41-month stay giving his wife one last kiss. >> i'm the queen. >> reporter: the couple once were accustomed to mansions than cell blocks fell into legal trouble in 2014 when they pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud. they spoke about their ordeal with andy cohen on watch happens live." >> joe do you feel guilty? i mean. >> i do. i mean, i do. but i mean at the same time, what am i going to do? >> i did everything i could to get her out of it but didn't work. >> reporter: a judge allowing them to serve their sentences consecutively so someone could be home to care for their four daughters. >> love, love, love you. >> reporter: did you know you were committing a crime? >> definitely not. the government saw it differentl
3:21 am
interview after her release, she spoke to amy robach how it felt to be reunited with her husband. >> what was it like seeing joe. >> if. >> it was amazing. he couldn't keep his hands off of me. >> it had been a long time. >> reporter: but there could be more than years of jail time separating them now. he still faces possible deportation to italy. >> would you move to italy with the girls if that ended up becoming reality? >> we're just taking one day at a time. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, her lawyer said it was obviously a very emotional day. they will get through this. just as they did when teresa was away. for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis in new york. >> i always think of those little girls and how difficult it must have been for them. >> it's going to be difficult for joe, as well. apparently once he goes there, he will undergo a special scan for anything metal internally, as well according to a source. "us weekly." >> okay. coming up, it takes
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megared. the difference is easy to absorb. ♪ >> now, that is how you tango. >> whew. >> look at the moves. the concentration. >> uh-huh. >> classic movie scene there. >> elegant. >> yes. >> and something similar to that took place overflight in argentina. that is going viral at this hour. >> you judge it for yourself. you know there's a big state dinner. potus. >> potus, president of the united states. >> thank you. he's down there in argentina. they had a big state dinner and then he tried to say no, but then out of the dark. >> you don't say no to the tango. >> you captain resist a tango. just mr. president concentrate on her eyes only. >> look
3:26 am
>> i was kind of curious where is mrs. obama. >> off on the side in the dark. >> she's dancing right there. >> the lighting director for this dinner was a little clumsy. it looks elegant. i think he did a good job. >> a little clumsy. i think there's a reason we don't see michelle obama's face. >> whoa. >> wow. >> she got a leg up on the competition there. >> very nice. >> he can tango. >> a lot of people, yeah. >> a round of applause for the president of the united states. >> did he good. >> tangoing on behalf of the united states and argentina. >> and i can read lips. mirnl is telling her leave my man alone. but a lot of people have been giving him a lot of heat saying his moves were a little stiff. we give you an example if you want stiff moves. >> this is where he went wrong. before he went out there, he should have done prep and gotten advice from this man. >> yes. >> uh-huh. >>
3:27 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, we present to you. >> the one and sneenl geraldo rivera. >> go, geraldo. so some moves. go, geraldo. >> his moves are still hidden in al capone's tomb, his vault. >> oh, that was just an amazing performance. we cannot get enough. >> so in case you want to criticize the president, there's always these moves to say you know what? it gets worse. >> it could get worse. we should have spoken to geraldo about dance moves. the gang here, i just want to know, i do believe geraldo rivera will be in the next round. jack, you vote yes. >> bk. >> he will not make it. >> we're hoping no. >> deb? >> deb. >> my eyes can't take it. >> deb is the only one that's not listening to the show. >> deb doesn't care. >> so 3-2 that
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this morning on "world news now," terror manhunt. the search for the surviving suspected attacker in brussels. it goes into another day as belgium observes a day of mourning. we're going to take you live there. >> terror cell. the newly uncovered link between the brussels bombings and the paris attacks. frightening details about isis. >> the state of emergency in the great plains. >> the rapidly spreading grass fires burning in several states. the evacuations and concerns about gusty wind conditions. >> later in "the skinny," bridget jones returns. renee zellweger and her loveable character is back. a glimpse at her role in a new movie years in the making. it is thursday, march 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning on this


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