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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 28, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, americas. severe spring storms tear through the heartland. reported tornadoes and golf-ball size hail pound the midwest. as record rains lead to flash floods in the south. now, more severe weather is coming. . southwest to the southeast on high alert. also breaking right now, new and chilling video of the brussels' terror suspects from the moment before the airport blast. a massive man hunt under way right now. the other horror, at least 65 people died in a new isis-inspired attack. targeting christians on easter sunday. back here at home, ted cruz pointing the finger at donald trump for that tabloid story about alleged affairs. the war over wives hitting a breaking point. as the fron
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sanders sweeps hillary clinton with huge wins over the weekend. ♪ and the big dance down the final four. this underdog's cinderella moment. upsetting a number one seed. busting brackets and breaking hearts, but not mine. who's still in it to win it? we do say good morning, america on this monday morning. great to have lara back. his heart is not broken, syracuse heading back to the big dance. >> slightly larger smile on this monday morning. what a win. >> final four. >> huge weekend for march madness and bracket-busting games. syracuse the number ten seed, i might ad. landing a top spot in the final four. >> the moment we're all talking about, our cinderella moment. a syracuse player's shoe slips off right before
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three and nails it of course, he does. lot of people arguing do they have the right to be there? i think so. the orange women going to the women's final four. >> they got there before the men. lot of that is coming up. but first those big weather headlines. storms are tearing through the midwest overnight. hail leaving to a very messy easter. robert marciano in for ginger. >> reporter: sunrise services and easter ugh hunts were a bust here. indiana, part of system that brought severe weather to the midwest overnight. overnight, central indiana and florida hit by golf ball-size hail. plus, heavy rains sinking this car. three reported tornadoes yesterday in southwest kentucky, several homes sustained damage in the
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on easter weekend, a blast hitting the west and the central plains with up to a foot of snow. with power outages to thousands of homes and businesses. >> it's t ee's the weight of th branches falling and breaking. >> reporter: in kansas, firefighters are still battling the largest fire in state history. >> stand by engine two. respond with keystone for houseboat fire. >> reporter: in springs, oklahoma, crews battling a fire here sunday night. authorities saying the flames began on a houseboat and spread to others and the dock itself. firefighters rescuing several bystanders trapped on one side of the jetty. no one was injured. northeast, a bit of a mess from d.c. to new york, to filly, if you're flying out of some of these a
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delays. things will clear out late in the day. western storm coming across the mountains. especially across las vegas. wednesday, another significant threat of seeing some severe weather across the central plains. robin. >> all right, rob, thank you very much. david, big head lines coming out of brussels, new charges overnight and the death toll rising high. >> unrest in that city over the weekend. rioters clashing with police who tried to get crowds under control with water. meanwhile, the man hunt for suspects intensifying. new video emerging this morning and abc's alex marquardt is in brussels with the latest. >> reporter: dramatic scenes out here on this square, as european authorities step up their effort this morning. that video along with an appeal for the most wanted man in europe. this morning, the net being cast wide
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new security video just released by the belgian police showing the suspected attacker in the hat from the airport taken just moments before those two deadly blasts. authorities appealing for help in finding him. this, as they charged three more men on monday with being connected to a terrorist group. four others already slapped with the same charge. including the biggest catch so far -- this man, faycalc., who once described himself as a freelance journalist. abc news learning he had been detained for trying to recruit refugees for jihad. european security forces hunting anyone involved in past and potential future attacks. in holland a frenchman arrested for planning a plot in france. mean
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protesters descending on the brussels memorial for those attacks. waving flares, directing their anger at resident muslims. >> this is belgium. if you don't want to live like us, go. >> reporter: the bombs that tore through the airport and maelbeek station, living 35 confirmed dead. this week, justin and stephanie shults missing all week, confirmed to have been killed. we're getting word this morning that the airport here in brussels will reopen tomorrow to staff and flights may resume as early as thursday. yesterday, easter sunday in lahore pakistan, more than 70 people were killed. most of them women and children celebrating easter in a park. a group linked to the taliban which has expressed for isis claimed responsibility saying they
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christian community. >> such a horrific scene. now to another big story here at home, the race for the white house. bernie sanders racking up three big wins over hillary clinton over the weekend. but clinton still far away in the delegate count. abc's cecilia vega is tracking the late nest the democratic race. >> reporter: good morning to you. this was a landslide bernie sanders claiming victory in those three states. you can see them right here on the map. alaska, hawaii and washington and by double-digit margins. hillary clinton may want this race to be over but bernie sanders is not backing down any time soon. it was a full-blown bernie sanders sweep. >> our campaign has the momentum, you are the momentum. look around you tonight! >> reporter: delivering hillary clinton a western wallop with that triple-state win, some of the results coming in as sanders
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his wife jane whispering the news in his ear. >> news alert -- we just won the state of washington! >> reporter: this morning, no official comment from clinton but her aides were bracing for the loss saying the states favored sanders with progressive voters and fewer african-americans and they maintain the results don't change the race going forward. sanders would need to win 73 mkt of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. >> i won't deny for one second that we still remain the underdogs. but we have a long, long way, you'll have to concede in the last ten months. we have a path toward victory. >> reporter: with voting in new york on the horizons bernie sanders is now turning up the heat in clinton's former home turf. his campaign manager mincing no words to
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manager calling for a new york debate, saying, can you please explain why new york should not host the april debate? is the secretary concerned about debating be ever the people who twice elected her to the u.s. senate? and no response from clinton's team on that front. yet, they still have to get past voting in wisconsin first all of to candidates will be there this week campaigning. >> all right, cecilia thank you. >> i like the orange and blue today. >> i'm a california girl. >> on to the republicans. the republicans also facing a big weekend. no contest. but the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz over their wives intensifying. that tabloid story of course with a rumored of infidelities. jonathan karl has more. >> reporter: good morning, david. this morning there's a new twist. in addition to the allegations, donald trump is now threatening a lawsuit. he said ted cruz is
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steal his delegates. donald trump told abc news that he categorically denies that neither he nor his campaign had anything to do with the tabloid cover story about ted cruz. >> i had nothing to do with it. the campaign had absolutely nothing to do with it. he's got a problem with the national enquirer. i have no control over the national enquirer. >> reporter: the story cites rumors that cruz engaged in multiple marital infidelities. cruz said it's false. >> condemn this story. >> they did the story. it wasn't my story. it was about ted cruz. >> reporter: trump claims he's the victim of personal attacks from cruz. after an anti-trump super pac release thtd ad last week featuring a nude photo of melaina trump. >> the fact that i have no involvement wh
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deplorable -- attacking spouses and children are off-limits. >> reporter: another unusual petition, demanding the republican party allow delegates to bring guns to the convention this summer in cleveland. it already has more than 35,000 signatures. should delegates to the republican convention be allowed to bring guns? >> i haven't seen the petition at all. i'm hearing it now for the first time. i'll certainly take a look at it and let you know. >> because you're, as you said, probably the biggest critic of gun-free zones. >> i'd like to take a look at it. >> in response to the threatened lawsuit from donald trump cruz's spokeswoman tweeted overnight, oh, cry me a river, we have earned our delegates fair and square. now, david, in
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different news, ivanka trump, donald trump's daughter, has now had long-awaited baby, son theodore. born over the weekend. this is a baby that trump has been talking about for some time. as you can imagine. >> the easter gift for the trump family this weekend. john karl,hank you very much. i want to bring in matthew dowd in texas and kristen soltis anderson. matt, you got donald trump here categorically denying that he had anything to do with that tabloid report. you have cruz saying attacking wives, children should be completely off-limits. is this the new low point in this race in. >> david, every week seems to be a new low point in this race. nobody benefits from this, in my view. the only person that possibly might benefit is john kasich the governor of ohio who's still running but way behind.
7:13 am
during the course of this is severely damaged. going up against hillary clinton is vulnerable. it actually almost puts the republicans in a place where they can't win after all this is happening kristen, what we witnessed over the last week, the attacks in brussels, you had donald trump answering questions about foreign policy, some say not answering. >> did donald trump has benefited from his way of benefiting controversies. there's a new controversy every week. that detracts from the big headlines. like isis. donald trump for decades has benefited from being in the headlines and knows how best to create controversy. >> our, kristen and matt kicking off another week in politics in america for us. no an american airlines pilot arrested for
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breathalyzer test just moments before takeoff. passengers watching the scene unfold from the plane. abc's david kerley is at reagan national with that story. good morning, david. >> good morning, robin. passengers were told one thing about a delay over the intercom. they saw something entirely differently unfold in front of them. you see a police car and then an arrest on the tarmac, that apparently a pilot police are taking into custody. passengers snapping photos. >> i saw them taking the pilot around the side of the car and handcuffing him. >> reporter: an american airlines pilot heading to his jet for a flight to philadelphia. a tsa agent smells alcohol and calls law enforcement. he's asked to take breathalyzer. the pilot never got in the seat and the passengers were delayed. >> we were all told to get off the plane and they told us our
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>> many flyers, spring breakers. vacation delay. authorities failed two breathalyzer tests. above the limit which is actually lower than that for drivers. >> they have to be able to respond instan us toly. >> reporter: over the past decade a pilot has shown up at the gate over the limit of alcohol at the gate. this morning, no word on the status of pilot from either the authorities or the airline. >> david, thank you. can you imagine being on that plane and seeing that go down? favorite time of the year. >> robin, time to take mar madness and the big dance down to the final four. after huge upsets this weekend, abc's t.j. holmes is here with all the ac
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>> reporter: ifou anybody in your office tells you have these final four in their bracket they're lying to you and they're not your friend. lot of people didn't think syracuse would make the tournament. only 1,140 people predicted this time four in their brackets. less than 1% of the 13 million entries to espn's online bracket challenge. villanova,ing oklahoma, north carolina, and syracuse are on their way to houston. 10th seed syracuse, a controversial selection, many analy analysts argued should not have made this tournament. overcame a 16-point deficit to upset virginia. >> this goes to show you, you don't need shoes be a shte
7:17 am
knocked out notre dame with this second-half surge. while cutting down the nets, roy williams cut his head and apparently he doesn't bleed carolina blue. >> and the carolina tar heels are moving on to final four. >> reporter: on the other side it's oklahoma, moving on after a historic night for buddy hierld. >> there's the shot. >> they'll take on fellow number two seed, villanova. all right, guys, syracuse, 1,000 to 1 odds to win it when this tournament started. somebody put down 100 bucks in vegas. >> was that you in. >> it wasn't me. >> 1,000 brackets left of 13 million? >> that's it. >> congratulations to the women, too, orange nation. >> intolerable here in a couple of weeks.
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>> send me back to the nights. >> the washington women making it to the final four for the first time in school's history. the matchups tonight, texas, uconn. oregon state/baylor. all the action on espn. >> that's exciting. we do love this time of year. want to switch gears, just going to say, everybody's buzzing about this next story, a swarm of bees evading invading the outfield, heyward and fans ducking for cover. hiding under their blanket. heyward said not to worry, he was stung 20 times he's not allergic and recovered well enough to hit a two-run homer later that inning. beet the bees but not the
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the northeast. here are your select cities brought to you by sprint. eastere both the umbrella and the sunglasses with you heading out the door. rain will taper off by 8am with skies turning sunny by mid to late morning. the winds will pick up out of the west, gusting to 35 mph, at times. unfortunately, this may be the demise of the cherry blossoms with those pink petals flying off the trees. high temperatures will warm up nicely into the upper 60s. it will remain breezy overnight with clear skies and cool lows in the 40s. tuesday and wednesday look delightful with sunshine and seasonable highs in the low 60s. highs will rebound to around 70 degrees thursday and friday. an approaching front will bring a risk of showers and thunderstorms by late thursday with lingering sh
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>> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: wet weather moves out soon. here is josh with the forecast. >> weather: good morning washington. starting off hanging onto a few showers. you need umbrella early. but sunglasses later on. another big thing you will notice today is windy weather will stick around. wind gusts 35, to 40, miles an hour. especially further north. so we ha
7:27 am
counties? tan color there. so keep in mind it is gusty later on. sunshine, and breeze he tuesday. better wednesday. then warm up and bring a chance for rain thursday and friday. >> reporter: on the easter monday commute. soggy ride. a lot of road spray out there. volume not as heavy as usual toward capital beltway. inside of the beltway heavy traffic 395 northbound, as well as the anacostia freeway. slow traffic for you. we had a crash earlier inbound 50. john hanson near 202. it has cleared up. and also we have cleared the crash for folks traveling on eastbound seven. just be alert for delays there. all the travel lanes are open through reston heading to tyson corner. melanie back over to you. >> anchor: thank you so much angelia. and carbon monoxide leak sends seven to the hospital. montgomery county fire officials say it happened on a home on wimbledon court.
7:28 am
it. two adults, five children taken to the hospital as a precaution. and the teenager shot and killed on the dean wood metro platform has been identified as 15-year-old tavanta washington. family said mother and sister were there with him when he was fatally shot saturday afternoon. washington was a student at largo high school. the shooter is still on the run. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates on good morning washington. on newschanel 8. hope you have a great monday.
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welcome back to "good morning america." on a monday morning. you're looking at the new video of that brussels terror suspect. they have released the video this morning. the moments before the airport blast. massive man hunt under way right now. also right now, david the heartland recovering from severe storms overnight. reported tornadoes and hail pounding the midwest. record rain in the south. more severe weather is on the way. and "batman v superman," huge weekend at the box office. the super hero movie bringing in a whopping $420 million worldwide. the biggest superhero movie ever. >> you know who can take super hero and
7:31 am
jackman. we all know him as wolverine. now he's known as superdad. what he did springing into action to save his kids. that's all coming up. >> he's modest as always. he's downplaying it. we'll have that coming up. first this half-hour, that scandal rocking alabama. allegations that the governor had an affair with a member of his inner circle while both were married. now, there are calls this morning for him to resign. abc's steve osunsami has the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. alabama's governor said he's not stepping down. his critics point out while he was issuing statements last year, marriage was defined as won man and one woman. he was getting close to a woman not his wife. now
7:32 am
relationship with one of his top political advisers. >> if we're going to do what we did, we're going to have to start locking the door. >> reporter: the tea was spilled when these recordings were made public. governor bentley is heard doing all of the sexy talk. having a conversation to rebekah caldwell mason, who's married, too. >> put my arms around you and pull you real close. i love that, too. >> reporter: the alleged affair might have remain a secret if it wasn't for spencer collier who was fired last week. he says he got the boot because he refused to cover-up the alleged affair. the governor says no affair ever happened. >> i want everyone to know, though, that i have never had a physical affair with mrs. mason. >> reporter: he does
7:33 am
making imappropriate remarks to the female staffer. a full year before he and his then-wife diane divorced. >> take your earring off and let me kiss your ear. >> reporter: this former baptist deacon said he's apologized to his family and mason's families for remarks that he's calling a mistake. >> i'm just apologizing that to her and i apologized to my family and the state of alabama. >> reporter: the husband of mrs. mason is defending his wife. she's my amazing wife of 20 years. the governor denies that the state law enforcement secretary was fired for refusing to cover things up. the state auditor on friday has filed an ethics complaint against the governor and his alleged mistress for using state
7:34 am
resources to cover up their affair. >> all right, steve, thank you. robert de niro facing backlash this morning over a movie slated for his famous tribe tribecka film festival. he reversed his decision to show an antivaccination documentary. >> reporter: robert de niro took a personal interest in this controversial film. but the actor got a huge backlash for critics saying the movie propagates quack theories and junk science and it didn't deserve a platform at tribeca. this morning, his reaction. the subject matter of the controversial film hits close to home of actor robert de niro. vaxxed examines a theory linking autism to vaccines that has been thoroughly debunked.
7:35 am
the disgraced former doctor who published a 2000 study for blaming vaccine for the rise in autism. >> he lost his medical license. >> reporter: de niro insists he's not an antihalf vaxxer. revealing grace and i have a child with autism and we believe it is critical that all of the issues surrounding the causes of autism be openly discussed and examined. de niro didn't say which of his six children has autism. in this 2013 interview promoting silver linings playbook, he became emotional when talking to katie couric -- >> i know -- >> reporter: to
7:36 am
tribe can, a led to a huge backlash on social media. over the weekend, de niro and the other festival organizers kraifd to the pressure, deciding no to to give the documentary a platform. quote, we have concerns with certain things in this film that we feel prevent us from presenting it in the festival program. after the festival reversed its invitation, the filmmakers released their own statement saying they're disappointed because they didn't get a chance to defend their views. >> thanks, david. coming up here, high-speed heist, a gang of thieves caught on cameras stealing cars off a dealership. >> david, an unbelievably heist of brand-new cars like these. how these thieves pulled it off. they are still on the run. ...
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now to a brazen car heist caught on camera. take look at this video of thieves working fast at dealership. they're matching keys with new vehicles and stealing them right off the lot. and abc's gio benitez has more. good morning, gio. >> reporter: lara good morning. eight cars in just two minutes. high-speed heists are happening all across this country and this morning, dealerships just like this one are high alert. early friday morning in tampa, police say these are thieves breaking into a car dealership. cameras watching as they find the lock box with keys. distributing them to other crooks on the lot. there they go, the ring of ten, stealing not one, not two, but eight vehicles right from the lot. one by one speeding off. nothing stopping their getaway. >> they took a car parked over here and used that as a batter
7:42 am
space in the middle to pull out the expensive cars from the front row. >> reporter: the whole heist taking in two minutes. like a scene from "gone in 60 seconds." this security expert says we're seeing a spike in these crimes. thanksgiving in orlando, three teen age thieves made off with three cars. total loss there, nearly half a million dollars at that audi dealership. >> lot of these dealerships don't have any type of video surveillance. thieves enfind it very easy to get into a lot of these car dealerships. able to get parts. able to take the entire vehicle and able to monotize these parts and vehicles rather quickly. >> reporter: only two vehicles in the tampa incident have been found. but this morning, all ten of those alleged thieves on camera are on the run.
7:43 am
and so clearly security cameras are not enough. so, now, police say that dealerships should add lighting to their lots and add alarms and get those lock boxes and put them in safes or take them off property. >> yeah that's a good idea. >> that's the one idea that doesn't cost more minutes. >> two minutes? >> eight cars in two minutes. >> it looked like a motorcadmot. all right, coming up -- hugh jackman's latest role -- superdad. how the x man star sprung into action. digital sorority, the new way women are connecting online. but is it too exclusive? it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office,
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♪ you hear that song. we're back now with the real-life superhero, you should lara jamming over there. x-men star hugh jackman jumping into rescue his son and
7:48 am
action when rough waves from a riptide put his son at risk on australia's famous bondi beach. it was all caught on camera. he plays wolverine in the x men series. but this morning, watch real-life superhero hugh jackman in action. caught on camera. helping beachgoers and his own children oscar and ava escape a riptide. >> there was a dip in the sand box and it was a bit strong. >> reporter: his son, seemingly pummelled by waves. the 47-year-old action star calling out to others to return to shore while life guards rushed in. >> he was trying to organize all that. >> reporter: the north bondi surf life saving club thanking jackman personally on
7:49 am
was also spotted assist wgs the rescues. thank you, hugh. authorities citing more than 40 rescues saturday. jackman isn't the first celebrity riptide rescuer caught on camera. in 2013, mow dell heidi klum saving her son and two nannies from strong currents while on vacation in california. a rep for the actor telling abc news hugh and oscar are completely fine. it looks more dramatic than it was. and what happened to the jackmans is an important warning now as spring breakers are getting set to head to that. >> two weeks ago i was at bondi beach. the currents there, the undercurrent, the undertow is really, really strong. it's
7:50 am
>> as we all universally say, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, hugh jackman. ginger is going to be back on the dance floor. she's in the three-way tie. this person, as well, part of this three-way tie, nyle is blowing away the ballroom. he'll reveal his secret advantage coming up. >> go ginger! trugreen presents the yardley's. hello?! you do? really? ding dong? -oh, pizza is here! -oh! come on in. [claps] woah! lose the sneakers pal. kind of a thing.
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7:54 am
alice anne likes vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles. they give me so much back. i can't even imagine how i could possibly give them what they give me. out west, where the skiing is so tasty right now. over 360 inches this winter alone in wolf creek. heavy knows from sierras to the
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: good monday morning. we have an improving forecast. here is josh knight. >> weather: good morning. few showers. so need the umbrella early. so check it out. sunglasses later on. another big thing today. windy weather sticking around. wind gusts 35, to 40 miles an hour. especially further north. that's why we have a wind advisory for counties in the tan color there. so just keep in mind it will be gusty later on. sunshine breezy tuesday. better on wednesday and then warm up and bring in a chance for rain, thursday and friday. >> reporter: josh, on the easter monday commute. we have heavy delays now around the capital beltway. and heading through oxon hill. takes about 15 minutes on the inner loop from branch avenue as you connect with woodrow wilson bridge. and delay on north side of the beltway for folks traveling through silv
7:57 am
95 over to georgia avenue. a live look at the dulles toll road here at hunter mill. fairfax county police say hunter mill is closed both directions south of lawyers road for an accident involving overturned vehicle. we will let you know when it reopens. meantime northbound 395 heavy and slow as well as southbound george washington parkway toward the memorial bridge. back over to you melanie. >> anchor: thank you. breaking news, people taken off mark train 502 at sea brook after prince george county crews tell us the train hit someone. they say that person was trespassing when they were struck. our sam ford is on the way to the scene and tune in to good morning washington for latest details on that. also today. 138 year tradition will continue on the white house lawn. it is the annual easter egg roll. this year's theme "let's celebrate." 35,000 kid a
7:58 am
the white house roll started by president haze and wife lucy in 1878. always takes place on monday after easter. and our kid and eileen are there for the fun. do not miss the live reports on newschanel 8. have a great
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. bouncy castle tragedy. new details on a horrific accident. a child caught in the castle sent 500 feet into the air. authorities now making arrests. new overnight a rare glimpse of royal life. what kate is revealing about how the queen is guiding her. the lessons she's learning and the queen's special relationship with george and charlotte. and bono joins us in a live and exclusive interview this morning. the superstar on new music and his passionate cause and the road ahead. ♪ and secret sisterhood. the digital sororities on facebook. helping to grapple with
8:01 am
love and what to wear. inside the exclusive clubs. all that and are you ready to get information? the singh pated ladies that are blow you away as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. can you feel the energy? it's great to have the syncopated ladies here. they're tearing up the internet and our upstairs. getting million of views, even from beyonce herself. they're showing us how they do it. coming up. >> speaking of moves, the guy who's blowing away the ballroom, nyle heating up the ballroom. of course, he's deaf and peta are
8:02 am
communicate on the dance floor. they have a secret advantage. >> really? >> we'll learn that. everybody is flipping for this guy. he's the artist. look at that. he's making incredible dishes. wait until you see what he's creating for us live. >> what does this song have to do -- ♪ >> wait, wait. >> do you know the words? >> yes, i know the words. >> appreciate that. we turn now to cecilia back now with the morning rundown. good morning to you. we do begin with new details in the belgium terror attacks. four more victims have died from their injuries. bringing the death toll to 35. police carried out more than a dozen of raise on sunday. charging three more
8:03 am
of the man investigators believe to be the third airport attacker. now, police, are once again asking the public to help identify him. anger at those attacks is boil over. police firing water cannons at the attack memorial site. in pakistan at least 70 people including many children were killed at this park. the target, christians celebrating easter. taliban firefights with ties to isituation claiming responsibility. donald trump once again denying that he had to do with that story on ted cruz. cruz is dismissing the story about his alleged affairs, calling it garbage and this morning, there's a new battle brewing, this time over delegates in louisiana. after winning that state, trump is now threatening to sue the republican party because it may award cruz more of the
8:04 am
side, bernie sanders is celebrating landslide victories in washington, alaska and hawaii. he still, though, needs to win 73% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination and he's now pushing for another debate and a tranelic turn at a easter fair. after a young girl's death in a bounce castle near london. a gust of wind tossed the inflatable castle nearly 500 feet. the girl died at the hospital. two workers from the castle company are now under arrest. procter and gamble are responding to a lawsuit. the suit seeks $5 million in damages. the company insists its products are safe and says those customers experienced rare skin reactions. okay, guys, i've got
8:05 am
words for you -- peep eating contest. take a look at this if you can stomach it. competitive eater just set a world record by eating 200 peeps in 14 minutes. you can insert your own sounds here. he struggled toward the end here. he managed to put them all away. that's 5600 calories, 1300 grams of sugar. guys, i'm going refrain from telling you what i really feel about that. and just say, god speed. >> thank you, cecilia. >> between that and the old spice i'm all uncomfortable this morning. those burns. duchess kate this morning making headlines in a new documentary about the royal family. she's ening up about her relationship with the queen ahead of her 90th birthday. abc's lama hasan has the royal
8:06 am
documentary giving a rare behind the scenes glimpse at the queen's life. with heart felt tributes from those closest to her. >> being a mother and my job as well, i have no idea how the queen has managed to do it with four children of her own. >> reporter: the documentary celebrates elizabeth ii's upcoming birthday. kate the future queen, says she's learning the ropes from her. >> she's generous. not forceful at all in any of her views. she's within a gentle guidance for me. >> reporter: taking a personal interest in the next generation of royals. >> the queen is very fond of charlotte who's always watching what she's up to. george, 2 1/2, he calls her gan-gan. >> reporte s
8:07 am
documentary also showing previously unseen footage of the royal family, showing us a side of the queen that we rarely get to see. >> this is primadonna. i know just by looking at her. do i look all right? >> who else is riding at 90? that's what's so incredible. >> reporter: for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> i love hearing about that bond. lara, we got you covered there. over at the morning menu. david, david, can you read me? here's what's coming up. the man on fire. how nyle is dancing his way into americans hearts on "dancing with the stars." inside the exclusive digital sisterhood. new way women are helping each other live. and so far from the mean girl, get over here, lauren
8:08 am
so beautiful and so is her new book. we'll get into that. and the sensational syncopated ladies are here to perform live. they'll have you dancing. burn the calories and eat them with a true artist. this is a pancake. unbelievable. i can barely make it with bisquick. this man is a rock star. coming up on "good morning america" in a rainy, but fabulous times square. ing garban yup, she's gone noseblind. she thinks it smells fine, but her guests smell this... sfx: ding, flies, meow (after cat lands) music starts febreze air effects heavy duty has up to... ...two times the odor-eliminating power to remove odors you've done noseblind to [inhales] mmm. use febreze air effects, till it's fresh and try febreze small spaces... continuously eliminate up to two times the odors for 30 days. febreze small spaces and air effects, two more ways [inhale + exhale mnemonic] to breathe happy.
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8:13 am
pride. we love them for their music. now, the lead singer is joining us live to talk about his passion project that's coming up in our next half-hour. >> can't wait to talk to him. but right now, nyle is the dancing sensation quickly becoming a fan favorite this season. looking at him he form you would never know that he's deaf. they're dancing into everybody's hearts. jesse palmer back with more. >> reporter: communication is a huge part of dancing. but based on nyle and peta's performance, there's definitely no lack of communication here. ♪ >> reporter: last week's first-place tying cha-cha-cha brought down the house. ♪ >> reporter: nyle and peta nailed it. exploding on social media. and you thought you were surprised. >> i was like, wow, c
8:14 am
>> reporter: how do they do it? their secret weapon, a signal of cues between them that keep him in step. >> i have the squeeze, i go like this when i want to be back for the rumba. good old scratch on the back means turn around. we do it hundreds and hundreds of times. so he gets to feel how long to hold something, how quickly to move through something. >> reporter: it doesn't always work. nyle let fans in on a mistake, when peta gestured him to come guard n sing language that means, hurry up. >> we had to hold our frame a little while. >> reporter: interpreter is there every step of practice. but nyle has a secret advantage over the other celebrities. ♪
8:15 am
>> reporter: i get freaked out by the noise and hundreds of people in the ballroom. nyle can't hear any of that. >> reporter: this is what it sounds like for him. >> he's in his own world with me. it's kind of perfect. >> reporter: nyle's entire family is deaf going back four generations. he's become an overnight hero to the deaf community. >> to represent them it's an honor for me. >> reporter: this week he hosted a communications event for hearing impaired. this superstar model and now dancer is an inpresentation to deaf and disabled children. to all of us it's been such a beautiful experience so far. it's just incredible, he's showing america that anybody can dance. no matter what. and i'm so proud of him. what could be more inspirational than that. >> real
8:16 am
>> nyle is deeply competed to the deaf community. they relocated their rehearsals to austin texas so nyle could be there for that special event. >> i'm so excited for tonight. >> amy and i had the pleasure to be there for the debut last week. cheering on ginger. we're watching everyone, and wow, what a cast. nyle, i'm telling you, there's something very charismatic about him. in the piece, you had to go silent, i can't imagine -- >> when you see that, it gives you a appreciation of the things going on. it's pretty cool. >> what's the signal, hurry up? >> that's what david is giving me right now. >> no. >> you can see nyle and peta do the rumba and of course our ginger and val. we're on team zee. all the competitors tonight on
8:17 am
"dancing with the stars" at 8:00/7:00 central. >> # teamzee. that digital sisterhood that could be shaping the future of friendships. a secret online community for women. we first learned about it on fusion and abc's kayna whitworth is getting an inside look. >> reporter: when most of us think of sororities we think of images like this. but she's turning that image on its head creating a similar experience digitally. her exclusive online group is the 21st century's answer to friendly neighbors. but it's ladies only. when people call this kind of an online sorority, what's your take on that. >> i think that's what it is, it's women getting together and doing all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: nearly 2,000
8:18 am
in the l.a.-based girls night in. ranging in age from 1860. getting into the highly selective group is tricky. at least three veteran women in the group have to nominate new members and they have to be deemed worthy of entry. >> the ebb exclusivity. they call members who are not active the lurkers who might spill the secrets that allows it to be this really supportive, bare all your dirty laundry. >> reporter: posts from politics, relationship advice, designated drivers. of course, fashion guidance. >> we just posted a picture of me asking if my outfit looked like pajamas. it's been three minutes. and there are almost 30 comments. >> they're supporting
8:19 am
choice to wear fashionable pajamas and the more serious post. one person shared they had been raped, within the group, they felt it was a safe place to talk about it if someone wants to connect in person, not just through a computer, it's not unusual to place a post and see what happens. her online suggestion of a wine and pizza party brought a dozen women to her home within an hour. critics of girls night in say similar to real-life sororities the group's exclusivity gives it a mean-girl persona. but the group isn't about being mean but supporting one another. >> it's exclusive in a way we want to keep the group of people we can trust. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to
8:20 am
joining us now is tory johnson. what are the benefits of being in a group like? >> the biggest benefit anything that makes us feel less alone, groups can do that. online and offline. there's this great sense of friendship, camaraderie and bonding. that's a good thing. we're bonding it over a safe haven for very candid opinions whether it's something frivolous or something a lot more serious. having that safe haven is valuable. i think also in a group like this, having some standards for posting is really valuable. someone has to vouch for you. a few people have to vouch for you before you get in. this keeps it safer in that regard. i also think i happen to love with this particular group, participation is encouraged and in fact required. so for a group to work really well everybody's got to be
8:21 am
we can't be observers. >> you talked about these standards and rulesened that. that's fine. but you still have to be cautious? >> you have to be cautious. in this group, they're clear everything is confidential. nothing can be share. if you share things outside of this group, you're going to be bolt -- out of that group. you'll be publicly shamed. that's all well and good. the reality is, even so, your naked selfie has already gone viral. whatever you have put in there -- it's really difficulty to guarantee privacy, even it's among 20 people. if you post something socially figure it's going to be public in some regard. >> you have to be prepared for it to be seen everywhere. you know, what if you don't get in the group, it's harkening back to high school.
8:22 am
sometimes we don't get in. we get rejected from colleges, jobs. not everyone get astro fee. that's life. find the group that's right for you, that wants you or starts your own. that's one of the benefits of social media. we have equal access to start our own. >> it's nice to see it's being used for good. >> i don't see this as mean girls, good girls. outside now to rob. >> what happens on a rainy monday? you come to "good morning america." you get a free umbrella, not too bad. it's pretty miserable out here with raw, rainy conditions. wind advisories up. behind it a cold wind tonight and tomorrow. snow across upstate new york. out west, as well, high wind watches and warnings for vegas. the mountain snows that will continue to pile up
8:23 am
both the umbrella and the sunglasses with you heading out the door. rain will taper off by 8am with skies turning sunny by mid to late morning. the winds will pick up out of the west, gusting to 35 mph, at times. unfortunately, this may be the demise of the cherry blossoms with those pink petals flying off the trees. high temperatures will warm up nicely into the upper 60s. it will remain breezy overnight with clear skies and cool lows in the 40s. tuesday and wednesday look delightful with sunshine and seasonable highs in the low 60s. highs will rebound to around 70 degrees thursday and friday. an approaching front will bring a risk of showers and thunderstorms by late thursday with lingering showers into friday morning. w 60s with the mid 50sforecassd. developing right >> oh, man, we got some troupers out here. how are you holding up in the cold and rain? >> good. >> what do you have to say to lara. >> lara, back to you. >> thank you. >> did you have a nice vacation? >> yes, i did. it was sunny and very snowy. i'm not that good of a skier. >> i was drawing a pic
8:24 am
"pop news" aaron sorkin has his poker face the fascinating story of molly's game. olympic-level skier who's forced out but gambles on poker. runs a high-stakes poker ring. it's a real story, guys. sorkin, though, going to get lengths to keep up the movie magic and keep out the gossip which a-listers bet big bucks. sources say they're major hollywood stars. we anticipate it will be the ace of spades at the box office. >> intrigued. >> if you read this story about molly and molly's ring, it is fascinating. >> millions of dollars apparently changed hands at these poker tables.
8:25 am
>> names we all know. >> never mentioned here, jesse. >> i just said yes. and some easy math for you. one perfectly similar mery call face and eight chiselled abs equals the holtest math teacher. he shared his findings on facebook. he now also been spotted for armani. in addition to having a ph.d. in engineering and quite possibly i have the most popular math class on the planet. there he is. >> six pack would be you. >> pretty, good, though. >> exactly.
8:26 am
>> so, finally, guys, just a little monday motivation for your week. take a look. >> hey. >> is he not the cutest thing? we spotted him shaking his groove thing. it's on a variety show from vietnam kind of like america's got talent. we don't know whether or not he won. i believe all of us would agree, a perfect ten. >> i love where his buttons are. his belly is hanging out.
8:27 am
>> anchor: good morning. let's see if things are drying out yet. here is josh knight with the forecast. >> weather: good morning washington. still hanging on to showers, so you need umbrella early. but sunglasses later on. another big thing today. windy weather sticks around. gusts 35 to 45 miles an hour. especially further north. that's why we have a wind advisory for counties in the tan color there. so just keep in mind it will be gusty later on. sunshine still breezy tuesday. weds better. and warm up and chance for rain thursday and friday. >> reporter: on the rails, metro honoring mark train tickets for pennsylvania penn line i should say. major delays on the penn line and penn train 523 has been canceled. this due to
8:28 am
meantime if you are making the drive around the capital beltway, heavy volume delays closer to robinson terminal. into the district right now. two crashes on 295. southbound as you approach borough avenue, northbound just past 11th street bridge. metropolitan police say pedestrian struck on 16th street at spring road. 66 heavy and slow inside of the beltway as you head into the ross link corridor. back to you. >> anchor: thank you angelia. teenager shot and killed on the dean wood metro platform identified as 15-year-old devonte washington. family members say his mother and sister were there with him. when he was fatally shot saturday afternoon. and washington was a student at largo high school. the shoot serstill on the run. and starting today. dc will begin enlisting private ambulances to transport patients. dc fire and ems will respond to calls but if they are not considered to be life threatening those crews may move on to a more serious
8:29 am
let private company take over. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates on newschanel 8.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ that's some fancy footwork. >> yes. >> those are the syncopated ladies. their dance routine to beyonce's formation is a big hit. huge hit. now, you're going to see them perform live right here in times square. >> earlier, they were going to teach us some of their moves. i don't think one of the moves they just did is teachable. lauren conrad, though, so good at so much. now she's sharing her best party planning secrets this morning. this book is quite beautiful. some tips out of it coming up. we can't wait for this special guest c
8:31 am
>> bono is coming up. we know his music, he's also trying to rid the world of aids, poverty. this morning, he joins us from jordan. bono, great to have you back on "good morning america." >> good morning, america. how are you doing, david? >> we're fantastic. you come to us from jordan this morning, an area that's 3 square miles, jordan, the fourth largest city, incredible that you have gone there to bring attention. one refugee camp with so many families in need? >> yeah, i'm here representing the 1 campaign which i co-founded ten years ago. we got 7 million members, organized to speak up for the world's poorest and most vulnerable. in fact 48 hours ago, i was in a camp
8:32 am
second largest refugee camp on earth. and it's shocking. 350,000 people living in cardboard boxes. a third of them born there. this has been going on for 25 years. lot of news the developed community very boird about the refugee crisis undoing a lot of the good work doing in development over the last eight years, that's why i'm here. you know all about this. by the way, your story on that girl, the stolen lives, i think her name was high did, just moved everything. >> thanks, bono. when we were there, we saw the mothers carrying their children that 100-mile journey just to get there, to find food, they were leaving somalia to kenya. if people are watching this morning and want to join the campaign to help bring attention to this with you, what do they do?
8:33 am
3 million of them i might add on the continent of africa. very exciting for us. south of equator will drawn out our voices north of the equator. america has been on it. this was a problem just a few years ago, 10,000 people a day were forcefully displaced from their homes. at the moment it's 40,000 people per day displaced from their homes. so it's a global problem. what goes on, we know now, what goes on in the middle east or in north africa this year, will spill on to the streets of brussels, paris and we can't separate ourselves from the outside world. it's our world. that's what's come with
8:34 am
globalization. global with global impact. we got responsibility and you have been showing the footage at your concerts. for folks who haven't been to your concerts you bring this message to your fans. if we don't figure out answer, europe will be no more. you believe that. >> yeah, that's right, david, if what happened in syria were god forbid to happen again to another country, it's happening already in libya, but god forbid, nigeria, europe is no longer viable. that's big problem for america as well as being a big trade partner, where europe's america's greatest ally. jordan where i'm standing is really critical ally of america. as it happens, jordan, a lesson in grace in the way they're treating the refugee crisis.
8:35 am
have told us they think one quarter of their population are refugees. and their generosity is at its limits. we need to get behind them and countries, trying to represent our values and i think that's very important for americans to hear that they have an ally in jordan. >> those beautiful little children running behind you helps to underscore your point to highlight the magnitude of the need. bono, thank you for bringing attention to what we think is so important. great to have you on "good morning america" this morning. >> david, thank you for your voice and remember, all these kids, all these lives, they want to be friends of america, they want to be friends of liberty and these places can be sort of universities and teaching people our values or else they can be
8:36 am
ideas and to who we are. let's take the first course not the second. thanks for listening to me. >> let's do that. we want to be friends with them, too. that's bono. back outside to rob. it's still cold and wet and miserable out here. the central u.s., actual in the morning, some of these spots had snow on the ground. some flowers blooming in the area. 32 degrees in wichita and some snowy conditions out and showers will give way to sunshine this easter monday, so have both the umbrella and the sunglasses with you heading out the door. rain will taper off by 8am with skies turning sunny by mid to late morning. the winds will pick up out of the west, gusting to 35 mph, at times. unfortunately, this may be the demise of the cherry blossoms with those pink petals flying off the trees. high temperatures will warm up nicely into t
8:37 am
brought to you by febreze. nathan shields. who doesn't love pancakes. especially the day after easter. how does your panache for this technique come about. >> exploring art with my kids. i >> you're the pancake guru. >> i used to work as a math teacher. the kids are having fun and so i'm happy. >> you had some fun with some of us here on "good morning america." we want to show you some of the portraits that we have here. here's his technique and goodness, who's that? >> oh, i think i know who that is. looking good b, robin bit of a caricature there. >> you start with a frying pan. let's do some work here and i'll kind of guess what you're going after. >> let's see if
8:38 am
i'll give you a couple clues, how about that. >> that would help. you're drawing eyes. >> this is a person. it's someone you know pretty well. >> a very powerful person. maybe the president of the united states? >> that's actually incorrect. >> oh, look at that. that's way too flattery. thank you very much. all right, that's the finished version. that's a rob cake. how many calories? >> about 250. >> 250 right there. >> what's your website? >> side check it out. >> thank you so much. now, yet to that superhero showdown sweeping the box office. "batman v superman" dawn of justice brought in a whopping $420 million worldwide. the biggest superhero
8:39 am
opening ever. nick watt has an exclusive with the cast and director. >> reporter: it's "batman v superman," ben affleck versus henry cavill. >> who had the biggest trailer? >> he never invited me inside his trailer. >> what's your verdict. >> i have wanted to see this movie for 35 years. i'm really, really happy. >> you never did. >> reporter: diane lane is superman's mom. the only thing that i don't buy is that diane's old enough to play his mom. >> it's a movie. a guy flies in the movie, too. okay. >> my son was above henry. he stood him watching him for a little while and he goes, that's the real superman? that's the real e.
8:40 am
a little in awe. >> henry took his shirt off and i didn't know what to do i kissed his stomach. i was mortified. >> reporter: jesse eisenberg is lex luthor. you were getting hate before they even seen you. >> yeah. >> reporter: who were you channeling? >> that's me unfortunately. >> reporter: holly hunter. >> nonpartisan openness, reasonableness, yes. >> she's the observer who has to make sense of this world and offers us this sort of rational way forward. >> reporter: gal gadot is superwoman. do they have cameos
8:41 am
movie? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> reporter: i'm not going to tell you who wins the battle. >> our very own superman with me now. >> look who has the wonderwoman bracelet on. for right now, bat m"batman v superman" dawn of justice is in theaters and continuing to do very well. >> coming up on "good morning america," lauren conrad is here sharing her best
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ we're back now with lauren conrad, television star and author known for sharing her fashion and beauty secrets. now she's revolutionizing the way you plan parties with her new book. it's called celebrate. welcome to "good morning america america.". >> thank you for having me. >> you just celebrated a special birthday. >> i did. i turned 30. >> how did you celebrate it? >> i just finished this book. i had been doing parties all year. i went on vacation. >> nice. very nice. by the way you're not supposed to plan your own 30th. hopefully you had a nice family, husband to plan for it. >> i
8:45 am
>> how is marriage? con dwrat lags and it's good. how did you find time to write three books? it's hard work. you have to create the party to photograph it. >> it was 12 different parties in this book including wedding, at my bridal shower. it was all kind of different parties. i had a lot of cake. i did. >> i want to talk about a one thing when planning parties and that's money. you have some very practical advice. we're going to use this party in your book, a moroccan-inspired brunch. >> 30%, 30%. between the menu dor
8:46 am
i start there. depending on the event, tweak it. for this brunch there wasn't a ton of decor. the brass pieces are part of a collection i have. >> i love flea markets. these are great vintage glasses that you can find at a flea market. i was surprised by 30% on food. i would think more on food. >> baby showers aren't going to have much alcohol. >> hopefully. >> just a starting point depending on what you're serving. >> another thing you take great inspiration is pinterest. >> it's a great way to get visuals. >> you actually print things out and create a vision board. >> otherwise, you send people a link. share ideas and different things especially if you're working with a
8:47 am
easier to send them a photo. >> all right, also invitations, featured in your book. i was saying holiday cards can be so expensive. same with invitations. lot of people are doing evites. what is your advice? >> once in a lifetime occasion go paper. if it's you know something you're going to do again go evite. >> the food looks good enough to eat. which we'll have to do at break. because we're out of time. you should see the group surrounding the table. the book is available tomorrow. thank you for coming to us first on "good morning america." keep us posted. another book coming up on kids? tomorrow, the ladies -- coming up today, ladies who get in formation, like beyonce, performing live right here on "good morning america." really, it's happening next.
8:48 am
so, don't
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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♪ we're now with the syncopated ladies and the formation performance flooring the internet and beyonce herself saying they killed this routine. >> big compliment. getting more than 6 million views. they're getting in formation for us. give out up for the syncopated ladies. ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ 4 ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:52 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> unbelievable. unbelievable. great job. great job. wow. all right, so, how did you ladies come together. >> we started in los angeles from a dance session. i saw these incredible tap-dancing women who were multitalented. i said we got to together. >> so unfair to ask questions after that workout. maude, you're the producer of this, what inspires the jaw-dropping moves? >> my sister and i are a producing team. it's about sisterhood dlab
8:53 am
beyonce's music is so inspiring. it makes you feel something. it's all about the feeling. >> we're feeling it. are you feeling it? [ cheers and applause ] >> syncopated ladies, everyone, you can watch them, their tour, their group dance, announcement check them out. we'll be right back. ♪
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"good morning america" is brought to you by ford. we go further so you can. ♪ thanks for watching on a monday. >> don't hurt yourself. "world news tonight," check it out. >> see you tomorrow. >> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: good morning. we have a improving forecast. here is josh knight. >> weather:
8:57 am
washington. we have a few showers, need the umbrella. but sunglasses later on. another big thing. windy weather sticks around. wind gusts 35 to 45 miles an hour. especially further north. and that's why we have a wind advisory for all the counties in the tan color there. so just keep in mind it will be gusty later on. sunshine still breezy tuesday. better on wednesday. then we warm up and bring in a chance for rain thursday and friday. >> reporter: update on the rail. on traffic. we have learned that mark train's penn line services suspended until further notice. meantime get you started on interstate 66. we have some problems. heading into centreville on route 28 northbound delays due to the crash that we have ramp restrictions for the accident clean up there. once you are inside of the beltway on 66. two accidents slow us down. eastbound just before you get to 110. and also eastbound on the trek after lee highway. where blocking a right lane with both incidents.
8:58 am
melanie back over to you. >> anchor: thank you. teenager shot and killed on the dean wood metro platform identified as 15-year-old devonte washington. family members say his mother and sister were there with him when he was fatally shot saturday afternoon. washington was a student at largo high school. shooter is still on the run. and starting today. dc will begin to enlist private ambulances to transport patients. dc fire and ems will respond to calls. but if they are not considered to be life threatening those crews may move on to more serious calls and let the private company take over. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates on good morning washington. right now on newschanel 8. hope you have a great monday.
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