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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 30, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. donald trump, taking back his pledge to support any other nominee but still backing his campaign manager facing charges. after police released new footage of this incident with the reporter who says she was injured. >> who said they were bruises from that? how do you know they weren't there before? >> and the new protest at trump's rally that left a 15-year-old girl pepper sprayed. donald trump joins us live. also this morning, severe weather outbreak, a strong storm tears through the south. >> oh, my god. >> as a waterspout hits the shore in california and hail pounds the west. now the storm heading east this morning. more than 25 million at risk from texas to iowa. hijacking horror. the hostages from that plane now
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terrifying moments on board. and why this man took a photo with the suspect wearing what he claimed was a suicide belt before running to safety. and long lost son? the man slapping william shatner, the "star trek" actor with a $170 million lawsuit saying captain kirk is my dad. the actor this morning firing back. we do say good morning, america. good to have david back with us. donald trump walking back on that pledge to support the republican nominee. >> another incident, robin, back in the headlines. donald trump's campaign manager with a reporter that manager now charged for what you're seeing in this newly released tape and donald trump responds live. >> we want to start with the latest on the race for the white house. abc's jon karl i o
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there in milwaukee. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, donald trump is not backing away from his wholehearted support of his campaign manager. there is something else he is backing away from, his pledge to support whoever wins the republican nomination. overnight at a town hall for rum on cnn a big reversal from donald trump. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee is. >> no, i don't anymore. look -- >> you don't. >> no, we'll see who it is. >> reporter: back in september he signed the pledge vowing to support whoever wins the republican nomination. the others pledged too but now -- >> i've been disturbed by some of the things that i've seen and i have to think about what my word and endorsement would mean in a presidential campaign. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family. >> let me just tell you, he doesn't have to support me. >> reporter: and last night trump stood by his campaign manage
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was charged with simple battery after his recent altercation with a reporter michelle fields, the front-runner denied his top adviser did anything wrong. >> she didn't almost fall to the ground. he got in her way. by the way she was grabbing me. am i supposed to press charges. >> reporter: the jupiter, florida, police department released this video taken from a security camera at trump's golf club on march 8th following a press conference. as trump makes his way through the crowd, fields is at his side. lewandowski right behind them. but as fields tries to ask a question, lewandowski grabs her arm and pulls her back away from trump. fields later showed abc news bruises on her arm. allegedly caused by lewandowski. >> i felt someone pull me from behind. i caught myself and didn't fall to the floor. >> reporter: lewandowski called fields totally delusional adding, i never touched you. and now trump is questioning those bruises on fields' arm. >> who said they were bruises from that?
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there before? >> reporter: lewandowski has come under fire for going into crowds to shut down protesters. this video shot by cnn appears to show lewandowski grabbing a protester by the collar, something he denied. meanwhile, outside trump's event in wisconsin last night more protests with one 15-year-old called racially charged names, pepper sprayed and groped as she clashed with supporters. trump's rival said they would fire lewandowski. that's not going to happen and the campaign put out a statement saying he will plead not guilty and is completely confident he will be exonerated. >> jon, thanks. presidential candidate and businessman donald trump joins us by phone. mr. trump, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's get right to the headlines first. you've had a chance to look at that video now put out by the police. your campaign manager, corey lewandowski, tweeting earlier this month about that reporter, michelle fields. you are totally
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i never touched you but, mr. trump, you've had a cancer to watch the video. battery or not, is it now clear to you that he did touch her? >> well, what's clear is that she was touching me and she broke through the secret service and she was asking me questions when there were no questions because the press conference, that was a victory press conference. we won a couple of very big states. it was a great night of celebration. we were leaving the press conference was over. she broke through. she grabbed my arm. i think a couple of times. you see me trying to get her hand off my arm and he saw something and did very minor -- when you read her statement actually, i'd read it to you if you want it but she said she was jolted backwards. someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. she wasn't yanked down. she was hardly even touched. you look at her face. her face isn't that of a woman screaming in pain. i almost fell to the ground but was able to maintain my balance. then she goes, campaign managers aren't supposed to try
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forcefully flow reporters to the ground. he didn't try to throw her to the ground. now, when she found out there was a tape supplied by me, by the way. i'm the one that had the tape because it's a high-end facility that has tape, and when she found out i had the tape all of a sudden perhaps she changes her tune. but i think it's a disgrace in a world where they're chopping off heads, where they're drowning people in cages everybody that has seen this tape and you look at twitter people think it's a total disgrace that she actually filed charges. >> mr. trump, you said she actually touched you but you know that's not what the police are concerned about here. when you have one of your most trusted campaign aids or managers saying he never met michelle fields or touched her. she's delusional. of course jupiter police putting out that video with your help, you say. why haven't you asked for his resignation. john kasich saying it could have been one of my daughters. if it were him he'd take action. >> it was with my help. i gave the tape openly and didn't have to. i gave the tape openly and,
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event that frankly nothing -- practically nothing occurred. it looks like he's trying to push her hand off my arm. she shouldn't have been grabbing me. when you say it's okay for her to touch me but somebody else can't touch her. you think that's okay? i don't think so. she had a pen in her hand and that could have been a knife, even a pen, it's dangerous. secret service doesn't want people running up to me and grabbing me with a pen in her hand so, look, i think this thing has gotten out of control by the press. i think, frankly, this is not a claim that should have been made. i'm sure there will be a counterclaim coming down the line because this is not a claim. the reason i stick up for him. he is a fine person. he is a very good person. and i don't want to destroy a man, you know, if you let him go, you would destroy a man, destroy a family. he's got four fantastic children, a wife and four fantastic children and living in new hampshire and, what, i'm going to fire him because
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have brushed her? well, she brushed me. she grabbed my arm. you see that. >> let me ask you -- >> you see me trying to get her hand off my arm. i'm trying to flick her hand off my arm. she shouldn't have been grabbing me if you want to be technical about it. maybe should i file charges against her because she touched my arm also? it's absolutely ridiculous. it's out of control and tell you the other candidates, they said, oh, i should fire him. that's because they're weak, effective people. they fire. they want to be politically correct. i don't want to be politically correct. i want to be correct. >> mr. trump -- >> i want to do it properly. >> do you think the jupiter police made the wrong call. >> absolutely. i think they made a wrong call. i think it's an embarrassment. practically everybody that's seen it and watching lawyers on television saying, you must be kidding. this is the weakest charge we've ever seen. this case, let it go to court. he will win this case 100% in front of a jury. >> great. i want to move on to the other headline of the morning.
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>> she had no right in my opinion to file a case on something like this. >> we'll watch it. i did watch you last night in that town hall. you said you'll no longer pledge to support whoever the republican nominee is. you know back in september you said you saw no circumstances under which i would tear up that pledge to support the gop nominee. what changed? >> i want to see who the nominee is. i saw ted cruz. i've seen the lies, i've seen what he did to ben carson, what he tried to take his votes in iowa and other things, i saw his voter forum which was fraudulent. i saw too many things. i'll make a decision. if i don't get it which i think i will, and as far as his support of me, i don't care if he supports me. i only want the people to support me. i'm winning in all the polls. a new poll came out yesterday. cbs -- an nbc poll. it was a tremendous poll for me. i will -- i will take my chances with the people. i don't need ted cruz's support. he said horrible things
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he said horrible things about many people. i think, frankly, i want him to be happy with himself and if he has to hesitate because he hesitated, i said, don't hesitate. just don't support me. i have the support of the people. we'll make america great again and make great trade deals and strengthen our miliry, strengthen the border. we're going to build a wall which is going to be built, mexico is going to pay for the wall. you watch. we'll make our country strong again and great again. in in the meantime, i do want to get your reaction, mr. trump, to something hillary clinton said just this week and said, quote, ask yourself what kind of justice would president trump appoint or for that matter attorney general citing your belief that muslims should be denied entry to this country because of their faith. who would he appoint? how do you react. >> i'd probably appoint people that look seriously at her e-mail disaster because it's a criminal activity and i would
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what she's getting away with is absolutely murder. you talk about a case, now, that's a real case. now, nothing seems to be happening but you can also poll people on that and see what happens to that because that is a real case. and she -- if she's able to get away with thatou can get away with anything. >> all right, donald trump with us here this morning. mr. trump, as always, thank you. >> thank you very much. robin, over to you. >> okay, david. we turn to abc's political analyst matthew dowd and abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams in the studio with me. matt, let me tart with you. these charges against trump's campaign manager. will that make any difference with voters? >> well, i'm no einstein but i don't think it's ever a good situation for a candidate to be in a situation and defending somebody for manhandling a reporter. that's never a good situation. i don't think it's going to hurt him among his supporters. they're pretty solid but what's happening with donald trump is a presidential race is like a mountain hike and donald trump keeps adding rocks to his backpack and makes it very difficult f
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he won't lose the altitude he's gained but it makes it very hard to -- for him to get to the point where he has broad enough support to win the presidency. >> we heard from donald trump, his thoughts about these charges. it is a misdemeanor. how serious are these charges. >> look, it's still in the criminal law, right. i mean, yes, it's a misdemeanor. comparatively within the criminal law it's not a particularly serious charge. with that said it's still the criminal law. you're still talking about the requirements that there be the intentional touching or striking of another against her will and intentional causing of bodily harm. but there are real defenses here in the context of this case and i think it's important to remember, you know, you're listening to donald trump suggest it was the media who filed this charge or even the reporter who filed the charge. >> what will his defense be. >> defense of another. he'll say i saw this reporter approachin
7:13 am
again she was touching me. i just grabbed her to get her away from donald trump. that's going to be a real defense here and i think that prosecutors could have a tough time if this goes to trial. >> let's see how it plays out. the other story line here, donald trump walking back saying that he would support the gop nominee and pretty much the other two following suit. what do you make of all that? >> well, i never thought the pledge was the magna carta so i never thought they would tick to it anyway in the course of this so i'm not surprised by this and think this heads us into a very contested controversial convention likely to happen and employee up in cleveland. >> magna carta. haven't heard that since high school. matt, thanks very much. david. >> leave it to matt dowd to bring up the old history lesson. we turn to extreme weather moving across the country. check out this time lapsed video showing a storm closing in on florida. and a big lightning strike caught on camera. much more severe weather on the
7:14 am
course, let's get right over to ginger zee. >> we're watching that trough. a lot of energy that already came onshore. waterspout in torrey pines, california, so right near san diego. the severe weather moving east in aurora, colorado. the hail is falling there bouncing off the roadways. this is the area that i'm concerned about today. anywhere from southeastern oklahoma through just north of dallas. an elevated risk for severe weather that reaches into western mississippi. all through parts of southern arkansas, heavy rains going to come along with it. possibility of tornadoes stretches into tomorrow with big hail and, of course, damaging winds too. i'll have a whole lot more coming up on this but for now back to david and robin. >> now to the latest on that hijacked plane in egypt. passengers escaping on live tv. a man now in custody accused of holding people hostage claiming he was wearing a suicide belt. abc's terry moran has new developments in the investigation. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, we're learning a lot more about the alleged hijacker and it's fair to say
7:15 am
typical hijacker. seif eldin mustafa, he's a 58-year-old lovelorn egyptian with a history of petty crime and now in a heap of trouble. this morning seif eldin mustafa appeared in court in cyprus and flashed a "v" for victory or peace sign as he left. investigators say he will eventually be sent back to egypt to face serious charges. the flight was bound for cairo with 72 people on board. in this new surveillance footage of mustafa right before the hijacking you can see him casually walking through a metal detector then patted down. a thorough check just before picking up his bag and walking away from the security. >> the motive is something that we will investigate what happened. >> reporter: egypt's prime minister announced that the suspect made no specific demands but he did ask to speak to his former wife who lives in cyprus. this after he released most of the passengers but kept several others and crew members hostages
7:16 am
mustafa claimed he was wearing a suicide belt, which turned out to be a crude fake, just a bunch of cell phone cases and a few wires. farah eldibany was there. some were seen sprinting away and this video captured one man's daring escape out of the cockpit window. mustafa surrendered nearly seven hours after the ordeal. heavily armed police seized him and took him into custody. according to authorities he has a history of petty crime. including forgery, impersonation, burglary and drug dealing. and overnight we're learning a lot more about this incredible photo, 26-year-old ben innes posing with the hayeker. mr. innes told a british paper. i'm n
7:17 am
i just threw caution to the wind while trying to stay cheerful in the face of adversity. mustafa faces hijacking, kidnapping and other charges and he's likely to head back to egypt for prison sentence. david and robin. >> all that playing out as we were sitting here yesterday morning. david now to a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a car and bus crashing bursting into flames. thankfully good samaritans rushing to the scene helping the people trapped inside and abc's kayna whitworth has more. >> reporter: take a look at the unnerving video showing the moments after a car and bus collide just after rush hour in los angeles. >> look, there's someone in there. >> reporter: this morning police investigating if street racing is to blame for this fiery crash. >> get back! >> reporter: several cars caught in the mangled mess trapping people inside as the flames grew. >> there's somebody in the car. >> reporter: police officers and witnesses rushing to help.
7:18 am
>> reporter: risking their lives to pull people out. just moments later, the car and the bus fully engulfed in flames. the driver of this mercedes rushed to the hospital with third-degree burns. miguel baltazar helped to rescue him. >> if he waited for paramedics it might have been too late. >> reporter: street racing is a growing problem. one person killed in this street racing accident that ripped that car in half. a month earlier three killed when suspected racers crashed into this u.p.s. truck. luckily, everyone involved in this crash made it out alive but authorities telling abc news it could have been much worse. >> oh. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> ooh. jumping into action like that. thank you, lara. >> a couple people will see up to a half a foot of
7:19 am
cities. highs in the low 60s. tonight fair skies and milder with lows around 50. increasing clouds tomorow with a chance of showers mainly after dark. highs around 70. showers and thunderstorms more likely on friday. much cooler temperatures by the end of the weekend and next week with highs in the 50s.
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>> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: it is a chilly start to this wednesday. here is jacqui jeras with the forecast. >> weather: another beautiful day today. and winds will be much calmer. so today my pick weather day of the week with mostly sunny skies. temperatures seasonal. rise through the 50s this morning. top out in the lower 60s this afternoon
7:27 am
starting late tomorrow. mostly coming in after dark. and that will linger through much of the day on friday. milder temperatures into the 70s. we will dry it out just in time for the weekend. but a big chill will come sunday and next week. >> anchor: for the mid week commute maneuver around accident clean up. 95 in dale city. reopened lanes from crash there. interstate 66 however, we continue to block one of the eastbound lanes. with the crash through fairfax. be alert for those delays. also keep in mind we are still with the crash on the dulles access road approaching virginia seven, two lanes closeed there. and baltimore washington parkway recovering from a earlier crash past powder mill. and dealing with southbound slow traffic on 95 due to an earlier crash on the beltway and george washington parkway, southbound delays from 123 to spout left lane blocked with a collision. back to you. >> anchor: new this morning. a man is dead af
7:28 am
ripped through a home in 4400 block of sandwich street northwest. next to american university campus. and our cameras shot this video overnight. as firefighters battled the blaze. no one hurt. and cause of the fire is still under investigation. and new overnight. from gaithersburg. another house, on fire. confirmed fatal now. this was the scene late last night on wind jammer way. firefighters say two people and several pets were rescued from inside. as they searched they found a man's body in the basement. no word what started the stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid...
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stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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welcome back to "good morning america." you're looking at that video of a big storm closing in on florida. now new alerts about severe weather. that storm on the move more than 25 million americans at risk from texas all the way to iowa and ginger tells us that whole system moving eastward as the week goes on. >> coming this way. donald trump responding this morning to that charge against his campaign manager saying he stands by him and trump also no longer promising to support the eventual republican nominee. the suspect in that egyptair hijacking seen here on his way to court flashing a peace sign and investigation as you can imagine under way right now. wait a minute. bruce springsteen and adele. we thought it would never happen. hmm. >> well, sort of. he did have a big performance. he brought a very special guest on stage,
7:31 am
we'll share that special moment with you coming up. >> you're both big teases. we'll see coming up. first we want to get to the headline about william shatner facing a $170 million paternity suit from a florida man claiming to be his biological son. the "star trek" star denies it. abc's david wright is here with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: this is a paternity suit that boldly goes where none has gone before. a florida radio host seeking 170 million from the iconic canadian actor best known as captain kirk. let's face it, folks, captain kirk was a bit of a player. int intergalactic sex symbol. green skin? no problem. green hair, no problem. now at the tender age of 85, william shatner has been slapped with a paternity suit from peter sloan, aka peter
7:32 am
myself in many ways. >> reporter: sloan says he was given up for adoption and did detective work and discovered his mom was a canadian actress named kathie mcneil who had an affair with you know who in the '50s and confronted shatner about it on the set of account t.j. hooker." >> he basically admitted he was my father. asked me what he could do to help me. >> reporter: he says he met shatner again in 2011 at comic-con where he introduced shatner to his daughter anne. she whispered in his ear, i'm your granddaughter. the expression on his face was telling. >> reporter: he shares his passion for horseback riding and worked as an actor too. but if he was hoping for the sort of tearful reunion -- >> very proud to be your son. >> reporter: that captain kirk's long lost son got in "the wrath of khan," it was not to
7:33 am
publicly shatner has treated the paternity claim more like his character denny crane did in "boston legal." >> he's not my son. >> what do you mean? >> reporter: shatner denied the whole thing in a radio interview. >> is he not your son? he kind of looks like you a little. >> reporter: sloan admits it's not about the $170 million. he says he just wants a dna test. >> i'll be darned if i'll be called a liar and that's really what it boils down to. >> reporter: we reached out to shatner's lawyers who told us no comment and sloan shared with us some of the correspondence he's had with shatner's attorneys and they said to him that he's not even the first to come forward and claim he's shatner's son. >> really? that's why you called him a player. >> possibly. >> the lawsuit not just about money as we heard you just say, it's also wanting him to take a dna test. how likely is that? >> not likely without a court order. shatner has made it clear he has no interest in this case and on the top of his twitter feed he's
7:34 am
has three children, he puts it this way, three kids in total. daughters all whom he loves. >> putting it to rest. >> thank you. we turn to that wealthy wall street executive, the son of a billionaire now accused of a massive financial scam. authorities say andrew caspersen atented to intindzle investors including a charity out of a whopping $95 million. abc's gio benitez is here with more on the alleged scheme. >> good morning. he went to the top school, princeton and harvard, in fact, harvard even has a student center named after his family. but this morning his name is in the news for all the wrong reasons. >> bobby axelrod is an icon of the wealth of our age and he is a fraud. >> reporter: it's like a scene separate out of the popular showtime series "billions." chuck rhodes a determined u.s. attorney going after a crooked wall street tycoon. >> walk away. >> i should. >> reporter: but in real life it's this wall street executive, 39-year-old andrew caspersen who
7:35 am
not for insider trading, but for allegedly stealing $25 million in investment money from a charity. prosecutors allege caspersen created fake companies, websites and even e-mail addresses to appear as though he was running a legitimate investment fund. then began soliciting money asking investors for as much as 95 million but after a charity handed over the first 25 million, investigators caught up with caspersen. >> he got asked for the upon back. he didn't have it anymore so he started trying to cover his tracks real quick and he got sloppy. >> reporter: while authorities haven't identified the nonprofit, an environmental conservation group, the moore charitable foundation has come forward saying it was the charity duped. >> this is a guy who made a good salary and comes from money, a very wealthy family so right now it's unclear why he did it. greed is obviously one possibility. >> reporter: this morning the investment bank he worked for says it has fired him telling
7:36 am
outraged." "billions" creator says his alleged crimes would make him a target on his show. >> it's beyond the pale that somebody in a position holding themselves out as a trusted investment adviser would actually be taking the money if he did the crimes of which he's accused, chuck rhodes would lock him up. >> reporter: caspersen was released on a $5 million bail and will face the judge again in april. if you're wondering where those $25 million are right now, well, investigators say that it appears he has spent almost all of it. >> wow. he was asking for an additional 70 million. >> that was in just the past two weeks. that's when people started getting suspicious about him. >> how go you spend money that fast. jessica alba's honest company threatened with a big lawsuit claims over a chemical that may be in their detergent and soap. dr. besser is here answering important questions. that important new study about your cars and their headlights.
7:37 am
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now to that big headline about car headlights. we're getting an exclusive first look at a new study that says there is a good chance yours are not as powerful as you may think. david kerley is in virginia with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's hard to believe but these tests are not done that often. in fact, this is the first ever by these researchers and we got an inside look at this test to find out how far your headlight actually illuminates the roadway in front of you and could leave you asking questions because the testers were surprised at how poorly some of these headlights did, could leave you asking some questions of your car dealer. the people who crash test
7:42 am
never tested headlights before and this morning their results are out and they say they're bad. you were really surprised even shocked at the difference in headlight performance. >> we were very surprised. >> reporter: the insurance institute for highway safety even goes as far as calling the results, dismal. and that's important because nearly half of all dents happen at dusk or in the dark. there are government regulations as to how much light it puts out but no standards on how far it must reach when installed on the car aimed by the manufacturer. >> so you could have the same light aim it differently at a different height and get a totally different amount of visibility. >> reporter: iihs believes a headlight on low beams should provide illumination for at least 330 feet on a traitaway but the poorest performer in the test only reached 130 feet. researchers fear the poor performers can be a danger at highway speeds. >> if i'm driving 60 on the interste
7:43 am
>> that's right. >> reporter: of the more than 30 cars that were tested to see how far their lights would shine this dummy is at 50 feet, the deer 200 feet the worst performer which is shining its light on me is the bmw 3 series. shut it off and turn on the best performer, this is the toyota prius v. and is this test shows, you can see the headlights for the toyota reach the deer in the background. for the bmw they don't. if fact, that toyota prius equipped with l.e.d.s is the only car tested that earned a good rating. a bmw 3 with halogen lights tested at the bottom but another one tested in the top third with a swivel system. you know it's really interesting is that the carmakers were down when they were doing the tests and when they found out the results were pts that good they started making changes. here's one tip if you don't think you're seeing enough on the roadway from the new car that you have, they suggest the researchers that you use your brights more often. only 18%
7:44 am
on dark roads, they say use them a little more often. make sure you can see where you're going. we have all the results posted on our website. by the way this is the prius v the top rated car. it's at on yahoo! >> it's 2016 and people are saying, i'm glad they're making some changes but they're saying, come on. how can they -- how can this be? >> you know what's interesting. so this is like an l.e.d. light. one of the new lights and what's happening toyota got this right and got that good rating. what the researchers think is that the carmakers have been designing the light a certain way that they want it to look and not really aiming the bulbs where they should be aim the at so that's where they're redesigning to make sure the bulbs are getting the light down the roadway so you can see. >> very decorative. they look great when you see it. we like -- >> function over fashion. >> yes, thank you very much for that. we have some students from columbia, some future stage managers and they're learning
7:45 am
have eddie's laugh, though? that really -- >> yes. >> see, there you go. everybody thinks that is sam. it isn't. >> it's eddie. >> thank you and welcome to "good morning america." and coming up, bruce springsteen on fire. the surprise guest at his concert that has everyone talking. >> we have a parenting alert. kids revealing their secret lives on their smartphones. how they keep it hidden from you. you do not want to miss this. >> are they wrapping us yet? i can keep going. the photo that everyone has talking. body shamed for gaining weight. we'll get his powerful response. >> come on. give us the wrap. >> come on. all right. taken for a ride... don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice...
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n: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. ♪ you can't start a fire without a spark ♪ >> of course, that is the boss. and his classic "dancing in the dark" but monday his sold out concert in madison square garden, he and his mom, adele, not the singer. >> oh, it all comes together. >> he and his mom were spotted dancing in the spotlight. the star rocking out with his 90-year-old mom. >> yeah. >> during the solo section of the song.
7:50 am
momma boss. yes. shakes her tail feathers at bruce's concert. whenever they're near his native new jersey and you can see mom and son definitely born to dance. the springsteen dance sessionering a standing "o" from the crowd at msg. springsteen says he has these really long concerts. that's because of his mom's work ethic. she has worked her whole life as a secretary. paying homage to her. >> let's see her on "dancing with the stars." >> she can shake it. >> we'll be right back. trugreen presents the yardley's. ♪
7:51 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
>> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: our cool morning, but a nice afternoon. here is jacqui jeras with the forecast. >> weather: another beautiful day today. and winds will be much calmer. so today my pick weather day of the week. with mostly sunny skies. temperatures will be seasonal. we will rise through the 50s this morning. tap outs lower 60s this afternoon. and now rain is in the forecast. starting late tomorrow. mostly coming in after dark. and that will linger through much of the day on friday. milder temperatures into the 70s. we will dry it out in time for the weekend. but a big chill comes sunday into next week. >> reporter: jacqui, as we check the ride on interstate 95 in virginia. we continue to see trouble traveling toward the ockwacon, crash at the prince william. jammed up multiple vehicles. now a crash at
7:57 am
ridge. blocking left lane. 95 is jammed. live look at 66 at lin street. heading toward the george washington parkway. two crashes, one in mcclain southbound center for intelligence. and southbound spout lane and blocks a explain tie us up. >> anchor: thank you. candle light vigil nold devonte washington, 15-year-old high school student shot and killed saturday. at the dean wood metro station while his mother and two sisters watched. 17-year-old has been charged with his murder. tonight's vigil begins at 7:00. at the deanwood metro station. andrite now, washington monyou system closed for repairs after yet another elevator malfunction. police say it got stuck tuesday afternoon. trapping about 19 people in the elevator and stranding 23 more up on the observation deck. no word yet on when it will reopen. and still ahead on good morning washington.
7:58 am
coming up at 8:30 on newschanel 8. perfect spring workout for all the moms out there. all you need is your baby and a stroller. you can get more news, traffic and weather updates on newschanel 8 on newschanel 8. have a great wednesday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. honest controversy. jessica alba's company under fire again. accused of not so honest advertising about its laundry detergent and dish soap. what the company is telling us overnight. dr. besser is here live with what you should really be worried about. fighting back, the hollywood star trending huge right now for his raw, open and honest revelations about weight, depression and this startling meme. why wentworth miller says he's thankful now. what your kids don't want you to know about what's really on their smartphones. their secret lives, apps they're using, friends they're making and you have no idea what our "gma" focus groups revealed. ♪ and is
8:01 am
billion dollar wedding? brand-new pictures and video from inside the most lavish party possible. j. lo, sting, enrique all serenading the bride and wait until you see the dress. ♪ all that and kelly rowland is with us live. she's got one heck of a challenge that she's throwing down, who will show up for our date with destiny this morning as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ as you can see a lot ahead in this last hour of "gma." it's "eat, pray, love" day, as well. we're celebrating the tenth anniversary of the book that changed so many lives with a taste of italy and the woman who started it all, elizabeth gilbert will join us live this morning. >> can't wait to find out where that billion dollar wedding was.
8:02 am
she's focused on finding music's next big thing with her hot new show "chasing destiny." >> she's facing off against her car star, frank gatson and we'll talk all about the show and they'll transform some of our own into stars for "gma's" date with destiny. we've got the boy band, we've got the girl group. it's a showdown, so let's meet our two teams, shall we? there they are. the ultimate girl group, paula, ginger, rachel and look at that boy band. wow. dan, gio and rob. what do we call them? the news guys. >> the news guys looking good and flashy in the suits so the big question, can coach kelly achieve the impossible or will her co-star frank, is he going to prevail? either way this is definitely going to be worth watching. they have just 45 minutes to perfect their performance so they got to get going in
8:03 am
>> the struts. ginger zee in composite competitions? >> i was going to say. >> working. >>. also this morning we have our new series here, what your kids don't want you to know. parents are getting a big wake-up call about what their children are really doing on their phones. this is something. >> you want to stick around. first before she starts her girl group training, "gma's" weekend anchor paula faris has the morning rundown. can't wait. >> i have to get through the newscast. i have a big competition awaiting. i know you are a pulling me for ladies. donald trump and his rivals are backing away from a big pledge. all three republican candidates are now declining to say if they will honor their promise to support the eventual gop nominee. also this morning, trump is defending his campaign manager, corey lewandowski was charged with battery as newly released video appeared to show him grabbing a reporter's arm. now, trump dismisses the allegations saying that lewandowski had to intervene when the reporter grabbed trump. meantime,
8:04 am
a trump rally. look at this. a 15-year-old protester who threw a punch was pepper sprayed by someone in the crowd after allegedly being groped. in north carolina hundreds of demonstrators blocked the streets of chapel hill protesting the state law that eliminates anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgendered people. dozens of major companies right now are urging state leaders to repeal that law. and terminix agreed to pay $10 million for using a banned pesticide that nearly killed a delaware family. they were on vacation in the virgin islands when they were exposed to methyl bromide. their young sons suffered permanent neurological damage. we do have new details about the chemical bpa that's used in canned foods. a report just released by environmental health groups found that two-thirds of those cans they tested contained bpa. now, just this week campbell announced it will be eliminating the chemical from its cans
8:05 am
however, experts say there is no evidence that bpa levels in cans are harmful to people. and there is a possible link this morning between heart disease and a condition affecting millions of women. a new study finds that women with endometriosis are 50% more likely to have a heart attack. now, this is an excruciating condition that affects the lining of the uterus. those facing the highest risk are under 40 years old. finally there is a new star of the internet this morning. he is a british guy who, well, while cleaning his roof he made the mistake of standing on his compost barrel and fell in and couldn't get out. his family, well, of course, they got all of this on camera. they couldn't stop laughing. they wanted to share it with the word. they eventually tipped him over right there. got a little kick in, rolled him over, as well. we are happy to report this morning that he eventually got
8:06 am
you guys, i just think don't ever try to clean your roof. this is what happens. >> it's what happens. >> risks of falling into that big battle. >> get to training for the girl group. >> any advice from you guys. >> go get 'em. >> glad you're doing it without us. >> go big or go home. >> i'm going big because you know i don't want to go home. that other story making headlines. prison break star wentworth miller in the spotlight after this body shaming meme started making its way around the internet. he's sharing the painful struggle and real story behind it. abc's diane macedo is here. great to have you on board. >> an honor to be here. >> this is really important. wentworth has a great reputation and his real story behind it. >> this, as you know is a real case of turning a negative into a positive. wentworth miller said the first time he saw this he was so upset it hurt to breathe but now turning it into an opportunity to teach and this picture now represents strength, healing and forgiveness.
8:07 am
he's the golden globe nominated actor who rose to fame playing michael schofield on fox's hit crime drama "prison break." >> i'll trade my life for hers. >> reporter: now wentworth miller is fighting back against online site the lad bible after they poked fun at this reading when you break out of prison and find out about mcdonald's monopoly. the 43-year-old saying the post hit hard responded on facebook revealing he battled suicidal depression with food. facing his online body shamers head on he said in 2010 semi retired from acting i was keeping a low profile for a number of reasons first and foremost i was suicidal. he adds he was looking everywhere for relief, comfort, distraction and turned to food. the post has gone viral. seen over 200,000 times and counting. >> he shared it himself and then he launched into a very raw and honest post about how that meme made him feel and where he was at the time. >> reporter: the actor spoken out about his suicide attempts in the post like at
8:08 am
>> i was alone in the house and then i swallowed a bottle of pills. >> reporter: miller says this picture was taken years ago in los angeles when he was at his lowest point and was ashamed and in pain. >> he didn't attack them for attacking him with this meme. he used it as an opportunity to share his personal story and because he did so he helped a lot of people. >> reporter: the lad bible posted an apology saying they got this very, very wrong. mental health is no joke or laughing matter. miller says he's thankful he's in a better place and hoping to help others. if you or someone you know is struggling help is available. reach out. they're waiting. miller also posted links to organizations focused on suicide prevention and depression counseling and the lad bible reposted that and added a few more links, as well. miller says he hopes this has a big impact both in teaching people not to body shame and to let those people suffering with depression know that help is out there and available to them. david and robin. >> turning a negative into a positive like that. >> a great way he
8:09 am
take this opportunity. >> still rooting for him and for you, welcome. gait to have you. >> great to be here. >> well, come on. we can give her more than that. [ applause ] come on, people. >> thank you all. >> over to you, lara. she's still clapping. >> i am. welcome to the "gma" family and here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." you are not going to want to miss this if you have kids or teenagers, you won't believe the fake accounts they're setting up so you don't see what they're up to online. eye opener. plus, "gma" has a date with destiny. kelly rowland is getting our ladies ready. they are focusing on the dance battle ahead. vying to beat the guys for this. our very own golden mike. i want to thank you, props, department, a big showdown coming up live on "good morning america" here in times square. don't go anywhere. >> pull up. pull up.
8:10 am
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it's really cool to the touch. at mattress firm, get zero percent apr financing. visit mattress firm, america's number one tempur-pedic retailer today. ♪ welcome back to "gma." we've got a date with destiny this morning. kelly rowland hard at work transforming our team. >> that's a lot of work. >> rob marciano on the left. >> this will be the ultimate boy band. >> they're taking on the ladies coming up. i'm sure we'll be seeing them rehearsing too. but first we want to get the latest on that new legal trouble for jessica alba and her honest company brand. it's under fire over false advertising allegations. abc's rebecca jarvis has the details. >> jessica. >> reporter: this morning, jessica alba's billion dollar honest company under fire again. hit with a new proposed class action lawsuit accused of some not so honest ad
8:15 am
what goes into our products. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleging that the popular home and personal care products company deceptively marketed dish soap and laundry detergent falsely advertising them as honestly free of sodium laurel sulfate or sls, an ingredient the suit causes health problems for some. it's not the first time the honest company has been accused of misleading customers. >> repeated lawsuits and claims of deceptive advertising and marketing practices has the potential of doing great damage to the brand, to its revenue and its expansion. >> reporter: last year it was hit with two lawsuits, one class action claiming the company's sunscreen is inefficient. another claiming the brand deceptively and misleadingly labels and markets its products. and just last month a "wall street journal" investigation included two independent lab tests saying they found sls in the honest company's laundry
8:16 am
honest responded to the article telling us at the time "the wall street journal" has been reckless in the preparation of this article, refused multiple requests to share data on which they apparently relied and has substituted junk science for credible journalism. overnight the honest company telling abc news in a statement "the honest company takes its responsibility to our consumers seriously and strongly stands behind our products. these allegations are without merit." now, this suit certainly raises big questions for consulers but also raises big questions for the company. reportedly planning to go public. they've won over customers by marketing honest company products as safer and more eco friendly than the competition. robin, that's now a question this morning. >> it is, rebecca. thank you. abc's dr. richard besser joins us now to answer some questions. i'm sure many people have about these chemicals and what's the concern here. >> well, you know, sodium lauryl sulfate is uses in detergents, shampo
8:17 am
for years there's rumors it can cause kansas, organ failure, skin problems and there's this market for products that don't contain this sls. >> is it safe? >> you know, i read into this in a big way yesterday. and i think it is. you know, the food and drug administration has evaluated for food and as long as it's at the right concentration it's safe. the panel that looks at things for cosmetic, the same thing. for a lot of chemicals it's not whether at high doses it's a problem. it's whether at the level that it's supposed to be used at it causes problems. that doesn't mean some won't have skin sensitivity and if you have that, then you want to avoid those product. >> what if you do have concerns about chemical, where can you go to get that good information so you know? >> yeah, it's not easy. there's not one site that i could find that had information that was nontechnical so here's what i recommend you do. if you see these rumors on the internet you want to print them out. any chemicals listed on a product that you're concerned about, print them out and take them in to your doctor and they
8:18 am
can go through some of these more technical websites with you and go over and say, is there any problems with these chemicals and if there are, then you do want to know that a product that you're buying truly doesn't have the chemical you're looking to avoid. >> if you have it, go. that's good advice, see your doctor. >> it should be easier than it is. >> yeah, and not so technical sometimes. >> exactly. >> so go in and see your doctor. if you don't go to this man on twitter. he'll answer your questions, dr. besser and also on "gma's" facebook page as well. lara. >> thank you, robin. now to our series, what your kids don't want you to know. you may think you're keeping close tabs on what your kids have on their phones and what they're posting. but as abc's t.j. holmes is about to tell us, it is hard for even some of the most involved parents to know everything. t.j., this is eye opening. >> hey, there, lara, i could not believe what we were hearing. these families you're about to meet allowed us into their homes when they had a conversation that
8:19 am
home. a conversation that can be difficult, it can be uncomfortable. it can get heated but usually happens in private. and it all starts with a seemingly simple question to parents. do you really know what your child is doing on the cell phone. we knew this wouldn't be easy. >> mom. >> but we weren't expecting this. >> bella, bella, bella. >> i'm in shock. >> reporter: tears and questions of family trust when these kids agree to reveal to their parents what's really happening on their smartphones. >> what? >> first we sat down with eight southern california moms and dads to find out what they think they know. just how often are the girls on these cell phones? >> every second. >> when are they not? >> constantly. >> yes, in the shower. >> whoa, whoa, in the shower. >> in the shower. our daughter puts it into a ziploc bag, plays music and takes a shower. >> reporter: these parents have access to their child's cell phones through a passcode or fingerprint but still struggle to explain ha their kids are doing.
8:20 am
>> see, i don't know what that is. i don't like that one. >> where they meet up. >> oh. >> i thought it was a radio station. my god. >> reporter: next we sit down with the six girls cammy, guyana, ali, sabrina, bella and alyssa all between the ages of 11 and 13. do you all have any apps that you all think your parents might not be so pleased about? >> i have calculator plus. like i have it but i only use it for like embarrassing -- >> same. >> pictures of moo i friends. a lot of people use it for inappropriate pictures like nudes. >> reporter: there are multiple apps that look and function like calculators but put in a special code and a private folder opens up where you can store photos. another app askfm where users can post questions to other users anonymously. we found inappropriate posts on cammy's page like what are you wearing. remember,
8:21 am
asked like or saying like you're hot or like you're cute or, will you go out with me. >> yeah. >> because it's anonymous. >> a lot are open about it because it's anonymous so people can just basically say whatever they want. >> yeah. >> reporter: now to instagram. they all use it. guyana, the youngest of group has the most followers. a thousand? who are these people? >> well, i know most -- like -- >> reporter: but the girls have a second instagram account their parents don't know about. it's for their friends' eyes only called offensta. >> it's to put embarrassing pictures of your friends on. >> reporter: under the cloak of secrecy is when bad things can happen. >> well, i've gotten like a 19-year-old like he just -- he just -- he just like -- he texted me like the direct message and he said, hey. what's your number? pics. how old are you
8:22 am
>> reporter: we reached out to all the folks askfm, calculator plus, instagram as well. the folks at askfm said what they're trying to do, they spend a lot of money trying to find the right balance between privacy and protection for kids but it was eye opening. looking forward to tomorrow when you get the families in that kitchen and have that discussion and everything is revealed. i couldn't believe it. >> as a parent of two teens, please i want to know. we need to know. >> what will we hear tomorrow. >> the kids will reveal what the parents didn't know and get them together. it was amazing to see the pain and heartbreak. trust became the issue in that kitchen. >> we got to get that information out there. >> thanks for doing that. >> really important. >> all right, right outside to ginger for a look at the weather. >> yeah, oh, you know, oh, no. >> we're just working on our little moves, right, girls? we're getting there but we do have to -- they said no. let's go ahead and talk about the weather forecast why don't we. we hav
8:23 am
flooding possible with those severe storms, texarkana through southeast arkansas, those pockets of green are five plus inches and look at the rain that moves all the way up through the northeast too. it's going to get rainy but not raining on our parade. >> oh, no. >> no, no, no.highs in the low 60s. tonight fair skies and milder with lows around 50. increasing clouds tomorow with a chance of showers mainly after dark. highs around 70. showers and thunderstorms more likely on friday. much cooler temperatures by the end of the weekend and next week with highs in the 50s. >> by the way, kelly, you came in the other room. do you have any tips are to the girls? >> good luck. >> good luck? >> oh. >> good luck. >> no.
8:24 am
>> you look out. the sparkly mike is coming to you. all right. >> all right. this is going to be fun. and better than us. "pop news" time, everybody. this story a first for me. a billion -- >> with a "b." >> wedding. an oxford educated heir from kazakhstan, said gutseriev got married over the weekend. his 20-year-old bride, danced and dine the in a $25,000 haute couture gown that also weighed 25 poundses. guests treated like royalty shuttled to the sear men in a fleet of rolls-royces. the cake, nine tiers tall. taller than any of the guests in attendance and, oh, the entertainment. how about this for a trifecta. sting, enrique iglesias and jennifer lopez all serenaded the bride at this one wedding. lopez, you know, she sings "love don't cost a
8:25 am
>> wow. >> oh, yeah. >> i read about this and apparently j. lo got paid like a million dollars and she said, the hardest part was pronouncing the names of the bride and the groom. the hardest thing she had to do. >> j. lo, i feel you. >> you did it for free. unbelievable. >> i did. so thought i'd share that with you. also, hey, i hope our bosses are paying attention to this next story. because i've been working like a dog to finally find a study that proffers just this. bringing your four-legged friend, you know i love dogs to work promotes productivity. new research published in the american psychology association's human mall interaction bulletin says, yes, having dogs around the office makes workers more trusting, more relaxed, nicer towards each other. it also reduces stress levels by over 30%. if you've ever seen on "gma" when we bring rescue pups on to the set, you would see this theory in action.
8:26 am
we're so relaxed, i was very excited to share that tale with you. >> ba da boom. >> that tail with us. >> the siberian tigers, not so much. >> the reverse happens. >> it's not so calm and relaxing. >> jack hanna. >> no. >> that's "pop news," everybody. coming up lara, we're celebrating the tenth anniversary of "eat, pray, love." elizabeth gilbert and the fans that say her book changed everything. here live.
8:27 am
>> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: chilly start to wednesday. here is jacqui jeras with the forecast. >> weather: another beautiful day. and winds will be much calmer. so today my pick weather day of the week with mostly sunny skies. temperatures are seasonal. rise through the 50s this morning. top out in the lower 60s this afternoon. and now rain is in the forecast starting late tomorrow. mostly coming in after dark. that will linger through much of the day on friday. milder temperatures, into the 70s, and dry it out in time for the weekend. but big chill comes sunday and next week. >> reporter: long-standing traffic problems in howard county. police say still avoid the area of maryland 100 eastbound. lanes are closed getting closer to 29 and long gate. and we are still on
8:28 am
avoid that stretch. capital beltway in robinson terminal inner loop delays toward tyson corner. heavy delays on george washington parkway. where we have three accidents. including one blocking the left lane just as you approach spout line parkway. melanie? >> anchor: thank you. metro and road closures to tell you about. as world leaders 452016 nuclear security summit. starting at 7:00 tonight. streets around dc convention center closed. runs through noon saturday. also happening tonight at 8:00 through friday. mount vernon metro station shut down for. more details on specific closures and times we have that information on our website, and happening right now. metro taking a hard look at the operations. a summit is just getting underway to figure out how to make itself a world class system again. metro has been in operation for 40 years now. and it wants to figure out how
8:29 am
years. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates on good morning washington on
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "good morning america." moments away from "gma's" date with destiny. our boy band on the left. they need some help. our girl group on the right. the showdown. >> absolutely. ginger is a ringer now. who will win? the ladies or the gents. can't wait to see their performances for so many reasons. right inside to robin. >> lara, you know they're both winners for doing this. we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of "eat, pray, love," the best-seller changing lives all around the world selling more than, are you ready for this, 10 million copies translated into over 30 languages even becoming a feature film we saw with julia roberts in a new anthology of
8:31 am
pray, love made me do it" fans sharing how the book inspired them. >> the magnification of one life is indeed an act of worth in this world. >> look for god like a man with his head on fire looks for water. >> powerful poetic words still resonating ten years later. "eat, pray, love," a chronicle of author elizabeth gilbert's quest to find herself during her year-long travels through italy, india and indonesia. >> it shows at any point in your life you can turn everything around. >> for lisa ann valentine turing her life around meant leaving behind the rigid sense of duty that led her to choose what she fell was a reasonable career path as a lawyer. >> latino culture, when you are the first born, you have a duty to be the responsible one. you make sure you get a solid education. you get a career, you stay on that track. >> t
8:32 am
on her true passion, acting. >> i prayed every day to pass the bar exam and so when i got these things that i had so actively wanted, how do i then say, this does not look like me anymore? that's hard. >> reporter: but then she found the words of elizabeth gilbert. >> one must always be prepared for riotous and endless waves of transformation. forlorn that, transformation came when she started listening to her own voice just as gilbert had done. >> the big change for me has been a journey of self-acceptance. you have to participate relentless in the manifestations of your own blessings. >> and as for lisann, she is a full time working actress. >> elizabeth, it's because of your story that i kick-started the courage to follow my own dreams. thank you.
8:33 am
>> and joining us now the author of "eat, pray, love," elizabeth gilbert. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, guys. >> do you feel the love? >> i do. i feel like this is the best birthday present of my entire life. thank you so much. >> is it your birthday. >> no, it's the birthday of the book. she's 10. >> can you believe it? >> where do the years go. >> i'm telling you. a lot of people write books and what do you think it was about yours, elizabeth, that resonated with so many people? >> i've been trying to figure that out for ten years and actually this anthology helped me see. when i read the essays that people wrote i saw this theme that showed up again and again. this moment in someone's life where they realize my life doesn't have to look like this anymore. and that's what "eat, pray, love" was all about. it's not about the travel, the eating -- it's about my life doesn't have to look like this. tomorrow doesn't have to look like today. we can make a change. we don't have to be stuck. that's what it's all about. >> this was your journey, the journey you took and w
8:34 am
want to know about the brazilian. >> oh. >> still a happy ending. >> it is a happy ending to a happy ending. he is such a great guy. i just left him in bed when i came to see all of you. i always say the best way i can f define, a woman's place is in the kitchen sitting in a chair with her feet up drinking a glass of wine watching her husband cook her dinner. that's the guy i found at the end of this journey, exactly. that's why i can tell you it's been a very happy ten years. >> so happy for you. see all these signs and how you transformed so many lives and we want to get some questions now. helen, where is helen? >> yeah, that's me. >> what's your question? >> hi. so, after read ago all of your books i always felt the urge to listen to my heart so i moved to new york. trying to pursue the media job but now i feel all these other urges to travel, teach yoga,
8:35 am
things off the beaten path so my question is how do you navigate through all the dreams in your heart when they feel scattered? >> look, we're scattered people. you know, i mean there's a difference i say between people who are jackhammers and find one passion from an early age and commit to it and loud and aggressive and get that thing done and then the rest of us are more like hummingbirds and cross-pollinate and try this, we try that. we live in a culture that rewards jackhammers but the truth is your life is this kind of scavenger hup and it's not finished yet. you are a project that has never been done before in this universe, right? you are an experiment of the universe and it's ongoing as long as you're still here, you're allowed to still be in search and to still be in wonder and movement. you don't have to say just because this is what i wanted to do last year this is who i am. just keep going and keep looking? >> how do you do this? the thoughts come to you the way you can talk to people. has it just always c
8:36 am
yourself so well. >> i've been talking my whole life. i've been in rehearsal since birth my mother could tell you. i care about this stuff a lot. nothing more interesting to me than the idea of somebody who is in becoming, right, which is what we always are, we're constantly in a state of becoming. nothing more interesting and nothing more sake credit. >> where is smida? hi. what's your question? >> our surfer. >> hi. so, because of "eat, pray, love" i found courage to travel alone and i learned how to surf in costa rica and i don't even swim. >> ooh. >> is that even safe? >> so thank you and i was wondering what was the defining moment when you knew it was time, it was time to quit your job and just go and not look back. >> i got to tell you the truth. my life has not been created by defining moments and i actually don't know very many people whose lives are like that. i think we're always looking. almost dange
8:37 am
for the defining moment, the sign from god, the lightning strike, moses coming down from the mountains and i think almost as long as you continue waiting for that, you might not actually be on the path of your life because it's not about the lightning in the bottle moment. your life is a scavenger hunt, right? it's tiny little clues, your gaze almost needs to be down here rather than up in the heavens looking for the double rainbow. i don't have one moment where i was like i had to change my life but a four-year period where i was so happy and in search and followed my hunger and my curiosity and i just told the truth. once you tell the truth you're on the correct path so it's okay if your life doesn't have these cataclysmic lightning bolt moments. it's a process, not an instant. >> i love scavenger hunt. when you put it like that and let's throw out that word balance. always try to go to say balance. what is that? >> a word i would like to see eradicatedro
8:38 am
you can't open a magazine without somebody -- the headline how so and so found balance. have you ever met that person, first of all and if you did would you want to even be friends with them? is that somebody you would want to call in the middle of your night when you lost your balance. balance is something you find and lose, regain and lose, on a planet that is spinning 7,000 miles an hour, our minds are spinning 20,000 miles an hour. we're in change. to expect that you should somewhere be able to hold your tate through that entire thing is crazy. >> you are a friend we'd love to call in the middle of the night and you said. >> so sweet. >> ten years old. we have a birthday cake for you. >> oh. >> "eat, pray, love," ten years later. >> oh. >> everyone here, i know you already have her book. you're going to get the new book, as well. the anthology. yes. >> thank you so much. >> yes, it is a celebration and we thank you, elizabeth, thank you. >> my great pleasure to be here. thank you all. >> give yourselves a round of
8:39 am
let's get outside to ginger. let's eat cake. >> thanks, robin. so good to be here this morning. what a crowd we have. i want to point out this valparaiso sweatshirt. my alma mater, shameless plug making it to the finals. n.i.t. all the way. go valpo. weather forecast, south of valparaiso, indiana, where the problem sochi the tornado potential is up there. so is hail and then, of course, damaging wind anywhere from oklahoma into the mississippi and western alabama and a chill -- you guys cold? it's a little cool here this morning but more mild as we go through the week. skies and milder with lows around 50. increasing clouds tomorow with a chance of showers mainly after dark. highs around 70. showers and all that weather brought to you by abreva and note about
8:40 am
week, right? it's coming soon and "gma" is partnering with the discovery channel for unprecedented shark week coverage. take a look. ♪ >> shark week starts sunday, june 26th. it's all shark and awe on discovery. >> feels like yesterday i was down there with those sharks. robin, back in to you. >> thank you. we cannot eat cake until you blow out the candles. ache a wish. >> i'm making a wish for all of you dies that you keep going on your scavenger hunt. >> ahead. get it, get it. get it. there we go. there you go. coming up our boy band, girl group showdown and picking out their out fits right now and they'll face off next but we'll be eating cake. they can dance while
8:41 am
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t ♪ ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
8:43 am
♪ ♪ we are back now with grammy award winning artist kelly rowland and you guys know she got her tart with the girl group that changed it
8:44 am
child. >> thank you. >> helping others to chase their destiny with a hot new show looking for the next singing sensation helping us with our own boy band/girl group showdown here in times square is kelly and frank. >> frank gaston. >> welcome to you both if we're so excited to have you here and so exceeded for your new cho "chasing destiny" in search of the ultimate girl group. what made you want to do this show. >> you know what, i remember destiny's child last tour, i remember looking at frank and going i want to do another girl group of my own and haven't had time to do it. i finally have the time. we wanted to shoot it documentary style. thank god b.e.t. was on board with us and wanted to do that. it's something different. cool. not a reality show at all. it's not making the band, not anything like that. we let the cameras roll and wanted to see what happened. >> i can't wait to sea what happened. frank gaston with you at the helm with kelly. i know you'll find some great magic. you were there when it all began
8:45 am
for destiny's child. >> yes. >> tell me a little about what you found thus far with the girl groups out there. >> we're doing the berry gordy thing, searching under every rock, every stone and just put the work in. there's talent all over america. >> yes in and we're so excited we found it, huh? >> yes, we did. yes, we did, frank. >> talent all over times square. >> absolutely. >> if you know what i mean. >> indeed, there is. i want to ask quick, destiny's child, the ultimate girl group. what do you think is the secret weapon to having success and being that ultimate girl group. >> you got to outwork everybody and have grade records and be unique. >> and rehearsal. >> what you guys have been doing. be unique. a lot of talent in times square so it is time now for our show. let's see if your teams learned the secret to success. do you think your team is ready to go. >> you had the girls, frank. >> you had the guys? >> oh, boy. >> stop. stop.
8:46 am
>> we're going to start with frank. let's first meet -- introduce team frank. come on out, girls. oh. >> wow. ♪ middle of night >> take it away. >> four, five, six, seven, eight. ♪ oh daddy dear you know you're still number one ♪ ♪ but girls they want to have fun oh girls just want to have ♪ ♪ that's all they really want some fun ♪ ♪ when the working day is done oh girls they want to have fun ♪ ♪ oh girls just want to have girls they want ♪ ♪ they want to have fun >> very well done. >> very nice. >> nicely done, ladies. i want to ask coach frank. frank gatson, you discovered destiny's child. >> is it over now? >>
8:47 am
the next girl group? >> well, you know -- we did it in one minute. you did a great job. >> i like what he did, throwing out confetti. helping you choreograph. >> i'm counting on you guys. >> here we go, girls had your moment. now it's time to hear it for the boys, get on out here, dan, gio and rob. team kelly. oh, yeah. a little swag. >> oh, my goodness. ♪ the right stuff baby ♪ you got the right stuff baby ♪ all that i needed was you oh girl you're so right ♪ ♪ said all that i wanted was you
8:48 am
made all my dreams come true ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh oh the right stuff ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> well done. i got to say, you guys are making me proud. making me proud. gio. >> nice job. >> gio totally owned that. he was like the jordan of the group. amazing. kelly, are you proud of your guys? >> hysterical. >> choreography at its best. >> freestyle. >> time for the audience to get involved. you got to cheer. the audience now has to decide who is going to win this. is this the ladies or the gents? what do you think? >> hold your bottles. >> got your bottles.
8:49 am
>> what do you think? >> gents, gents. >> i actually think it's the guys. >> we'll look around. what do you think? is it safe to say? >> who is it? the control room. >> i'm going to go with team kelly and the gents. [ cheers and applause ] winner of the golden mike. >> thanks a lot. >> oh. trophy down. trophy down. >> we got the dance right. but we couldn't -- >> everybody wins. >> gold. >> everybody wins and so thank you to kelly and frank. "chasing destiny" premiering april 5th on b.e.t. thank you to you. that was fun. coming up, counting down to mother's day. how you can celebrate your mom with us next on "gma."
8:50 am
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. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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emeril is at it again. this year his biggest surprise ever. if you know a mother that deserves the mother of all surprises. >> go to on yahoo! to find out how to enter. >> "gma's" mother's day breakfast in bed contest. brought to you by tempur-pedic. there it was, the big announcement about "gma's" breakfast in bed. mother's day celebration with emeril. 17 years. >> unbelievable. right? >> so many great moms. >> i remember mary from a few years ago. she not only raised her six kids, i remember this reaction. emeril wasn't to the dear. not only raised her six kids but her younger brother and sister. >> in georgia, right? >> yes, in albany, georgia. so many great moments so find out how to enter. we want to hear your story. >> you have a mom to celebrate we want to know about. >> ownenter the contest. >> you cannot enter another contest, ginger. >> we'll be right back. >> emeril. "gma's" breakfast i
8:53 am
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"gma" thursday means "deals & steals." so -- >> you ready. >> i'm ready? ready so save. >> you're slashing big time. >> tomorrow it's the hottest spring fashion. 50% off. >> really great deals. >> on abc's "good morning america." >> really great deals. >> really great deals. how about a little "gma"
8:56 am
the moment they won it all our guys nailing it. >> nailing it. >> as a "gma" boy band. >> dan didn't have the same choreography. >> dan was doing his own thing. we call it freestyle. >> really our thanks to kelly and frank. they were great sports. >> watermelon. watermelon. >> yes, thank you, baby. >> hey, everybody, you can see david. >> what? >> he'll be on "world news tonight." the man can't get enough. >> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: it is a cool morning. but a nice afternoon. here is jacqui jeras with the forecast. >> weather: another beautiful day today. and the wi
8:57 am
calmer. so today my pick weather day of the week with mostly sunny skies. temperatures are seasonal. we will rise through the 50s this morning. and tap out in lower 60s this afternoon. and now rain is in the forecast. starting late tomorrow. mostly coming in after dark. and that will linger through much of the day on friday. milder temperatures into the 70s. we will dry it out in time for the weekend. but big chill comes sunday into next week. >> reporter: as we try to wrap up the commute for mid week. we have problems still on the george washington parkway. we are looking at the capital beltway. leaving the american legion bridge heading to the bw parkway. big jam. southbound george washington parkway dealing with clean up of several accidents, on your trip toward memorial bridge. and meantime cap caland prince george k we have a lane blocked outer loop closer to 50 john hanson highway. melanie? >> anchor: thank you angelia. washington monument will reopen
8:58 am
yesterday the elevator got stuck. shutting it down. police say there were about 19 people trapped in the elevator. and 23 more stranded up on the observation deck. and fire & rescue crews got everyone out and down to safety. >> anchor: are you looking for new kicks. well, you are in luck. sneaker mania is coming to dc this weekend. but this morning we are getting an early look. watch newschanel 8 at 9:30 to see some of the amazing new shoes. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates on good morning washington. on newschanel 8. right now. hope you have a great day. they say character is what you do when no one is watching.
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announcer: it's "live with kelly & michael". today, big-screen star jennifer lawrence... and harrison ford from "star wars: the force awakens." plus, james bay sings his hit song "let it go." and another lucky audience member has the chance to win big in our flashback game. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [funky music playing] now, here are emmy winners kelly ripa and michael strahan. [cheering and applause] kelly: thank you. thank you. thank you. hi! hi!


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