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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 6, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," under dog upsets. >> overnight ted cruz and bernie sanders winning big in the battleground state of wisconsin. soundly beating the front-runners with donald trump and hillary clinton already looking ahead. we're going to have full election analysis just ahead. speaking out, u.s. soccer star abbie wambach talks to report ersafter pleading not guilty to that drunk driving charge. how she's now making it part of her message of empowering youth. >> a rage tag wildfire in oklahoma and the video of a man narrowly escaping the mastiff flames jumping from an out-of-control tractor just in time. and die nas tick domination. the uconn huskies reclaim their crown crushing syracuse in the women's college championship.
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the game never got close. some are asking if it's even fair that a program can be this good. it's wednesday, april 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. >> are you excited about the ladies? >> i thought it was a great game. >> it was a good game. >> i know it wasn't close. it's not about the numbers. >> congratulations to syracuse for geing there. >> all right. >> yeah. >> it's good. you're right. >> and a lot of people are saying congratulations, as well to the underdogs who came out on top. >> it was a night of the underdogs. that's why i thought syracuse might come ahead, too. >> exactly. talking about the activity in the badger state. the game-changer in wisconsin. voters on both sides delivering a damaging blow to the front-runners. >> ted cruz and bernie sanders are celebrating commanding victories over donald trump and hillary clinton. muddling the road to the white house. clinton congratulated sanders on his win but the trump trump campaign they fired
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statement calling cruz a trojan horse saying he's being used by party bosses to try to steal the nomination. >> your voice, your vote. stephanie ramos is in madison, wisconsin for us. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning. the primary here in wisconsin could very well be a game changer for both parties. the votes could be key in determining if a gop contested convention is likely to happen. voters lined up for hours to cast their vote in the crucial wisconsin primary. the front-runners in both parties fighting an uphill battle here. >> the people of wisconsin are amazing. >> reporter: donald trump in a last ditch effort to catch ted cruz pulling out all the stops and bringing wife melania on the trail. but it wasn't enough. >> breaking news in the race for the white house. abc news can project that ted cruz has defeated donald trump in the gop primary. >> reporter: cruz claiming the win and making it much more difficult for trump to get enough delegates to avoid a contested convention.
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the convention in cleveland, together, we will win a majority of the delegates. >> reporter: the third man in the gop race? john kasich, trailing behind them. >> we won in wisconsin. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders also claiming victory. abc news projects he will beat hillary clinton in the badger state. >> we have now won seven out of eight of the lost caucuses and primaries. >> reporter: now all eyes turn to new york. clinton not wasting time. she's already there. appearing on "the view." then heading to brooklyn where she focused much of her attention on donald trump. >> battling prejudice and paranoia is not the new york way. >> the delegate count goes way up for both parties in two weeks. sanders and clinton campaign in pennsylvania. on the gopside it, trump and cruz court voters in new york while kasich kauch
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ohio. >> sanders continues to receive overwhelming support from young people. exit polls show him winning big among men and whites under the age of 35. >> nearly nine out of ten democrats identified him as honest and trustworthy while 57% said the same about clinton. abc's rick klein takes a look at what it all means going forward. so we say good morning, rick. >> reporter: reena and kendis, a sweeping victory for ted cruz in wisconsin makes a contested convention on republican side more likely than ever. by far the biggest loss donald trump has suffered in a big battleground state a state he thought he had an opportunity to win. it throws the republican nomination into some sort of chaos. trump now with a narrower path than ever and ted cruz mostly benefiting from being what he was not, namely donald trump and beginning to coalesce the republican party giving him big momentum heading into the voting calendar. on the democratic side, bernie sanders' win in wisns
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so as far of the cycle. six out of the seven of the last states have gone for bernie sanders despite the overwhelming lead clinton has. hillary clinton remains the strong front-runner but a message being delivered by democratic vote ares they are not happy with the choice they're being offered in hillary clinton. bernie sanders now getting himself some momentum going into a critical two-week stretch. the new york primary, a home game for both donald trump and for hillary clinton coming up in two weeks time. that could determine the course of the rest of the nomination, but for now, at least for last night, to have the two front-runners suffer this kind of defeat this kind of humbling at the hands of their main opponents have quite surprising. reena and kendis. >> new yorkers can get ready for all those commercials over the next couple weeks. >> i like how he put it, a home game. >> will they have home field advantage? >> i like that. >> the democrats had 86 delegates at stake in wisconsin and on the republican side, there were 42 i
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grabs. >> so let's take a look at the count so far. on the republican side, donald trump holds the lead but he would need to win 60% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. >> and for the democrats, hillary clinton has a large lead when super delegates are factored in. despite sanders' winning 15 states so far to clinton's 18 states. well, this morning, there already also political fire works in alabama. there are new efforts to remove the governor from office over a sex scandal. a state lawmakers filed articles of impeachment against governor robert bentley. he admits he made suggestive you be comments to a former aide but denies a fair. he vows to defend himself. the prime minister of iceland appears to be the first political victim of the so-called panama papers scandal stepping aside for an unspecified amount of time. that move comes amid protests over his use of an offshore company to shelter large sums of economy while tir
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word of that deal was part of a massive document leak from a law firm in panama. >> back in the states, mississippi's latest one to face a backlash due to a new law seen as anti-gay. the state's religious freedom law allows businesses and government workers to deny services based on their religious beliefs. it has the support of most residents but has come under heavy fire from lgbt advocates and major corporations including chevron and nissan. georgia's governor vetoed a similar law under pressure from corporations. and san francisco will become the first city in the nation to offer a full six-week paid parental leave. the board of supervisors unanimously approved the law which goes into effect next year. some of the costs will be picked up by the state. the rest will be paid for by businesses. and an attorney for retired soccer star abby wambach entered a not guilty plea on her half in response to her dui
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on twitter she calls her plea standard procedure. she was not required to appear in the oregon court where the plea was entered last night. she participated in a previously scheduled event at the university of kentucky where she told reporters she could not address the case. >> no matter what color you are, no matter what gender you are, no matter what orientation you are, to start a conversation and i think that it's important no matter what the conversation is. sometimes it's going to be a hard one. that's going to be okay. >> woman back also said she's embarrassed for herself along with her family, fans and friends. and a document filed in connection with the case wambach admits trying cocaine and marijuana. she did that about a decade ago. >> some incredible video to show you right now. a raging wildfire in oklahoma nearly claimed the life as a horrified tv crew watched. the road grader become stuck in a burning field. fire moving closer and closer. the operator fled just
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drove him to a safer location. wildfire is out of control right now and some residents being ordered to evacuate. it started when the a power line brought down by strong winds began to spark. besides homes, there's also a chemical plant in the path of that blaze. so as we mentioned, at the top, the uconn huskies are once again the queens of women's college basketball into they took on syracuse orange last night. in indianapolis. and they did what they do best. the huckies powered to a 27-point halftime lead and they hardly let up the rest of the way. when it was all done, u con could celebrate an overem whelming 82-51 championship. winning victory. it was their 151st win in the last four seasons. 151. crazy. >> pretty impressive. yeah. exactly. those 151 wins in four years is an ncaa record and this uconn team has plenty of
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joined by abc's diane macedo. good morning. >> i generally like to root for the underdog but i could not help but root for the huskies. this win is historic. in so many ways. for starters it marks uconn's fourth ncaa title in a row, something never done before in division 1 women's basketball. it's also the coach's 11th national championship which puts him one title ahead of bruins coach john wooden for the most ever in the history of all college basketball. >>t's one thing to play against a great player. because you can gang up on him. and figure out a way to get the ball out of their hands if you want to, but to try to beat a really good team that's playing well together that's difficult to do. >> reporter: you know, so. >> so difficult in fact, that the seniors on this team have never lost in the ncaa tournament going 24-0 and overall, they've now won
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it's the greatest four-season stretch of any team in american sports ever. for syracuse, as a number four seed, they were a very unexpected guest at the final four in indianapolis. so let alone at the championship game. so they were definitely the underdog in this game but you know what, if you're going to lose, it might, as well be to what some are calling the best team in sports history. >> definitely the epitome of a dynasty. >> yeah, very interesting. bianna stewart, she started and four years ago and said she really wanted to win four titles and they made it happen. >> and her accomplishment in all of this is incredible, as well. four-time mvp, first time ever done here in the sport, as well. and there's so much to get to with the team's accomplishments you can't around to giving her proper credit. >> mike tyson was watching it and tweeted out congratulations. the tweet says congrats to the university of cincinnati women's basketball team for a national championship win four years in a
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row. >> no, he didn't. >> yeah, he really did tweet that out. he corrected. >> it was well intended. >> thank you so much, diane. coming up "the mix," another dynasty. the touching family wedding tradition. >> absolutely. but first the body image debate and how ads that were meant as a joke aren't getting the laughs the company hoped for. >> plus, honoring a hero. the marine corps canine back from the war zone. how she saves countless lives never letting down her fellow human soldiers. remember, find us on facebook, and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." rise! oh my goodness! happy birthday! oh, you. (laughing) this was a wonderful surprise. you know, at our age, not all surprises can be this good. you're not kidding. (female #1) remember peggy's surprise last month when frank died? so sudden; all the funeral expenses. they were not prepared.
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it is the morning's top story. decisive victories for ted cruz and bernie sanders in the wisconsin primaries. ted cruz picked up nearly all of the state's republican delegates. narrowing donald trump's path to the nomination. and making a contested convention very much likely. sanders' victory gives him a new wave of momentum ahead of the next key contest in new york in two weeks. he's still trailing hillary clinton by far in the count. >> a u.s. army veteran from houston says she was kicked off a spirit airlines flight out of denver because of her support dog. june nay fowler says she believes her pitbull lab mix ziggy marlee was profiled. all the more frustrating was the fact she and ziggy and her
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airline but when they tried to return to houston, she says flight attendants gave her a hard time. >> she was on the phone saying well, an emotional support animal isn't a service animal. a service animal is for someone with real disabilities. i felt insulted because there are veterans in the world that they have are disabilities you can't see. >> fowler says spirit airlines put them on a united airlines flight back to houston later that night. across the pond, another dog has been awarded britain's top military honor. >> the u.s. marine corps german shepherd has sniff the out countless bombs protecting the lives of thousands of troops during six years of active service in the middle east. abc's david muir has her story. be. >> lucca is sniffering out deadly explosives. 400 separate missions, six years of service p
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her patrols. her final mission came on march 23rd, 2012 she sniffed out an ied, discovering it with her handler corporal juan rodriguez. he called for backup when a second ied exploded. >> i picked her up and put a turn to ket on her telling her everything's going to be okay, lucca. you're going to making it. >> they had to amputate her front leg. the corporal with her during surgery, recovery, sleeping by her side. when it was time to come home, waiting for her on the other side, gunnery sergeant sergeant willingham adopting her in retirement. word of a new honor. the dickin medal awarded to service animals. this time that medal for lucca. david muir, abc news, new york. >> well, deserved. we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: "world news now"
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american eagle is under fire for a series of body positive ads for men. at least it seemed like a great idea to boost their self-esteem. >> but the company now says it was all a joke. many people aren't laughing. here's our friends t.j. holmes. >> reporter: this hairy man video showcases men of all shapes and sizes in nothing but their underwear and highlights the slogan the real you is sexy. >> it feels it kind of empowering to know my flaws will be embraced. >> reporter: excitement around the idea it was launching men weren't finally getting the same treatment women have gotten in recent years in advertising. > do you think you're more beautiful than you say? >> yeah. >> reporter: however, in a statement released on april 1st, american eagle says the ads were meant as
3:21 am
we know our male customers respond to humor. it turns out there will not be an airy brand for men at all. >> the reason the joke got lost in translation was because about a week after the campaign was put out, they said it was part of an april fools' joke and people took this american eagle was making fun of the guys in the ad. >> reporter: some people didn't finds it funny. people took to social media one tweeting male body acceptance is no laughing matter especially because the issue has little visibility. your joke eluded further. another writing so apparently the airy man campaign was a pair row day. i'm missing the part where it was funny. one of the models in that ad says he wasn't trying to fool anyone and tells nylon magazine i was 100% real in that campaign. >> t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. >> we should point out american eagle tells abc news in a statement that even though the line isn't real,
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feel the difference with k-y ultragel. and now it's time for "the mix." for weddings they say something old, something borrowed, something blue. i want to introduce you to harold a grandfather in st. louis who walked down the aisle, his wife, daughter and granddaughter obviously in separate years all in the same wedding dress. it's remarkable. this is his wife. she wore this dress, phyllis joe raymond did in 1953 and brought it from a department store in denver. >> that's when they got married. >> then 30 years later, her daughter susan in 1983 wore the same dress. she just added a little jacket to fit her shoulders. there's daddy, grandpa walking her down the aisle. her father. and in 2016, her granddaughter julia you see right here wore it but removed the sleeves and
3:26 am
again, harold walked her down the aisle. julia's father actually passed away in the '90s. it was sweet her grandpa could walk her down the aisle. >> that's very nice. everybody all dressed up and looking great. >> it goes to show you how you can change one dress. they must have the same waistlines, very small waistlines, right? >> to get into that dress. there's a trend when you go to some hipster restaurant of plating food in different sort of containers i should say. not necessarily a plate. so now there's a backlash. this one twitter handle called we want plates. they've gone to town at this. take a look. >> is that a shoe? >> yeah, this is part of the trend. a heel. >> they're serving chicken nuggets in somebody's stiletto. >> we know how fattening that is. that's awful or food on a clip board. this we want plates thing is sort of like plate shaming all these different
3:27 am
>> grilled cheese on a dust pan? >> that's just somebody dropped that on the floor. they kind of left that out. things that people are doing now days. >> really? >> would you eat any of those? >> no. they say it's about presentation. this doesn't make me want to reach for the food. >> it's not appealing. > the food looks pretty. i don't know if i want my food in a dust pan or someone's shoe. >> it would work great for the leftover segment we did the other day. >> that's true. dale earnhardt jr. ends up tweeting a type of sandwich. it's got bacon and mayo. you may remember dale earnhardt famously from nascar. a combo of ham and cheese, blt and, of course, the famous and arguably one of the best of all times pbj. isn't that crazy? >> he posted to twitter but according to espn's darren rovell it's a marketing tool because he has a deal with helmans for
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>> ugh. >> wou
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this morning on "world news now," this morning on "world news now," front-runners flop. wisconsin election results are in, and there are some big upsets in the race for the white house. we have full team coverage from the campaigns straight ahead. >> huskie four-peat. the women of uconn extending their championship streak. so where do they rank among sports greatest dynasties. >> and new this half hour, two prominent magazines are spark agfresh controversy. >> kerry washington photoshopped is almost unrecognizable on the cover of "add week" magazine and why amy schumer is blast ag"glamour" magazine for including her in a special feature, that's ahead in "the skinny." and see you later, gator. why farmers went after this massive 800-pound alligator. what it was eating and we're not


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