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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 7, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," political pressure mounting. >> republicans and democrats face off courting delegate-rich states hitting each other harder than ever before with ted cruz forced to explain what he calls new york values in the heart of the empire state. >> new fallout from the largest data leak in history. the global implications of the panama papers beginning to take their toll as leaders from the political, sports and entertainment worlds are forced to explain themselves. >> coffee confrontation. the governor of florida gets an earful from an angry constituent during a stop at a local starbucks. what she said that had him rushing for the door. >> and honoring an outlaw, the death of country legend merle haggard and the tributes coming in from around the world in music.
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artist and how his music still stands the test of time. it's thursday, april 7th. ♪ that leaves only me to blame because mama tried ♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. good tunes. i love country music. >> could you? you like both kinds of music, country and western? >> sure. what do they call it in the meeting, dudes country? >>. >> i'm telling you, you have a bad day, a little yawney cash goes a long way. >> i think a little bourbon goes a long way when you have a bad day. a lot of people were having bad days yesterday because donald trump and hillary clinton coming off a really, really tough loss in wisconsin. and now they're onto the next round. the race for the white house and a new flurry of attacks as those front-runners look to recover from their blowout losses in wisconsin. >> bernie sanders said hillary cl
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president. clinton slammed sanders for stumbling over his strategy for breaking up big banks and questioned his loyalty to the democratic party. the meanwhile the rhetoric is escalating on the republican side. the latest from abc's megan hughes. >> good morning. the candidates are already zeroing in on the next big primaries. new york and pennsylvania. and for the front-runners, the pressure is on. at a an rally in long island, donald trump looking for a rebound and lashing out at the candidate who walloped him in wisconsin. >> he is lying ted. i came up with the idea. you have to spell right. it's lyin '. at his rally, the front-runner was focused solely on winning over new yorkers. >> do you remember during the debate, when he started lecturing me on new york values like we're no good. like we're no good. >> reporter: ted cruz defending the remarks on new york
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that he first made months ago. >> it's the values of the liberal democratic politicians that have been hammering the people of new york for a long time. >> getting a cold welcome in the bronx. >> no business being notice bronx. this is an immigrant community. >> reporter: wisconsin possibly setting the stage for a battle over delegates at the gop convention. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is hoping for that chance. sanders at a rally in philadelphia trying to maintain his recent momentum. >> and coming together always trumps dividing us up. >> reporter: the odds and delegates are stacked against him. he needs to win 74% of the remaining delegates to beat hillary clinton. clinton is hitting sanders hard over a new york daily news interview where sanders struggled to explain how he would break up the big banks. >> well, i think he hadn't done his homework and he had been talking for more than a year about doing things that he ob
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or understood. >> for donald trump to avoid that scenario and lock up the nomination, he would need to win 60% of the remaining delegates. reena, kendis? >> megan, thank you. more fallout from the so-called panama papers that, massive leak of offshore accounts. european soccer officials the latest to face scrutiny. swiss police raided the officers of the organizers of europe's biggest club soccer competition. they handed over evidence of a television contract with an agency implicated in a bribery scandal. david cameron is also facing pressure over the leak. cameron's late father was named in the documents for allegedly setting up offshore accounts to avoid paying uk taxes. he assured the british people that he and his family would not benefit from the offshore funds in the future. >>ry have no shares no, offshore trusts or funds, nothing like that. >> the prime minister of iceland became the
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papers when he was forced to resign had week accused of using an offshore company to shelter large sums of money. >> back in the usa, texas has carried out its sixth execution of this year. putting to death a man convicted of murdering a 12-year-old boy. pablo vasquez apologized to the victim's family. the u.s. supreme court rejected a last-minute appeal over which jurors were selected at trial. >> also in texas, asus pishs death in austin has students on edge. on the state's largest college campus, the body of a young woman was found not far from the student alumni center. now police are warning the 51,000 students to take precautions. kayna whitworth has the latest. >> reporter: students at the university of texas on edge after a suspicious death on campus. >> it does make me feel a little bit unsafe. >> reporter: the body of a woman in her 20s found yesterday at the bottom of a creek winding through university grounds. >> she was walking so close to, like, so many buildings, and there was probably people around.
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it a homicide but have not yet identified the woman, and they haven't said whether there is any connection to a student who
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>> a tenth person died from injuries blamed on takata air bags. a texas teenager killed in a crash after the air bag in her 2002 civic ruptured. honda says it sent the owner a recall notice but the repairs were never made. more than 28 million of those inflaters are under recall. a united flight to san francisco was forced to return who hawaii when the pilots became concerned how much fuel was on board. it's not an unheard of aviation issue. abc's david ker considerly explains. >> reporter: this united 777, forced to return to honolulu. >> united 724, cleared visual approach. >> cleared for visual. >> reporter: for the 264 passengers onboard, it was a four-hour flight that ended right where it started. the flight took off for san francisco sunday, but about two hours out, the pilots realize they are in a condition called overburn -- using more fuel than expected. so they decide to turn around. blame the weatherman, they tell the passengers. >> we predicted the wrong type of wind.
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going to have stronger tailwind, and now we have stronger headwinds. >> we do know to a great extent what those winds are going to be, but that is a long stretch of water and there's no weather stations out there. >> reporter: airlines don't like to top off the tanks. the extra weight reduces efficiency. but there are specific requirements for the amount of reserve fuel when a jet lands. a turnaround like this is very rare. david kerley, abc news, reagan washington airport. >> dennis hastert is expected to ask for probation whether he sentenced at the end of the month on hush money charges. he has apologized and for the first time publicly acknowledged the harm he caused decades ago. his attorneys are asking the judge considering that the 74-year-old hastert has health issues including diabetes and a near fatal infection last year. >> you know, having your morning cup of coffee at home is usually quicker and cheaper than stopping at your local coffee shop a
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humiliating. ask the florida governor rick scott when another customer went ballistic. loudly ripping into him over his health care policy. >> you don't care about working people. you should be ashamed to show your face around here. i strip women of access to public health care. shame on you, rick scott. >> you think he went to the starbucks the same one the next day? >> i'm pretty sure he didn't. the woman is an activist and former commissioner another city. she continued that rant till the governor gave up and left. he didn't get to have his grande frappuccino. >> is that what he drinks? >> i can just imagine you pegged him as a grenade frappuccino. >> golf's first major of the season begins today in georgia. that's where the serious stuff takes place. yesterday it was all about fun. >> the annual par 3 contest with the players' children doing their part. >> so
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some of the kids. >> look at the form on that one. >> nice. and he knows how to celebrate. some of the kids took time some good shots there. just adorable scenes all around on golf's most hallowed course as it's called. >> this is one of my favorite moments from the augusta national championship. >> this particular shot. >> not the shot, children. i enjoy the golfers' children coming onto the course. there were plenty of holes in one during the contest. maybe the best was from 80-year-old golf legend gary player. >> he knocked it on the green and let it roll down the field. right into the hole. of course, pretty outstanding shot. >> that was one of my new year's resolutions. >> what was? >> christmastime i was at my unlaws. they live on a beautiful golf course. this is what i aim for. i want to be able to play like these guys. >> and to be able to score a hole in one just like that. >> yeah. >> how is that working out four
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but i look forward to making it to the third hole now that women are allowed to play there. >> okay. all right. thank you. coming up, we should be celebrating. it is national beer day. >> mm. >> we'll drink to that. first the o. j. simpson trial. the popular new series concluding but the public interest sparking a slew of new looks at the case that brought the country to a stand still. >> and the passing of a country legend. merle haggard and how his incredible life story continues to inspire, staying true to himself until the very end. also check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." oh my goodness! happy birthday! oh, you. (laughing) this was a wonderful surprise. you know, at our age, not all surprises can be this good. you're not kidding. (female #1) remember peggy's surprise
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♪ that's the way love goes ♪ that's the music god made 1993 ah, country music legend merle haggard right there singing "that's the way love goes," one of his 38 number one songs on billboard's country chart. >> he passed away at his california home yesterday after a battle with pneumonia. he was very much a man who lived like those he sung about as abc's david muir reports. ♪ i'm proud to be an okie from muskogee ♪ >> r
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called the poet for the common man, merle haggard. known as country music's outlaw. >> how about a little of "mama tried." >> reporter: "mama tried," released in 1968. ♪ and i turned 21 in prison doing life without parole no one could steer me right but mama tried, mama tried ♪ >> reporter: born during the depression, haggard grew up in a box car, going from serving a stint at san quentin prison to the kennedy center just a few years ago. honored with a lifetime achievement award in 2010. "today i started loving you again" recorded by more than 400 different performers. ♪ today i started loving you again ♪ >> reporter: haggard died on his 79th birthday, surrounded by family. david muir, abc news, new york. and stars from across the entertainment world have been expressing their sadness about his death. dolly parton calling him one of the greatest writers and singers of all time. >> willie nelson
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during their careers. nelson tweeting out this photo of the two of them saying, he was my brother, my friend, and i will miss him. >> carrie underwood with tweeting love and prayers for the family. merle was a pioneer, a true entertainer, a legend. there will never be another like him. >> this one from an brad paisley on twitter saying there there are no words to describe the loss and sorrow felt within all of music with the passing of merle hag hard. >> he was so beloved by country music fans and insiders. remarkable. >> he had a controversial life. it was a little lived life. he did spend some three years in san quentin. inmate 845-200. it was forburgizing a cafe during a drunken tirade. he lived life to the fullest. >> coming up in our next half hour, a young reporter and we mean real young breaking news and
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backlash about it. we'll explain how she's responding to all of that. >> first a story that got plenty of coverage back when it happened. the o.j. simpson murder trial. if you think you're hearing more about it these days, are you correct. the o.j. trial boom when we come back. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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♪ welcome back. anyone who is old enough to remember back to october 3rd, 1995, can probably tell you exactly where they were when the verdict in the o. j. simpson murder trial was announced. >> more than 20 years later, the case is still getting plenty of attention. as abc's linsey davis reports, there's a lot more of it to come. >> reporter: tuesday night'
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story," the people versus o.j. simpson brought in millions of viewers. while there were no surprise endings. >> not guilty. >> reporter: the success of the fx miniseries turned up renewed interest in the trial of the century. one channel ran a marathon special airing actual wa highlights from the courtroom ahead of the finale. espn is set to air a five-part documentary this june under their 30 for 30 banner called "o.j., made in america," about the rise and fall of the hall of famer. even martin sheen is jumping on the bandwagon. he is executive producing and narrating a new series that will attempt to show that the juice is innocent. allegedly revealing new evidence behind the deaths of nicole brown and ron gold man and offering a new theory behind the murders. while simpson was acquitted of the murders, he's currently quick the of robbery and kidnapping after bungling a robbery in 2007
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retrieve sports memorabilia he said had been sfoelen from him. he's eligible for parole next year. yeah galanter was his attorney in that robbery case. >> obviously the tv series takes a point of view that's very favorable to the defense. a lot of it is fact. but it's mostly fiction. >> and while many people are rediscovering that interest in simpson, among those watching, fred gold man. ron gold man's father. several years ago, a bankruptcy court awarded the gold man family ownership of the copyright of the manuscript of the infamous book "if i did it confessions of the killer," to prevent simpson from profiting are from its sale. >> you don't take the slaughter of two people and turn it into a money making proposition. there's plenty of ways to generate money without taking two murders and turning it into entertainment. >> reporter: lins say davis, abc news, new york.
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feel the difference with k-y ultragel. now it's time for the mix. this i'm going to warn will totally turn you off about going to the gym. at the grossest piece of equipment in the gym. they took bacterial samples an exercise bike will 39 times more bacteria than a plastic cafeteria tray. the treadmill, 79 times more bacteria than a water faucet. guess what the winner? >> that's not the top. >> the top one, the worst offender are the free weights. your dumbbells are 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. than a toilet seat. so. >> that's disgustin
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you never see anybody wiping down the dumbbells. >> free weights. quite a gun show there. it's kind of filthy. >> and a chance that that man wiped down and washed his hands after eating that one, probably very unlikely. >> apparently. let's get to something tastier. today is a day truly the lord has made. it is national beer day. >> yes! >> >> so we wanted to bring up some of the oddest beers out there. actually. beer made a list including this one here. it's beautiful. you see it right there. smoky creation that was brewed with fresh goat brains. yeah. >> what? >> nice. it was inspired walking -- >> who would approve that for sale? >> somebody somewhere. >> there's this one. this is actually beautiful. you know, they can do whatever they want on the cover. it actually
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hair of itsmaker. >> fidel castro? >> kind of looks like fidel. it features like beard beer. and then there's this one, as well. which is the mamma mia pizza beer. >> this looks like my option. tell me mo are. >> out of illinois. they pretty much stuffed an entire margarita pizza inside with the key greens organo, garlic, tomato. >> in that pizza beer? >> in a different beer. >> celebrate. >> i fell for the pizza beer. >> yeah, that sounded nice. you never leave kids alone or apparently pets, especially dogs. take a look at this. a dog wrecks the home. the images were posted on like a flicker account. 330,000 views. look at this. the doing got ahold of their caligraphy ink pad. you might call
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art. maybe he w
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this morning on "world news now," war of words. bernie sanders criticizing hillary clinton's record with a new jab after his wisconsin win. what he said that has clinton's campaign calling it a new low. >> new developments in the zika crisis. the obama administration's big push to prevent the disease from spreading here at home as some warn of the potentially catastrophic effects of the disease at home. >> and new this morning, a kid reporter fights back. >> a girl reporting on a murder case has her and her parents under fire and what she's saying to haters. >> and starstruck. just when you thought the galaxy was far behind, a new "star wars" adventure is just getting started. we'll have a sneak peek in "the skinny" on this thursday, april 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, thiss


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